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September 15, 1961     The Observer
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September 15, 1961

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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1961 THE OBSERVER = PAGI 5 Pus " oMMu sTs XnCT D i "ese p s " I C ln Re re (,oln to ront . . , BY ALBA I. ZIZZAMIA the matter before the assembly, na and reported to the 1951 as-!iution was carried by the smal-of the assembly to settle the is- al camel s nose pushing into theI (N.C.W.C. News Service)It has similarly been the custom sembly that it was unable to lest majority to date. This was sue. United States chances ot tent. | UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. -- |of the Soviets, supported by one make any recommendations. ] not due so much to any entbusi- getting a majority in this movel Raises Many Questions I The question of Chinese repre- or another satellite, to protest Substantially the Same l asm for the debate or for Red seem at present writing quite| In recent ve oublic[p~r~ ~l~o the " sentation promises to come the presence of representatives The U.S.S.R. then formallylChina as to the fact that prac-good. [sup~rt-for'(tel~ate-of--t-l~e'item| quickly to the fore as the United of Nationalist China in every proposed the question for as-Itically all of the new nations ab- Chief argument advanced f r~l ,~,-,~**~,d hv some delegations] . . ! ex~ " Nations general assembly opens other UN body since 1951 sembly d;scusslon, and the U.S. stained, being unwflhng to corn- seating the Red Chinese has tradicted their rivatel I its 16th session in a world ot 11 Year Old Item countered with a resolution to mlt themselves Delegates of been that the are the de facto[*.~nre.~r] hcm~ th t I . has con p Y Greeting the delegates of the sometimes vlcmus, someUmes stantially the same resolution remarked they did not know There also seemsY to be some ex- -"~'-Th~, ~uestion of Chinesea- therepre.lU.S. heightened tension The protest has been routine-- postpone debate. This is sub- new African states mvarmbly government of the country, lwnul,~ not ~h~n~o it~ stan .d| 99 member nations as the as-lmild and casual, depending on that has been adopted every lenough ab ut the question." pectation that the dragon will[~,~-~,-e~--~,~ th~ IIN r~i~ ~| sembly convenes on Sept. 19 will whether the cold war or coexist- year since. ] The Soviet has threatened to breathe less fire if he is patted~ h,- ,~f ~,~,~,~ ,~,~Hn,~ | be the riot of color that their re- ence was the communist order The Soviet Union then brought I veto the admission of the Re- on the head and allowed "inside ~)n'e'ls'thebsyci~o~logicai'lmpact| spective flags"~resent on thetof the day. It has always been the item to the assembly everylpublic of Mauritania--claimed the glass house ~hi~ roi~hf h~v~ on ~l| Southe ast/ open plaza at UN headquarters, rebutted on the grounds that no year from 1952 through 1955,]by Morocco--to the UN until the Prinrin~l arauroant ~anineflAei~n ~ ntri~,~ ~ n rg~ult of] The 99 flags fly below a 100th-- declsmn" " had been taken by the w~th" the same result. In 1956, In- Red Chinese are seated. This t:]~r] I~hlnP, ~" rP, nr~,nfnfi~n~ ~ ielfh*~ ~p~,~fi~t~, ~. ,h P~ono'nlt|nr,| the blue and white banner of the I general assembly din took over sponsorship of the ]may influence the stance of tt~-at com'munist~'Ch~ina"~is'stil] would"g~ve~." There is"a'l~o";he[ United Nations itself. The Chinese item is now 11 item, proposing it at every ses- some African delegations. ~ ; u. ~, ; ;+~. ,~ ~,~ [ ~; ~'h.~ a~,41 I r " i "hr h 1^59 Then the Chi [ Estim$tt d U 8 Move t ~ q -, ~xpee[ unallenge years o1(1 ii ilrsl appea ea on s on t oug ~ e ] " "[ " " . . has ignored or violated all UNIrican states which the Red Chi-| The China question has not yet|the assembly agenda in 1950 as nest communist invasion of Ti-I The U.S has variously neen r s,~h,fir, n* and i vth~na ~ l~-^ ~.~ ^ ~- ;~, ,;,~/ been formally presented as an] 'Questmn of representation of a bet somewhat dampened Indian reported as being unwilling to H " o; I I disposed to p to the prln - ~ ~ ~,~.~. aoenda item, but it will undoubtImember state " an item submit- fervor on the subject Last year risk a defeat or even a too close] | edly come up. Current specula-]ted by Cuba The 1950 assembly therefore, the Soviets returned vote on the matter of debating I Problems For UN ~, "," ' ples of the UN charter. tion is that there will be a chal- appointed a special committee as champion of the item. Ithe question. It is expected in- Other Arguments ~ The issue could ~rovide mani-I lenge to the credentials of the of seven to examine the issue New Nations Abstain Istead to move to have the mat- Its government is an imposi-[fold problems for the United Na-[ Nationalist Chinese delegation, and report back to the next ses- During the last assembly ses.lter considered substantive rath- tion on the people and does notltions organization itself. Under[ The Soviet Union used this[sion. The committee rejected a sion the press made much of the/er than a procedural item. This represent them, it is argued. In|the charter China holds one of| DEVILS OF PEKING HAVE DAY, method in the early '50s to bring Polish proposal to seat Red Chi- fact that the postponement reso- would require a two-thirds vote addition, it is pointed out that the five e~anent seats on the . P .~ the Chinese commumsts gener-lsecurity council. What wouldl BUT END TO COME @HARING OUR TREASURE aSOmes: dl;fsers iSo [happe.n to that bodyff.!he 2re-[ Onehears these days little enough of the ,I' isemauve oI iNn~lonallst ~nlnai ~ / ~,[ ~ -- ~ ; t --Tibet is one example--whichiwere unseated and a communist[ Catholic Church in China. In several Catholic m.-.m,~,|~a~ ~m n~L'~-b I-,-,~$ |---:~,~ ~ ~---IM~I~J'kd~ ~''-'I~ ~,I~ raises the question of whether[delegate assumed his place, his] ~I~|~ ~--~l~l~|~i~-|~e ~~ ~ ~l~|~l~t~[ ~i~||~[ I~ ~l~ they really want membership. [ veto power? Still another ques-| monthlies we do read something of the Far . The UN is not a reformatory,[tion is the eventual impact on| East's Catholic events. From these we glean a Ray. John A. O'Brien, Ph.D. itized and Rita was churched -- Gospel is Christ s teaching on[this; for th~s is my blood of the and to date no country has|the Secretariat of the UN, al-] miniature of the reality. (University of Notre Dame) something I d never heard of the Eucharist 'I am the, bread new covenant'. (Mt. 26"26-28). chemged its aims or methods|,-,~v, ,n~t,~r h~vv. ,-~re~ur-el "I wish that I could with before, of hfe, stud Jesus. He who,United Family simply upon acquiring UN mem-/from the Soviet campaign to rulel Twelve years ago China became wholly c:,~,~' zrace heln to lead someiI Missin~ Somethin~ comes to me shall not hunger, I 'I was baptized on Holy Sat- bershtD /,~v'ruln if I ~ " and he who believes in me shall urday and on Easter Sunday I he one into Christ's true Church."[ 'She and her father attended t Those pressing for debate --/ Finally, there remains t ~ Communist-ruled and dominated. Since 1949 h t novena decor1 nS Anthon never thirst If anyone eat of received our Eucharistic Lord, Have you ever experienced t a [ "o s to t. Y . . ". ," " : I " " "~ joined in recent years by Ire-|question of whether, despite all| Red persecution of the Catholic Church has 9 h re s lm 1 each Tuesda m ht and I be an this oreaa ne shall live mrever t~oay ano J~moa soul ann a;wm longing. If so, t e ' a s" p eI y 'g g ' " . . .; I - land -- have claimed that dis-lits noise in favor of Red China,] gone through several stages, ranging from lim- to o wl h hem Kneehn 1 and the bread that I will g~ve is ty Rlta was kneeling at my way to fulfill it: set a good ex-] g "t t . " g "n l : cussion of the question does not[the U.S.S.R. would really be en-| ra er I f l los ne so my nesn mr the hie of the sine for me nrst time ~ mlt ~ role a ample and bring your friend tolp y,e t a c e t " . t ' ' . ". . . !mean the admission of Red Chi-[chanted to share 'ts nd| ited and mild attacks to total persecution, con r r nc worm ~ne peopm unoerstood that I was reany parttc~paung m h rl church with you. The fruitful- I God nave p eviously experie - .' . I . ' na. To opponents of communist/spotlight in the world gat e "ng| fiscation of properties and wholesale murder fll rated m ed Reahzm that Christ was Christ to be speamng of His real the Mass though I had attended ness of doing so is" ust " "" g " " ' " . . i membership this distinction~with its powerful and unwieldy] and expulsion of foreign missionaries, native the conversion of John E. Har- present in the Holy Eucharist, t~o,~y. . [every ~un~ay since we were looks too much like the proverbi-lally. [ ve, of Warwick R I' the worshir~rs san~ hymns and "~ms ~s evmen~ ~rom me~r~marrma. ~ow we are a morel ~ clergy and religious. re~:te~a~irr~:ed a Methodzst, pray:do~l~hheg/e~vfoet~i r,j:sd qu::tui:a~is'H s~ tc%t~n~ns~ea~/~le~SelL united ~umrflYEtuhc~nre:ter ROCKFORD . . ] Three years ago the Red Peking government n-'as a"-~----''--fhave rubbed off on me It was of telling them He had been|Lord is the bond. Truly the HolyI Ill| i, r ~H ~l ,/ began in earnest to annihilate the Church. vey "a ~ " ' speaking figuratively Jesus con- Eucharist is God s greatest gift +'~r went~*~~lthe Real Presence, I sensed, that [ E I ,oT LO*, . .o co-s o,s ,:,ss*** I] Throughout China the government arranged :v,;s~ /made the church not a mere firmed their understanding. 'Un-lto man.'" II NO SECURITY HEcD|'D . . . NO DEBT LIMIT I/ ~o cn~rcn e~ery [meetin, "lace but trul- a house less you eat the flesh of the Son| Father O'Brien will be glad]] It,"Loon" Won't Do The Job --- II the sacrilegious, and we hope invalid, conse- ~un a ay. ~ut |of God" ~" a of Man' He said 'and drink his~to have converts send their]| ~,~, /I .-- -- II cration of at least thirty-one "bishops." wnen t grew up, ' ' ~~~1 "Rita was friendly with the blood, you shall not have life inlnames and addresses to him atll OU/ UI" UCb! II .[ rest ~lnteres~,~~]Sisters and we would visit them you.' This promise Jesus ful-[Notre Dame Umverszty, Notre]| E Sordid Schism went on y occ I sionall.~ an~~[occasionally. Their graciousness rifled at the Last Supper when/Dame, *ndia a, so he maYll WIlfUl UUKKUWIN~. II ~. ~~'i~[and friendliness disr"lled the He said, Take and eat; this islwrita up their eonversionl| ! ~ * if ""' w'-nt t te-t "'our II No one seems to have, however, their names, grafluany arizt- I~ I ~":': m-" bod- All -* "o =ri-k f/-to--i-- II ~ ~" .~ "K yuu ~ ~ v,~ ,- ~ If, ~, ed away I mar-~[weird ideas that I, like most Y''' o,y u u,o /11 IIIl their, sees, or the fact of their consecra- r~ d R ~ a a ~ non Catholics had entertained ~I.~l "e "t ' I ",' " : ' If you wont to ~rotect your Catholic and aboutthem. When my wife went m Ir'LJll I,Joh ,hasn tion. Pope termed the whole sordid noticed at once how much her up to the railing to receive Holy IWII~I~ Irlt= ~l~l~l "11.~ ()~""~.~)~ "~"~" * If,ouwanttosto~"tie-u-s" II affair a "schism. Faith meant to her She went not Communion, and I remained be-, / V" " The Red regime claimed that the new only to Sunday ~Iass rain or hind, I felt I was missing some- THE REV. WILLIAM ANTHONY KRIEGSMANN, pastor of St. I I !f you, wont to i~ov your b,fls II shine, but also to other services, thing important. Rita was m- Andrew parish, Rock Falls was born in Chicago July 3, 1917, the!| ~T~~ / '" '"" |1 ,'bishops" were necessary because of the "We lived a considerable dis- ways so radiantly happy after son of William and Alice Henry Kriegsmann. I| ) Ul:Dl:'g WblAT ~1 wholesale flight of the foreign clergy since tance from St. Anthony church receiving our Lord He attended Quigley Prepara- :: II "~/~'~ II %.X'" IJ 1947. in Providence during Rita's first Teaching clear tory seminary, Chicago, from ::i!!jiii II ! v/ wg II pregnancy, but she went to Mass "I went to see Father Edward 1931 to 1937. He took his phil- II I1 The Chinese Minister of Religion, Ho Chang- and Holy Communion every Egan and asked for instructions, lOsophical studies at St. Mary of [| [ ~'* ~[ .9 ~ ~oo~ o, I |1 hsian, a professed atheist, is quoted as saying: Sunday up to the Sunday before As these proceeded, I perceiv-[the Lake seminary, Mundelein, :: /I I o nnoVing I II " delivery. The second Sunday aft, ed how clear and unmistakable from 1939 to 1940. He studied ili:il:i~: [I I ~~oZ~ Y:: I li Most of the foreign missionaries fled China er the birth, our son was bap-lin the sixth chapter of St. John's theology there and at St. Pro- !~Jiiiii!! [1 I i-:' "- I |[ and in not a few cases, took with them every Icopius seminary, Lisle, f r o m ~ii/I,ONE II " II i~u oH|ca today! Home I |1 ROCKFORD . . . 194 2t 1944"riesgma ntamer r~ n was or ~~~! 11 ' U' ' R V'' ' O" [ [ I II movable piece of Church property. Then we " iiiiii!i II LI iNS,D AND BO t U expelled all those whom we proved (sic) guilty -,aainea in J ockford by the late iiii[~i ~I El of counter-revolutionary activities. The in- I PHOTO ENGRAVING I Bilh~P J hn J. Boylan on June 11 UUL$ Iel Ar'4At'Ai"r-K) II vestigations of these activities were very ob- ~~i::i!iiiiii!iii~::i~i "::~ii::~,CALL HOW' WO 8.0406 [ ii i[i!ii!iii!i!iii!::::i!i ADVERTISING ART II He served as assistant pastor ~~ II ,o, oct,o, It jective and reliable. " I i iii:ii!ii! biA/i:Tl'~Ml:g lint Holy Angels parish Aurora, I" ,liiii ii t, I I ' I :[ "Those who were not guilty could remain, ZINC ETCHINGS 1/~9o5 handr~, as l sist t l [11 : 7-, -- Illbut only ten Catholic missionaries chose to re- : I[ sap pa ish, Elgin, from 1951 ill Ftrst Communton ann I|lmain, as for example the American Bishop / George C. Howley I[to 1958. He was pastor of St. Joseph parish Lena for two years ~[~ IIIWalsh. ' I Re-resentin" Ilprior to his assignment at St. Andrew in Rock Falls [[ onrtrmatton rnotos Ill I P I] Father Kreigsmann has been assistant deanery moderator of II Ill RedStory False I ~ .[ ;11 All I--. lithe Rockford Diocesan Council of Catholic Women since 1955 il Ill ~00uWlll-/4II~n, IIlt;. I/~~v 'll "' This is of course completely false, but it is [ s. W mo. S I/Jesmt Brothers Adopt New Habit ill Van Dyke Studio HI to be expected from a Communists split / ' Rockford WO 4-4618 II N A ill gl II.BrothEW YORK (NC) -- Jesuitlblack clerical vest. Ill Our 31st Year of Creatinmg Portraits of Ill tongue. The facts are these, verifiable in any ers here have adopted aI The Rev. John J. McGinty,[[[ Elet~ontSimn[icitv Weddings--- Ill non-Communistic records. In 1948 there were I I new habit to make it clear they S J, and the Rev. James J II ~ ,- t-. -~. . = III I CONER Y TREE EXPERTS |are Religious ahd not just men Shanahan, S. J heads of thelll ram,y vorrra,rs. III 5,496 foreign priests and religious in China. I " ]~7 .l~I . f-- 7I ~ I--- . I~=IB~ --I~ :]-- I -- I in black suits, white shirts and|two provinces, said the old dress/|| 309 N Church Street Rockford WO 3.2513 Ill In two years, as the Reds began their persecu- [ LANDSCAPING SINCE 1923 I black ties. Ihas lost some of the distinctive-Ill I[~ ] II r IIH ,I,1[ tion and unbelievable brain washing, imprison- i $327 N. M m St, Rockford I The Brothers of the New York|ness that indicated the wearer|::i~':i i'i'l ;'[ I" 'i ~ (-[[: :~r [i '[ :1 I " I : ! I " ~::i L ::'J "~' "='%--'" "':"J] [ r~lAI "I'D ~ 11~1 I ] and Buffalo provinces are now|was a man who is devoting his~l ][ ments, and general harassment, the number J~l~'~ ~k~'|~l. I dressing in a black suit, white|life to the spec/al service of/I DIAMONDS WATCHES II dwindled to 1,216. By 1955 (seven years from ~, pointed collar and a rabat, a|God. ~| |] 1948) there were notfiftyforeign missionaries -- '-:1'~''~ ~' "' i,[I SILVERWARE COSTUME JEWELRY II in China, half of whom were in prison. "1 ' H ED REYNOLDS Dwyer & Anderson That there were a very few foreign and You can bank on the Illinois National [ FOREST CITY [][ ][ even native Chinese clergy and religious who in more ways than onet I AMBU LANCI: Ill Jewelry Store o! Distinction I[ this,fled theoneCOUntrY,must understandn one denies.thatTOinUnderstandnorthern " II Ill 111 N. MAIN ST. ROCKFORD II I Ill WO 3.2122 II China and elsewhere Red troops had been tor- Meet school ~" II Rockford WO 8-6101--WO $-9673 iJl Agnes K Dwyer II turing, abducting and murdering Catholic mis- ~ I 24 ~, S,r v ~ c,l H " I] sionaries since 1937. expenses wzth a [I,But the Communist press in China says nT~T~IOI~T~T Tf~i A ~T~ [ E~=:~=T:er:py~ ' d, n Ide ate ]I [I n thing f the hundreds f brave bish ps'. . ~ Attendants Fsll & Winter Vacations priests, and religious who were martyred, or A"J J OUi A, i,uz- i iI For clothing, school supplies, and ~ -- ssou -- IIare still in prisons until they die, or are sen- other seasonal needs, do as many of your ~[| R0 ' /FORD | e, [[[ [] tenced to long terms of hard labor. The world friends do borrow up to $1000or more mrII "" I U~/lll&~/ I|llbo Ill I[ at large little knows of the thousands of Chi- on lllino'isBANKPL^Nterms. '' r ' 'll ] ALL ARRANGEMENTS -- " IIII nest laymen and women who have lost their I[ [I e Air e RailALeL sfRRmAsNpGEyEN : s 7C'r Re lives, their sanity or their property in defense I,HEATING AND PLUMBING II ALDEN TRAVEL BUREAU II of their Faith. Ir II Air Conditioning Wirin I[IRockford. III. ii Devils Have Their Day II Automohc Sprinklers Power Moch,nery Ill~' -" WOodlend 8-5853 II II Motor Rewinding Sheet Metal Work I/I "" "'"- II Catholic China in her hour of trial and cru- ' Iv II602-18 $. Ma|n Diol WO 3-4857 II cifixion needs prayer and our vicarious suf- I/ II [[11 faring for her stalwart priests and people. Silently, as the world press fails to report, the I /I and WURtffZER PIANOSII terror continues and the devils of Peking have II III WURLITZER ORGAH$ I[ their day against the Church of God. ~ ~ :-;, ~. :-"~ ::~ . " :I ~ ~~::~:~':~'~ [ ~ II BUD KNOTT SONS II II But we know the outcome. Come it shall, " I II II an(] Organ. II and hastened it will be by the hand of God, if ;: II I I - Convenient Terms II we join hearts to the bleeding member of the II i II Rieh Piano & Organ Co. II :;. ii:il Mystical Body that China is today. iit :i:::::: ! :ii : i II V I I $$o$. AIH II [ - [ 71iiii' /I THE PHOTOGRAPHIC CENTER II II I The Society for the Propagation of the ! /I II :l ILLINOIS NATIONAL i/lU L L O O K ! IIII I Sterling, Illinois I ! I am enclosing my personM gift of ! SouthMainatChestnut 11 - ' I $ for the support of Catholic I ! Missions throughout the world. ! Complete banktngservi es:Savi~,sAc ounts Check,ng |I BARBER COLLEGE l[fll i fill ! ! Accounts Christmas Ctub Vacation Club Trust Services /I I III /?{~r" IIIII Name I Safe Deposit Boxes Home & Property Improvement Loan, /I Open to the public--22 chairs--no waiting-- I[lll~ ~g~ocer I Illl PersonalLoans, Auto Loans Installment Loans for any purpose /I Mo~er- Equipment--Air Conditioned--State I IIII 1 . ill l I[ " ! Bank by Mail, postage Paid both ways Free Parkin0 while you' /I Accre'dited--Union affiliated itlll ,~ Illli Address I bank * Drive-in Facilities * Phone WO 3-3431 [I IIIII DIAL WO 8-67111 IIII I i /I C lt or write [or in]ormation IJlll Illl I City ! L /I114N. Madi on Street Rockford lllll MARIA'S ITALIAN CAFE III1' . [ WO 3-5939 l Cu.n,n,ham et Corb|n St. Rockford, III, I[I] ' "