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September 8, 1961     The Observer
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September 8, 1961

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FRrDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, t961 S. Diocese Fo, g"~s g-'~'l 1 t.ves tnurcn Edited by the Jesuit Clerics ofI WE MET A MAN ON THE tin ~r~ 1 a . West Baden College BUS one morning who opened ,d-lt ~-~fillvlflllJ~ If [conversation with a comment ~ ] |t~lJ~.V ]on a jaywalker or reckless driv- LA PAZ, Bolivia --(NC)-- ~" ~"d" [er' I forget which. I asked him Archbishop Abel Antezana of La Remember the little boy whoTif he was on his way to work Paz dedicated the new Church "exploded" in the settlement'S'No,", he answered quickly, "I of Christ t h e King here and house a month or so ago? The raven t had work m./,our mon.ths. blessed its adjoining school one who swore and raged and L was Wlt.n~wms r acKln.g w i t h words of ~ratitude for j had to be held hand and foot Jwner, mey leit town, mey mt American Catholics who hadlSO he wouldn't hurt the amaz-!me go." made the parish possible, ingly patient woman-social-work- The man was about 30 years The entire parish plant was er who was trying to lead him old, Negro, well-built, of an in- the gift of Catholics in the Arch- along a path of happy normal - tell gent and alert manner. I diocese of St. Louis, Mo and ty? Well, he was part of "day- said I was sorry to hear that. is the first modern Catholic par- care" at the settlement, the pro- "YEAH," HE CONTINUED, gram which takes in kinder- almost as if to himself, with an THE OBSERVER PAGE 9 Philosophy Series Set "We H o l d These Truths," three half-hour programs on the historical development and Classified Advertising FUNERAL DIRECTORS MONUMENTS -- VAULTS WILBUR" CHRISTENSON FUNERAl HOME 92b 3rd Ave. WO, 5-7312 MARKERS -- MONUMENTS RO3ERT TRIGG & SON 114 $. First St. WO. 4-2741 current status of the American public philosophy will be pre- FRED C, OLSON PARK sented on CBS-TV's "Look Up ~o01-03 Second Ave. WO. 3-~521 e and Live" series Oct. 1, 8 and ~i~::~i~!~!~}!~i~iG~5~i~4~5~ ~ ~ UDefl ~ OC a word--S4,De in Co-operation wltn the l~a-Contracte, v=-mch, 13 consecutive weeks LOVE5 PARK 4;,~,~1 ~,~, ~;1 ,~ C~a+~,qi, ~,~,~ Sl 96 weekly for a Solo: of S25.40. Contracts, inch, 13 consecutive week, JEWELRY The first ,~ro,ram (Oct 1)I $318 weekly tor total of $49.1 . ~ ~" ~ ~ '. lit Days to advertise! Elgin-Hamilton-Sulovo Watches Will De a SIUOlO oocumentary Rosaries tracing the development of the l ~,~.~i~~~ manlj "~ CATHOLIC SALVAGE Expert 5426Watchlq. &SecondCI ck Repairingst. Western Christian idea of and the evolution of the ]~rin- used Clothing, Furniture, Dishes. comps . ~ -- . . . land ell household articles, in the Rock. "~--------------------~-----------'~'~" Clples OI 11D~rcy anQ Qemoc-ford store, we have e new department toro s~ i ish church or school to have garten and first and second- edge (ff desperation to his deep racy up through the American dedicated to Religious articles. Prices to fit Your immediate budget, Come in and PARKSIDE been built here for more than a grade kids (and some older, too) voice, and with six kzds to Revolutionary period Ibrowse around 1019 West State st. Rock century, and leads them through play and support, social security j u s t The second show tuck el, !dated et ~0~ North Lake St ~. e~ ~ord. In Aurora, Caiholic Salvage is Io FOOD MART Archbishop Antezana also ex- other group experiences,ain't enough."He shook his MEATS---GROCERIES pressed gratitude to Joseph Car- THIS SEVEN YEAR OLD ---h- '~ - also a documentary, will graph- dinal Ritter, Archbishop of St 1--'~''-~ ~ - .~,~ .: w,~ neaa. ~ tally portray the strengths and WanteLdA D~Aid~lOeMe%Ae~l~Ntho~iAcNv~o~r~an to Sho~ mrtlhi~'s~4Uos%teModem T ^ ~. .^ ~.^ : ~ ~ ~. a =~v u~=u .a~=~ ~ v-u~p:~ u. vv.aL coum x say. wnm como weaknessesof the U S nrin-i live in with elderly woman, Must be eble Complete Self-Service Store -~u,~, ~u ~ ~.t ui .e~. anu leavin~ Emerson House da-- I A~. ~,+ o;+ +~, +1- a k ' " ' ~ to do light housework and be a compan- = =, blood" the seven St Louis did o ~ . ,~, o ~ = u, ~.=~,- ciples of individual equality Ion as well. If interested kindly write or ~5 N. ~econd Loves Park -- ' "care ior rne res~ oI me summer la ~ OUS and tryto feelwith CTC'PW~' ,~ /'~.T~JA ~ l~rlq I~T~TtNI~I71~ ~| I-~, g -~t~. ,I ,~ 1L- . call Miss Kefle R Sauer 309 N. Fourth : . L . ~ ~,~ u ~,~ ~ ,~. u,~.--.~.--o.~,~. ~ ~, A.~. ;anaOlC~nl~~r unaer~,oaat var : . - ' r erti U~b~:ill pYl~bLb 5~I11~ lluYe o v ILl(3 the other d~v Tho ~11|T~'tOr T't!~(% hiY~9 A.rl ~, 1A T I ~ : P, J ~treeT, uregon, Illinois, ror me e p co- ~ardinal ~s mi-~ion~r;-~ i " ow cou,~~ rea.y It, but she s in for a jolt. The expressions of the two young [ious critical times in Americanilers gram was coming to its close, feel with him? How could 1, "daredevils" bearing down on her dodgem car in the Fair Ihistory I~J r~r~F(~ One of the largest outpourings He swore at the ever-patient middle-class background edu- Park midwa-' at Little Rock Ark -'ire vivid testimon-" to what I,~ " I I ~tttvttw $ i . ' z m z xne ucL xatn program Will of bishops and priests wlth!n soc, ml .worker, because this was ca}~on and all, comfort th}s man they have in mind. Sister Asunta was in a group of Benedic-Ipresent a panel in e lu din glBAIAVIA . . . 1 imemorycame nere tar me oeoi-t~Z t:;e~a~toOay, n~n~i men, as w~m woros or sympathy, tine nuns and children from St. Joseph orphanage, North Little [James O'Gara, editor of theI~lI RI~|~I~II ~$,g~l. cauon, xtepresen~ing uarainal is .o . ~w o . ira, co.m- HE NODDED GOODBYE, Rock, who visited the recreation park as guests of the Knights ICommonweal, as moderator'/| ~,~, ~,~ ~ il| ,'~--~'~ -':: ~"-',~.~ | Ritter was his auxiliary, BishopJpasslona~e ann as uncterstanamg stood up and stepped off the of Columbus [T,'-.1-,'n ~,-,al ~<- ,q;*.<~rd-,~'.-ll ~ELIb ua,~ -,r~g ltl t~tA'l NIAKKI: I I Glennon P Flavin. Seven mere- as she could make herself, little bus. I looked after him. He " jf o' r"theFun t' for e Re ub i;.jJ N. L. PITZ J I I bers of the hierarchy were in Joey stopped swearing sobbed crossed the street facing the I I I,t K . r I ' I ana me rtev. donn J~. ~neerin,/J Autemoti Water Systems Ill """'. :".':.'." '2"*" I attendance, as was Msgr. Car-fo~ce, .a~u movea a,gams~, ner m bus and then turned, ready to i J B J' .-J -I- Jc S.P e d i t o r of CatholicJ[ TR ~.1245 Ill "'" *'~IW"~s ~,*'*'0'~ I mine Rocco, Apostolic Nunciolcnngtonerwalst, un, imgon-cross Ashland avenue Strange- B .l iLltjl: jLttLj [-. IWorMJ The panel win discussil ~. -~yAVIA I/ ' na miss you said Joey ~.J ~ ~J to Bolivia. I ' . ily enough, our eyes met as myI ~ |the contemporary status of the|| Worehau$t~--20~ Houston ][~ ~ne s going 1;o miss nlm too, Hundreds Of Bolivian Indians,;bus passed him by, his fromI |American 'consensus' or pub-|~Jl I w e r e among the crowd that 1" 1l the street corner, mine from ~ 1- -I" $ 1 Ilic philosophy ll LAMPS ELEVATOR t came to the Church for the jol)less my seat on the bus. I must haveI' I / ' I ]rl / "We Hold hese Tr.ths" will/I V '" "1" "" F--"Ill Sales & Service dedication. Unaccustomed to ~, . " looked only curious, maybe, even[ JL ~.J ~.2 k.~L / l~t,Jl~L,2 T Ik.71~L MIJ Jbe produced by R F. Siema-[| "lttrn~l ~ niw l ~UU Ill w~,~om Lom,~* J "r r,nememDer Fred Brown the unfeelin no I couldn' h " o~ n Nita*---S.nS*y ~" chal s o pews they sat on the g t ave f 1 f lr ,' ' --,nowski or CBS Pubic A fa s Am ,e Perkln 3103 Walli INegro father of seven who was looked unf^-l:--" J ST. MARYS, Kin.-- (NC)- ohc educators to take part lnl tl, I/I n Ro,~o,a I li o o r cturlng the eeremon ee mg , Y " I I ano l~icnaro d walSll ana r~o-/I Centrella Brand Grocarlel Ill ~. ,~ - I tears of emotion visible onman-fgetnng oy on pumIc zunos wnue If he had looked puzzled be-Iuamonc educators suu nave eaucafionaI teievlslon, ne aa'lbert J Allen for NCCM The[I ~,o ~, w ~ * Itl urn,wu a-uozo I faces " his earning power suffered from wildered he would have beenttime to get on board the educa- ded: "There is yet time" for title and ~artial inspiration f'or/I ,:,: ;' Y :'.-?'.', l/' ' ' In contrast to the arrival of a bad summers slack2.Well, he only an objecL of pity. But he[tional television bandwagon --[Catholic education to join with!the series was drawn from the][,J[ ~ n the St. Louis priests five years was just on.e m som.e x~,uuu un-ilooked desperate, angry. I did[but time is running out [community ETV channels edu.lcurrent Catholic best-seller by[~[ ~1~11~1~ ~i~ll~l~r~Pl~ ago hundreds recei-o,~ (, [employed in me t~g uity mlS pity that man. My heart wentl " I " ' Ithe Rev John Courtne Mur l lilac'ill JmmllR~e~qfl I~ ~" '. "-~s. ,"L-:-Isummer, you know On our waYlout to him. But ther I This w a s the consensuslcational broadcasting councilsl ~ ." " "/rovlT"rll I EYI: I," -- reunion at me mass wnlen ZOl and ro ram rodueers to be ray, ~ O ~k|~)I~IL ILj~I~IE CARPETS BEDDING "Jto work at the settlement house anger welling an in him To thislamong three ETV experts dur-[ P g P -- -[ ' " [ J = lowect ~ne oecucauon. ~,ven lew . ' ~ " " r ~ IPUKrqI/UKB ,~,~ c~,~i~o leaeh morning, our Ashland ave-lextent, he was an object of . . .Jin an educational television!c me an integral pa t of the] r . rr ] . |, I| '~ ' ~ ETV movement ' ~,n :~UU/I1 MAIN 3TRFET Y nue bus would pass the Unem-fear It does not do to trifle - .' iTlarlan Jtllea[re , made their F~rst Communion ~ -. ' Iinstltute at St Mary college[ [ ]J ALTHAFERS DRU STORE I/ ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS ~;~. +~ +~ ;. ~ ^~ ,~.^ ~,lPioyment t.ompensauon omce, with such a man, And how/. i Mos~ smoies nave snown eau-I "Prisoner of War" will bell I/' ~:~'~f'*~ .~[~[~:~ ~.~ ~/We would see the lines formedlmany more like him in the Biglhere" leational television to be equal]heard on Marian Theatre Se-t ~l Prescrtpton Speciolls~ I[~ ,~. ~,u~ ~.a.~e~ m ~oov, "n' h " " ' ]kin~ ' " =' J~ s~de t e blg plate-glass win- City? How many with six kids| The Rev. John M. Cu,or superior m Its results to 10 over the Mutual network [J R w COPEt.AND R. PH JJJ Evervthin~ lot the OHie~ J lb wct~ l~jguiLcztl . I * ' " ~ o # JJ ~- I dow hnes of men and women and no 2oh9 How many to pityJS.J educational television con- t classroom mstructmn alone, he] The star- involves American[I Telrhone 4S9~23~ |[I I lira,| k/~/"" I ine ~t. ,ores priests came to more Ne ro than white ofi " 9 . .a . . /vtcrorlano urtl e Bolivia after Car,~inol R'++o~[(,~g .',;''' and to fear. Jsultant to the National Catho-said. ]prisoners in a Chinese concen/I c ~. I/I - I ~11,~,~ ~r -] +,~,~ - ~.~[course/ wno nan no work. wnoJ This is one of the faces of un-[lic educators to be in the fore-] "And one of the advantagesltration camp during the Ko-/I I/I ,-,t-,V,~,- 1 I "~F .~ ~ ~.;.o ~-v.:s ~lneeaeo work to support mem-temployment" [front of ETV efforts [of educational television is that rein War ~ FURNITURE :~gY wns t?ke:n: a~::w~m;~tS[selves: their !am lies, who hadrr . I Jack McBride, station man-[perhaps no single facet of edu-] Marian Theatre is produced[] ~An&~ =T'~/ ~.~ I] 227 SF~.LC~GchEQDUi~MWEON$!0427 I men to come to Asmancl ana on |VlUIdlI~ IV IMIIIlh$ Rockford iihnols " "~e~ fr"-- *~ I I|Tln Jager of the University of Ne-|cation has ever been subjected]by the Rev. Patrick Peyt ,/I I|1," " I ,~ p~ ~ w. c.~ zxwy ouu zur Monroe Ior puDnc title over v ~v o r priests to help Latin America [mone - |braska's ETV station, declared[to so much and so careful re-JC.S.C, and is broadcast weekly/J A----I IJ / Y. Remember Johnny, the teen[that now is the time for Cath-lsearch,' he commented. [over the Mutual network.[J ppil n ; I|l I who had to be boss, who mas-/ /I SALES & SERVICE I|1 ROCKFORD PRINTING J Lack of Maturity Causes Failures e minddedin w.tbhree: negra :l '/ought - "" "" ~I'UlU~[~ ~ ll:~K"k tU~"~ U~[Jtt~[jl~~K]~'ll~ J.T ,ll I/li, ,I The Rev. John. R. Maguirelup in poverty. They resolved to you to know something/ ~ /~Jt~LJ~ ~/ JJ~ /I '11 SUPPLY CO. I ouis contin e h about Gino, too Gino is John 1.00 Channel 5 Playhouse "Outpost in Sunday Sept 10 St. ,Lot, us t~e s, erleslgiv~ their children every ad-,n s budd-- u " / WBBM. Channel 2, Chicago J Malaya" A-l 112:30 FRONTIERS F T, I il ,4E s,tes I on wny marriages fall' on vantage as a resul~ mey rear- J j, ~,~ u~uuu up donn-/ 5amraay ~ept~ ~ [10:15 Movle $ "Adventures in $ilveredo" |11"15 Premere Performance "H.M. Pu-/IbVl.lkl~l IW/ /I Rockford I ' I ' 4'30 The Early Show "JaCKaSs N',aiv' P,-, " , ny s apaitment when I was A I ham Esq A N iltLbiVit/ Sacred Heart H o u r Sunday, ed their children to be Selfish " /11ha The Best of CBS "Human Desire" B[11.50 M'idniaht Movie 5 "'Frlskv" B,' Monday" Se*t 11,|l | Sept. 10 at 10:15 a.m. over]individuals a n d unsuccessful[!here, to tell. me that the car I/,0.15 The L~Und~y~vS'ezP~eg~,d FeBies" J "Monday, SePt 11" - [12:10 ~o~i~,~atin~e "~,y Thet Never II I[---- -- " WREX-TV by introducin the adults naQ parked down the street had] A-, I 4:00 Mov.!e. 5 Matinee "'A Kia ~-or /wo J " Tuesdav Se~t 12 /I EITl*a -ro ~/ICAKII~O I/l~'rrBll ImlP tonic "Lackin~ Maturity ''g ] Mus}c for thi~ nro~ram and!been smashed by a hit-and-run~u:3 ~e ~e;,t.~e, Show "Alias A J 'Tg:isd::' Seat 12I,~:,0 Mevie ~.aN~e'~ :'B%y With the [j n I/ / tlm%l . . . --,-~ -,' - - ~- o i v - r " ~reen Hstr A-, Father Maguire suggests that others of the series is provided idriver. And when I caught the ~ ~0 The E~'~"~S~o~S"~b~la~ Sea" A I ~:0~ ~ov~? ~ Me,nee "'C~e of Scot,andI w:.a sdey, /i DRI-N U PROCESS I|. j " : " I:~:IU ~ovie rv~eTinee '~Romence Ot KOSy voice ann asked who zt was on ~0 ~s The Late Show B ue Garden e B 1448 S Galena (Oft & Plant) lack of maturity in marriage]by the Roger Wagner ChoraleI [ : . ' ' . . " J Wednesday, Sept. 13 I Rd~e" A/I Ill I ,J the other end Gino s uted .uesaay, :)epL Iz l 4 DO Mov 5 Mat nee "Story of G,I. Joe"] Thursdey, Sept. 14 221 W ea ena (Dr re-In I stems back to the couples par- of Hollywood and the Alverno . . po an ,:30 The Early Show "'Selute for Three" B '2"10 ~ov,e M,t,nee "Blackmetl" A-I! /I . . ' Itl ~ U L L I V ~ N ~ I ents Many older people grew]College Choir of Milwaukee obscenky ana nung up. 101STAh~ Late Show "M" Girl T]sa All - - Tbursd,y, Sept. [4 . I '. Friday, Sp2.t. 1.~ /I |20~V~, I~Uront~ow~t~w~ III - = I ~ BIrT ~dl-ll~d rip&! IZ'l~]r~ ~ i : ~ ^ - " / 4:00 Movie 5 Matlhee "A bey to Re- I/~ |u /v~ovie N~eTinee "/no Village~' A-I Ill ADoml ~-II 4t IPKICEI*fJK/ III Ma~ ~ *~m~l I)Au~I ~/~. II "~= -.--~-~, * x,*~*~,~u ~U |Z:~U /he LaTe, LaTe 3now "~rano ~.en- i m~mher" A.I i ~1 III JYI~I| I ~1|~ ~VYi IV ~i Gino's parents later that week. [ trai Murder; A:-,II i,- - Frid'ay, Sept. 15 . . I WISN, Channel 12, Milwaukee ['!' . .:. ' . "11 +o,I;, "111 I ov,e, e,n."The Amoe.oors, Suod, S, ,0 ' ," "' ' I Q1Qn ~ even nave to brm u 4 30 The Early Show Texas Rangers Deu hter A II g P : ' In" -I g " " 10:1 SACRED H~ART I;'ROGRAM " ~ r~ J ILLINOIS CLEANERS Jtheph necall'Asapr secut'110:' ea :sho "'oParisWit l=Th eter''s"na tthe II v^u,v= III O]flcmlBoySeout$tore I I I ing attorney, ,I was well-equip- ~.~0 L ve[etAeIILete Show "An Amer canl "["F": [1(~:45 The Big Movie "Life Begins at II TVilaL"D%r-i~q ll" : I For Finer Drvcleanin~ IIr~d without it I told +h [Romence' A I' I ~a.mrRaY, s~!.".' - I S 30" A-U II li ,e, -- S a - o /Il'~ " ~ ~ PaZ [ "rh ,~ *~ + I Z:~U |he Periy :)now "uiacKma." ~-,! I Friday, Sept. lS JS ~ ~ I/ ~ / Fr a Mn n, fina Fu, S+*,an, n.d R bJlents. among other things, that| ,:30 "[he dn?~s~Yow ~'e~;'lel'~lmperial" |11:00 ~-~1 Lete Sh0w "The Hucksters" 110:.s ~%'~i~ ~.~vie "Treesure o, Sierra[I pros. ualrv II ll]g]lfll .llll -- ~ ~,~u,V,uu r,~ ,- rut ~,uru~l= u.u R~pu.r I'Gino ha~u sworn a~* me earner/'" / A-II i Sundey Se t 10 i " I| ~' II --.- "~ ~,~ . 10:15 The Late Show "South of St. Louis" 9-00 MASS FOR S'HU~I'NS WRE Waterproofing Dye,ng Draperies Rugs and i in the summer To Gino's CaSh- B [11:00 The /ete Show "1 his Gun For I X, Channel 13, Rockford I ADorns 3-2211 Freeport It . 12:30 The Late, Late Show "congo ' Hire" II SeTurday, sept. 9 CarDell Suedes Formol$ shi. Lo IIolle parents, this was the sin of Maia,e" A-II I A'olndev Sept 11 I]0:15 Crown Theeter "It's A Wonderful II II - . sins, to swear at a priest Frida,Sept. 1~ 9:00 The Earn S~low "l~remati World' A-II , dry S.e ,altv I[ . I 4:30 The Early ~how "Terzen and thel .chad," A-II 111:3S Paleme Playhouse "Sen ef Fury I I #, --r t ~ I[ J~Ut wnen Gmo was confrontedl Amazons" A-I, [10:1S "~he Late Show "She Wore A Yellow] A-li Su.da S, ~0 IIEI t~lltl I with ' 10.15 The Late Show 'Johnny Allegro" R bbon" A ' P I] the accusation by his moth- " A I " J TUesda~ Se-t 12 i l0:lS SACRED HL~/~RT PROGRAM [,11r/ . . I 1823 Loeu~ St Sterling <: .~."a Iler he den o,~ i~ Th~ Tn,~h~ [12:30 The Late, Late Show "Private Af-I 9'00 The Earl" Ch"w' "B~~ Me That J Tuesdsy, Sept. 12,I,- = IIIDhDI 1r.iU ~-~F.~'~J,~ II ' j fairs of Bel AmF' B," T^w-" ^r'" " " 111:30 Tuesday Theater "Remember the [. ' ./ ~aunun~ I.LUIn ~'~')~x~ I]turned to me I shrugged. Shel WZSC. Channel 3. Madison [10'lSThe"Le~"Show "Weekend At The,D Y"wA~n " - t "- /| ~ I|lllor!ll " ' Waldorf" A II esaey, ~e~ . 13 -"K-.~ I[asked Glno again. He denied itl Seturday, se,t I We"ne;d t '" ],1'30 Academy Theeter "No Leeve NO ]J qj~"~,~abd~ J/VlI%%llL ST. CHARLES 6ENEVA -- ,k~ Ilagain. We sat at that kitchen u.~0 ~.~ee,er Three flock Island Tre, I 9:00 ~he Eerl"~ Sho"w";H~p'p;"Go Luck,"I ~o." ;;Idly. s,t. 1,/I "~~llqW~ Ih , ILL,I |Jtah!e .mr forty minutes more,[,0i00 THE CSM~6P~tk~0,Jl0:'S T~entLate phew "Never a Dull Mo-]11:00 A~]~IyhOuse 'H.M. Pulho/~, Esq.' /I U,~IIlIIl~BI~~ Ill I KAIAVIA [IF KAiR ~ I[ ana ~ime ~ino tnot yet murteen)[ u:00 Encore Theater "Whispering City' I "T~ur da -e t 14 112"40 Po ame Playhouse "Chasing Dan /I ~ I/I II ~liJl JilPI~ I VH/#~IIB4 i~lb ItHIhl~ A-II S y, .5 p. " er" I "" g A A. J. LIIIilIIIEK ]]year olds) .ever admitted to 10:35 Theater Three "Fabulous Senorita" I 9:00 Th~ Early Show "Streets at Laredo"l [I E y,hiog,o, ,h, MOTOR I/I I rv lu^ht "e~hu e,~,~. ~ lleither his parents or to the Ro-I A.t, .i [10,15 The Lete Show "Hold Back the J WKOW, Channel 27, Madison II D; SHenvood 1-2577 III FAIIM MACHINERY & HARewARt | ---- --.; O . , ,~ II T I Frdey SePt 15 ] :05 Mat nee P ayhouse "A I My Sen," B ~ Pho.eEM S322S man-collared cleric that he had 10:30 Theeter Three Yenks A Hoy A-I 1 " ' ' ' ' ' ' I Jlsworn at the cleric Glno IS a] n T ,~ T r,~ ,r~.t a n t J 9"00 The Early Show "Hotel Imperlel' I 0"00 Fanfere "Paths of Glory" A-II " '= Ilhard boy. l' ::r~hh~e~ t~'Th~ I10:lS TAhleI L,te Show "Foreign Intri~lue" I 10:00 SundeyS~odva~' 'S'~ta'shlOut" B I I~11 ~111~ II Virgil, Ilhno,s t BUT GINO HAS BEEN ~th u~, ~nau.tu ;), ,~n,~z~u I A- I 12 30 Fanfare "Paths of G dry" A-II II IELt2111 ~ ll' ~. . ~ . "" ~'"n~i Saturday, Sept. 9 J I Monday, Sept. 11 /I ------= " I1|r' !1 "T " "] I ' " /iIete-oz-tne-year at a local Boygl s:0o Matinee At 5 "The Sea Shall Not I WOC Chin-el e Da ~ ~, 11(~:30 THE CHRISTOPHERS /I -- III I Have Them" A-II u, ~ ~ ~ 10:2S The Late Show "Sui~ Hover Sets" Mn-nt ~+ Cln, ~^11,~ - IIClub. He has played Pony|]0:]SMovie 5"Rocketsh,~ X-~"A-I I SaturdaY, Sept. ~, /I fl CUAL nnd OIL I/lUlMrI~MT A CrUllUl - -- ,--. ,m ,~v ~*,IILea~ue baseball h ~ w~| Sunday Sept 10 110-50 Premiere Performance "T0rtlllla,Tuesdly, Sept It |1 |ll 1111~1b11/ Pie dl~lll~ll | f~] ~ II .- . w en h 112:30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH " ' Flet" Aql 110:35 The Late ~,~.~," =ent Brute./I 24 Kimball Street al. *-~MnL.TE a.PDiNP eERVl,-. I ~nmon, ,owa IIunder-age, ana ma e the all-starl. " ', A-, w d,- .-t ,'[I '. Ill I CATHOLIC COLLEGE FOR WOMEN |[team. ne has eaten up sports]J 1110: SThe Lete Tehitl" /J I11 COAL I Progressive new concepts in two-year IIpoks by the dozens; he reads I I A-, Friday Sept 1, J I ,ha M. ,-,145 (In* SJt22B I ,~ . -. - Itmr over his grade level. He's all JI~t,A~A I*- |m,;4,A*J II 10:2S The Lete Sho'w "While The City 11 III Vir,il, Illinois I cortege p,anmng ~.~x ~JIl~ I0 IIIWlll,~'U Sleeps B = gem with his little brother. ~ ",| H,ghly geared |oundat,on ro ram for the de ree seeker WTVO [ WM. L. HOWE P g g J But Gino hasn't played base-1 J,Channel 39, Rockford tJ J e. Well-rounded program for the two-year student |[ban all this summer. Gino hangsllJ ( l=JuilklAI)V I IITIVA/ J[lo:0o The BiS;t/~rdv~Y'"BS~a~tfn;Ferest,' A-,]J CENERAL CONTRACTOR ~]~:~:~i~~;~.~;~2s~ ,u)erai arte Home and Family I/now with the "Lazy Gents" and II ~"BVU a ~Io-ttB%| |U-~le||V$-,tkllm 11/2 ,^ FRON~IU~daY',FSS~k,Le- II Sincs 1930 li ,~ . 99 v ~ v ~rt Buslnese Secretarial Teacher Preparation II wastes his time. Why lJ II10:3~ Davis Feature ]'heater "Scarlet II ni.I $~[ 2-1134 717 L~.a III'utronlze Medieol Secret,riM ]~eahh Servlees II PARTLY BECAUSE HIS pub-II AND II Street", II ELGIN II . lic grade-school principal de- ~ I ! |[so. He told him he was no goodlJ THE OBSERVER 1 Utthl DM hAIDV / Jl SO often that proud, talented Gi- J ~:~~~~ t IllVl~bll~ll I~Hlll%/ | |[no finally decided his efforts t ~(~lllRi~nV gt, n~,lmkn, 17 " 1 COMPAN* INC / Vt~*J^~ ~. n,|veu "weren't worth it an ,I =avail V~U~tlIIIlu~IMI I/ ' ' " 1 I~,V|~ldlm~|'~ ~ If~q~B~IMSl II ymore, ne tl ;P Fine Dairy Products / Ildidn't change overnight But hell m. L ' MORTUARY JJdid change " IJ aerv,ng trom rqoon to = r.M. nioy~ent~ Diel SH ! 2536 ELGIN ] 314 Ook St II Adults? For the birds. Wholl THURS. ". . JJeares? Not Gino. No si~:, Gino J ADULTS $2.00 CHILDREN $ .oo,DeKalb, Ilhno,s I| doesn't care. Gino's through car- I U/lU:V IR/ I]ing" lJ IIlM,~'I I My question Who will help ,]/him to start caring again9 J and ChonnRI (L~RK S SERVI(E STATION I 13 Pu OiICo. Products SACRED HEART MISSION SEMINARY 364 INvlsloP--Elgin Be Sure With Pure Dial SHerwood 1.1400 Phone CEnter 2.2431 719 Batavia Ave. (Route 31) Geneva Fifth and Stete Streets Geneva, II1. HELP HIM TO REACH ms GOAL in our Divine Word Sem;naries in India, Philippines and Japan, we have a number of student1 preparing for the priesthood. MANY ARE VERY POOR and need financial help to continue their studies. MAIL TO OF AL CO. Dubuque Io.--608 Main St. Clinton, la.---222 6th Ave. S. Rockford--105 North Main St. Dispensing Glosses Prescribed by Dr. H. Coren--Optometrlst Rockford--Rockford Plaza Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. H Portell--Optemetrist Aurora--6 N. Broadway Dispensin$ Glasses Prescribed b,~ Dr. Win, Lindley--Optometrist Dixon--110 East First St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by DE. B. Rubin---Optometrlst Sterling--21 W. 3rd St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. R. Cobb, Dr. N. L. St. Germoin---Optometrists Elgin121 S. Grove Dispensing GlosseB Preset bed by De. H. Mull---Optemetrid | Thiel's Drug Store Grade "A" CLIFFORD rHIEL Pharm ,lt H. [. BUCH & SONS Milk Products Exp Prescription Service Plumbing, Heofing Controctors 161 Dundee Dial SH 2,0482 Kitchen Aid Dishwashers Higthway 120 East o'~:~::{':i' . / ELGIN Phone EV. S-004B :'" McHenry, illinois ", -.-:.] Wait-R0ss-Allans0n Century Automatic Heating FUNERAL SERVICE CO, Hetpoint Appliances 51-59 Centee Street Electrical Controcting ---See-- ROCK FALLS DAIRY ELGIN ALGONQUIN Kahl Appliance Service Phone Moin 5-0913 T 7 M DECKER'S ' GARAGE Genera! Auto Service T0~v4ng Service Motorolo Radio & TV Beots and Motors DIAL 2461---FULTON, ILL. WILLIAM J. YOUNG REAL ESTATE---INSuRANCE 73 VILLA ST. ELGIN Phones: Office SH 2- 1124 Res.: SH 1-1613 HAYWARD SOUTH ELGIH PHARMACY OPEI~ B A.M. TILL 10 P.M. EVERY DAY Reule ~1 Ph. SH 1-&655 So. E~llla For 5erviee Call TW 2-3971 COAL & GRAVEL CO. SAND--GRAVEL---BLDg. MATERIAL Rt. 25 North Aurora HUBERT PHARMACY G. J. Hubert, R. Ph. I'~1. Federe$ B-B434---Woodsto~R We Give "$&H' Stoml~