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September 8, 1961     The Observer
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September 8, 1961

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] RiDAY, 5] PI MBER 8, 1961 rf'xl OBSERV ,R PAGE 3 ~ ii::i :: i :: :: ! !iiiii::!::!::ii!::[~i~ ~ a Out Christian Nat tral Feedtn a o nc arnt E IUmty Paths Bttt A dvtce Impo l=, i"/ CASTELOANDOL O, Italy- J Workers In jjjpr [ ~~~[ :ilv NC--Fidelity to the Go oels . By FATHER JOHN L. THOMAS, S.J,[ The" "Vi~iyQNIJ ,~~~iYTmu I[ .~.: ~~," :=::i+i~ii ( ) .~" Assistant Professor of Sociology [ I ihe :::=+~ ::~ -:: love for the Savmur and trust m . ~~~[:: ~:,' at St. Lou,s Umverslty --,nexor. Community/ r dil i~!i!iiiii?ii:: ii:::::? His mother will bring all Chris-[ nity ~~~ tians back into a single family Recently a group of women in our town formed a club to en-[ [ ~,nesT Agency l l~i~::~: i~:: i:~~ ::::~ :::: [:: :: ~ ] according, to His, Holiness, Pope ~ courage and teach young mothers to breast-feed their babies. ! |~~: !] By Lisa Ferr'is . the mann=era of the furmture [~[~i~~~ : i=~ I John XXIII. P,'e found deep satzsfaction m thts practice ourselves and feel I ill Catholic Charities Staff ]store it was learned the balance ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~~[:: : J) i ih~ I Pope John .pos ke of Christian that it provides an ideal atmosphere in which motherly love II Mr. and Mrs. X sat waztzng' to,due is only $210.19. Steady. pay- ]unity in an address to a group of[ can grow. Ir appears mat many ~omen dO .not nurse :neari ]be interviewed. Sitting awk.[ments had been made since [Austrian pilgrims recently. TheI ba.b[ they are, uninl.ormea or tear rmlcuie. Do you[ wardly they struggled to keep 1959, but this didn't help from lk~!~[ : :: group led by Bishop Stefan thlnK tnls IS a worlnwnne project': ,Are we on sand grountl un ~~their four children quiet The the credit department's view ~~,~[ --~:: : !:~::: z:i~::: Laszlo of Eisenstadt was cam- assuming that breast-feeding is a practice that should be pro-J GO~I'I~L AU'I'HOI~ -- Par- I t~;.+ - ,~ . . Cnltoren ranged tram a years to ~'~'"~. ~~[~/ posed of 900 laymen and 56 mated. ! ~alts o/the^ fourevange~ists. /3 months of age. Little or no The family wanted action and ~~[mn Ipriests from the province of'[ YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN LEARNING, Noreen that o~ T:~:~ t~o~,:, ~:y~.~:.~ ]English was spoken by the ram-]they got action. Through the ef- ~[Ul [Burgenland m eastern Austria. i several women from different parts of the country have writtenl ~:r" th~'"iir:'t"tlm~"~gn~os~a~e Ifly' The interview that ensued I forts of the director, the Rev. " ' ~ ' Mi ha h ~[ln I Governor Present I tu tell me that they have formed similar orgamzatmns or.clubs. I stamns produced in Switzer- ] was dill:cult. Case dmtatmn ~sl c .el J. S. anahan, the .man s e ~" labeled FAMILY WELFARE was given a joo zn our uathohc ~|il / The pilgrimage had been or-I Although artificial feeding methods have been quickly and w'd -[ land. Designed by A g n e s ]. . ',' I " !. LEAVE NCWC FOR NEW POSTS--Msgr. Joseph E. Schieder ~ganized in order to thank thai ly accepted in our society, this seems to be one change that[ Bagnoud the stamps' par- |~ s ochre, woraer assigned ml~a~vage oureaf. ~ms was ~nn- (left), since 194S director of the NCWC Youth department, !Pope for erecting the Eisenstadt] many people have now decided to reevaluate. As in so many oth-[ traits w e re sketches from [~,orx wl!~ pe.opie learns ~o re-[cultural n,~mm c .omprenen~ as and Msgr Irving A LeBlanc (right) director of the NCWC diocese last year This ended a[er areas, the results of modern scientific medical progress mayt 15th century woodcarvings in [~ate to m w~gmeneo and con-[.y, ~u: ~ t,au g~xen up. ~ de- Family Life" Bureau" for the 'ast five ears are ieav:ng" the t~temporary arran~.ement~ for]' g~ve use" to more problems than they solve if'' they are thought-[ the Church of' St Oswald in"/mseoE;. ~ammes. ]cmeo, 'wnm s me use: ,~ man - P Y ' ~ ' 1he ~amily's story oegins in pays nls Dills when ne can ou~ National Catholic Welfare conference for new posts. Msgr. ichurch admm~stratmn that had] lesslv m~sapphed. One has only to conszder some of the abuses[ Zug In printing the stamps,I " ' ' " ' " " ' existed in the re-ion eve sinc ~ " o 1 consum t'o ' t " ' San Antonio, Tex. Barely able,what is he supposed to do when Schmder, a native of Buffalo, N. Y will become d~rector of [ ~. r . e lre,ated to the p pu ar p ~ n of ranqmhzers, vztamms,[ to be released Sept. 18, the / ' s :he is unem-loved~'' religion at Marvmount college Arlington Va. Msgr. DeBlanc Ithe partition of Austria-HungaryI anti-biotics, and so on, to get the point I am making here. ] Swiss government noted that [t,o e~e ou~ a ~lve~nooo a. a; . p ~ . .~ ' . ' . 1arm laoorer me ~amer was Kis feelin s are understand- a priest of the Lafayette, La diocese, will return to that at the end ol .World War I.I THE PRACTICE OF BREAST-FEEDING has come in for a[ zt ]s necessary to (ocus .pubhc [ ' ~ ^,~kin.I - g diocese and the pastorate of Our Lady Queen of Heaven parish tAmong the pflgrzms were Josef[ considerable amount of discussion and study during the past] attention upon rehgmn ff the |~ ~.~.~ ~j~: ~,u~, com. ~manons such. as t~zs ms: V 1 ue t dllUblJt::~l tlUlLl~: lUl lll~ O.111 3' courage many Iamllles Mr an~ h l Lentsch pro moal gave nor of Free World xs to conq r he in Lake C ar es. ' " " " ] few decades According to reliable estimates, only about one out]"" ~ ~ h^r.:l " ' " JBurgenland, and the presidentJ t +;,~ ,~m.~i th,~r~ now nurse~ her baby Such sudden| atheism of the communists. |'n~!~," ~.~- ~, ,), = =[mrs. A wm not loose mew house. . [and vice president of the provin-I :~ [~n~ ~.~::;'~,~?'~.*'~"~ ~'=l~ i 1 =itnllv -~:'~r ti~o/~|untn,ne was lain on. up to now, lhold furniture for lack of pay- lohna U ht.oola~- I~ nmo l I cial legislature ] ,";" "~::3 U .-'W: :, ~-'::--'yt /a salary o~ ~,lza per weex inCrements. We hope it is not too .~vx~ ~ ~, ~xt . z ~v.~.-- .~ ~aa=.~u I " was made possiole oi course, ny the mscovery oz suostltUtell-~t-.-~,~-n.t~,"~"~-~'~/his financial obligations I~ ~ ~.^~ ~ x~;. ~.m wmt. ' "-' "~'^ ~> r "^11^'~ :" his "~lk ' tllltUIl~tltll UIULIIII/ l~v~,~ ~,c~v~c u~ ~~ ~t~ XXiatZ~- ~XtACLTT~TI"~rr%r'~XT ,'XTP ~I'~ ;~' a.^ ~.~. t. :~,~ ~ .~; I ~''C ~ope eta cu m ' t'~ ] scientific feeding formulas, out this development odes not WhOlly/ /-| t: ~ .t.^ ~;.^ ; ~ ~.~. I ~ "-id 1~ T~,I- -, T r~ q~ t. ~ r.~n! ~ *"-o~ *~'^You*~""~^~'-rt LIIOL u.u ,~ ~ . t ~ = ~ = account forthewiaespreaoSnllt. changed attitudes toward/~ .i 1 h ~ ! .u t. J ~ i.~ dI .~tcV. o~ w~nm~ ~a~ u :~ i rcc~u, t ~.c uu ucpa ", .~,=ro~inn nf Bur~onlund~ belanm~dl~, " - ' 1 n~ r Ill lal| e-~llllgl~uux.auc .~t& lPlP~::lll~~.xa~ ~ ~Lax~. /lly S Income,mey na~z ~ec u~ t~ ' ' r ',n;otherhoooconvenience, ann me assumpt on t at a t c . . , appointed acting d~ ector at the men: wasmade by Archbishop ~"-r diff^r'm* hid re~'r~ '. ]to purchas~ household furmture.lP~l.~ .r~ ~.-,! Y o u t b department National John F Dearden of Detroit the!'U ~'~ .- = =-~.~ "=fl." v =] feeding methods are better, ~ecause scmntmcauy oevlsea, nave/ ~-~ -1 1" ~ 1 1 /Itemo w~-t~ l,~,c~ht i. ~ "nm~lv /lll~mllail(:l-~U~ k.-/~t Catholic Welfare Conference. department's episcopal chair-igeS~psg tnre~e~:ren~:ntguag~l ::tlated~sCUnl~tr:lv~tU::~ ndenr thh~Chpoth:obi~tyago~ t ae fe [ Jt amonc acnooi lage de~,',"~ sa]e.~",yh'is ~nc~uge?[ WESTPORT, Ireland--So me The appointment of Father Con. man. Hunoarian He went on to so- Y ",NKWATIA Ghana (NC) Jeverything from beds rugs din-I ~" " ~: ~"~r -hild t,-- --I :: . ' /~u t~ persons man par~ in me ,' Interfaith co-operation came to mg room mrmmre, riving room . . . i I iI~A~ i } Characterized by Unity [ IN" ATTEMPTING TO MODIFY THIS SITUATION, some per-IGhana inn practical form thislfurniture, dishes, steam iron,isec nd national Patrician Year ~| iJ~| JJP~,d~k ] "Yet the Faith of all is one[ ~ons have proceeded with all the zeal of crusaders, frequently|oummer when a team of Amerillamps tables pots and pans |pilgrimage to nearby Cr~agh- r-~,~. ~'mw. ~r'~ - " ~ " ' ' - ' ' - "h 1 " o nt n" land the umty that zt produces ss[ making claims that were exaggerated or not founded and ,pro-lean Protestant students helnedl and last but not least, a d~a-~patrmk, the o y m u az where St]= trmk underweW his |~deeply felt. Along w~th the d~-I xokino~, anxietiesr that defeated the very purpose they wzshed to[~ ;m =. a.~.~ztzon,~.~' " at a Cathohc" ~mond ring and a wedding band| . a I I-II:ITI~f~TT~I~ I:1 I1:1 f~ll I[verse national origin of its inhab,I achieve. When promoting your project, therefore, you shomdihigh school. |were tossed into the deal. /celebrated prolonged fast. I IJ~I/I~V//mL~I~ 1 qlIFImIL- Viii h r ] nnL-n n t~v n n ,--no tv,-,- vn.-- Ilitants' this unity is what c a "l keep the following points in mind. / Students from12 American] Today Mr. X. is unemployed[ J o h n C a r d i n a 1 D'Alton. I 301 New York St. Corner Lincoln I|acterizes the new diocese. !t isI ALTHOUGH A MOTHER'S MILK IS OBVIOUSLY made for[colleges and universities pitched]and cannot meet his monthly|Archbishop oi Armagh a n d I Alone in territory, one in its shep-[ ~ ~. t ~ .~ 4 n ~i,~ th,~ nrnr~r h~l~nc~ of[in to build a two unit classroomlpaymerits on this merchandise.| Primate of All Ireland, greeted I "'n~r FILL~ ~IM~VICI~ I[herd and one in its purpose." [ '"?" Y~"~: :*'~'/'"'[;-"~"(:'~'7 =["-'~'~" -['[t[['-"~:~'-'~'-k~ -~-xa: taddition at St Peter's col'leoe a]The store has threatened to re-/the pilgrims at the foot of the ~lents neeoeo ior me CllllU ~ /lt~i:llbIl~ UIIU ~llutliu limb lll~z ~: z; ~- - ~ ~ ] T~~ Joesph W. H~tkaHIer II Pope John expressed has good/ 1-- -re~'-redthi"h school conducted here b;[possess everything. In a call to[mountain, on whose slopes lies " " ,' "' r r h r ~el'ateo claims a~out [Is superiority oVer ~31t:n~lilt~al y p pa 8 ] ~, i'- " ][~shes also for oub ote s/ formula The records show that children do quite well on the Catholic Divine Word Fathers./ la 14th-century monastery. '~ ' "~ I wno in more recent centuries ' ,areas an .Alrlcan co-reader anti ~' J ~~.~ TEXACO I, l latter thouoh there is evidence to suggest that mother s mflkl The students were members oft / st el~. ~' " ~ ~ nave separatea memselves irom '' ~ 2klrlcan S[uoen[s worked alOrlg ~ reater resistance to smkness and zs castor to digest Operatmn Crossroads an Amen I ~~ FUlL OILS Ilthis l~ife ,~ivin- unit, so that] promotes g ", " '1 ' -Iwith the Americans /AUKUKA $ i ~~ ALL ~RADF~ J['~'"" ~"~%~-"~'"~r +h~ si"n "~ Be~ides it is always at the correct temperature, and as the ad-Ican student movement'begun in| .~| ~ --, ~ NUMBERNUMBER"~.'~ ~ ~, :~,~3~i~ dud 6 o, u --J~u |lBa~tism on their foreheads /vemsmg experts would say, it comes m such handy contamers.RiE of|1958 to promote rote cu tu aderstandmg by bringing young1-/I |11 I |might rediscover the wa'vt SECOND, COMMON SENSE AND MODERN THEO S ] ' " ql ", t I|l James Colern n II ~ UP PUrL UIk~ Americans to Afrma during the ur rut:l. Ull.~ |lof return and rejoin the great] personality development suggest that breast-feeding should have] ' " "' an~ 11 ill . . I ,~ summer to work on cuL~u o I |[single family . . .' J significant psychological advantages for the infant. Nevertheless,] I| i/i I l'll'(lIO[ I lit should be noted that such advantages have not yet been em-] soczm pro.]ec~s. nl ~:~Jot~ Ill o o ----- i, I " - ~uring the summer OI 1961 210 ~{~lkl[y [1~1~|[ eq~/~l'~ J~pirically demonstrated, so that one must advance this clazm . 's ', :, lJ Ill I stuaent :ram me u ~ ann uan R A Wh,rl ool Johns-Manville Product, 0UIK- 2t|U~' |/with caution Reliable studies do show, however, the importance . . ~ "." . - I H c p I " ------ "oi anectmnate" nananng or momermg~ ' ano~ there can be little aaa took par~ m pro~ec~s rang-t! tllAK1 ~,~e x,~e~ t~t Washers Dr-ere t kJ lt" K HLIN ' "" x res ing from Senegal to Northern '$|ULLU ILII -- Y ROOffflg l~q~dkL ~( ~ J~k Company CHUC COUG [I doubt that breast-feeding creates ideal conditmns for the e p - Rhodesia and Kenya. The p -ro li TWO CONVENIENT III Refri-erator~--Stoves. [ -or td~ - " - 2 Locations I] s:on of th,s contact and mt~Taa~YvaInlaOyrfw:~dsY;t;o~r~:/a~, gram is supported in part by the ][ LOCATIONS IN AURORA II Dishwashers I Ro l'ng, S" ~ng, Insulation and Water Proofing J] should stress the exceptio g " students themselves and in part |i I|l n 219 dlawn Ave Aurar h ' " ' h needed motherin ", . High ant Liberty Streets W o a P one TW 6 6479 faring muc g ~ fr individuals and Let Us Wars Your New Homt ' " 2 Businesses J] by g fts om /Is. c k I[I I THIRD, SINCE MANY YOUNG MOTHERS do not know how rivate or anization ' " nl p g s. II ALL PHONES TW 6-7734 Ill ~4 ~d, AVE TW 2 9613 I ~ * IN MARYWOOD ml to nurse over-estimate its difficulties, or are afraid to attempt Each student team was under I .~,= ur~ RVlr| I I AIJRORA " J ' " ' " ' n . . . [ t-~ wb~,~ w v I FREE PARKING Complete Food Store it to stress its advantages w~thout gzvmg them posmve a d the dzrectmn of an AmerzcaniJ lil DRIVE-IN SERVICE REPUBLIC ,~-ailed instructions will only increase their anxieties. An ex-minister or teacher and in most l . -- /:: t:*: i'e c:llent little book for this purpose is Breast Feeding by Betty Ann ~.~ ' A. = ; =1| anu~K Par ' " " Ever A Ur l- Countryman (Bobb-Merrlll Company, Indzanapohs, $1.95). y urua - I11 SANZ CATERING SERVICE I !1~[.~ I[lr~[][1 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK young mother would learn much from reading this book, and you M t tl U K I a t, III I ~lr=l~ IIJ--I/ ~" will find it very helpful in your work. ~ince 1906 Ill Weddings Club Socials Banquets [ --~; . . " ! . SPPCIALIST$ /,~Dn,~r FOURTH, YOUR GROUP MUST BE MINDFUL that a minor ill CotJee Cater,no .Church Dmners Ptcn,cs i ~ ~ ~,~o ity of women are unable to breast-feed for serious practicm, 11 NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER Phone TW 2-5900Aurors i VALLI: HI:AIINb . WINES medical or psychological reasons. Avoid provoking needless IiL J' BEER ~uilt anti distress by tactfully recognizing this fact. Since atti- ~ Ask for Bill Pete: 220 So. River TW 2-4090 AURORA F n Downer & River Sts. AURORA, ILL. FRIENDLY & COMPLETE SERVICE SINCE 1871 Member of F.D.I.C. NOOH LUNCHEONS AND DINNER DAILY FROM OUR HEW KITCHEH . . you are a stranger here, bztt once . . . J I I oso. 8ROADWAYI I L PA,KING I AURORA I' " '*' "' [ ALL HOME APPLIANCES Sales and Service---TV---Records--$tereo---Wirin9 Cash Terms Lay-Away~All Repairing---Parts ROBERTS PACKAGE LIQUORS 1216 NO. LAKE ST. AURORA Plenty o~ Free Porkin$ * HOUSEWARES .Free Deliveries Open From 8 o.m to 6 p.m. Mon. & Fri. Till 9 P.M. 24 N. Broadway TW 2-213B AURORA , WEDDINGS * DINNERS tudes are more important than methods in this matter, a moth- er should never feel "pressured" or compelled to use one of sev-: era] available feeding methods. FIFTH, YOU SHOULD SECURE THE COOPERATION of local doctors and nurses in your project Experience shows that there is a considerable amount of mutual buck-passing in this matter. Doctors claim that mothers refuse, and nurses don't want to be bothered; nurses protest that doctors won't use their influ-i ence with mothers; and mothers insist that medical authorities are impatient or unsympathetic. Your project won't make much progress on such a merry-go-round. FINALLY, REMEMBER THAT HUSBANDS are part of the family. They too should be informed concerning the aims of your program, for they can play a significant role in its promotion by lending their wive sympathy, encouragement, understanding and emotional support. ] (Father Thomas witi be ~able to answer personal letters.) ] I Our Advertism / III III/ * BANQUETS -k PARTIES Bridal Tables Decorated MOLDOVAN'S CATERING SERVICE Call TW 2-0725 or 6.7234 AURORA720 Lehnetz Ave. we're your gunde your friend your helper Your parlner in personal progress AURORA CLEANERS & FURRIERS COLD STORAGE VAULT We Specialize in Drapery Cleaning 129 GALENA BLVD. 800 FIFTH STREET PHONE TW 7-8771 PHONE TW 7.8773 AURORA For A Complete Line of Prayer Books Sunday & Daily Missals Assorted Colored Rosaries for Children and Men and Women Statues, Crucifixes, Medals & Chains, Catholie Books VISIT THE St. Gregory Book Shop Join today with your friends and neighbors who have learned that it pays to save a portion of their, earnings each month at [mprovement. Fully protected to $10,000 by the F.S.L.I.C. SAVINt$ lne to0AN AlS0 IAtlON 8OI 8A|iNA IOU)tVllil 1|IN nAIl |.1151 Aurora 57 Main St, Phone: TW 74152 MILK SAVE -- SELF SERVICE A Complete Star* * Crocerie~* Meats * Frozen er Dairy Foods Preductt * Notions * Drugs 103S So. Lincoln Ave. Aurora Pk. TW 2-3719 Your Friendly Service Station Quality Mobil 77 So. Lake Street Telephone TW 2-7660 BOB TOSSING MINOR & MAJOR REPAIRS SUN TESTING EQUIPMENT Smorgasbord .~. Complete "Atzrortt" s "Etched o=zy t, P r i C e ~t- to, Incnudes Dessert It. Beveroge Dealer" ~ Protection" rltt JiqltOt lUSt tine toad Aurora-Lohrnann Monument Co. 727 S. Lincoln, Aurora Phone TW 7.7270 Business Route 30 East Side of Aurora, Illinois MEYERS PLUMBING And H EAT I NG 278 BEACH STREET AURORA PHONE TW 2-3944 This book makes his college education possible A young man needs many books for a college educa- tion. But the most important of these is the book that makes it all possible a passbook for a savings account with us. 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