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September 1, 1961     The Observer
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September 1, 1961

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PAGE 10 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1961 THEOLOGY FOR EVERY MAN n I i 1 Nov. 5" " ,WASHINGTON--(NC)--Some handbooks and other items to The old hrase "You have to know hint to love him' Zeads ~t ght millionCatholicyoung assist local groups in planning p . . . sm~ e to pose this question for the spiritual li]e: Just how much ~ople in the U.S. and at over- programs is. available from the do you have to know before you can truZy Iove? To what degree r, ~as military ba~ are exnect- l~t~wu Youth Department, 1312 is knowledge of God and intellectual appreciatio~ of H~s in- 1, ~ to observe the-llth ~Lnnual Massachusetts ~.Avenue, N. W ]inity a prerequisite to devotion and fervor? These and related etc ah'onal Catholic Youth Week~,washington ~, ~.t questions are dealt with in the following commentary prepared that whlcn is permeated wltn rove ws ct 29 to Nov 5 -- et St. John's Seminary, Brighton, Mass It is reprinted [ram We resemble God only remotely as we become aware of the]relation to both God and the law knowledge and love must go Announcement "of the event I~iii::ii!~i~ii?i:~:ii~i:::i:~ i~i~i!::!i~::~:;:: ~i ?:i~;:: y:::: 7:~i~i~:::i~ii:::ii':~i?:ii~i~ The (Bos~on) Pilot imaterial world about us On a higher level is the knowledge hand in hand. There are limits to the extent to which an indi- . ~ ~^r^ t ~"r Too~"h I Say You Saw It in that is directed towards action This knowledge brings us con- vidual man can speculate about God. What-he does know, how- ]~'~ S~c~i= der ~dl'~eo'tor " of ~t~le THE OBSERVER Q DOES MORALITY DEPEND ON KNOWLEDGE OF THE T~v~v x~rill h~xro itc fnl;nrt~tianc {. ahcahlto ron]itv Ant1 fho llm. ' . LAW OR ON LOVE OF MORAL GOODNESS? Isciousness of our power over the material universe which we L'~."' "-"" Y~-~ ",~. ~-': "':'." "~ -7".'~".'-;~ ~'.'~ :"-. Y o u t h Department National ~i!~i~!~!~!i~i?~i~!~!~!~i~/~i~i~i~i~i~ii~i~i~ii~i;~i~ii~ii!ii~i~i~:i.;ii~i~:ii!i~ t~ea ex~en~ ~o wmcn ne can alscover an~ emoora~e ~ne ~ac~ oz ~' ~ t . A To say that morality is to be interpreted entirely in terms can control through the images of sense. As we grasp the es-|God,s infinitely r~rfect Bein~ makes it nossible for Him to ren- uatnonc wez~are ~omerence, ~e~ ~ ~ i" . . . " " which sponsors the observance g, . of i gs by intellectual abstraction and gum insight mtolresent to himself with ever-increasing awareness the value of . . [KULK tALL~ of oddness wtth no relatmn at all to knowledge would be to sences th n overlook the fact that morality expresses the objective depen- the causes of our exnerience we discover the necessary rel~tion-IGod for his life As this awareness of God's goodness grows, it Msgr: S c h ~ e,d e r said the . "n the ima e and like-! ' ~. ' wee~ meme will De "~outn- dence of man on God. Man ~s created ~ g ship of the created umverse of God. The h~ghest degree of know-lwill arouse successwely the selhsh love of God m vmw of H~s /I I ness of God Th~s means not only that man s fiee wm ]s a snar ower n ~s w lhn ness t u a d the un If h lay um~y trum " ' " - edge is wisdom which is made nerfect by charity Here the rela-Jp a d H'. i " g . o help s, n se is e - " [I ~ s~ s~ I 1 " ik . ' ~. " * * * ~ng m the freedom of God, but also that man s know edge is 1 e tranship between man and God intellectually grasped by man/which thinks of God as ]nhmtely good in H~mself. Schools and youth groups oh-l[ I God's knowledge. And since freedom in God is not blind, free-lbecomes the basis of the perfect love in which we reciprocatel It will be impossible to know that we love God unless we serve the w e e k through pa-/I Wondering Who Can | dam m man the basis of his moral life wilt ve possessea in me r . . ~ the love wh]cl~ God has bestowed upon us. [have intellectual understanding of His infinite perfection, rades, radm and TV programs,/I. hA~t~ You W h .t~t I m which man shares in the know~e~ e o~ ~o . I,s ecial reli ious ex r ~s measu'e . g -~ IT IS EASY, THEREFORE, TO UNDERSTAND the relationIGrowth in intellectual appreciation of God is not, however, a P g . e c ses, o-l| "T-ar-" I IN EVERY EXERCISE OF FREEDOM ann m every ac~ oI,clal and athlehc events The e s " h--- i-]between knowledge and love in our moral life Morality is the[necessary condition for lo,ing Him more ardently. And as loveI : [I I Knowleo e man s uKeness to ~oa IS manlzesL ~, ~oa ~ ~re ~ . " " O nin ~a oI me week me g scmnce of salvation One who is trul moral will be trul reli becomes more and more ardent, God's grace brings to the soul pe g y,|[ Pknn, ~AA g I?R? I ' ' Y Y - r " ~l~ ~lI gious. The most untutored person who has a loving knowledge[a correspondingly deeper appreciation of the depth of H's~ Be- Feast of Ch ~st the King, ~s an-[|, ~ [ [~[~ ~[ ~ ~lt ~[~ [of God bears a closer resemblance to Him than does the learned/ing and the scope of His law, even for those whose lack of in- nually designated National Cath-/| ~r 3-oal4 I I~ w-I ~- --ir-~ professor who manifests an attitude of skepticism towards God[tellectual training and capacity makes it impossible for them ohc Youth Communion Sunday.l| ,IPU~ML~IVAV Ill~ll~ff [ I /tt~tUkl ,IPiOl~#t D/~.l.liJl~tmltCOt~ ][and religion Theoretical knowledge may be brilliant in its grasPito discourse about God in the language of theology and philo- A promotional kit for the[[ /11~ / Lllal ~ I I JVrll~ .t ixl a ixvis u--~l~ffi-lx ~ I[of the applicatmns of the moral law, but it cannot be compared[sophy. [week, containing posters, bump-|l (Also Charter Bus Service) | I STANDARD SERVICE I[with the simple understanding of the relation between man and[ o IS IT CORRECT TO SAY THAT THOSE WHO DO NOT|er stickers, prayer cards, a{| 305 W 14th Rock Falls [ o h ' o " r o h "lli "~" sample sermon radio and TV|| " I I "l'l.l~ "l'lDl~ "TIDCg lid d t at ~s f und in a holy pe son, even th ugh e be,terate]eRACTiCE VIRTUE ARE VICTIMS OF THEIR OWN INABIL-[ ' ,I|acco ing to the standards of the educational world. While love|iTY TO APPRECIATE THE VALUE OF VIRTUE FOR THEIR|--~ I ONE STOP SERVICE IIhas its necessary source in knowledge, knowledge without love]LiVES, II I Bo wo cannot make a person morally good On the other hand, love can tl e I 206 E. Wilson St. Phone TR 9.1273 ~ " [] [ A. It is correct to say that if we knew God perfec y, w wouldll I rise m ~ne summl~ oI supernarura[ cnarlty without beneilt of " " [have already attained the objective of all the virtues, which is|[ ROCK FALLS I tithe elaboration of knowledge that is brought about by human[to develop in ourselves the moral goodness of which we are[I I FINEST IN FOOD FINEST IN DRINKS I[scholarship. [capable In this life, however our knowledge of God's is im-[I ~ I.~"~. ~ ~ i~. ~:~ .~ [ RA B L T ' ~ ,~ .= 1-, ,~ ~ L I at x~ a ~.axx x.axJ~.~ v I I as our knowledge of God and of our relations with Him becomes/ness of the differences between good and evil To go beyond ll ~ I TAVERN II OUR MO L RESPONSI I I Y, however, becomes greater[perfect and obscure. Nearly all people have a general aware-ll [ 0,99 ,crORCE c NERI Owner MARVIN TOPPEL Manager I]more and m re perfect. As we recognize the goodness of God|this point requires considerable education which many people ll "Notice Your Appearance OTHERS DO" ] I $'OUTH BATAVIA'AVENUE BATA~A IJreflected in our human experience, we must follow up its [m-]fail to acquire. Thus some people who appreciate the moral[I -" I u,~,~. -~, "'1"7 Ilplieations for our moral life All knowledge tends of its nature/ goodness of justice and the evil of injustice have distorted ideas[| = I ~nv~,r~ ~r, ~ Jr"I I ~NI5 uwn r I to move us towards God and to make us love the mflmte good-]about the value and meaning of the wrtue of chastity. Again,~| ---- J, r. ~ x~, uwner I . ness of God in its created reflections Every normal man should|some people may regard the more exalted virtues of kindness[] 323 l~t Ave. fMA 5-0571~ Rock Falh ] / O~018I 2~ ve ~,~'1/~ O UDII) I~OCK.Ical S |,Itbecome more and more familiar with his own likeness to God|and humility as having significance only for those who live/I dad~$~ve, ~ua ~-uazxi nook xa.~ I I I:nlTng RM~R[R 2. RFMITY gHOp I|and should experience more and more the force of God's good-lapart from the world. Though they realize their power to strive/| I ,v-.~, Ilness impelling him to live in accordance with the moral law. To[for high ~deals, they are blinded by temptations which arise in[ I Barbers: foe Fohos -- left Orland I[ verl k the fruitful possibilities of our knowledge of ereatedlundiseiplined selfishness and sensuality. [~ ~]~[~~ Jt,~ I Beautician" Lucile Lohman Ilthings will have the effect of making us less and less conscious/ WE ARE FACED WITH THE FACT that :n the ~e--'~r l~vels'~ m~n~ .at~ Jtt~ l " . I[ / a '~,- 1.-"~,- v. |I W iVItItI~I 2 West Wdson St Phone TR 9 3464 Botovm o~ tne ~mage o~ t ,oa w~tmn our own sores umy when we rove r h r b ll fe t~ ral h ," " it . [of human natu e t e e can e bus[ca y de c "ve mo at "-| ~.~ God can we continue to be morally good t=onversely, our ful ~ f n ward I .ll . ' . : "[tudes. For some people the defect is oneof ind'f ere ce to s][ " Ill I hllment of the moral law will be an ewdence of our love of on o 1 o 1 s the are mtellectuall ~theverynoti sofm ra g odandevi a y ' y[| Ii I I IIGod apprehended. For others, there is blindness for certain types ofll rtl v ! I11 l~'l'l'L~(TJ~'JlI-A'LL} I I ~ ~ l~l~I I~'~TqP - Q. HOW CAN WE LOVE GOD BEFORE WE KNOW HIM?lmoral goodness, combined with sporadic attempts to live a|l I I I I X.~ 11 1" .1.~l ~JJXJ .1. ~ I]AND HOW CAN WE KNOW WHAT WE DO NOT ALREADy|Christian life. A third type of defect is common even among/[ T~,T. Ill u ut, I I w ~,~v~w~x~,~ I~LOVE~ /habitually good people They recognize the value of moral prin-/I ~uneral name Ill . ~ . ,: . I ~r~, MP.t~t~W.~nr~, L~W~'~ r~ulrmr~ ~x " ' " ' es rrescrt rton npectattst$ I ~ APHIX~ERY A. We have already noted that there ~s a difference betweenlc~pl in general, but they fred ~t dlfhcult to apply these prin./I Illl~rescrtptton ~pec~atts$$ i I ~ ~ r~n~Vl ~. ~ ]]purely speculative knowledge and knowledge that is directedlciples in circumstances which might be painful or inconve-[I Established 70 Fears Ill R.F. FITZGERALD I "'l~'e Service What I~'e Sel~' towards some. desired good result. From this.same point of view nient, particularly for themselves. " " 19874 I there is a difference between the speculahve knowledge thaCtl ALL THESE DEFECTS MAY AROUSE one or other of two/I f,"-:'-': : [[I [ I Time Payments [[something is commanded or forbidden by law, and the knowl-[ compensating attitudes. Some people, first of all, are positively|l A~e ttenKes -- vwner Ill PHONE 3415 I I 845 E. Wilson St. TR 9.355~- /ledge that obedience of the law will have a definite persohallhostile towards ideals of moral goodness which conflict withlI Phone: Morrison 2322 I/I 105 w MAIN ST. I I BATAVIA ivalue. The very notion of law supposes the notion of obliga-ltheir own interest. For such people the moral law is a eon-/I mane: morHson I/I I It[on. And the notion of obligation supposes the notion of a|stant challenge to their moral waywardness They become|l Ill MORRISON. ILL. I i I/moral goodness towards which observance of the law is di-[openly critical not only of moral values, but of those who are|L |,l I lllil ~mm ~iimlm~ aip~lm/n $II~t~l IJrected. / |successful in living morally good lives. This attitude of hostility/-- ~ " I BA/AVIA ~Httl MtIAL bHU~ I/ THE MORAL VALUE OF OBSERVANCE of the law, how-[can reach the point at vchich a person will be completely scorn-/g ~~'g~Dr~ i I|ever is not always in the foreground of our knowledge Simi-|ful of moral goodness, and develop a self-deceiving hatred oftI' ~'~I~IVI~m~" I ~o~ Heat Oy nepuOttc I[larly, the authority of'the lawgiver is sometimes seen too much]even the natural moral law. ' [I | I ~.~, ~n a =-r~,~I|in the light of his authority to inflict punishment, rather than inl Other people become merely insensitive to moral values,|l A II I I I ip V I~ I1 I 1 qPU I lI [ d[~ l I l~ ~llSOn ~)lr DA/AIIA /1% 1-.~/at~r-I/ I " " I/me hgbt of his appreciation of the value of the law for those]without manifesting any degree of hostility This attitude isLI u u A L I / I D U I t I I1 U m g a I ,|who will obey it. Mere knowledge of the law must be accom-|found largely in those who live merely to enjoy themselves.|[ I I I/panied and supported by love of the value which the law has forlThey are pleasant and agreeable and have no desire to offend]| 3 bedrooms, 20 x 12 drittwooa panema romuy I I I|the satisfaction of our human needs. Many people who cannot]any one. Yet they are completely indifferent to those aspects/I room, 2 car flarage, built in caloric kitchen. Plus- I I 14.11mn,b Cnrtls I[grasp the technicalities'in which the law is expressed have alof the moral law which emphasizes self-discipline and self-ll teredwalls Hardwood floors -- full basement. I I . ,w -.- I-- - |ldeep appreciation of its moral value. It has been well said.ldenial. The source of this kind of moral indifference is self-II We will finance I |l . ror" All--1I ccasIo S .A" -- Itl[ that there are more people who grasp God by love than there areI indulgence, rather than undiluted pride. /I, " I ,Visit the Store with The Best Selection 'IELIZABETH . . . IFormer Graduate[ . ]1 SENKEL BROS. BLDG. CORP. J I jill I tAcuvtues oz l ewman t mo /i 3515 AUBURN ROCKFORD I I II I r m t ' ma l /I I z A.M. Graves I DRUG STORE ELIZABETH [Wins FellowshipJOHNs0N S Outhned for Comm Year OFF. w 4-7.5 MODEL T, 7.2o46 Prescription urugg",' I Ill It ROCKFORD -- Joseph H Me / DEKALB--Newman Club ac- scheduled religious and intellec:[i l " hwtms for the coming year for tual programs an Advent mad hone TR 9 1466 Batavia (~AKA~ Intyre, son of Mr and Mrs 117 S. Balavia Ave. P - Cathohc student of Northern AN III J]William McIntyre "and a 1954[ " s [Lenten series of lectures have*[ JOHN P, SREEN I I ~ ]graduate of St. Thomas high[ [ " I Is Quahf,ed To Take Care I ! ' Illinois university were discus- been scheduled for next year llA KI II llschool is one of 1,400 college se-/sea a n a oum.nea recenuy a~ a[~ I Of Your Everyday Insurance I niors selected from among 10- ~ "~ ~: Needs MIAU~ " committee chairmen .~iz~:~:i:i 000 applicants to recewe a . " . " ~;:~: The leadership weekend un Ill I I Woodrow Wilson fellowship in = " Patr0nlze Office WO4-5977 1961 earn etition aer me oirec~ion of me r~ e v. III Underwood S I[I Bulck-Pont|oc-GMCTruck I] P " " [Hubert V McGinn and Ted[ -- ---- ] --Home TR 7-6402 I Sales and Service He will study at Northern I1- " r Adv rhsers Kg / IIAVgN I[I r t e I/I [ilinoi universit /Holm, president, was conducted] OU e I --- I s y ann w]u ma tt~ AIU CONVALESCENT HOME III.u;r I/I Phon R, [[ jor in the ield of economies. I Ill IffP/KULi~liJJ~i II /ann lvirs. U. ~. ~wct~mn, paremsI I Ii!~i:I I'~i I ltl nnt,~h,mq're Ill /|of the club chaplain. I I~:l~ ~~ I iwen.ry-rout .sourIII r~,~.~ I/I I/ Concerned Over Apathy IHAI~V~IWn I St. Bridget's Parish ~ I nursing senrtce, lil T n r~ III ' ~.- ~ 11 I~ Ir'llllLlr~lILl~ I I III u e.up III [~ . I/ Although the membership of[ ~ I ! Eileen Hofmann, R.N. Ill Wax/ns III ]l ll Complete t antetng 3ervtce []the Newman club at NorthernI Owner I/I Lubrication I/I |1~; ~ /-, ~.~ ~, . I|Illinois university is the largest ~,'/'t,~ f' ~ t. 1 ~or uver DU xears m llhn z ~ ~, ~ u ~. u~ ~,* I ~ 95 204 E Th rd St . Ill o I}1 Ifl] I/ the nation, the executive! ~f/ith,h~ c,o,Purchase P ro ram gTashin$,o's and one of the largest taxon, . .no, s Ill --* N "" " ! Av Ill I[ i i|council evidenced much c o n- C~ PHONE2-931! Ill ZZaDiXoN,Orm~oeo e. Ill I/cernCathOlic verthestudents apathy of manYrelevant to ,/ ' THE ELIZABETH STATE BANK THE HARVARD For Everyone. ' ~ " ~ the student apostolate. T h e " ,I ill fl Member Federal Deposit Insurance Carp. I[council decided that every pos- STATE BANK "k Pagel's Rental Purchase Plan , Area s Lar est g IItl EDNA N. ~IIRUS SHOP ill ~ ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS I[sible means of contacting the h, . -- r, . Displays II/ |l IICatholienon-members shouldbe if~O Interest Paid r'aget,s rr'l r ew r ome rtan III /I Ilutilized. On Savin-s Accounts Pagel s Trade In Plan SIMMONS Bedding IIll ~ r ~ II JI Club~ business meetings were ~ "~r Paael's 10% Down Plan K.ROEHLER Furniture II11 I[SAVANNA - -- -- /scheduled far the first Sunday "~ ~ ' "- "tB~a~ ghtOofreamChm rn:hw onul rd: Member of F.D.I.C. SAW ke Crend' * Home Electrie Shop Ine. Westinghouso Appliances Amana Refrigerators & Freezers Electrical Contracting & Repairs PHONE: AT 4.0011 213 West First St. DIXON, ILL. 124 Galena Avenue Dixon, Illinois AT 4.8341 RUBY R. NATTRE$$. O~ra~ "Insurance Exclusively" DIXON NATIONAL BANK BUILDING .PHONESOFC. AT 2.8174 RES. AT 4-707) Dixon, III. SUNDAY 6:30 P.M, JAMES GARNER JACK KELLY 13 WREX-TV Your Friendly lndeponden$ Grocer FINEST IN MEATS We Give S&H Green Stamps* 8rinton at Bradshow able to attend. Socials Altered The heavily attended week- end socials were slightly alter- ed. In order to provide more tangible benefits for club mem- bers, the executive council felt that one dance a month should be restricted to members only. The annual Newman ,club for- mal will also be held for alum- ni and members only. In addition to the regularly Skelly Products GASOLINE FUEL OIL Harvard--Whitney 3.4131 New Homes and Apartments Now Available to Compare! Construction Co 536 Windsor Rd. Rockford. Ill. Cali TR 7-7804 Today ELLIOU JEWELRY CO. EstQblished 1889 SAVANNA ILLINOIS The NATIONAL BANK of SAVANNA "Your Bank For Every Financial Service" Member F.D.I.C. 229 Main St, Sevann~ Ill. Fuller Memorial Chapel Phone 5555 309 Chicago Avenue Savanna, Illinois Considine's Insurance Agency Ofc. Phone 255, Res. Phone 286i Fu/ton Illinois ,t.txterzt| re, Since 1878.-- Corner of Sixth and Eleventh Completely Air-Conditioned Phone 9121 -- Fulton, Ill. CO-DIRECTORS J. M. Foy Llewellyn Fo~, John O. Seesser "MEADOWDALE" Choice Locations Streets- Curbs- Gas- Water- Sewer ALL LOTS FULLY IMPROVED HOME PRICES START AT $11,300, INCLUDES LOT P yments As Low As$80.00 Per Month Including Taxes and Insurance Plus Painting NAME YOUR OWN DOWN PAYMENT Route 173 To Alpine Rd. Turn North & Follow Signs These are conventionally built homes Moterial Purchased Locally Labor Done by Local People CONVENIENT TO ST. BRIDGET'S CHURCH & SCHOOL TELEPHONE TR 7-2549