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August 25, 1961     The Observer
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August 25, 1961

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PAGE 8 THE OBSERVER --FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 1961 I A rs --nswe---- ]' :i : "~ ::': !'i!'::i: !i: ';": !!!!~ :!~%1!!! : ~: :~~-~: MULDOON,Plaus are bein~ made for the ' :~II1~~ Jamaicas. Days of Thrills and Nukk W d Dog of the0fThlef of M0vleSBagdad The W s l e s r e Dcarl Dol';S: {tion when they accept Rn invita- Bermudas and IqOCKFORD--ln keeping with!installation of a-language lab- My friend Carmen has justiti.on. They dance at least on ce I would be among those, em- its thirty-year-old tradition. Mul- oratory in one of the classro~ms. :) :: : ~ii~ ~ graduated from public school, wim melt care ann once wim Darrasse~ ~na~ me pastor nad m " ~ " I :. ~,=~,===~ ~=~ ime nostess. {speno valuaDle time reminaing noon nigh scnool I. conunuing leacner s consui ann six stuoent llb ~ qlUll{INl~$~ llm~] =" has asked me to send you a " " : 7 ItS custom of turning out each~statlons will be ready shortly ~ : ll~j~ ~!~ ~f " . . " t If you have made it as clear us oI our manners, :Amos tnis year young ladies who are well!and space is provided for addi- ,;:i i111~.:~ ~ ques~mn, when. barmen was to him aSryOU have in your let- line I would like to ask a ques- eouipped to find their place inltional stations when circum-~ ~t[~r ~ :eight year.s olu ner parents s.ep- ter that you like dancing thercltion. What has become of the t,~t~v;~ wnrla No ~tud t~ ~t~n,o~ no ~it 'lk',~l,* 14111~ ~ araten ann sac anu her moU~erJis not much else ou can di>=at fashionable little jacket so han n ~+u + ; +' n ~; I .& ~w~ &illlmml~{l~ ~1~ went to live with her granupar- least about his dancinf You dy for backless dresses? Sun- ;;'c:;n'd[Uthird:';r'f;urth"ye@"~;; m:2tWinc~n~in; :envlgn:; eleeqct~P; :", ~'~t ,' " i~:~,hE/~rer 2n~e:~easC:onr::(~lcan always date other boys. [ba:k;i:;du;tr2p]e?d2~t~.~nsn?r; the school staffed by Dominican,typewriters will give students ;[ =. toIDear Doris: : l. pp," ' :22 Sisters of Adrian, Michigan, willlin the business education de- ir 1 ~ -~ -re i~e a si.ave Lo orlng money m ! Our pastor gave a sermon inlmr lvtass more anu more. Jvlanv find a number of surprises!partment practical experience f|OdP~lql~ 1,~Klt|~g~gdrtt~ ~l ~:~!~" ~ne tamny, church last Sunday about clothes a pastor must oe emoarrasse~ awaiting them i in the use of modern office ma- l~Kl~Rll|(g 1.JK /l~L~;~ 1~J[L : Carmen now has a job waitingland the nroner attire to wear]bY an otherwise intelligent girt 1 I tJ to, her this September with a who appears at Mass dressed In acco, rdance w i t h recom- chines ' i " to church. It seems he asked a] mendations made by North Cen-i Cupboards cabinets, a new r~ ~T ~7" ! ri~/ . i!!rm that.has offlce~ Lher.ugho~lgirI to leave who came to con-[f r }he beach t r a l association personnel, triple mirror, and tables with |~ I'~[~W,~]~|'~|I~ |r~l~]rl~][= N~][|II~|I ].~,e u. ~nc wom.ou e to no! ifession on Saturday afternoonl, in a previous comma i sam o n. ,~j ~,~ ~ ~U~.m .~. IKI%.2R t~ Ik,~ JIK LJLS~JE~U~JLIE II I WOUIU oe lair ior ner m that veils and flowers in order to fluorescent lightin~ has been in- larae workinu s lrfaces will nro-i " ' l in shorts. He also mentioned/ ". " stalled in these classrooms vide opportunity lot clot}~-ingi [take her mother to hats should hc worn insteadldouble as hats must be adequate where this type of fixture was! students to learn the art of keep-', .~ut~n~ ~, ~ vt a a o n. n a production. A L L THE WAY I of the IMPORTANCE OF BE- I Her mother does not think l~ tS[of flowers and veils. 5ome of uslenough to cover the head. They act previously in use, as well lin~ themselves well dressed nlgn SChOOl oeiegation of three lHOME, at the Belasco theater, lING EARNEST. nice to leave the family and goIwere embarrassed but we heardlmust not ]0ok like a last minute as in library, cafeteria, and cor- Biology students wi~il iind religious sisters and 22 students[ A special trip is also plannedI In addition, special buses will!away but Carmen would notlsome others talking and they[idea for decoration. ridors. !more color= worl~ing surfaces departed by jet plane for New]to Rockefeller center where the!t a ke convention members to leave her mother to go on work-lwere mad. What do y0uthink? I Doris Revere Peters: avswef,~ Ea=er youna diners will en-land storage'space for equipment lY rk Monday. August 21, to at- group will take in the f i 1 m t h e Shakespeare festival at ing so hard. Both Carmen and[ Maureen I letters through her column ~,ot '" ~ ' ~ ; " ' I ' " ' " ' tend the Silver Jubilee con~en 'FANNY and at end the sta e Stratford Conn Sunda Au her mother read your column re ~ joy ~heir lunch amid more color-lto render more pI ofitable and," ' - ' " g I,', Y' g" ~ I Shorts in Chu h. Now 1 have[by mail. Please do not ask ,for a fui surroundings in the c a f e-enjoyable their exploration oft/on ofthe National Catholic!performance featuring the Rock-lust 27, the day after the close !and hope to get an answ er.soon.lheard everything. [?~ersonal repl.y. Youn~ ~eadc~.~ ~neatre conference which will v ' r Maria : " ' " w ter)a A new green tile floor ~the mysteries of hfe. I lot the formal con ention p o-1 i It isn t important hat Ilare ~,wted to wr*te to her ,t,~ yellow walls, pongee walnut More Press Room Ibe held August 23 through 26. :g~g4~%%'.~~ ceedings. [ It is noble o[ Carmen to wantithink. I'm sure your own innate[care of THE OBSERVER ~" ~,~ ~i,-= t~h e n d tanuerinel In the newly decorated guid The convention held for rep I ": "~:~~ I T to make ~t easier for her mother sense of decency tells you that . r 1 s, a " ~ -~ . ' o . ", i!ii::i!ili~ii!~i::~i::!!ii::::::i!=:iiiii~,~ocal Students ,Attending I I . chairs contribute to the n e w ance room facilities have been resentahves of drama orgamza- i:::?:i::!@i;~~ I Madonna students attendinf[But it seems to me since shelshorts are not proper attire Ior|~r~/[~l~ - I ::::::::::::::::::::::: .'~+:~'~ ~" " " : " look on first floor, made available for students to tmns afflhated wit h colleges ~+i++~++ '.~;~ f the convention will be" Donna and her mother have hved with church And this goes :for both[:.~dP%,l%r!,ll%l~ A beige and brown tile fleer'obtain educational and career' and high schools as well as corn- ::::::::::::::::::::::: IT h ~ v, r " P~,+~ Ari~ Iudv'her grandparents all these years 7- ~I="~''~'~'~'n~ ' { . . :::::::::::::.:r ~X':::.: ' +' . and pale green walls will pro- information There will be op-;mumty and chilcren s theaters !~ ~~ii ]~oh,oi~ Die-^ D -'"~ D"nna they have some respons~bIhty 11 ill I ' vide a soft background for the portumty [or students to find across the nation will be held ~!!iii~i!i n,~ nv ~ ~ r,Lou Auosbur~ for them. And it eertamly []1 l[~ ~ennr~ ill l TraY=l i(,~e mt sical notes that will soon be here data on college entrance "n the Statler-Hi ton and Shera- :):i:i:i:i:i~~!i C a riotte" Chr'istoffel K~a t h~' wouldn't be fair to leave now. I1| ill v , ls~um from the music r o o m requirements and to learn of the ton Atlantic hotels * s g ; " " ", I i:::ii!ili:i~!i ]~orlatt Bonnie Naoel Sharonl Sometimes it seems easier tolll o .~, Illll -- -- across the hall from the care- advantages and the requisites Main Speakers i:.i~i/ ~"~,' . ~ ,:, Ir,n awa" from a ~roblem thanilll tnrvert Illil rill IuIIrllllglq[ teria " for the career in which they are! Keynote speal~er at "the open- rh;liCteT~halV~a;~ar~n~in: UKaths' to face up to it Ill ~.~ ~ III I MIlIkM~RM$ " " ;" t r e [ ' ~ "~ :!: :::: ~.~ S y Y Y " " ,I~L.J.~IlU~X~ ~iI~ JUlt/ lJ~ Additional shelf space and aim e est d. ling session will be the Flt Bey. ::::::~~l [Fole-Jo':ce Christoffel, Mar But this doesn't ~ Ill!| new arrangement of bookshelves The press room has b e e n John J Dou~hert, '-residen* of :: ~i:!il I .Y" 'Y "1 --lye it Car ~ m m as well as a workroom for the moved to the third floor and Seton Hall univer'sity ti~e oni,I ]sha Matyas: Nancy S prmgborn, lmen.s "mother Two Chapels [114 " ' ' encoura z ::: Maruyn La,]lCeK~nelia WIlKln hbrarlan add not only to thei.eq,UlPsn]entn tddefdel~O of "ournag~-idi cesan - sponsored Catholict Ison Claire'Mic{~els Paul Bud-td esn't want to ~ DIAL WO 4-633~ I[[11 b.eauty but to the co, nvenIencel!ntere;t t e 1 ': i university In the country. Thei :: 1~. '~--~ ~'-~-" ~ ~;~"~-'-"s ~V [1 e a v e . She m~ [[]lI ,~. of the library. T.a~.les,nave. oeen lsm. ~ere stu.oents wu, l ~ln~inoted Jesuit speaker, the Rev. t she has ~ 707 Marchesano lull I, ROCKFORO'S OR,G,NAL p refinished with Oe]ge iormma to greater convenience ana an out-i~^~,o i ~ < T .Hn .~A I ~~-~ I ~,t;t:Ullll~dll.yln~ m~ ~UUW ~ ~real devotion to ~i I]lll ' swiss JEWELER ] form more pleasant surround-let [or creative ability in the ldrLs'th.~ "~an~u;; ~a'rk~n~ t~;] ,~ [be Sister M. Hiltrudis, princi-d u ty and a ~l Rockford Ill| : in~s for studentsengaged in lproduction of their newspaper', ~ ,4 : a ~ I pal of Madonna, Sister M. Carl- -s- '2 ~1 ]l[ll t it, m. --. . . . . . I ClOSe oitnesessions~aturoay t i + ~ ~" * ag I ,4" [sem e ot ,ebpu.- ~l "q ~ st~ ov or research pro]ecl.s, ann yearoooK e:.~ ~, : - n e ,~ l,as anu ~is~er o u~,ine. ~ ,~ ~, " " I evenin~ I x11t%tt~i l' z. ,lUUlllt~ u.o.l'. I ~ ~, v ~ ~-- ,- 1=, ~-- / s10Illty, carmen I ~ ; '" [ ~lster lVl. Ouolne, U.~.r L~ra-, ! Friday mornin~ a So emnl I . . should respectDoris R Petersl ",lette~ and other attractions lnma Dlrect.o~" of-Madonna h gh ~'e r mother's ' ,~.~=. ~= .~ ~m.~. i LEGION OF DECENCY LIST [~ign Mass wiu oe neld at St. I R'adin City Music Hall [school has recently been elect-'l;i:hos and ~,rofit bx her exam~ PIgK lHn- MUUI:KN m -~---------~'---~ :~atricK catheora/ marking the " ' " " " " ral Be o ,~,-- v ./ -, . . ; ~, .~ ' . ' " Convention Excursions led Cha rman of the Cent -q~.~^ !i teast oay at ~t t~enesl ~s, patron . ' ' National Catholic ~ I ' . During the convention the Ma- glon of the . " Moral Classdscatmn I weald suggest that Carmen ROAD TO SUCCESS. ~. ~ ~. -clonna stuoenls Wltl see current l lneatre coilt~Felll2e wlllcll 111- . %, + " ta (~llfnPni~ [ t re showin ~tap~eton, ~.u ~. pres cent ot ~ I ~ all the hi~.h chools col postpone .er ~mp, , /he touowing is a moral esr mate at mo~ on D c u s g ~ ~. . Broaowav n t inciufling tAlYlS- I ctuoe~ ~ s,- ,~ - . - ~ ' in the Rockford Diocese prepared under the direction of the Notian~' ~,~'~-'nL~-'', win preacn tneser-ILOT and"SOUND OF MUSIC by leges universities, community :nnc~ ;:Uml;i~a~wet~ ~ :r ~:amrily ma~! QLllCk, Pract,cal Tra,n,ng Leads To ~!~ ~it~:c~2!hol~b 3~?2~!u ne ~e';artNmeWn/:;kt221nNrYnatlWn~ uP~:'Ct?~:~en:i~vaA;t'f;ff:s O' T;::;g;2';ntals;f b;t;e NkCe: C ;~rd ughhi ludtt~: s:ah;e~:r~' I~I~:;p: lcea~ f~rl;whh:~e'mI2t~h~ =it~ t~:' 'Ir'~.~R e~t,i P"'iti".$ "lparticipate in the talent showlIowa and Wisconsin. She will[hou~ work -rovide comnanion- |t,~v %,~ss t,~ ~ v R NERAL hare nela In unicago, tne o)o- . . ~ - ~- A-I~MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FO GE :. . ]with Dave Garroway acting as=represent the Central Region at].~.;~ a +~e financial bur- v ~ n :,: :,; ~ m,T~,a~e re'san group WUl speno toe oayt ---,;' I.- . . ~, ~ i~ ~ u ~.o~ ~, . *or, ,~ v~ ] nv pu~*~H.o u~u,*,~ 6 y t ,~,~ F~.y- IrF~.~. .~ .1 L--I -- 3, -- .~ ' /emcee. xnev pian to Illl me~r tne ~eglsxauve etssemmy mee.-~den Situations like these have -- - -" t "" - -' all(l ~ llall receoln me con- ' . ~ . rott o ~ ottst ess trm. zou neea ont tearn rne ro - Absent M~nded Professor Green Helmet, Th* Secret of ~,onl ~ C r,s|o P g . art of a half-hour contribution l ings held during the New York] f workin~ out when ha- f, I . Y . P .P, Alamo Gunfight Serengetj ,~lnall Nor role ventlon touring parts of the city[p ~,~ I ,~ -'~ ~, ~- ~r s~tus ana nigh pay, securtty ana opporruntty wttt Atakazam, The Great Guns ot .NavaroneSeven Wonders of the b,r ~,u~ taki-~ a thr,-, h ~ h ~ Iwnn a 't~uartet Interpretauon conventmn. [tience and good will are exer-. ,~ - -- "~ -~: 3 J -. J x L. : All Hanns on DeckHand tn Hana World n " ~ ' ' "'~ l I cised oe yours, znere zs a terrt]tc aeman~ to~y jar uua~. Amazing Trensperent Honeymoon Machine, The $'lentCa trip around the island of Man i --- --~ " ~ . -- "---" " Man, Tha I Was a Par sh Priest Snow White and the Three " ~ ~ 1 |= hess tratned yoltng people. Courses are practtca[ and Ben-Hut Invasion Quartet Sooges. . hattan and attending a produc- / 1 ~" ~dCIh~f|~-$1 -.-]~|g |1 |]r~ Dear Doris: ~ i,4 t Bernadette of LourdesLadies Men ~wiss PamiwKooinson ~:--,~ ,-, +h-- n---~ u JL~ ~qL~ I~.U ~L~ ~" E,/~J~ IIl~ 'l~g II./qL-~./JL U/~'I~L~ I I. j m "t k "~'Y ~" n Sword and the Dra on ~lu~. c t~rl~l)U~ DYII~I(1Wa~,ve .earu peopte say h a .oy Beyond the Time Barrier Last Daw g '~ '' " f t ] [ " ai Gamble The Left Right and Center Sword of Sherwood Forest ~ J ~",[A,~= n'L llke tn dnne~ it' ht*o~, s, " g " ' Tue .~ o Boy Who Found $100,000 Little Angel TamrnY Tell ~e r ' I ~u,~ Capture That Capsule Lithe Shepherd Of King- Teacher and the M race [ R,OCKFORD -- Boylan Central day practice sessions Monday he doesn't know how to. Well my CLASSES START SEPT. 5 c!m on do~ Corn, ~, naA%~ilti2ZU.~, [Cathol c High School will open August 28. Freshmen. however tproblem is my boy friend knows CtnoerTelga %~asTer OT ~tle w~rlu .~, t.u,a,u,~, ~ t ] /~p T. I e ~I Ten Who Dared o e work u ~until Ottr rtacement l~e artment has man more carts Cinerama South Seas Ad- ~ighty Crusaders tan ei ht-game grid schedule this will not bgin o t ,how to buthe doesnt like to. P " .~ ' " ,eoture Vhsty "~'ner~naKew~manke Ma. fall on Friday Sept 16 agalnxtrschool open~ When I o to arties with him than ~e can ill or skilled accountants ~.xecuttve va'v*id and Goliath ~odern Times h e Wa d ~ [ " . ~- ] g P " " " f / ". ':. " .-." : 7 ]~--'=~" I innebagoat Beyer tadium[Caltahan award d 3,'; fre. h n n lthe others always dance but not nssistant~ bookkeeper~, secret.ries, stenographers, LaugnTer NOrTh /nr~e vvorlu~ ~r ~u ~./ ~'~ql~ t ' I -t * ~ Dentist o The Chair, A . )le Rex Tomboy and the Champ [here The sched de was announc-: numerals after the 1960 season, r Don. I like to dance but I don't tvnists, clerical heln and machine oneratbrs Desert Attack One Hundred and Ona Town Like Alice / Jr" ~ " " r " r "" * Dondi Dalmatian~ Trouble in the Sky / --- ed by Coach Ed Callahan this~Boylan's first, and he expects i want to unless he does. Others FabulOUSverna World of Jules OperationOn the Doublecamel VoyageTraPp FamilY,to tha TheBottom Of II S~ week. i most of the numeral winners to have urged him to dance with WHICH TIME-SAVING COURSE INTERESTS YOU? Fidelio Parent Trap, The the Sea. ~ S~ In preparation for the season ,return. me but his reply is always thel Five Guns to Tombstone Passport to ChinaWackiest Ship In tha ' I Flaming Star Pepe Army,n~ Coach Callahan also announced ttOYLAN SCHEOULE same, "[ don't like to dance." Flute and the Arrow Police Dog Story, The Watch Your Stern that football candidates will be ~,~r 2~y, S~t. ~ - W,nnebag0 CBeyer What do you think the reason is? Francis of Assisi Queen Of the Plrates When The Clock Strike~ t S~ called together tonight for phy-!"'S~iu'rd'ay,:"Sep}""23 -- At BuHington: IS there any way 1 might get Frontier Uprising Question 7 Wings of Chance ] Accounting and Finance Administrative Assistant Wis St. Mary (time to be announceoA ' I Gambler Wore A Gu, Romanoff end Juliet WIzerd of Baghdad S sml slca! .examinations. Time of the [ Thursday, Se,t. ~S -- At Honnonegah him to dance? Automation Accounting Executive Secretarial Glenn Miller Story Sand Castle Would-be Gentlemen ~ meeting will be 7 p m ] J'Fr/day,V iS pbci.m ) 6 -- At South Be,0',l (7:30 Sandra 1 Business Management Medical Secretarial Gorgo Santa Claus You Have To Run Fasf a [i ] . ' ' ~opnomores will begin two-a- p.m.) I ~ .~. ~.~ k ao ~,; ! Sales Management I~egal Secretarial { Friday, Oct. ]3 -- At Genoa-Kinqston " ""~' "~ "~'~" "'~ "**" *~"'i Management Engineering - ,(g p.m.I ' v ~on clear. He doesn't like to' Monday, Oct. 16-- FreeDort ACluin J. . A.11--MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS AND ADOLESCENTS Atlantis, The Lost Con- Konga Shednw of the Cai, Tha tinent Last Time I Saw Archia Sniper's Ridge Ballad of a SoJdier Long Ropa, The Song Without End Baffle at Bloody Beach Magnificent Seven S.O.S. Pacific Beware of Children Man in the Moon Stala.g 77 ~teel Llaw Black Sunday Man Who Died Twlca Sundowners B)tteorint for Robbery Mein Kamof Sunrise at Campobel!n Brainwashed Midn',ht Lace Tarzan the Magnificent Bridge, The ~ TeSS of the Storm Country Br/dge Tn Th~ Su. Naked Edge The Cat Burgler Canadians, Tha O~eretion Bottleneck Timee B~a~bine Counterplof m e Cow and I, The Othello Tormented, The Deedly Commenlona Pay or ale Trapped In Tangiers Dr. ,cad's Co n ;an od. Toge,her Fanny Ferry to Hang Konff Two Way Stretch Fiercest Heart Please Oon't Eat the Unforgiven Frantic Oaisies Valley of the Redwoods General Della RoveraPleasure at His Company Village of the Damned Gidget Goes Hawaiian Possee from Hell Visit Tn a Small Planet Gold of the Seven Saints Raisin In the Sun, A Wake Me When It's Over Goliath and the Drago~ Rommel's Treasure Walk Like a Dragon Great Imooster, Tha Scream of Fear Walking Target Hand, The Secret of the Purple Reef Weekend With LuIu Home Is the Here Secret Partners White Warrior Hoodlum Priest Secret Ways World of Apu ~omiclda! Sergeant Rutledge Young Doctor~, ThR 3ourney 10 the Lost C[fY Seven Ways tram Sundown Young Savages A.111~MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS Ada E,d of Innocence Let No Man Write My A}I )n A Night's Work Exodus Epitaph AI} the Fine Youn~ Facts of Llfe Magician Cannibals Fate of e Man Make Mine Mink Angel Wore Sed Fast and Sexy Malaga Angry Silence, The Fever In the Blood, A Murder, Inc. Anna's Sin Five Golden Hours Music BOX Kid Apartment, The Four Fast Guns North fo A)aska Armorad Command a00 BtOWS Nude in a Wimite Car (Fr.) Back to the Wall French Mistress One Plus One Best of Everything Goliath and the Bar- Operation Eichmann Big Opal on Madonne beriens Our Man in Havana Street Grass Is Greener Plunderers, The Return to Peyton Place Black Orpheus Great War, The Ring of Fire Blast of Si/enCa Heller in Pink Tights ROCCO and His Brothers Breakfast at Tiffany's SenecheL Tha Magnnfn- By Love Possessed Hell is a City cent Captain's Table Heroes Din ~'oung Sins of Rachel Cada Career Home From the Hitl Spartacus Cash McCell House of Intrigue Stop Me Before t Kill Chance Meetin9 Hyonotic Eye Summer and 5make Claudelle Ingli~h idiot Susan Slade Cotloge Confidential Ikiru (Jep.) Threat Come September I'm All Right Jack Three on ~prH Cover Girl Killer Inherit fhe Wind Tunes of Glory Cranes ere F)ying I Passed For White Two Women Crimson Kimono It Started In Naples UnfaithfuIs, The Crowded Sky Jayhawkers Virgin $1oring (Swedish) Dark at the Top af Kay Witness Wolf Larsen the Stai~ League of Gentlemen~ Young One B-~MORALLY OBJECTIONABLE IN PART FOR ALL ,~ngel Baby Hiroshima, Moo AmourPrivates Llva Of Adam Big Show, the Jazz Boat and Eve Proper Time Bimbo fhe Great Last Sunsat Psycho Blood and Roses Leda Purple Noon 8roath of Scandal Let's Make Love Rat Race Butterfield $. Lisette Revolt at the Sieves Can-Can Look in Any Window Right Approach, Tha Carry On; Nurse Love and tha Frenchwo-Sanctuary " Carthage in Ftamee man Sex Kittens GO fO Cry for Hegpy . Love in a Goldfish Bowl College Deslre In the oust Mad Dog Cog Shakedown Elmer Gantry Mania Sons and Lovers Entertainer, The Matter et Morals Squad Car Esther and the KIno Marines, Let% Gn Terror of the rong~ Foxhole in Cairo Merr{ege-Go-Round Thunder in Carolina Girl in Room 13 Mary Had A Liffle Two Faces at Dr. Jeykll G, I. Slues Mtllionaiross Two Loves Go Naked in the WorldMinotaur Underworld, U.S.A. Goodbye Agein Misfits, The Vice Raid Hell to Eternity Morgan the Plrat@ Warrior Empress, The Her Bridal Night (wea: Most Dangerous Man Alive Where the Boys Ara (Ital.) Parrlsh Wild in fhe Country Bride Is Much too Pharaoh's Woman World by Nighf Beautiful) Fr. Portrait of SinnerWorld of Suzy Wang Herod, The Greet Portrait of a Mobster 20,000 Eyes C---CONDEMNED Adorable Creatures Lover, the (Fr.) Please, Mr. Balzac (Ft.) (French) Lover's Return (French) Port of Desire And God Creafed Woman Mademoiselle Gobeffa (French) Mademoiselle Striptease Pot Souille CLovers et Baby Doll (French Paris) Fr. Bed of Grass (Greek) Magdalena Priva'te Property Bed, The (French) Maid in Perls (Fr,)A Question of Adultery Breathless Marie du Port (French)Rosanna Cold Wind in August, A Mating Urge Saturday Nlaht end Coma Dance WithMa (French) Sunday M~rnlng (French) Miller's BeautltuI Wifa Savage Eye Desperate Women, Tha Miss Julia (Swedish) Sins of the Borgias Expresso Bongo Mitsou (Fr.) (French) Green Carnation (wa~ Smiles of a Summer Trials of Oscar Wllda) Morn and Dad Night (Swedish) Heroes and Sinners Moon Is Bhm, Tha Stella (Greek) Husband for Anna, A " Third Sex I Am a Camere Naked Night, The Trials of Oscer Wilde Fllicit Interlude (Swedish) (Swedish) Truth, The Karamoia Nana (Ft.) Wasted Lives and the Lady ChMterley's LOVer Never on Sunday Births of Twins Llane, Juogle Goddess Love Game (French) Night Heaven Fell {Fr.) Woman of Rome (Ifal.) Passionate Summer Love is My Professio~ Oscar Wilde (Fr.-Ital.) SEPARATE CLASSIFICATION tA ~eDor~fa Classification us ~lven to c'ertam films which while nor moral. unrnformed against wrong interpretation and false conclusions.) iv offensive, require some ana/ysis and explanation os o protection ~o tha Martin Luther Case Of Dr. LaurentSuddenly Lest Summer Storr~ Center Girl of the Night Crowning Experience Circle of Deceotton Anetomy of Murder Never Take Candy From Adam and Eve Le Dolce Vltm A Stranger Dial WO 3-5409 DIAMONDS WATCHES (at Bovnan, ~ p.m.I dance. Thursday, Oct. 26 -- Af Harlem, Soohs SILVER CHINA CRYSTAL (~:30 p.m.I Saturday, Nov. 4 -- AI Woodstock Mar- Est.blished 1896 in. So0hs (~:15 0.m.) BOLENDER'S 330 West State Storage Co Inc. 330 S. Wyman Rockford, III. A PERSONALIZED SERVICE A - PorkinSAreo Loaatuoe. Moro than Air 4S Yeors Conditianed ExparienceS Chapel Sewice FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME Fronk R. Fitzgerald Robert N. Fifzsereld 3600 N. Roekfon Ave. ~- Raekford 3 Blocks North of Hoisted Rd. -- WO S-4~3 1 5 DAYS FREE The Rockford School of Business is also appr.ved by the Hc also has made it clear, Illinois Board of Accountin~ which enables graduates ef through his lack of courtesy, the two-year Accounting and Finanee Course to take thc that, he is pretty childish. Lots C.P.A. examinations. of boys don't like to dance but they realize their social obliga-]| * Diploma Wins Scholarship a lor Accounting Secretarial Stenographic WEST BROOKLYN -- Daniel ll nt; I Co E. Reeser, a member of St.:[ -re a. iseS Mary parish here, has recentlyi| SPEEDWRITING, SHORTHAND AND TYPING been awarded an Illinois Statei| (No Signs --- No symbols ,-- No Machine To Buy) Scholarship and has enrolled in[|Beginning Gregg ShorthandCourt Reporting the freshman class at St. Pro-II Adva*~ced Gregg Shorthand IBM Key-Punch and Typin| copius college, Lisle for the fall Comptometer, Burroughs and Friden Caleulators semester. Eleven other recip- and Typimg tents of state scholarships have Clerical and Office Machines : also enrolled at St. Procopius. REAL ESTATE COURSE Vacation Preparations Make sure that your smaller valuables and important papers have the safety and privacy of a First National Safe De- posit Box. Stop in at First National for your su- per-safe vacation money . . . Travelere Cheques. Join our 50-week Vacation Club to be financially ready for Vacation 1962. FIRST NATIONAL BANK and TRUST COMPANY 401 EAST STATE ST ROCKFORD MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. RockJord' s ~)ldest Bank" FREE PARKING SPACE AIR-CONDITIONED CLASSROOMS, modern equipment, friendly students, understanding teachers, free placement service. DAY AND EVENING CLASSES .r Office Open Daily from 8 ta 5, Including Sat and Labor Dey. Write, Call at Our Office, ar Telephone WO 4-9459 for Information :kford School of Business 319 W. Jefferson St. Rockford, III. THE MONEY YOU SAVE BY THE 15TH EARNS FROM THE 1ST OF THE MONTH Savings Insured to $10,000 by Federal Savings and Loan Ins. Corp. All Withdrawals Paid promptly a Face to Face relier Servics Open 8 A.M. Doily Open Man. & Fri, Till 7 p,m. Postage Pqid Both Ways 114 N, CHURCH ST.~ROCKFORD---WO 8-2477 Purchase Program For Everyone! Pagel's Rental Purchase Plan "k Pagel's FHA New Home Plan "k Pagel's Trade In Plan Pagel's ]0% Down Plan "k Pagel's Work Credit Plan Almost Anyone Can Buy a Home New Homes and Aportments Now Available I I SUP,RMAR,T NO [ [ SUPE,MARK,T NO. * 401 S. Church WO $-=421 I I iSlS Kishwe.kao WO S'.6111 75 OK USED CARS 69 OK USED CARS 91 OK USED CARS 73 OK USED CARS i SUPERMARKET NO. $ Dare to Compare! [ 4,=.d -,[ Construction Co . OK u.o CARS $36 Wimdsot Rd. 1 YEAR GUARANTEED WARRANTY ON Rockford, IIh EVERY CAR WE,SELL! Call TR 7-7804 Today You Can Buy A New Chevrolet At Any One ef Our New Car Lot= ar 2 Showrooms et 330 S. Church--Rockford.