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August 25, 1961     The Observer
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August 25, 1961

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RIDAY, AUGUST 25, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 7 i ICae IA I THE REV. CLEMENT P. PETIT S Diocese of RockFodr J RENSSELAER Ind -- (NC)peacetime. . weapons," the YCW ]--A m e r ma's agricultural ca- said m a platform statement Rural Life Director [pacity is a potential weapon for on rural life. e= ~t ]peace which is going unused. "Yet we are allowing this &r. ~nQrles norromeo rorlsfl ]the Young Christian Workers potency to go unused, become m m m m,]agreed here at their National a hindrance instead of an as- T m. ~ ~ ~ .~ rlompsrllre, III. ]Study week set," the statement continued. BB Ill iiN i [ "Our great agricultural ca- "We are allowing it to become Prepare! tn ,~ation with the National Catholic Rural Life Coufer~ce, 3801 Gralld Avenue, Des ]doin~ 12~ Iowa [pacity is one of the greatest a source of agitation instead of [ a s o u r c e m peace m me '!,world." CROSSROADS COMMENT " }l ] m ~~ Ilnstttute for Farm Problems l/,~ / ~1~,The YCW study week gave n * T T . |/,[O .--] major attention to farm prob- B-JFd"~'lr~d~]L m |11~(-~a,%~:~ i "4"~d"l&l "lkl11~G'J i'l'~T, "% ~ ]),~ ~ ~~ }~Nl.t~r~ .Ldg/~:~ lems. It also approved a plan IUIkJW~J Ul~----bO L. UUI sqj L OL LIV! I/,~ ~ ~mlll~,for adapting its program to 1 ~ $ II,~ ~ ~' . ~ /~r~~r~,~rw~o rural areas, based on experi- I i ~ ~ ~~'~:~ |k.fl(3111b~llblL l~(LIIbc~ mentation along these lines in By Rev. Edward W. O'Rourke ) a sense of solidarity one with~ are to contribute in an efficaci- /,~ ~ ~~~ ,~.~~ / the diocese of New Ulm Minn Pope John has given us a new another and should unite to form ous manner to defend the prices/ ~ ~ ~ ~'~~ff~ [ MADISON, Wis. -- The four- T ~ ~ ' ': [ . t . I -~x'. ~ All ILb [hldtiUflll bLC~L~IlI~I1L I-I11 encychcalentitled Mother and cooperatives and professional as ,of thew roducts if the are tol ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~ ]teenth m~dwest mshtute f o r ~ ;,~, ]+, +~o v~w ~;a +~ ~ Teaeber. One theme stands out sociations which are both neces- attain an equal footing with] [[ ~ ~ ~ll~~~ ~~,:<:~.~.' [rural hfe semmamans, present-,~ ~l ; ~ n , in this encyclical: we must lsary if they are to benefit fromiother economical professional) ~ ~ ~ ~l~~~ }ed as a public service by the the' rur~? and'~urban='co~mum: ~.~rive[~. for a Christian social or- scientidc and' technical progress,classes who are likewise usually ] ~ ~s not ~be used'~ ~~4~~~~~as an ~~~ |UniversitYluiXUN. of REs.Wisc nsinAT 4.7071exten- +;i DIXON,i'= ILL.' s p~r, an order founded on social lin methods of production if they organized They need to organize ~ ~.~ stun d~vlslon with the coopera- -.^ n : .~ . .justice and charity We mustl~]to have a voice in political cir-] .~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~ [tion of the National Catholic l"'r~z~"~th~V~=n~'ntr~h,t~"n~ u~ "" 1 Lif "~ nfe n e will be form c o o p e r a t i v e associa- ~ ~ cles as well as in organs of pnb-[ '~ ~ ~ ~~ . ~:~.~.~ [rtura e t~o re e ~. , tlons with other members of our[ ~3d~:~lld~d~,K&lPlr~ Ihc administration, for today al-I ~~ ~ [held Monday, Aug. 28, through =~r~": v Chri +i=n W,~I -~ . .u. ,* ~.~- ~.~ q ~UJ- ~ ' '*'~: Th rsd Au 31 on the Ma ~' industry or professmn. These as- l"~ ]most nobody hears, much lessl ~ ~ ~ ~~~~ [ u ay, g " ur-ed that rural f a m i l i e s sociations give members a voice l'~V "Iv ~ [pays attention to isolated voices [ ~] ~ ~[t~ ~~~ /dison campus The Rev. Ed- ,~;+ + +;, ~ in economic affairs The resultllNeeds louths I,Moral Principles ] ) ~ ~ ~~~ ~w.ard W. O'Rourke is executive an~";rofessio'na~'assoc~iati'ons'to is a more just distribution of ' as ~;% *~:: mrecmr oI ~t.t~b~ ano me m I I However, rural workers ( I ~ ~ ~ ~~ll~~ [ ' . achieve greater stability In the wealth within each industry and ~ I~ I workers in ever other -'rodu'- ~ ~ ~! ~~~ ~:~ |stitute is unaer me pawonage ~.~ t-.+ ~ ^ , Fooy varioT. ,ndust ,e l rom farms Itive sector), in using theTi va~- ) ~ ~j ~~~~ ]~)f, ctoh:noM t%tishRo~VofW~lai~imonP'' '*G:d-~G~ven Abundance . ove, coope anon w It n] ~ous organizations must be gov-[~ ~ ~ ~~" " =ff ~ [ ' P ' w ~, ;.~.; .~ ^ ~ others is a practical demonstra- ~ne fence t.orps idea is ~uli erned by moral and 4uridical ~ ~~! ~ ~"$t'~l~::~ " ~: " ! / The Rev. Clement P Petit,~", u,~,: ,u= ~,~.~. tion of charity toward them.of challenge and hope. It is alprinciples The" must tr to re I ~ ~~ ~ ~~~lll~l[~A~~$~~ |Director of the Rural Life Con] mat 'our ~o~-given aoun~ance " eo le to eo le" ro ram . ". ,~ / - ' ' of fooa which we so often take Social Order ].P p . P p P g conclle their rights and interests ~ ~/~) t ~~~ [ference of the Rockford diocese !xoung Amerman men andlwith those of other classes ofl ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~ land pastor of St. Charles Bor- ,~' ~ ~.u, ~ .u~ ~ ~u~ ~nls ~neme was proposeo m women are -oin- to underde - " I ~ ~~ ~ ~A~~~3~A.q~l~ " . " ~ / ~,~ ,~=.; h ~mn~hi~,~ i~ ~emporaruy a v a ~ 1 a ore to I ~ s -worgers ano even suooroinate ~ ~ ~. -----.-,~ -~ , years ago by Pope Leo XIII in ,veloped areas to live amon-t " I ~ ~~~i~i ~ ~~- " . ~ ],~h~i f a n~no1 on brin~ needy peoples m order that ill l" 1 i" ~. one m me omer l~ me common, ~:i:~: 1- - . . . s encyc ]ca, On the Cond tion the people of those nations ( ~ ~~i ~ ~'~, :~ ~~~~ |;~ ~-~-~*r-" +" +~'^ ;mall oom they can devote their hmlted of Labor. Forty years later Pope[They will help native *'eo'qe]g O'a oemanos 1L lne rurmi ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~ [~ i~,~" ~ z - resources to eventually im- . ~ ~" workers engageo in improving, ::. u. ~ , Pros XI published an encyclical I help themselves W h e y will l ~" I~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~ [ proving their own productmn. . me conomon of the wnom agri- i~ ~ Ane institute win open wl~n a enUtled On the Reconstruction of teach by exam.qe as wellas |~ ~~ ~ ~~~?~ ~ )~ ~ ~, The YCW stud rural com- "a I -- ~ cmmrm worm can mgidmateiy * . .::~,o discussion on t.ommunity pron- niti s must develo t h e i r t he+~e~daOrder. Ue reaffairm~iby .word --better agrieulture;Idemand that their efforts be see-t ) ~~ ~ ~~~ /lems resulting from population mu~ ~ ;,~. P.a I sam~auon, homemaking a n o onded and comnlemented b the ] ~ ~~-r~ ~}~ I ~ ~~ shifts Followin dinner t h e Y"". ~o ff ~oo ~ - order and applied this notion to crafts Members of the Peace 7:,~ i ~ ~-~ ~ ll<:.:.~ ~~-~-~m~ [. . ' g .~ .~,me mdustrms m order to stem ~ r I " Ipuonc aumormes wnen tneyl ~ ~~ ~ ~~))~~ii/ t~irs~ Lay me ttev tJeorge ~rot- .~ ~ -f th- f-r-- -o-ul-'i-n ~aoo - managemem relauons, tCorps will be ambassadors ofI I ~'A~ ~%~ ~~~~~~ / ~ tne now o e a Ill p p a~u snow memseAves aware o~ me ":. .::~: ~i!i~:~:~:~:~:~ Kin nurai bi~e olrector oi the He was writing during the great Christian ideals and democrat [ ~ ~~ ~ ~ m into urban areas [ - common gooo ano contrlou~e m ' ~ '.~:~'~:~::~:~:~#~:~: maoison Olocese win presloe depression of the 1930 s a time ie ~oliciesamon onle of[ - I ~ ~~~ ~ ~~P~P'~~~:-:~ [ ' Agricultural and rural com- . . e *, ~ e ItS reanzauon, t ~ .: :i:i:!:i:i:~i!:~:!i;:~::!~;i~:~i~!;~t:i:i! a~ an orientauon session wltn when industrial workers were t Africa A s i a Latin America[,~ ~~~ ~.~ ~~~~~ . imumtles are entRled to a sta, f 1 Prms~ Cooperatnves ~ ~ H W Montrose of me umver I o ee ing the effects of a lack of and th'e Middle East.] " . " t $ ~>~ ~ ~~~ [ .: ', ",ble, balanced economy c n~- cooperation within their ranks. You-~" m ~ +~[ 'At this point, it is with pleas-[ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~ |sity. tne ztev. oon.n.~, weoer[parable with other sectors of Pope Plus urged the formation +~i.~ ;~"'" ~ :~,~'~'" ~::[sure We express Our satisfaction} ~ ~,~ ~ ~.~,-'~.~~:iii::i~i~iiiiii!ili!ii]:=)~i)~ [o~ ~t~.~t ann ~mnop u ~ on-I society," the YCW said. of unions to nroteet tho h,~t ;,- I e, ~- "~ Iwith our sons in various 15arts of) ]~ ~ ~ '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'~ l~l~ ~i~i~'.'~!~i!::~ fnor ~aKlng par~. I~ terests of workers In the ~enera [most in demand. The vast ma-mthe world who are actively en-[ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~i::~!~::::::~i~i!i~i [ The next three days will be[~mv~m ~ -jority of people in underdevel ' ' ~*.~!~!!~/~:.%~:~! '.~,~i:~ tionwhit'hfollnw~d ar,~,etvi,~,~ [ . [gagedmcooperat,ves, mprofes-[ ~[~~ ~ ~~~~! ~:.:~ii:~ |devoted to discussion of a wldeIMIA !1 were made in this direction To-op o a eas are zarmers. It is smnal groups and in workers . :. -~ ~iii~ii:::-"ii range of problems affecting ,q + ~ + ;o, ~.o ~[necessary to improve agrlcul-imovements, with a view to rais- ) ~ ~ ~ [life in ruar 1 communltle'seonJl I turn product~mtyas soon as ' ~ in wsth summar b ing the economic and social " ~ ~- " clod' g " a y y are umomzed, t,* GORAL BROTHERS possible. Then and only. then/standards of rural workers.' ~~~ ~ [Professor John J. Miller, Fa-/I I Farming Sector Depressed will it be possible to developI Recent NCRLC publications ~ ~ ~ ~~~ |ther Grotkin and Joseph Meis-/| Built.up Roofing I ( Floorm & Wall J'tle group in me met :s a mls~axe In th new xndustrles in these areas I rofes lonal B ; Heod uorters for e meanwhile matters: " " ' [contain explanations of many: FOOD FOR PEACE BOOSTERS--A California rancher, Coleman Foley, and his family, have [ner, field secretary of NCRLC. I | have gone from bad to worse in Volunteers for t h e Peace[features of a Christian social or-] been honored by President Kepnedy for their pledge of 200 tons of wheat to the President's Food [~i s " I agriculture. Extreme competi- Corps need not have a college der and appeals for a revitalized for Peace program. Fifty tons have already been turned over to CROP (Christian Rural Over-l i! . I tion has caused farm income to}degree. Practical farming ex-[cooperative movement amongl seas Program of Church World Service), one of three major faith agencies acting as distribu-[ aY~iery:~ngat rral ~o~m:r ftn~il Aluminum. -- I fall. Pope John sadly observeslperience and 4-H activities will)farmers. NCRLC will continue to] tors. A native ef Galway, Ireland, Mr. Foley is a member of St. Augustine parish in Pleasan-|~ i| Combinatton winnows I that "the farming sector, almost[P r o v e valuable preparations[labor towards these goals--goals} ton, Calif. Here rancher Foley is pictured with his wife Catberine and children atop a grain[, ~ ;~ ~onni+i,m exis+:il and Doors I forPe or " "'"~ ~ ~ everywhere,]s a depressed ace C ps work. Home whici, Pope John endorses in his pile (top to botom) Nora, Pat, Peggy Coleen, Mary, Tommy Catherine Coleman, Jr. and [ :^. ~ vioe~ b'" a doctor II o I ,t - I ' ' ~ W~IAL;ll l~ bUj2t::l ~ U .y - area. The remody prescribed[econommts are a I s o badly[new encyclical. Barbara. Another son, Peter missing from photo, is attending school in Galway (NC Photos) Irwin'+ foll f-r f,od fade l| r$oor oanaer t(entat$ I " n e Th by Pope John is cooperabon e ded. ey can helpnahve AT 9 . . . ~ 2- 231 , yourminds thatin agricultureIf you are interested in the,W~O~kgJP~ ~ 6r]~f ~[~ /Vo,t~ I/n~,v~,l,~ ll asinothersectorsofproduetion:lPeace Corps, you may seek ad-[~"/~%'/~L'~'=ww= w~m~ @ dl 1 nalnf a fr t e J" ~ '~ ~/ ffestmghous~ TF far 1961 association a vital need today, to i orm tion om h I : |1 x tu iwW' Ill rr I the more so as this sector has)National CatholicRural Life[~By Rev. John Geo. Weber i tore is out of balance with the~'Justice and humanity demand lboped that it will not only bell . . . " [] I ~ . . I I ~ts base the family raze enter Conference, 3801 Grand Ave "Did ou et to read the new,other sectors of our economy " that t~e corn " ' " . n I1 ' :' Itl I I "[ ",l Y g ~ " t y e to the md of theilearned but assimilated, ahead l~se. Rural workers should feel Des Moines 12, In. or from the encyclical already, Nick~ That's for sure! We are all r ' I -,' i ~o~u~ i [ [ ,poo countrms To destroy or and translated into action, i ml ~ovm~ I Peace Cor sDesk NCWC,r ],) , p aware of that and I beheve the I~lUAtl [ -: .:/ 'I sure did, and Pope Johni lsquander goods that other peo-t 'I sure am glad that we haveiH . --". . I illlllN i~z ~vlassacnuse~ts ~v e ~'[certainly covers the field. I think[ .H. ~y Tamer has some sugges-]ple need in order to live is to of-[it and we have our work cut out:i " " " l!l 4J| i ~mm~v,w W, Wasnmgton 5, D C tmns for us to bring about a bet , [ ' ' " lit is a masterpiece outlining the'I "]fend against justice and human-;for us.' ' 11 I/IP&I II I I m,I I cer ualance tie is of me opinion,- , I II ----- --. )principles the human race must', " ,ity.' ) Lets bring it up at onr next ~rN IVi~LL I:l ~ fill T i~NI I ,-[~[[ Farmers in the U, .S:, spend i foliow for its improvement." i that rural workers must take an[ ,You know Nick, I was read-;meeting and see what we can:l m|,:A H I I ,I/~ I iIJ~i n-, ~bmore man z~ DilliOn OOllars a . l acavepartin thelrown eco- ;.- +~ ~tu = ~ + .~^~a^,/I APll$1J' mlI ,~.~. ~.AAA~--d'Ja.~ ~ I a ' a 1 [ l - Illa tllU U~ll ;1 UYUIIIlI~ WI|Cit tl|~5 UU* r f r o n rvi e t Tn t S exacuy me w y ee. " I ]~ Th~ ~ ~Hyea o go ds a d se c s .ol nomicadvancement, social pro-IHoly Father said'about this en I "Let's discuss it with Father,1 At I'NL| iii Electric Shop Inc. I r u cro a n d livest k ~ mm~ we can an ne prouo as - pod ce ps oc t gress and cultural betterment J PHONE AT 40011 2 " well as "rateful that we have a 1cyclical to a group of workers in[first and make sure he will be 1 o~Z'7:; T: Ill PHONE." AT. 4-~11 I I~ ~1 A I'Li 1 1{~ A ~[IThey spend another 15 billioni s . In most of our states only one Ma~, As I recall ;t He =o|a thist~h~r~ +~ h~l I[] t-uu~r~a urn. n* z-o~,~ i)m 2]3 West First St. I dollars for food clothing, drugs [,half of the farmers belong to any 1 [, DIXON, ILL l /-]kbll U 02-]k [, h,i~ ,',h ~ h encycl'cal has truth as its, foun- 'Fine Shall we try to see him I~ ~[Ifurn to;re. apphances," and Slml-i ," ~a "~"""~"" ( ~. [farm orgamzatmn," " not to men-~ao,i ' i.~ti it= ~ns=i ~nd'thil . i1 |1[ , I I llKe me way me t-ope starts i u v**, o - = ~,* ~ , I~ HOIJ~E ~Hlaritems' ]out bystatingveryclearlythat!tio n how active they are in,love as its dynamic element. Hei "O.K. withme." IU ,I, i the Church has the right and mem. [~ DowntojnrD~on [ST. CHARLES duty to enter into the socialand 'On this same point the Holy} lT A~'~I~ lICam#beliMotors III ANHATTANI ID)l k~(I leconomic aspects of society ' (Father states 'Rural workersl|W|V~l " /!rlVEll~lll~ II ~ r i/i ~A~ I [~ * ~[[ ] "Ri-ht* ~'ou know there 'are!sh uld feel a sense of solidarity!. ,ll . Ill I ,~ " on ' ~ ' Ports and bervice , r)nest ill Re, iden, end nOa- L s~me that would limit the Church ) une wlthf another, and should I TOT and TEEN Sho- H I(I,I te too m cc~operatives and 1"~ to the spiritual alone. Preach) : I Uptown Dining oto ot,"""":;.h.t" "h " [patieneeandlongsufferingto(P s" associat'ions.'Hein-[ The II I)1 I rr ~. ~ Soo [il -" = i)the ,~or- ~lm~ ivi-~, t. th~ rich~sists that nobody hears, much il INFANTS CHILDREN'S SUB-TEENS I)1 " lil In Air-Conditioned I -- r o - --~, -,- -~[ ) '" " ; Comfort less pays attention to isolated Boys Stzes To 8 Years " " "" lll mm . Itand say nothing about the eom- ,I ,;*: ,:,; III Pockard Studeboker I,I I [~t~ BUFFET LUNCHES ~111 ~num ~ ~.rv I[mon good or the injustice goinglv lces" I believe that is making][PHnNE 44"" ~armn ~,tter. uwner . !11 I(I upen -,I ,]t rather clear what we must m~ ~u s ~nerceoes oenz Dad (Exce t Monda I~ DAILY ~1/I I lion, in the world. I',iI "," |If - I)i "y p y) I 'I believe it is a very sane ap- do.' [ Di . i " "That ran' all n l xon, III 115 Galena DLxon ,~ .~ ~.:~,I~l/I " |ttheworldtoday. FoodisbasiciY l whathesaidaboutl kA ~ . . ~ Ill Phone AT3-9451 III AT3-8041 | . Academy I/P Oachtothebasicproblemsof)ourec:i t of't,N'ck. DoJ ,I I,I I I DRIESSEN CONSTRUCTION C0. i ~o~ especially the way the Holy Father mention, He[ BATAVIASHEET METAL SHOP I)1 :w.u:2,?,:.":" I" Let me add one more point! ' Wetet.Softener= RE I E ~ the Pope gave the reasons for sa s ' ,S D NTIAL- COMMERCIAL--INDUSTRIAL i[ ~ - i y ' the price should be "~,ith-il ~- Ill Weter Heater, for Ill I ,the zarm exo~us smghn~, out the m the mean,t.astteatoyttepumtc 11 yo',*~,~ I I RTTII]-IINC I[ " " " s of all consumers,I)1 - 16~" ~,~;iJ I 1133 So Fdth Street St Charle, fact that hearly everywhere the still th~ can P 1 s r r . I E W,Ison St BATAVIA TR 9 5742 Daspolalm I II II .o o farming ecto ~s a p essed ar umen ' " " I, 'Vlarea: ]the citizens to a permanent state -~ .'[~[~ [ ~es, ano ne lnSls[e~l l~na[ f W . s[ [o economic and social inferior, ~ "11. - i nAnL 'n,e ~ililhE~ @ill~il[~ I&l~ i]every country should maintain[fry : ~"-~--.-'~ Ill - I r~nnK~ ~ BUIII, II/KI~ Durrll, IPI%, I(a harmonious balance amongI "Let's not forget what He says DI~DkI& Ill lml lmlll Ilmm#lml I II I r,~eu 0 4~rJ~JV I[allthesect rs fpr ducti nt [aboutthecountrieswitha~sur'- rl~l~l~ ~.G, I)1 ItlFIN~unHHKMAN tur i %,AININ,/ I[insure a sound economic plus of agriculture products CU/~C ~ II Itbilll~l/IJ~r IIb1~ltl'l~ll III~, I it growth." I ~i O I~ V ~ -~C''v "~"~" Ill , I StCF St~V,C, I1 "Ted, I believe that is what is[P, e, mLn i 4 w w, BUSTER eROWNS iii p,u~e G AND H[ATING CONTRACTORS I THE BUILDERS SHOPPING CENTER I(wron" in our *r-" A'*r;~'1 I~'|l,ultl [ . LSON BATAVIA PHONE TR 9-$343 Ili 1fl~I TMInn '!" n,v~u m I WHERE YOUR CASH S s BUY MORE I1 1 II ' I I "' Its' ', I| i i~lil~ Top i Ill Easy Parktng at Parkers Ilmm~Fo my ~ m.s~nn.~ T l"tn~,~.T I|i I LUMBER ROOFING INS.ULATION HARDWARE ili~ t* - /i MILLWORK I l 1Ul"~J[~l~ J. l Alt q3 I]1 C E ill II~lkl I~lAqJl~lhlV~l i FULL LINE OF O BRIEN $ PAINTS Illlll~ll~l ,H Os /I =.r T=,~ I "EWELER I(I WAT H S--DIAMONDS ltl I GOODYEAR: VINYL TILE COUNTER TOPS $ANDRAN lim .T~: . y?." /I m,~,q ~r =r~ I ~ . Ill Ill m-r, Diamonds Elgin Watches Jewelry Repairing Complete Selectaon '" '~ 1 E. MAIN ot 11TH AVERUGS PHON| JUNO 4-0057 mh:v l /] For 94 Years I 235 W. WILSON ST. BATAVIA I/I ill ll A III P ll lira "'"" [i I Phone', Off. TR 9-1234 Res. TR. 9.3547 i[I of o d, ill IHI IIW !'. / / - ^,o o "h . /i,I ~ II I)1 I 1 V II l= lira 1. " --/( ~'~"'~1 ~~~''~- ~ ~ 'O' ~~ ~ KIMBALL ,ov, RACHIELLES PHARMACY Air Condition|.g l ForFor F/nerFiner Drycleaninga n[m ~.~LqI2L.L~"" " "'" |m'" ELG|N Im ~ ' mI|mlm DIXON."//'/~",l L.| N O,~- El~ tr,c l" t/n| ,"*Y"V~ ~--,~ ~ W,~O~ S~ .~T~V,~ Ill O.~ I " 'S,orage an d Repair Ill [',PHONE TR. 9-1400 ill ill o, I W erproofing Dyeing Dreperies Rugl end Ilm " . = '1, / THE PIZZA KING I ~-'~ Shlrt-l.oun- I~1 You'veTriedtheRest~NowTrythtBest T i ~ .-, . [[ I dry SpeciaD~ [[[ FISH FRY EVERY FRIDAY JOtmson uneral ~ervlce Ill UHDDUV~ CHDCD UADI/CT LAZZARA'S PIZZA & GRILL 1WlUl~/lll ~ ~Wlll% illi~l~lllb I I = y=~ Ill,SO. BATAVIA AVE. Ill I AURORA ELGIH II '2.%, c. .o I :" ~.~~ I]m hOME MAD* ICE CREAM & KARMEI:KOR~ u e I/I I I T ~'*'O fF TIFIFD ""*-~' I s,~E,~ ,~-~ It --~ 222 E. WILSON ST. I/I I ,o ,~,~:,~ I g l--,]kdI and Save qlklit Him I BATAVIA DE KALB "~'~ I/1 and CARBUR|TOR S|RVI,E NO~MAN ~ ~o,~, oo~ II I I I -- I/! ,DAMS AUTO PARTS " ' " " ' FINEST llq MEATS I -" "; Ill,;:::R~'H ~;6:L'IN TR 9-1'91 BATAVIA TR 9-1,87 W. G,ve S&R Green Stamps /