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August 25, 1961     The Observer
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August 25, 1961

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;PAGE 2 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 1961 'FAIRr ESS IN SCHOOL AID :r Newman Club Sends Group To Meeting Four delegates from the New- man Club at Northern Illino+s university, DeKalb, and t h e club's assistant chaplain, t h e Rev. James Novak, will attend the 47th annual National New- FOR ] HI. ULTIMA ! L ,N AURORA ~r'S ,m ?lO MAIN El IW F ~l()O ! :. By FATHER JOHN A. O'BRIEN . 5. Because of the failure to make unmistakably clear that noman Cl,~b Federation. co.nven; WHY DOESN T EVERYONE SEND HIS CHILDREN TO PUB- aid is asked by parents for the religious aspects of education in t~on nost.eo v y the university or LIC SCHOOLS? a nonprofit church-related school + ~ aniorma mewman t~.luo a c = . " ~erKeIey zrom hug. 28 mrougn Some people are wealthy and do not mind the extra expense. I 6. Because prevlously the discussion has centered around such Sept 2 Some are snobbish and do not want their children in the public l frlnge benefits of public welfare legislation as bus transporta- Ted Holm Wauconda *'real school. Some have unusually gifted Or retarded children, audition, school lunch programs textbooks and medical and dental,~ . ". ' ~ " ' Rent ol r~lu's club ~taine want the special training available in private schools. I inspection of pupils, and not upon aid for the teaching of secular v ,~ ~, " .~ But the teas : '" ' ~nuDoe, ,~,~,~p,~ ~v,=ow~,u- on most people send their children to private branches m private nonproht schools ' ~ t in secre~ar,d~t:lll .D,~III~YI~L :eCch3~: l:d?l~: 3si:h::J;et:ti:o]an~itnhel;r~ildr:~igi~ g~h[heli: INDOES pTHoEFCIONSTITUTION PROHIBIT PUBLIC FINANCING C~cago, IlliYois province vice / rwur~ ttu x INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS OF THE TEACH- chairman a n d Robert Vreuls, especially true of Orthodox Jews, Catholics, Episcopalians, Lu-lING NOT OF RELIGION BUT OF THE SAME SUBJECTS Chicago Newman Barker edi- therans and Seventh Day Adventists. The sincerity of these peo- ) TAI]GHT IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS? : tor will' be among, the 1 000 stu- ,ple s religious be!iefs puts them at a tremendous tax d!sadvan-[ No. The Supreme Court held in the famous Everson case (1947) : :. :: d e'n t delegates representing ~age--so tremenaous k is in euect a public penalty Ior reli-lthat tax money may be used to transport children to both public : ; :: Newman centers on more than gmus conviction land private nonprofit schools (including church-related schools) i : : : : : ::::: i:::i 800 college or university cam- DIDN T THE SUPREME COURT DECIDE IN THE RECENT/because of the public benefit from the secular education given : : ~~ :::!:~i:!:;:::ii puBes. They will be accompan- SUNDAY LAWS CASES THAT THE F I R S T AMENDMENT lin both public and private schools If the public can bring the iiiiiii led by about 200 Newman chap- DOESN T PROTECT THE EXERCISE OF RELIGIOUS LINER hi]d to th cho 1 "t " 'ffi . ::;:::i:i!i:!i i!;:!i . . . "It e s o, i is dl cult to see why the pubhc cannot :::::~:i::~: i:. i~::~i~ii~::~ii:;~i~i ~!:;!: i:;::~: ~:~i~:~i::~i?i~i~i;~ lalns according to the national :TY AGAINST ECONOMIC DISADVANTAGES? I teach him arithmetic in the school. I ;::::: :::::::::+:::::::::"+::::::: :: :: ::::::::: :::~:~::::': :+::+:::::::+::::::::::::::::::+::::: headquarters of the federation. No The Court held that the economic disadvantage which re- ) ~,~ .v~ r ~,~,o,~,~,~c ,~, .~.~ ~ .~ o[ BISHOP SURVEYS NEW DIOCESE--Newly consecrated Bishop John Howe S.S.C first Bishop '~i ' ~ "" - o~ ,~,~. ,~ ~ ~ ov~r~.o ~ ~.n~t~ o~n~ oi ' . . xn s year s convenuon aes- suits to Jews and other Sabbatarians from the Sunday closingI~ ~ -- of the Diocese of Myltkyina Burma. looks at a map of h~s diocese w~th Columban Superior m ' . . . .c~v~l'l'l" I~I~UM "l'lt~ UA'ITIOLIU I"UINT Ol~' VIEW n . ' . crimea as one or me largest in taws ~s permitted by the Constitution because it is unavoidable' [ " . B rma, Father Daniel Cooney, S.S.C. The new dmcese, formerly known as the Prefecture Apos- +h~ h;o+ f ~,) . ' l~o, xnere is no ~atnoilc point OI view on arltnmeuc geometry ' " m " ~ o,~,~ ~, ~,~,v=,- granting exemptions to Sabbatarians, the Court said might wetll ' '1 tohc of Bhamo, comprises the Kachm and Mo e~k states and covers an area of roughly 30,000 +~,~ ~o ~,~o~,~,~ + ~++.~ t:l;rth?d:?3toi~:ss d~fy toh~ S~d~v~:~iSofthmhp?reo~te:d~ [PnrY~:;es t~egi~:ti~?3trU~luamnno~n:n~at~n~ir ::~o~:~t3nl;e3g:~n ~?r~ea m#::.l~h: Columban Fathers, which including Bishop Howe number 31, have been in t~herr~l.e ~fe't~elaym:n:in~tnhi " [sense that the atmosphere is Catholic and that the relevance ~.-----" " Me Your Hands " ~Usn::/an~a~:ss g Caar?SnS~:s~ft:ti:uaglg.est ,na~ avo,aaoie" economicf "r~ flT religious ndt secular, knowledge is made; clearali to the students ./ Aurora florin ' "I / sen.- ~.ugene'~ ~.; mccarthy o~ he popes a b~shops have urged repeatedly that the educatmn Minnesota will 'address the HAS THE SUPREME COURT UPHELD THE RIGHT OF PAR-/in Catholic schools must be first rate O "lq~L) 1/I ~. ~ J ~ I 1 ~ F fl ]~ ~ ~ ~]~ dc]~ -~ C~) ]~.~)r ~ . . ENTS TO DETERMINE THE EDUCATION OF THEIR CHIL /," ~" ~'~t.z~ ~ zl%~'~t'~ a.~~u~u~u,t.~m ~ ~ ~,tJ.~,u w~,u. o~,enin~ session of th" convert "R-"* "/ BUT WOULDN T HELPING PARENTS SEND THEIR CHIL- J[ ~ t~ ~ " u~rw. /DREN TO CHURCH-RELATED SCHOOLS AID RELIGION, IN --. ----- " ~ tion. Other speakers are, t n - xes. m i~zz a mw was enacteo in uregon requiring all childrenl ,~,A,~ ~ ,-,~ ,~ ~ ~,~o, --~,',-~,~,-,o I ~, ~,/ I,/'~ 1,/~ / lvlos~ ~ev. r a u I a. naninan, .~,~ .~,~ wr ~nr~ r*~o~ ~u~wmr~ Charleston S C e isco al ad between eight and sixteen to attend public schools In a unani-| No The ob'ec'ion "ha" s h h l I~ fOX ralgpv l-/s ,- enwm-pr p + . " J ~ ~ ~ UC e p WOUla Deneil~ religion ts ~ w,/ ~./ ~.~t ~ is " mous decismn the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional l ,7 ~ v er to the Newman federatmn, . ~ . ]answerea by me iac~ ma~ me oenial oi ~ne help nur~s religion the R e v Alexander n Sio~,r ann comrary to me oaslc principle o~ lioer~y upon which our WhOle " ~.~" , ~, + ~.o~+, [But the recent demsmns of the Supreme Court in the Sunday BATAVIA -- The large attend- by outstanding priests and lay- ters degrees in education and chaplain of Southwestern Louis- ~'"'.~:":""~ : |.closing law cases have shown once again that mere help or ance last semester promptedlmen. Speakers wili include the social sciences from DePaul uni- iana university "and national ~- h~:~ ~a~avm:rn:meme ry ox.nber~.y, aeclared the ~ourL upon/hurt to religion from nonreligious governmental programs is not Louis Marrone, director of the Rev. Dennis Geaney, O.S.A us- versity. The Rev. Sergins Wrob- chaplain of th'~ federation the g ~s in mlS union repose, exeiuoes any den m ' and le -~ automatically fatal to the programs' constitutionality. If the Thomas More AduIt Education tional chaplain of the C.F.M. wsk', OFM, STL, from the fa- Rev Eugene "Burke, C S P, t~emmT/::cO~t~fe.r~u~a~e m s~anoaro.ize l~s .cnusren by ~or~nglonl~ way government can achieve an important nonreligious center here, to announce the author of several books on Chris-lculty of Christ the King semin- Washington, D C, Peter p z cuon trom puollc SChool teacners only ~ne r ~ v eor e Put ar 1 r ] public purpose is through a program which aids or harms religion, opening of anothe center at~tian living: the Re . G g -I y wi 1 deliver a se ious of talks V~antes ~resident of Pax Ro- cnua is not me mere creature of me State those who nurture' ~ ' ' ~ him and d+r ; . ithen the program is constitutional unless the nonreligious public Marmion Military academy on;ham, M.M. Ph.D formerly onlon the epistles of St. Paul. Fa- mann International Movement 1 ect ms aesuny nave me rignL coupmo with the nigh purpose is not important enough to counterbalance the aid or North Lake St. Aurora. The ori-Ithe faculty of Ling-Nan Univer-Ither Sergius' lectures last year i of Catholic students and Mar ~uty: to recogn~e andprepa~-e him for additional obligations."lharm to religion. . ginal c e n te r at Holy Cross!sity in Canton China, who will on the Scriptu~'es proved to be :tin Work executive ' of the Na- WHAT l~ ONI~ OF THE MOST OBVIOUS AND IMPORTANT " * ' " I ' ~s~,-,~,~ ',c ,~ ,~ I Since government cannot compel all parents to send their school, Batavia, w~ll be contmu- Ispeak on the nature and philoso-lone of the most popular classes :tional Council of Catholic Men. ~ ur *nt~ um~.o.urw ed ' h of Communism 'at the center m -. . . F " -h ' I cnnaren to pUblIC SChOOlS. ~ne only way government can acmeve IP Y I,~ewman I~.IUDS a r e cen~erS is z a~ me exercise ot a consmunona ngnt mus~ no~ oe,res Panel Talk The seminar m Batawa will for educ tion I an mtu 1 . I the urgent purpose of developing, the intellectual resources of Sessions in Aurora will be held[ Lectu,) i a" a d sp'" a mhaoe excess lv.ely mnlcui~ or onerous. ~o recognize a.rlght andI all American children to the fullest is by making improved every other Tuesday. with the l Another talk on the Commu-!be entitled "Guidelines for the!work for Catholics who attend Ben make i~ intolerably vuraensome to exerc,se is vlr~uany ~o m Famil The first lecture will~ nullify it A ri-ht is meanin-less I ~ecular education available in all competent schools, public and first classes to begin Sept. 12 at{nist challenge to our way of life Y-" " istate or other than Catholic col- d umess ~ is cmmea w,m erie I be iven b the Rev Andrew means to ractice it ]private. The fact that religious organizations running church-re- 8 p.m. In Batavia the sessions,will be given by Vaile Scott, an~ g" Y t leges or universities. These P I will be in Se t 11 at 8 m andlauthont on htmal science Plesa of Rockford and a mem Cathohc students now outnum : " - I luted schools will be better off from such a comprehensive pro-, ' g" P. p. . : " y pc' ' " ,~ -[ ' - a ~:bUSormtoT?:vte~i~:jn oureconomyreally means the right to I gram should be regarded as an extra benefit to the nation, not t will be held every other Monday. ]now an associate director in the iber of the Famil.y Life bureau I ber those at Catholic colleges by p oviaea oy me government, umerwiselas a detriment I Registration for either course lChicago Adult Education pro-iof the niocese, ne will be fol-labout 500 000 to 300 000. ~e right is a merely verbal one, without substance or meaning. I The Supreme Court has said after an that "we are a religiousland application blanks may belgram. David O'Shea, national llowed by Dr. Marguerite O'Con-I ~o lizewise society must breath4 the breath of economic and so- !,~o~l ho~. +,ot++,+;^n. ,~r,~',~,~ ~ '~ n,;, ~ + ~lobtained from The Thomas Isecretary of the Papal Volun- !nor, Ph.D of the department ~ v),~ +~ ~ ~, +~, w,~,~', cIal reality into parents constitutional right to determine the Douglas in the Zorach case of 1952~ Even nonbelievers how.tMore Centers 702 Oak Avenue ~teers for Latin America will!Of education, Northern Ilhnms Both CouPles haw le,~tured ~iel~- e ucatmn of their children and send them to the schools of their I ever should be able to see that the im'~rovement of the seculartAur ra" Telephone registration)speak on the lay volunteer move- ]umvermty. Her lecture will be Iv on this subiect at C F M Con cbo~e;, !education of all American children is more important to the na-lres.e.rvat~ us may be made bylment. A panel discussion on rac-I Understanding Your Young]ventions and put into practice ;.~, ~.a~, *n~. O* a. ~. uurb~aP~l rM~ ratuslYrb I tional welfare and defense than the secondary and unavoidable lcauing 1win uaks 6-5765. l ial minorities and social justice1 . [what theylpreach. ~txu:~~. Ibenefits to religious organizations:-To say that these benefitsl ,TTn ~r), ~.~Tr~r) Iwil! be led by J0hn K.earney,I ,~. Lectures On Family i An informative brochure be- . ~y ~reemg. parents zrom me nuroen ot ooume scnom payments, I make it possible for government to nrovide better secular in-] ~kUlkU rt/-k ~r.~ ~ll~[t. )national mrector oI rrmnasmpI lne lxev. F. L. Fflas, S.J !ing published by the Thomas to say nozmng ot triple and quadruple ones. The state, should ~. ~+; "~ ~ ~ .~l~+~ o~h^ ;. ~ ~ ~ .~^ ~ ~.o+ i,o ,r~^ m wo, Ah~,~+ c.o~=l,~iHouse, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wil- head of the ~lepartment of then-'More Centers is available b ~e:p pro vine secuiar eaucatmn m a u competent schools, regard, lto the national welfare and defense. There is nothing in theIBenRePt, Ph.D. and the Rev. lllama ann m,ss ~ona ~eon oxiiogy o~ uoyola umvers~tyL andlwriting to them at 702 Oak Ave ~a~ ~:i~'nthre~'fh us aoc~rme wmcn may mac be taught or not Constitution, the decisions of the Supreme Court, or the history .Patrick Green, O.S.B of Mar-Aurora. "" e Pa ali~iUv~ r ~e~ tmany boo~swm ,oe-lAurora,' Ill. Early reservations g c cola. I ~ t. I ---'" ~^" r l A mature on me n w p : c u e on ~eacning cnil-lare suggested as the classes are ~,Thi.'s does.not mean tha! thepublic school system should be u'~;~'ATath~(~ 'O[J~L~kN~[)IN~ ~U~HORITIES ON CONSTITU- e'th~'3s. ~his~cou'rs: is~d%;ign33'encyclical and (ts impact on our' dren about sex. John Darcy, llimited in number. social oroer WlU ve given oy ~.a- 1 1~!N, OI ~ne uouncll oi uommu- avonsne~, it aces mean mat it ShOuld not be made a sacred[TiONAL LAW SAY ON THIS POINT~ [to help students discover the; I [~ m m~m, cow. The public school system indeed is essential for the liter-I ",~ +i.~ ~ ~+~+, I ba~ic -rincinles ~hat reason tells ~wara marcimal~, execuuve mrec-lnl~y ~ervlces o~ Aurora, wiu A I |1~1 |1~ il ' ' lvmny o~ mem aeclare ma~ mere is no manse ~, ,~ .~v,~ ~,- ~ '~ ~'" " : " ' ' 's a " ~t~l%Vl%l% acy and culture.of our country. Most American parents want it) ] .~^ ~ ~. ,^ tor of the Chmago comm~ssmn pe k on Problems of Teenag-[Pi . . uon WhiCh prevents pUOIlC ilnanclng OI secular eoucauon In u~ ~uv=**, .UL*mL* a~.u.~. + ' "' r " " " and are generally satisfied with it They have a right to its con=l ]Th~ r~+.ri~l ~]] ho nr~n+~a on human relatmns. T,mothYme s . Dr. W~llmm J We~gel, a~ . " cnurcn-reiatea scnoois, iney polnt out mat ~ne .~lrst AmeBa ,- Klnnally of Aurora will' deliver'speaker at Cana and Pre Cana tinuatlon and excellence They do not have a right to force it ]in a manner that can be easilyI " I I~1 . " i mem was oesigneo to pro~ec~ ann promote rellglOUS ireeaom, l I+~.~ fi ~i i + r~ fha ~ri~ nn'conference~ ~nr ~h~ ,~ ~I II ~u,~,u-- vm,~ I ~n everyone else I - 'en-'o-ed b- those who have had'~''~ "'~" "~"~' = '" -"~ w K DO OTHER DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES PAY FOR SECULAR/ not tO oestroy ,t Dy erecting one. nSmgte type o~ SChOOl.into a state-) Jnu p,-=v,uu~. ~-' -Y-' ~ ,: p wv I church - state, difficulties and ]years, has a talk on "Medical, I @ PL|A|UIIlI" ~: supported monopoly of educatlo . I,: : ' " [ - ' I lay responsibility. All these lec- Moral and Family Problems' . ~DuCATIuN IN CtlultUH RI~LATED SCHOOLSo ndm Fathers were re ious men The ro pny ] Yes, ]3raoticallv all the countrie of-,es+,',',~ ~-r,~,~ xno, [ Most of the Fou 'g lJ, g" . Y P -[ ,v~ ~ ,~.~r~ ]tures will be open not only to+Mr, and Mrs. John Langdonl ~( ~, ~ -=; -~ ,ho= +I, ~A +h:+ "~ :: .- ~-~-,~^e-. :t,v.:l tected religion in the Constitution and spoke with reverence, oIl~ ,~';~ ~,=~+~i~"Zj':'+~ ~"~:"~=,[those who have signed up for [have a talk scheduled on "Fam-[ ~ ~ ~ ~ [God. George Washm~,ton aptly expressed their senhments when[ the seminar but also to Finances" Mr Lan~d~- i~/ I#(~ ~ ~ dJL~ III me unneo ~a~es provioes no aia ,n me INetnermnas, puoliclu :.4 ~.~ ~.~.~ "~r"'""ll A'~dr"~;" "Reason and ex~"rience bothlary tacumes in r~entucl