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August 20, 1950     The Observer
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August 20, 1950

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Sunday, August 20, 1950 rilE OBSERVER EDITION OF OUR SUNDAY VISITOR News Section--Page 7A For The Propagation Notes DIOCESAN DIRECTOR: REV. THOMAS S. GREEN 621 Peoria Ave., Dixon, III. Worst Blunder! Red scourge that has overtaken that entire area! Convert Drive Noted In Parts Of South China Canton, China--What one priest terms a "recent wave of conver- sions" bas been experienced by a these scattered reports of increas- ing numbers of converts: "God's trace seems to be even more abundant in these demanding times." Dixon -- Justin L. Jeanguenat, 86, 721. S. Galena avenue, St. Patrick's parish, Aug. 9. (hdena -- Mrs. Mary Bussn, 72, St Mary's parish, Aug 12. M,s. William Weber, 79, St. Michael's I,arixh, Aug. 12. H'~rvard -- Thomas F. King, 61, 307 Lincoln street, St Joseph's parish Aug. 9. Sterling -- David Wolf. al, 805 E 6th street, St Mary's Imrish, Aug 11. *'It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead.'" REQUIESCANT IN PACE number of individual mission sta- The Rev. Thomas B. Swanson died Aug. The worst possible blunder any- mate, because "more things are tions in South China during the .. ,, . 1.20, 1~20 at Freeport, Ill., and is buried " " )a ~o(.~zord -- Mrs ]P[elvia Hartrnan -9 In Calvary cemetery Froeport 111 one could make-- to thmk of wrought by prayer, than this world t st few months. ~ ...... ' .... The Ray c F" '1~ .t,*.~ t~,1 'a ,, '~1 prayer as some kind of mental dreams of .. :"! Father Thomas J. Malone, so- ~u~ ~,oe.-y street, St. Mary's parish.] 1,934 and--:ii b~rie~l ,:n-St:'Jos"ep-h ceme'tet'-y' luxury---or some formality, evenI No one yet knows the fate of ciety superior of Maryknoll Mis- "..~" " [,.on roe, ~a,c.. " ' ........ ~lenry,Mu-p~, ~') 3306 Louisestreet l ne Ray Peter J ~eber died Aug 2~ which we may use m order to our missus m Korea, exceptstoners m Chma, has recewed ram- .. " ..... ' 1944 and i~uri-' in" ...... " ' ..... ' . St -.-eter's parish eu- - ~ u cu ~t x*onllace cemetery, maintain &plomatac relatmns with|those behind the Iron Curtain llar reports of growing numbers of ..... ~" "" [Chicago, Ill. God! Some people will foolishly|And how can anyone get behindconverts from Maryknollers in l MrL Mary R. Murray, 70. 1227 Fair-! The Rev. Anthony Marchesano died ,a,~g believe in nothing unless they can ]the Iron Curtain? Physically--you widely separated areas. Although ,iw avenue, St. Patrick's parish. Aug. 13. :l26, 1929 at Rockford, }ll. and is..buried in taste it or see it or touch it--and cannot! But spiritually, with the yeally statistics are not yet' Aur .... llr.~uJe S. Mohtm-, 4~, 510i ~',.~:ty :veeebee~reYh Th~'O" ~rd that even then -- they'll have their ]prhyer, we can not only get behind complete, these preliminary re- Beach s, reet. St. Nicbo as parish Aug 12 [ the sou'ls of Thy servants Th- ;~riests doubts it--but even demohsh it entlrely! ports show an increase m the hUm-I ~4,~. Mary Wagner 6~ North Aurora [whom Jn thts life Thou d.ldst honor with Prnwr {, as ;ntAnc, ihl~ ~ q lOf course you don't believe this ber of converts at particular mis- s, Ri,,'~ par sh a,,~ ,'~" .] the sacred omce. may rejotee ,n the glory --- --,J .............. t-J ....... . ' -- . " . " .... , -,-.~, .). Ol heaven Ior evermore. Amen, thought---and just as powerful! You think these are just idle words slo ns. . ..... ~~~ But can you weigh a thought or of ours Then if you will not be- ~rom wucnow l~meese, Father.. take the measurements of it' Can lieve us--listen to Christ Himself Edward J. Moffett of Newark, N.J.,i Ix,, r s ~ P , ............. I ...... ~ '/ - r s,,eakl wrote that ' about 1,100 people are IIW r I. U I~ IN K A LIP I U ~ ~ K ~ I ~ Ig I yOU uescrloe iEs Color ~r ItS rex-I P . . "! | ture .9 Yet, who will deny its "Have faith in God," He said towithin the very shadow of the bap- I I RADIO SALES and SERVICE I reality? Or its necessity? For/His apostles, "Amen I say to you ~.smat ~ont; .At hls..pos~ in ~ne I --Mod::l Ai-~t~-- ~z;.o I h thmkln th ~ J~locese oz ~a3mg, atner ~v~aynara I w t out g ere is no hems. whoever says to this mountam And so also with prayer, the l~ower I arise and hurl thyself into the sea .. " , r ....... -1[ " Murphy ~ecorded 193 adult bap 1052 Charles St Rockford ~lsms last year in aooll:ion, ne p of which, let us never underesti-land does not waver in his heart~ said that the elders of a sin leI | ./but believes that whatever he says ........... g -I t/will be done it shall be d ne f cmn o~ ~,ooo memoers aecmea a~ [ Baby Portrait Plan [[him. Therefore i say to you, al~' az'ecent meeting to arrange for in-[[ VENICE TERRAZZO & TILE CO Inc. [ I it s ruc ,ons ror toe end,re group ii ., . thngs whatever you ask for m In Kweii r e r " " Four pmtures of your ehfld at "t at o 1 n P ef ctu e, two ires- six month intervals in a beauti- pra_yer, believe ;h ,, y u shall Is,, sioners baptized 60 people in a .. Ceramic Tile and Terrazzo Floors [ cclvc, anu ~ney snail come to you , I I ful baby album ~ oo oa~ smgle day last month. Another[! Orchard Ave. and Auburn Rd. Tel. 46824, Rockford I $895 |{'"~hose'a~"-;he w .... priest reported 392 converts last | I ten months old who are living on I Talcott Bldg. Rockford ]{our hearts, let us pray for our -owder~ mill- .... 1;on .ha II H E D R I C Z E L E CT R I C C O. ] I "misoion- ;- w ......~ .__ ,- ...........~,~ ..... ~ ......... -,. I ~ o ,. ~..~., .,,u* .~r our EiorL" t, ........... ~-'bo s in Korea le' " {l zoI Tl'lt ST DIAL 33419 - Y ; t us pray ior our o " " .... C mmented Father Malone on l |{mtss lo.ns in .Chlna, and all over the --~-~ll -~wa,,,i~G ELECTRICAL FOR ,OUR IIOME" i i ~ I/WOrla: Aria ,el our prayer be thel:'~l{I J I I/kind that moves mountains! Let[J II I |/us believe! Let us not waver int| ...... |]~ I I]our hearts! And let us pray--with-{I JOHNSON & Ill v I n e I I I|out ceasing! Let us begin--NOW! IJ III I 1._ g I I This Critical Hour { I I/ "It is encouraging for me,"{I WIESLAND i,I CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH I I ~ I|writes Bishop Cuthbert O'Gara II .... Ill i,,. ,-i, . .- ....... I I I/cP from ttunan in the interior ofJl YJastermg ontractor$ Ill ona 31"KVlq.,l J I ~ IlChina, "to receive this evideneell - IlJ |15 [. STATE -- TEL. 3-6420 -- ROCKFORD I I ~ |[that the missionaries living behind {I A~o.,., ,..,.., I I I ~ ||the bamboo curtain are not for-ll .... :................. I I ~ JJgotten by those at home." The JIr~o ~oo tg~ I.~rge or I~ ~m~n II. / v, J[. Desp!te the.,ever-mereaslng ob-[| {11 Dial 2-378S !13 $o,~k Medit~m St. I =~= is[acres ~elng ~nrown in our way/:~--= t , | /and the innumerable daily anxie-/' _l I i|t, es exper,enced, he informs us./I Ill I , , I/"I am happy to report that the[J NIHAN & MARTIN Ill ki#atB=l=U =l=A~k/kl PIII~/ PA J I I=,no Irnt~ttrn ]]wrk still goes on. The staunch-/I PRE~RIPTION DRUGGISTSIll r~vRtn twt l rugl-- I I ILIL~ IL,LIILLLI.wL|~ Ilness of the faithful is an immensell - hi *"'ALl ............... I I 11cnsolation- Trials have put our/I -- Ill ,, ru* -- /KVn.i I | And I|people on their mettle; attendance [I ~ ..... ~ LI _ J{ | Nofl, .f~amd St. & High Bridge Tel. 7-7486 Rockford, IlL | I Ilat church services has increased, {I l q 2K:VIDIlOrt. Ill I I ~ . lithough there are places where, ll ~" "~ Jr" " "~l{ l [, r,,ofc Ilbecause of unfavorable circum- JI (" 11 _ 1 ~ lit I |ls nees, Christians cannot congre-l|OD1q2]ttKv CoIRp0tt Itl THE WALDORF BAKERY I gate with sazety. -- ,- I ....... l/ __ ll ~ / _ Ill ,aS VER, BEST BREADS CAKES PASTEKS ud DELICATESSEN I~'OOD8 I I Modern and Iraditional l/"where missionaries" " " have a /I IP'TV~rn l~nfll~e~t& Ill W~hlhsandBlrthda e' " " I .. . . ,-. ., ,-, Ilmodieum of liberty, the number of/l~/ *~** Fn'tsg'~'14 -t~'J Ill yCak saSpelalty. Tel. i-7833. Reckfm~l. llL. 211 N. Cbord~ | I bWles ro k.orrecrly t ec, Ijeonverts is increasing Many [I I l{' I I orate Your Home At it %7 uyAVl remained aloof/I I1, ' o years are now s s I Real Savings. Ilia the time of physical and mental/I Ill MEN S AND .BOYS WEAn i I - |Jsuffering, being drawn to seek11 K TT0' a _,J~ll~ Itl WOMEN S AND GIRLS pparel andcce=$orie I I __ " - -e ---- Ilsolace from the missionaries. In/I ~"'~ ]Ill l~i~ Ill- I Hallil a[ lindh rd I/th, s nat,anal upheaval, God's grace/I /.\\ II" I I m,u ,,, """"'v'b everywhere vasxbly at work,| | |] e nlsnop T, elIS US. ~eep in mina I 1423 North Main Street OFFICB AND PLANT--IIIg-Illi N. SECOND ST. IBroodw.o,~.~ & 8th St. Rockford0 III I/as you read his letter--that the [ . ~ Soath Mere" --317 E. State---ll4 S Chareh I Iibishon himself is showi ...... , ! s,h FIoo, ~a-[lectrie Side. on~ .... " Main & Galena Free,-v~rt Ill IIr ,,~ ~; .... l ................. uown~own ~store I ' IlCOUrage, for having chosen to re-[ a~-.~,u~ ,~,,r~v,, rhONE i-Wii I |[main with his flock, in spite of the" a Develop the Monday ht Shopping Habit In These INDUSTRIES, Heoting--Plumbing.-Air Condltioning~Automatic Sprinklers--Electric Wiring~Power,Mochinery--Motor Rewinding--Sheet Metol Work 602-18 So. Maln ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS Dial 3-48S7 SCHOBINGER & CO. Stores. Plumb;rig and H~mting -- Water Softeners and Heaters Promp~ Service on Repair Work d~ 809 HarSh Rocktn Av. --- Dial 3-3891 -- Rockford, Illinoi MONDAY STORE HOURS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ROCKFORD TUESDAY THR'IJ SATURDAY, 9:30 A.M. TO 5 P.M. ILLINOIS ROCKFORD PRINTING & SUPPLY CO. PRINTERS ::: STATIONERS TeleiNkone'2-7719 214-216 East State Street " -- ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS FEATURING DELUXE SERVICi HAROLD L ANDERSON, Prop, 1224 Broadway, Rockford ACM| FUEL & HEATIHG CO. COAL --- OIL 4kU FUIU~CES --- STOKERS. Pm~m yd 11-1491 tiekteld t lie..~.'~+