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August 18, 1961     The Observer
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August 18, 1961

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Section It Official Newspaper of the This School calendar is to .be followed by all elem~ tary schools in the diocese for the scholastic year 19( ;1962. FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1961 (Secondary schools are to follow the calendar as clo: ly as possible keeping in mind the regulations of State of Illinois governing length of the school Aug. 31--10:30 a.m Lay Teachers' St. Bernadette,s School, Rockford, Illim Sept. 6 Opening of Sch (Orientation--half day sessio Sept. 7 Full day classes be Oct. 18 Elementary School Teachers' Holy Angels School Aurora. Illim Nov. 1 : All Saints Day (Free Nov. 11--End of First Quarter Nov. 23 and 24".: Thanksgiving Vacati Dec. 8 Feast of Immaculate Conception (Free Dec. 21 Christmas Vacati (Beginning at 3:15 Jan. 3 Classes Resin Jan. 26. End of First Semester (Free Da Feb. 12 Lincoln's Birthday (Free St. Francis and a competent lay faculty, school is prepared to offer the best education. Shown below are typical Michael and Linda Mejia, a brother and ter from St. Bridget parish, Loves Park along with Sister Marilita, O.S.F school brarian, all looking forward to a year happy progress in education. Throughout following pages of this section other schools are featured--Aquin of Freeport Newman of Sterling and Marian of stock areas. News announcements from superintendents of other high schools readied for the September opening date of new school term are also featured in following pages. toward larger and better=equipped high schools in the Rockford diocesan educational system. Staffed by clergy, School Sisters of parishes of Rockford and surrounding com- munities, Boylan Central symbolizes~ the trend :i 0 BOYLAN CENTRAL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL--The newest and largest of the many expanding facilities for secondary ed- ucation in the Rockford diocese is Boylan Central Catholic. Located in the Campus Hills section of northern Rockford, the aerial view (left) shows the expansiveness of this new school. Boylan Central opened last year for a freshman class and this September will welcome both freshman and sophomore classes. Built for the students from the riculum is unrelated to it. Be-Ieven demand that this impor- cause of the religious element[taut area in the curriculum re- then pushes oh with resoh~tion; 'about these matters, there are the units in the ,~roo'ram tha ceive the benefit of our common it hesitates as if reappraising more basic considerations that might otherwise b~ quite unre~!c neern" its position: its pace quict~ens[demand unremitting attention, lated are brought together inI SOCIAL ISSUES then slows but it~ strivings nev- gll~ll~f'TllTW~ ~A1VI'I~ dlose unit3 ' " " J o~, .--~J~o ~,J,~ l New emphasis on SOelal issues er cease. Concerned as it is soI The objectives of Christian ed- In our program we must aim~at home and abroad is another l directl'y with the develooment/," ~,~, ; : ' . t . t ucation remain uncnangea, i'~ew at eoucauonm pre-eminence challenge to education m this I and enrlchmenl of the pupil the e" "i nal r0ces~ itself'can/ rientati ns may enlarge the Every resource lhat is available generation. Man's struggle to as- ouca~ o P ' ~ : ]scone of our nrogram but they to us. that will enable us to :sure his true dignity has emerg- [ scarcely be a static reality ~ ~ ' i o ' Ida not change its nature. Em- commumcate to our pupils theed throughout the world in aI The work of educatmn cap-]phasis may vary from age to rich substance of secular aslform of violent warfare, In this[ tures the interest and challenges lage dictated in part by the ex- i well as Christian learning and conflict the Church has always/ the concern of the entire . ~,that will rgvlde them with the OUR STR.ENGTI~ The mar, at ,~amonc eoueauon ,s.~yet - " - igencies of the times But there" " p ' " ~been in the front lines The op-~ ~ -- " ~ mumty. Not only the profession- are certain constants that must !skills and tools necessary to hve !posing forces are well-known ] centered ]nstruetlon and the development of these Christian al educator but parents public be kept in view responsibly in today's world Thev are ignorance hate preju- virtues which prepare the student for citizenship in the kingdom offmials and private citizens allI It is good to think of t~ese [must be incorporated into our 1dice, mjustme, and force. I o[ God and the kingdom of earth, Shown aboee is the altar of nave an interest in me scnoo>ltr,h timos The- ke s!program, wnristian eaucatlon in! Only love understanding pa-I in~ "-roce~s Perha s itisthe] "~ ~ ~ a ~*" " ~'~' "~-- ~- s" ~- ~ ' . ,' ' me oean llnl ann mooern enapel of t~oyian t~entrai Camollc in s . ~ v ~ i fro'-" ~'^-omin" o .re c,~,~.i^d i LIII~ ~t211t.21 :lblkJll IIIU~ L LJ~::: Gt=dLIC:LI tlence 3UStlCe ann ialm can ! " . **t ,a~t. G ~u p u ~ula c I ' I i ' fact that so many different per-I ira face new demandsand toovercome these It is in the d-- Rockford ~here hundreds of students will come to pray. ' . '. " . Wlln pressing OUt seconaary . . . . ~ . a sons with such diverse points afloat:m.~ th~* ln~, ~i~h~ af a.r !play Its part m the present, as lt[namic teaching of Christ, thel ~~ view and so wide a range of in- ,~ : .a -~^ Ihas in the past in forming an.very core of Christian eduea- . ," ~,goal. rern,~ u,~ ~.~ ~ Su~u blllI~-$ " ' .~ . . ' I1 i I I k' / I terests au nave a voice in toe alert and responsible citizenry tion Ihat man's true dignity can/Ao.qemleS all{l 1-11o 11 CllOOIS . tO ve,:lb>evt WIISL 15 tllt, e ~lnU ] ' ', ; ~J~k~t~ . ~. matter that edueatlon.nas come!commonplace yet whaf is last- Among the new developments be properly understood and wlth . " to be one of the overriding true ' ]the advances in science have it his relatior~ship to his neigh-!|n th,~ R u.kfe | n" rns f o r ime Ever e, t . auut ~x~t v ~, ,~, v .L~.- ~-L ~.'~- lie co ce,o u t . Yt ]without doubt been the most[boy, his government and hisl new problem, great or small on[ ".l'111 1515 H~/-kDIIN~;~ istartling. We are fully aware ofiGod. ]~"R'-'RA the international, national or lo-] This issue may be stated un-lthe vast chahges which must bel ' CHITRCH',q u cal scene, seem. to have some]tier three headings: 1) our ob-]made in the curricu]um to meet] ~tt~~nuxz [ Marmmn Military Academy repercussions in the field. !jectives in Catholic education: 2) these advances Certain con- ~ssl~uou~Hx I Madonna hi~rh school gll~l~ 'our educational program' 3) our loe~ts an ' " ' ro= lIt is essential that the church's/ o d indeed entire a ~ SIVE is ia h' be me be er teachers s s oe 1 p llosophyco tt ELGIN T~n~r*~ttnam~x'r " '" I of the mathematic, and cience;" . - ] r~ubbur~llul~ Clearly the objective is the known in the marketplace of . .' ' " curriculum havebecome obso-! / St. Edward-Central Catholic high school" in the area of Catholic educa-most decisive element. It di-!lete New fields and new sci-~merlea and me worm. nls/ tion the same broad interest and rectlv influences the content and!ences are emer~iw* ]must be done through today's/FREEPORT ' O r ~ O" Ivouth that the problem can finzxqu 11 v.t= ~a, u ~. ,g** ~.**uu, concern are sensed. Problems the orientation of our program -[ ^.~. i.~ ~^n,~.~ ~ h^li. h:.~. s.~.~^~ greal and small beset it. And the and focuses the efforts of our NEW ~Itz~kLLEIN{JE~ l ally be met. Catholic teachers,l problems even more than the teachers The goal was statedl, Our, schools have responded~and~ particularly,those, who work/ROCKFORD " ~olution~ are sounded far and precisely by Pope Plus XI' "The admirably to these new chal-lon curriculum must accelerate] . ~ . i ' . ' . ~o tan ~entral v.amonc nigh scnool wide proper and immediate end oftlenges. Yet there is no indication their efforts In presenting cur-I Y~ Much attention, for instance, Christian education is to co-oper:ithat the pace will lessen, rent problems in the light of this l St. Thomas high sonora has been given in recent months ate with Divine grace in form- Greater effort will be required]philosophy. I Bishop Muldoon high school to financial and personnel prob- ins the true and perfect Chris- in the future to keep abreast ofi Nor can we afford to ignorel ,~ eL, a~tw~ lems of our schools The discus- tian " Followin~ naturally andlthe technological changes whichithe international dimensions of] *" ~o sion aetually threaiens tn over- closely after that will come the have become daily occurrences, / today's world. The world has Mount St. Mary Academy , t c 1 shadow that which mus~ always related goal of making a useful We must not be found wantin~Isuddenb become very small, t~,~,~ ~.r~ be the prime concern in eduea- and responsible citizen, tin this effort. I How unfortunate it would be ifl~lr~t~t*'~ s s 1 n ,our young people failed to grasp Newman Central Cathohc hz h school tion -- the effectiveness with It: is the objective that gives While the chance, in .c'e cer ' g which we reach our proper edu- shape and direction to our edu-lhave been the most dramatic it',the catholic dimension of our " ' ~ " ' :a e How unfortunate if the WUUI)~'IUt~I~ catlonal goals. One might won- eat]onal projam. To make a is apparent that other areas of g ' ",I der at times if the almost ob- more immediate application, itlthe curriculum deserve particu-t Continued on Page 7B J Marian Central Catholic high school By M o s t Rev John F. sessive preoccupation with the is the objective that constitutes llar attention. The entire scope of De'arden STi) Arch-financial, and the equating of lhe 'very raison d'etre of our!f rmal education requires care- . . ~ .q '. :. '.n" iJentleducational excellence with fis- .~ ~ ' ~ 'ful study. Related changes are nlsnop oi~etrolt trres u I ' " ]watnonc .ChOreS m tne unltea . . " . ~ t -~.1 ; -.] P ~t i;o~ca] outlays, are not symptoms ~]ndlcated in the teaching at lan- iL~gneldl, il dLIUII~I ~ ~.ltll ~l 1~* } e 1 ' ~tates. n oraer to oiler our cnll-lguages English social studies T~. ' . A . ,OI aeeper uncertainty. l~(luca[lonal 2~ssoclatlon) [ ~ ,This is not to imply that we,dren a complete and integral and eSen Christian doctrine Ti~e There is a d-namic re