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August 18, 1961     The Observer
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August 18, 1961

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FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1961 THE OBSERVER ' PAGE lI ! 1 Sun WBBM, Channel 2, Chicago 'i0.'-" T ~ay~ Augus, t 20 II0:00 Late Show."i Wanted Wings" B I .uu .~ ~-nK=~nv~M~Kb I Sunoay August 20 Saturday, August 19 111:00 Encore Theater "Strange Adven- 111:00 Late Show "Johnny Angel" A-[I 4:30 The Early Show "High Barbaree" [ turn" B I Monda" Au-ust 21 10"15 Ahle Best of CBS "The O001ins of I . . . Tuesday, August 22 112:20 Eary Sh0~' "~ere Come the ,nIu:3u Tneoter Three "A Little BIt Of I Waves" A-II Oklahoma A-H I Heaven" A-I 110'15 Late Show "Le~v /.r~, A H 3'30 PictureSUnFdoarY' :UgUusJdl0y ASern nil0 30 TheaThU~Shday' A.~gustj24 I.^' Tuesday, August';2 - : e ' o peao uoar" A-I/tZ:20 Early Show "The Round U " A-II "Joe ".m th Amertcen" A-I i Frida" AU-USt 25 " 1^ 1 P 10:15 The Late S'how "Kitty" B I T r,u . ,J u: 3 Late :mOW '/ne Harvey G!rls" A-II 10 30 heater Three Men Wdhout Souls 12:30 The Late, Late Show "Sky Murdar"l " ^ ,~ t Wednesday, August 23 L A-I i "~"' 112:20 Early Show "ShiD Ahoy" A-II Monday August 21 I = . 110:15 Late Show "Light That Failed" B WNBQ, Channel 5, Chicago Thursda 4:30 p.m, The En/ly Show "Her Hus- J J y, August 24 band L es" A- '10 15 Movt:asturdtYe' AUgwUl~tn 19 I~:~0 Early Show "The Get-Aw,y" A-I 10:15 the Late Show "The Cross of Lot-I : ' " " g Eye" A-I I : 5 Late Show "A Foreign Affair" B " rathe" a I ~ u - u Sunday' August 20 I 1 " T Friday, August 25 Tuesday, August 22 112(~0Ch;~;ne~.AT~aL!C HOUR /12:20 Early Show "A Letter for Erie" A-H 4:30 T h~ r:arw Show 'Meet the People"I Flame, ~A ,aynous, tiger and Thai10:15 Late Show "Spawn of the North" a 10 5 The Late Show "M dnioht" A-I 1 Monday, August 21 IW'""" ~" 12:30 The Late, Late Show "'(~ne Night n 14:00 Movie 5 "Flight Into Nowhere" A-II/ I;31N, iL;nannel 1z, WlllwanKee Lisb ~t;dBa I I Sunday, August 20 sdsy, August 23 I WOC, Channel 6, Davenport ilo:15 SACRED HEART PROGRAM 4:30 The Early Show "The Pnrson Of,Saturday AUnUSt 19 ' 110'45 The Big Movie "1 Wonder Whos Panamint'" A-II " "' =' " Kissin H "~" 10:15 The Late Show "Oeisv Kenvon" B 110:50 Pre, mmre Performance "Bataan" I g ar Now. A-I /, ~-t, Monday, August 21 12.30 The Late Late Show The I~emark-| Sunday Aunust 20 110"45 Th ' " , able Andrew" A-I h,~ ~^ = =T.=.;-" ~ = .- i Big Movie Loser Takes All B Thursday, August 24 l;;!~ H~g~"B;rb~re~"-ZlAI'H I Tuesday, August 22 4:30 The Early Show "She Went to the," A.~'m' .11 i10:45 The Big Movie "Litt e G ant" A-II Races" A- ,~--yr, : -, 10"1.~; The, /~t~ Ch^w ,~.;=t i~i~, h2:10 Mowe Matmee "~poders of theJ Friday, August 25 - =-- -;"7, a= ur-I Forest" A-I 110:45 The Big Movie "OH Bow incident" 12:30 ~'~ G;e' Late Show "Magic Town"[ Tyesday: AUgUSt ~ I A-It A II ' #,~:,v ,v,uVl= , = "ne.J'S ~JUvpeS|" o I Friday, August 2S 112 10 MoviWednet~ndeaY' A~oUmSt~ 2n3 Th -I I WREX, Channel 13, Rockford 10:15The Late Show "High Wide end| : " a ey A-I Han~ *~i, ^ = ' I mOST Lyncnea" ~ I =afuruey# August l~ 12 30 ThL''~;F '~-'*' ~ ,~ . I Thursday, August 24 110:15 Crown Theater "Weekend et the : c~ ;z-eA;~,a}a^.~.ow "~.=e ~ 112:10 Movie Matinee "Twinkle in 6ed'S| Waldorf" A-II r,-, l Eye" A-I |11:35 Pe oma Playhouse "Mighty Mc- I ~ J ~urk" A-I WISC, Channel 3, Madison |1 WITI Channel 6 MilwaukeeII 0:15 SACREDSUnda~ August 20 IL J ' t Saturday, August 19 Saturday, August 19 H,;ART TIME ~0 Theater Three "Seven Were Saved"I 2:30 Early Show ' It's A Wonderful J Tuesday August 22 A-1 J World" A-II |11:30 Tuesday Theater "Keeping Compa- ",~, J ny" A-/ ~~~~.~'~.-~:~i(~*.":~i~I~ ~:~!~!~:~,11 Fr day, AuguSt 25 "~" ~ '~ I "00 Playhouse "Bride Goes Wild A II Q . " . Patron,ze Our Advert,sers 12:,0 P,nyhousa "Omeh. Tra, I I WKOW, Channel 27, Madison r Saturday, August 19 |1:05 Matinee Playhouse 'Tomorrow the World A I/ THOMEWAY TUr [10:00 Fenfe;; "'Mrs Mike" A-,I .n r / Sunday, August 20 . /I N I-% B Ii 1:30 Fanfare "MRS. Mike" A-II Ill "qlm~ ~.J ,i ii,i m.~mma~ ' Monday, August21 nrma U llwauIr~ 10:30 THE CHRISTOPHERS NIP Ill IIIPI:IIV 10:25 The Late Show "Gunf ghters" A-II Local & Long Distance ItIIirII- IIIUVV/V Tuesday, August 22 s 10:25 The Late Show "Girl from Men- tvlovlng Plain folks but plenty smartl hatta~/edAnelsday Au ust 23 Gramps heads a house lO 2 The t"l ~ 12 " : 5 Late Show' "T~e House of u,~:, uu~=~ hold of 3 generations -- Oracule" B " Thursday August 24 DL u :. ~qoq all with ideas of theirto ~5 The Late Show "And So They Were - ,u ,-,~v,~ own. waiter urennan staR. Married" A-I Friday, August 25 305-307 W. 14th St. to:2s The Late Show "Men in White" B THURSDA'r, 7"30 P.M. ROCK FALLS, ILLINOIS WREXTV WMTV, Channel 33, Madison " Sunday, AUgUSt 12:30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH, WTVO, Channel 39, Rockford Prelate Urges Voting Peace rAM'Lr CLmt ICatholic T . . I I: I "The man whom we laid tel Llass]tmd vAdvertism In Emer ln- Ahlcan ' atlonle ~ [rest the other day in the ceme ' ~ -~ ~ ~ ~ ~ - u ,:~ ;i~'~k :~':{~'~:'~;!~'~Y:~t~*~;~);~::~i:~;~ ~'~:i'~::~i~~}~ KABGAY', Rwanda-Burundil its "c nvicti n that the best fu']~~/I Frf "lfiT-]" O 1[~7 ver;= ;reare:*'~m~n" of*'hYs ] ~ ' ~ --(NC)-- A Catholic missionary]ture for Rwanda-Burundi lies in I~~~ii~l/II L,I/ I~-D] ~a'~t~ |f;r~ if ~,~+~.;* ]~,~*o I~;.-,~ I I - JL t7 I ~I,J~q~Je/~v' p- o~ =# ,=s~=~-L~ .*,~, MARKERS -- MONUMENTS WILBUR CHRISTENSON prelate has appealed for an end ,Is accessmn to mdependence asllBli~IllI~!~l [it will pronounce judgment .otl. ~O~ER, ,R S0N . l *UNERA HOME to pre-election vioIence in this a united and composite state." I ~~)~ I /upon bim but upon itself" These I" g" FirSt St we. *,4,1,s "~ra Ave. we. $-7311 central African teritory which[This UN recommendatmn," how-[ i l . By FATHER JOHN L. THOMAS, S.J. lore the opening words" of Thet~:~::~'~'~: ~~l ~,~ c; ~o~ =.^, ~,~,~= is soon to join the continent's]ever, provoked sharp protestsI~~I Assistant Professor of Sociology ICatholic Hour's third program in[gpen ~ato--10c u woro--M e! net mch Jt00t-03 Second Ave. WO 3-~1 ' " A " " " " ~:ontracTs, ',~-,nch, 13 consecutive weaker growmg number of mdependent fm Rwanda. I~i~ll t St. LOUIS University /the current series England Re-I srge w.k.v ,=,= = .s, I CATHOLIC SALVAGE nations I Archbishop Perraudin's ap l~~~/ My eight-year-old daughter has started askin, me man, -ues-]visited " Sunday Aug 20 overlC ny&t:s:.&J~a~W.l~-~s *o~iv;,*~, lUL~ Ctqhing: .Fyroitu.rP O!she~, ~m~. Archbishop Andre Perraudin, lpeal followed a similar plea bY/~~~!:i~]tions about babies. Two years ago when she first asked me]NBC-TV. The man to whom they il =ays to advertises I@ra. store ~ have u new deoartment . i~.x .:,:.:.:,:.: -~ ' t ~ . ~. --- ,-,1- . ~, I ::i:#i:i:i:~!~*~;::~:~::::::;::;~::{,~::~;~:a;~:~ w:~-::::~ ioaavcntea To Keligious articles. Prices to W. F o~ Kabgayz urged a ] l JJ, P. tIarroy, Belgian resident |I~~/where babies come from, I told her from a seed, like a flower orlremr ]s L ~. ~nesmrmn. zneI ~ - I!it your Immediate budget. Come Ih and Christians here to refrain from general who urged all Banyar- ~i r man who first said these words ~ Drowse around. 1019 West State st Rock. I ' . /l /vegetable When she asked whe e the seed came from I told her/ [ ,OR SAL, FARM I or, ,n "'- - ;ia ~;:ifg r tphree::~2gnd:hre f~ [Pl::d:f thd tB::Unrd:asa:r:h~c~ A [ ~~/:::::~c SeUvCdhea~;;~;:cn l ;g~:a:i;~YechernbeC::Seahn~rs cma::i ]wa;heM::~'ingg ;orR:hnealpdoKgrn:~ on ! !~C ~ii ~!~ ~o~4~:t~L~t cc~eu~'cat;' et "~6, Nort~a~ ~ ~.a,vego . 7 tember legislative elections. [--to avoid incidents that would |~~|information. What do I tell her, and how. |ChesterSon is his home in Bee-Iwost 'or ~'usi~ee on 153, 1 mu~ north on ~AT~I|~ " 1962 Independence make the election invalid.[~~[ AS YOU .AVE PRO.ASLY DISCOVERED, Lucy, little girls[c nsfield which today serves as county Tru,k S. ~|i'~V|~ The Archbishop spoke in a ra- Converts Numerous /~~~:~?~]are just as curious and inquisitive as their grown sisters---and[a way-station for convert Pro-I dio broadcast after political Rwanda-Burundi, a former/~~~/tend to talk just as much. Since babies are very much the con-/~tstaflsthCl~g~:tdhth:::rftam~lies:l~I ~IM li'rn--'- ": r,j I riots in the region around Ki- part of German E a s t Africa Icern of women, it is not surprising that your daughter and her~ QI ,-I1~|111 I I~ I lllWa| rwu I ~ali Rwanda's capital took an/that came under Belgian rule NEW C O N G 0 PREMIER~ /classmates want more information They're running true to ~orm[ann wrote zor many years. /. ' Op . N!tos--Sunduy I estimated 50 lives earl~- in Aug- after Worid War I is=a moun- Cy.r,lle Adoula, a s t a u n c h /finthis regard, and you should be thankful that your daughter Guests on tms" program are~|! ~ ~. --11. Centre|laAmF'e I'aTk,ngBrandG I** I ust. As a result of the unrest in tainous region slightly larger anucommun,~s~ has recently / feels tree to come to you with her problems. Learning aboutlife[ Miss Dorothy Collins, Chester- I ~vY ~I~ m~ 1 1 19 N. Wochingt-on-Avg I Rwanda, whose Catholic corn-/than Maine with a population of been name~ rrem]er o~. ,[ne [IS" a gradual process. You will have to answer the same questions [ton, s. iormer secretary, and now!1 i I !~~~ TR 9-.~v,~v uarovla. IIh~ sl munity is o n e of the fastest 4 800 000 about equally divided s mte4orn ~epu.mlC of t n e /over and over again, regulating your instructions each time ac-Ihis hterary executrix: the Rev. II growing in the world some 4 000 between its t w o constituent uongo Lumum~sts as well /cording to what the child is prepared to understand. [Kev,n Scanne11 Chesterton. lec-/I. ' . :. i as anu-,umumms[s oacKen i THIS IMPLIES THAT YOU have "even some thou~ht to what/rarer and me r~ev viicnael O'-tl avRrytning rot the NtU/fJKI~I | rsons are seeking pro~ec~lorl areas. . t~ ~ ' ' . y Adoula at the 15 day session Dwyer of Westmmster Cathed Dml SHerwood 1 2577 ou Catholic missions l Although the first Euro~-,~ans o " [your daughter needs to know at different stages in her develop-/ -[I " tunDa PXIPP Dept. I FThe September elections hereldid not reach here until the"late ~timPa;h~:3;.nteaWoh~hprelemC~:d /ment. Many parents probably mtend to give their children ade-/rel" I: ~" h.L, ,: .-- -. S,a, I 1 a,quate mstructzons m such matters but they keep putting ~t off Vuattty Mercnanatse a n d in neighboring Burundi, [ 800s and mission efforts did not o ~,ho.~. ,l'.'~v :.;. [ ' " " " h J s ~- month after month and year after year because they have never at oenssote rr~ces whmh together comprise a Umt- begin until this century, Catho- "~"litics th~o,-=- ,i.= : / UVlarlan Iheatre II I I P ,k, I ed Nations trust territory under lics now number about two mil- movement"an~]S%~"~ t~';'.~" [takdn the time to formulate a definite program of action. Many/ " II l~I rlenw or rK"C rarxmI I Bel-ian administration w i 1 l/lion and an additional 4=`` "" "~ ' = ".'"~" [parents secretly hope their children won't ask questions or will| Marian ~neatre will present|l ,A a. ~ ~== BATAVIA I 1 ~ i' I"^o:'l^ ~r o . mg memt~er 0~ Lumumoa s [get their information from others, Some act as if they were rais-[another Robert Louis Stevensonll t, UAL ana UIL I In~'re~ent-mon~-~o,t~a,rts~of]~ri;~to~l~a;t~sm,~ ~n~vU=;::: Uongolese l~ all Oil al Nlove- ~inga batch of morons who would blissfully pass through child-[classic, "The Black Arrow," ]l p,menc. ue later DroKe away " Au 20 John Ha r z, RlmDall 3treel the territor" the onl-, countr-'Jare so numerous ba-'ism hood and adolescence w~thout ever wondermg what sex was all| g. wa d and Bet-II |IIID/ hA ~-- ~ Yl -- p~ s m- ann was m~ertor minister un- -- It, L,nn will co star in the "~r- II Elgin, Illinoig ~U~~ - - - in Africa b 'J- "'al--n " '- 'tal well over 1 00~ . aDOU~ A lew make serious enorts to give adequate Instructions I : : - u a-i~ w esloes ~ oo [o nave I,u a monm-- oer i n e provisional govern- ; -~ .- ;'lma to be heard ~v^r "~- *~- "- ~ " a Catholic majority--have been/that there is a priest shortage ment of Joseph [leo until his ::e:n: w~::r;~;t~:/r~Pa;kgdT,~,~t,~SnPc:~ct~:X~l~rmS't;n~Uvg2~al network . ,urn-i-. ----~ self-governin~, leven though native vocations recent election. PremierAdou- i "" n / "Th "~'" !l BROADWAY BOD~ SHOP - . . pe~s until pets s~art navmg CnllQre." e J~IaCK .'~rrow" lSa tale Protest Unity tare plentiful, lab~i::P~t:Tdh~r:;S~:cttth: WHY DO MANY PARENTS FIND it SO difficult to meet the[Of intrigue and war in EnglandllMODERN DAIRY J R. KINGSLEY Com late Palntin It is not certain yet whether I Con~o dem=na= f,- *~,- t~, needs of their children in this regard? Well most of them receivejdurmg the War of the Roses At I C~MPAklY ,~,t" -- ~ . . g. . :::::=~:::::::::,::::::,:::,:::::::::::::::::,::::.:.:.:::,: o o """ "" -" ""7 - . . ', --. naay ~ tenser Ka ainn Rwandaand Burundz will be 1 i:~:~:i:~::~a~ ~:~:~:~:~: lly, society and individuals, httle help irom thmr .own parents, so they have no precedents to [this tim e,the Houseof York, tlF;n- I~.| ~ D J,o 11o N. Broodwey P Au~,e come moependen~ separately or arm me house oz ~ancaster ,=,-,- v.u~ [ Soy You Saw It i" He announced that he wouldgulae mem. having been trained never to think about anything/ II ,r ~w=-,sg, as one natron, m ~yiarcn, me u~ - "" begin an ambitious program related to sex many adults cannot take an objective view of it! ug, !o control the throne oftl Dial SH 1-2S36 ELGIN t~eneral Assembly passed a se-I THE OBSERVER nt n.hll Ize o.a 1 ~ even in their own live~ and enn~nuontlv Rnrt it ,r.nglano. J nrough murder vio-II ' =~~-------- . --- z" -- ,~v~=~o Muu wuulu v, l v -a ~,, cu . ~ i IIIii I rms of resolutions concernmg to attra"" i = ignore it in their ~rowin~ childre At the sam,~ tim,~ ~. ]ence and theft S;r Daniel s I Congo mature sexuality involves highly personal, intimate, emotion- ,~: ~ as- ter had amassed great strength loaded experiences, many parents tend to forget that it does not and fortune The men of York have szmilar meaning or significance for their children ; ' COAL & GRAVEL CO. . . under b~r ~.Ins UUCKWOrth were WHAT SHOULD YOU TELL your daughter? Until she lS nme ', SAND--GRAVEL~IILDG. iorceQ to nee meir sand ana MATERIAL or ten, most of her quesnons Wlll oe reia~ea to me mnowzng their homes Sir Daniel had been points. What are the physical differences between boys and girls -uardian for ears for n Rt. 25 North Aurora and why? What is pregnancy--where does the baby come from? ~ Y . you,g 364 D~visioe~Elgin . " . . lcnarcl ~nelton since nicnara s How does it get there? it born: ~nese are quesczons, oz father, Sir Harry Shelton, h-~uu ~Dial SHerwood 1-1400 I SLOUF BROTHERS fact that a child's normally mquisitive mad zs bound to razse, been murdered. Faithful to his Your daughter has a right to honest answers but hke all the uardian f r ~ I RuG and FURNITURE ' g o many years, mcn- ~,Ie st I, ~. Ill CLEANERS questions she asks, the compmteness oz me answers you give ard eventually disco'~ered that /nlel s urug ~Iore Ill "~=cked down carpets will depend upon what she is prepared to receive. That's why she Sir Daniel h~A rm,rA= =A k;o -- cleaned on floor" will askthesamequestionsagainandagain, while you mustfather Joinin;~'Si'r'~;;." ',':"CLIFFORD rHIELFhurmoc,st III 1207NRwYarkStrBat ngn~- patiently repeat your explanations, adding more adequate de- in~ band Richard sought n.t .~i~ Expert Prescription Service |j~ Ph Aurarn TW 2-IS11 tails as her ability to understand them increases, iDaniel 161 Dundee Dial SH 2-0482 II- IF SHE FEELS FREE TO COME to you with all her questions " ELGIN |i becaUSewill you are always willing to discuss them with her, you Fort- Hour generally know why she is asking a given question and .IV ~ ~ :. REEPORT . . . | what kind of answer she is ready to receive. Sometimes it will St Patrick parish Hartland--" ~ Iv ~S proVehavinghelpfUlreviewedtO aSkwhathersheWhathasShealreadythinks thebeenanSwertold, youmaYcanbe' thenand Thirteenthcost Sunday 'after Pente- WILLIAM J. YOUNG II ]* *-~-: : : * offer more information as needed. Some mothers feel they don't St" James "arish Lee Thir REAL ESTATE---INSURANCE |t],M ~ II P a M r I: know the answers or how to explain the pertinent facts to voun~ . " . P ' - -- " 73 VILLA ST. ELGIN I/ I "" ~ [eentn bunaay after Pentecost. children. This is foolish. Children aren't interested in a course Phones: Office SH 2-1124 II I* " " ' in anatomy or obstetrics. You don't have to use technical terms. Following the matter-of-fact, simple method you use when they WlDItAI.H SHOE STORE ~ SH 1-1613 ![ [ Freeport, Ill. ask you about eating, cooking, household gadgets, and so on. In "Shoes for the Entire Family" I other words, you give them the best explanation you can in For For '1'1 1 HARRINGTON li terms of their experience and your knowledge. - JAR~t~I~N EW~N MOREOVER, LUCY, BY THE TIME your daughter reaches WOLVERINE JETTICKS H A Y W A R D Ill McKINSTRA I the age of ten, she should have received some explanation of S111 S S,o '"~'o'" SOUTH RGIN PHARMACY Ill COAU--FUEL OIL I menstruation and of the bodily changes to be expected during - D|al ADams 2 0517 puberty. You can give her this information gradually, relating it ;" OPSN, M. L ,o III " I Ev oA, ill Freeport, Illinola I to her questions, her physical growth, her thinking about the In CRYSTAL LAKE Route 31 Ph. SH 1-66SS SO. |lgin Iii ~, future, and your instructions on modesty. The main point is that ,~ she look forward toward puberty and all that it implies as a ~ ~'~]i I i asn rmal'a potentialdesirablemother.Stage in her development as a woman, that is, ~q~I2~RIW~W'm Fil;RtlII 'I'rBIIM/ - * * lill H USe U R T Sil IN GENERAL, REMEMBER that before puberty, children ~.~ CLEANERS regard sexual matters as objective, impersonal facts unless their ~I~ ---.~r .~,~,~ . III "Your Clothinx Problems I curiosity is aroused by the emotional reactions provoked by their ~ --m*, . Ill Are Our Businen" i questions. Simple, honest answers relating sex to the divine plan . ~cl=~ ua,ry, Inc. Ill -.F-- ns I and the source of life not only allay undue curiosity but aid rer A children to acquire the balanced attitudes and knowledge needed Quality nnd Low Cost Pasteurized Grade "A" If- -~ ---~-- : DIEpgr SRr 1cl to deal with the inevitable personal experience" of sex at puberty. " Dairy Products II(:.AII:M A (Father" Thomas will be unable tO a.swer personal letters (:ell Reckf rd Collect 423 "=U'''. IlY''''' ' " ' ,~ " WOodland 5-2625 . -- !11 JOE FEELEY ) ]IF x l - ? MAY THEY REST IN PEACE I" STERL,G HOME III INSURANCE /" 11 IMPROVEMENT CO. Ill I:qTATI: L I~t/ ~DIs/I Roofinn --- Siding III hl,~l. I.JI/41L '~INA'flONAL,~ I The following clergy of the Diocese of Rockford passed on to iIl/ Insulation --- Paints Ill GALENA 789 -- 21~J'-~,O. MAIN I their ~eternal rewards on the dates listed. Your prayers are re- ~~.~~ MA 5-0625 " 2704 Locust St Sterlln|, III. II" quested for the repose of their souls ~ " 1823 Locust St St, rlinI .II Franz - Richords INSURANCE Freeport, Ill. August 20, 1920---The Rev. Francis B. Swanson, assistant pastor Saturday, August 19 10:00 The Big Movie "Timber]oak" A-I Sunday, AuguSt 20 12:30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH 10:30 Feeture Theater "Red Pony" A-I Catholic education at every level has served the nation well. I am confident that the dedi- c a t e d men and women who have served so selflessly in the past will continue to serve their nation and their Church. --President John F. Kennedy Patronize Our Member F.D.I.C. A Full Service Bank Sarving einee 1906 McHENRY, ILL. PURE PORK at St. Mary parish, Freeport, is buried in Me. Olivet Cemetery, Aurora August 24, 1944--The Rev. Peter J. Weber, former pastor of St. Nicholas parish, Aurora, is buried in St. Boni- face Cemetery, Chicago August 26, 1929---The Rev. Anthony Marchesano, pastor of St. Anthony Church, Rockford, is buried in St. Mary, cemetery, Rockford. Grant, We beseech Thee, 0 Lord, that the souls of thy servants, Thy priests whom in this life Thou didst honor with the sacred office, may rejoice in the glory of heaven forevermore Amen Advertisers Jerry Powers I Harvard, Ill. Cleaners & Laundry 65 NORTH AYER STREET WHitney 3-5425 Walter * GE Appliances * New Idea Imprs. Ph. Main 4S---Stockten BRENNAN CATTLE CO. Sfeck, r & Feeder CEItl, ovalleSie et all time=, Wa Spt iali=e In Nort.hwestern Cattle YARDS AT LANARK, ILL. Ieb Ilmnnua, MIr, Hy, 3-2500 KIRKLAND, ILL.' Mill Ilrennen, Mas. Kirkland 2.~$17 Grocery and Morket } ~ -- . .v Clinton, Io.--222 6th Av S. Rockford---105 North Main St. JDi0pensing Glagses PreIcribed by Dr. H. Ceren---Optemgtrist Rockford--Rockford PIozo DiIpensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. H, Portoll---Optemetrist Aurora--6 N. Broodway Dispensiag GIRssag Prescribed by Dr. Wm. L!ndley-.-Optometrist Dixon--110 Eost First St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. B. Rubin--OptemetAst Sterling--21 W. 3rd St. Dilp*nsing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. R. Cobb, Dr. N. L. St. GgrrnGin---Optemetrists Elgin 121 S. Grove Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. H. Mall.--Optematdst MODERN PLATING CORPORATION Complete Electroplating Service Authorized to Do ff/ork on Sacred Vessels GENERAL OFFICE AND PLANT 121-129 so. HANCOCK AVENUE FREEPORT, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: ADAMS 2-6139 BRANCH PLANT 2500 N. MAIN STREET ROCKFORD; ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: WOODLAND 2-6451 IPrita or Pho Us tor Details one Estim es Patronize Our Advertisers Alexander-Lumber (0. All auilding SuFplies Paint, Hardware ond RIiId Frame Garagee. cRYsTAL LAKE McHENRY, ILL. 459-1050 IV. S.1414 FRIZOL end BECKMAN AUTO PARTS 141 N. 4tb St.--.DeKalb POTTERS CLEANING end DYEING Ru9 !eanin| nperHy done Pheng 3-8141 and $-8351 DIXON BURIAL VAULTS Automatic Seoling Deluxe VAULTS Chos. A. Miller Co. hleit, Wia.---Durand, Ill. E. W. Schmeling Sons, Inc. 1031 School Street, Rockford Lumber-Millwerk-FueI-P int DONAHUE FURNITURE "~htra' You~ House Becomes Hame" ; 19 E. Calkoun WOODSTOCK--FE 8-t086