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August 18, 1961     The Observer
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August 18, 1961

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PAGE 10 R IE OBSERVER FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1961 e e n s I I H o d CFM ::: " * complete picture of his "y eetmjg i)~ TWh?nderUpam at our [~:;:Y bgu: d: far all the signs arei INotre Dame ~i~ settlement house nears it's end [ WHICH LEAVES US with [ NOTRE DAME, Ind.- Eight il~ The weeks get a bit longer as]quite a problem of figuring outI Ihundred married couples and ~~ the last ones come and go. We[why Johnny is the demon he is.[ [two hundred priests are expect- ~|~ are winding up a number of]He isn't that way at home. Most] led to attend the 12th national ~|l programs at the settlement, The[of the time he isn't anyhow] ]convention of the Christian ~|l reading class, for instance, for]When he is, he gets it, Does hcI ~Family Movement at the Vni- ~]~~ 4th and 5th graders from the lo-["get it" too much for his real[ [versity of N o t r e Dame and I~ cal public and parochial schools.[good. Not from what I havet [nearby St. Mary college Aug. ~ has to be summed up for the[seen. After his last lickingl ]25-27. ~~ benefit of the settlement ad-[(from his mother who is no] [ "Family Life: Center of So- ~.~ ministrators, the schools, and[heavy-weight), he apologized of[ ~cial Re-birth." will be the theme ~ the parents. ]his own free will. This is a good] ]of the convention sessions as ~m~ THIS MEANS A RASH of sign. It means no grudges, nc] [well as the CFM program dur- ~2~~ home visits. It means written]household tension. Indeed, thel |ing 1961-62. Convention semi- ~)~ reports to our summertimelboy seemed very relaxed in his] ~nars. workshops and panel dis- ~~ bosses and to the schools. It own home. And yet, he is a vil-[ [cussions will c o v e r a wide ~.~ means a round-up reading test lain on the outside. Why?' ] [range of topics including "Par- ~.~ of our summertime students to[ Bad companions? His mother[ [ish Liturgy and the Family," ~~ see if they have learned more|doesn't accept that as an ex-[ ["The Parent as Educator" ~~ from us than to keep their[cuse. It's up to Johnny to make[ /"Retarded Children" and "Mi- ~$~ mouths sbut. (We have brought]his own decisions, she says, re-[ [grant Workers." ~.~. ~ in a pro this week -- my own lgardless of what the others do,] [ Noted Speakers ~~ sister who teaches grade school[And she is right of course. The[ ] Dr Karl Stern noted psvchi- ~ --to boost our standings in a[influence of the gang is no ex-[ [~r~ ~'-'~ ~,+hor' ,;ill s~eak on :~ :~ ~ last &tch attempt to cover our]ruse for Johnny but It mlgh / / : ::::: :~M [ ' ~ "~nrlsuan ramny l.dic' ourlng own amateurish traces.) be a partial explanation of why] [ " GYMNASIUM NEAR COMPLETION--The new Boylan Central Catholic high school gymnasium . the does what he d the opening convention session largest in the city of Rockford with a seating capacity of 3,065, is nearing completion. First bas- di~:~atn~nfi~Sed ~ s~ea:t tr~t:~cii[could only "convert' t~'e wh~l:l,/Aug.25 at 7:45 p.m. in St. Mary ketball game scheduled for the new gym will be a professional exhibition between the Phil- " l,~rou, w * ,~,~ [ THE POPE S TELEPHONE MAN--A member of the Fathers/colle~,e O'Laughlin auditorium. Know I also Know mat some oi s v, ~ ~.-j ~, ,~ ,~ ~ adelphm Warrmrs and St. Lores Hawks of the Natmnal Basketball assoemtmn Tuesday eve- . " -,-Iwe could then 1 n and Brothers of St Paul, a eongre-ation founded to s-read |The Most Rev. William E. Pow- them have mane phenomenal et me 1 GiVlOUalS e, P . . . mug, Oct. 3. The contest will he a benefit game for the new high school. (Mormng Star photo} ]take care of them-^lv / Catholic doctrine through modern communications, makes a |er, B~shop of Antlgomsh, Nova ,progress.)n;:~t~ ~roU~no~vXthttlchanginga group isn't easy %] routine cheek of the automatic telephone equipment in the |Scotm, will address the second U L/1~;:;1 VV t[~,y ".t 19 CANOEING 18 DAYS In /,we are making a concerted last] he wants to be different No[ Vatican telephone center. In 1948 the late Pope Plus XII called/general session t h e following IraDeroacKs minute push on reading forlone will: pardon me. Almost/ upon the society to assume technicaldirection of the Vatican/~noy=:g iOnnth:~ehurR:le,of the 1"~ ! P 1 1-a ~ l I J- ~i.~1,~ nn the nrincinle that/no one this group has some I tempnone system, which has a capacity of 1 300 tempnone con- / Y ' t~ -~ t~ L- ' r h I OCKIOVO t xplorers laKlnff I1 1. C lt ] until a child reads for pleasure, [outstanding mavericks w h o| neetions, The provincial headquarters of the society in the U. S. [ Other major speake s at t e x :7 /1' O[ O llOOl h~ will hayer'read for his teach-[won't go along with the group's[ is located in Brookline, Mass. [CFM convention include the S~ di 1 /'~Jt| m ~ 1 ~ * I ,~r the way he should Tune ;nlgoofy way of doing things. / [~ev. Lores J. lwomey, .J, - loin annual ~anaalan lrln i NEW YORK --(NC)--- A plan[" ~ . . ". . ' . ",1 B /rector of the institute of social I'~ I a week or ~wo irom now to tlnQ I ~1 n~tt~ wi~ 1~/t~ tile ~ " . ~ It put selected paperback booksiout how the tests turned out. [alarming realization that our [ ~ $ "~ ~f'~t"~ ~ ~ ~~g'~ ~'~ [relatmns, L o yo 1 a um.verslty; ~ut.ixrurt~- ~vlonaay morn-Inn overmgnt stop at me note,!on Catholic to"ics in the hands '- L'articular Johnn " .~. i E.~ W~t.~.AL/O~L~,~ W.m.~ ~.zW~.J~------ ~tAt.'~L/O ~ew uneans "~ommumsm ann Duluth l~ p y ~s somemmg . ' ~ng at 5 a.m 19 Explorer mem-| I .~^ ] l'~l'~i'lllel~tr Iof a leader He doesn'* ~,~ --[ ~ /Socml :Responsibility, and the Ex 1 r r u, ~uuc.t~ ut t~uutt:u nl~.I IJlllllll ~ ~uo~ ~ hers of Troop 37, Post 37, sport- . po~e. members of the dl ,7 ]along with setting off a fire hy-[ ~ ---- 1 i~'1. 1 "][-][7"7 "~ [Rt. Rev. Msgr. Reynold Hfllen- [post making me treK are: tscnoo~s was announcea here oyI ldrant it's usuall, h;~ ;,~oo ~,[ ~ ~t~]g]lfll ~~]I|~11~/~ RAI/ ~O~f}l.~ [brand Hubbard Woods Ill,the mreo ov me ~t x-'eter nmy . put what avout mose so cane~,J -.o -.- ~, ~,u Z .IL I~1~ I~ ' ' ' - " Crew I: John Edwards. lead- the Cathohe Book Reporter t . [it in th fir [ ~ ~ k /IklAklAb P' ~E~il] |organization's national chaplmn Name societ"left b" car for/ - i " t aennquents we tamea annul a/ e st pmce. ne aoesn t t ./ t ' :, . ~, : ter; or.eve ~rennom, .ass~stant;[ Joseph C. Koechel, publisher [week or so ago9 The bunch who|put on the dirty look and makel [who will give lne ~ naptam s ~r.lKoKan untano uanaaa ann rtooert ~ocKyear aovlsor, urew ~ .c ~ . " . . ./ - .; - -- t ~l~b-"q~bAl~l~ Ino --uan me voun~ r~erson WhO is worKin~ t v;o , ,-, -: ,-. ',; r ' ~ ,~ ' mescrloeo It as a iour year plan-lupset fire extinguishers oread/me sarcasuc remark oecause~ . . '~,' " ~ "~ ~ "~1 me u/ueuco i-'rovincim park mr memoers: bary xaylor xeal ~ " " " r k r /the others do it ro~.n ~ .~ [ano WhO is omy 18 or 22 years old be effective in internationall Cha-lains' Meetine ~heir 10th annual canoe +ri,~ TholCamlin Terry Keenan and Carv:neo supplemental reaaing pro-]wlnoows, mrew nrec ac e s,/ ; o . .~ xeau~|~.~;.o9 ~ *~. ~*^ n. n~.~. r +~ ~. ~, ~1 ~" ~' ~ "~" :"I,~,".'~ " ;~.~, w;.~ ~ letc etc etc for laughs andlthe pack in these doubtful ac-/"7" ~ ~'~ ~"u~l=l The CFM char)lains will con- maJorlty oI me J~xplorers mal~- ~uny. ~ouns: ~arrett 1 wrlgnt~-,~11 ~,s,~ ,rues uulms e ," ," 7, -'. - -~ twitn freedom be affected bv them9 ~ -- in" the 18 da- "ri ]and Charles B Reed ~ iwnose iuture is not too or~gnt'.'/compnsnments. I, . ", ,~ " Irene at Notre Dame mr mree . ~ y ~ p are ~agm . I senool year, earn enroneo Sttl-hxr~ t. ];sI~.A[ "~ - I ~WO young people irom me l~OCKIOrO oiocese were delegates la om,~ ,h, ~,meral con **.a~ .av~ w~ ,~.u p~. ,~u bO donnn wants tO oe DOSS u yo p s ~ b.- ~couts. [ Remammg Crews I dent receives a paperback book. |. ;,~. ,~ ~ -~irt- *alkin" loud1-- - y "l to a recent National Study week which here explored affirmative l. ~ ~'"'~--~,'~-~,~ o,~ the cha-" Program for the trek in- Crew II: Michael Cleary, lead-[The cost per student is about $6!,~[,~",~"=~,~,hh~,~= ~s' ,~[ ~e can t ve noss m goo~t mind.s, I answers to these questions. The Study week, sponsored by the []v~:~ff"-.=~.~[ ~"".~m" r.~ alro~r" er' Dennis Hoover assistant ~ ~v ~,~, ~,~o ~ oecause ne gang woulan'~ oe ~am~ r,-,~s~a, --,- ~ ~-. eludes a stop at Duluth Mumcl ;each year. [ ~ ~,~ ,- ~ h ,~ Young Chnstmn Workers. was the beginning of a s;x-month ~:. ~. 2 ~ r~,~ ;o - and Alan Kubinski advisor . . ~ -s ~ ~,~ s -,so~-o tmteres~ea :~o ne gets m oe nossi. . . ~ ~ .~ ~ ~nme.t~,~.u; t,v ~=~. ~--,~ g)ai alrpert at ~mum ivllnn. ~ i ~tuaents Will De given OOOKS~--.- ~-~ ~. ; t-l I . .: ' l training anct uolngsomemmg program ior young worKing I,-, tn ~ ~ o, hn,- ~nd 1,~o '. '~Members" Dave VonBergen I . Iw= "'1 = ~'==" ~=='"a ~==~'~,lnow ann then m oaa mmgs ,~o~1~. ^ ^ " /~ca.=j. u - tuon?ay, where ~ne scouts were i Richard t-Iammes and Williamiin each ot these eight care-land more than weekly aroundlonly won't he be outdone in an-IFU~=" lturer" Donald Thormar, man- guests o] me 6a~ra air t~aselstewart Adults: Ri~har~ E tg ries: Christology and Mariolo']our settlement house? [noying peo~le till they are at[ ue~egn~s from moeese l~[aging' editor of AVE MARIA; squaoron; ann a stop at Kaka-1 . ~ u gy' Mass Prayer Liturgy' Bi-,~ ~" Time ~wo aeiegates are lxatily t.^;. *Cleary and Charles W Wright I ' . ' ' ~.' WELL WE WOULD SAY we ve their wit'send or in cruelly/ : vember.--Report by Kathy Ma-]the Re v. Louis Putz C S C, ~r.~ ~,~.~, utar~o ~ov mncn ' ' ~ograpny" Moralsann me~pirit-/. . . . I ' /lvlajerclK represennng w ct-t~ereik Y C W "~"l"'~a~" R-'~t" ~ ~ ~" - - ~---- ~- Tuesday =ff,~r ,hioh fh,~v or,q, Crew III: Michael S. Stafford ~ nt '~, ~~.r;~ ~;~.~ [mane avout one percent pro- imitating a cripple walking[ ~fn(,k ~nH Wond~r I,~ko V C' *u J uc ~s ~=, v~--~-lunlversl~y oI notre lJalll~: t 1~Y- ~ - '~ : u ~v,:; ,-,~,~=; "' ford diocese " ' direOor of ed a" "~-- TM ,- ~-,- Ileader" Ken Hall assistant andi- dress there just about one per-ldown the street He will be thel I . Itm Work executive . I* LIIU .P ClIISII ]~i:ll~.e ~U~l~lCO " ' ' :--'tpologetlcs ann ui~erature " "" ' sl :'" l anc~ famine t.aron represenungl~ I ' "~a'holic hark head,~uarters I Bud Tilton advisor. Members" :,' ' cent~o more ~ me trum L Itlrs[ [o annoy me Ilrst to mimic, i o ~. u j o .~ v ,~ ~, i . I tne ~ational t~ouncn or t~ t /:- ~4 ' " ~ ' . ' -Lt~UUII~II(~ d.II~ X~Uf~hJ.UJ[U J**~ V In oe caned the Cathohc v Barnabas . . Rick Sweeney Tom Burnett and known,we have been here ~ust] HE HAS BEEN CALLED anI ~ ~. ~^~ J ]l~lqPA ~11 A [Men' and the Re t-test of Itinerary heritage ~teacting r'rogram ' 1 n no kn h, rvr u~e ~wu u~a~gaL~, uvxng Dave Villa. Adults: Ralph A ' o ge ughtogetto owt emlunhappy boy. I'd say thats a, . .olOfl//4 1fl o [Ahern, c.P. { me proJec~ has mese ecutors ~, ~ ,~ I The followingmorning thelPratt and Richard Sweeney. [~;o~, well enough to begin to do somelsafe statement. And I'd say am[from sharin~ a holiday or a! ~ vp donn ,J wright o[ flits o group left bv canoe on their 651 Each crew is equipped to op-I 'ur' h" Eu~,ene P Will-in,~ di" good: Or .have we started toolother safe statement is that the[friendship with a foreign stu- JOHN "TIRES" ROTHECKER'S I mile route OZmKes ann portages crate as an inaivictual group I ? ~, ~,- rote to an mem some real gooo lend of hisunha~,~iness won'*~ -1 ~. .L,~ I ' ,r r I i r ri vr. ~ uem to preparm~ memselves ior ' ecto o In a es Cathohc Um STANDARD SERVICE They are expected to arrive back tcarrying all of its own food and l ' - What are we doing now that we[come until his parentshave]the Peace Corps or the Young I versny oz e~menca tamer ~o ear at French l-ake Monday Aug 28 equipment ; - should perhaps have done"/been full, informed ann theirI ~,"'=" ~=,~" ~,~"~" | OnTe 'seph F MacFarlane S J direr 9 [ ~ " ] t.nrlsnan workers overseas ex /IKP3, /IKI=.3, /I Ke'~ I u sday Aug 29 the group Fishing and swimming are the " " lier We are seeing the parents r " n , [,- coope atmassured. If there s tension rogram tor Queen s Work Rmhard Hur P ONE STOP SERVICE will visit the Steep Rock mines i two main activities while in the';, .' ', ,~.~ ~; r;" It's as simple as that. no salvation for Johnny inside ^, ,~.^ ~ ~ .i ^ ~. ,~ ~,~,~ I~V pi:iSl, pL'I~Slf I~IIL, %.*aLII~IIU .L.J1 gJ.b tll~ ~bUUff W =~I~ 1,11~.)' IlCtLI at Atikokan. The trip home will Quetico which will be reached[ ' " As a laigh school teacher, it/his family then it will take aI - . . . ' 20~ E W Iso, St Phone TR ~-127:] Batavlo | ,I ' brary association and supervisor ' the opportunity to mee~ mreign " " , begin Wednesday, Aug. 30, w~th by private car and in convoy. ~ c^~ ~ ~:~. ~,was the most normal thing mlmiracle to save our Johnny. 1 .~ .~ 2 ~: " i county Va.' Mother Mary Ce- -'arents of a s t u d e n t who' --- 1.-- .--. I cuss the hunger in Latin Ameri-: F/ArFqT 1~ Fn~D FINEST IN DRINKS I e amese Priest Vamshes " wouldn't work to tell them theist, eter couts I,~ ~ T T~,Ta~#~tT "~T rll'~.lTT~l-bTkT I Vl tn leste dwector of educatmn Do ][" ca the thirst for freedom m [minican Sisters Father Ralph st-.-~n~l =,* 1~ ~ ~1 [Africa and the conditions con- lll LI I. L N 12k ,l/ N ! SAIGON, Vietnam--A Vietna-[ Father James To of the Vinh'Gorman, C P editor, the Sign so"'i~t~has~'belate"ctl,;stru'ck'me|][~o,~tr,~ ~,r,'~l,t]~ [ducive to Communlsm in Asia. ' |A " i . .'~ J JI. L~t./~L,~L~L V K./ ]L Y~ aL ~LK~ Lon dmces as a GEORGE C NERI Owner MARVIN TOPPEL Manager mese priest has vanished with-[ g e w c ptured by magazine; S~ster Mary Regis, that the most natural thin~ in [ Encouraged bv the words of ' ' ]~ out a trace after being held a the R.edswhile preaching a mis-]edi!or, the Catholic Bookman s the world to do about boys who ROCKFORD--Thirteen mem-]Pope John~;s recent Encyclical, SOUTH BATAVIA AVENUE BATAVIA ~" prisoner for a month by the stun re,me new pa~sn o~ t~anit, uiae, ann ~romer l~hil~ n ar- come to our settlement and[bers of Troop 37-Post 37, spon-|they will begin a deliberate ef- ' ' PHONE TR 9-7147 | Viet ~,-,~ c~, ,~ xr;~ ~ ~, ]Long w.nere, some ~,uw pe.rsonslris, comunaer, nationa~ t~onzer- disrupt good order in almost|sored by the St. Peter Holy]fort to discover the problems of s, . lare ~amng. mstrucnons prmr to ience, of Cathohc Gmdance court- every conceivable way, is to go]N a m e socmt" y, received" ad-]the peoples of the world. commumst guerrillas. Ibapt~sm. cils. to their parents. [vancement at the August review]Through weekly Young Christian I1~ it ~1= il ~11 II ~m|lPS=q= lilm=qPal ~1111~1~ "~e " ~ 1 II I['T~T r~ WHY THE PARENTS~ Be-]board according to Harold M, [Worker meetings in their neigh- nttm r tmat nur itll 1 " n .7,-- . ss oners ~vacuateu Dy u ~ if"lt g,~,~ cause the parents by their God-]Baker, chairman of the com-/borhoods, they will formulate r wnonT rnw~r r w - "~ i~ ~ lttllUll~ IA, ~.~.l.lltS[~ ~iven nature as Parents have]blued units review board for]personal and group actions bas- Heat by Republic ~ ~ ~ --- ~ unltealmlles east oI ~uluaourg WhiCh ; v ~ . . ~ . . ~ - ' the p r i m a r y res nsibilit the troop anct post ect on the gaps mey cuscover oe- Natmns hehcopter from Lulua- has been sacked by Congolese - " PO Y" " ' - 42 burg in South Kasai has evacu- soldiers avenging an ambush oniCOrnlsh Course Theirs ~s the ~ob first and fore-[ Advanced to the. rank of Sec-[tween what is ,and what E. Wllsan St. BATAVIA TR 9 $7 ated priests and Sisters from]an army patrol bY local tribes- WASHINGTON " (NC) -- A most, to raise ,thei.', children[ond Class Scout from Troop 37JC ,uia or snoum he. . . and to eauca~e mere ~ms task were James Camhn Nmholas We ourselves are going to the town of Mashala about 120]men. course in Cornish will be taught,~ " [ : "," ] ' for the first time at the Catholic o~ e~ucadng meir cnilaren is[Giacone, Thomas ~ e u h I and]have to iaemi~y ourselves Wlm ~i/~A~ " University of America this year, not as it were imposed upon]John Ongena. Receiving First]!he great human strugglethat i~uMe~Mne h~ll~ 'r/~Bl" ~[]K~[ ~J the only university in the court- mere zrom,some outsioe sou.rce,[Class recognition were: John]Is gong on,inme worta,~'^uaro. [~/illl~UII ~ IlIM$~ ~l~RC ~z ~ ~ ~, ~^ ~ r,^,as me task o~ eaucating little/D;dier Jr Pat Findle~ Rober~/line t'ezzuno told me ~au aem- ' o i~o valuo li"~o in bein" ~'i" *" cniioren is imposea or oestow- Jones Stephen Gre~,g and Wil-/gates attenaing the ~tuoy weeK. ,e'~ ~"~lr~" read the ori"inal early tevts ^~ ed upon the school teacher. This iliam Shomler Star Scout rank [Miss Pezzullo is the Internation- Hallmark Party Sh p ul.:, 15th century religious'plays job of educating their children was awarded to Michael Aram- al Y.C.W. rel~resentative to t e Ever,thin~ for Your Part~, "-~" ~'~ "~'~"~ ~'~'='~"="~ Th,~ course f-r ~ro~, o+o "~+, comes to parents from the very ovich and Robert Hammes Jr United Nations, and speaks for j ~ : a w~ ~ "r~'r~'r~'r~/~f~T T ~'~ T~ dents will be tau-ht b- Dr Ro act that they are pa~ents From some two and one-half milhon Inv]tahons, Center Pmces, Dodms, ,g Y - " t'OSt ~/recognition wentto ttAlllJlSl I :l ILLI