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August 18, 1961     The Observer
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August 18, 1961

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g ,rs Fr. Gaines Will Annunciation Conduct Retreat,W"m"m CHICAGO--The Rev. Stanley John Gaines, O.P managing Fall Be efit editor of "Cross and Crown," n CHICAGO--(NC)--Fifty-eight foreign sisters have arrived in spiritual life magazine for the the United States to begin four years of education at 30 Catholic laity, will conduct a retreat for ' AURORA m Members of the colleges at the expense of the American institutions, women from Rockford at t h e Altar and Rosary sodality of An- They are the first large group of youn,# Sisters-students to take Cenacle in Chicago Sept. 22 to PAGE 8 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1961 nunt~iation parish in Marywood part in a pioneer project to bring Sisters here from needy Sept. 24. This is the 19th annual areas and return them equipped with special skills, retreat sponsored by Rockford are planning their annual fall Variety of Training women. Home Sweet Home card parties Wednesday, Sept. Father Gaines has conducted 13. The benefits will be at 1:30 Training offered the Sisters Burma will go to Salve Regina retreats at Muldoon high school :Vase" p.m. and 8 p.m. at Mar|ion will include medical technology, college, Newport. R.I for their and for the Eucharistic guild of )S nursing, social work, home econ- Military academy on Butterfield fay, science, art, music and orientation. They, too, will be the Catholic Women's league. teaching. Father spent three years in the road. The project is a joint venture air force, two of them in t h e,By Nellie Hughes its bad boys. Good thing you Mrs. William Theis is general 'Next time," the billboards aren't troubled with claustropho- of ,o,-i A~o,~ ~ +,~h,~n,~ South Pacific theater. He left -,chairman and her assistant is say "take the train ' 0in " under the auspices of the Nation- ~ ~ ~ ~ [] i'm a pushover for a good ad- ' Put Luggage on Floor Mrs. James .Hippinger. Other al Safer formahon conference, er travel ex,~nses of the forei,m ~ ~ ~ [] B vertising campaign. With a little He started'to swing my bags comm~!ee chmrm.en are: Mmes; ~ister lvlary dosetta presment " ~ " r, tiffin lnels, .~owm may, ram ' aunt to Vancouve,B.C. on the |to the luggage shelf. Oh oh . . of St Xavier college here is students co|rag from India. ~ F / ~ i 3 - : L' ~ Frmders Joseph Pfe]fer Gerald ,:::i:i:i:i::::: :::::: agenaalast weeK i asKeo my ne on-on osomeone leIt tne ~ ' chairman of the nrogram Twenty-eight fore,gn corn|u- ~ ~ii ~' ]i~ [] ~ ~ . ' ' ii' Sauter, Clarence Remes, Robert ~ -~ ~ ~ " ' - ' " " ~ r' commu ~ ~mt~;~: :;~ ~ ~ spouseto orlve flown ~o me luggage sneli our oi |is one. : i + ~ .~ ~ .~ .~ xne o~ ~isters newly arrived nmes ann z6 ~me lcan -!~ ~ / ~ de'~t with me to "-ick u-- m" H l~;d +he ba-~ caref, 11- '-n +h"~ ! ~ ~ : ~mlm, noy u. met ary, emmony er nmes of Smters are rep esented . ' ~ ~ ~ came from Indm, Burma P u :~ ~ ::~ Konen Jr. Charles 1Kith and and Brazil. The group from in the project. !~i!!i! ~ ~ ~iil ii!!ii uc,K~u,re not '~oin- to take the n Now when -ou -ull out the Stephen and John Ziman. Latm Amerma armved m Wash- The U.S. Sisters of e cy ::: ~:~ii~ ~ ~ ~ ~roi,' ho ~o~,~ hnrrifie~ "N,~ h~ h,~ ~i~,-~i,~,~ ~, +ho' ] ' Also working on party ar- in ton Au 13 and the Sisters launched the pro3ect m 1959 on ' ~,~, i, g . . g' ', I q F ~ body with any sense takes the brass lever "be sure you've llliii' i, : rangements are Mmes. Edward .rom ~nma ano 2urma arnvea an expef~mema~as~ wnen~ney! :~ ~ ~ii: ii train. Now, in a plane . . ." taken the things you need out of,i !'*:ili:li [: Berg, Paul Linden, Ralph May, 1 t g' " . ' ====================== ~ ii::: ~ "~ ' ~ saio stuooormy "am your suitcase, unce your bed is Leroy Cowan/w~me~ t~rummei, . . lnflla to me um~eo o~a~es if/ ~:~::::2::::~ ~:~:: ::::::::::::::::::::: :::::: ::: ~ ~ 32 From arena study' at five of their colleges ~::~iiii ~ [] taking the train." My muscles, I i in position .you can's get at your SISTERS GRADUATE TOGETHER~Miss Janet Wuhben (left) Joseph R~ppmger, oosepn may, Thirty-two of the Sisters are Later two African Sisters and ~mm ~ [] ~ explained to him, are flabby and luggage "~--~' and certain other ne- and Miss Joyce Wubben, daughters of the Elmer Wubbens of Wheron Allen, Robert Pitz, Don- from India 22 from Peru and nine more Indian Sisters came ~ [] m i get Charley horses holdinglcessities.' He pointed to a hind- Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish, Menominee, are ald Drum|el and Charles Gard- two each from Brazil and Bur ; ~ ~ mm mm planes in thc air. Defying gravi-!ed leather covered square. I among the members of graduating class of St. Joseph Mercy ner. " fle arrival Ol ~ne Do uu~ =:i~ ~ ~ m V L o ma, according to a tally issued n h raises the total attendin-" }:~ ~ ~ [] ty is an awesome thing. When lifted th'e square, hospital School of Nursing, Dnbuque, la. The Most Re . e Other attractions at the par- ~, +;, ~,~,~+' ho~,~,~,~r~,~r mo.t gi i;i~Bm ~ 1 II I'm in orbit I told him reason-i They Think of Everything Binz, Archbishop of Dubuque, will confer diplomas at ex- ties will be baked goods, hand- .r ~ v- z ,-i t~athonc COlleges ~o t~,~,I , here The Key. S. J. Gaines, O.P. ably, all I can think of is New-] 'Now, see.' I said trium- ercises Sunday, Aug. 20, at Loras college, made gifts and a mystery booth. Th'e Latin Americans will ~ th :^^ . ~,~ ^ --~ ton's apple. Champagne flights phantly, "the Pullman company ~ ~ spend two weeks at the Sisters ~i~g.~;i~l~i~i~}}}~ ~ :~i{~:~t~ [or are no help, either. Its even thmks of everything. ~,o~t,-,~, ~fl,]~,i,~ [~'~'~l~r~ of Morey ~n~ral motherhouse[ -. . J ~. ~.^ ~ harder holding up an aircraft There was a box for shoes, a ~ ~#~t ~wlt~ [ll~V~i ~V~I~" in Bet~hesda-M-d, in orientation [ tromz8 I~.:=~:=o,~ "/~,~:',~: ~? ,~, with only one hand. receptacle for used drinking n . I ira I! ! They will attend'the GeorgetownI a";h'iloso~p~h~ica{ magaz*i'ne"'a~d Everybody Flies cups, towels, adr!nkingcupdis-rerpeutat rowsI university languageinstitute, " )was a rofessor of a lo~etics "Now, in a plane," my air-penser, a pusn-outton water tap, . . . r I ~mmr P po .~ ROCHESTER, Mmn.--Smter[] l'~.~.~]L~ .~All~. /-~. ~.~ /--~.~Ile m whose facihties were offered b"' v~m ~'~mm ~ ,~ i mlnoed husoano lnSlsteo ou a wasn fowl a slot ior OlO razor ,m m . s I ~ a~ ~lena me)gnts couege, ~ka- .' ~. ~.~ J ~,' ~ n + ~ M. Don Bosco, the former ~warymm m the Jesuit fathers ,<~, ~: rian Mich can arrive at your oesfinaffon s ~ ~, ~ ~+~ r nn.o ~n.~;o.m! W~. invite our athotic irien(ls m The Sisters from India and [;~;!!~*!~!~;~!~i~*!~i~;~?~!=!*!~:`.~ ~=:~ Those wishing to attend the in two hours instead of 12 You panel with buttons and switches ~'~.~' ,~?~s-~ ^,~ "[* ~ ^~'~ ~ *]~'lm '[ - ,~ L -'.- | ~~ an arriv r' r " - - labeled "heat control " "fan " uwu.~ ut x~t~t:r,~vru, pru.vuut:CU]l [O Call ilS aDO|l| I)CCJOIIIIII~ m ~,A~ll~mA~ retreat may call Mmes. Georgec,e e~esnea, msteaoo~ ',-~r*,~, ~ ~ r,~,~, o~,~ her perpetual vows as a Fran-l] rPIlPPlh"IF)lff/ll?lh'T 1-h~a|,~,~ m U~ 11~ " Iff~m~ lmE,~ I Verstvnen Ray Henen L e n a travel-worn ~nese oays "ne v-, ~-, ~ s, .* ~ ~m ,t z ~s~ ~s-~, ~u-~ ~ ~,~*,~* m Nm mmma rm ~ma m -- " ' " ' ) ' ' ,','.~U.- " Clscan Sls~er in ceremonies ~ug. I I |~t,~J~ ~,~ ~ I ~q~'~ I~" S h a r k e y, Marie McGuire, ~coaxed, "everybody flies. Safest ngnt~. . ~." ~ne ~s a graoume o~ ~lsnop m . ! ~| George Williams or Pauline i form of transportation there is. Setthng Down r~,la~, ~,~ ~,~ n.~kf.~ [J Full or Part 1tree I m Armato or Our Lady Shop. [They've made a few improve- "My husband kissed me good- ~j"-,-~-+~'~ *l]l~'~r,l'~*:,~n";'~r~ -:~'+"~'~'~'~:' I1| ' !- m I I Iments since Orville Wright's bye and left I z~ppe ed the cur- ", .- II LeMav ales I ' ~am auu me umversl~y o~ r~otve d I BUD KNOTT & SONS I /z'~, n l [day " he added teasinglytain and locked the metal door (m m ' " 'Tame ,o~re ~ame mu. rk Ill TR 74022 I I bZ t'ostulant I '," i muttered, "am taking I inhaled, tucked myself in, pull- ' . II P.O. Box 2043 Loves Pa " I --'-" . . i ~~~~]~[ ~mter entered the rranmscan, ~ A[~V~'K||~|N~ [AK! J [the train. On a train you can re- ed the bed into position, and ,| Distributors for Tupperware Home Parties , ,A. I D " llF /'.llax. The gentle motion of a train snapped the safety catch, or~er m tv0o. ~ne is a mrmer] - -- ] I [ I necelve 1-1al}l[[soothes me. That muffled click- I crawled in between the mem oer of St. Patrick par!sn,] I I clack-click is a lullaby, I sleep sheets and worked the instru- ttoc~mr.o~ her rend|US ass~gn-[ SOy You Saw mt THE 08SERVER i " - ~ -- ~ j ~u~t~t~w~, wiS'm~ixty'two[like a baby I awake refreshed " lent panel. It turned out that me| win oe at St. Mary nos-| I ! postulants received the Domin-i He carried m-" ba-'-'a-~e onto "emer'~enc"" was the ceilin.~ pital Rochester Minn. / I T H E P H O T O G g A P H I G G I: N l ~" K m ;"~n habi* -t S* ~l-r- "---nv"n*1 Y ~g ~ t, ~ : s Nin " ' /~ o ~ ,~ ,~ ,1 ,1 ,~u ~ ~ r I r v r e~y sevenyoung women I," Ithe train. "These roomettes,' light, afte all. tu ned o e and - . |] [ I nere early in August. The Most]he said "l,~k liko tho ~wom+ ban~ed mv elbow on the metal participateo in the ceremonies|| ~ ~ J - -797 of r " ' f "" ' ,I14 W. STATE ST. ROCKFORD WO ",Rev. William P. O'Connor pre-lboxes the army used to use on door eceptmn o the religious[J ~ I m sided at the Solemn High Mass[~ "Who uets claustronhobia " I habit and profession of vows in|m ~ J J which preceded the vestitiont muttered~ to myself ~'"Thi.~ i. the chapel of Our Lady of Lour-[| ~f,~,w~,e~ i "m"m"~~.ceremony. l~l~-v-'7 des. Participants in the cere-[| I ~J Among the new novices "foncilecl"~'my Christopher monies came from 11 states and]] ~lete. War drobe . J m m lthree from the diocese of Rock-/At St. Bernadette medal wondered how long it represented four archdioceses/i ek to,choot I I DIAMONDS WATCHES I(ford: Sister Mary Ansana, the[ would'take an acetylene torch to and 13 dioceses, il :: I I . COSTUME JEWELRY I]former Sallie Kaminski of St.[ ROCKFORD--Mr. and Mrs.)cut through that metal, and got ~ . [I bk~oordlnates--Gar t~oats J ,o . ~uo.o.o Jo. s Bernadette parish; Sister Mary[Doug Adams are chairman for out my rosary. Jolt bang, stop. by Famous Makers J | m Natalene, the former Roberta]the ice cream social planned Jerk, clank start. Well, thereare ~'~"*~'~,~'*~'~[m I i An#let,on I Stiles of St James parish, both|Sunday Aug. 20 from 5 to 8 different kinds of lullabies ! ,/ IIO oc o; a o ~lster 1via y/p.m, at St. Bernaoet[e pamsh.[ ','Six forty-five ma'am' said -,el Ill ] * if . ,~[! o buu~ll lllalll a~ ~1111 pf~r'~or J. ] | J[Macaria the former Bonnie[Also working on the social are a dee"~ South voice at the' door ~ I[/L/~4~l~ [ " " . ' I ~" ,~ ef ] J~ore o] Distinction JJTflton of St. Anne pamsh, D~xon. ~essrs. and Mmes. Donald Klan-[ "Yes, Mr. Porter." I said. I ~ ~] I 111 N. MAI1N ST. ROCKFORD I1=--=-- . l onila geken Se n e ne'tkn w!'' J WO 3.2122 llur anlze ' ew ]Didi'er Mike las--arr~'and Tg~i-'~====~ ' AU.~ORA=.~iss Caro, J Kurzer and[] ~~ PHOTO ENGRAVING [ m i/ ~J i,v A ,m m~ uav'a ~. Pitzenz in St. Rira of Casca/I ~-- ~--~.~~,~ -- I ,~urora ltI Miss Mary Ann Hsnkes and Frederick :i!i!i~ili}i~!i~ ":~E~;~. ,0 tt On NCCW Staff I icnic Set ] :11 ZoZ :How: ; " - WASHINGTON (NC) The 6 Wayne Pr gge in St 'Joseph Church i :::) :.::i::i::::.ii::i::i::i::::iii ~sh was organized at a recent -- ~ J~l ~ " ' f meeting at the home of Mrs National Council of Catholic AURORA ~ The .Chrmtmn ~'PO~'r-t~iss caro~ e sco~e " Women has announced appoint" Family Movement - Crossroaas and John A. Scanlon in St. Mary Church, ! : ::: ~e resenttn" I d WU~UIZ[R PUNOI I/, . ,~o,~, f ~. ~ lJor [p,cn,c will be held at Ph,hpps[ GI~NbA--~,SS ~ar~ M.r~aret ~u,nn~l ~ l{epretentir~g ] IANOS Hubert Schauff Deer Grove - Au.S i ::!::: P S ' ,~~m mummamm'r~l'l~ al~r Me ||~ne new club will be known)~-~,"-~. ': "'" $'~ ~.~" =?,':[park this year Sunday Aug 20 ',and Curtis B. Hill in St. Catherine Church,|m ~~ u All. I--. I I WUKLIIttK URUAI~ J/as St. Anne Discussion club. mu-ume worker ior ~s nem/be.~innin.~ at noon Chairmen f"r[A~'-~E /I t OO{IWIII-AIlOilt InG, m "~,- I/ The Rev. A. M. Weitekamp is|service, wmcn asmsts amcesan]+h? even~ are Mr" and Mrs B~ll[ J ~igh~t~an'~r~i' s w.o; s, I I JUStC$ lxtCrl, eS,rotclgl m, - -- --Icouncils ot women " " IS [m v I-,-, --. I " spiritual, aovlsor vlrs. ~rnolct " " I i Used Pianos and Organs I]McConley, leader, and Mrs. Ro-[ Miss Herder, an NCCW staffIA~::t" --ear 55 families from[ ~[] ~ Reckford WO 4-4618] 1 member smce last November, ;' Convenient Terms and Egan secretary The text o e , I Convenient Term; ]lto be studied' this-ear' is theIhad worked for the National|' H ly And ls and Our Lady ofl SUNDAY 6,]0 P,M, ml i m II hol r,oo o,n e oar* he enterta n- t altar and th sanctuar M m Cat m Commumty se vine fo ch Piano & Organ Co. bers will meet every two weeks SeVe alyears. I [I & /rDIt'lt e y e r *~ - r ed 75 students at the picnic. Fu - : I$ " ~*:~ ::~:~:~ m ~,m/ I ither information may be obtain-(I It.~ %, ml srarnng bept5 at 8 p m ~ ~ ~ | 330 S. MAIN ST. 221 W. MAIN ST. |[ " [IB~r~][~][~ led from Mrs. Donald Alger, 1728 ~ m[ I ~ocz~oR~ ~mPo~v [Hardin, TW 7-2922. II m, II "Dish lonarv I GARNER J][ ~~i~ ~;~i~ ~i~ ~ ~ i~i~;~i~i~ ~?~ ~ ~ ~i!~ / J ]1[ li]I m] ~i ~ii ~ JACK ii!i::::!ii~i:.:.::.:=::i~: '~i~ il :: ii?::i~::i::iii:;::: ;~{::ii~i~i ,-, JAt County Fair Ill First Communion and II/ II vacauon rreparauons ROCKFORD--The ",s'iolh n-;}ll Confirmation" " Photos ill (hannel, t == i}i! ~ii/ary cook book compiled by the I] "] ~ m[ ii !) Make sure that your smaller valuablesl)!)i)[women of St. Bernadette parish'~[[ By mm wax. "[ iiiiil . . . -- . li)i~[will be on sale at the Winne-[[[ "~ ~ -r. .- ,-, ~ lit ~ t| li j ) ann important papers have the salety li~:]bago county fair at Pecatonicalll Van Dvke tudio IU = ' ~ o ::~ Saturday and Sunday after- .7 and privacy of a First Nattonal Safe De . In .7 Ill ~:'.- ~)~i noons Aug. 19 and 20 . :~ -osit Box. The' ooRbook dis la" ill belll 00~ C roits of III ~ii! Stop in at First Nat,onal for ~,our su- ~iqHeating exhibit and women"[[ - Fom'ly Portroits. - III k r f ion one Travelers from St Bernadette pamsh will )iili pe -sa e vacat" m Y * * I~i[}r' h' n- " 11 th ~is . " Ill s09 N ock o a WO S. ]S Ul . ' )~': ~mve on a ct to se e rOOKS.Ill,Ill . . ! iiil[ WOOD Join our SO.week Vaeation Club to bo ili financially ready for Vacation 1962. "O BURPEE FIRST NATIONAL BANK III II :' and TRUST COMPANY,420 North Main Street , ) 401 EAST STATE ST ROCKFORD l !ll " III Rockford II tX ii~ MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. iII III Smee 1856 I/ J - NI 41~U UIAb Wl~,llbb IJU IL, Ullibl~l i) Rock]oraPs Oldest Bank t~::iII ll~Y~ '-ml I11 MARSHALL B. WOOD I/ O' I I~ i i~ rhea, PA~KI~C SP~CE ~ili;[I cus'ro~.'rA~tom III I/ .'1 '~ -~. ~ ~- "9 ] ~ , i WALLER : ~'~" : ''l'i ~ ':~ i~:! : ~ ii::i!@~% ,iii . [ CAN SAVE, l OU MONEY I ,0,-,-, ' ~~~ Noon Day Lunches have a ~,I" On Any Make or Model ~ ~ 11 ",'1 IIii -- "~ '~ an. l~uslnessmen s specials ~ ~ Ill s'- qP L. tOne hundred "ears ~,]un.lasnton Itmg [1 K.~:[[" UL" .I.L-tiLISI~ y ~ " i of Know how . . . at ~ are tastier than ever ~/ choosmg Bob L nch you . " EveryDay 11:30 to 2 Except Saturday Are you p~anning an ad pro- the latest |all shoe fashions gram booklet, a membership di-EATING OUT HERE IS " rectory for your organization, an anniversary souvenir book. A FAMILY AFFAIR and coordinating accessories let, an annual report, a finan- The foods on our menu are cial report, a house organ, a asvaried as they are deli- ]rom , cookbook, a new publication? cious. O u r service is ' ~ We offer editing service, ar- thoughtful and courteous Stevens Salon Shoes tists service, ideas and exper- . . . We even feature ape- "~ - ~ ience. Why not check your Let-cial children's portions, at the terheads, Envelopes, S t a t e - ments and Invoice supply? We'11 gladly quote you; what- Jo and Fred Mau and StaH corner oj elegance and fashion. ever your printing require. merits, let us serve you; letter. press and offset equipped; OUR NEWLOCATION 1315 KISHWAuKEE ST. Berg-Sundberg WO 8-5761 Rockford Primer, & Lithographers, 1819--9th St Rocklord, Illinois, 4201 Charles St. EXert 9-8729 R kford We Have Our Own Service Dept. corner Of ehurel and jeffer on rockford