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August 18, 1961     The Observer
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August 18, 1961

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FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1961 Capt. McGowan Assigned To Air Base in England The Rev. (Captain) .John J. McGowan. former assistant at St. Patrick parish, McHenry, and now a chaplain in the Air Here' s Mor About Former Delegate (Continued from page I) ed this country. The first was Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli. later THE OBSERVER PAGE 3 Workers In Serra Club News AURORA -- The Serra club here has accepted four candi- dates for membership. The new members are: Joseph Tremaine, St. Nicholas parish: John Mc- Donald and Herbert E. Schmitz, St. Rita of Cascia parish: and A. R. Fagerholm, Holy Angels par- Force. has been assigned to a pope Plus XII, who went in 1936. The Vineyard new post at B e n t w a t e r s- Delegate 25 Years Community ish. Woodbridge. England. FatherI While the Cardinal was Apos- Chest Agency Serra club President Kinally McGowan has just completed aLtolic Delegate to the U.S. from has announced that the District ,m.~a t~ 1Q~ ,h. Tt~l~. ~ By Lisa Ferris I the adoption of a child were re- No. 38 meeting will be held in course at Squadron Ot'ficerll'at~e traveVled~'in*ever~v" sta't'~h',~; Catholic Charities Staff ~ceived by the a,ency. CouPles Aurora in the fall. Richard Reu- school of the Aw University atlAl~. '- . ' * t d~ad, met more nmencans A quick look at theweekly ~ wrote expressing their wishes'lance nas been appomtea cnmr- Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala. [than any other foreign prelate schedule of a Social Workerito adopt a child. The letters,man" Since joining the Air Forceever to visit the U S and played ~ i Serra International Universal ' = J . '." . ~ nlgnugnts me IOllOWlng olversl-were acKnowmagea an work : ;n r~ ~'~r la<5 r-"t ~n 'an lmpor~am role in a perioo oI i Sp.~tual Observance day, as =~. ,~=,~o, ,-.or. *'~"lunn~r~llol~r] ~rn,vfh r~f fh,~ fledactivity" ,oegan in studying+he social~ - ~ well as the 177th anmversar of ~owan has serve at Aoilene,~ ~" . "" ' . " Y ' Church m America. He cons - Family Welfare department:]hostorms of these future adop-jthe death of the club patron, Tex Greenland, Stewart A i r crated 58 U.S. bishops. He saw Mrs. X a small frail woman,~tive families tFather Juniper Serra, will be Force Base in Newburgh, N. Y the Catholic population rise from GAVE CASTRO FIRST COMMUNION, EXILED -- Father Ro- speaking little English, came toi Transient help: Approximately:iobserved on Aug. 28. and Scott Air FoceBase in about 20 to more than 34 million ~ ~ ~':del the agency seeking h e 1 p Re-112 transients stopped by t h e~~ "~ . ' oerto 1 1. Larenus, ~.u t~ . tcentrrj me prl $1~ WHO gz~Vt~ Jul ' . . " Cant John J MeG wan Belier]lie ~the number of prmsts increase . ~ ~ ~ ~ c Cub-cently released from a hospltal,!agency asking for food cloth-L| ,9 I r,~d~LI'U I11~ |I[~L l'lUl~ ~UIIIIIIUlU[fllI~ 11~1~* Ut~ll IUfi:~t| UUL U| gl ' I - ' o by close to 100% the estabhsh- ~ she asked a helping hand mlmg and lodging After personal,| ~/t~~~~ d 5 Iment of mor^ 'h'-- oa n, at me age ot ~ atter servmg mere for 35 years, welcoming I, i C//,~;~a u i ~,e )A land the foun~in of%/nV'=n~:w Father Larentis to New Orleans were Father PaulCsik S.D B. ~m~m~lr n::d~%aCm~[:~s]~n:~i~eWoSf t~ eir a:c:r~mn me]l (~~.~y. 5 ,Ui ~L I! ,A ] arishes school~gan~ "h y'~ " (left), director of Hope Haven school in' Marrero La,and ~e a. "y . .y . g . . y . e as so:!5 17 ~.~~ z z/I 5 I p,a o~ er =. ,~'. t xt~ --~ pairs Ot shoes, socks, ~rous-lclai worker arrange am ana tl I [~.r%~--~tz~.t~q;z ! -- ~ ~tolic institutions earner mamas a. tvlc~onougn b ~.r~ parr cnar-u. ,~t, z ] i|,|~i~.~'-~, n N~ / ~.l~~ ' " " ' " A l shi era an starts. ~ney ms neea- speeoea mere on me~r way. gl 5/ Orleans and executive secetary of the Natmnal paste p of I 15 I ll J I ~[ ~[~J[4~ I[] I L Ikl ~i 5] " Visited Rockford ]theSea. FatherLarentis, who was forced out of Cuba penniless, t:raheWat:rnl?eZaCn~n~o~CafWar ~i [~~~#~]l I V~lfll~ III au epn no ~isut~ II The newly appointed Vaticani was given passage on an Italian freighter which will return il ~i I ltlt VIKl 7 II I r/// (qOlUII/ll/I Secr tar nine nungry mourns, wn e ~s- zvavvll~l%,~. [7/~ ~twt~ I ~ ~t -,~ Ill STORE FRONTS It e y of State mslted Rock-I him to his native Italy cussing what was needed food-[ I! If/l/Ik '] I ~IIPI~I~I~ lit I ford many times during his ca- wise she said "Flour--give us] t~|e'rt,~l: I I ~,~,ur, Ifl Ilree.rasA~st licDelegatet thel ~ r ~,1 ~ 251bs. offlour'. "I bake7 dozenl ~,~--~,~r~ [I D/I 5 :.-, 5tl ii n e? ta es ne the most Jr "1 bread rolls a day. To buy breadt tltnl l- J' II 1 '/ ' att m mldWllll-I 11kl l-ll~[z I furnace KeDour,na I zsmne occasions was on ~ec. ~[ ~t~L~w It ~L~.~I~I ~ for my family is too expensive /41YID [ . : I tut t uett ,~= Ill and Inst~l~tion- U[22. 1942, when he gave episcopal ~ To bake m-' "own is the onl;] RANS,ER II / l I / I I TWO CONVENIENT Ill ~ Air C~nditianin~ I[consecration to a Rockford dio- : " I~ II ~~ -.~ ~ I ,LOCATIONS IN AURORA |J| I Vo,t;I.~iM~k,l~kt Jlcesan priest the Most Rev Leo 1" - -- - A r~ .~ way we can manage, working ~ ilt~llgrrse=ii i I II IBinz, now Archbishop of Du-Ine#t#tm#so dlxmo" "41 :iethe Ub~eCtath:~sCstStlv:gem~l;[ ~~l l~vnnnu~rf J ,So. Uatoln Ave. and ~lerk Sfroet,I,buque. L ~; U I,'lP II/I.~ ~b'~, .1. J. ~ ~ J- ~ l ~ Uliq,I U ~ I I ALL PHONES TW 6-7734 Ill A~a u.' k ~, t I 1" " to "'s car r ciomes-wme an~ wire me omer,== ~--= [][] []~ = I ' III "' ~ " '~'~' 7" '7 " It mar m ee m me u.~. ~ items : Aurora, Ill. TW 2-9733 [5 ttq|t|| |~|t ~ I I AMeu~*NC~ ViCS [El TELEPHONE TW 2-3126 I[he had won recognition as a ROCKFORD--A meeting for all lay teachers to be employed i AGENT FOR [I ~t~ ~ I~V Cqr 5 ~'~Ischolar arhcularl in the held BLI VAN n vv ,~,*- r A ,~r ,P " Y " " in elementary schools in the diocese of Rockford will be held -- . " . REPU C e d [| " | of canon law, an author, a teach- Thursday, Aug. 31, at St. Bernadette hall. The weeks' scheaule co n~!n- STORAGE CO ]l AURORA PH. TW. 6-7761 5 r and uea wire a meeung nelct a~ me World W,de Movers ! ! ~ "~Tr7 g'~ Arllnl~lOl]~Tgn ~]l~l~[[[~"~'l~ e a counselor of youth. He Purnose of the meeting is to ~ OZ]k ~LJ b2-111~Itl ~ Ol~lt 1~.~l~ had also gained broad exr~ori ~ ,^ +~^ +~ ,o;n ~ Woman's club to discuss serv- "--~ i " . . .-- =^w.o.l .11= . o gram lor Lay Teachers. grill - r munit for the Wo./n: ~o - 'l n ;.I. B t* ence as an offmml m a number goals of the diocesan schools rues in OU. coral ~y SUMMER PIANO -- ORGAN SALE I . .-.-~-.~o - -~*'-~" "~'-~o "-'~u'*'- - of Vatican con~re~,ations In ad - -, . : ~- .u- -- -~ Wilson, tsqulgaDle Llteassur- unwea morner, rreslalng a~ tins I ~, ~, " as wen as ~u mmrm tucm ut ' 2 0 3 ff A[ N " Cofjee Catering Church Dinners Ptcntcs dition to his native Italian he the re,mirements for teacher once Company. meeting w a s Mrs. Melvma $ 0 -$ 00 O on I ew P,anos and Organs I "~,Bloom socmt worker Her work Sheet Mus,c Guitars Drums Band lust NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER Phone TW 2-5900 Aurora speaks English, French and certification. At this time they 1:30 -- Questions and An- - - - I : Spanish fluently, will also be told about a teach-swers Lay Teachers Ask." Sis- :::s/:n a::y t~gigrOUpgge~Ot~s ZIEGLER MUSIC COMPANY INC. I ---- er retirement program. The ter M Celine O S F, Elemen t I now m Defter me serwces g~ven ~,'hedule will be as follows" " 10 S. RIVER ST. PH. TW 2-1908 AURORA I " I"WINOAK$ 7-9805 " " tary School Supervisor. the unwed mother. 10"00 am -- Welcome Ad- . " :" i 2"00 --- Closing Remarks -- As the Catholic Charities work aress, rne very Key. r~aymonul " - t Wahl J C D Director of Father Wahl Benediction of the aauy w~m m~s promem, ~ne D1U~rllall~D A ]5~Dl~]hH1l~f A'/~T I ~". '" . ; representative of C a t h o 1 i c : ll2~ll.:allL 2~kc JU Itl~l~lYl /-]kJ. I The ann ~uucafion ~vtost messeu ~acramen~~. ual Marywoodpil- " ,-- . ~. [ Charities gave suggestions andi -- 5 grimage at Annunciation . 10:30. -~ eh~n~ar~ingpar~0X~eriLtsernaaet,e tmurcn, lanswered questions on the sub-~, ~tortsts omce ~o~o I 41 SOUTH iSLAND AVE AURORA, ILLINOIS,church Aurora will be Sun- :ences m zea g n . . I~ :ject ! ~I~T.I~.N M FRI~I~M~N t~ I "SPECIALIZING IN COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY rtav ~,- ~ oa ;,~ x~ ~ Schools."Mrs. Allen L~me[ We~,-=- Club chanlainsat I " ' | ~~ - ~, -*~ s ,~o~-~ i. ,~ a^,~ I " i In our aaopuon ctepartmem I358 Cedar St TW 27668 Auror- I tl es will be at lh30 a.m. and teacher "7 ~,rau~ ?o,; oa [State and private universitiesl= n.mhor of letters renuestin~t" " " I 51 ~ll~ ~,g|~ 12:15 p.m. Farewell cere-Pr 'uamem~,a ~eK~CaKt7~acher say that the dangers from athe- ~ ~ .~ ~ Kl'.POlll.l~ monies will be at 5 p.m. ll:O0 --,Y . . ists and communists in these[ . ~ I ' -. Ilrptu,~ from. a Pastors V~ewpomt~l institutions is exaggerated. The,~l{ .~ N KANE COUNTY, ITS KANE FORD I {A] HFAI I[ rneveryKev'l urweill 'l e'l " " 1[ EA 11[ ] l[ llr I Your Doctor chief peril, they claim, is from does V. F Pastor St. Thomas . I Will Prescribe I .11 Church, Crystal Lake. theeeaSu?;o[r~ %::e:he,Fai:h R L ESTATE II ~ ~llhfi~ld i~t~ 11:30 -- "What a Principal[ ordl thin s II turtmtuez I Ill Ililllmm Ji I II =IlIII. I-|ilIE Expects of a Lay Teacher."[w Y g" II m UKa tc / I Ill I I/ilIIEV UIEIqI'IS.I/ II tJU UUIIIMt'U Sister Franois Mary S I. Prin-I [I I UI GAtENA ." D. AURORA, ,U,NOIS I VALLI/TERING TO THEINS!ITUTIONALTRAnIA/Ir~Iq~ DR. LPHM L ~ SERVICE SINCE 1871 II (Villi . .I cipal-- St. Mary School, St "1- To tra'n a c't" n" " II Y::/~ILd III, - t erl ~ 1 lze is to trmn Car and Truck Leosm Dml TW 2 7636 A.1 f,~. R;li P 51 1~ thn ing. ]a critic. The whole point of ede-ll DIAl. ~-~) II-' -' " II "~'~'0 I.l| III1"; 12:00 p.m. -- Lunch Ication is that it should give all 2-3226 I, f Ill II 220 So. River TW 2-4090 I~ Aurora'Phone TW 7.9618 wv ~= iv 1:00 -- "A Retirement Pro-lman abstract and eternal stan-/I %~,T,'i I/I s ~ II rm:~ ra~,r~ AURORA II 12 Downer Place ~[~| ~[dards, by which he can judge}[ ~ Ill James ~.oleman II .--2RIvE'IN SERVICE I! ChildrensShoeSpeciofists illhd~d~WUld~U ~ ~T ]- imaterial and fugitive condi-[| 257N. Un|o~ Au,oraIllI J~ rlrPl'hlJP II . ,llllhgiU [ ,ttregon g nlgnts Itions. II TW7-7088 Ill I. %. IILII ,/KI,IIUq ncc nu I I il v i~ v v iiV i I . I .G. K . Cheste~oh li/i' ,|il II,'N ~"t~ - ~ Ui-E~ d~%~'t's i" ~ !i'"~[til,it//~ .-----~ ~ I I AURORA JANITOR SUPPLY CO. II /Install Officers I /I RCA wh oo, II I I 111 II '1 II "" OREGON -- The Knights ofi,Washers--Dryer~ : Columbus Ore on Council No ] - I[ ] I I':nOE LVEPOS,r/us C I CAc mpteteJantt r-13ar-Kestaurant~uppttesDE MICHFI,g RA =: MIL EN I Refr, 77~. m.hl,a III 111092 installed new officers at I I I r . II i ~ III I/ ' . [I ,-~,k~J ~. -* I .~ c.~.I|i ~Jlsnwasners II Downer & River Sts I 1~~~ CDk~, TWJ ~ ~a91~I~TTT, ~'RAM~R ill rl rrTnlr ~/~ I/a recent meeung. Ueremomes I =yes cxammea ~u=u -- ~-,-,~, Ill II I'L " 11I:LI'L I KILSt; 5/were conducted by the state dis-II nan,a i[ln : NO. ROA WAY III V, if|re Your Ne. It/ mr II " trict deputy'Edward Conroy of ~K|~ ~ I "a~r*~ n- no [[I ~::b::v ~=~r:m i:: []Dixon, assisted by installing /1594 sth A~A%RoRATW 2-9613 ][ " Member of F D i C I x ntt rt lii Z"~'~ r ||warden Paul Nusbaum. II I Table, Dresser & Desk Tops ill ear uvera ~duarter o] J[ Richard ~Brown is grand I " I Glass /or Any Purpose Ill a Century i|knight, and Leo McGinnis, de- [::~/[[~ II For An, Occasion I/I I/I " I I II GLASS CO. Ill Industrial I|puty grand knight. Other officers [ hotoen II " I|1 Itt11/r c I/I . / 1 I Ill nI . g g II iii I,I/ are Robert Brune, Tom Hans,BUS SERVICE /V|llkE 3. mor as.ora I! I |1~6-58 $o. LaSalle St. AURORA Phone TW 0.4821 ,11,Commercial l/ski run[ Seaworth, Roman Porem-'sea ] C,A TER COAC.ES I11 Ill " ohn Slothower, Tom TEL: TW 85= ' I . . I/wo'rth, Henry Luezinger, Dom-I "Ill- II " Itl / ll'Ii:K3 Ill Complete s2 i inic Padula, Mike Broderick, to your n eds " Price JPHOTOPHOTO TEQUIPMENT andand SUPPLIESSUPPLIES Ill " Eleet~:lCo~[ :~tor J[Leo Savage and Donald Cline.[ a.~n~a ill li Joliet-Aurora a]i PLUMBING i[J Ine.ude. Bev og. I FastProcessmg Serv;ce (All Types; T N r r R~ hter "-" .' " ",he Rev. o be t "c,- All ' ,o liquor just line load FastPr~cl~s:in~. S~i;;,:AII Types) I/I 1043 OLIVER AVE. of St. Mary parish, Ore.IENGRAVING CO. P II Trans,t L,nes, Itl d III ~ I } SilverGIoss Photo Shop Itl ~unAyRORt I[g n''~s chaplain'. I o ,o, ,o II Inc I]1 ~ ~ II i ,ofs [ i / " I """ II I/I AURORA I11 East Side of Aurora, Illinols I ~|| t/ " |] PHONE TW 2-3944 lii i Ill t~t;A~ ]U~~AV Ag~U~V T~ff4"~ li . . lit ,', ' ill IIAiiF i~lliil~'~ * CORDIALS W Tapes---Keco ALL nullflll: ArrLiArtt.l[) INSURANCE * WINES W Color TV Sales and Service--TVnRecords---Stereo---Wiring Cash Terms Lay-Away--All Repoiring--Pttrts 61 Fox St. -- Aurora TW 7-9171 HI-WAY LOUNGE & STEAK HOUSE FINEST DINNERS & LUNCHEONS Jl I I I Help yoursel/ ~ram our I I Salad Bullet Table I I ! PRIVATE PARTY ROOM AVAILABLE 1518NEW YORK ST. ROUTE 65 Any and All Types Coverages Aurora Saving & Loan Building REGNIER CHUCK DAY AURORA GREENHOUSE CO. RUSSELL ONAK One Downer Place Phone TW 7.8694 :~. Aurora because it's aged longer than any other beer " Lorden Ted Sharpenter Dislribuling Co. Distributor * BEER ROBERTS PACKAGE LIQUORS 1216 NO. LAKE ST AURORA Plenty o] Frea Parking R AURORA PHONE TW 7.4832 * Ampex * Microphones * Amplifiers * FM Tuners Hi Fi Record Shop TW 6-8021 47 Fox St. Aurora, II1. Dial WO 3-5409 Rockford, I|1. D~I TW 2-6419 or TW 7.5744---Aurora, III. Bear & Wing Bows Custom Arrows Complete Line of Archery Supplies and Raw Materials M CUSTOM ARCHERY $3 JACKSON STREET Phone TW 6-2226 AURORA Hours: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday: 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. & FURRIERS BUILDING AND LOAN AssOCIATION/AUROU A O/ Re erve Ot Over ~ /~ $2,700,000.00 On All Savings Assets Over $45,000,000.00 Per Annum (Current Rate) 77 S. Broadway Save by Mail--Postage Paid Both Ways ""'-"au,u,e, Iilin0is T : TWin Oak, 7-87.61 SAVINGS INSURED TO $10,000.00 COLD STORAGE VAULT We Specialize in Drapery Cleaning 129 GALENA BLVD. 800 FIFTH STREET PHONE TW ?-8771 PHONE TW 7.8773 AURORA MITCHELUS DRIVE-IN LIQUOR STORE Complete Line o t: LIQUEURS WINES CORDIALS BEER AND ALE ICE CUBES AND SNACKS ~n Acre ol Free Parking 1250 $O. BROADWAY AURORA, ILL. COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE COMMERCIAL --- PORTRAIT --- WEDDI NG Roy Gasper, Photographer 42S New York St Aurora, Illlnols Phone TW 2-2S69 THE BLUE LANTERN 1435 New York St. Aurora, Illinois " SUPERB FOOD Accommodations ]or Banquets and ff/edding Parties For Reservations Phone Twin Oaks 8-4741 LEONARDI FURNITURE TV AND APPLIANCE Visit Our Furniture Department We Feature: WADE BROWN G.E. PHILCO BASSETT ROPER HAMILTON SEALY ADMIRAL MAGIC-CHEF 907 S. River St. Aurora TW 6.1761 IMPROVEMENT FEDERAL SAVIHGS to help you achieve and FIHANCIAL SECURI we're your guide your friend your hesper Your partner in pers0nai progress! Join today with your friends and neighbors who have learned that it pays to save a portion of their earnings each month at Improvement. Fully protected to $10,000 hy the F.S.L.I.C. SAVINGS Jne LoOAN ASSOCIATION 801 ilt|lli 10g)E 11D "IIIH OAg$1.1161