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August 11, 1961     The Observer
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August 11, 1961

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PAGE 2 Orchestra, Glee Club Raise Funds FALL RIVER. Mass. -- An Mother Mary William Pro- "all-girl," 33-member orchestra vincial Superior, summed up backed up by an "all-girl," 72-the success of the Sisters in a more formal way. She said: voice glee club has been "wow-"We had to do something for THE OBSERVER IFAMILY CLINIC Need 2 S to Cause By FATHER JOHN L. THOMAS, S.J. Assistant Professor of Sociology at St. Louis University aws As a non-Catholic I'd like to see an article on the following. know a young Catholic couple, married only two years, whose marriage is breaking up because of her mother. The woman is frightfully jealous of the young husband, talks against him con- stantly, and tries to run the family. The young wife is utterly c~nfused and the couple argue constantly. Since they live next FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 1961 Set Regional YCA Meeting In Davenport DAVENPORT, Iowa--Eugene M. Galligan, program director of the management course for the American Management as- sociation of New York, will de- liver a general assembly ad- dress on "Group Dynamics" at the Young Christian Students Midwestern regional study week to be held at St. Ambrose col- lege here, Aug. 14 through 18. ing" music lovers with con-the building fund of the Acad- certs m" the New ~n- glana" " area emy of the Sacred Hearts here door to her mother, the husband wants to move, So far, the lne xL~ smoy week wm oe h- i-ters "ot to'~eth"r dur mother has prevented this. She pretends to be a very rehglous mls summer, ou t e o ~ ~; ~; t; - ' " O nelo in conjunction With pro- ,~ person Don t your priests preach sermons on such problems Each of the 'all-girl" groups ing their vacation andformed ~. " " grams of the Youn~ Christian is a member of the Religious the orchestra and glee club. i~ FROM YOUR DESCRIPTION of the case there is every reason Nurses the Papal VoTunteers for of the Holy Union of the Sacred It's a bit mercenary, maybe, ~: to be concerned about the plight of this young couple Their Latin America and the Exten- Hearts w h i c h conduct 13 but we've had request after re- !:: situation presents all the typical features of one classic form sion volunteers, and the Adult schools and other institutions in quest from very appreciative ii : : : :~.: :!: of the in-law problem: outside interference before the marriage Apostolic formation group. the Fall River diocese, audiences." ~: iz:~: : has become well established proximity of the source of inter- c' ~,~,~T ~,t,m ho; ~ +~ Aro T ~c~ r~ . : f : ~ . " . ',stu~d~y'w'eek~on'th~e'la;'apost'ola'te ~: i~? 4 ference, confused family loyalties on the part of one of the , iYUSSlonarles Leave t on o .i OWl~ : : . ': : spouses, and incipient disintegration of the marriage as inai- is the Rev. Louis M. Colonnese. g i- :~ ~::" :: rated by the constant arguing It seems safe to predict that un- Davenport, diocesan director of Leo oldville The Catholic The garrison at Basoko is gov " " :::~:":: " " " : " less "hi- "nfor'- na~ co 1 seek c "i [ ::. C CS nat1 nal w P " ' ~ :.:'. :. : : t b u m Le Up e s ounsel ng a~ once tnelr mar- V S Y "o d" oo+nr ,~f mission at Basoko, a former erned by the leftist regime at :/~-~: : a e is ooomed otailureo ' ~,q m,~,~, ,f s! in,Oment~ Prop)rice Sta~eyville, !lke Ba)Sl~kOra Con- ii:::: : : i i::;;:ii:;:~i::::::::- nI~'SHOULDBEtNOTEDthat in-law problems of this type are d~:el p=e2t executive"'comm~t'- aoout 16u miles normwest go Xtlver port its so ale s we e l~ .: : ::: : : ~ ~~@~::~:~z:~:~:~:,o r " "~ " - " ~ " " ainl from unem lo ' never one-siaea aifairs, lhere can be no effective outside inter- tee. vather~ Colonnese is also ~tameyvme, nas ~een aoanaon r crmtea m y P Y GRADUATE FIR I TORS.- re r s n . -I e~ ~ $ ST ENG NEERS DOC " One of two men in the first class of civil engi- ference in a marriage if both purtners value their sacramental p e~e tative for the Papal Vol- ea laoorers With ll[tle sense oI '. . eft. . .[ neers to graduate from the Louvanmm university, Leopoldvllle the Congo M Katabarwa unity more highly than loyalty to their parents Whenever inter- unteers for Latin America and ~ieThr~ fwO~r ~r:~St:er~the2~r;~l~il::;pnne or respec~ mr mmr o,-i receives congratulations from Archbishop Gastone Mojalsky Perrelli, Apostolic Delegate to ference proves effective, therefore, it will be found that one the Extension Volunteers for the n n United States A~slstant chair " . . I the Congo and Rnanda-Urundi The university, a Catholic institution and the o ly u iversity or both of the partner~ have failed to grasp the real meaning[ " - ~' ' - since the murder of their su- ~ne superior ot me mission : ~ t 'l now operating m me uongo, also graouatea me lirst two native doctors recently, ot marital unity either because they are too immature to under- man is the Rev. Marvin Mottet, erior In Ifet)ruar were llnally yarner oosepn n. legels, ~.t~.a,~ ,-, . !ioeqt~!W!idi~:~.~}re:t:n tbh~:twssl~!i ple3U'r'do~ur:i~ !f : !tf21Four Med!cal Volunteers Iss. Peter, Paul ~bZOriii~~ta u ~~i ~@c~aa~ii~ibta~iyd~y:iit!~ P:o eAs.tacn)mGrp roWtthlnnL2tolfn' .- ,- .6Aem 'ca Now Nearrng Ghana Post IF ersmsrPa: ry q:ii!l!tgp:ii; ::;r~rY:tP~??tThi::r}rell~ ot:nifbo!e:?!a!!~urlIf' "' ' s~:,~CL:;; ;eenBp U~Idl~ gwa410o- Brady ,WASHINGTON--(NC)---Four, The hospital serves some 200. . ' " "',".[F~* ~ 1. rants in Latin America are in- The Protestant increase, the youn,~ women who left Washin'~ I * ~. irresponsible that is too snanow or immature to unaerstand ][flloeese lknlan[s creasing four times as fast as CELAM report said came most ton in June are on the last lapoi utpauems a aay, as weu as au[ t~tt~.~.r~uv, m.- tne-trey. the obligations of the marital contract, mere absence of par-I ~ ,'~ ol l~+i, accord I ' '-I [bed patients. One of the first,Charles J. Juzaitis, who was ental interference will not make them responsible If one of the ,~, s t""', "lu, ~ h +h,~ nv,~r ,m of;meir journey to ~t. ,man ot boal I . Plan Golf Outm ing to statistics releasea here -a ~, l hospital Duayaw Nkwanta [projects mr me vomnteers wiulpastor of Ss. Peter and Paul] l=artners is overly dependent separation wom me interfering[ g l~y the Latin American Bishops']Catholics i, areas wim utlGhana where the, will serve for tbe setting up a laboratory for~ church Rockford for nearly l parent will help only if the partner is capable of emotional The Knights of Columbus of council (CELAM). [prmsts. tthe next three years lu.~e when electricity i, av~il-Jni dio,q of ~ h,~nrt ~+~ growth, the Rockford dmcese are.spon- : CELAM reported that 185 mil- CELAM reported that there Trained by the Women Volun-!=~,1,~ "" - rm,o~.~'u,-*~-' ~-* +,"~'a ~"-7 ~. ":.'-~-- : "-~ ~m*~P-HLY SPEAKING THERE ARE TWO broad t':~'~s of l soring a golf outing Thursday, [=~,~ -- v .~ ~ ~ v tack Aug ~ in t reenup, wnere t ~v ~ lion of Latin Amerma s 204 mfl are 135 000 Orthodox, 681 000 r " A 24 tee s assocla ion and r 1 m ~ al ug at Rochelle Country . . "[ ' t suppo ted,p.m, daffy. I [oxer-dependence. One type implies no unhea thy e ot'on at-I , lion people are Cathmics Its dews ann l~ ,uuu lVlOsiems in by the Washing, ton archdiocese ~ ~ I'm r I~K~ll: ' [ I~ +~ohmon~- +a ~ho n~ront hU+ result, from mere failure to assume club Golfers may tee off all ~ ~,lney will also wor~ at a ma ~['~': ,~, ' ~[~ i ,~o . stat~stms showed a total of 7- Latin America. More than 10 they are Connie Kenne- of Mil- I ~. . I [ ~ a,m+ d self direction as an adult In 6ther~m rnlng and from 12 to 12 40 s " i r 'th * " a ternlty wing now oeing built at. '. I, r i, ]l . p='~''~'~* "~OU'"O''"''~ '~' " m 1 o 1 40 2 2 4 2~00 000 Protestants, an mcrea e million people it sa d, a e wi -,'r ; ~'~ ' p,t p m and to 0 . ,^ o ] [waukee, an anesthetist, Roberta the hosnltal ' [11,~l~ Iwords, the pattern of necessary ~parental dependence developed[ ot o per cem irom a year ago out rengmn or belong to pnml- Graham of ' i ' i "- ] p m . [ Cmc nnah, a reg s- t t ~. .= ~'. '" """" 'il]~ ourmg childhood ~s thoughtlessly maintained after adolescence. " compareo With an overau popu-'tive renglons, tered nurse" and medical tech- .~ ; ~ **tt *~ ] ':' .~]][]i~ i1~ ] : oh ~,nllv avow ,n ono. *hey ~r*~ senarated from their[ ulnner wm oe serveo at ~:6u =. nolo~ists Janie Lewis of La The volunteers will receive $50 ' W~I", "J ~ I p.m. and a t avehng trophy will Students Build Homes tor I and Jeanette La-'~ . . . ~.~ i~llltllll~: 1:~, .:!~,~ parents ine secono type Implies SUCII uuimmmy ~IIIU[IUII/CLt alL- break] a month for necessities They i, ' be awarded to the best four-man Hetuvees Grange, Ind ' t~chment to the parent that the victim is not capable of Van of Red Win,~ Minn will share four rooms in a house !]ll]~l[[l][~]~j~,li[~l~ "~ :[golfing team later in the eve- ' T.0NDON--Man En,lish~, sem seminarie,askin, students tol . - %;' . - " 1, ~;,~, ~,~oo h ~o+oo+ ,~,-,~',- -+o I I l$1~ttlll~ll~!lI!i~:,il!in,-, away. w~mout a great neat o~ nelp. mecause tins attacnmeml.Inlng rnzes wm De avauame to .- -! ~ ~ memem 'ream ~ L~ :--I I. lltllil~[llt!!ijl' [is rio htlv reoarded as abnormal both parent and child angrily iuary students are spending this'g~vel up part of mew vacatlon] The four volunteers will assist for that part of Ghana -- oi a ] I tlil~[lt~~~ ),i][III'1 . [ ]~.~', ~ ~ ~ o n ~, ver:~ defensive when it is im,qied I all. voluntanl for th~ ur ose A[ ~,~-v ~ ~ year's summer vacation build-] "Y '" p P ' an American husband and wife kerosene refrigerator and cook- i tlO !:il[[llt] "l F. J. Connolly, Rochelle, is . first party of eight from his own]+o~.~ n.o .~ ~n~n ~ ing t e ~g~'l'l'!ill$i~ lviere separation is no remeay in their case mey require aoe- -, - [ ,~ ~ o ,~ ~ o.u-~ ~,~ i, S OV . ,~ .~l~ll~,lIO~IIl~mt~l','l, [ll!l[*r i,' igeuera[ cnalrman OI the out- ing homes in west ~ermany for t r t work as ~" -- " " ~ '~ ~ ~ ouale counsedng. . [diocese volun ee ed o [Adoook --in conduotlng +he hos- The area in which they wi]l l ~~i]il~I',] " " ing. His committee members refugees from communism. Ilaborers on the camp si!e atlpital,"200 miles inland~from the live experiences extreme fluctu-! /~ [ WtIAT .TYPE OF DEPENDENCE EXISTSinthe case you]are: Rochelle, Bill Brennan, Bishop John A. Murphy of Boppard, eight mires ~oum ot coast which is sponsored by'.ations in temperature which' : ~. - ~ menuon is not cmar Irom your letter, mougn mere are somelHarry .~oetgren, Babe De~ryse Shrewsbury has sent a letter to iCoblenz. Bisho'~ Andrew Van Den Bronk'varies from 120 degrees' at noon - - .- .%i.' =:/ " I indications that it is the second. The couple are in serious need and Henry Kaminski: Rockford, I . - ' "~" i to about 60 at ni-ht ' I ~~ of competent help and moving away will only be the first stepIHenry Bracke" Belvidere Paul oi x~umasl, t nana. N,h' ition 'n " ' ' Po e Asks Youth to Res ect Age ~ ~ -~ ': - - ~ in the remedy. As you probably know, the Chum s pos ] Arthd; Loves Park, Lou Fran- P P I such cases is quite clear. The primary loyalty of the partners chlm, and Woodstock, Bob Fa- r the to end The Rev Charles J Juzaltts ~ h ar married the are CASTELGANDOLFO, Italy--- the times comes fo m '] it ~ . . . " " I mu.t be to their marriage. Once t ey e ",y [gan diocesan athletic chairman, ~is HoLiness Pope John XXIII their pilgrimage on this earth "',| JVlaKe zal lfla~.e he has l=e~n astor f '~hri no longer their own but belong to each other in a sacred union Reservations must be madt ~ ,-p . o ~ s~ me { . . has counseled a large group of] Po"e John also ur"ed ,outhI[ i t Jr ~ r~ *~ * .-. ~, that makes them two in one flesh, a union that has pmontyIby Aug. 20. children at a recent eneral v ~ : ~ttena lae 14~rt ,qnrtHOt ,m~ c ~cn a~udience here "always to~espect to add this respect.for the aged'.[ -m ~P Am ~m~L Bishop William A. O'Connor o~' th:: :nll ~ho~e;:la~nsha~~ cleWvh:t;f hre :i~e'an(Ghn~lsilse, a2e2:~.lT ~ ][~,o,;,r, [-l'ol~;l- rround to a generosity m the service ot ltjr Sp~lnofleld otiicmtedat the~,at,Lr It~LV~ X.[CUt.rJ~, older people and to su,t - " " - . " i[ K ~ ~RN~D BEeF ~- ~ "" g [2 ,l WHAT ABOUT THE MOTHERS ROLE in this affair? Youl n outh ana in ma v- itneral Mass Aug "i, ana Otlrlal {hem with every kindness. God both i y ' -,I " o r n In at ' ar irThthP: o~dt:~d h: ~:un,[ahvear~ to~ritt:c~Jh:tyLOnUlgd b:i;fetO e:: h I CABBAGE =F Vl w2;fr~m:t9?~ ~grenChU:ChaChi~ t;gmh~ltYn~Ut:tb rna~ethP:etme2::iagte :!n:i: :e;lglt 2g 7d; ;ne com-lda~.t~o~ Mr. a~d MY2. LWeawl:s uet a sunot e ou oec-- I KWANGJU, Korea -- Korea's Msgr. Kim received t i - . Adults $1 50 -- Children 7.5c re.R,t ' " . " . " o 1 o o o -J o I ~+ +h est "f his ordina"-'l t " "I ~ %n~l|~l.~ I seouences one must rank it among tne most serious oI sins. I w~ ~,~v~,~ 1 ~irs~ aomesuc prelate nas oeen} ~ ~, - ~-~' ~. ~ ,~ ~vI ~ - ~lLlIL|l]~ * :- ~.~:. T TRITE TO ADD that the divine command[~@}}i~}i~i~:~{~?}i~i~i~i~{~2~}}i~:~}~;}i~{~i~i~}i~i~:{~:~}~!~.~:!~}i~i~i~}`~{~i~!{~.~%~ ~ ~ m u,~ o -,~ t~lsnop narola w. henry, a.~.t~ ~ .] l'I ~El~,l 1b 2~bl 1u3 | iU 2' V~ Apostolic Vicar of Kwangju. It ---- ~ ~. ~.~Y;oo,*.*,W 1] ?a::!er~oWK~:~ ~! i~ ! ! !gtethdt it:{ itve !n: ai!??tsT ~m~ chX~aa~I:hyHu: ;~ tFh:t~;P~u~ ;aeh lth:e~o~:2~:nOf2:~eWOrkn! COLU,AVIA ,h, B : . CHARLES t o Vicariate of Kwangju, who re-]Kwangju vicariate for the last' - - A,k For IIHow many people take this obligation seriously. [ ceived the title of Right Rever- 25 years and for his outstanding! r-, ~, v . ~ t-, II . /| I pnd Monmgnor [work for the Church there ' ~ lxaln or ~nlrle -- ~o~s oI L)over ~ 8, a ,=, A l] (Father Thomas will be unabte to answer personat tettersJ /| ttelytent, ana non-. I ! " " . . ",- tHAMPASN[,tl I Lay APd)stolate Guide Pubhshed See The Sparkhng 1961 Caddlae VELVET II " i ' RO A e towntm son men in the Church and the,r ac ' Aurora Novices Rece,ve Hab t /I "' '"" I M -- g " g ' ' "[ Sponsered by Lolumbian Councll K of 2191 II CONCORDIA Kas --- Three parish who will celebrate M Mount St. Marv I the lay apostolate has been com- tion on the international level in: l] - -m-n from Aurora will lHigh !~ Iass Bishop F W Fre- v.m. ,~ m~. I | rifled by the Permanent Commis-[ I = TWIN C|TY ilYoung wo e I ". " : |1 . I " light or pommcat aocuments~ -~- receive the reh'g'lous habit" of king of Sahna, Kas, wm pre gir ns~ rthth~ntei~2;t~lstC:te pastoral letters, biblical studies i~~0~ . PRODU,CO. ]the Sisters of St. Joseph in re-side and conduct the ceremon-[[ Academy [ ] n +~ ~; ~ ~.~ o |~I~WI[~ Sterling Ph. 184 Ilom~tion ceremonies Tuesday,ies of reception and profession.|| e-t ,-u ~, ~e,~ I which has its headquarters m o- v~, ~.o - ,- I "i-"" - '4 e ~, . ~----~'-r -f[I * - ~= ,~,~v0a m ~ome. A similar bibliography was ~~ ! aug. lb, at me l~azarem morn- o~er ~w ~nm, uau~,~ u /I I The bibliographic guide lists[nublished in 1957 by the Cat'ho- ~'[~7 d]~ Arll~][~][~l]~'d'' {~][P][~'~t/vldf~]l,l~ --7--------v--'----"---'~-~]erhouse in Concordia, Kas. TwolMr. and Mrs. Julius Sabo of[[ Conducted by Sisters of St. 'l tr"--I~c Univ-rs:t" of "the~acr--' gz'XX~La ~k.~.Fli J. uu'~nlLL ~ t 3L~lt 1%.~lJ Ilof the novices, Miss Judith[Sacred Heart parish, Aurora[I Dominic. Fully occredited, well I Ou worl~.s lrom Varlou~ t:uuu zero. e,o " :'1 I These illustrate the role of lay-{Heart at Milan. I~eddings Club Socials Banquet,[IFel.den'.daughte, of. the[:o;lsit~ea::mPer~::S~heO~is~,:;~[[ ~~~;e I II reioens ann ~vuss marnyn "" /I i %2:i ei2:2i :;v e I Public Understanding Needed NCO;~HeGfTEe~'H~PPI~G cChN'TEh P~TW 2~900PA:::: wW:lllls, d:ru:htre:m fatche~ Lee:;~ ~e::i Jo~;ph ate~ch&:c~Cr~d WASHINGTON--The need. for ing to the councils' pledge of, i ll,'ll al |] parish, and the third, Miss Syl-I Joseph hospital in Belvidere. il I public understanding of our]support following his message -7-'-~ lll P" livia Christoffel, daughter of lhe! t problems abroad will continue,[to the nation on the Berlin crisis. ~'~ 3 T-~ "~~P'" |lBernard Christoffels, is from n~,Uml, nllm~mmtn ~An~uammmmnm~umm~ nuA m ~A I President Kennedy has told the The President also said that h Oar#Ir]rv O rl . |St. Nicholas parish. DKIk%M:N [IIN%/RH[/IIIN [11 I presidents of the National Coun. "our need for increasing vigor ~Js~#~ll~ ls~|ll~ t~arpe~ |[ Sylvia's great uncle; the Rev. ~w~ . ~v ~ m =~v ~m~w~ ~.~ | cfls of Catholic Women and Men las a society here at home" will Drapery |[Peter Watgen chaplain of St. KE~IDI~I~TIAL -- COMMEIICIAL -- INDUSTI/1AL I The President made the state-Jcontinue. Telephone TW 2-0570 Linoleum I]Francis hospital, Freeport, will BUILDING [ ment in a letter to Mrs. Arthur] "I know I can count on your 400 Fifth Street A"R-RA ILLI~'-I |[attend t h e ceremonies along 1133 So. Fifth Street St. Charltt I U ~ t NU ~ MA 50~a0 JUno 4 0296 L. Zepf and William F. Johnston,[support and that of the National . " "" - I] with the Rev. Leonard J. Guz- " J ~1 n n n 11~. cm 3t ~ternn[ heads of the two national coun-[Couneils of Catholic Men and of -- "3~r,' " |[ zardo, pastor of Sacred Heart cils. |Catholic Women on behalf of " r ~" President Kennedy was reply-| those objectives," he added. I ALL HOME APPLIANCES Want That New Home!! PARKER'S BUILDERS SUPPLIES, INC. Group Rushes Aid to Refugees YOU CAN -- THE MILES WAY S S --,V-- o -- r --W CASH & :ARR ' TONGERLOO, Belgium--FiveI ~ representative of the or- THE BEST BU1LD.IT.Y{}URSELF DEAL ~ons of clothing to aid the thous-]ganization has gone to Berlin to ANYWHERE SELF S|RVIC| ~nds of East German refugees]study the extent of the need on No Money Down Low Monthly Payments THE BUILDERS SHOPPING CENTER Your Credit h Good -- Fir,t Payment From 60. 90 Day, WHERE YOUR CASH $'s BUY MORE o l the spot and to ascertain the Csn Include "'It's Easy Parking at Parker s' ,treammg daffy into West Ber "[best means of assisting, l " Materials for Foundation- Plumbini.--Heating- WirinI Jn were shipped within a few.[ The group was founded after l LLIMBER ROOFING INSULATION HARDWARE . A FULL LINE OF O'BRIEN'S PAINTS ,ours after an urgent appeallWorldWarIIbyFatherWe,'en-I Miles Pre-Cut Homes eached the headquarters here]fried van Straaten, 0. Praem, ] GOODYEAR: VINYL TILE COUNTER TOPS SANDRAN )f Aid Group for East Zone[to assist priests in communist-] CaS~ Terms Loy-Away--AII Repalrlng--Part$ Frank J. McBride lloekford, Ill. RUGS ?riests. [held areas. 61 Fox St. -- Auroro TW 7-9171 1348 6th Avenue WO 4.0053 E. MAIN ot 11TH AVE PHON[ JUNO 4-0057 o " SEND FOR FREE CATALOGUE ST. CHARLES Warns A alnst Red Infiltration I ' ' RIOBAMBA, Ecuador -- Anicuss the situation of the "Silent Ecuadorian bishop has called onlChurch" in Red-dominated Cuba Colonial Acres Rest Home ',he people of this South Ameri-]foll,owing the Ecuadorian Bish- :an nation to resist communist ops joint condemnation of the One o~ ll$inois" Finest Rest Homes aafiltration. I regime of Premier Fide1 Castro For Th~ Chronically Ill Bishop Leonidas Proano Villal-lin July. . Member Federal Th* elderly and Th, Convalescem "Your Guarantee oJ Satis/?ctton" [ :m of Riobamba warned at a] The Bishop said that a pro-D~po,i s.ra,~.(Aurora#ationa.l'~ IP, i;:il : I Free M th" " t DraperIes I 2atholic Action meeting here Castro youth organization in this :hat the country's organizations i country has recently staged serf- Corporation a/ kj Proofing Rugs and [ ~f teachers and university stu-ious riots. He added .that com- tents are both controlled by ex-[munist propaganda is coming,Fur Storage Carpets l reme leftists who are leading into Ecuador by the ton with :hem toward communist goals, lout hindrance from the govern- Waterproofing Suedes ] The meeting at which Bishop ment of President Jose Velasco Ph ne TW 7"8494area.AURORAcoLD& FURRIERSsToRAGECLEANERSvAuLTBrOadwayat Maln ii AURORA ELGIN "n[ Proano spoke was called to dis- Ibarra. ! Dyeing Formals i Ywo Davenport Women Volunteer * Shirt Laundry Specialty DAVENPORT, lowa -- Two ldiocese. She will work among " ' "" ~ i 'oung women have volunteered underprivileged Negroes in the LS lay missionaries, one to serve I a Lafayette, La and the other Mary Carruthers of Ottumwa, n Peru, the Office of Lay Apos- Iowa, will serve as a Papal vol- ~T, CHARLB GENEVA T I olate of the Davenport diocese unteer for Latin America, She We Specialixe in Drapery Cleanin$ "" Colontal Acres I I ,as announced, will complete her nursing train- BATAVIA DEKALB - Martha Tobash, a native of ing at St. Joseph's school of 129 GALENA BLVD. $00"FIFTH STREET KENNETH E. MELVIN, PRES. I ;chuylklll Haven, Pa and a nursing in Ottumwa, Iowa, and SYCAMORE CARY [ST I 961 graduate of Marycrest col- after four months' missionary PHONE TW 7.8771 PHONE TW 7.8775 MA 6-0233 19]i ] ege here, will serve as an ex- training in Mexico will be as- AURORA ension volunteer with the Cath- signed to a nursing post in Aban- 1~tk AV. end SCIENCE RIDGE RD. STERLING, ILL. alo Charities of the Lafayette ray, Apurimac, Peru. " k,n,