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August 11, 1961     The Observer
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August 11, 1961

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Vol. XVI--No. 32 Official Newspaper of the Rockford Diocese ROCKFORD, AUGUST II, 1961 O 10 PAGES My dear friends in Christ: Sunday, August 13, has been s e t aside for t h e ob- servance of Catechetical Sunday in the D i o c e s e of Rockford. Its purpose is to draw attention to the need for religious education in accordance with the teaching ministry of the Church. The clergy and people of the Diocese are indeed to be commended for their zeal in providing for the proper religious instruction of our youth. Wherever possible, schools h a v e been built both on the elementary a n d on the high school level. This Fall we expect an en- rollment of 23,000 in the grade schools and 5,000 in the high schools. Each y e a r, for the past four y e a r s, approximately 1,500 addi- tional children have been enrolled in our schools. These schools have been built and maintained f o r :our Catholic youth. Wher- - kr ever t h e y a r e available I~l~iM" i a n d accessible, therefore, 1 ~ ~ TV '.'. :, ' :~'~:' 'i:],:] :'::.: :'" ,"" ":' :I; I' ::" ~::"'!+ ' 9 I ' ': . +~:+' : . ' ' : ~' parents s h o u l d see that I i i J ' ':: : :' "': ,: .- their children are enrolled S[ln es " I ' i ill!'l!lliI' tllf~ll~ ' : ::: ~i : Along with our Catholic II I fll + u lM ' ~ ~11III]11~ " :!': ' ; ' : "' ' " ' It ' ' In them . i : ' il ]: ! I Z,i!p. " .S'ti'II :1 s c h o o 1 system, provision AUI~ORA--Two" new Catholic will bc graduated from the ele-, ,i I + "'+ ' + : has been made for the re- high schools one for boys and[yen parochial elementaryl itItm, lllJllll highUS,hl i gN/litI l+! ill[iX R NNHNl lllt ll[lll iii .l iliUr t/lll01 fief I li,dous instruction of those one for girls, itl be construct- schools of the city and an addi-I I iJihl;i !i/, i: tliiill F:', : :!INMNNNN!mNIIINtlIIll}!II, ~[l~"'~l~l~~|~l~l~l'lt,i;,it~li who-, for sufficient reaso'n, ed in Aurora according to the tional 300 will finish + l ! Ill'l!Hlllllll" ii r: ++++ ll+[+:+'I+I ' :+:l[+~i +,1 ~+: ' +++ ',+,+' + are not In attendance at a Most +everend Loras T. Lane, school catechlsm classes within if+ ",' I . 'LM : : + " ' "+ " [li' .',' Catholle school. All those ++ + i + I~E I!1~ l/~+~r~ enoIng a t~athohc DD Bishop of Rockford The the next four years Approxi- announcement was made fol-mately 2300 boys and girls ' 'i + =: ', Ill[ l lll '/llll II,i,t [II ll,/, tl [,I,[ s c h o o 1, whether elemen lowing a meeting O [J t '] e pastors therefore, will be eligible atl l~!ili]]]j]'+ .',+. ,++ : /':i:~+l II+ II [!+11! +I I: :,++,+++ of t~e twelve Aurora parishes at that time for a Catholic highl ~l~l~[ll! ~ It~l~llll ~lt+ tt + .~ Silt ~ +:"+.*m~lE', ""~+'.'.~t~+ tary or high school, are to Saint Nmholas rectory last Sat- school educatmn Present faclh-I tl;: r'~': + ! 4[+i ,~~ .~,: attend classes m rehglon. Sunday, August 20: . ~ . . : :!:i ~s,I i. iili I it ~ i i li urday. Itms accommodate apprommate-/ +, ' + + .: : :, ,: .: ,~ . : .!4 t + ' ' .'+!~ The nrogram of the C o n- - -- -~+ --, ----, h:,' ' ~:: :,:, :,: ,::,:l ' : ' ~, : I ~ o q ~ r ~vl -- noJV ~ltg~lS At the same hme ~t was an-fly 1000 students [ [[[ttt[ P '[iqf II itllf:~ ~4 1,1~~r, ,+~ ,;~ +,+ tlPI! ttl ~i~t~ ! ,",".~ i, +, ~ ~ ~$NNt~ fratern" v of Christian " ' nounced that the high school ex-[ New Bo-s' School I := N MI[I It 11 IltlNIllNI DoetriU +i --to-gg-{oh],w-e i Parish Aurora. Dedication of pansion program for Aurora[ + . . +::: : . ;: : ;,; *, NJIINII IllllIIIIII IISNNI IlltlllNIlll,l+,m, i .p~ 1A ~.~1 )~. -~ +;nan";al "rant/ racea wkn sucn a neeo for/ . : ' " ' im provlolng for this in- ~cnoot ann convent. . + ladditional facilities to ~ac+ om [ N~W ADDITION TO POOR CLARE MONASTERY--This arehi-I structure will include 70 rooms for the nuns who now sleep in Istruction for the two existing high schoolS,lmodate these children Bisho;[ tects sketch by Gaul and Voosen of Chicago shows the proposed I the attic of the old sanitarium an infirmary wing and work [ It is the law of the Church that the Confraternity ot Marmion and Madonna,' ILane and the Aurora nastnr~[ new building to be attached to the present chapel of the Poor I rooms. Plans for construction were approved by the Most [y'L-:-,:~.- ,',-- . ." ~ Clares Cor us Christi mona l " . .Am~uan s~octrme De estaollsne(l in eacn parlsn. It 1 Reach Capacity decided to undertake a highJ p ste'y in Rockford. This structure Rev. Lords T. Lane because the present facihtles are over- ,t.ttltc g~tcu not Only With me enucanon o[ t a t n o 1 1 ( A Catholic high school educa-Io ~ n '| will replace the old Broughtoo sanitarium which has served as erowded and in poor condition According to Mother Mary . . lion became a possibility in Au- The newV schoolW"Sfor boys to[ the cloistered nuns main building for over 40 years. The new I Petra, P,C abbess, bids" have been" taken, although not yet ap- children, attendm g pubhc schools, but it also has a pro. rora soon after Bishop Muldoon, be staffed by the Christian[ building, of concrete block faced with brick, will be in the form proved, and work should begin soon Announcement of the new gram Ior adults in the form of study clubs, parent-edu. the first. Bishop of the Diocese[Brothers will be located on the[ of an L with the two-story extern wing in the front. The rest I building was made to correspond with the feast of St. Clare [cator classes and religious discussion groups. of Rockford, in March of 1925tEast si~]'e of Aurora on a 17-~ of the quarters (not visible) will b%only one.story. The entire ] which occurs Saturday, August 12. I am happy to note the very valuable contributions announced that a Catholic highlacre tract of land recently pur-[',being made by the laity who so generously voluntee~ school would be built on eachlchased on Farnsworth avenue.["lr'T "-~ "-i ~ :-I ~ [to assist in the program of religious education. The side of the city. Since that time.IThe school will be designed to] ~ L T '~ ' ~ IConfraternity of Christian Doctrine depends upon ther~ thousands of boys and gins nave/accommodate approximatelyI ~ ~ ~ ,a"~ ~ ~ -~ m -~,l ~ -~,~ I-,~ ~ m ~ to c ' -- .=r~ ~ w ~ ~ m m ~1" I arry on a work which is so vital for the life of th~ received a Catholic e ucation at[five hundred boys with provt I T w Jr -- -- -- -, . . i - i Jr m I1 [Church Each year in more and more parishes an Marmion and Madonna Enroll-tsion for future expansion if nec-[ I I ~ ~,t ~ m ~ ~ ~ ~ IV ~ 11" ~ ~ ~ ~ Icreasing number of men and w o m e n are dedicatin~ ment in these two schools haslessary 1 nil ri~en steadily until at the pres ~ "" I [their time and their talents to the religious training o ~ - Madonna High School for girls our outh I am sur " l I ~ " ~ ~ I "~ l Y e that Our'Divine Lord will bl e:3 ent time both have reached their 't tis als l catea n me ~asr sine them ' n] capita y abundantly for their pod work. of Aurora. It ~s staffed by the g .During" " the past,/ year studies. School Sisters of St. Francis andl ~ f'~ ~/~ fl ~ I I~i~"~ 1 ~ ~l}dl ~ ~ I~ There can be no true education without r e I i g in na~e oeen made ~o aetermme/ I ~ w ~ ~ ~zi ~ ~ ,-- m m --,-- -- " -- --~ 'Hand in hand ~ith instr " the potential for Catholic highJr~:l~megn~n;fP2;0 Y?r~: nap an en-i It. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~d' ~ ~ ~,t I~ must go the tea:'hing of :t~:t~;ni2n;h: :Tc:ul:rf:i~he'?:l school education in Aurora in] " I the racti -1 New Girls School I P ce o[ good morality Catechetical Sunda3 is~ the next few years It has beenl I " .' " 0 1 ' ~'~ 1 1,~ I~-'~ 1 Igood occasion for us to ponder this t r u t h a n d to "~lt noted that over I 90 ch] dren The new school for gnls ~]11 noted that over 1,900 childrenlbe locJted on the west: de%Gardlnal tLaralnal leveryth,n+ possible to put It into praet,ee. I : ~ -- ---- ~ l~ll~~~+/ l I Cordially yours in Christ, l / Aurora The proposed site for/ I(~["-~ ~['-lhv~,n~l,l~ Ithe school is a 15-acre tract of Canah Ton I ~~~ IVan Roev I - ~, / 13kl ,JillIDll Iland on Edgelawn drive. Thel 1- I I .7 I ~. / . ]. ~,zO ~.a.~ . l- r lDominican Sisters, whose Moth-IAAmm.+h+ +. .+l e +,+ I " "- I ~-~,lerhouse is located at Springfield, I ClkUlllllll~tlll:lLt~l I ~;'~1~~~:/ :+~ II Oe oI ' '~ ""~ ' Mo~t Reverend Lords T Lane / I d:lL~lt~ Lonventlon IW hC ECtsPhoo]C IMarm. I VATICANCITY--(NC)--Re-[ l~~ ~i[ BRUSSELS . [ Bishop of Rockford / y ion u e a (NC) Requiem q i m M ss has been celebrat- -- . -- . " [Military Academy is also locatedled in St P'-ter ba-ili--a *^r ~'+i"" [l[~~ ~ IMass has been olfered here t'orlr~ I i 1 ~ I ~? Ion the West side of Aurora. Itlla Cardinal" = Canali~ who~ ~"labored/~' IOozef Cardmal" van Roey, who,lVle lges, P loot Plght I akUff. I O'll l is staffed by the Benedictine]here at the Vatican for 58 years// Idefied the nazis, battled the t, c, 0 | [Fathers and during the past year Ins a top church administrator,l[~ .: [communists and brought school[ a - I had an enrollment of approxi " " peace to his nation after more NEW HAVEN' C nn'--(NC)--Imatel 500students ] CardinalCanahd,edAug. 3atJ ". ~~ lthan a cen II '~iA~.~,~t.~,~ ~.~.~1~-~ t l~,A I The Knights of Columbus has a] Y ' [the age of 87 after a career/ i~l~ ~ ~ . tury of Church-State[~U~UelU IV~' 4~LL~I K.~l~.i~ LI.~ I tlU | ' It was ' --- strue r, demded at the meeting hi record 1,143,714 members, a.-I /w ch extended through the[ Cardinal Canali Cardinal Van Roe-" ] " I I cording to a report prepared fort f the pastors that a. fund-rats-[reigns of five popes. [ " " I .The Archbishop of Malines['~Thl~, A 11-1t*11 P I I delivery at the K. of C. inter- mg campaign, to finance the The funeral Mass was, cele- dmd Aug. 6 at the age of 87. t school expansion program would brated b Archb~sho Ilarm A1 Alter f l~ll~lE./~ Dlll OI lneUltles 17 in Denver, Colo. /be held th~s" fall. The goal tor]cm~" ", Vtsitor of Seminaries. m"/ tSt" Rombaut cathedral, premd' - = 1 The rennrt to be *,iven to the,the campaign has been set atlItaly, in the t~resence of the/ OFFICIAL APPOINTMENTS led over by Archbishon Efre,- WASHINGTON (NC)- Sen. lfare committee's principal pr4 ~+" ' ~" ' "- " " "'" arrv + " ' $1 800 000 Po wh av the fmal abso]u Form A ostohc Nuncl B oldwater has pledged posal to md parochml and oth convention bySupreme Kni~,ht, " / pe o g e " -[ / ", P " 'o to Bel-J ,+ . .' : ] - 4 Af er he Mas~ the Cardi " The Rev Robert Jack o - ~ " ~"ium the ,'~,-,q~,~+ ~ ~ :~la noor ~ight to rid the ~enate private schools is a three yea Luke E. Hartshows that 426 384] Parishes Involved |tion.t t "/ s n to ~e Assistant at ~am~ ,Jonn me/~ ~u . . I . -. t~ ' ' ~s re uest atlBa xst -h ' " v iin the cath~,~-~''~ I version ot the National Defense $375 million program of loa of these membershave more Pastors of the twelve "ariohes|hal was buried at h'. q I pt" C urcn, ~a anna ,--~w. - r~ i v ~ / monaster in/ / Cardinal ~ ~.~ Education act of i~consistencieslfor construction of facilities fcl than $1 1 bllilOn in Insurance m that will coo"erate in the -'" ~tne ~ant unolrm Y Tt'- "-v "":"'--- " . R j, j ,~ ~ / P v"~-/~ I n~ ~ . ~wnmm a. oune ~o oe ~ssis[an~ a[ our t.aoy ot t~ut,u~: w - lin aid Ior public and nrivatelscience mathema*i,-s l~,a lorce unGer me zraLernaz so- ,ansion nro~ram for high school/re me Couns~ o~ ~ ~. . tm vm~e~aer, ~elglum dan, 15 I ~ 1 qH i;resident of Pontifical ~ c, ,~urora. 11874 After stud,~ o~' *~ ~ Ischools fudge and physical fitness i cmty s program. |facilities in Aurora are" the Rt / - I " /, ~ : T h e" Arizona Re-ubli an~ " "' 'll 4 Million Inquiries |Rev Msgr Magnus A Schu'/ Commission I,pines seminary he was ordain-I, p c ts~rucuon. 1 ,f the Pontifical * * ed a rie cnargcd the bill (S 2345) pro The K. of C. program of Cath-ln~acher V i~" St Nioh-i r'| As president o "' Dln~,~ -~.-~-~ ~ I- "~/][ p " st Sept. 18, 1897. ] " ." ~i Steps Fall Short 1 "~",vines assistance ior parochial olic advertising, now in it~ 13th]ish. the i:l't "R,~v M~,- F w'|Commission for Vatican City,ll/l::~ll lq.~I g ~I[2,[I1:31, l 11~lUll{:~[~,After earning a doctorate at[,' [ Th i** h,~ J year. has brought more than 4,-ICnnnnr Hnlv An~,:l~"n:~h"th'~|state, Cardinal Canali was in} . [the Catholic University of Lou-Iand omer private scnools mI . ~ "F'"~" ~ ,~" ~,'l 100,000 inquiries from readers. Rt'" i~ev IVIs~r-~13asi~"i~ar'ct~is~.|charge of all matters relating to r~f~ ~'-~ .~.~r "~n~l-~ "l[~-~t-f~ "~o~,/vain, he taught theology therels me areas, but. proposes .tol~i~Lle i~cnh Can a ~s's~ance m~,l It has resulted in the enrollment St;Mich~eln~r~h" *h,~ Rt R,~,'/thegovernment0fthesmallter- .l.~L~ ~LA4:~.l.l~' 1 4:lltll llllblUP llill.l~ld ]until 1907, when he was made[ne~p pray puolm scnoo~s m|si,: +ho~" ,~,~'~'~, ~,~ ~:~ 'l of more than 425,000 in a free Th~ro;~-P "-l~i~h~ "'~'|ritory. As Grand Penitentiary of T ~'m, ~, ' . ],]vicar general of the Malinesl mers" I. ""~ : ~ ~ .~.~Ul ' ~' + -- ~--~ -"-r "he' ui~ -- Li~) -- ramerlman coma live unoetected, bY/archm I Goldwater Oe Senate's lead-I[eacners wno attena certain Ie~ course ol reuglous instruction ov ]=[tim nf Cngoin nnri~h" the, No. ttne cnurcn, ile pre~ltleu ore t I I -- / u*uce~e, ne was namea. ' I r llv .~ .++ : mail, conducted by the society'SISyivester-J-'Eye-()u'r +Gdy'+o lSacred Apostolic Penitentiary, IJ hn Ryder, S.&, of the Rus-lme aumormesior year::. |Archbishop of Malines in 1926[mg conservative: ~s an opponent]sti~u[es~Va~nU~r2ce~:;~Us~t]~n1 He aid ha Ot all ieoerai ala to eoucanon 1Religious Information Bureau in Good Counsel ha'fish" tho Roy [high church court that deals with[sian Center at Fordham univer-[ s " he d. dedicated h+s]and created a cardinal a yearl ']The new bill wouIa -i ~! St Louis ~" ": 7, ~';/the granting of absolutions andl~; ~,r~ v^ ~. ^allife to the Russian mission when[later it~u~ ne nas ms~stea tna~ xI u:~.I " ~ The 79th annual convention He nF3ar?sh.~?hZ:?ea ' C~::r~e~dispensations and decides cases]h:~ wi:h".~u': ,"*V.= ~lthe plan was started by Pope/ The rise of nazism in Europelmd m to be given to educa!,on,len~s m an teacners. 1 o . v,/ ter - r I plans ior secret mid-,Plus XI 30 -'ears a-o "I" 'brou-httheo ~. ~ ~ic ought to go to nit scnoo s I ~ne eommmee aJso exten(1 ~111 draw '~uu OII1Cial oeiegates]A Honk,~! .q* Thov~r, t~le .To~ll~|OI conscience ano ma[ s pe "1 . . - - - I Y g . L was| ~ ~i~rolnal pernapsl :: " I ~. . . ' 1 " ' as slonarles m carry the Faith un- " " the- . ~rmcIpaI ~'roposal a mrg~veness ~eature. representing 4,694 K of C, coun-],~,qsh. +h,~ R,~, c'h~l,~ w w }tammg to indulgences. He w I Ithen thought that within a year[ greatest challenge of his ca-I - . - ~ 1 ~" ~'" " reer Hi " Goldwater announced his plan However these steps do n cils located throughout thellv St Mary -irish" the Rev [also Grand Prior for hfe of thelderground into the Soviet Un-[or two circumstances would be[ . s reaction was among[ . I ' a~ r rd r of the " hm reatest acmev to amend the NDEA m a state saUsfy Goldwater U. S. Canada Mexico, Cuba iLawrence Riebonthaler OSB'|s vereign Milita y O e ]ion ' Ipropitious, he added. "That| " g "" ements. I . "I " 1 " ' ' ' Even b ment tded to a report of the Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Annunciation of the Blesse i ~;ir-|Knights of Malta and figured[ The bearAed ~ m TT ~ Itime has never come.' [ elore the outbreak ofl. J Prolmsed Changes | About 5 000 add~tmnal Kmghts ~" prominently in the drafting of its "~ "~ ~ ~ Not Seekm Death war in December, 1938 Cardm Laoor an~ rumm welfare corn H sal h ', o" "~ . ", Igin Mary parish" the Rev. Jo-[ ]Jesuit aid he is ~re~roA +.I "g ~' "" "" - '- "]mittee Tho ror~rt o~:nl~inodl e "d e will try to chanI +anct memoers or vneir tamidesl ,+nh A Rzo~z,*~,- St p.~ter/new constitunon. I o y ,+v I But now he +ai'~ h" f--e's/at van ztoey conoemnea nazii +" ~- he ~,m +~ c 2 ~^ . aa will take part in the convention];arish.'the ~t~e"~"~l'ohn ruc, ;t / By the dying man's bedside[go)nto l~ussm .as the p, rlests o{lthat the huge bu;e2cratic s;s [race theories as an expression[the corn, m,ttee s measure to 1 ~ r'-lic of Po 'e St PiustX tttelormauon t l m e s oisguiseat " "/of materialis-" Th-" r ~: +lvlse anct exteno me l'+~Js~. / "' m ~'o Elect Seven IGeorge parish, and the Rev. JO-[plus a photograph of St. Pius x;sland smuggled themselves iuto[ m UiS'S'R' b ased n/stated: "To consider the will i When the Senate wili take l~p] 1. Adding Enghsh ,to the 1 isepn d. ~elteKamp o~. oosepnl " - ~ o+ +, r,~.A; o~ ~+ lanti - Catholic Britain *n +ff~.~I+~ xit~. iu~JlLtl,y Id~ltru~ ~lIIU otn-/ lily ~nA ~ 1~;,+.~, 'Ithe oiLt was not immeoiate ylOZ suo]ects ior wrucn IaclUul un August t0 eiecuons Will De|n~ri~h ' /secretary ol ~,~c, o-,-,~ -I "r I,o,-~ro hao "-" < :,-,d'"u~''' ~ ~'~" -~.~s,v. ,~+1 ~ .- ~ . ~. j .+ ~,~ o ~v ~ ~u,announcea D me t~emocranc can De OUlI[ ov prlvaLe sCa l~eld for seven places on the K |~- " |field Merry del Val. He servedlMass, administer the Sacra-[.~ . ; ': '~"~lcoming Irom the blood is to re-I Y,+ of C. 21-man board of directors.]--A~ ~. 1 /b th men and was devoted tolments and seek converts, know-lee;:; z:~3;~e~o;r:bt:in?2 t:u:~|duce high values to mere rod-[leaders,hip" [w~th tedera! loans Y g The Labor d Pubhc Wel 2 Mom~ymg the bill s pro Directors are elected for three.}Announce ~(U{IV ]their memory throughout his]ing they we r e facing almosttd cum " |terial things." ] ~n " -[ . 'o~ d . ' . o ents. . I~|s]on to tuna money to prr~am "+ear terms IT [life. Icertam capture and a ternblel I Following the war the Cardin- - "" "we oo not want to go into . . [ ]. . colleges to purchase certa~t Delegates will act upon some 1-~ro ram ]~or of Noble Family death, al was quick to recogmze and I g I Ni li Canali was born on June[ " IRussiat find agl ri usdeath"ls eak out a Bantlze Godchild eqmpment ~hfle giving outr 150 resolutions at their conclud-] I co I No More Difq"-'P I ' ! p gams~ me mrear ozJ It- ~II o . ~ +~r - " "6 "~74 " Rieti Ital-" of a noblei ~ ~" ~ i~amer ttyoer saia 'Put oy in-l,- I I grants to puonc msutunons in session ~u ust it ~nese ~o at y . t.ommumsm m a ~al pastoral w~l include such questions as]LaY Apostomte tfamily" He studmd at Todx andlofH:ouSagdmheenbwel; eo uhtn:rredos](i ui Y ~::rs?3~il~ :::ts2hetter to Belgian Catholics he[Of Congo Chief Ifa; r gr : tth~)eth~nea~uJ 1903 he took pun Father Ca is far larger than England and ~deas They want the answer President Joseph Kasavubu State Threat I,oo~,ooo +~ ~ roo,~rAini,anal ' Y g -|" . i" ]from the effects of the war, Car-] . lthe' program proposed for p I,'7.'*"" "oi ~ouTne on to ics/ " " ' -/ " /di a an Roey wrote in 1948: :|lic schools by which adm]nil " "'~' ~" "~ " nah with him to the state seere contains v a s [ areas wnere a~to fundamental questions n 1 v of me ~ongo nepuonc was god BONN--Political advisers of/alscuss~ n ~ ~ s P |tariat I "- "- --- -- ["While the United States Ifather of the infant fourth cnqa~trators are tau-ht im rove m [ o,~,+w:n This Issue