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August 4, 1961     The Observer
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August 4, 1961

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FRIDAY, AUGUST 4, 1961 SHARING OUR TREASURE rlne THE OBSERVER came so enthusiastic over her discovery that she wanted to I s~ [ share it with me. She told me of I a~~ the wonderful help which a Cath- In Rockford Nurses ~J 't Ilq ~ Ill i~ !'~ :!!i;'tillfitllr:! !*' il~!,lu;il: i! ~!~I' :/, ,~d ':t! I~: ,~l ;,11 t /: : !:i i lrres" Will ROCKFORD -- Commence- ment exercises f6r 36 grad- uates of the St. Anthony Has- pital School of Nursing will be held Tuesday, Aug. 8, at 8 p.m. in the auditorium of the Rock- ford Woman's club. The principal address will be given by the Most Rev. Loras T. Lane, who will also confer diplomas during the ceremony Special Activities Prior to the evening exer- cises, the graduates will attend Mass at 9 a.m. in the hospital chapel, celebrated by the Rev. Lawrence L o n d o n, hospital chaplain and religious instruc- tor. The fresh.~ien choir will sing for the occasion. After Mass t h e graduates will be honored at a breakfast served in the hospital auditor- i u m and sponsored by the freshman class. In the afternoon there will be a tea held on the school lawn for the graduates and their parents. List of Graduates The 1961 graduates a r e: Mary Harrenstein of Forres- follows: Processional, "Pomp and Circumstance," with Karl Gartner at the organ; Invoca- tion by Father London; Wel- come by Dr. E. T. Leonard, president of the medical staff: musical selection. "One Little !Candle." by the student Glee club class response, by Antoi- nette Rotolo, president of the graduating class; and a musi- cal selection by the glee club. "I'll Walk With God." Following this there will be the main address by Bishop Lane: the glee club's rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone": the presentation of the 1961 class and the conferring of di- plomas; the song, "America-- Our Heritage," by t h e glee club; the Nurse's pledge, ad- ministered by Miss Rotolo, and then the recessional. Marian Theatre ton: Adelle Linen falser, Pau- "King O'Toole and Saint line Michel, Linda Okay, all of Kevin." a radio adaptation of a Freeport; Mary A. Walsh of work by the Irish author, Sam- Durand: Anne Kraemer of Gar-uel Lover, will be heard on den City; Ruth Brahmstadt of Marian Theatre, Aug. 6, over Genoa; Barbara White, Han-the Mutual network. The play over: Janet Mikkelson, Har- features Dan O'Her]ihy and the REV IOHN A O'BRIEN Ph D h v yard: Diana Carlson, Hebron; late Barry Fitzgerald, and was ea en s soar to every personlthe t.atnozic faith. ,Jews asked 'How can this man ~ : :^ U~nr Kent"Linda produced in Hollywood Uni r it r " . . ' ~v,~,j~,~ ,~ y ( ves y of Not e Dame) who puts it into daily practice. I She gave me quite a bit of give us his flesh to eat9' Hear- Berz Loves Park" Judith Kra- ~--- If ou discovered a cure for That is why every Catholic Catholic literature including!. . ', ~". ' . J : I ' .ling the Je.~us replied, Unless pausk] and Francls S. Long, F-r,v Hollrs cancer, what would you wanti~!~uu,m ue on 1he )vlessenger oi me ~acrefl[ ou eat the flesh of the Son of both of Oregon: Barbara Bute v "%7 "~ ,~ ~Ilre to snare ills ]t~eart. Lne more,read thee-' most eagerly to do. Wouldn t ltlh,q, F~i*k ,;+~~~ ' . IMan an.~ .~r ~. ~.;~ ~ ~ and Barbara Connors, both of Holy Cross, Batavm--Eleventh v j .--, --.-,~~Q~ greater oecame m lnteres~,~ ~ ~.uu ~.u . ! :,~:~,::~: s~:~:~:~:!~:~:~ ~ Y "1 ' Ottawa'Sandra Berg Ehza- Sunday after Pentecost bz to share that discovery with o t h e r s The :.:~:::~<~i~:~:~:r.:~:~:~??: ~:~. Th 1,' [ en May took me to the Holy shall not have hfe m you (John hath ~rnwn J, *~ C r* ~ql 9 fruitful res 1 ~ ~:~:.~;~: .;:~!~!~ ~ ~,~n~ vra~,an, a- unrlst the ~ 1 n g wonder others. Yes you would want to u ts Name rectory where Father a.51 ~4~ ',r~;~: ~ ~;.~.~,~, r~ ' roclai " o of such a shar ,baKe--~m enm unsay a ~ e r p m ~tt the whole world - -~~!~ Charles Christmas O P start- v r" t.i C, oral,nn ~. ' F :~ ;:::? t ~.ven some oI me msclpies u, ~,= ~,~ ,-, ~ t'entecost. so that it would benefit all per- mg are lllustrat-~~~ ed me on a thorough course of t- ~, AWoinett,~ R at olD s " " 'ed inhe ~:~:::~::.:::.:. . . . . remarKeD, lnls is a nard say- ou--o~,- ~ ,- , .ons in need of it. You have a t con-~~ Instruction. How astonishedII * ~ IKaren Stevensand Kathleen : r " 1 ] lag. wag can listen to It. [ donnl , treasure not less precmus- the ire slon of Wa-~~was to discover that the Cath-: 'Swanson a l 1 of Rockford' -: b'bl) lurnlng to tne Aposues religion founded by Christ for ter P. Brlgg-~ olic church went back to the .' ~ " ~'[Doris Lott Somonauk Suzanne ~~ the salvation of all men. That is imann of Phila-~Idays of Christ and the Apostles ~us as~e~, ~u *Y U rosa wish ~ ~ ~ ~,~; n 'Elizabeth ~ ~$r i "I a " jto go away ' '~.or~ ' replies ,~,v*~, ~ s the golden key which opens delpha, w s~ " ' ' 1 " -- -- h~,~tiz,~d in th~,' Father Chmstmas pointed to Peter, 'to whom shall we go? Zueger, Wins ow. ~~ hhrl/rhhh ~.'~: ~a~" h,'r:h, r,qo ~ U~al Ithe Bst of popes, which' went:Thou hast the words of ever-[ Graduates from Wisconsin ~y~k'~~ .~, v - i back in ' ' " " ' au .nrunu . . ter "but usually attended the unbroken succession to lasting hfe, and we have come are: Margaret Bevan and Ro, ~r~~~ .~ ' . ; the first pope Peter the Fisher-[to believe and to know that thou sanna Jordan both of Beloit- ~~ uongrega~lonal cnurcn, wmcn .' ' . ' ~o ;' o~ ~r"-'~ *~'~ "~"r"'~r ~r-''~ man, the chief of the apostles. !art the Christ, the Son of God' Bernice Dunbar. Evansville: ,~,r~ ~:~e Here, I perceived, was the title ]( John 6: 68-70). Jesus fulfilled J a n i ce Heiligentha], Burling- ~ k ~'~"~ '~ . deed of the Catholic church, His promise at the Last Supper, ton: Janet Kraemer, Spring 'My staler May marrmd a showing her divine authority to saying 'Take and eat" this is Green" a n d JoanneMorreU . A( OROION- fiUIIAR lib-- Catholic and converted. She be- teach all nations in the name of imy body All of you drink of Port Washington. BAND & ORCHESTRA Evening Program The evening program is as INSTRUMENTS it drew me ii'resistibly into the Church. When I made my first! Holy Communion, joy flooded my soul. Wanting to share my precious discovery with others, I joined the Brothers of the Holy Cross. Would that I could share Christ's Real Presence with all the world!" olic derives from attendance at Mass and from the sacraments, R S~ t !11 !!11 'Ill BYRON ANDERSON PAIN1 & WALLPAPER 1020 W, STATE. ROCKFORD Screens and Windows Made o~ Repetrecl in our own shop. Free eustomc~ PerklnR Glass---Hardware end Lawn Needs. WO 3-0267 SUPPLIES CHEMICAl. CO. 623 7th---Rackford Phone WO 3-5977 especially confession and Holy Communion I was 22 at the time, %nd decided that I had nothing to lose by looking into Dial WO 3-5409 NEWS Our Trial Allows you to try your child ~nd { instrument before you invest. 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Open a Savings Account today. [ I " 'I am the living bread,' said Jesus, 'that has come down from: heaven. If anyone eat of thisI bread he shall live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world.' Arguing among themselves, the THE THE RT. REV. MSGR. PHILIP L. KENNEDY, son of the late Timothy Kennedy and Mary Garrity, was born Feb. 7, 1906 in Chicago. After attending Quigley preparatory seminary, Chicago, he studied the classics and philosophy at St. Mary of the Lake seminary, Mundelein, where he received an A.B. degree in 1957. His theological studies were made at St. Mary seminary, Baltimore, Md where he earn- ed his A.M. degree in 1930 and the S.T.B. degree in 1931. Msgr. Kennedy was ordained by the Most Rev. Edward F. Hoban in Rockford on March 26, 1932. He was appointed assistant at Holy Angels parish, Aurora, in 1932 and at St. James parish, Belvidere, later that year. In 1937, he was named administra- tor of St. Mary parish, Walton. and in 1938 became editor of THE OBSERVER and superin- tendent of St. Vincent and St. Joseph Homes, Freeport. During his 16 years in Freeport, he was also the pastor of St. Catherine parish In 1954, Msgr. Kennedy became pastor of St. Laurence parish, Elgin, and since that time has served as superintendent of St. Edward Central Catholic high school. In September, 1958, Msgr. Kennedy was named Dean of the Elgin deanery. i!iii!iii PHOTO ENGRAVING ADVERTISING ART ::: H A L F TO N E S " ZINC ETCHINGS George C. Howley Representing Goodwill-Allen, Inc. 120 S. Wyman St. Rockford WO 4-4618 LE'' First Communion and L Bachrodt personally invites you to visit "Chevyviile', , Confirmation Photos ! huge locations sorving you wltk the finilst in automotivo tolls and service Remember -- 100 new 1961 Chevrale~s By For immediate delivery ~ no waiting ~ ell serviced and yke Studio """" VaneD MAINOFFICE. 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Auto Loans * Installment Loans for any purpose Beak by Moil, postage paid both ways Free Parking while you bank * Drive-in Facilities Phone WO ~4~t Dwyer & Anderson Jewelry Store .o] Distinction 111 N. MAIN ST. ROCKFORD WO 3.2122 Agnes K. Dwyer SUPERCAR MJ~RKET NO. 3~2643 1 ITH STREET WO 2-3705 --- NO DOWN PAYMENT '56 AND OLDER MODELS. ROCKFORD "Where You Can "ALWAYS' Be Sure" PAGE S CALL TO ACTION The difference between the baptized mem- ber and the confirmed member of the body of Christ is the difference between a child and a mature person. The action proper to a child immediately after birth is different from the action which is proper to him when he has come to perfect age. And therefore, by the Sacrament of Con- firmation man is given a spiritual power in Baptism. In Baptism he received power to do those things in the Mystical Body which per- tained to his own salvation. In Confirmation he receives power to do those things which pertain to the spiritual combat with the ene- mies of the faith. A man on reaching maturity begins to look beyond his own personal good to the greater good of the community, as he assumes his rights and obligations as a citizen bound by laws and national traditions. So, too, the ma- ture member of the Mystical Body is superna- turally awakened and alerted to his greater responsibility--the common good of the spirit- ual community of the faithful. It is imperative to the body of Christ that the Children grow up to the spiritual age of mature citizens. St. John Chrysostom writes: "The most perfect rule of Christianity, its exact definition, its peak is this: seek that which is for the benefit of the community. Nothing can make one more Christlike than to look after the welfare of others." As mature members of the Mystical Body it is most important for us to discover the acti- vity which God expects of us. This will be distinctive and personal, and in a sense ex- clusively our own. This is our vocation. We must find the function which, within the Di- vine plan, we are to fulfill. It is against the pattern of God's redemptive plan for the world, that we ought to weigh our gifts and tal- ents in order to know how we shall be able to' use them for the common good of the whole body. God has giv- en them to us for that. We shall take fare not to ruin them by negligence or laziness. We shall not wish to use them for something futile. And we should consider it a sacrilige to serve evil with them. Of whatever order these gifts may be, they have a sa- cred purpose: to serve in the building up of the body of Christ. Pope Plus XII expressed the same idea: "And so we desire that all who claim the Church as their mother should seriously con- Sider that not only the sacred ministers and hose who have consecrated themselves to God in religious life, but other members as well, of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ have the ob- ligation of working hard and constantly for the upbuilding and increase of this Body." Since the whole character of the Mystical Body is apostolic and militant, it follows that any member who shares in its goals and aspir- ation must also fall under its constant need for apostolate. The Society for the Propagation of the I Faith I 507 Avenue B [ Sterling, Illinois I I I am enclosing my personal gift of I $ for the support of Catholic k Missions throughout the world. Name Address City