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July 28, 1961     The Observer
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July 28, 1961

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{ FRIDAY, JULF 28, 1961' IN PHILIPPINES Need Catechists I T. I Edited by the Jesuit Clerics [mentally retarded, five in the ,v j~.~/,-.-~ ~,~ ,~** of West Baden Collegehouse overlooking the city's [~ .1 /.1:.~ I ' ]rill ~ ]newest expressway, one on the t au -c Lue lille Drowns Iway and almost there -- these Ttt3+~O CITY Phili,~,~i--- J [were the responsibilities t h a t ~'~ ' --~- we took the little snavers to T, 1,/ 21 (NC) "Due t, th,d [Fred Brown wanted to take on --~cit- of '~riests in the PhilP- t the museum today. This IS a ]himself and not to shift to pub- p~es, tJhe clergy needs the help aspect of settlement-house work[lie hands. Thls was unemploy- ~f lay catechists, both men andlthat has its points. The kidslsent in the concrete -- a n d [women," Archbishop Jose Maria range from 7 to 11 years old.]think the misery t h a t would /Cuenco of Jaro emphasized, ad-]My immediate responsibility[have been the case i! there were dressing a catechetical congress are the 10 and 11 year olders. In punuc nanos to take up me !l here. I Some of them had never been lslack in Fred Brown's earning ,He sponsored the congress inl n the subway before! jp werL . ' Let ~ne polni at ISSUe walt a whichhls archdiocese and the] I TRIED TO PICTURE how] 1 l l m r w-* a - suffragan dioceses of Bacolod that coukt be, and I thought of ~ ~ .~. and Caplz took part. The theme Dorothy s family. Dorothy is a ~ ,~.^ ~ 's -1"-~- ~^^"- - 1 of the discussions was" "Cate-most lovable little colored girll~U~"~,~ ~"~ P~. ~- c " i . . Inaa naneu us a PLUCK or so chetlcal Instruction ls the woo wm nardly answer ioud t.: ~. ,^~d^n / [ If World s ~alvatlon. rllS riotl-ienougn in class to De nearo lS|f^r 1 t.~a, t. ^v t. "r~ ~ ~,-.v7 ,r m t 1 ~ t. I'- m *.U dllUtllt:l" UIIIIU ~ IIUU~,- Z-XZLUI ness rope Juno AAIh used sny ann sensitive nas oig wfllte ~ . ;.~, . r,^ a ~ v c^ ~- . . I . ' . '~th u these words in speakmg to Arch-ieyes tnat seem to see a lot. Her] I bishop Cuenco in Rome last brother Section (a family name, ?L'LY,I?2L" ?:~:LL% ' year. ' II understand) is a year oldarlu~ =~ ~,= uuu, ~,=,=u ~. ,~u :-' the living room where his young t "The Holy Father told me that/a gooo ntue ooy woo rooKS]mother sat holding a baby in / to remedy the evils of the pres-!a lot like Dorothy, but h a Slher lan We asked how old the k ent time, to fight Communism, In thing of her, shyness. He iSJbaby was "A week today " re- do save Christian civilization, thelqujet enough b u t with moreIplied the 'quietly contented we- ariest effective weapon is the/c nfidence and push. l man' and we realized that here catechism," the Archbishop said.J Their father hasn't worked for was 'the one that had been "on 1 ~ a long time And having met the wa so n d ' One reso ution o the congressl " - ' y" me te ays ago, the man and his wonderful soft earher : called for moral and financial] " ' " . ,help for the institute and the en-Isp ken wife, I am utterly con- THEN FRED CAME IN from vinced that here are people who roilment of more students in it. I " +he ba"k and we Joined in look- ' take unemployment compensa. ~ " ' J ~nother resolution asked that l ing at the little one. Now we reli'gious instruction be made a[~t~,:t:'tr~t:t na pr U?u.near~s had a different Fred with us. requ~ed subject ;IT',th~-iSflblJC~ e . w y to p t I Lex. Now wehadthe beaming father r" '",- . CUS me; out put up wim me ".]' school ~cu rmuluti'i for'fhose chil-h~.+ I have to offer ~t +h,~ m, proud and happy, though sti l dren wh'~y~Dar~nts request it. ]~"'~, " " very quiet. He evidently hadn't ].m** found work; that problem still The.h I OF ONV TaN6 I AM SURE. hung over him. But here was a u. ljtJtc:ill at|~ ]Fred Bro.w~.would work if he time of rejoicing nonetheless. could find it H~s stooped should Doroth w a m he ki Herman Melville's classic ] - . . y s " t "tchen "Moby DicK~.'' starring Dane]ers at the time,of our ~irst ws- washing dishes. Mother sat hold- Clark and ltenry Hull, will betit' the hang-dog appearance .of ing her latest child. The young, presented on Marian Theatre/a manwho ~s be.aten fur the dependent family was happy moment me lowereo ana snaK h July 30 over the Mutual network J. ~x" with t e joy that comes only to ~ lag neaa wnen asked what ne people who place the goods of [did for a living -- all these told the spirit ahead of this life's Say You Sow I, in Ithe tale of a man who wants to more earthy offerings. THE OBSERVER Jhold his head up, but can't. One Six healthy' children, a young child away in a home for the healthy mother and father, a Patronize Our Advertisers Dubuque la. 608 Main St. )eacefulness of family )ife that rou could almost reach out and touch. T h e future could look fairly bright under these cir- cumstances even to the unem- ployed and the new baby meant new hoi3e. The public welfare program that must help support this family most certainly was not humiliating Fred Brown It lent tangibility to the hope that he must have felt in his young heart" as he looked on his newly born son. Fred is a good risk for our democracy. He's worth the investment of those tax dol- Cl:,i.^, I, ,),),1 K~L Av. lars that are helping to sustain co, *~ v ,-*.~, ,#, him and his family this time of unemployment Rockford--105 North Main St. = d. o Subwa- r Rockford--Rockford Plaza Y Dispen~inB Glosses Proscribed by Dr. H. Portoll--Optometrist But what about Dorothy and -- s ' Section and riding on the sub- . ~urora---.o r~. tsroaaway way? Well, Dorothy at least had DD ~ensinB Glasses Proscribed by Dr. Wm. Lindley---Optemetrist never ridden on the subway be- ,~;v^. 2 ih : ~ ~ fore today. Maybe she had nev- ~IAVIII~m Sly If~OS fmIos ~se =~ er been downtown before. Th;s u,spenmng ~,osses I-rescrmDe oy Hr. n, Kuoin~-4Jpromerrmsr ~ ~ . it aappens qulte olten Wllfl Cnll- Sterling--21 W. 3rd St. Ildren of poor neighborhoods. r ~ Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. R. C bb, ml SO RIDING THE SUBWAY to m Dr. N. L. St. Germain---Optometrists lithe museum was npt just get- m .~. II ting there for Dorothy She prob- l . mgLn--!~.l" ~. rove . . Ilably looked on the whole thing Dispensing Glosses Prescribed by Dr. H. M~ll---Optemetrid t as a most important part of the ' L ~- -Iday's doings. She stared out the windows with her big eyes; eyes which widened even further as ~ ~ ~ the roaring subway train came ~~ up out of the tube and took to ~ii~ t h elevated route -- maybe ~~~ Dorothy had never been on an ~:/ "L" before either 7.4::~-- ""'~~~!':~" Never a word she spoke as the station~ whipped by our ex- press train There was just the -VANETTI MODERN PLATING CORPORATION Complete Electroplating Service Authorized to Do Work on Sacred Vessels GENERAL OFFICE AND PLANT turning of the little head to make eye contact momentarily with me who sat beside her watching Then the turning back to the window, t h e constant looking. Dorothy Brown was see- ing the world. THE OBSERVER . PAGE 11 / i i 7 I IV I 1 I CI "" "" asslfled Advertising ~ ~ I WBBM, Channel 2, Cl eagn I WREX, Channel 1:1, Rockford I ~ -.~ ~, -.~ ~.~,~ i~ [] I Saturday, July 29 J Saturday, July 29 [ :ii~ II I 4:30 The Early Show' 'The Story of AI-II0:IS Crown Theatre "aiossoms in the J~ :i:!:i:!:: exander Grahom Bell" A-I Oust" A-I/ ~i~ m i Ill 35 Pa'ama Pie h '-r ntie I FUNERAL DIRECTORS l PIANOS AND ORGANS m 110:1.'- The Best of CBS Untmtsneo BUSI-I : I y ouse 'F r I~l Gii.~.~.]ii.!:::::::::::" . hess" A-II I Marshal" A-If ,! WILBUR CHRISTENSON Im~Ov~R I~ New ena used ~ i Sunday, July 3g 1101 SA RESDUnHd~ ~uly 30,FUNERAL HOME,P enos and Organs to Choose From !![[iij ~ ~I 12:OO P cture for a Sunday Afternoon I :5 C R. PROGRAM ,~5 3rd Ave. WO $'73121330 N Ma n St Rockford WO 3-8234 i:i:!:i:!:i:i:i:i:!:!:i$~:i:i! !ii~ J "Shadow of the Thin Man" A-II I T . Tuesaey August 1 . / ~ J JACKSON PIANO STORE i~!ii~ii!i!i]~ii!i~i~iliiii~ i~i. 4 . : " " ,' " . ::iiiii :::::ii i[i::i::iii !in ! 110~1 ~'~%' ~*!, s~.~?d:;Yo~i~r:,;:n A", 111 ~o A.Vl~SOa:r:;::Tr:u;::::er Ho,lday 11001 0:3 Seco~J'~A~2~kk UH~ME we :1 65211WANTE" RUSY MOTHERSI Bring me ~-~%~:!~ii~i~il ~ 5 The Late Sho " " " - / 11 "" P' ~ 2 ~ 1 " ' " " i ~our basketfu of mending household ~iiii~i~!~i!~ ~::~ii~ ~2 30 The Late, Late Show "Man AbOUt J :/) laynouse "ur. r.Hoare's t.rlsts ' j I items, children's clomlng repair & al- ~=i I Town" A-It I A-If I MONUMENTS- VAULTS I terations North Ma n and Auburn area ~ ii::i::~JI Monday Ju y Sl /WKOW Chan-el 27 Madiso- I I n Rockford Ill Cell we 3-4520. ~Ek~ !iE~:i' 10:15 The Late Show "Lost Moment" A-IIi ' " ' I~l ' ' " !~ iiiI I Tuesday, August 1 i Saturday, July 29 I RO3ERI ta GG & SON I ANTIQUES FOR SALE I I I 10:1S The Late Show "Drums Along the Ih0S Matinee Playhouse "The Detective"/ Ila $ First St WO. ~27411 1870 hand made r~uilt 1887 hand made Mohawk" A-I A-I ~ "1 " . I 12 h w Remember I "ATHOLW "ALVAGE I b ack wool lace shawl Both m excellent ~ml~]~!i I i .~ lne Late, Late b O " "llO:(~ Pantare "Mr. ~mlTn ~oes TO wasn-[ ~ ~. a /condition ~" II w~ ~'~n o k~ r'~ Ill i I A-H I ington" A-II /Useo Clothing, Furniture, Dishes, Lamp.~/. a - oc .o m ] Wednesday, August 2 J Sunday, July 30 /and all household articles In the Rock, I I~i~I ~ I 4:30 The Early Show "Hee Master's 111:00 Sunday Movie "Oecameron Nighta"/ford store, we have a new deDartmenl|g, kJ~JaIml~l g lib I~i~]!~ I Voice" A-I," B |dedicated to Religious articles. Prices toiI~'l IIl'll~lll~ Ii!i::I I 10:15 The Late Show "Quiet Wedding" I 1:30 Fanfare "Mr. Smith Goes TO /fit your immediate budget Come in and/Ik~,~,IIS-lslbls mi m A-II I Washington" A-If /browse around 1019 West State st. Rock/ I m 11:55 The Late, Late Show "The Foxes of/ Monday, July 31 |ford. In Aurora, Catholic Salvage is ~/m d I I Harrow" A-II . /10:30 THE CHRISTOPHERS /cated at 201 North Lake St /m I Thursday, August 3 /10:25 The Late Show "Devil's Squadron" |~/I C AR ;Y I ~r lnn.n.*t, /lzzll~h llliI 4.30 The Early Show Boy Trouble A-I / A-I " "--- - m L, lJ~l%~l%l~,~d /AYI~2~J~U -- J" 10:15 The Late Show "The Citadel" A-II I Tuesday, August ! /n n G'~t~*.-Inr * uunr~dR n~,r meh/I I~KIt2.1~KII~PIglCD m li~,m R R.*~lv ~hove~ direc- 12:30 The Late Late Show "Night PIonel10:25 The Late Show "A Woman's Face" |C-~m-tric'~'-W '~ch~ 1"3"con"'tive--week's'|l ~vm~m=m~m.~mem~m=m~ I ~' ""-. " . . from Chunking" A-I B " SI 96 weekly tot a tots', of $2S.4~, tor of Marquette umverstty h- Friday. Aogus, . / w:d,::d, ,gust J,o ra,s ,rich,, w--,/I The Style Store ~or Men I k " " ~,4r'l I,n,~ Wis 4:30 The Early Show "Mountain N'.USi "i IO:2b lne Late 3now "l (.over The war" i $3 78 weekly for a" total of $49 14. il " n m urarles In ~v.|swa.~,A r I A-I I It a" t ~v~ ti ~! " II J- - Th D yS O & r S. been awarded the CIar- 10:~s The Late Show "For Me and My ursday, August 8 . has . Gal" A-I /10:25 The Late Show "Walking Hills" A-I I/~:~:ii!i~;i:~:i~:;i~'~%,:~]1 Rochelle, IIl.iSmnce 1906 I ence Day award of $1,000 a 1~:3o i'he Late, Late Show "Maisie Was i WMTV, Channel 33 Madison I~-If. the annual meeting of the A Lady" A-H,Sunday, July 30 #'.ILl K- Am~ri~. Library association WISC, Channel 3, Madison /1~:30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH "-~'~[~1 . ], m, . o. I " " r i Saturday July 29 / WTVO, Channel 39, Reckford/ tl nay s u ug :)tore I tie was cl~eo ior als enl, llus" ' " " I0'30 Theater Three "Hell Fire" A-II / Saturday July 29 ml II, . -- . I ' J*rnarmaclsrson uur ass for books, expressed In Sunday July 30 |10"OO The Bia Movie "Jiv~ra" 6. I I A ~I~ Ill . Y I 10:00 THE CHRISTOPHERS ' / " Sunday July-'3~0 "" "" II f~l mall~-~] i)m At All Times I numerous novels, art]cies anu 1 1:00 Encore Theatre "Gangster's Boy' /12'30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH /I "~F~flIl.l~r~f~ Ill m speeches, and for being a ere- A-I ! 0 30 Feature Theatre "The Big Bluff" BII W .d =2 IIm =moas--I.uncneons I . = 10:30 TheaTer Three ":)pringTime in The I /I I $- I}1 Religious Articles I atlve literary alm~t. Rockies" A-I ~, August 1 .-, /I Ill T 345Roch I 10 30 Theater Three Dark Mounta,n 23kll 13re ii q : ' / (I e~L II Everything for the MOTORIST II, )i:ii ili:i fi:: ;!t ii i armed/l Di. SHerwood 1-2577 !lI 0CKFORD . . . the. . . Friday, August 4 g Y' Y , outstanding kids. Not Just be-10:30Theater Three "Msko Haste to |CatholicHourwinpresentaspe':ll ELGIN ili BI-i--'-II ,---, I ' r eir t o" A- i, u ~,~. .s ~ cause they 11 have to wo k th WNBQ, Channel S, Chicago |cial 'all request series of five[I Ill I way through fmancially Much s " " alurday. Ju.y ~9 [pro.rams all originally broad-ll COAL and OIL Ill MEAT MARKET I :more than that, because they'~ 2:00 Channel 5 Playhouse "Fort Yuma"]cast prior'to January, 1961 Thell I[I K[NNtT. J. KING, Pmpmtor I rk their own sohtar, 24 K,mball Street Wholesale and Retell Meats I have to we " "" ~10:15 Movie 5"Half Human" A-I ]programs reflect a variety oill . III way through collage psychologi Sunday July 30 the best of the Ca h Elgin mmmmnoms ,sa. mamae. ~,r kford " 1:00 Channel 5 Playhouse "The Ambasd" "t olic Hour."II ' Ill DIAL W() 3 351"3"" I eally, culturally, ann att that. sador's Daughter" A-If I I - .[I " 1 ---GLISH 10:1s Movie S "Can't Held Slnging" A-It I Inoivioual programs are" JUlyI~- -- ~jl I MEAN IN PLAIN EN Tuesday, AUgUSt tI30 "Pol hen in Sa re; "" I. s,- ~ ' "n' i in4.oo Movie 5 "Kentucky Jubilee A u yp y c (I iVlU- that everybody lsn t doI t Thursday Augnst 3 " " / ' 'll m], s ,00 M ' sic"' August 6 "Alcoholism" AMP ELEVAT R I t he Erie Street neighborhood. : ovie,"Keotucky Ji,bilee" A-II /~ l~/ ' .~ 11 ' il MODERN DAIRY Itl L S O WITI Chan el- "'il " /,ne rrooIem ano me hope "im IIm A , Everybody isn t stuuylng tiara in, n 5, lvl wauKee ' " ' |A u g u s t 13 "What is thel| COMPANY. INC. |l| }ales 6t ~e~fice high school. Everybody isn't Saturday, July 29 ~,' Wdhom" " Lombs ~:~0 The Ear,y Show "A Dangerous |Church.'' August 20, 'LivinglJ Fine Dain~ Producfg Ill piaylng oan, ior Instance, Ln a Professlon" A-[I ' " -* * well-organized league (though 10:oo ~he L?J ~ Sh2? "Two Years Befere |Mu~c o!>be Church. :and ugll Dio, SH 1-2S36 ELGINIll 310 3. y2)Hn Ro.cktord "~ ,~," ,-, lust z~ %ancuty an~ ~anIty. I~lal wu 3 UO~O some are, I founts out last mgm; Su,dav. Ju.v ~0 I . ' l! 'II " t. .* *~ ~l-,^ ~ ~, h~ 4UCt 9:00 MASS FOR SHUT-INS ~ne t~atnOllC Hour 1s proouceQ t~ UUL ~*,=~= ,a.= u, u,~o ,t o, 11:OO The Late Show "Hnstaaes" A-II b the National Council of Cath might ,be execptional enough to M~day, Jury $I Y make t h a t college grade). Everybody isn't growing up graciously with his social, athle- tic, educational, a n d cultural' life centered around a nice full- of-spirit school whose every basketball game is the center of week-long attention. Everybody isn't finding h i s 12:20 The Early Show "Till We Meet Aqain" A-II 10:15 The I.ate Show "Hall the Conquering Hero" A-II Tuesday, Auqust 1 12:20 Th~ Eorly Show "Assignment in Brittany" A-I 10:15 The Lafo Show "His Kind of Woman" B Wednesday, Auqust 2 I~:20 The Early Show "Navy Blue and Gold" A-I 10:15 The Late Show "Kansas iCty Confidential" B Thursday, Auqust 3 12:20 The Early Show "The Case Against Mrs. Ames" A-II 10:15 The Late,;how "Undercurrent" A-II Friday, August 4 12:20 The Early Show "Double Or Noth- ing" A-If 10:15 The Late Show "Throe Godfathers" WOC, Channel 6, Davenlmrt olic Men in cooperation with the National broadcasting company. CARPETS ~ BEDDING FURNITURE 218 SOUTH MAIN STREET ROCKFORD, iLLINOIS Thiel's Drug Store Everythin~ lot the O/fict McFarland Office Equipment Co. horizons expanding week by week, beyond favorite pastimes CLIFFORD rHIEL Phormocist like lighting firecrackers, bait- Expert Prescdption Service FURNITURE ing policemen, holding little kids 161 Dundee Dial SH 2-04B2 FILING EQUIPMEbFI" over porch railings for' amuse- ELGIN 2~7 So. Church Dial we 3-042? ments. These are kids whose Rockford, Illlnoil friends are having one heck of Saturday, July 29 . . 10"50 Premiere Performance "Lassie a time growmg outo[ a ~age ' Come Home" A-I that has been called sophomo-12"30 FRoNTSI~nRd~Yo/U/YAI~H Wait-R0u- 1am0n ROCKFORD PRINTING it i S by a high-school te.~. ~er uhs Premiere Performance "On An FUNERAL SERVICE CO & Island With You" A.I here and there -- whmh ~s a Monday Jul- ~I nice way of saying that these U:lO ~ovio .Matinee "B~dman's Terri- 51-$9 Center Street SUPPLY CO. Tor.y" A-I kids are in themselves sopho- Wednesday August 2 ~1& F ~;tne* Ss ' AL I~ UII~I * n.~.i~ ~11 the ~zT=v 12:10 Movie Matinee "Prisoners in Patti- km gl ~ll~ ~U " teats" A-If ~,Rockford Thursday, AU ust g ADULTS OF THE NEIGH-m12.1oMovleMotln ,-~! . - ,m .s,7~ I~ ,ee~elle Le~rsnds BORHOOD haven t even the or-I A-IS II A Iti |l . Friday, Au ust 4 dinary interest to show in them]l,:10 Movie Matinee "~ederal Agent At II . Ill WILLIAM J. YOUNG IISTERLING Large A II such as to stop the kid that turn" " L " ed in the false fire-alarm thai,] 1, Milwaukee II Ill - II,-------------------~ WISN Channe 2 REAL ESTATE INSURANCE other night on a crowded corn.I Sunday, J ! J J 73 VILLA ST. ELGIN Ill ~ w~ ooSS~FsE~ I er, in front of one of the innu- 10::~ tACREID12H~TA:Tr~R,~(~eRr~Mef the I Phones: Office SH 2-] ]24 T ; merable saloons of the street] :~0 ~ ~n:eA'l u L'v, A,' II $1 Ill Ros: SH 1-1613 Ill I : "Ladles M St I ' -. I-- III i ~ ,"~ n"'~,~i These kids need someone inter-I IO:4S The B.)g Movle "If I'm Lucky" A'! II I I li~ [I ""::':": -':":=:'- m ested enough in" them m" an adultl~0:ss The weanesaay, ,u,us, II il .S-~4 mnmra ~. B,o Movio s y ,r--.rid |~ M.i. S 2"2 way at least to tell them they Mery" A,R,SET RLIN G. ILLIN OSI are goofing off when they do[, : ,ll HAYWARD I. g of off, to show adult displea-/I -,- .- A. o I/I SOUTH ELGIN PH&RM&CY sure at things they know arell I~t~JUl~li ~,*AI~hUI-I- I~IA/IUI~IAL u~,~m~Itl Ill I r n h t x hl 1 *~ ~ OPEN I AM TILL 10 P M I W ong a yow 0 ml t S 1~ ; . ". .-/i Co,pU,e Bank#tg Services III Ill s u L L I V A N' S I :':igecn:rem n eerS:tthat sn t n rll PHONE 4141 Ill.- ,; " ,-,- Ill B:;.:'w; I looks the other way from realil Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation II - - - - I. Sterl,n Sterlina. II1.111. .I misbehavior nor looks so long as/I il ', I . o I " Ul]tctat 15o cout 3tore it has to lose sight and con$-~ ~. ~--- ~ ~ I I"UtYwtat uoy cout tore"J ciousnes s of t he misbehavior i Th~s takes more than good o e IVAR FREDRICKSEN & SON, INC. s, SOMeA~O will -- but it takes a lot of that. GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Red. & Com. Bldg. 7616 HANCOCK DRIVE WONDER LAKE, ILLINOIS Phone Wonder Loke 2361 Workmanship with Equipment Quality by Experience ANNUAL REPORTS end FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OUR SPECIALTY "We Print Everythin~ But Dollar Bills" 206 N. Main ~. Galena, Illinois I Phene Ne. 101 TWO LOCATIONS MONROE, WIS. INC. PLYMOUTH -- VALIANI -- CHRYSLER DODGE -- IMPERIAL -- DODGE TRUCKS -- SIMCA Our Reputetion Is Your Guer.tee )[The Gang 121-129 SO. HANCOCK AVENUE The gang comes over to oul FREEPORT, ILLINO|S {/settlement house on Tuesday lnights. These aren't Puerto Ri- TELEPHONE: ADAMS 2-6139 ~lcan kids, they're not Negro or )RAKI M P/AklT [[hill-billy or D. P.'s. They're a ~ ,-- -, r~,~ .(Ibunch of Italians and Polish and v N. MAIN ~TKEET ~JIrishers whose families h a v e .~ ~ ~ ROCKFORD ILLINOIS ,~llived in the neighborhood for ~ ~;"~: " ~!-. "+ ::;~ *" : ~" TELEPHONE: WOODLAND 2-64S' Wr,te or Phone Us for Detmls and Asttmates Patr ; Our Advert,sers Roofing Company Burrer Approved Reefers Built-up Roofs FREEPORT ADams $-161-2 ADams 3-2211 Freeport LOVES PARK PARKSIDE FOOD MART MEATS--GROCERIES PRODUCE Shoo In this Most Modem Complete $olf-Servteo Sfore 5545 N. Second Loves Pork LOVES PARK JEWELRY El~in-Homilton- Bulove Wetches Rosaries E~Dert Watch & Clock Repoiring 5426 N Second St. Hallgren Lumber mild lea n tender FELLY COOKED DE 1823 Locust St Sterling Say You Saw It in THE OBSERVER - :.:<.:.:.: <.:.:.x.:*:.:+~: ' " ' +~;.v.; :.:.:~.x ~ ::: :~:::::~::::~:~,~,~ :.:~ :~:~:~;~: ::z;;~ C~ For Service Col! TW 2-3971 COAL & GRAVEL CO. SAND--~RAVIL~BLD& MAT[RIAL Re. 25 North Aurora WELL DRILLING N. L. PITZ Automoti Wotef Systems TR 9-1243 315 N. Prairie BATAVIA Warehouse~203 Houston ALTHAFER'S DRUG ST01 Prescription Specialists R. W COPELAND R. PH. Telephone 459--0232 CrystoI Lake H. E. BUCH & SOHS Plumbing, Heating Contractors Kitchen Aid Dishwashers Higthwoy 120 Eod Phone EV. 5-0048 McHenry, Illlnois & BURCH MORTUARY 314 Oak St. DeKalb, Illinois Company LOOK FOR "the N W CAN! LUMBER PAINT BUILDING MATERIAL 1205 E. Locust Tel. 6-482 DeKalb Builders o.f Fine Institutions Since 1925 McHENRY LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER AND FUEL telephone Evergreen 5-4600 611 Main St. McHenry, III. CL RK'S SERVICE ST TIOH Pure Oil C . Products Be Sure With Pure Pheno CEntes 2-2431 Fifth and State Streets Geneva, III. GENERAL 100 hrden Street -- McHenry, Illinois NEWS A. J. ZIMMER FARM MACHINSRY & HARDWARE Phene EM. 5-3228 Virgil, Illinois Member o! Associated General Centractors el America EVERY NIGHT AT 10 HUBERT PHARMACY G. J. Hubert, R. Ph. irA. Fedeta~ 8-0434--WoedstNIs Ws ~lve "S&H" Stamps