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July 28, 1961     The Observer
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July 28, 1961

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PAGE 10 THE OBSERVER Doris Revere Peters Dear Doris: I have been going with a boy for two years. My parents like him and we plan to get married when I get out of school next year. The reason I'm asking your help is that he is a non-Catholic and says the paper that a non- Catholic has to sign to raise his children Catholic is silly. I ex- plained it to him but he doesn't seem to understand. Cindy A. As this agreement to raise your children in t h e Catholic faith is one of the conditions upon which your dispensation to marry a non- Catholic is granted, y 0 u m u s t be sure you both have the proper ad- vice and suffi- cient knowledge about it. No mixed marriage can receive the blessing of theDoris R. Peter! Church without these guarantees. Talk to yore pastor or to one of the other priests who can explain the rea- sons to your friend. I AM NOT QUITE sure from your letter, Cindy if your friend thinks the whole idea of raising 'the children as Catholics is "sil- ly" or whether he just thinks having to sign the agreement is "silly." If it is the latter explain that every contract is bound by a signature. If he is in earnest why should he object to signing his name to a guarantee that his children will be protected by re- ligion? It is merely a testimony of his good faith IF IT IS THE FORMER and he really thinks it silly to have to raise his 6hildren as Catho- lics then I suggest that you re- :consider the whole matter of ~our engagement. There are dif- ficulties enough in a mixed mar- riage without including so fun- damental a division as would be the case when one party thought the religious training of his chil- dren "silly." Such an attitude would set the moral tone for ,our whole marriage. ! In your discussion with the )ri~ st I'm sure he will point out he pitfalls of such an attitude and the cruel hardships it brings: to a marriage. A N D CINDY, REMEMBER that your religion has been one of the dominant factors in form- ing your character and person- ality. That same personality at-i tracted your friend to you in the: and my mother takes my privi- leges away for any event that is coming uia. Everyone wants to -know why I can't go and I'm too embarrassed to tell them. My mother tells everyone that I'm bad ~and won't listen. Do you think it is right to have my privileges taken away and my LEGION ,OF DECENCY LIST Moral Classification Movies The following Is o moral estimate of motion pictures showing in the Rockford Diocese prepared under the direction of the National Legion of Decency, 453 Madison Ave New York 22, N.Y with co-operation of the Motion Picture Department of the International Federation of Catholic Alumnae. A-lnMORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR GENERAL PATRONAGE Absent Minded Professor Green Helmet, The Santa Claus Alamo Gunfight Secret of Monte; Cristo All Hands on Deck Guns of Navarone Serengetl Shall Not Die Amazing 'Transparent Seven Wonders of the Man, The Hand in Hand World Ben-Hut 1 Was a Perish Pr{est Silent Cell Bernadette of Lourdes Invasion Quartet Snow White, and the Three Beyond the Time Barrier Ladies Man Stooges Big Gamble, The Last Dawn Swiss Family Robinson Boy Who Found Sl00,000 Left, Right and Center Sword and the Dragon Capture That Capsule Little Angel Sword of Sherwood Forest Cimaron Lilt Shepherd of K ng- Tammy Tell Me True Cinderfella dora Come Teacher and the Miracle Cinerama South Seas Ad. ~aster of the WorldTen Commandments venture ~ighty Crusaders Ten Who Dared David and Goliath ~isty The Snake Woman Days of Thrills and k~odern Times There Was a Crooked Man Laughter Nikki, Wild Dog of the Three Worlds of Gulliver Dentist In The Chair, A North Tomboy and the Champ Desert Attack )[e Rex Town Like Alice Dondi One Hundred and OneTrouble in the Sky ' Fabulous World of Jules Dalmatians Trapp Family, The Verne On the Double Voyage to the Bottom Of Fidelio Operation Camel the Sea. . Five Guns to Tombstone Parent Trap, The Wackiest Sh=p In the Flaming Star Passport to China Army Flute and the Arrow Pope Watch Your Stern Francis of Ass~si tP01ice Dog Story, The When The Clock Strikes Frontier Uprising Queen of the Pirates Wings of Chance Gambler Wore A Gun Question 7 Wizard of Baghdad Glenn Miller Story Romanoff and JulietWould-be Gentlemen Gorgo Sand Castle You Have To Run Fast A-11-~MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS AND ADOLESCENTS Atlantis, The Lost Con- Konaa Sergeant Rutledge tinent Ballad of a Soldier Last Time I Saw Archie sS h:~no J :Y s :h: mc a~t)t 0 ?~n Long Rope, The Battle at Bloody Beach Sniper's Ridge Magnmcent haven . Beware ot Chddrea Song Wdhout End Man m t.ocKed Hat -- P ifi a ac~ Sunday . . S.o.~ac c . anan In the Moon 7 " Blueprmt for RoWoory Stalag 1 . Man WhO Dies lwLce Brainwashed Marie Dctobre Steel Claw Bridge, The Main Kampf Sundowners Canadians, The Midnight Lace Sunrise at Camnnh~lln Counterplot Mountain Road Tarzan the Ma'gn[f]cen-t Cow and I, The Naked Edge Tess of the Storm Cauntrv Deadly Comloaniona Naure Girl and the The Cat Burglar Dr. Blood's Coffin Slaver Time Bomb Fanny Night Fighters Time Machine Ferry to Hone Kong Operation Bottlen~kTormented, The Fiercest Heart Othello Trapped in Tangier= Frantic Pay or Die Two Rode Together General Della Rovere Place in the Sun Two Way Stretch Gidget Goes Hawaiian Please Don't Eat the Unforgiven Gold of the Seven Saints Daisies Va ey of the Redwoods Goliath and the Dragon Pleasure of His Company Village of the Damned Great Impostor, The Possee from Hell Visit To a Small Planet Hand, The Raisin in the Sun, A Wake Me When It's Over Home Is the Hero Rommel's Treasure Walk L ke a Dragon Hoodlum Priest Scream of Fear Walking Target Homicidal Secret of the Purple Reef White Wart or Jailbreakers Secret Partners World of Apu Journey to the Lost City Secret Ways Young Savages A-111~MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS Ads French Mistress Operation Pett coat All In A Night's Work Goliath and the Bar- O-- A^=, = u -- 8vana A I the Fine YounQ barians Pillow Talk ACgaer~n~oa~s Red Grass ~ Greener Please Turn Over Aw, rv S ence The ~ reen '~,age summer Plunderers The =i .' t Portrmt m Black Anna's Sin He=let in Pink Tigh e Put le Apartment, The Hell is a City P Gang eturn to Pe ton Place Back to the Wall Heroes Die Young ~. Y King of Fire Best of Everything Home From the HillR " " I occo and HIS Brothers Big Bankroll House of Intr'gue R B g Deeon Madonna Hypnot c Eye ue de Paris ~, ~=^* Savage Innocents o/reel ,u,u. ) 5enecha The Ma nlfl- Black Orpheus Ikiru (Jap g Blast of Silence I'm All Right Jack cent Breakfast at Tiffany's Inherit the Wind Seven Thieves By Love Possessed I Passed For White Sins of Rachel Cede Captain's Table It Started In Naples Spartacus Career Jayhawkers Stop Me Before I Kill Cash McCall Key Witness Subterraneans Chance Meeting League of GentlemenThird Voice College Confidential Let No Man Write MyThreat , Come September Epitaph Three on a spree Cover Girl Killer Magician Tiger Bay Cranes are Flying Make Mine Mink Touch Of Larceny Crimson Kimono Malaga Tunes of Glory Crowded Sky Murder, inc. Two Women Dark at the Top at Music Box Kid Unfaithfuls, The the Stairs North to Alaska Upstairs and Downstairs End of Innocence Nude in a White CarVirgin Island Exodus (Fr.) Virgin Spring (Swedish) Facts of Life Ocean's Eleven Web of Evidence Fate of a Man On the Beach Why Must I Die Fast end Sexy Odds Against Tomorrow Wind Cannot Read Fever In the Blood, A Once More With Feeling Wolf Larson Five Golden Hours One-Eyed Jacks Wonderful Country Four Fast Guns Dne Foot in Hell Young Have No Time 400 Blows Operation Eichmann Young One B--MORALLY OBJECTIONABLE IN PART FOR ALL Angel Baby Hiroshima, Mon AmourProper Time Big Show, the Jazz Boat Pq, vchn Bimbo the Great Last Sunset --'--- Rat Race Blood and Roses Let's Make Love Breath of Scandal Lisette Revolt of the Slaves Butterfield 8. Look in Any Window Right Approach, The Can-Can Love andtheFrenchwo- Sanctuary Carry On, Nurse man Sex Kittens Go to Carthage in Flames Love in a Goldfish BowlCollege Cry for Happy Mad Dog Coil Shakedown r~slre In the Dust Mania Sons and Lovers Elmer Gantry Matter of Morals Squad Car Entertainer, The - Marriage-Go-Round Terror of the Tongs Esther and the Klng Mitlionairess Thunder in Caroline Foxhole in Cairo Minotaur Two Faces of Dr. JeykU Glrl in Room 13 Misfits, The Two Loves G. I. Blues Morgan the Pirate Underworld, U.S.A. Go Naked in the World Most Dangerous Man Allve Vice Raid Goodbye Again Parrish ' Warrior Empress, The Hell to Eternity Pharaoh's Woman Where the Boys Are Her Bridal Night (was: Portrait of a Mobster Wild in the Country Brk:le Is Much too Portrait of a Sinner World by Night Beautiful) Ft. Privates Live of Adam World of Suzy Wong Herod, The Great and Eve 20,000 Eyes C---CONDEMNED Adorable Creatures Lover. the (Fr.) Please, Mr. Balzac (Fr.) (French) Lover's Return (French) Port of Desire And God Created Women Mademoiselle Gobeffe Pot Bouilte (Lovers of (French) (French Paris) Ft. . Bab Doll Pr Y Mademoiselle Striptease ivate Property Bed. of Grass (Greek) (French) A Question of Adultery bed, /no ~t-rencn; siena Rosanna Breathless Magd Come Dance With Me Maid in Paris (Fr,)Saturday Night and (French) Marie du Port (French) Sunday Morning Desperate Women, The Mating Urge Savage Eye Expresso Bongo Miller's Beautiful Wife Sins of 1he Bergiae Green Carnation (was (Ital.) (French) Trials of Oscar Wilde) Miss Julia (Swedish) Smiles df a Summer Heroes and Sinners Mitsou (Fr.) Night (Swedish) Husband for Anna, A Morn and Dad Stalls (Greek) I Am a Camera Moon Is Blue, The Third Sex Illicit Interlude (Swedish) Naked Night, The Trials of Oscar Wilde Karamoia (Swedish) Wasted Lives and the Lady Chatterley's Lover Nana (Fr.) Births of Twins Llane, Jungle Goddess Never on Sunday Woman of Rome (Itel.) Love Game (French) . Night Heaven Fell (Ft.) Passionate Summer Love Is My Profession Oscar Wilde (Fr.-Ital.) SEPARATE CLASSIFICATION (A separate Classification is given to certain firms which, while not moral- ly offensive, require some analysis and explanation as a protection to the uninformed against wrong interpretation and false conclusions.) Mertifi Luther Case Of Dr. Laurent Suddenly Last Summer Storm Center Girl of the Night Crowning Experience Circle of Deception Anatomy of Murder Never Take Candy From ~lam and Eve La Dolce Vlta A Stranger mother telling everyone abou what I do? C.C. There is an old cliche, "all:s fair in love and war." In this case it is your mother's love putting up with your arguments and obviously bad temper. WHEN. A YOUNG MAN en- ters the army he goes through a period of "basic training" to~ prepare him for his duties in the service. So all adolescents go through a period of basic train- ing at h o m e which prepares t he m for their duties as an adult It is anyone's g u e s s whether this training is harder on the adolescents or the par- ents. Part of this training is learning self - control. Y o u r mother is doing her part--you do yours. Self-control can get you out of many spots. Here is a good chance to practice it--and the fourth commandment as well. Don't argue wffh your mother. You-won't lose your temper. You won't lose your privileges. It's as easy as'that. Dear Doris: I will be going into my senior year this September. I'm think- ing seriously ~about entering the convent after graduation. My problem is to tell my mother about my plans. I have two married sisters and I'm the baby of the family. This makes it all the harder for me to tell my mother about leaving home so soon after gradufition. I'm not too sure how she is going to take it so I don't want to give her too much time to think about it. Yet I don't want to tell her at the last minute. J.M. I think you're underestimat- ing your mother. Wh~t makes you think she wouldn't be over- joyed at the prospect of having 'a daughter a Religious? Par- ticularly, s i n c e you are the "baby" of the family. Don't wait until the last min- ute to take her into your confi- dence. If she is pleased this will THIS IS A TABLE--LE MESA--Using her ruler as a guide, Sister Mary Michelle of Taos, New Mexico, gives the children at St. Mary school, Sterling, a quick' lesson in Spanish vocabulary during one of classes in the Diocesan Summer School Enrichment program being held there. This practical application of Spanish is one of the interesting methods used for the benefit of the children who find that learning through daily usage opens up new avenues of interest in the field of language. "FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1961 THE THE REV. FRANCIS P. KENNEDY, son of Esther Ryan and the late Frank P. Kennedy, was born Aug. 23, 1920 in Chicago. He attended Mt. Carmel high school and Quigley Preparatory Seminary, Chicago. His philosophical studies were made at St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein from 1940 to 1942. He studied theology at St. M e i n r a d Seminary, St. Meinrad, Ind from 1942 to 1946. Father Kennedy was ordain- ed in Batavia by the late Bishop John J. Boylan on May 25, 1946. He was assistant pastor at St. Peter parish, Rockford, from June, 1946 until September. 1957. While in Rockford, he was named diocesan m a s t e r of ceremonies by~ the Most Rev. Raymond P. Hillinger and he served on the teaching staff of Bishop Muldoon high school. Since September, 1957, Father Kennedy has been pastor of St. Mary parish, Morrison. Forty Hours IDIXON . . . St. Joseph, L e n a -- Tenth Sunday after Pentecost. St. Catherine, Prophetstown-- Tenth Sunday after Pentecost. The :::::::::::: ::::::::::::: ::~: ::::::::::::::: :::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::: ::: ::: :::: ::: :::: ::::: :::::: :. Patronize Our Advertisers Downtown Dixon !~ !:~ ;~:~:~:i:!:.~:.:~A:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.::,~:.~' :$.:.:.:.~:.:.:: :.:.:.:4:" :. :.: :.%?:::.:-.::~:?:!.!:I:I:?;I:::::~:~V~': ampbellllotors Ports and Service Headquarters for Packard Studebaker Mercedes-Benz Dixon, III. Phone AT 3-94S1 Illinois Finest Motor Hotel TF In ~ll Guesl Rooms Children FREE BUFFET LUNCHES DAILY in THE TRAIL ROOM (Monday thru Friday) DINNER NIGHTLY in THE 1837 ROOM (Food 5ert'i Till I0 P,M./ 215 S. Calena Ph. AT. $-1641 only deprive her of much hap- piness . . . And she may need THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF SCIENCE--These boys and girls at St. Mary school in Ster- a little time to get used to the ling, under the watchful eye of Sister Carlos Marie of Denver, Colorado, delve into the wonder- MANHATTAN == rt ROE ,~v 14 ('n idea regardless of how sl~e feels, ful world of science during one of their Diocesan Summer School Enrichment program ~classes. Tell her soon. It bas been found that the classes, held in various schools throughout the diocese, have not ( --. Est. ]890 --- ) D only opened up new avenues of wonderI for the-children but have proven worthwhile, interest- ,~ v^. ~ ~-=~ ores nevere t~e~ers answers ~ -ictures indicate ",u. ~ttr ztr~u~z~J-to lng anu pmasam as mesa p to i i " letters through her column, not ~ Up wn Dn ng by mail Please do not ask :for a,' In a;, r a;,; ,a P'AKM LUA~ - == -~J~=.uxuon~u "* nersona! renln Young readers ~.~.1 ~ ~ ~ ~o .points. Bzsh,)p McNulty s ~d: Itl G~wng the example of St. Aug- ~.^ c^ " . . ~" " . . ~{L I, EI~ U~,I~UII I~ "" in r sti] t exam ~e he 1 . "~ are znwted to wrote to her :n " ~s te e . g o ' ,ustme as one who looked for O-on *.~a ~ ~ 1 a~u HOME LOANS " h (h h "" -- eqmpment ~hm St. d~ n e care of THE OBSERVER Vocatmns Model Baptist possessed for tis :m- happiness first m !he p!ea~ures Daily (Except Monday) PHONE: AT 3-1011 , I oI tne worlo an~ then ioun(1 15 " portant wor~: personal s LnCt:ty * - Law Grant positive acton, unwaver ag l~y-]m!heau~ster'ty fasalntlyl!fe' 115 Galena Dixon Islet Peorm m Dixon ne ~apust was era. up e s alty to Our Lord, ~nirit.~ C ~iox,~v ~in J~ atner ~cnwmnner concmaes, AT 3-8041 WASHINGTON -- The George- t model for vocatmn promoters hi~ w~rk " I"we must see that happiness lies town university law center's In- )Y Bishop James A. McNulty of -'~'ur~L~'r" s n ' n" 1not in pleasure but in the peni- ~ , N uu o ct wa ~t. OOrl 's 'o tyJ . . stitute for Internatmnal and For- Paterson, .J. ;,~ + " +~o n; h,~,~ ~=~,4 ,T~,~;tence that brings back the 3oy- . ~. :f 1 f s hri " ezgn Trade Law has recetved a The Bishop gave the keynote --r-"r h-L or I u love o Jesu C st. ~=~| DD ITMgD WAIUtL]P--UIAlqURU. r p ut; c~ ui t u uru ~ w r, wctb VVitRIk BltVlggl=lt~]~ $75,000 grant f am the Ford faun- address at the llth annual Insti- his onl'" ambition " he added 1~ dation. The money will be paid "tute of Religious and Sacredotal " : ' " I( tl:l)llM . " Built.up Roofing ~ Complete Selection in three annual installments. Vocations at Fordham universi- ~ 141La~Lasav ' gt KellglOOS ~OOdS ty. . Chmst s Promise J II Flooring & Wall Tile Ill I Taking incidents from the Gos- ' . Aluminum ] KFORD s. 0hn ,o illustrate hisOfJoy Dlscussed l (((2 Ltars I Combination JVindows II I Christ's promise of 3oy is fuP[| ~ ~~ll aria uoors Ill 'V---.--~"-<"~// 'I--~-- I I~lllt~nl mlPi liP, k4~ll~,PIl~l~ I filled for men of faith, says the~l 20L 3rd St. STERLING I[I Ill J E~V]f~ L ~: R 8 I ~loor oanaer ~tenta~s ;'Z rl~,~l~ /n tVtUU=KN Rev William K Schwienher I ' |[| Ill Z/xY I l" ' ' ~ DIXON. II.I.INOIW I~/~A,I'% "r~ ~,14~1~(~, eSrJ~unSc~:y?dH;a;;aHt ~rl51~aak- I Oshkosh Overalls Itl AT 2 2,; II I INVgdtl~ IV gU~,~,~l;,ilg, ' : " ,I Ill 121 Galena Ave. Dixon i[L~im,~j over WREX-TV "Can we have an- do, ~+ +~o+ [I Hanes T Shlrh J[~[ Qu,ck, Practical Tra,n,ng Leans to I II L.nrls~ really" wanteo to oiler uS 1 us ~,=o ~ t~,I ~. happiness In return for what iI w01verlne Air-u-Relic II I I o 1 n N IF "1". I"1## * * For fai h h " r " [I Shoes II I / I-- L. =:= =- v t --t at ~s fo following -or, v n ~ Pos,t,ons . . after l-lira in t~is way of li~e," Plumbin & Heatm me ' F " r ' II I] g g Punera= no You have a]tne posttton awatttng you on tlze pay. says ame ~cnwmnner. Ip ' I " . ~ u . --':-e roll o] a business firm! You, need only learn the prop. - ! 11 $. Hennepm ,~/e hour ~=r,u~. " t it ill Dixon, Illinois ,AmJ~lB|/lli'g~ er sRtll$ anct, secttrtty aria oppor un y w ~lm~jjj~dlil~el111 be yours. There is a terrific demand today ]or busi. Get the Best . I~=~I~II~AI~ PHONE: AT 2-0441 ~ae~=-i "~ I rtl MRS ELIZABETH JONES ness trained young people. Courses are practical and Ask for' - J ~1~1 wate~ aotteners " LEO A. MILES rapid, unu ~lNI Dehumidifiere PATRICK JONES /'U |UDAI III,Water.Heatersfot RIV/~kl %,II 4/liJ- (Gas Od Electrnc) I IPlAVI I "'*~~,=.~c~ START SEPT 5 ~ III ,4 Catholic owned and " " /EWE Funeral Home Dispo=ale PHONE 3-1211 Our Placement Department has many more calls . MAT'[ GRENNAN Owner ~ than we can Jill ]or skilled accountants, executive ' ~ assistants, bookkeepers, secretaries, stenographers, JIM GRENNAN, Assistant TWIN CITY typists, clerical help and ntachine operators. PRODUCE CO. 202 FOURTH AVE. ill =rim U rgM&M WHICH TIME-SAVING COURSE INTERESTS YOU? Sferiing Ph. 1B4 STERLING M~ ~-0~2' I LLIII A/VU II t, ltl'lRn IML. ?n Degree Courses r "" PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS ?? 1037 THIRD ST DIXON, ILL Ace un d o t" g a " e Administrative Assistant ill . Want That New Home!! J] ",I Automation Accounting Executive Secretarial~| YOU CAN -- THE MILES WAY II ll ll Business Management Medical Secretarial Ill THE BEST BUILD.IT.YOURSELF DEAL Ill "Insurance Exelusivelv" III Westinghouse TF tar 1961 I Sales Management Legal Seoretarial ANY W HERE ' -" mlNAL BAN "'- ;0----;- " . Management Engineering I]1 No Money Do:2?~o~Ev ]~o~nthly Payments 111;;2;;- ~ Ill I The Rockford School of Business is,also approved by the I]| Your Credit Is ~ Payment From 60 . 90 Days Ill IFI I Illinois Board of Accounting which enables graduates of |[| Can Include Ill uu~U,l~, l/I I III ~-~'- wi,m, l/n III I~JI ~1t I the two-,earAeeountingandFinanceCoursetotakethe []] Miles Pre-Cut Homes I/I KEN MALl. [I I C.P.A. examinations f====U/ -k Diploma Courses rl Frank J'McBride Rockford, re. J[I III La2-]klII1.JILa n 1348 6th Avenue WO4-0053 I'1 A6EN IJI " I AGENC E]eetne Shop Ine. Junior &e ounting Seeretarial Stenographic CATALO i 53 I CY PHONE: AT 4.0011 -k Special Courses IIWOODSTOCK e ", PHONES OFC. AT 2-8174 ,[|1~/~1213 West First St. | SPEEDWRITING, SHORTHAND AND TYPING II l III TIlE [I ::v:,~o~u: i/[; ill '",~ I (No Signs -- No symbols --- No M,chine To Buy) . :': r IN DIXON Beginning Gregg Shorthand Court Reporting " kFC~]n VOGUE XON Advanced Gregg Shorthand IBM Key-Punch and Typing Comptometer, Burrough and Friden Calculators ~ andTyping Ill REAL M~C0YS [I ,~;"=": ;~:;? ILii s Jill Clerical and Office Machines HOPPE 14 fl W I: I I' R ,L E T,TE COURSE -- . / Itl ~;~o;;;: [I 9[ I/~:~ DIXON, ILLINOIS [{11 FOR n Ill WOODSTOCK I/.:: '. Fall Cotton D,esses [I Heat I A r0ved for Veteran Tr mmg w oo.o M t h. Sw.t r, III i/I & Skirts Ele r l Co.tmcti, I AIR- CONDITIONED CLASSROOMS, modern Ill HURSD,P.M. Ikl It.":," HOWELL I WREX TV " Matched Slack Sets-* equipment, friendly students, understanding Ill WREX-TV I]1 Member ~D C. I[:: ::/I I teachers, flee placement service. Jill--/:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ' t Bob Woodward DAY AND' EVENING CLASSES I Office Open Daily from 8 to 5, Including Sat and LaborDoy. Write, CollotOurOffiee, or J J IT/hereYoucansaveupt$5OOon:, herdC;:: d tt, rigs Ill I CE ZTn UED II Telephone |l Where you can save up to $500 on a New or Used Car ,ourselt Independent WO 4-9459 for Information f= Itl ' a dServiced to Satis~actlon." I/I I I I R clcford Sch of |uslnesl; rl FORD FORD TRUCKS FALCON u/I FINEST IN MEATS ! /11,THUNDERBIRD I|1 ""''" ' ' " ,I Ill237 Throop St. FE8-2440 Ill Give $&H Green Stamps "J W. J fferson St. Rockford, II!. j[ Woodstock, Ill - BHnton et Bmdshaw / Dixon, III 319 I