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July 28, 1961     The Observer
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July 28, 1961

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FRIDAY, JULY 28, 196! @ WASHINGTON--(NC) The cal's attention to fa r m prob- encyclical oi Pope John givfs ilems. a lucid and courageous expla-i Father Vizzard said: nation of social justice priciples "Farm people of this country, applied to complex problem~land indeed farmers everywhere, me generm secretary oz m~.w~ v r r tiffed that said here. ha e eason to be g a " " Msgr Paul F Tanner re in its m o s t official way the leased a statement on the en-lChurch, in the person of t h e cyclical. "Mater et Magistra,",Holy Father has directed to- THE OBSERVER the Rural Life PAGE 9 THE REV. CLEMENT P. PETIT Diocese of Rockford Rural Life Director St. Charles Borromeo Parish Hampshire, III. Prepared in eOOl ti with the Nati al Catholie Rural Life Confe, ce, 3801 Grand A ue, Moin 12, Ion the same day that the R e v. ward them such warm a n d T'--' ,~r,~ .~-,~n~ , James L Vizzard S J direc- . I lll~ JWU l~A|llVll~l~ I I tar of the Washin ' pracucal concern. I~ ~ ~ I gtcn omce at I I I the National Catholic Rural Life new prcmems, wnmn a r eI ~ I ~ J - Conference lauded the encycli-many and perplexing, will be .~ ]~]b~'B~ ?I]NI tnl 4"i better understood as the resultl~"/ [JIL/~" ~'~ ~-P ~ I ~T f'UAD|l~l~ of this encyclical. The solutions ~" I I J|e ~H~ki-lE~ to their problems will be aided /~ ]4/- -- (",I / WASHINGTON (NC) The by the document's clear guid-Iz~-l~r~. ~[i~[/~[/r~ L~ L I I - -- ling principles. Above all. the] ~ ] /Senate Agriculture Committee KeN|dent and non- ] dignity and fundamental im-I By The Rev John G Weber I /skirted the touchy subject of I r,~ti,l,~, k;,k ,-k ^l I portance of agriculture is once| ~ " " I t tightening the Mexican farm la. ~;" "'?': again emphasized by the Holy[I understand, Ted. you're, We know costs are high and/ I ~F h r' r oar lmpor~ am ann approvea a Jl~ tar girls ~ at e s wo ds. [sending Jim to college thlslwdl become higher. However,I r ~'J I "It should cause no surprise fall?" the val~le of an education is ~n::sy;:rsm extencl ~ne vnl zor [ Mflilnt ~nrv [ that Pope .John's first encYCli-I "That's right Nick. : Igreat and will become greater. I ] TT.Y'^. ,~^ ~.m O. ~.l;^ T~. ~ ] ~.vvmum ~.o ~m ]~ i croon sacral proomms g 1ve s[ "What is he oO~ in~ to take~" lOne sore Spot, is that I Can't] ]. " *. ~. I . I sucn prominence to mrmmg ~, I the ent'r- ball " I Ithousands of Memcan natmnals I fle.d,m I since from the beginning of his[ "It will be s?methlng relatedlPaYHow wil[-~u work it then',] ](braceros) are able to come in- N n~smm/ I pontificate he has repeatedlylto agriculture. I ~ ",~. ~ e - ~. ~ I " I reminded us of h~s own farm["Why that?" I or one thm~, Jxm worked I ST. CHARLES, ILLINOISI origin. On more than one oc-I "Because Jim loves a-ricu~Ihard in high school, got good] ]on farms. Last year about 315,- I I casion he has statedsimply, I s "[grades which won him a small] 1000 braceros were imported into I r -.~ ~ L c li 'T for ~r, ,tare and with his farm back-[scholarship, . Then we have ar-I Ithe U.S. to work on farms and I ~ ~~;~Z' d',i I gron.d he has assets that others " ranged for Jim to work p ~r t r~nch~s j - . . . ~ ,~ . I ;5: I m every 16 persons era-[don't have " [t~me whilehe ~s going to ! y "'= |; ~,~ " Ischo.I " ! I L.a~nollC aria omer religious ployea in the U~ WORKS eltner ~ ~'" . . "I agree he has an advantage, " . . leaders have fought vigorously" [ ~J%sa mmuem?th d I ddZCtlYn r t~ndlrectly with the [but do you think there is op-I wo~Vk :~dthstutdbe,hard on J~m. [ l against extension of the law, ] recreational sDort~ ~r-infor[lJ y aus y. [portunity for him?" [ ~ Y" . . ] [charging that employment of I [~ ~ : - I],"Ther~ certainly is. The morel "'Yes, ~ wn! no, nu~ you see,[ [Mexican workers results in low- [ IP~ [complex farming becomes thelhe is only taking half of thel I I |]J|e ~lrl~'~l~ll-I[:',~ elmore technicians are needed. ]regular college work load per] * Iment among domestic workers - - ,[Take for example a milk pro-[year. It will take twice as long[ DISCUSS BRACERO LAW--The Rev. James L. Vizzard, S.J Senator Eugene McCarthy [~ ~ a~n~, ~h ~*~,~. ~h'-" cessm lant The need them- but we think it is worth it " (center) and Martin Work discuss statement on Bracero law presented June 12 to Senate com- ~" 7 ," g P Y . . House of Representahves pass- DRIE~[N tflX~J'Rll/'l'lflX O1 I/ists, bacteriologists and various[ "Don't you think that will beemittee on agr~cultare. ]ed a bill (May 11)extending n ~g,~mm,', ~,nvmw, m mtv~lnuuvml ~lve m"ec'nolo-i " " know "0 . I -' 9 "r' I "~ |----, I RF~TI~F~TIAT "F~ l|[ n g s~s wno n w ~O/a rang t~me. J~lgnt years, lviay-/ "- IPubhc Law 78. I --- ~vM MI~HUIAL -- INUU~'IIIIALI]adjust machinery and regulate/be he will want to get married/~l~g~ggl~OAr~ ~g'~l/l[~IW~rIp I All Faiths Sign BUILDING I I[processor, s to produce a good[before then." [ ] Last month Catholic, Prates I 1133 So. Fifth Street St. Charle~ I/product. I "Yes, t-h a t is a possibility,[ .: nt t and Jewish leaders issued a I JUno 4-0296 I[. a? Y u~ ~nk a lob like that[an.d Jim will have to decide.[ It/,~.[J H/;tt,~,t b'n~/ A m~o, Ijoint statement urging revision : ": / -,::,y": v,' /rugnt now ne will, ~ry xt ths[ fig"IUr/l/1[~l/ffF IL, J~II~IL~L~IL, J.~ |llAbE/e) .~JLIlbl~,ll~e [of the Mexican farm labor pro- 1~ certainly Will oe a gooo .- way If things don t work out, I "o n mo i o t " i " ",gram. The statement backed a I PARKER S BUILDERS SUPPLIES, INC. I/,bad re mprant it w ll/we e~ always get a loan. I ,r~ ~. a g n'nourk Ireform bill snonsored by Sen l m ~ive h~ th~ ~oti ~t;~ ~ / I uj, xu~ ~v ~uw~u vv I t- .i r " w i t m " o mean the National De- . Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota I " A~l.l ~. t" A D VV Ulna king h so ethlnghe/fen. A~t ^, ,5o~, I This title is both a prayer andlemerging nations build up their{can lay the foundations for a] " ,~ ~ .~ o. . ms om woma provlcte zne zot- ~"~/IP I 1 ~ ~P'l~ l[ l[1 loves r r fir m lastln eaee , a p amiNe. Fo the " st time agriculture and industries, to g P " " r s' SELF SERVICE ][ 'Howmany fields would you[ ]the history of the world, it |She1 them constructdams roads[ Food for Peace Program ] ,] cs, but the funds are pretty lowmg refo m THE BUILDERS SHOPPING CENTER IJsay are ooen in a~riculture?"[weu appnea tor alreauy. There]now within our power to put an] P ' [ *^r -^c^~ ] 1. The ~ecretary oz ,~a~or is I I11U ~ VtMIn I'ltu f*- nn, un,-, *aa~ I/ i'A lot of them Nick The list~are some hanks ~na~ ma~e spe./ n~ t- h-n--r "- a-k ~'od "-land other useful structures. I ~n~ o~ u,~ m~,~,~ ~u '~ ~"*'/given authority to limit the num- I fill[K[ /UUK tam #s Ok! RURI: |[ ' . " /eial lo~ns for stu tents too Ileu u u ~. ,re s ~ t"l Iplishing these goals is the Food/ n -ork-rsw~-ma-" I ,~ n . n I/womn ne almost as long as the| [give us the wisdom a n d the l t~rea~changes are ~aKingl /ocr o~ m~elg w e .o tt s ~asv rar~mg at Yarner s am sure we can work it out eor fence program oz me umt . " n[name of every job breakdown in/ " /courage to accomplish this tre-]place in the underdevelopedI "]be hired by any one employer. I " lithe firms that process the six-[," ]mendous task [areas of the world Efforts are[moving s~iftl~ in the directions[ 2. To be eligible to obtain for- LLIMBER ROOFING INSULATION HARDWARE somehow ea ~ta~es ~overnmem ~ ~s I A FULL LINE OF O'BRIEN'S PAINTS I|teen billion dollars' worth oft 'Good luck to Jim." I Hun-or is 'mankind's rnostlbein- made to |m-rove a"ricul I . s" " . ~ Make[eign workers, a farm employer I GOODYEAR: VINYL TILE COUNTER TOPS SANDRAN I|raw nrndn~t* n~v ~oar It ~] ]. .~ [ ~ p . ~. -[we nave sugge~efl aDO e. /must first offer (and actually n RUGS - u~--': r- ~- ~ ~.~~.~ . ~ /areaaea zoe. k takes more ~iveslture ann ouila new influs~ries, lsure that your senators and con-/ U workers terms and estLmated there are about nine ~mce ~ao, output per man nc I s pay~ o I E. MAIN ot 11TH AVE. PHONE JUNO 4-0057 It .~ " /ho r in -]than war or pestile e. t ,i ]As this takes place, many peo-lgressmen know that you supportJconditions "reasonably comnar- ,qT g?MAD/gq [|mxxnon engagea m marKeung,[ u . ,unagr~=mmra! mous~rY]more terrible t h an floods orJple who formerly eked out an this program, that you Want it[ ~.~ ~. ~.',^ ~ ~v~ ; I "-'" IlProcessing, packaging and dis-/naN r~sen two percent a year. /storms. It is n o w possible to lexistence on a tiny plot of land lex--anded and im~'roved. /au*~ w ,~ ~u=,~ ~=,~ - "-- -'[tr~butmn of farm products. In]In agrmulture the increase has[a~,i~h h,n-er fr-m the face ofl -- no no,~, fa~ [ ~ .u . ]can workers. " " avera ed 5 er ~, ~ - ~peaKlng of th~s programin ,/[~ts broadest sense, agriculture/ g p cent per year.]the earth The American farmer[tories e~c They need food If it] Wage Scale Comparable offer e e " * ' ~ ms inaugural aoaress, rresloem . I - . - . - - I/ s mploym nt opportu.m-/~~ . lis the hero of this great new I is not available inflation occursl~onn~n, n,~olore,~ "To t h o~e/ s The employer of Mexican I I I I I IM,I I,1 I, A IM I, U Iltiespernaps onc-third 'of.the o.t every $20 spent gro-[development" He has suppliedland nullifies all the progressl )eoHefin' e"hu' 's and villages/w rkers must pay those workers working t o r e e of the Umtea cemes $1 50 to $2 goes for pack u ~ e least as much as the avera e I Ill L L I I~ V 1 I~ ~1~ L L ~ I~ L ~ Its :to,| :, ,~[all the food the American peo-lthat is being made. Iof half the globe struggling to/at,~,g m m, ta s. /aging wnlcn nelps to ~eep mOa/ple need and more We have anl - ~['~'----~, ~a I ' ----. /hburly rate mr mrm workers in ~ " " " "All /this is ood T in ood con ' i . we n~.v~ r~,u oreaK tne oonas oz mass misery, . . I Your Guarantee o/Sattsyactton I/ :. g,ed, bu*n g d, t on .and attract /abundance wh,ch we can andI ,s. ne. .dlwe vled~e our best efforts totthe state or natron, whichever l ilwna~ aoout me cost?" [the snapper's attention. Imust share with others I. ~'~ --r -T/- "~. ~- 7----.*IL,--,LY--. "--- " h ~ rlis lower; ~ but any yearly in- I ~ -- - .-, . It- ' - . --I " Iby mese nations. 1i we ma~e ltl/lClp I,/l~ Illb~l.v~b, .rUt w a~ / " " 10 cents an I ~ crease ~s nm~ea m lfree Moth- Draperies I/. A [ Will Not Suffice ]available, it can be used totperiod is required -- not be-/ Pr " I/| OCffF DD I However, it suffice Ispeed works[cause be[hour- these essential the communists-may oofmg ----e, I/" ~ !~, ,~=~mw,[merely to give away our food[and to prevent inflation. Work-]doing it, not because we seek[ 4. Mexman workers are hm~t- Fur Stora e Car et$,|[indiscriminately. . This might un-lmen can be given food as part[their votes, but because it isled, st seasonal and non-machine g P [][ ~nu nnnP~ m eAi,~ rip ~t--m,~.m m n,m |/dermlne the self respect of[Of their wages. [right. [~ob. Waterproofing Suedes I/I UUK I'IU/VII~/glAI,/I= I'11::~) |/other peoples. Eventually. our] Food has always been a pre-I Because it is fight, we aren~ n ^: - I/I ' . |[food supply would be used up[claus possession. Inthe present[confident that you will support['~ ~,l~r~.~'~F]l'~|l a.~vcu~ W rorlIlals inl Are Deln iou, [[and the problem of hunger]world situation it is a powerful[this effort. Because it is right,]~-~l~w~'Jv~~zL~''Lz~t 'i ~K; T Al~l17 ~,:,lh, l/I --- |[woulA return. Iweapon. With it we can end[we are confident that God will[ ST. CLOUD Minn.---A n e w Y H .7 . PorIT Platters for,Instead we must use our hunger. W~th ~t we can strength- heed our prayers for a world farmers coo rat~ve so bean II " ' pe y [I ~~ o occos,ons. I/abundance ascapital to help[en en~ergmg nations. With it welw~thout hunger, amen. /processing mill west of here .r~ n~n ~L~~ . Tasty Fish Menus I| " " [~ /will have a capacity of nearly AHI}flPA fir, Ill I~1 ~ [:or Frldoy--Teke Home I/il~'~'~ i[g'iffP'~i~ I~ I The cost of laundering a shirt] 3 000 bushels a day or nearly a n n II Reody To Serve lonce ismore than the farmer[ million bushels a year. Cv eull~ucr ~ rur~ti -- ~ u*=~,m ~m ml~ ~m m~J i. ,~ Igor for the cotton in the shirt./ Some five million bushels of 11. l.nnKL ucncYa ,e WI:L I'I PII:I: )I: I'IU I- . . =11 . . E [And the label on a can of toma-[soybeans grow in the surround- BATAVIA DE KALB 1,~ ! 3131 AUBURN ST. ROCKFORD WO 3.0946 ervnng A. rarusnes ,~ [toes~stthmeO;oe th~:e:he farmerling 17-county area each year. '~, ~ " 2~,~ I go~,m : ~ /The new co-op plant will help eue u^nr 's, [][] r,isnwauKee ua,ry-erompt- ourteous ~to strengthen the market for It MUK[ LAK! ,q III " Driver-Solesmendeliver Doirylond's ~ ~ this production. l" ii Finest Grode A Milk & Dairy Products in SUNDAY 6:30 P.M. ,l~l[laa~~~[~;~~ your parish, Safeguarded by ~"~1 ] ' In Russia, one agricultural II orker roduces for four or five J J Modern Sanitary Equipment. w P ' ---" -" I - - people. In the United Stat~s one . . . I KICMWAII~I:I: hA DV ~ farm worker produces for 24 - - - w A I ~ -'~rgv ~m n illl~lllerRv N~lbll~ V/% II~U --"~b 'k JAMES people. ! ~-;~~ < "" ~ I H. Lund,reR ' ' E L Bonzi GARNER - -- -- I aox o~ ,z u, kg=.--:~v ~"~/~'-d,~ ~ GRADE "A" MILK, CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS ~ JACK - -"" - Phone WO 4-9921 ROCKFORD 311 Caroline St. KELLY * Complete Building Service MT, MORRIS PHONE 4.4716 TOT and TEEN Shop "The BEST Is None Too Good For YOUR Children" INFANTS CHILDREN'S SUB.TEENS Boy's Sizes To 8 Year~ Marian Miller. Owner PHONE 44816 MT. MORRIS FLORSHEIM SHOES FOR MEN 4 W. WILSON BATAVIA PHONE TR 9-$345 II MORRIS J. LARSON JEWELER Itl Diamonds Elgin Watches O, ]ewelry Repairing Ill 235 W. WILSON ST. BATAVIA III ,Phone, OIL TR 9-1234 Re TR. 9-354;7- ' III 111 I RACHIELLESpHARMACY Itl I i~ E. WILSON ST. " BATAVIA I/I ~o~ v. ~ oo I/I Johnson Funeral Service 9 SO. BATAVIA AVE. Crane Funeral Home 222 E. WILSON ST. NORMAN E. JOHNSON, Owne', OJfice 9 So, Batavia Ave, TR 9.1491 TR 9.1487 BATAVIA Rockford Illinois FOR FINE FOOD Shoemakers ]or Four Generations SHOE SERVICE Steaks * Chicken Rocldord Seafood 205 N. Church St. PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 805 E. Stere Rockford North End Downtown * Highcrest * Kilburn Ave. DAY THE MONEY YOU SAVE BY THE 15TH EARNS FROM THE 1ST OF THE MONTH Savings Insurea to $10,000 by Federal Savings and Loan Ins. Corp. All Withdrawals Paid promptly 15 FREE Face to Face feller Service Open 8 A.M. D~ily Open Man. & Fri. Till 7 p,m. Postage Paid Both Ways 114 N. 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