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July 28, 1961     The Observer
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July 28, 1961

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PAGE 8 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1961 MEET THE AFFILIATE ', tin OH "Be present everywhere [or the faith, [or Christ, in every way q l and to the utmost possible limit whenever vital interests are at stake The following article posesling on in the world And evenI Catholics Unaware DIXON--Twenty-three years duced into St. Anne church for . Be there on guard and in action." Plus XII. some important problems con- the keenest brain will function Far too man Ca .1; y the, ago. Jan. 13, 1938. St. Anne the use of the entire congrega- I -i~lh 7r1 cernlng t h e reading habits better wlth occaslonal relaxa- auite unaware of the wealth of phi e,l .I which the majority of readers tion and catharsis. But to let]~ti I~H rl~no that o~n ho Study club was organized by tion and continue in use today. Pam et List "tte, 40 members of St. Anne parishi In 1942, the study club joined l~r~ will recognize as the,r own. Ittour brain waste its energies found on tire shelves of a n v here, in the home of Mrs. IreneI the Catholic Book-of-the-Month i Of] club, " n U e~ Kreitzer. The sole interest donating the books to tho Is ,~u-,~ested,1 ~is an excerpt reprinted from hab,tually on tmvmlmes surely C'~,h,~no hn,~k~t lon~in~" t r ~'~ . "More Than Many Sparrows' was ot God's p rpose in de-; lihrnrv And the club members was, and publie library in the interest of SummertimeS" ~ --often offers a lit lUrges lect by Leo J Trese which has signing this tool of thought. ]:~.~-.~'";:.'~ 'wL:::~ ~ ~.'~.~'~, ~ :" : ' . ~u~l~x~ to ct~ cl)rb ul~ ~AGU~ I, llou still is, to .acquire a thorough good reading. During this per- been published by rides Pub- Keep Alert Mind i we are too busy. "I k n o w I understanding of the rehgmn iod the late Rev. Francis Me- tle more leisure time, or[ . C~ d lishers, Notre Dame, Ind. Even aside from our Chris- should do more serious read- they profess. -. prompts extra reading when it's l'~ally or t~OCKIOrO gave a course . . With July at an end, it is time beautiful harvest prayers and What have you read lately? tian responsibility to use o u r ing," we admit, "and I'd like Rt. Rev. Msgr. C. F. Conley : too warm mr more strenuous at- on the ion t~ommanaments to prepare for the Feast of the blessings for the Feast of the As- If you were to meet one of your great gift of mind, there is the to; but when shall I ever find of Freeport addressed the club ' tlwtms. This tlme can be put to men conunuect as meturer the Assumption and Our Lady of the sumption (page 368) as well as former teachers, and he or she added consideration that an un the time? at that first meeting, outlining " - . ~ gooa use oy reamng wortnwnue next year giwn~, a course on . ' . Fieldsz on Aug. 15. Rural. life prayers for the novena (page were to ask you that question, exercised mind grows old more One way in which to find the steps for organization and the maternal at least part of it hav- me ~even ~acramen~s ~n ~ in a iri" al " ne chairman of the diocese, Mrs. 274). would you feel embarrassed as quickly If we content ourselves time would be to count up all courses and possibilities for the h " ' g sp tu to . . t e l~tte RevJohn Smith of . . . Ambrose Hermes, reminds us For those who have not yet you gave your answer? .' Followm, is a hst of reading with soaking up mere informa- the minutes m any average day group. He advocated individual Sterling conducted a course on material available a" n. ~ that the Mother of God should purchased this book, there is a Limit|ess Possibilities tion and emotions from which news- are spent on newspapers ~ t omm~ play an important part in the St. Isadore Novena booklet pars television and po ular secular magazines and TV (or participatiOnwas whatever co~rse ~p;c~l events m the hie of cost from National Catholic Rur- lives of us all and we should available by writing to National We kno~ that a factory which pe, p . . The club elected Mrs. Kreit- " - al Life Conference, Des Moines, participate in blessings and; Catholic Rural Life Conference, habitually operated at ten per- magazines, without any solid just puttering around). It may The speaker for the 1945 sea-ilowa zer as its first president and son was the Rev. Carl A. Maza OU'R LADY OF THE FIELDS prayers in Her honor whichI Des Moines, Iowa. cent of capacity would soon be exercise of the mind in t h e not be a lot, but it will be some- determined to begin the study ' in bankruptcy. Yet a respected form of thought and reasoning, i thing. Then let us slice off !ust of church history from the time of Ohio, Ill who talked on cur-booklet contains illustrated stor- make us better appreciate HerI Another continuing project Of psychologist has said that most then we are aging faster than twenty-hve percent of that Ume and our relationship to Almightyl the rural life committee has people go to their graves with- we realize for worthwhile reading. We may ~" ~ ~ find to ouv surprise that we of Christ to the present era. rent events. The Rev. J. E. its of the Blessed Mother's up- God. ]been encouraging the building of out having used more than ten Alvrtnwa ~ru~ ~*l~aaurv Meetings were set twice month-FathersSUprenantof Chicago f thebecameVictorianthe!make! paritiOnSnicetO bedtimefarm people,storiesWhiChfor Many parish families bring to[ outdoor shrines. In the past few percent of their mental capacity. ~t ~s no~ me sounonesn o~ can read ann ingest one soui- ly in the homes of members, club lecturer and continued the i children. This 48 page booklet is the church the first fruits of the~months about 50 have b e e n This seems a shocking state wind ann nmo out me amr~-~" . unmng. . OOOK each .w e e. ~ t~ Sunday Missals Introduced course on current events and~priced at 3 for 50 cents harvest and the flowers to be[erected, Mrs. Hermes reports, mont. The brain which God has ~ . .' that su3Kes us as too rmn a hess o~ the mlncl that is t h e . For the next two years this also on the dignity oY man. Next WITH THE BLESSI'NG OF blessed on Our Lady's day. It is She would appreciate receiving given us is a marvelous instru met we ar leas~ cored oegm true measure oi age. Dome peo- . ' o " ' " ' suggested that to share thmr!pmtures ol these shrines and of ment, with almost limitless pos :- with one such book a month. pie ao Keep mew minas acuve outline was followed and corn- lecturer was the Rev, Richard THE CHURCH, a 32 page blessings with others they any other outdoor shrines in the sibilities for absorbing knowl- a n d vigorous w i t h a fairly Overcome Obstacles pleted. Then began an outline French, assistant pastor of St. pamphlet for family use, con- might-wish to contribute a little ldioeese. She said each picture edge, for enjoying and u sin g steady diet of serious reading. The truth is that all too.o!ten mentslStudy Ofsacraments,the Mass, altar.saeramen.Vest- Anne, who gave a course on the talus blessings for 'fruits, flow- something from field or garden fshould be identified with the knowledge. We believe that God They are familiar with the non- we just do not have the inma- Old Testament. ' ors, seeds, soil and fields. They for the pastor's table, iname, deanery and parish of will one d a y demand an ac- fiction shelves of their 1 o o a 1 rive to get started. We quiet our tals and prayers. As a result, Sunday missals were in,to- Now Studying Bible are 3 for 25 cents. AS THE TWIG IS BENT a The nine days from Aug. 7-15:~t.he se.nder. She would also counting for the gifts which He public library and their library conscience by telling ourselves ClUbnF:~b~rsb~afeuPT:yntthlY:booklet dealing with education, are one of the three periods of like slides (taken with 35 mm has entrusted to as. It is a eard is in :frequent use. Such that we shall get around to it st ~ ~. . t.e ~ev Philli- E ;purports that education is the the year when a novena in honor i camera) of outdoor shrines from sobering thought to contem- persons, however, may still un- next week or next month. We Are G n d,~ ~u, u~ m ~ . P of St Isadore is recommended those who are able to send them. plate that we may be using only derfeed their intellects if their,do not commit ourselves by . a vro[1][ . ,~ c, right ~ot parents and mat me O Nell, assistant p,~u~~, o~. Anne rurm home ~s the Dest pmce to The dual feast dav is an appro- Reports Needed ten percent of our intellectual reading is confined to secularlreaching now for the phone (or Pl M tin works. The mind of a Christian fora pen) to make contact with .ans ee.~ to be a Christian mind a Catholic bookstore or lending seeing life and life's problems library. Then, when that first STERLING -- Announcement from the viewpoint of Ch?ist. step is taken, we face another of plans for the next open dean- Christ's viewpoint seldom is!obstacle; after being so long cry meeting of the Sterling that of secular writers; a n d[fed on the cooked cereal of deanery Council of Catholic it will not be our viewpoint if i light reading, our mind rebels Women were made by Mrs. Ed- secular writers are our o n 1 y after the first page or two of ward Hoyle, president. It will guide, l a serious hoe.k--and the b o o k take place at St. Mary auditori- Our aim must be to grow not remains unread. urn. Sterling, Aug. 30 at 8 p.m. only in practical knowledge butI If we could g e t ourselves The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas S. to grow also in grace to feed over these initial obstacles we ,[ . . . ' . Green will be host pastor, the .soul as well as the inquir-lshould fred ~t an exhilarating John Hackley, supervisor of ing mind. Otter the two objec- experence to awaken some part the medical administration sec- tives can be combined, as when] f those nine-tenths of unused lion of the Illinois Public Aid parents read a book like Burns' brain cells; brain ceils which commission, Chicago, will speak "Mental Health in Childhood," t have done no w o r k since we on "Aging- Triumph or Trage- or an engaged couple reads aIwere born and which otherwise dy." Mr. Hackley has been in book like Keenan and Ryan's!may go with us, unused, to the the social welfare field for the "Marriage, A Medical and lgrave. past ten years. He entered the Sacramental Study," or an Yi-- field of aging with the establish- one of us reads a book 1 i k eI ~ . . men, of the Rehabilitation Edu- Royce's "Personality and Men-I ~r0~[~ cation Service, a program con- tal Health.' - . cerned with the training of nurs- Need Insight I Our Mverhser$ ing home personnel to better the Nevertheless, in addition toI vocational and physical rehabiti- practical knowledge, our mindsl~ tation potential of the chronieal- !must have the insight to makelP~l~l~T ly ill and aged patients found in 1 truly Christian judgments, sincel~-~LL[~|~| . nursing facilities throughout I1- Good Counsel have purchased at we encounter so many problemsI linois, home to serve as a convent forf Iwhich we must face and solve:~ Deanery and parish chairmen student Sisters of the communi-[ ]for ourselves. Here we shall be!I ~2~ 1~i01L.~ ' :,i~t~ are preparing committee dis- ty's Mbarara, Uganda, Africa, I helped by such books as Sh,eed's,- .~ " plays for the meeting, branch. ~ "Theology fo r Beginners' or I FREEaf D v "Theology and Sanity"; by such I ' " I boo.ks as Riccioti'~ "Life oil /~'~"~ books were $2 50 but are now from pro-school through the 8th chairman and rural life chair and baking altar breads V |~," ' i * -i ' Christ" or Charles' "Prayer for i ,/" ~tr-,'~ offered 3 for $2 50 They are sug- grade. She included science, h~s-iman of the National Council oil "The gbvernment," says the All Time':; by such books as,~*'~lr~ I /[gested as ideai" Christmas gifts !tory, fiction and adventure i Catholie Women. ]article "respects "the strange ] DABEI~ D[l~/~e el~hlllJ~r [I MANIFESTO OF R U R A L books as well as books for boys Deanery Chairmen customs of these nuns with the I Howell's 'Of Sacraments and,I.# ~]~s~l~ I ~ I~E~I~ D~J~. ~l~l~l~ ][LIFE the complete Christianand girls and thosetermed so-! Elgin Deanery -- Mrs. Robert lreservation that it does not want Sacrifice," of Bouyer's Litur-] I ~ ! I ~L~~ ~ I Corner Chiee,o the $o,ingl ]l~.h;b-,~,-.~ ~v. ~.- '~f ~* fh~ .~**,~lon'~ .*.~.h e been I ries books 'Miller of Dundee dun women to 1 ]gical Piety. We cannot think in :1 ! ' ~ I I i~1~- ~ii I COMPkITE AUTO CARt Irv - ~,i Sis'or "' [ . ~. ty g sec ude them-ithe pattern of Christ unless wel ~d~'~~ I . . .l ~ I W* G,ve' VAt-U-CHICKS ILcalled the 'b~ble" of rural life." t " t stated that ~t is me par-i ~reeport Deanery -- Mrs. selves~ from the world and there- !have given our minds the foodl] ~. -~e.:j.~ | | ~1~'~~1 Iltekesend WheeIa,l ]!This also was $250 but is now ents' duty to encourage chil- Edward Bangasser of Freport fore does not permit new voca for such thoughts by means ofi] ~. -~~ | ] ~ 'I'UN~'U~P~-~nd SNOW PLOWIN~ l/available 3 f~r $2.50. It contains Idren's reading. She stressed the MeHenry Deanery -- Mrs. ]tions." ,222 pages the Christian social principles Leonard Paw]ikowski of McHen-I It adds that some of the Sis-systematic spiritual reading. [ ~~ ~ [ I ~,1 The minimum order is $2, be-land how they are taught through llry. !ters have been urged to use the -----=1 " [ ~1~ '--[]] FLACHTE~E[ER ]'cause NCRLC does not have the, selecti n f w rthwhile b ks" [R ekf rd Deanery - Mrs. ! achievements Of modern teeh- SUPER[OR ]]~] [ ~l$!~Zl~l~ ]If ,~ ~---L- ]lhelp to handle a great manyt Encourage Children IClyde Curtis of Cherry Valley. Inology such as electric current [ ~ ~ ~ It[ m~num~n/ vvorK~ ][small orders. J Such a proggam serves to re-I Sterling Deanery--Mrs. Clar-lin their rooms, radio, television ICE CREAM CO. []J ~ ~ J I ~. ly"/J' Ill ~ mind people that during the!ence Morrissey of Amboy. land motion pictures, t I ~ /~77 III iltNunGlvenAward school year extra reading is a -- sl~ ---- ~. ~L -- -- ~'xL~#'.;Rx 1| Sick-Call Sets--Mmsals | I Ill /ll~il ~ l~i~l/ll Ineeessarypartofeducationandli~ ~[e~w J~[~f-l~ T ~".~c41 iil Prayer Books-- Medals I ! Th r ~ "'~ ~ J'~ ~ ~ g~ g i i.'/ Ill ~|~J ~]~[~ 1] DAYTON, Ohio --(NC)-- e:during summer months child en] [ I L4 Ill ~ [~i-~. IIUniversity of Dayton's annuall, should be encouraged to eontin-!l - -- li ~ siNcE1'~1 I i i ] "-'~ > " ] book on the Blessed Virgin The combined efforts of home ] ~ ~.e i I e-- =.* t" ! ill M O N U M E N T $ |i Mary has been awarded to Sis-and school and l!brarms and lit- i KEM GL0 ENAMEl w~o, ""." III I I P rr|n9 ~ooa15 III F o r M E M O R V liter Mary Pierre of the Sisters of:erature chairmen can make this ]1 [ |ll~tt ~ YHOUSAND$ OF COI.~RS Churches--Institutions--Grocer| Ill - I i te;nt ,nd-nord Ill FREEPORT, ILLINOIS ] Mercy North Plainfield N.J program possible. A colorful dis- I ~1~1 KIr w n e v Ar -02,4 III ''" o,I ,~uw~r~ r t ~ ' ~ vv ~ ~ u~ ~ n Robert ~ ~harles M 128 t Ste he for the book M y W s e play of books helps to c eate in, I III I Life" l terest. -I ~ Ill f i / For Nationall+ Advertised '~,' '',~ .L. I/I = I!, ACCENT AND VITALITY SHOES A.L. 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