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July 28, 1961     The Observer
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July 28, 1961

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t By FA'THER-JOHN'IRYAN :'. WHAT ARE SOME R'ECOMMENDATIONS A$- TO HOW AN ENGAGED COUPLE~CAN :BEST PREPARE FOR A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE? , First of all. try to appreciafe~' the spiritual significance 'of an engagement with promise to marry and invoke God's blessing on this important step in your lives. Since your primary obligation towards each othe/" is to lead each oth- er to eternal salvation, make every effort now to be good for each other. Prepare for this by attending to your re- ligious duties faithfully. If there is any neglect of duty now, make the correction immediately; by making a prac- tice of regular Confession and receiving Holy Communion frequently Be good for each other morally. One of the biggest prob- lems of an engagement period is to control and discipline the affections. Set your stan- dards of conduct on the high .moral plane determined by Christian morality not the morality of the s0ciety in which we live. Too many engaged couples make the mis- take of debating how far they can go with- s on The" nation listened and watched last Tuesday night as President Kennedy delivered a somber message on preparedeness for possible military .conflict over the Berlin issue. In language of unmistakable firmness, our President outlined a program of preparedness which Will call for many sacrifices a n d at the same time will make it clear to the Kremlin that we will not back down on this issue. The President stated that in times past there have been mistakes over this nation's willingness to defend freedom in other lands; he referred to the selfishness and softness which are so often takeh as the mark of 20th century Americans. The public reaction to the President's message was one of unanimous affirmation in both press and air-)vave comments and from b o t h major political parties It seems that in a crisis the al- leged selfishness and softness of our citizens have a way of giving way. The details of President Kennedy's message to the nation and the subsequent proposals for im- plementing these needs by concrete action on the part of Congress ~vill be discussed at g r e a t length in all the newspapers and magazines. The prepared text of the President's address has already appeared in the daily press; there was however a personal message not in the pre- -out cofi~mitting sin. Turn in the other di- rection and see how good you can be. The pared text which elicits o u r special virtue of p~rity is a long-term investment in "marital happiness. Take advantage of the invaluable help afforded engaged couples in the wide se- lection of reading material offered by the Catholic press. So much attention is, gl.ven to marriage and preparation for that great vocation in pamphlets, books and periodicals, there iS no difficulty infinding adequate reading material. Along with this, plan. sometime during the engagement period, to attend a pre-Cana conference. Above all, continue to remind yoursel~;es that marriage is a vocational calling to a state of life in which you be- come obliged to accept the greatest of human responsi- bilities. PLEASE EXPLAIN THE NATURE, ORIGIN AND THE EXTENT OF THE PRIVILEGES ACCORDED THE SPAN- ISH PEOPLE EXCUSING THEM FROM THE LAWS OF attention. President Kennedy referred in closing to the Weighty decisions which must be made by t h e President of the United States especially in these ~imes when a hasty decision coutd trigger so vast a holocaust of nuclear destruction , In:these personal remarks following t he pre- pared text,iPresident Kennedy stressed the need II I I FAST AND ABSTINENCE? All native Spaniards do not enjoy a dispensation from thelaws of fast and abstinence as a birthright or as a na- tional immunity from law, The nature of the privileges enjoyed by the Spanish people is best understood through an explanation of their origin. Privileges usually follow merit and these date back to the days when Pope Calix- tus II in the year 1122. saw fit to grant favors to the Span- ish :people, asking their prayers and sacrifices in return for.the success of the Crusades.-Even before that. Po~e Urban in 1089 made grants to the Spanish people for the defense of European Christianity against the attacks Of the Moors. Significant o~ their origin, the privileges now in vogue are granted through what is known as the "Bula de Cruzada" br the "Bull of the Crusades." The Archbishop of Toledo~ Primate of Spain, grants the present privileges with the following background explana- tior~: "Whenthe infidel towns, with cruel and continuous wars put our. country and even all of Europe in grave danger, the Roman Pontiffs singularly Innocent III and Gr~g0rjr IX, Srantedspecial graces and favors "to those who. in Spanish territories, either with arms or alms co- operated with the Crusades against the enemies of the Christian'riarhe." " -* : The privileges, at the present time. for the Spaniard who avails himself of them are as follows: During the year--~Fas~ and abstinence on two days only, the Vigil of the Assumption and Christmas Eve. Dr;ring Lent--Abstin- ence only on Fridays, Fast and Abstinence on Good Fri- day and Fast only on Ash Wednesday. There is no other fast or abstinence throughout the year for ~hose who avail themselves of the privilege. The privilege is granted to those who present themselves to the parish church and ask for it. At one time it was g~:anted for a number of years: now it is granted for a .year at a time. Each year, the Apostolic Commissioner of the Bull of Crusades. the Bishop of Toledo. promulgates the Bull on the First Sun- day: of Advent. A special sermon is preached explaining it in all the churches The faithful then applyat their re-" spective churches for the privilege. One who received it may use tl~e privilege wherever he goes provided he does not .give scandal. At one time all Spanish territories enjoyed the right to use this grant.'Now it is restridted to real Spanish terri- tories. The bishops, in this country .holding sees in former Spanish territoi'ies have repudiated its use. Therefore the privilege cannot be-obtained by a Spaniard in this coun- try. It has also been discontinued in Cuba and Mexico, though.some of the' South American countries still retain it. WHY DOES THE CALENDAR BEGIN WITH SUNDAY WHEN SUNDAY IS" THE DAY OF REST AND THERE- FORE THE LAST DAY OF THE WEEK? Sunday is a day of rest for ChriStians but it is not the last day of the week but the first day of the week. Be- ford the coming of Ch,ist God had determined that the day of rest for the Jews. His chosen people, was to be the Sabbath. the last day of the week or Saturday as we now call it. By the authority given to it by Christ the early Church changed the day of worship from Saturday to Sun- day, the first day of the week. She did so because on Sun- day Christ rose from the dead and on Sunday the Holy Ghost descended upon the Apostles. ~r "Jr 4r WAS THE FATIMA LETTER OPENED IN 19607 I have not been able tofind anything on this. I under. stand that the instructions were that the letter be opened in 1960, but that its contents need not be made public. : "k "k Qubstions for "YOU ASKED IT" should be sent to: Father John Ryan, St. Joseph rectory, Lena, IlL It is not necessary to sign your name unless you wish a per- sonal reply. However, Father Ryan reserves the right ~ot to use unsigned questions. No great basilica or cathedral was ever consecrated to Go~i with so solemn and lasting a consecration as was your body andSoul on the day of youi" baptism, when you were made a child of God and an heir to :heaven. --The Sengnel "@lSS Ik%~ Vo/. XXVl, No. 30 July 2S, 1961 THE MOSt REVEREND LQRAS '1", LANIE :. Publisher THE REVEREND ARTHUR I. O'NEILL Managing Editor THE REVEREND WILLIAM l. JOFFE ~ Asst. Managing Editor b4ARJORIE GALLAGHER Women's Page Editor ROBERT WILLEMS ~ =. News Editor BEULAH O'MEARA Business ROBERT i. STARR ~ ~ Advertising #k~N BERTOLASI (;irrulotion Tfi~ Observer. DrJnted 'weekly at 4'13 Pleasant Street Belott Wh~ eonsin, is the official newspaom of the Catholic Diocese of Rockford. Second class postage paid at [~eloLt Wisconsin, Subscriptions $4.00 pe~ yeer ptepWd in the UntteCl |tathl ALL COMMUNICATIONS SHOULD BE ADDRESSED TO THE OBSERVER. 1260 NORTH CHURCH STREE1 ROCKFORD ILLINOIS. INbSTMASTER= Please send form 3579 to the OBSERYilt, |2~ Nerth Street, BKktord, UIIneb. ) / I J ii II I I. II I .:;;. ::: ;' -:-. '" FOUNTAIN OF HOPE REAPINGS AT RANDOM I By GERARD E. SHERRY Newburgh, New York's much publicized crackdown on welfare recipients has gained the support of the political conservatives throughout the country. Any move to reduce the taxpayers lot is seemingly justified no matter who suf- lers. One of the biggest problems facing any city welfare de- partment is the growing burden of Aid to Dependent Chin dren. And Newburgh officials claim that this part of their welfare-program costs almost as much as the fire 'and police departments. The. city therefore proposes to cut relief payments to unwed mothers who continue to produce illegiti- mate offsprings. Aid to Dependent Children is aimed at the preservation and maintenance of fam- ily life, threatened by the death, desertion or absence of the father. This objective is philosophically, morally, socially and economically sound. Concerned Over Increase Clergymen. doctors, psychiatrists and sociologists all agree that children de- velop most healthfully on their own home. This is also God's plan for children. Social agencies and their administrators across the country, public and private, have been greatly ~oncerned with the increase in illegitimacy in the community, and especially with its impact on the Aid to Dependent Chil- dren program. They have been ~aying that any amelioration of thiB -f for cooperation and support from all the citizens of this country in the preparedness p r o g r a m. We point out his concluding words by which he calmly asked for our prayers. This. we feel, de- serves our special emphasis. It is not a common request in the modern forum of government and diplomacy The President made this request in complete sincerity, recognizing the special needs of the hour. It is our imrr ediate task to respond with persevering *constancy to o u r President's request for prayer for the welfare of our nation contributed to the increased crime statistics. Whether-we admit it or not--and the lack of the admissmn is in itself a kind of crime--we are mem- bers of a community whose condition of moral health or illness has its cause and effects within us. We cannot be isolationists in the face of moral decay This is true for the double reason that the contagion will pentrate the thickest wall and that those who choose to isolate themselves are dere- lict in their duty of becoming the leaven that and for divine guidance for our Chief Executive. The world situation is such that no one n e e d Christ spoke of. create situations of a war-scare. It is an unhappy fact already We have been given a definite pro- gram of action as a nation and as individuals. As President Kennedy stated: "Our primary pur- pose is neither propaganda nor provocation--but preparation." p Down There is an old saying that if things do not go forward they must inevitably go backward. This was upheld by the releases this past week by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI on the alarming in- crease in the crime rate in our country. The statis- tics showed an increase of 98 percent over the past decade in which there was a population in- crease of only 18 percent. These facts are embarrassing to us as a nation but more so to the religion-centered segment of the country since there have been indications that there also was upsurge in interest in religion, dur- ing this same period. The serious-minded citizen cannot shrug his shoulders and say that no member of his family If anyone wonders what we are doing to elimi- nate crime from our communities, the first point of investigation is the condition of the home. Any program for intensifying the Christian atmosphere of our homes will ultimately have its effects on society The Church. through your diocese and your 'parish, sponsors year after year, many programs which are designed for the development of those Christian ideals which can save the world. At times these are judged to be out of tune or lack- ing in that spectacular elemen which many pass- in~. crusades have. But don't ever undersell the value of the far-flung educational program of the Church in the maintenance of her Catholic school system, hey program of Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. the special projects to Christianize mar- riage as found in the Pre-Can a and Cana'program, the continued efforts toward adult education and Christian formation through study clubs, parish- societies, the Christian Family Movement. If the ideals of Christian living were recognized and practiced on a large scale, the national, state and local crime figures would take a big step-- downward. SPOTLIGHT ON SOCIAL REFORM iiii i i eQm At the convention of t h e T e a m s t e rs International at Miami Beach during the week Of July 5th. Jimmy Hoffa im- provised on Sam Gompers' clas- sic reply to a question. When asked. "What do the workers want?" Gompers simply re- plied. "'More!" Without being asked, Hoffa told the whole world that what the Teamsters w~nt is "More Power." ~. Hoffa and his associates left no stone unturned that might prove an obstacle in achieving that aim. He demanded and got more mon- ey for the T e a mster In- I n t eraational office and its local a 1 1 i e s ; from the pock- ets of the rank- and-file Team- ster member~ who man t h e trucks or are engaged in a di- versity of occupations through; out the country the money will come. An increase in the per capita tax of each local Teamster member from 40 cents to one dollar a month is estimated to net the international office an additional twelve million dol- lars a year to be used for a variety of purposes. Easy to Approve Twenty-two cents of each dol- lar will be set aside for a pen- sion plan for local officers and business agents and even, per- haps, for clerical help. The dedicated delegates to the con- vention, the majority of whom are welt paid, accustomed to riding in union-provided Cadil- lacs and many with expense accounts, had no difficulty in voting unanimously for this little item. Jimmy, likewise, waving his mystic wand, increased h i s own salary from fifty thousand dollars a year to seventy-five thousand dollars a year. Pre- posterous as this may seem to many observers, the move was neither illogical nor unreason- able. The salary would be con- ceded as lower rung in Big Business, Hoffa runs a big bus- iness. Some smaKt reporter counted the number 7~f amendments to the international union's consti- ore FATHER WILLIAM SMITH, S.J. tution voted by the delegates They added up to 116 modifica- tions, a number of which added some new strength to the per- sonal power of the president and/or his executive board. Lessens Strongarm Tactics The full sfgnificance of the changes will become Clearer, no doubt, as the commentators sift them out in the months ahead and inform the public of their meaning. Two of them might be singl~d out for atten- tion at the present moment Previously, delegates to the international convention were. presumably, chosen by secret b at 1 o t by the rank-and-file members of each local union. By virtue of one o~ the-hew amendments to the constitu- tion. local officers once elect- ed. automatically will now be- come the delegate to the in- ternational convention. T h i s move at least obviates any ne- Cessity of beating up any poten- tial anti-Hoffa delegate who might foolhardily determine to seek such a nomination, as happened in New Jersey prior to the convention just conclud- ed. It does not preclude, how- ever, a few shots being taken from a moving automobile at some rival who might have ambition to seek some other position within the union which, likewise, occurred within the past year in the environs of Hudson county, New Jersey. (You can't blame J i m m y Hoffa, however, for everything that happens at the local level:) Gesture of Distain A second amendment to the' constitution worthy of imme- diate comment is a bold and blatant resolution w h i c h re- moves any barrier to racke- teers and men of ill-repute from holding office or being .ac- tive in the Teamsters union T h e convention delegates went on record, unanimously, to a b s o 1 v e their President Jimmy Hoffa of any past mis- d e e d. malfeasance, misfeas- anee light or seriCus-meander- ing from {he ~ath of:rectitude regardless of: what the McClel- lan reports have recorded or which the AFL-CIO had used as the basis 'for evidence in the expelling bf t h e Teamsters from the parent organfzation This was-.~'two-handed thumb to the nose gesture towards George M e a n y, president of AFL-CIO. and Attorney Gen- eral Robert Kennedy who, for some reason or other, had con- trary thoughts concerning the Teamsters' president. Criminals Welcome Hoffa's comments concerto ing the racketeers in the Team- sters' union were both ironic and paradoxical. The restric- tion in the constitution which would prevent men of ill-repute from effective involvment in Teamster affairs, said Jimmy Hoffa. was more stringem than any provision in any anti-labor law now on the statute books, The norm Of morality for the Teamsters, according to the Hoffa philosophy, is. conviction for an illegal or criminal act. Anything less than that is no concern of the Teamsters. If'is the government'sjob to~:~e~et~t~ out criminals and law 'break-~ ers. The Landrum - Griffin. Law forbids anyone who has been convicted of a felonywithin a period of five years, to hold unmn office. Teamster spokes- men boast that only six Team- ster officials in such a category have been removed from office as a result of the whole three- year investigation of the Mc- Clellan committee So the sur- mise is that as soon as any Teamster official has been re- leased from jail he will be wel- comed back on the Teamster payroll (if he wasn't already still on it, even while doing time.) Don't Get Caught The irony and the paradox of this position is that ~o one has denounced the enactment of legislation with the intent of curbing corrupt elements in the labor movement as has Jimmy Hoffa. At t h e same time he now proclaims that the one and only norm of morality for Teamsters is the violation of a law, the enactment of which he makes every effort to prevent. This philosophy fits quite comfortably into the tapped- wire evidence brought out in one of the hearings which had Jimmy saylng in a telephone conversation, "It's all right O.K.--but don't get caught," (To Be Continued) II grave social problem is a total community concern and responsibility. Welfare programs do not cause, promote or condone illegitimacy, nor can welfare programs, un- aided by all the other social forces in the community, e.g education, police, courts probation departments, the law, even help stem this problem. Moral Problem Nearly 50 per cent of the American people ~re unaffili- ated with any religion. Therefore. almost half of our pop- ulation never receives any moral or religious instruction or education. Illegitimacy is essentially a moral problem, and it will inevitably increase, unless all America, as some sections already have, finally finds a way to teach coming generations moral, religbus and ethical values Our laws reflect America's lack of concern for sexual morality, which is the basis of marriage and family life Fornication and adultery are against the l~w in most states. The average fine is $10.00. The penalty for parking in a prohibited zone of a downtown area in some Of our big cities is $15.00. Yet we say the family is the most important social unit of a democratic society. Crime of the Poor? Easy and repeated divorce undermine the stability of marriage and family life. The extramarital and premari- tal "romances" of glamorous personalities are glorified ~and are given public adulation. Sex, apart from its signi- ficance and relationship with marriage and family life, is publicized, promoted and encouraged by movies, maga- zines and television. The only time people seem to be concerned about im- moralities and ~legitirnacy is in terms of what it costs the taxpayers. The only logical conclusion is that illegiti- macy is a crime only for the poor. Patterns of marriage and family life were not estab- lished during slavery, and only moral and religmus train- ing can make any reaI progress in the establishment of the pattern.' Hidden Cost America must decide whether it still believes in mar-~ riage and the family as it has been known in Judeo-Chris- tian Western culture, or whether it wants to "modernize the family" as in effect its lack of concern for sexual morality, permanent monagamous marriage and stable family life is actually accomplishing. A hidden cost to taXpayers in the welfare program are the grants both to Aid to Dependent Children and Foster Care Children, whose father, divorced from their mother / , and now remarrmd and the father of a second set of children, contributes nothing at all, or very little to the care of his first set of children Need Intensive Work All agree that something must be done about illegiti- macy, including illegitimacy among those on the ADC program, especially those involved in multiple illegiti. macies. Cutting illegitimate children or' their mothers off as- sistance ~vill* l~ot stop illegitimacy: More intensive case work with demoralized mothe}s can help to rehabilitate these women, There is no easy, quick or total cure of this very grave problem. Hasty, makeshift or drastic measures will, in the long run only aggravate the l~roblem.