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July 21, 1961     The Observer
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July 21, 1961

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8 THE OBSERVER ---FRIDAY, JULY 21, 1961 PLAN INFORMAL DANCE AT ELGIN--St. Joseph high school club in Elgin is presenting the "Vesteens" at its "Bermuda Bounce" dance Wednesday, July 26. Planning the dance are: (1. :i ]II!;i:II !il if!if: ili : !,;;: j~,;' : i,:! :! iiiii;;/ ; ,~ a a a a Lg :' :;lliii=~i,I/~;ili~ i~ii~ i!,i~ ~;i&=iiil iiii! ST. VINCENT'S JOTTINGS FREEPORT -- Due to the in- Two of our boys competed in dustry of our alumni committee Ithe Jaycees' track sectional at a,rl +h o~i o'k of all Peoria during the past week. A1- ~" ~though their efforts were not concerned St. Vincent's "Home-r winning ones it was a rewaramg coming 1961" was a pleasant experience for them to face out- success Families who had not!side competition. We think the been back for 30 years got re-I~participarian if only by two, acquainted with old friends andiwhets the enthusiasm of many '~of our children for future efforts exchanged customarily warm'in the wholesome activity of or- ganized sports. anecdotes on the "good old days." While the oldsters won transistor radios, knickknacks, and assorted prizes at the bingo table, the children of returned alumni made new friends with our children in the pool diving for the ample supply of coins provided by Father Ambre, on the ever active pony-cart, and in to r.) Terry Carlson, the Rev. Henry Schryer, Barbara Porter, Gene Nottolini, and Margie VIENNA -- (NC) -- The Hun-Ithe social t e a c h i n g of the the foot races at which every Jones. The informal dance is being held in the parking lot of St, Joseph parish in Elgin. The garian Communist regime is us-lChurch. Countess Bolza herself competitor won a prize. The aft- public is invited. (Castillo photo) ing the recent trial of 12 priests j ~was unaer~oou to ve cnargeu ernoon's festivities were capped annlaymenin~uoapestasa] !ro~siti~o ~t I with maintaining contact with pretext for intimidating people by a perfect buffet prepared by J) " [nswers i~9 wh wantreligi usinstructi nsl!he'centralheadqua'[ters' fthe ourbelovedsistersinthekitch- for their children. ILegmn m lvlary in Uuvnn. en. But most important of all ( It was learned there that theI Informed quarters here esti- that took place this happy day intimidation began the very imated that the number of per- of homecoming was our gather- . ing for God's blessing at bene- Dear Doris: more t im e to a gi p ' ' n to learn all week the Budapest court hand-Isons now 3ailed for religious . diction of the Most Blessed Sac- dren have come to stay with us I graduated from high school learn this skill aspects of the business. And her ea oown its jan sentences reasons m rmngary stanas De- . it will more other talents such as organiza-against the nine priests and tween 200 and 300, rather than ualenaowment ~t. vlncen sl~asramenr'arem'~nder fmet'spirit"tryWe ~e~Oa~: :~emlivesand whe.e/:a:~ in . June. . I have a. promise of a than repay you tion, public relations and sales three laymqn charged with plot-the acknowledged figure of 60 " clerical jan cnls Iall, nu my oestoweo upon au wno nave call pmasan~ as poSSlOle in choice of job are readily recognized I tin~ to overthrow the Commu- priests and laymen TO ROME--Ronald E Dolan " " mother wants me to take a busi- a better salary Statistics show t h a t many nis~ regime. The sentences ~ a student for the priesthood in ed it home . . -- " and romotional I ' ~ Thanks to the kindness of Mr hess course. She said then I P women executives get there via; ranging from two to 12 years ~ *~!~z~ ][~-~,~,~.~,-~ the Diocese of Rockford has " o ortunities ' ~ ~ ~, ~' L~.~-,~--,~ IJK:;~l IG~ ~*,t~aseoall uas go~en unaerway Jonn rlaney, manager oz ~ree- coma dec a :]on as secretory, l pp me secretamal rou~e, i were imposes on ounexv. ~ne E~ been assi nedb after a rolon ed d 1 "" ~- rt's Patio "h " - g y ~nel 1os~ p g e ay ~ow po t eater, our Days heard a lot this year about the T h e r e are Don't pass up any educatiou.ll2 convicted were deprived of DUBLIN Julv 15 (Radio NC~ ' -- - : "-,- : - - , ' ' ~ ' " R that tnetramponne ann ' o- and glris enjoyed the weQnes unemployment s~tuatlon. Would- m a n y clerical The better prepared you are thel their clwl mghts and all their Irish President Eamon de ev. Loras T. Lane to take h~s g - ,car~ are not so new old stand day cmmren s matinee Several n t it be better to take the job workers in large better the job belongings were confiscated Valera as chancellor ~" ,l. theological studies at the North - "' ~ ~ c ~ m "~ a n i e s " I ,~ i-, - ' . o u~ ~a- . bys like baseball, swimming cartoons and an excellent full m sure oz now. m P . .'Parle ft. ~'e~ers year uoris: v, ~,~=[uu~ ~ruu.u uonm university presioee a~ a american college in [tome, and bus rides ar~ r~'-;~-:--~ len-th film "Sh=-~ " ,~,no ~, Debby Their work is . ] I'm 15 and my father is very] On June 23 and 24, during the ceremony conferring an honor- Italy. Dolan graduated from so~ ,~ ,h~- --~-~=~':~ o-i: ~-~ :~ ,^~'-~-~'- d:.~,'~-:: ~d" While there are many unem- . ly ou.une an.~ mw are pro-Icareful about the friends Ilvery brief period allotted for ary degree upon the Papal Nun- St. Ambrose college m June of Father Ambre ha~ I~ ment played today the demand for mama outsme meir own uepart- make. I am allowed to havel registration. . of. children for reli- rio to Ireland, Archbishon~. An- ~i this ,year He is a momb~r,arrangement" " oz our- present" :~'za- ~" skilled secretaries was never ment. I friends over TO the house but II glous instruction, many parents tonga Riberi. ] St. Patrick parish in Albany. ~cilities in ~- ~e,~.~ * in~ - ~.-: ~ ~ greater. From all indications A SECRETARIAL JOB, on the Can't date or an stead, I o.~lwere told what the trial meant" ~ ~ ~ .: ,-~ ~ ~:~.`:~:z:::::~:~:::~:::~:~::~;~:~::~`~:~:~*~:~:~:~:~.``.*~:~*i:~`~.~:~:~:~*~ the coming year is likely to other hand, is varied and more satisfied with tl~is but he'does~'t On asking the local headmaster I '--i~er l:::~e:n :;~lsltoC ::~t~ n~" Say You Saw It in bring even greater secretarial interesting both from the stand- want me to make friends with to enroll their children for the ~ ~ ~ ",P " THE OBSERVER - ,-~ ~ ~nnes in our ~iamond will cut opportunities, point of job responsibility and anyone who doesn't ~o to a nar [religion classes -- all held either ~ ! ~i~ ~ ~i ~.~,: : ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ALTHOUGH IT REQUIRES job contacts. The secretary is in oehial school Even ff the bo~ is[bet re or after regular school ~ ~~,~-.~~ ~[aown on lost balls and sunfields. : ~.:.:::~:~:~?~:~?~:~?~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~,~,~a~,~:~-::~:~:~ ~~lnice and goes to church. CaJ1 a[h urs -- they were warned they I ~i!~~, ~[ ---- I;~ ~ Tn~ JCatholic school mean that much[were on dangerous ground. ~ ~.~ii~~ ~i| LICGION Ol: D~I2~hlCY tle, T J |K~~'- |~| a ~to a boy's character? / The Budapest trial had shown, ~ :~i!i~ ~tJ ~ J ~1 I~ M.A.C. [the parents were told, that many ~ i:~:~!~!!~;i~i!~i~iiii!~i~i~ii!!;~::~:i:!i!ii ~[] m" I ~1 .O. -. ~ ~ | I Considine's III - I~ Catholic schools have many[priests belong to a clandestinel~ ~~;: ~t I l. /ll 'Ulll6 III liadvantages (spiritual and ma-/ rganizati n of "reactionaries, ~ I Insurance Agency III -e Ilterial) in both education and}r yalists and h~ngers - on ofl~ M O D E R N P L A T I N G The following is n moral estimate of motion pictures showing I :-7.-" -:::-- " -a----=~ 1! }nl~ Ilcharacter formation For in a the former big landowners and ~ ~' in the Rockford Diocese prepared under the direction of the National Oft. Phone 2551 Res. Phone 2861 ~141. ~1,~ u.~ " ca italists " T ' I ~ P~86, Itl ,~us,~" I Catholic school the two go hand P . has if the local ~ C 0 R P 0 R A T I 0 N Legion of Decency, 453 Madison Ave New York 22, N.Y with I X ~g~ I Ill ---Since 1878-- Ih h= 4 - ~("~h~u~' o v oo"h""ao ~ a,;",4 IPriest assigned to give reli~io ou ~ t co-operation, of the Motion Picture Department of the International instructions turn Federot,on of Catholic Alumnae I ,-/-ELI III Corner o~ixth and Eleventh lithe whole person -- body and[ ed out to be a [ ~r~.fl~nl~of~o ~'~o~fP~rl~r~]~'rf~r~, i~)~',l'~l~ Completely Air Conditioned SO 1 member of the secret antlstate ~,-~ ~ ~,w,--,~wau~a,~,~ ~ )~--,~w~v A 1 MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR GENERAL I / =:~ Z" I III Com#etelv Air-Co.d~.oned I1 u ; mind and heart. So religion/ " ~ ' " -- I ! 7 I III Phone 2121 ~ Fulton, III. I and moral training are a vital,gr up, the parents who asked ~ Authorized to Do ff/ork on Sacred Vessels PATRONAGE I I, I[l.iMl~li I I~1 ' -" I!.~ ~ ~: -'. -, - .~ that their children be taught b- ~ Absent Minded ProfessgrGunfight Secret of Monte Criste I k ~-'- I III ,-,~ ~ ~,--~^,~ i/~a.~ u~ ~uu~c~, nut ju~ a sine ~. L ~ ~ ~ ~IPI~SP~ =a A~m'.~ = mm~ ~- ~ .~ Alamo Guns of Navarone Serengeti Shall Not Die I ]N~lrlON~LI I I ~.v-ulr~t~utx~ I/issue rJlm mlgnc oe in Ior serious trou- ILqlI~INIIP ~=~II I]IP'IPIL.IP ~.NI] I~/~1~1/ AI Hands on Deck ,~,^~, e th. I III l! " 1 Amazing Transparent Hano in ~ana L:welMl~FO;ay . caWthHoliLcEs h~21YsShavWyhOadatt~eend be New Trial Underway t ]21-129 SO. HANCOCK AVENUE BM.a~rTh . . . InW~Sona. =~e~tPriest siW:ldal! ,c ~ Mean "P . ,~ . ===~ ====~.~= =~ = ~ =~=~ ,~ernaoerTe or kouraes Laaies ~nan Snow White and the Inree I ,- "~,m~J I~I John O. Seesser Padvantages and have been warn, a new antl-~ath- ~ I-Ki-I-I~IIK/ I//INi]I % Beyond the Time Barrier Last Dawn Stooges - fUltOn Ill no s v --1 " all r" " Big Gamble, Tho Left, Right and Center Swiss Family Robinson i 1/I Iltaught the right principles, this c t la! has been In progress ~ TELEPHI~KII:. ~r~ ~'~ ~I~Q Capture That Capsute Ltte Ange Sword and the Dragon !is no guarantee t h e v accent n nd closes ooors in the Hun- $ Cimaro.n Little Shepherd Of King- Sword of Sherwood Forest - :- ari n " ' Linoerteua dam Come Tommy Tell Me True ~1 P|i| Ithem. This depends on the mdz- g a capital. Those involved [ BRANCH PLANT Cinerem. South Seat Ad- ~aster at the World Teacher and the Miracle area rou ----" " "= venture ~Aghty Crusaders Ten Commandments IL-~I~ Ivldual boy. g) p of people arrested [ 2Kiln I~1 J~lKI cTRl l 'r David and Goliath V~isty Ten Who Dared ~ I VE " qPI~I~R lcMflu[/~ las[ ~eoruary one most nrolTli ~ ~ .~ Days of Thrdls and~odern$ The Snake Woman HOWE R FA - ~1 ,~1 "'~ -- ~ ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS Laughter Nikki Wild Dog of the There Was a Crooked Man I I I 1 best. lie is not taking cnances, zz]~uL among umm oelng L, oun- [ -.- ~ ~= = --= ~ Dentist In The Cha r, A Nor'th Three Worlds of Gull ver I ;I-IIJRTLI:FF nnd ltl tlIIII AV ~,~n !)M llHe is train= t~ i th~ tess Mariette Bolza. ; /I;L='rI'IUiNI:" WUUL/LAINI~ 7-O4~)1 D, ese.rt Attack)le Rex Tomboy and the Champ I v Ill u,= ~ vr,'=, I! ~'.~" J"= r,L . ~ oonai One Hundred and One Town Like Alice I .~ .~, ~ III limeet the right people H~ wants ~narges in tnls crlaL nave not n,/ :. nt r~ r~ . ~ ~ ~ Fabulous World of Jules Dalmatians Trouble in the Sky " ' ~ wr~l, or z-none (J$ 1or uela l~S aria t~s~lma e$ verno on the Double Tra Famil The I IllIliaitlrl lrUll ltto be reasonably sure that you been made known. But ~t was ! Fdeio O tion Camel VovaP~e to t~; Bottom of 3atis~ies'" ] |~| ~IE~ ~ /associate with bo s who have understood that the reason for F!ve Tombstone P~rent Trap, The the'Sea. . I ~atis~ies'" II a |~t, I . y . *h Plaming .~rer Passport to Chin. Wackiest Ship In rne ~ne same moral prmclpms as ~ was t.aat me accus. -- -- ~ ~ ~- F~Utne.c.isano~ Ahs;i~rr w P:~e Dog Story, The W;(~YYour Stern. I Lumber & Building I I ~ ~ JAMES llyours ed allegedly carrmd on subver ~ II ~ ~ Front,er Uprising (~ueen of the Pirates When The Clock Strlkas I Material - I[I ~ GARNER II Your Dad has had years of sive activities, teaching religion mill g ~ g J I ~ ~ . Gambler Wore A Gun Questton 7 Wings at Chance I Ill ~~ It to "--n ~ --~ "' i BI~ ~ ~ J~ II~J Glenn Miller Story Romanoff and JulietWizard of Baghdad yuu g puople anQ spreamn r I III ~;~;iil ==[experience in judging character g i ~ ~ ~""~ .~e GO go Sand Casflo Would-be Gentlemen | ~ICKVIINI~ III ~~ ~1" JACK IIT - -- ~ -- " ,~ "+~ t." " ~ lib ~l ~, ll=J~ Green Helmet, Tho Santa Claus You Have To Run Fast III I~ KELLY ~womugo.amnswz ira. y O P A .a I. A-11--MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS I BARRINGTON ltl ~ WREX-TV I[ beginning of the summer. What ~ ~ ~ ~ Sod'e Last Time I Saw Arch). Shadow at tha Cat, The III ~ do you say when friends ask you Battle at Bloody Beach Long Rope, The Sniper's Ridge ~li ,~ Beware ot ChildrenMagnificent Seven :~;gS W;::~tcEnd if you still like him. Aren t you Dubuque Io.--608 Moln St. Black Sunday Man in Cocked Hat "" sorry you broke off? When they tell you how pretty his new girl is what do you say? And if he asks you to dance what do you do? Mary Dance with him, if you want to. Tell your friends that you still like him and hope he likes: Clinton, la.--222 6th Ave. S. READING WINNER ~ Dawn Misavice of St. John school at Johnsburg read a total of 182 books during the past school year ~ capture first place among 7th graders in the Dio- cesan Reading Enrichment Program. St. John school is Rockford--105 North Main St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. H. Coren--Optometrist Rockford Rockford Plaza Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. H Partoll--~Optametrist Aurora--6 N. Broadway Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. Win. Lindley--Optometrist Dixon--110 East First St. DispBnslng Glasses Prescribed by Dr. B. Rubin--Optometris! Sterling--21 W. 3rd St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. R. Cobb, Dr. N. L. St. Germain~Optometrists Elgin--121 S. Grove Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. H. Mall--Optometrist a a TOP NAME BRANDS IN LADIES' - MEN'S - CHILDREN'S 16 DOUGLAS AVE. ELGIN Prescription. Specialists you too. No, you are not sorry you broke off because you are having much more fun now. And as for his new friend, say, with a smile, "He always had good taste." Dear Doris: Would you please tell us the best and proper way to dispose of broken rosaries and statues and blessed palms after they are old and dried out. We have no incinerator. Theodora Keep the statues and rosaries . ~ ~,r.TX~ c~ Ph,-,~- ~ ITT A 9~lfi~ ~T f'l-l'Al~l l?~: until September When schoolstaffed by the.School Sisters of opens contact me ~oaamy moc~- ~c. francis, rrmcipalis Sister ,l~l~Jl~.U erator or The Young Christian M. Alba. IT---- --~ ~lStudents. They very often have ~ We invite our Catholic friends I I/I st. Charles I/ a pr ject going to collect and' re- shorter style for the summer and to call us about becoming I unnm$1nam Ifl Memorial Works I/pair religious articles and send thought I could sell my hair for a TUPPERWARE Dealer -- nil I/them t6 the mission. If there is pin money. I Service I/I Ser~:umrr ~uend~tn'g C:raerle# ]]no such project in your .school " Unsigned Full or Part Time I ,- ', I/I - l/you mlgnt get permlssmn Ask your hairdresser. She will I oener~l auto I