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July 21, 1961     The Observer
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July 21, 1961

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];-RIDAY, JULY 21, 1951 THEOLOGY FOR EVERY MAN THE OBSERVER ATTORNEY GENERAL STATES: PAGE 7 @ Is the primitit:e C ~risria +{ty of Apostolic times ide~ltical I i divine revelation must be dynamic and continuous. The Church wit~thc Cat colic Fa/t~ as we knou believe and practice it I Jmust first of all condemn false interpretations which she re- WASHINGTON--(NC)---Ju-] Kennedy notedthat pre-release ,' ' 4s n " " today? Tfis questio~ a~td related problems trouble windy who [gards as dangerous and thus afford protection for the deposit vemle delinquency will be u -]training of youthful pmsoners are unab e to reconcile ~ te original deposit o] ] a it h with ]of faith trom deviations which will lead to fundamental error, beatable in 10 years" unless aJwas one method that could be ~tany subsequent doctrinal developments. J ! "[~ 1~ ]~k/" RF'~t'~N/ [Only the Church has this right Private interpretations even nationwide crusade again~ }t is[tested by the federal govern- . . :'" '.' -- ~'"~',+ A n ax er n " The foIlow~ng comme~ttary was prepared at St. Johws ~ ] when safeguarded by the restraints of critical scholarship, can[begun at once, tty. Ge . oo tline t and later pinked up by the Seminary, Brighton, Mass. It is Teprinted ]tom the Boston ",'[~ t~ ~,~ " ~{,',~Q~ ]never be depended upon to avoid the pitfalls of error. WherelKennedy testified here. [states, if proved successful. Pilot ~ I there are differences of theological opinion, there must be a] Appearing before a House edu-] He noted that already there O IN WtlAT SENSE IS IT TRUE THAT THE CONTENT OF ~/='.~ I principle of truth that will transcend merely human authority. ~ cation subcommittee, Kennedy]are good programs in Detroit ~'~.~ o~:,~,~ ~,~,~n~v ~ T~ ur~ ~r,T ,vu~ nav~ n~l ~'~; [ The teaching authority of the Church must likewise provide supported an administration bill and in New York and California. ,vur~ ar, f~T~ ":<:+,f:: " ~.~ ,~ + I pos~tive instruction It must bring the teachings of the froth mtoJ(l-l.~t. 717~) tHat woum p owaeI e aoaea, we nave put too A T,~ ~ ~n. thi~ ,~roblem we must start from tbe t~rincivlel . -~ +-.~ ~ ~'~ (~'~ ":~ ~ ~ .~i~, I relation with the intellectual problems of the day and the de-IS10 million a year for five years[much responmblllty on the end ~h~;" '~';,~'+~"'~:in:Ofounded~in ttm'bein~ oi God is like God be- .~.~ ::~.:~.:~.:~.:~.:~;T ~"~(~ ~:i; ~.; }~ ~ "- ~,~".~. Imands of Christian morality. Occasionally the teaching author-]for anti-delinquency work /of the line rather than at the vond the possibility of change We must admit further that faithl ~,~1~.~'~:~.;~ ~ ~ .~ ~ : ~ ]fly of the Church will functmn m an extraordinary way, as,I Proposal of Bill !begmmng. ; "~" ~,;~ ;+~, +~,~ + ::+h ~,~,4 +h~t +h,~ ~,-t nrJ ~ ".~'~'~:~'~;'~;~~/" ':,:~,:;~:?::*: ]for example in the solemn definition of the dogma of the As-] Kennedy endorsed the bill's[ Money Not Answer faith is essentially an expression of assent to the truth as it ~~ ~ ',i:~~z~:~ [sumption of the Blessed Virgin in 1950. More often, however,lplan to coordinate and federal-] Noting that it already cost $61 becomes known to ti~e human mind and is guaranteed by the s~~,~ ~'1 :/tll~~ [the teaching author!ty of the Church. follows more ordinary dl-IIy sub.~idize various state andlmillion a year to train young- authority of God. From these principles it follows that changes] ~ ~ ~q~]~'/o~[ ] rections. Thus on many occasions .the ~lsnops o~ the, ~,nurcnlcity orgamzatmns, both. pub.he[steTs in public and private ~nsti- !etetv unrelated w~th the' content of faith" as it was presented ,~,= r~r.s~tr, +~ ,'~/" ~ Q IS THE DEVELOPMENT OF DOCTRINE CONSISTENT]program~ Imoney'in the fe&ral + ~ net acre ted b " re, ious eneIations "[ t~7~.~.~;"!~ l WITH ~HE CHANGELESS TRUTH OF DIVINE REVELATION / The b~ intr duced bY Rep lEo lick fhis problem' t a p y p,g - . . /]:,' . . ' ~ ~ ~ ~vu~ in the revelation of the truth[ b** -,:~. " .~~ .I /~k J A. Modernism claimed that the Christmn doctrine has no value[Edith Green of Oregon, would] e-^~ +~ = ~. +~ + +~ +,+h ~l ~-'~"'.~~ '~.~/~ Jin truth, but serves only the practical purpose of regulating[also provide grants to publicl| b.~ ': ~ "/," ,'~ "7 =, 1 ~k~'~" "~I~'W~~-'''- -~~ I men's lives according to the demands of morality as they make[and private institutions for the ll to a primitive revemtion, me wnote provioing a more anct moreI ~ ~11~ ~ ~, ~ com~,rehensive and ,~enetrating understanding of the inexhaust-I /.~~ "~ *~,~,~-~~l ~themselves felt at any given period of time. Without denying[training of social workers spe-[J ~L~ f~l~ll.~m,| " " ~ .~ . ~ : I ~ !~ ~ ~ + / that there has been a development of doctrine over the history/cializing in youth problems ll Inp I Tin I nil I ible richness of God's being. ~oct first revemeo n~mseit as met t-----T~gm, .tp~ ~t~sm , Creator of the ut~,er~:ala:? ~h; ~a~erst~ivT::, h3sSOU: :l ] ~'afte~ht~staa3htYng~les:tnn?~ :h'nki:f :hl~adet:l:p~3n~ Itsisu~ed]cS:ud~e: f ~ndnqreT[ytSw ~d """ "~"" ~.~o~lnt~3t~:3 hisere~ationshi,~ of der-~ndence~on God ~his na timmediately the development of the content of faith can be[Himself Who makes the truth known to those who constitute the[be financed. I| "- ' " membership of His Church It is the Holy Ghost Who makes +,ral di,nit,~ as the reflection of God'~ oerfection his ~mper-ltraeed to certain influences which can be studied emplmcally.~ ' - - . ,/- d[I ~ ~ ~ "' ~ " ' f h" ru known the truth of the divine revelation which Christ entrusteo fection on the other hand as a hmlted being, ignorant o m t elFirst among these is the struggle, carried on at all periods of[ 1 "" "h A sties fell the duE of an/| ~ eL Ill " i himself to ta]s twe ve ,~post es upon t e po y de/~tsit~:tidml:C:pP;rbl:c~dSavhnng the Old' Testament would give[ the h~story of theology, between truth and error. As life strength-[ nouncing the Gospel to the entire world. They provided for III i~ lens and maintains itself against the forces which are calculated| continuation of their work by appointing successors From the/1 ttl~~/t III I~ ~ ~ mq way to the New, these trutns became more ano more expnc ~,1 cuiminating in the revelation of Jesus Christ Who had been[ to produce death, so truth becomes stronger as it meets the im-/ very beginning there wash living tradition, only a part of whichll ~ III promised to men as their Savior and as the Son of God Whol pact of theological speculation which follows the direction of/was set down in the words of Sacred Scripture. It was this tradi-/I I N,! I I/[1~1 III ~, -~1 as to introduce men to the inner life of God Contained in tMsl error It has been well said that error is the insenarable corn,tion, embodying the teaching of Christ, that was to be preserved]| I[,1~,[ [~" |ll ~1 ' ' rrection ' ~" " in the life of the Church revelation are the central truths of the D~athoanid R:~the Hol I panion of truth. In every branch of knowledge reason is stimu-[ WITHOUT THE CHUi~'CH much if Christ's teaching would[I ~ ~ III ~~l of Christ His Ascension into Heaven and t e g Yl r" " le rer x res t ' ~= -, ~ 1 ] m~ foreshadowed inliatea oy contraflmtory nypomeses to~se to a c a e p -1 have been handed on, but it would have been impossible to in-Ill oae/o I I Woshers Ill B Illegal divine revelation as it had been communicated by Christ to HisI . . . + "" e ,~l ~ tt~att~,~==,~ ' ~ ho o ld make this effort were' hrs. Again Here the same progress is noted in theology that/Ghost. New dogmas are proclaimed but they are only expres-|| |~ ~ltA~I,|A~,I'-~ |1| first iOlJowers. ~ince tHose w w u - - - - " - human bein"s it was to be ex'~ected that they would have vary I orings about the devempment of the natural sciences. Theology,| sions of what has always been contained in the original deposit|| |1| s' " "' ~ r" ~ s-I being a science, must follow methods proper to itself. Even[ of faith. We must always think of the doctrines of faith as rooted|| Dial ADams 2-9611 |J| ing points of view that woum mao to omerent meo ms ann sy -I There are not new doctrines but onl old truths'- + ^P or "~rou"s ex"ressI arums wmcn nave veen omcmuy aenneo as oogmas ot talm/m me trum Y 11 -- Ill mira I =1 terns ot mougnt t3niy mus coum inu/wuuet +~ P ~' x r stun Th doctrines in whmh we 13 I~I ~.rllCOgO AVe . : ;+olcan become starting points for new reflections. The faith would|given a new doctrinal e p es " e ' " ' II ' Ill lily I1"I an a personal way the trum ot the trot2 ~ u~u~ ~,~ ~; ~;+'s'l become' inert and useless for men's lives were no efforts made] believe as Catholics are not mere symbols, but carefully guard-/I FREEPORT II1 = "Y "" through the lntrmacles o[ Human omcourse to contempmuon -- ' " ]to r~netrate more deenlv into its meaning and to extend our[ ed developments of the original content of faith to which the|| |ld of the changless truth of God's Being re ]comprehension of its object Differences of opinion among theo-| Apostles assented in the presence of Christ our Lord. Our.fa!th]~ I ql~ nin aumorit o~ t e unurcn p - From ttme to hme the teac g Y. 0 ]logcial schools, even within the limits of orthodox doctrine, are| is not merely something to live by; it is the truth itself m ltsll ~ a]l s a ofhclal ex ression of a truth o oivme revmauon. ~nesel. ~ ~ents n " " P . . ; ~neJptut in uringing to the body of the faithful a deeper appre-/scurce undergoing new development under the influence of God's]| |]| --. . . official pronouncements calleo oogmas o~ taitn, reIlect an m-/ . . . ' . .'. elation ann a creaTer unaerstanding of the deposit of faith. As grace, but always remaining the same. " toT of the ro ressiv create the truth, nor ~s tt merely the has y . . P g J ,-~,+ ,~ +h t+ t it " ' a thority of thel| ~ }I:KVII.~ DUI$1 ~.Y.I1, -, i ws n. of fa. h +s the teachm au ,hb men. Pro ress in me trutn Iollo I d, scovery of the tru.t Y" -" "glhe clarification of human/ Church. It is the prerogative of the Church to watch carefullyJl ~~'~ ~ "No Job Too Large Ill - I~otice 'Your -~ the paths oI Human investigation anct t ought through tHe resoivln-g of differences of opinion. Beneath], over the progress of doctrine, to pass judgment on the truth orll ~'~--~ ~~ ~ Nor Too Small ' |11 ~' Appearance ~N~.~ h the mfalhble authomty Funsrals Weddings H Himself -uarantees throug " / . /I " DEININGER S III F ' JJlu " ann tHat e ~ 9,~iliFT~ | 1Z ' Flowers lOT 41l Occasions ~ Church /Younz People s Group Organ ed /I III t-x O WHAT FACTORS ENTER INTO THE DEVELOPMENT OF <=7 q-awr~ . C'o+~, ~-d Paul Moo~e p.~,h.t~mw. ||fT". f'~ :% Plants Bou,~uets Itl MODERN ~ /! ~, + n+ FAITH~ j PROPHETS -- - Ja aO I}M'6;- "t l+l 1 I! Ier COURTEOUS +.!"1114, ~L, UL~JLJ~.t~JI. ~J." A. The principle cause of the development of the content n /olio Young People's group has treasurer. -- -- /I Corsoges Arrangements Ill CO,FFURE f EFF~C,t~T ts the power of God's grace operat,ng the Church. More/bee. organized at St. Catherineom sed |It ' w ** ,11 STYtm SERV,CE amsh The group is c po 111/ - /. IP " -. . . ' II 14 South Chtcogo Avenue ]of parish high school students / I ,I and recent graduates of both St. ~!~i~ |~Catherine and St. Ambrose par- ~ ~sh, Er e. ~ I[ Karen Enright, Erie, was Through countless IIelected president !bro tern of the ~ " . " - ~./.:~ years it stands I]group. Other pro-tern officers ~.~ I]are: David Eyrich, Prophets- stalwart Iltown, vice president; Neil Cas- :: .~i!! !]telein, Prophetstown, secretary,1961 Electric Shop Inc. ~estin~house Appllances Amana Re]rigerators & Freezers Electrical Contractlng & Repairs PHONE: AT 4-0011 213 West/First St+ DIXON, ILL. I10 N. Galena AT 2-1211 Dixon, Ill. Floor and Wall Tile Aluminum Combination Windows & Doors "Insurance Exclusively" Arch's Largest Displays DIXON NATIONAL BANK BUILDING SIMMONS Bedding KROEHLER Furniture FORMICA KITCHEN CABINETS PHONES OFC. AT .S174 RES. 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"Our Home, Your Home in Time o] Bereavement" BURKE-TUBBS FUNERAL HOME WS,t Goleno ond North Walnut Avenue FREEPORT, ILLIN01S GENE BURKE ADams 2-0613 ORRIE TUBBS FREEPORT BOTTLING CO INC. ~. ADorns 2-5712 -- 641 E. Stephenson FRED J. KULI. Church Ritual ~s importont to Catholics. It's a comfort when you know your funeral director hos a first-hand knowledge of the Cotholic Church. Schwarz Funeral Home SINCE 1928 AD 2-9017 816 S. GALENA AVENUI FREEPORT, ILL. B. Leo Schwarz -- Glen T. Sehwarz