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July 21, 1961     The Observer
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July 21, 1961

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FRIDAY, JULY 21, 1961 ' THE OBSERVER ! PAGZ U MORE ABOUT NEWEST ENCYCLICAL ! Must Solve Problc in Terms of,i,an '1 [ (Continued from page 1) [ HE SAID FURTHER that ru- 'y an hunger: Justicelm sures i"eliminated as an anachronismlgrave responsibilities before GodI ~': ~':~ r h in agricul[ral workers should feel a sense roman demand that the plentlon and an obstacle to human re[and soclet,1 --- pc suaded t at even - ' . p + " y." qt r ture they can develop their per-]of solidarity with one another: ~r con to the ~id of the ?HER gress." [~T . e ,t I ~:~:~ sonaUty through their toil and]"They need to organize to have . To ,troy or :o squan-lth probler I TO REMEDY THIS situation,[i~OIe OI Hope | look forward to the future withla voice in political circles as oods t]other people need]in ~xpedie the Pope called on the CatholicsI The Pope stressed that Cath-| confidence. Iris above all|well as in organs of Public ad- 'der t live is ;o offend]m alorde Iof the world to teach and preach[olics rnust work andlive in the| i!i ~ii! indispensable that great care be[ministration, for today almosti st |us~ and ht manity."[m which i [the Church's social doctrine.|world. "We should not create an] taken, especially by publiclnobody hears much less paysADD] THAT d.~struction]of uman 1 ]"We feel urged to exhort that[artificial opposition between the| authorities, to insure that the]attention to, 1saluted Traces. . of surplus goocls cannot be ex-lscientific and technical effort on]such teaching be extended by]perfection of one's own being] essential services in country[ ON THE OTHER HAND Pope[cu;ed on the grounds of eco-lthe part of man to deepen and]regular systematic courses in]and one's personal, active pres-] areas be suitably developed." ]John said that farmers "must nonic harm to a certain part[extend his dominion over ha-[Catholic schools of every kind,[ence in the world." | .~ ,~ ttry to reconcile their rights and of the population,ture. The progress of science I especially in seminaries." [ HE RELATED THIS to the] l/ural 3Olldarlty linterests with those of otherI :~mergency aid, he said, "island technology, already real|z-I Pope John stressed that in so-]doctrine of the Mystical Body of] !1 ~-- ~ ~ +l- +iclasses of workers and even no: enough to eliminate or to ed opens up in this direction]cial education associations and Christ Noting that all are call need for "maintainin,~ a har Isubordinate one to the other ill re, lure the causes which in not]limitless horizons." Iorganizations of the lay aposto-[ed to life by Christ the Pope| monious balance between ali the common good demands it."] a few political communitiesl THE VICAR OF CHRIST thenhate "play an important role, lsaid, "when one carries on one's] ~: BI~ ~,-~f P r~.~,q,o~'ic, r~" W~rr~ [ ~ l~{ncf ~f,-~l~H,'.r~e 1"~+ ]br:ng about a permanent state[spoke of~t~he threat posed to]especially those that have as proper activity, evenifit be of I~: iii ers '~he said~'shoul~dV'l~e able'to]ecOnomY:call;" ";~tva~ed~"cofn: of want, misery and hunger."lmankind by modern weapons. [their specific objective thelternporal nature, in union with/ en"o the benefts and services tries and those still m the -re i In: tead, what is needed is! "We point out with sadness,"IChristianization of the econornic lJesus the Divine Redeemer, vestment in agricultural pro-lo 1 + O 1 ] ;t th~ same time however I~an~ely that, while onthe ariel"belongs particularly to Our!noteofhope: I ,~ects, and ~hrough social insur-/~UrDlUS t.~OOIl$ I ' 'l a o . . . me specter o~ misery/sons, me laity." I uur~ ~r~a ~ pene~ra~e l ana1 |~nce social securit-" and -riceI -- ithe Pope warned against repeat- [ and hunger haunts us' on the[ THE ROMAN PONTIFF warm[shot through by radical errors; V,~ P tiesta~ea:"lrlesonoarkyi r " ' ' " ' " me o! IV 1SSlSSlppl t~epo'rts salQ |" " ~rotection I ~~ ~u ~.^ ] ng the erro s of the past. The other hand scmntfffc d~scoverms, led, however, that Cathohcs must ~t is torn and upset by deep d~s-I ,~-,~-~-,~ ~ .~, a.u ~.~con mi II ' [ [e o ca y developed pohtlcalitechnmal mventmns and eco-[be on their guard to preservelorders. Nevertheless It is also ! mere memoers oI me same ~am , I~t~=|lp~l~ lib. im~'oses on ~'oli'i"al k~--'[c mmunities when lending tbeirlnomie resources arebeing used [an active awareness era hier-[an era in which immense pass|-| ~,e Pa~l I~'|J[l~l=l[J|(lJ ] 'Y " . . ~ .~ ~ '~u"':ihelp must recognize and respect]often extensively, to provide ter-[archy of values as they'carry[bflities for good are opened to] e~v'~wun~avu~ap" munmes enjo31ng aDunaance o~ t "n 'v ] [hetd~ ~duahty(ofthenatmns[mble mstruments of rum and|on their temporal affmrs and[the Church ~ the Mis i I material gooa ]me oDngauon) [helped) and overcome the temp-[death. [seek their ~mmedmte ends.[ We desire that the D~wne [~i~t?c:;mac~:r~nm 3 net:em t ~3::]tation to impose themselves bylaW/Jut 1,Pope John made a general[Redeemer of men, 'who has be- When St. Paul begged on behalf of his /L~ ~ ~ ]'citizens suff,~r fr +, Imeans of these works upon theI Ual I u~t [plea for the observance of Sun-]come for us God-given wisdom[ I~"~%~ !~ U [ . ~ ": ~""" ~'+,*"'~'/community in the course of eco-] Concerning the problem of co-[day as a day of rest Deploring [and justice and sanctification / missions, he never mentioned the word n ~ m~sery ano nun~er aria WhO nomi d v lo " " " " ' ,~-~"r~ } c e e pment. Ioperatmn on a world scale the]lamty m the matter he said" and redem tion' (I Car 1 30 ~l~~ ] EVEN BIGGER tempta-[Pope said that the important "In the name of God and for[may reign in triumph, glorious| lack even me e,ememary mgnss AN ' ' P " ' )' "money." Pick up St. Paul's S e c o n d oI me human person.' ! . . . . I~iI~~ I r~-~ [ THE POPE lt lon . for advanced countries,|problems of today present trou-lthe material and spiritual lnter-Lthroughout the ages, m all and| J~|~.~l~ Ie ~1]~ [ . .r~ u mere are[the rope--said, "is that of profit-IDles of "supranational and often[ests of men, We call upon all, lover all; We desire that human} Epistle to the Corinthians and read chap- ~ ~ ~l~]~ I~ ~'~ [countrms whmh produce con-ling from their technical and]worldwide dimensions." It isIPublic authorities, employers]society be restored to order,| ters eight and nine, where he seeks to in- ]~l~~ l a .~l~] [sumer gooos, especmuy, zarmffinancial cooperation so as to in-]because of this that "under-land workers, to observe the pre-[(that) all nations may firmly[ i~l~~t~ll= I: '~ [proouc~s m. excess, wnue m[fluence the political. situation[standing and cooperation are so]cepts of God and His Church, ]enjoy prosperity, happiness and] spire the people of Corinth to love the mis- ~u~,~[iH]] I= e~i~ |o~ ner countrms large segments]of less developed countries with|necessary." ]and We remind each one of his~peace " | of the populatmn suifer ~rom ~J~~d [! Sitl'~t [ ' ' la view to bring about plans o~I AT THE SAME TIME, ! sions of the Church for the most spiritual []~-I[[]]~[]IPJ~ [| |-= ~'~ [~ [world domination. " [said: "It seems that men, espe-] ~-~- t--, .- -- ". | ~~"~+.m-J '~, mn][KHmn] [ "IF THIS TAKES PLACE, |tie|ally those entrusted w i t h| ~-'~g']l|| ~4~ ~' . Of reasons. ~'-' - J'~*---- ~ le~v~e~tave~t-- ]must be explicitly declared that ]greater responmbfl~ty," '" show[ s.~,~,ommatee hetves ] " [it would be a new form of|themselves unable to under-]~rs 1 1 . . -- -. I The Society for the Propagation of the ~wlg!l%:--I ~#"~v~ ,~ ~ ~,l'+t~71~A~n |l II 1he Very IJest [|colonialism, which, however|stand one another. [~'g)4~4~]Pg'l~L t]~ ~.~v ~ ].~v,t.~,~v'~g'~lflg]l~ .~J-~A~ |g'~ JJwll~'~| = [[ ~I L~ ][~ {iI Heleverly disguised, would not[ "The root of such inability is[ ] Faith has taken this as its model. It does |l i'il:~fl i'I'Y "I H++ be less blameworthylnot to be sought in scientffic, l WASHINGTON--(NC) --- The,tion, it was reported, were alli ~I~N~I~Pll il u a4im m l /than that from which many peo-ntechnical or economic reasons, lHouse Rules Committee b'" anlDemocrats--Reps. Ray J. Mad-| not want money for the missions apart ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~= Ill ]~ All tKe Perch ~ou can eat I[ple have escaped, and which Jbut in the absence of mutual [8-7 vote tabled all proposals for den of Indiana James W Trim | " " ' " " yu"u ~un ~u~ " " '" "" ' Lt#Km[i1 /I ;'" Ilwo td influence negatively theirltrust [Federal aid *o education ,o i t+ o+ Arkansas Homer'Thorn" from the sanctifications of those who give / Illli" HI I . r" i ' " " ' " II S,',;m-;,-g l~'.'clIDo|ly ] nternatmnal relatmns, consh- [ TIlE POPE TRACED this lack I thereby killed v i r t u a 1 1 y all iberry of Texas, Richard Belling it. We need new churches in Nigeria, hos- ~- #= [I ~1:30~ 2 p:m. - /tuting a menace and danger taler trust to the fact that not all/chance for congressional actionlof Missouri, Thomas P. O'Neill / I0mge une. in B~que! Focillties [world peace." [men recognize the moral order]in 1961. +~" i Jr of Massachusetts, Carl E1]m pitals in India, chapels in New Guinea, [I ~ ~ ~k|~ 1t Calling ~or sincere political|--"an order which is transeen-[ Shelved by the Rules Commit-]liott of Alabama and B. F. Sisk| ~,~ ~ ,o /I r |'~E "~ t[ disinterestedness, the Pope also[dent, universal, absolute, equal[tee action (July 18) were the ad-nof California but we refuse to plead for the sanctifica. wyman II ~ Iron In~ urged the economically advane-iand binding on all." He said]rain|strut|art's public school bill] Remote l tion of souls in mission 1 a n d s without - -- |l SUPPER CLUB lied countries to respect a hier. lthey, therefore 'fail to meet]for construction and teachers'[ Thus according to this break-] ~O~KTora, |l|. |] 1116 $. Main- R~kfor~ archy of values in the nations]and understand each other fully]salaries; a bill to revise the Na-]down, two Ca t h o l ic s voted| tightening the embrace between you and I! [ they assist. Lack of such res-[and openly in the light of one[tional Defense Education Act]against tabling -- Madden and[ ~=~i ~ pert 'constitutes an insidious]and the same law of justice ad-]which included long-term loans|0'Neill -- and two for --Delaneyl Our Blessed Lord. m poison and one of the most dan-imitted and adhered to by all "ha private schools" and a college|and Hoffman | I Inll m~A~l~"~l~m ~r~Tn~ serous in the work which the[ The Pope then declared: 'Mu-]seholarship and' construction[ The committee reaffirmed its -- Opportunity for Love / ,mm~ ~r~t~,| |~| ~l~ [!economically developed peoples[tual trust among men and ha- bill + intentmn at once b. t 1 n 4+ . . . y ab x g, $-7, ,|,|,| ~ iIcan g~ve to those on the way toitmns cannot begin nor increase[ For And Against ia motion to reconsider Worldly causes beg money, but they are I I, I1 CV!Y I I= I= ~ 'develop?ent. ' ~. . ];::;:tt byf thee remCOrg:l~tmrnd:rnd[- Rules Chairman"Howard W.[, .Theoretically, the .school aid indifferent to whether the giver is ever DIllS EOUlQ S[lll come to a house ,I,t'opulatlon Growth iThis can onl- be establi "-~ ~. [Smtth of V~rgmm stud after thel / = ! y sn~u .~lvote. "I don't know of an, wa,Iv ~e m |ms session oz uongressl i q R|~ ~| |D~ 1] Pope John next turned his at-[s~d, in the recognition of the/ " . g- Jlifama]orttvofthe219rn-,~ho--/ bettered by his gift. We cannot separate ~ e'e ~v i~nt Iltention to the ].laA 1+. /.~ +o r ~ /me acuon can ~e reversea inl . ." / n ]the ,oo,IOi the riouse were to sign a pet|- the two. The Society for the Propagation ,A ctess ite Modern Error / motion to shelve the bills[ten to, force a vote. But.there] of the Faith does not want to make con- l~w-~=~, ~v~r'~m~m~m-m~ b~rths ov r was made by Rep William Col seernea nee chance tna~ mis l I1 " e deaths is steadily in-[ In the final section of the en-| r " ~ - .':[would happen so late in the ses-/ /[creasing and that it is claimed]cyclical Pope John labeled asi. " 'sio~ n verts in Africa, without making shines in ha ' the matron was ~upported by ,I SUPERMARKET NO. 1,] SUPERMARKET NO. 2,lit t the standardof living may[ 'the most fundamental modern] ~ " .[ Speaker of the House Sam] America. The economic must not be di- I 1401 S. Church WO 24421 I n 1SI$ Kishwoukee WO $-6691 1 [Ipossibly be reduced in the un.|error" that of considering the|.~ne nve ~.epuDucan members oZlRavburn said even before +~1 ,P ~ i,-,]lderdeveloped,nations the Popelreligious[,demands of the hurnan fme[ comrmtzee --. ueps. umrencelRui-e"[ ~ ~vmmz~[ee vo~e [na~'-~'liti vorced from the Divine. Social and eco- ~" sai~" J. Brown of Ohm Katharme St , i 7 K There are those who soul an expressmn of feelmg or " was very doubtful" that the would have recourse to drastic[of fantasy" which should be' g ' " lien[Ha 1.3 [ nomic inequality must be seen as oppor- 50 USED CARS 69 OK USED CARS George of New York H A I [[ |Smith of California, Elmer J. I "+. ~ u, ~.y ~:.uu~/ ,- aid legislation this year [ ~ i n . I i ~|Hoffman of Illino,s, and Wflhami i tunities for Christian love. Before the House cvomm~t I I SUPE,m,ZEV NO. + I I SU,m*,X,t NO. 4 1 II + + llH" Avery of Kansas -- plus Dem-I "'I ~ee s acuon me proposal Ior |,2643 11th St. WO 2-370S,I :]208 Kishwoukee WO $-77S4 I [| I)I TI D]L' L I|ocrats Colmer, Smith and Rep. aera i ns' to" pmvate so-oresI St. Paul did not organize I i i,I I i JlJ LJ JI IPJ= q J IJJU ][James J Delaney of New York [ ' / a pe ",- - -- |! Those "voting against the mo"lhad moved closer to a decision~ I,91 OK USED CARS 73 OK USED CARS i I.I.I.I. T TN3 Z D T TT4' 'ilIAF'li' I| .s as [on the Senate floor with 10 to 5] meeting or bring in a fund-raising o'-- ,I r HUI I |approval by the Senate Labor[ ganization, but he began by telling i,' ] 420 +North Main Street [/ nca .nl [and Public Welfare-Committee [ ,] SUPERMARKET NO. $ [ [[ 420 North Main Street I1 ~n I i+ N. 2nd St. TR 7-74971 II Rockford I+I Lundstrom Greenhouses II the people: "You do not need to be reminded how gracious Our Lord !,oz o.o c rs II Serving Since 1856 "'[] rOBErT A. LUNDSTROM PROP. [[ Jesus Christ was; He"-impoverished "See Us For AU o~ Your Floral IYeeds" i 1 YEAR GUARANTEED WARRANTY ON II MARSHALL B. WOOD I I II Himself for your sakes, when He was I EVERY CAR WE SELU II III Phone MA 5.0893 [] ' " Itl Eighteenth Ave. Sterlin|, II so rich, so that you might become I You Con Buy A New Chevrolet At Any One IP II ] of Our New Car Lots or 2 Showrooms at t --~1,/ | 330 $, Ch.rch--Rockford. 'i KIIABE--ntSTER--S0HMER II ,+, IIrich through His poverty." L i LEO J. LAUFF Real Estate -- [ I ~ ;;++~iiii;-~i~;" I! ~ o~ ~ =:~ I/ Of the billions Of men that have appear. - "11 WURL!TZER ORGANS I/I I/ ed on earth, the Son of God-made.Man II ' t' .-' ma, es,h V 204 East Third St. Sterhng, Ill. I/ II " a lo n e had the choosing of His circumo You can bank on the Illinois National II vsed Piano, and Organs ''1' stances, and He chose poverty. Our Lord " t II Convenient Terms lit I 1/ m more ways than one. I] n. = "" 'II I McNEIL II II was rich in material wealth in the sense II Rich Piano & Organ Co. II 'ELECTRIC ][I I] that allcreation belonged to Him. And yet ~. ~ ]] $.MAINST. 221 w+?mA;.-,t.--- !![ Electrical Contractins II I/ He chose poverty, saying: "The foxes have Convenient i rocz oR REE ORT lil I1] @ Film Proj ~n or~a. ]| holes, the birds of the air their nesting I,tl g i ill Pbato t,i,mns I/ places; the Son of Man has nowhere to lay U.UI'II~F ~ IIII ~II |I X.v~'=av'~ I I Hallmark ereafln| Ce,d, - II IIII L O O K .r II I III Camera Ce,ler, Inc. II IIII III Ill +' ??" -, II His head." DRIVE-IN BANKING ,n, : ,i ,o EA, T"~RDSTREET II .oRO~kFn+p, Cm0r, C.ep~e.~. I| Express Gratitude This map shows whysomany people IIII +o. b. M + III m m, ,w,o,s III ='"'m "'"" II The reason Our Lord became poor was bank conveniently and easily at IIII ILl P C n.' fll in o r d e r to create spiritual wealth, or lllinoisNational, Sit down and drive in! Im IVru m ua yyy.yn ytzzu [i] grace in our souls: If then we are enriched [[[[ gh orhood grocer [[ KLINE'S through His poverty, blessed because of |HI re. FAMILY DEPARTMIHT STOR| His suffering and reconciled through His [[[I DIAL WO 8-6781 III -- ' ' Death, it follows that we should express I[[[ MARIA'S ITALIAN CAFE in[ HEADQUARTERS FOR ORADUATION [ Cunninghom at Corb|n St. - R l fo d UnU [[[ CLOTHES--SPRiHG & SUMMER WEAR gratitude for the riches of God's grace and our blessed faith by becoming a little poor- Parking ILLINOIS NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO. South Main at Chestnut Complete bankin eervicee: Savings Accounts Checking Accounts Christmas Club VacatiOn Club Trust Services Safe Deposit Boxes Home & Property Improvement Loane Personal Loana Auto Loene Installment Loans for any 0urpoee Bank by Mail, postage paid both ways Free Perking while you bank Drive-in Facilities Phone WO 3-3431 :::: .+i +iI PHOTO ENGRAVING ADVERTISINGART HALFTONES ZINC ETCHINGS George C. Howley R epresentin~ GoodwiiI-Allen, Inc. 120 S. Wymon St. Rockford WO 4-4618 DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE COSTUME JEWELRY Dwyer & Anderson Jewelry Store o.I Distinction 111 N. MAIN ST. ROCKFORD WO 3.2122 Agnes K. Dwyer STERLING & DIXON eSAVE TIME . . . SAVE STEPS SAVE MONEY $EISTA An Old Proven Stoker Cool I For Commerciol ond Domestic Use CALL BLOCK BRICK & FUEL COMPANY Corner of Preston and Independense, Reckterd, II1. Diol WO 4-4607 er materially that the pagans might be en- riched spiritually. When we give, therefore, for a Di vine cause, we actually do not poverish ourselves; we enrich our selves, just as Our Lord's poverty be- came our enrichment. mmmmi mm, =m= mm The Society for the Propagation of the [ Faith [ 507 Avenue B, Sterling, Illinois [ I am enclosing my personal gift of ] $ for the support of Catholic I I Missions throughout the world. [ Name I | ,Address I | -,I ! City L I t A