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July 15, 1951     The Observer
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July 15, 1951

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News Section--Page 8A THE OBSERVER EDITION OF OUR SUNDA r V SITOR Suhflay,' July 15, 1951 STORAGE ;': ,'= = , -. . . ,..i I ttas Church . ; old ;nnual By HUGH DEVINE Thomas Sheridan, son of Judge including Mrs. James Math[s, .rs./Festival Jul. 18 : .... and Mrs. R. P. Sheridan of St. Gall Burdsall, Mrs. Gilbert Ras-[ 7 --:~:~f-.:~'~"-'. - Mary's parish, Freeport, was mussen and Mrs. Alfred Jorgensen I ...... ~ I.~ ~P ,15J~ ;('."~ 13~ elected Senator at St. Xavier uni- was appointed as the altar corn-1 Aurora--tne_ annu_a.i mla-sum- T, ~ /~,~.~ .'~ versity, Cincinnati, while attending mittee for July. In charge of thel mer zesuva[ of St. Rlta-s parisn, ^ [ jr/ // ~ _.f~ Operation Youth, June 9 to 16. He social hour were: Mrs. John Oberle, Aurora, will be held on the church d ,~ I// ///~/~J/~ ~" 4 was also chosen a member of the Sr., Mrs. William Braggo, Mrs./ grounds Wednesday evening, July" , J/~/ //~//// All-Star baseball team at the uni- Lucian Sibley, Mrs. Ray Newlon,[ 18. Activities will begin at 8 p.m. ...fJ/'~.~-~" versity. Thomas will be a senior Mrs. Paul Roman, Mrs. HermanI In the event of rain the festival 'f~-~/'~ at Aquin high school next Septem- Seahotm, Mrs. Gall Burdsall, and| will take place the following even- ~ ber. Mrs. Robert Wagenecht. [ ing .. ]//7" There were six states reprcsented l Members of the committee for[ The Rev. M. A. Kissane, pastor 7Z --~ v a~ St. Xavier's. the August meeting are: Mrs.|of St. Rite's, has announced the ////'~/~'~ "'~"'~ d" ! Henry DePyper, Mrs. William[ following committees who have // ~ --._ ~'~--: Our Lady of Perpetual HelP lItummel, Mrs. J A. Rapp, Mrs.| aided in planning the variety pro- ~ ~I~~__ _ parish, Suhlette, will hold an iee j Camiel Rogers, Mrs. Frank Schehl,|gram: F._.-{'~, -~'~--'-~"N "- cream social on the parish lawn]Mr~. IIarry Fiorini, Mrs. Achiel| Executive committee: Officers of " "~ ~') " ]..-.-~"~ Sunday evening, July 15. A quilt lWyckhuys, Mary O'Brien and[ the Holy Name and the Altar and - ~/~'=.. '~.\ ~\~(" will be awarded the night of theI Sadie Larson. |Rosary Societies: I. E. Devine, G. /" L"~ "'z':~/, ~/ social. All parishioners and the --- /Precup, J. Kelly, J. Gz'obl, Mrs. J. {...~]\ ".~ ~\~':'~, - general public are invited to attend. Miss Lois Elaine Conro, a grad- / Buettgen, Mrs. R. Schmitz, Mrs. A. ., ~ \~'~ ~ \,~-~. - ~" -- l uate of St. Edward high school|J. Wagner and Mrs. L. Lofius. - ~,.~'-~\\_..2 \\ ~ McHenry court, Catholic Daugh-Iwith the class of 1950, has enlisted/ Ticket Committee" Mrs A M ' *~-~'~,'~\" ~'~ALi~ ters of America wzll hold a proms/in the U S Marine corps for a/Warner Mrs A G Ashe Mrs J ~ _ :~'~x,~ ~ ' at Veterans of Foreign Wazs park I permd of three years. She ~s now [ W. Cyr, Mrs. A. J. LaFleur, Mrs. ". ~v ~ 1;~ - Thursday, August 2. A pouuc~/stationed at Parris Island, S.C./j Komes, Mrs J Scherer, Mrs t~ ~.~_ . ~l~ dinner will be enjoyed at 1 p.m. for boot training. At St. Edward'S, IT' T~;~ ~fr~ (~ a Vlat~a-cia Mrs" ,, ,,~v ~v~ ~l~ "c .~. +,~..+,+, *~.,+, ........... , v le-/l~../)` .t+11~ .... ----- ..... I she was on the honor roll in herIjWeingart, Mrs. Lee aoftus, Mrs. ] ~-~'f/4'~]~ ine Key. ~ugene dung, .wz ~.~, junior ann senior years ann was/~,~_ ~, o. IK-- l~f r# ~,Y)..:^_ -~-~ Ill \~ .... I ~J reLL, t,~['.~ ,WIt'S. ,tvl. 1~,. k) D[I~[I ~, . wslted hm parents in Spring Grove, tied for fourth ]n scholarsh,p at land Miss Rita We[land ~~~ last Sunday A family reunion and] ~raduation She is the daughter I ~ - " - .. ~-~~~ potluck droner was held m the l of Mr and Mrs Arthur Conro, I. ice cream ann cup cakes. ~vl S. ~~~ .~ , ' J ~sppsnger, ~rs ~ ~vzeyer, mrs ~. 7"- recreatmn room of St. Peter sElgin I .... ~ 7"- ~/'~ rY narish Father .t,,n~ wh- wa~l " IT. Plante, Mrs. J Murphy, Mrs. D. ~ 4f~'~-~ ~\ ordained to the priesthood last fall l In attendance at the recentlS~and,el!,, Mrs. H. Murt.augh, Mrs. 2 '~'~~..~.~ and continued his studies at Shelby, I golden jubilee celebration in Joliet [e,. ~,em.y, ~... ~cnen, z~rs. ~.~. ~j.] O., since that time, has been l for Sister M. Eucheria, were Mrs. 1~.." ~mn,~e, lurs. lvi;~ .~urns, ~rs. appointed assistant pastor at St.I Lena Pontius, St Joseph's parish,/~.',. ~vzrs. rL ~wscKerc, ~ars. John the Baptist church, tfaycock, t Freenort and Mr and Mrs Georc, e IA. t~zeynoerg, ~ars. w. ~Joneen. WOE I~ N~aOf'f~ ~lO~l t#t/~C A "r~c- Pa ]Elli-~'-e '~q+ Peter'-,~arisl~ Ro-k| Special Awards Mrs F Neme- - ............... v,. r..~ ,,~r. -- I ford A member of the Franciscanlchek, Mrs. F. McNally and Mrs E. ULLARKV LOSES HIS TEN CENT GOLF AL a meeting of officers andiorder. Sister is the former Miss[Schumacher. Publicity: J. Cork- e~A,~ aa~ "t-~-a~ ~.^~..,-~. -~,,,-~,~ ..... trustees of Aurora Ladies of iSusafi Ellis. George, John and/ery and M. R. O'Brien. Seeretar- I t.~etLL e~nlv t~tq;~r./'~ ll-lr. ~gLI~L Columbus, plans were discussed for lEdward Ellis of Freeport are her lies: Rita We[land and Mrs. Lester j .OI2AV/~'~ l't=~ ~Al~'tr" ~,ltl'lr'u,naJv " the coming year Mrs. Ray Schmitz, l brothers. Mrs. Pontius is her [Loftus. Prizes: J. Komes, F. ] ........... ~"' ~"--'~w"" president, was hostess at the meet- [ sister [Nemechek and L. Frett. Waitress- I lag. Mrs. Joseph Ernst was chair-[ ----- [es: Mrs. F. Hewitt, Mrs. G. Ewen J , , man of the annual picnic held last[ About 30 relatives and friends [and Committee. Soft-drinks: Wil- =_ ......... ........... Wednesday at Gaefield park. [surprised Mr. and Mrs. Joseph |liam Joy, M. Schmidt and D. Joy. -- ............ I ............ -~ ........ [Franz, St. Joseph's parish, Free-| Dart Games No. 1 and No. 2:l " -" rift / " | [ Canada by the artist and his At the July meeting of St I nort on June 28 in celebration of|I Devine C Forsell G Precu-[~[~vl~lrll~n |l~fnn|t~| |daughter, Marm Teresa, during cCi:[her~e:SheA::P:wnand ROoSma[~it[eOe I [-l~eir 25th wedding anniversary. A |G. Weiland, i~. Gaul, 'Re ~Ielby, J:l'-''m"'*mv."u u~'uumua'ql'mu [ which he arranged for erection Y, P , " I share-a-dish supper wa served on [Devine and R. Forsell. [~ .... J. .... ~ ...... Iof an outdoor shrine of Our ~~[the lawn at the home of the jubil-| Games Committee" E StJules | JnUIdUOIl$ t=OU[ P t Lady of Fatima at Lake Arrow- . . . " , r~ iiw ~lw . I II armns. The couple received a gfft~w. Hannon, Dr. Imas Rice, J. No-| . __ Ihead, Cahf. I I|of a purse. . |rack, E. Flynn, W. Ewen, R. IA~ I ~tUl~' f^ll.., i Among the cuttings was that I "We Dress Your II . .. ~ .. |Schmitz, W. Walker, J. Murphy,~lUtlk Ib~g;l~13 ~llqg;~ [of the Rose of World Peace, Ma3 donn d uean, son oI ~lr | I[ " Wr - h "" "" an Free art" iF. Nemcchek, P. Buettgen, L. Van- I ~which has a large pink-white e# anu iv], S dO n 1" ue , p , I Floors dad Windows I[.. - " - -" ..... at . [Doozer, G. Kinnally, H. Artlip, E. [ Lockport, Ill.- (NC) -- Regis-[ petal and is of a type expected IS In cnar oI nencopter pll S OI I II,.. Th; ~ -:- re-'e s'maa-on|Fergusn' R Hartman, D. Kellen,/tration has opened at Lewis Col-[ to flourish in the Portuguese l See Our Cdmplete Lind II ~".~ . -~'". "". ~" - '%..~. -/W" Lennert, R MacDonald, B liege here for a course in aviation [ climate The parent rose bush- I Brood dam Carpet no Ilse ectea to transpoc~ ,.unlte_a./Newhouse, H Lenert, C Reines, P" l operations, approved by the Vet-[ es were grown for the 1939 1 Linoleum Tilo I[ z~atzons negoua.~ors to pz-~t, m snary/Schmitz, Jr ' " " J erans Administration. /New York World's Fair ' cease-are talKS in r~orea, xne net1- ' K~tchen Cab,nets and S,nkl I II .......... :,, ..... / Fish Pond: Lester Loftus, R. I Veterans may enroll from now/ Curt in d Dro e ~,,wc-o -.,, ~..~ ~,,o ,, ~+ ...... , .... I o S on p s I[, ....... , ......n;^atio ...... ;..- [Ewen, A Meyer, Lee Loftus, F. ]untd July 25, which is the deadhne [u Window Shades ...... ~' .................. '~"'~'" " " ' " , I II ment and stand ready in case of |McNally, A. Bleynberg, R. Novack. I for rece,wng veterans benef, ts un-/I - sewseaav s PlanninServices and Estimates " emer enc . 'Investments'. T Plante, A. Noon-Ider the GI Bill. The flight section ../I ---~--~-,,,'~......... o er and to,a, I I II g Y /an. A. Renaud. Jitterbug" J Grobl. Iof the course may be taken duringll YfJ ?~ P', . I " " . - .... rlecl~q gclrlrors I Free II ..... - /H. Swmkert, J. We,ten, C. Hew,tt. lthe summer months, with a mm,-/I "~b. I I Co,, Uoi, ~-9~s; II K[" V~t~e ~,~=n# |Grocery Booth: M Lirot, J. Kelly, [mum of two hours flight work re-|l /~KModern $tyMl~ In I I - -- II tt%~ I VMg;J ~lUllI. |E. Almond. Coffee and Sandwich-| quirea per weex. [I [ ~ ~ Wollpoper~ ] I DE'/" /Igl[ II.. .. Ies" Mr and Mrs J Buettgen, Mrs I The course comprises aviationil I.,~z A .I .... I a~k'/ll'bl IIi-, " . " - " I * san Fnlfll I II Ig^ , h.Dewne, Mrs. L. Johnsen. Penny I maintenance and commercml fhght|l ~ I | STORE IJlq~l [Iq~}~'II(IMVll /Game-J Seppelfrick, W Melb~ J training. The maintenance course|l ~ 22W. ~oi. I I ,.. II to ." .| |Walker, D. Novack, S. Johnsen,' B. [is given during the regular school/I o | ,aepoa I I ..... IIUt vatican Library/Quirin' E. Rudigier, F Nemechek, l Year. The entire training period islJ J I 428 7eh St. Reckford, IlL II /JW. Brouhle. Treasurers: W. Go-Jtwo.years. and embraces aerody-|~ I II New Haven, Conn.--(NC)--The|been, L.Johnsen, W. Lies. Radio: jn m cs- a rpmne eng ne,aa rp ;ane|l .. '... i I |[.qunr~me Rnard nf Directors of the/dames KJppmger. t~arpenters: I""~., ~-~.-~.---.v, ..--: ......... ,,j| ~raomenta| iron i ................. air lane overnaul en me ener H n r J Kn~ghts of-Columbus has voted a |Holy Name Men. J . P . . ' . ,g g. "It end,W ought R uillngs, I / / a~ors, auvaneea alrplane snop, ll C;Olumns mrockats fund of $150,000 to establish the Candy and Hooligan: Mrs. R. . . . , I J THAT ~"~ IlK. of C. Foundatmn for the pre. [Schomer, Mrs.. KE ramer, Mrs. R./ weldmg,,^.~ advanced~AA ..... engmel,t; ..... shop,or| Red White Machine" [ " n es " v-,,v~..,,-o, ...... ,,o ............. I {~M~ ......... Ilservatlon of historic documents atlWag er. Tabl and Chairs: Mrs / " "i ta ~. ~,, ,,. ,, z " Fr r E rd n " navsgac on. (7 WelUlflg ~O. I ~n IIHU][~bl ~av.-,nu lithe Vahcan Library [C ett, S , dwa Va Douser [ . . II ............. I I """ \~W~] I/ The fund is needed to enablo/Special Feature: Len Frett and his [.. A pioneer in the field of a.via-lJ ~rneTePl~.u~).'~: ~lP'xeal~ | l Ibrar mm e Ele zion cons~rucuon anu Illgn~ since , I ~ lithe Saint Louis Univers'ty l" y co itte . ctricians: George l .............. [I , I l m .. i... ~ ........ 1 i l-n k~,in ira 9K ~ nth ~rn'i f 1 I"4,, n ,,.,,4 MoI ,,o.A lItS Iounulng In 1~31 Dy ulsnop |~ - ,,u N n, ~our.~: ..... ,+ ........ -...o-.. +..~,ec. of, .+..I, .nd Elw ........ b~ .._.. , ............... I e m u nernara J ~neu, auxmary 0z unl I "'"" '" v,-- I microfilming the compl te an -IFrank Byrnes. / . : ..... ':I ! ^ .... ' cage, hewts ~mmge Is representeu 3 I U K /at L~ I~ | Imith Oil & Rafinia~ Co. and |~ script collectmn m the Vahcan li-I~ I . / I 3 I U K /at L~ e I J A~se.~;a*. O~alo.. J l brary. The manuscript materials I Tk~,-,,, kta~lr.nll--,. /^.,, )by its. gTaduates in. every .branch | SANDED FIREeROO~ , IIIIII ITl~i ~IIVII~II~I imVil]~ OI avlaulon, lnclucting nelleopr, er -' represent the worlds rschest col- R LED P ! ............... t ................. ..,, I1.. tql.: .... D_J_ [construction Demands upon thel CaNT OL TEM ERATIL/R| ......... lecuon OI tne IncellecCUUl~ spirit-I IIIIqSI My ~111111~1~ I~U~I / .. . " ~ . ~... + . ._ / ,^~+z~*~lPe o college a~ present ior SK]IJeU 1;ecfl- ~.vvTKAa~;I {ual and cultural heritage of the f ..... !: w~ So el Reach Hon kon mclans in avlatmn are more than D I A L3 $ 4 0 9 AR-KI-T_CK _~st. J Y 9 g [ .... id / "1 Recently the Very Rev. Paul C.J Mar,,kno]l z~ ~**.. I..- [can De meh l~ was sa . / II ~ ~l "~l ~ a ~a I~ Reinert, SJ,presidentofthe Uniol:--C/_ -,.~.~"'.~--'?""~'"?."'1 ~ /I !t/ aj I)/ "11 ~ - ..... t mg veen ueca]neu zor six mon~nsl~ I ~ J varsity, announced that ~ne msu-lln a sin l ............ ==~k-~ t "~ "I " been expelled by the Red China re- M KOC kCOt e reed with the project The Revs I e ....... |1 U.S. TO BLOOM I/ . - .- . ..... l " J of -" c rri"~ gzm anu, wearing long Dearus DU~/I ~'~.'', : ~, ~'~ ..... li ..... " "- " J~owr]e ~. ua y, ~.., me u " oth rwi in .... die- andJ I e se good health, have safe- |~ AT FATIMA- li culum OI meuleval S~Us, O- . ~ . ' , ly reached Hongkong, according to B A l i~T ,:+..++.-~.-., ~.:_, ...: ;'.' T+.ivers.t.. Iword rece,ved here at the head-/ N Yo --( C)--Rose cut-J, Iseph P Donnelly, S J, director of ew rk N l'~M ~ 1 ,,;,,,.,,~o .~ ,f. .... ~.~,,u,o .~,, ..., ~'lquarters of the Marvknoll Fathem / tings from the Queen of Roses II "ALWAYS A Coon SHOW" I m~-~l& I II ~/ wlst supervme zne mlcrommmg.i The -riests are ic~enti%d -- *h"L / Gardens in Flush[n-- Meadows II I " " 4 g zz ue~ e Is The task will revolve some 2,000 . . - . ....... ;..+o --;h .... timoted[Revs. James A. MeCormlck of} here soon will be growing Ji STATE ond CAPITAL J ~ l'~"a~~'=~,o': ...........IClarks Summit, Pa., James J./ at the Shrine of Our Lady of II ,..,. ,. . ..,, ,.,, I ~.~"+~.~a~" ~., +t.o+ a~,o,;~o, I O'Donnell of Philadelphia, and[ Fatima as a token of affection II /nr.A/Kr.,=) I Intorior finlshe~ schoi~t~rs'in the~ United States" can[ Fr~3~sthJreyh~eesf: PitrvteSbUrngh~he| ~eAe~er~iar:i#~ihalzcs for the IJ CHARLES HOUS| IHT[RPRISES, IN@.,, I have access to this material for[ ..... P ..... l g Y' [| I a Irxteflor Coatinas " I;n~.i.f;*+" l;f~-nPv stnrl nln~.qinal I Ulocese OI l~.aylng, WhOSe ~lsnop, 1 ..... F I " ~'u~l~'e;'"/o,"]~i"s'~ru~ence-'~.~io;'lthe Most Rev. Francis X. Ford, al-| "1"he cumngswere presented I_ indm~iolon4ki|nhm. - ,,,,h,, ~na hi~*,,r~,~ +he hist~l~ o+[s a Maryknoller, has been arrest-I to Jose de Thedim, sculptor of iJ ,,, ,,,- u ..,. +.^., ,,~u I onco ootintls s~'i'ence ariel"the general histo'r~y of[ ec] by the Reds last April on trump.- | thep!l.grim statue of Our.I~dy I| ~.,.~..~.rl. ILl" .l~.~l=l'/~n | th~ W+++ttov~ ~-lel | eu-up cnarges OI spying anu aid- pox lrauml~ in the uasa (le Morgu- l1 I~MlgVI~ILlll, I I~+fl 1 "Rat-Stalin" rot in -"~,t~'~,~'~ ,,'=F,~ t, otho.. Rein ling the "imperalist conspiracy." i gal in Radio City by Robert J. i| ..... ~'~.---." ....- | ........ , .......... " ~ oou ~ourn ~..nurcn ot Green 5t ,, .... O'roole, premdent of the Catho- woad or cuv~s err, this roject wall ~rmg the . . . p Vatican Libra--collection ri-ht[ ....... ba "'" /he Fslm and Radio Guild. The J[ hone 3-8421 [ ry g ]uzpp,ng m~o ~ne gs wnne wo-[ " II I I SCIENTIFICALLY AND ,, presentation marked the end of ROCKFORD ILLINOIS into our midst, men were at prayer and arrested . [j , CAREFULLY FORMULATED ---------- him in the act whiIe the owner a tour of the Umted States and Snotcher Seized Iof one had gone up to the altar to/ .... BY Ire+clue Holy Communion. I (i ' VI LA' BEAu'Irt" HOF' Vllti A'g ll~Ali'ry qlM~D Roek[ord_ Point London--(NC)--Two detectives] The incident took place at the, I Monutocfurlng I,;O. Mass to trap a handbag snateher~latlle Ma3r~ in the West E~d.I,I ~m~--" "~ ....... | ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS They epotted F~d, eriek LeylandlPryee, who pleaded not imU t, ll ....... -~ m,auau ! frye, 40-yetr-om non-C, atholie,! waa comncwa anu awaits Hat~l