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July 14, 1961     The Observer
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July 14, 1961

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PAGE 8 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, JULY 14, 1961 ST. VINCENT'S JOTTINGS FREEPORT--One of the most You!" pleasurable events each summer is the annual "Train Picnic." Birthdays are an exciting thne ' This is'a full day of excitement for any child; our children are and fun sponsored by the Illinois lno different than others in this Central Railroad Service club. /regard. On this day of days the Last Sunday a beautiful~ boy or girl eagerly awaits Fath- streamlined train with air-condi-|er Ambre's morning walk to the tioned coaches departed from I office. He is usually approached Freeport -- its destination Ma-Iwith a question like: "Do you dison Wis. know what day this is, Father?" For many of our children it!After displaying some feigned[g- was their initial train ride. The norance and the usual jesting ride itself through the country- about thin leading quesuon, ,= ~id,~ and esneciallv when the bialFather rewards their quest wire ,rs ~:: :: : locomotive *- edged its waylthe customary 1 birthday gift : ! through a tunnel was enough to/tr m ms omce c use=. ~ i satisfy our little children with[ -- ] l~ ~ - [ experiences for weeks to come. [ After our newly acquired pony .~ ,1~ : ill i The train ride was just a~acted adversely to saddle riding, ~I~= [small portion of the fun packed[Father secured a flaming red ROCKFORD--All three mathe- ing in mathematics in the Mil- ~: :~! [day. Good food and special/pony cart. The results were mat'ics instructors of last year's waukee public school system, }:: l] .-~== ~ [treats never seemed to end. Vil-/splendid. And now with no un- ~.~ Horace Mann junior high school i ~ ~ ~ ~~ :~ l as park in Madison provided the[ pleasant "ups and downs" to re- iresnmen class a~ x~oylan ~en- . . [~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ tral Catholic hi~h school a r e m west Ares, wis.and mree i~: ~ - -=~ ::~ I setting for the wonderful picniclstrain them, children from Baby ~. ~years at the Bay View hig'h ~ ~J- ~ : ::~ [dinner Special features of this|House to high school can enjoy n 1 Pdlow Talk / laP'ending i~otre uame unlver-ljj . ==.=== ~-- : "[ " [ II 15 4th bt ~ g -' rn~ a- scnool m vlnwauKee. his first ~ - ~ ) ::~ Ipark are a zoo and various["pony rides" in the field under ~l~y al; ~ouLn D e n u, x u ~ . . . ~-~- ~-- = e coachln, assignment was fresh ~ ~- ~~ :: :- [rides The I C Booster club or-Ithe watchful eye of the Sisters students oI me summer InStlLutt: '~ - =-~ ~ man football at Marquette uni- ~~ ~-~ :::~ ]gaaized races and a pie eating[and seminarians. We might add ior nigh SCUOOI teacners ol . ~,= =- = ~ - ~~=- == :~ /, versny, ne men coacnect mot- ~=%~---==~==-~ :~ /contest So you see not a dull]that 'Queen[e,' our pony, likes .~. mamemaucs. ne program, u.- ~ . 1. -~ -~= = =- ~-~-~=~ : =,' ' oail anti oasenan at may view i~ ~---- %L=---~~ ]moment was ex!aerienced by our[the new arrangement, too. der the auspmes of the Nahon~l == ~ -===- == ~--~ ~ ~ high school. At Don Bosco he .:~--=~ :~ ~------~=~= ~ ]children and the many Sisters[ z ~clence .~ounaauon a~ ~owe ~ -=~ ::- ~$~ ~:- . coached football basketball ~ ~=~-~~= ]who accompanIed them,Last week's rainy days found uame, is a seven-weeK institute ' .' ~ ~-~ ~- - ' es an~ dis and baseball. In addition to this ~ As the train pulled into Free-Iour children playing and yelling Heroes Die Young Return to Peyton Place ~ wnlcn lncluaes class u - h ~1" U h k t 11 * - rou datln is ula " ' " e o'ct m c bas "e ba officia- TOP READER--Lynn Froeh- [port over 12 hours after it de-]their hearts out at wiffle ball ia cusslons centering arouna mou-. .~ . ung in me area. thls past year lich daughter of Mr and Mrs. |parted one could tell by the hap-lthe gy~nnasium What with the ern concepts ot mamemauus . . ' . ", and u~-to-do-date technioues Ior Callahan acted as athletm dl-Ralph Froehhch of Freeport [py faces that this was a wonder-[resounding walls of the gym and BOYS MEET REAL ANGELS OF THE BLUE--The two mascots of ,the St. Paul,the Apostle :instructing " "~ rector of Boylan high and was and a pupil in the Fifth Grade ]fully exciting day. [ all those not so small voices, one CYC baseball team listen with awe as members ofthe U. S. Navy Blue Angels precision ' head coach in three major at St Mary school there won / A~ . ~, v this is one of thel ,~ ~ ,h~,h th~-~ ,~ ~,~] flying team come to Pine Lawn, Mo to tell them about the wild blue yonder. The flyers, Lt. I Sister Mary Corneil sports of football,I basketball, first place on the Fifth Grade [finest-ltW:a~s' each summer for[ thVe'~z~ost energy,battling orye'l~- Lew Chatham(left) and Lt. Dan McIntyre, were in Pine Lawn after participating in an air Sister 'Mary Corned, O.S.F and baseball, with teaching as- ,level of the Diocesan Reading ]our children" -- this year it was[i,~. o. show 50 miles away at Scott Air Force base. Little Kevin Renshaw is se Enrichment p gr " g [the best e "t -- ated at left w,th his graduated from Alverno college slgnment m mathematics ro am durra ver Thanks to mere brother Ste'ven. ~e~liltas~::eI~ar~neonl~s~als %1-'~ the past school year for read- |bers of the I.C. Service club for| During this past week every- ' Y g IV :'[::::*::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::+:':::::::::::::::::::::: ~ ing a total of 182 books St. [donating their time and energylone has been busy about the ~lAi~" e, ~ "1 [n~tna' anMdnn'~ S~e L~u~si:~n:ti'] S;y'"YOu""Saw"'it-in Mary school is staffed by the |for a well Organized operation, lhouse and grounds in prepara- i I ill/| g~|[, .~e~[~[~,~ iy, ~ -i Dominican Sisters of Sins[-/One hundred fifty children andItion ior Sunday's homecoming. LEGION OF DECENCY LIST ~ ~e o~ ~ec.nnology m ~nmago.I /rl Ubbl:KV~K " nawa. Principal is Sister M. |staff members of St. VincentlWhe children are especially !, ~emre joining me ~aculty a~ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: " " " ou b sa in 'God Bless] I, I |Boylan she taught at St Moni Ethel[he. ]thank y y Y g ;Ihopeful that the Sisters, away I IR~~]~mtb~ ~6 Rll~axi~ II~I~|$1(PD~:~|I~I[,~ I h'ol in New York Cit- aiI ' ,[for the Summer at school, as ,||iUIUI ~IU))III~UIIUII UI ||lVYl~ |[ ]['- . ica s c o y. [I |lwell as their former teachers St. Francis nigu scnool m xa- I ~~o o,~.o~,~ I[yo,P sl. lzoo city, Miss, at St Boniface I A[ Jr 7-r]rl]r]r Iland supervisors will be able to ,~tionof the NotionalI --~sj l~t.~k~lt~l~uHI Ihigh sclaoo'l in Elgin, Neb. Sis-I ~ $~[r~ ]~' 1 ~ ~[ ~ ~/~ ~ ~' iF ~ ~ / ~ ~-~ []come , ]L~,Av~.New York 2. 2, N.Y with] r'~wvwr~nTra rr,Tp~ M~.~lter Corneil is now in progress] .I ~KA~I&O .Z .ILBI&L7 L,t/~.~M tJ ~" ~ ~ ~ J'J" ]1 Students ot past years wno are ,~ the International ] "~y:"~ ":"':~'-- /toward her master's de,ree in]1 I[now married are encouraged to ] Fedemt'~Iic Alurnnoe. .]/man .l;u ~oys an~.giris are en-[o,~ionce ~' IDear Doris: [been going with to come up for a[sibly be just for a soda afterlbring their families. A full day I ~, L R ENERAL rouea in a reamng improve I'm going to the beach this week's visit? We just graduated class with the group: of races, pony rides, swimming ~-,--MORALLY UNOBJECTIONAB E FO G r " " " * I ,o, o -~ [f ment corresponoence cousel Starer Kevm Marie l summer. I have very fair skin from the same hlgh school. L earDoris.* * /andbmgo are planned with the [ ~e.getl She, Not Die J/sponsored as a specml summer/ Sister Kevin Marie, OSF land would like to know how tol Don u. " little ones in mind. Activities I A~l~r~ nds o, Deck Guns of navar0ne Seven Wonders ot the !~roject by Chanel high school/diso graduated from Alvernolget an even suntan without get-I Girls are not generally invitedl .t^ na::e:tT:a~'eIn~mn15 :n~lwill begin at l p.m. At 4:30 we ] Am.azing Yransparent .Ha nd m Hand - S [e~t'~a, here. [college and studied later at the ting sunburned. " as house guests unless things[~:': "~'~ +~ =. ~ will have Benediction of the Ben~a~ur|ne ~ [nvWaaiSona QWua~ent vnesr Snow White end the Three 1 The course is believed to bellllinois Institute of TeChnology.[ Sue, Mary, Carol, Joyee, etc. aFe pretty serious and an en-]~:~?'~,"f~ '~.~:'~ ," ~": ~"~o[Blessed Sacrament followed by a I ~ern, a, dette of Lour~es Lad~es , ,S,~ geSmilv Robinson [the first of its kind in this area.[ Previous to her present as-[ In summer young and old alike!gagement is just around the cor-|~'d:"~.;: ~:~'~'~'~: ~1.~'~'~ get]buffet supper. Cinderfella Litte Shepherd ot King- Tammy Tell Me True Chanel students only, but this structed at St Therese gradelabout the ritual ~ ed high school I doubt t~o.a= R,t HEdward Gaulrapp. president; I merama South Seas Ad- dom Come Teacher and the rairacle . ~ .=,~ v, -- ~,~,~ -o. ---,-* = -.=* . . . C', "r~. r.mmandments year was offered to all high school in Ahro.ra and at St.]of getting a tan. ~]so. /~ I. ~r *hink we should[James Had3u, vinepresident, ~ u.~. . wgo,~, -, . . ' . . ~ ~lUW al j~,l= ~== I David and Gohath Vfighty CrusadersTen Who Dared [school students of theCleve-[ Benedmt high school in Chicago. lit xs a ritual of ~~l ANOTHER THING, DON, - o ~ ! m~,[Mrs. Helen Johnson, secretary, Days of Thrills and ~Aisty The Sna~e woman I ' " i e to kee an =,==,=~ uv. . .v ~,~, .- - I Lauohter ~odern Times There Was a Croo~ed Man [land dmcese. [During thin past term she protection as ~~iweek is a long t m . P Y[ u^ ~ o h o ]and Wflham Manns. alumni tee Worlds of Go hver : r dined Do ou u e~ .~ = ~ ~ -~ =~ . I Denti{t In The Chair, A Nikki, Wild Dog of the Th " ~ ,e~a; =.ova]taught world ~Istory in addltlon'each one hgures ~~*house guest ente t Y [ :,]member for sending the mvlta- I Desert Attack North Tomooy ano me unamp / --,~-~.~ - -- s ~u / i . ~~l," " r " " 1 and ~'lan| wlm omer girls SO ]L Ugh I, nill~/ . ', Dond ) e Rex Town Like. rAliCe'e ~K ~ather Raymond E. Healv S./to matnematlcs at ~oylan and tne vest way to . nave a SlSLe ~O ,e p P /,;, ""' ,~=" u a r ou~ ,r ,= =It tIons and planning me program Fabuous World of Jues One Hundred and One Trouble ,n n Y . I me activities~ " "" ~ " I Verne Dalmatians Trapp F.m!ya ii The IM. director of the course saldllS also working for her .mas'ilook like a ~al[so [hope your answer will help me/ for the day:. i ;:::o iiii~;~~, ![t::: o~ !~o~un!:p~rSutr;i:umlhuaemk:sc~o:l P~:aar :l~Edid:F::cl~lpl~si~{iia~;o: : YP dl S:tyUtid dfude, /I GRENN.N l Frontier Uprising Police Dog Story, The When The Clockt Strikes i .[Don Bosco high school in Mil-leffects of blis-n =o b lit wou a e a Y [ . ; ~ /I ] Gambler Wore A Gun Question 7 Wings of Chance ne lylarlst priest pointed outl ~ ~ ~ t ~ a .~uu**o =,~.o/,~,~th=r -nd ouldn't look as if! r~very teen ager WhO goes/I = $1kl I Glenn Miller Story Romanoff and Ju let Wizard of Baghdad[ that in some instances students[WauKee where ne servea z o r ;er~, puunn~ anu / i =e --,m.d ,~ m=~m J Gorgo Sand Castle Would-be Gentlemen . [ '[6 ~ ~,~ ,~ ~o ,~,~i tserious burns lyou were rushing things, lsteaay a~ sorpe ume or omer[I UllU t]lVl~l [ 1 6reen Helmet, The Santa Claus You Have To Kun t-as~ of exceptional ability can raisel : y.o ~o .= = ~"J~ " " l . . . ]wonders how to break off grace-[] I A-11--MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS their reading speed ~p to fourlcal, ectucation department asI A NICE EVEN SUNTAN]Dear Doris,: [fullv. [I,~,atr. li J and I I AND ADOLESCENTS,times the normal rate. [ - y .w -: "nl i am 14 and have been attend-| BY COMPARISON your prob-/[ ] well as teacner oI mamema makes ou look onderful 1 ~.1 L, t~o G owl~et~ ,Atlantis, The Lost Con- Journey to the Lost City Sergeant Rutledge" "With the practice given in[UCS; .Ithe summer -- but it is neither[ing a nearby school on ThursdaY[lem is practically nil. His mov-II managea ~unerm ~ome ,flnent - Konga Seven Ways from Sundown +h h r~,~ ~i~h[ mr. ~ananan nas a ~.~. ae-lhealthy nor safe. Regardless oflnights. In the same class is alin~ away ~ives you a golden op-]l ~ i Be]tad Of a Sold'er LastTimel SawArchia Shadow o f the Cat, The [sc~ool-"rea~tin~'~s=e"e=d~'"of-~0]gree m mathematics from Mar-lithe pigment in your skin con- ] boy who is l8. He is very nice to ] ~rtunity "~Take "advantage of it.|| ,~,~,~.~.c,~:,~,~,~.w. ner I t~ar Long Rope, The ~niper's .~=oge [ e, e . . 'lquette university and a m a S-=stant "roasting'" in the sun1 a e: .= ]e ; ~ I " tm j~r~ ~K~I'~II',I~, ,~sslstonl Battle a? Bloody Beach. **a-nificent Seven song wirnout *-na= words a minute can be dou-I e t ~ |lll~ ~SlIU 1 llllU lll=~II lr~alltlll~ ~U[][Ou can very easuy cuscouragel! 1 Bewere ot Children ~'='.~. t. S O S Paoif c,i ~ [ s degree m eaucauon zrom roughens and toughens it. Some see more of him. I know the week end visits And since there "'" ' universit q " ~l ~0~ FOURTH AVe ! Black Sunday Man in the Moon Staiag 17 Lnu ~z.e y meolcal aumorines ieei it oiten/ n,a ver rea~ I " ] 1 " I age differe ce s Y g ;lare plenty of nice girls in North[I ~n~T~a U& ~ o122 [ Blue rmt for Robber Steel Clew uevlces ,~vauaole [ I p" Y Man Who Diod Twica i] J Teacher-Coach causes degenerative changes in~one but I am at ease in his pres-I Carolina I bet you won't have toll " Brainwashed Marie Octobre Sundowners [/ BOOKS and omer reading ma-I Icertain area- of *h^ ~kin H^--- ' ~ "~ " ~ " .e Mere Kam f be o ~ L c ~ uw ence ne nas mm omers ma~ ne dlscoura e too nard r Bridge The " P Sunrise at Campo [[~^*,;,~] ~I~,A + o*,~I~-+o/ His past experience in schooll . . . " -I " 'q g / : ~ Midnight Lace Tarzan the Magnificent I| Lc~a~ ~.~ 'l ----~. : -.--~-- - L .: ~ "--~'h ~ever' ii you insist nere are some Ilikes me and would like to ask]- ~1 1 ~.anaamns, ~n Mountain Road Tess of the Storm Country [who then send w o r k sheetslwullt 1HULuu t::b ~UU~LeLULt~ I,t:::d~; - 1~^1~.$,1 1~;.~*." ~r :tin '~11 I Couhterplot Naked Edge The Cat Burglar I/~ . .~ / . .=~u, ~. " ime ~or a dace. * ieel zm [OOll Ill 1 Crazy tor Love Naure Girl and the Time Bomb I|[rom earnass]~,nment tomeI I r~,~ ,~r * ~r~,I ^. o; ~^ ~O""1" dateslI ,~ . . " n . 111 Deadly Companlons Slaver T me Machine " f e hin t h e,~,~ o~ ~, ~ u ~u ~. ~u ~ ~,~.~ ~ ,-' ~ t.e ute De$~ . . . I Dr Blood's Coffin Night. Fig~er.s Tormented, The [[school for correction and com-]one year ~ t ac g at . [lotion and apply it frequently / and he is too old for group datesi l[ Ill Fanny uperar on bonleneeK Trapped in Tangiersment me SChOOl. un me accelerator, " . I Ferry to Hung Kon, Othello . Two Rode TogetherI[ --" ] [ Begin roastingslowly. The[So I leave it In your hands, l] A=k for III ~ll~ilk~ Fiercest Heart Pay or U TWO Way Stretch lvlecnanlcal Qevlces SUCh asl a page is expu~cu WILJl a U~d.l e. ", . . * e. . . .I ,= .~l I General Delia RoverePlace in the Sun Unfor,iven II ' / . . ~ . inrst oay take I1ve minutes oIl;~noulu I conunue [o see I, nlS!l Ill ~l = IlasnmetersantireaQlngac movingQown earnpagea~a I Gdget Goes Hawai~n . Please Don't Eat the Valley ot ,he Redwoods li :1 Isun Increase three or four rain-]boy or change classes and try]l rUAilADA~ I[IE Ill Go}d of the Seven 5ainTa uaisies village of the Damned Ilcemrators ainu are avaiiame atlregulatea speed. I,t. J I. . . L ,--.-,9 tl tnL~ wsrat~al== la lill ~4i I Go lath and the Dragon Pleasure of His ~ompany Visit To a Small Planet I I ',u~es eacu uay. I I,o =stay wtt~m lily UWU nl~ ~t:vt;z. ]1 ~1 mfll mr~wm ml,1 ~~1~ Great Imposter~ The Possee from Hell Wake Me When It's Over m m . l M~v~ ~n.n,t Vn, o~n ~,~+ ~ Patrieia II III i Hand, The Raisin in the sun, A Walk Liked Dragon I[ ~ I~ ~ C ~j~ ~ U T I I .-. - -'-. ~ ]1 IIPI Ill~=P III i Home Is the Hero Romm. el's Tre asur~ f Walking Target i r =; =; r v M o . . i much sun playing a game or l uon t jump to concmslons, u[ !1 UPIIIII=/ I~1 Hoodlum Priest 5core* or rne f'urp feee White Warrior /1=1.1/1=1 Car et I .om,c,da, Secret PartnersWorld ot Ap. II [swimming, and it is less danger-]course Its always better to stay[I o I/I P 1 Jailbreaker= Secret Ways Young Savages Ill . n ~i. u ~, ~ ill~O m I] us" [as close to your own age groupII Ill Drapery I A-Ill---MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS I~'~'~R'' ~'~:'~, BEWARE OF HAZY DAYS. as possible. But if you are en-ll .w.~ ~, = k I~l T,innlenm I |Add . . O.oliat.h and the Bar- Operation Petticoat III IIIeagane e sun's rays are not filtered joying the class Isee no reason]l I'KUI,IUtbl; I[I "- All in A Night s worK oar~ans Our Man n Havana c~ MA 5 0750 I I Fine ;ouna ,- . - " Ill -- ~ i i At [[by clouds. And if you are at thelfor changing. [I Sterling Ph. 184 [[I " i --- ~rass IS ~reener ~terlln 1 "ca niba s Green Ga"e ,SummerPlease Turn Over Illl[ |l }}~[1 Ill ~ ,~./~J~ I[beach double your protection [ YOU ARE RIGHT in feeling]] III i re Red ~ " ' Ange Wo p le 1 ~n~r~ Silence The Heller in Pink Tights Plunderers, TheIll li ll J } il III /~ir I/Sand and water reflect the sun'sfl4 is too young for single dates; - I AA;~rat;~n2i~ T'he Hell is a City Pu rrt~:it Gnn%lack III ill I/rays and many severe burns oc-lbut 18 is not too old for group[] j Back to ti~'e Wall " F" "[)% ~ '~ ~,cur under hats beach coats and dates. G p " g " POP Colontal Acres" Rest Home I Bid Bankro,I House of IntrigueRocco and His Brothers J[J ~'~ H q~////~(~ ][umbrellas. at all ages. J i Best of Everfthlng Home From the Hill Ring of /re " "3 ",~ ' i B,~ Dee, on Madonna Hy.pnotic Eye .Ruede ?a~Sen,s Itl " I/I V "~. I/.~ .-. ** * ' I The boy hasn't asked for a I[ o ~ .oo I Street idtoT .~o*=~ uear UOrlS" ~ I B,ack Orpheus,k,ru (Jap.) Senechab The Magnifi, I/I FLACHTEMEIER III If - tdate yet. Why not wait and see]l For The Chronically Ill I Blast of Silence I'm All Right Jack ~=-, . . lv*yparent~ nave renteu a hat he su ests9 It rfii ht s- Seven Thieves J W gg g po The Elderly and The Convalescent I BY Love. Possessed'.2o-~, Inher,tl Pa~sedtheForWindWhite Sins of Rachel Cade II Monument Works III Snortma Goods I/house at the lake for the sum-/~[I I | Cover Girl Killer Ep taph Three on a Spree li ' ~" Cranes are Fly/ng Magician Tiger Bay ill ~TONE RUBBER WALL PAINT Ill i Crimson Kimono Make Mine MinkTouch of Larceny I[I I I~t~ ~ Ill = I[I Ill I o I/1'-'='* I/I L. ltl KEHOLOEHAHEL - I/I I End of nnooence North to Alaska U#stadrSls?:gdD wnstairs & - lira f J .0USA.*S oF co o.s I/I I | Exodus Nude n a White Car g I[1'' - ' y R RY Fr Virgin Spr ng (Swed sh) -" i~: ":':':':':':":':'::":':':':':':':~":":':':':': / Fate of a Man Oceen's Eleven Web ot Ev,de Ill ~A$$1D III I Facts of Life ( ') nee '" " "~'~ @~ / Fast and Sexy On the Beach Why Must I Die I|1 /~ rAulu~I Ill ~=~,=w~ =.- = II, -. ~,W=L~.=.~K =~u ,'AN, ~.u. ,tl ,"',", ~; I Fever in the Blood A Odds Against Tomorrow Wind Cannot Read Ill ~ l]i II ,m :~:~ ~ | ' Once Mor; W,th Feeli " Whlf Larsen ii rainrin- . II [ Five Golden Hours " ng =p - Four Fast Guns One-Eyed Jacks Wonderful Country ~ - ~ ' ~ 400 Blows One Foot in Hell Young Have No T me raper Manning,~, I[7 t K~T'I)~"~ ~ French Mistress Operation EichmannYoung One ~l~l~%~Fl~l~ =,~ t~# .= =~ & S IOU can' oe OUZ't]c~ ~ -'R ALL tr l l . lE * ury-wai! iapmg A. IL. ' i~ It's Westinghouse B---MORALLY OBJECTIONABLE IN PART FO Angel Baby Hiroshima, Mon Amour Proper Time ATLAS and Finishing C~I/CD Get It At ' ~ l~ Big Show, the Jazz Boat Psycho - RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL ~L'~i~rJl~ I-R lIPR~l )~ ~ Bimbo the Great Last Sunset Rat R~ce Ilres - mottenes Accessories-- b~==~o Ol / Bood and Roses Let's Make Love Phone" ADams 3 1916 ii%=-=.-/Vl ~,/ . - Breath of Scandal Lisette Revolt of the Slaves ~aems ona 1NinnesnleK * " I1 Jr " ~ " Butterfield $ oo mdow RI ht A roach The CanCa~ " Lovke iannAntYhT'Frenchwo, s~gnctuarpp " Phone AD 2-8010--Freepe~t 841 S. L,berty--Freeport PLUMBING & Hardware Co. cotomat Acres Carry On, Nurse man Sex Kittens Go to Carthage in Flames Love in a Goldfish Bowl College Cry for Happy Mad Dog Coil Shakedown Deslre |n the Duet Mania Sons and Lovers Elmer Gantry Matter of Morals Squad Car Entertainer, The Marriage-Go-Round Terror ot the Tongs Esther and the King Miilionairess Thunder in Carolina Foxhole in Cairo Minotaur Two Faces of Dr. Jeykil Girl in Room 13 Misfits, The Two Loves G. I. Blues Morgan the Pirate Underworld, U.S.A. Go Naked in the WorldMost Dangerous Man Alive Vice Raid Goodbye Again Parrish Warrior Empress, The Hell to Eternity Pharaoh's Woman - Where the Boys Are Her Bridal Night (was: Portrait of a Mobster Wild in the Country Bride Is Much too Portrait of a Sinner World by Night Beautiful) Ft. Privates Live of Adam World of Suzy. Wong Herod, The Great and Eve 20,000 Eyes C--CONDEMNED Adorable Creatures Lover, 1he (Fr.) Please, Mr. Balzac (Ft.) (French) Lover's Return (French) Port of Desire And God Created Woman Mademoiselle Gobette Pot Bouille (Lovers of (French) (French Paris) Ft. Baby Doll Mademoiselle Striptease Private Property Bed of Grass (Greek) (French) A Question of Adultery Bed, The (French) Breathless Magdalene Rosanna Come Dance With Me Maid in Paris (Fr.)Saturday Night and (French) Marie du Port (French) Sunday Morning Desperate Women, The Mating Urge Savage Eye. Expresso Bongo Miller's Beautiful Wife 5ins of the Burgles Green Carnation (was (Ital.) (French) Trials of Oscar Wilde) Miss 3~lia (Swedish) Smiles of a Summer Heroes and Sinners Mitsou (Fr.) Night (Swedish) Husband for Anna, A Mum and Dad Stella (Greek) I Am a Camera Moon Is Blue, The Third Sex Illicit Interlude (Swedish) Naked Night, The Trials of Oscar Wilde Karamoia (Swedish) Wasted Lives and the Births of Twins Lady Chafterley's Lover Nana (Fr.) Llane, Jungle Goddess Never on Sunday Woman of Rome (Ital.) Love Game (French) Night Heaven Fell (Ft.) Passionate Summer Love is My Professlon Oscar Wilde (Fr.-Ital.) SEPARATE CLASSIFICATION (A separate Classification is given to certain films which, while not moral- ly offensive, require some analysis and explonation os a protection to the uninformed against wrong interpretation and false conclusions,) Martin Luther Case of Dr. LeurentSuddenly Last Summer Storm Center Girl of the Night Crowning Experience Circle of Deception Anatomy of Murder Never Take Candy From Adam and Eve La Dolce Vita A Stranger John W. B rrett O.D. bPTOMETRIST 7 EAST STEPHENSON ST. (Over Woolworth's) AD 2-5011 Get ;The Facts The Figures Get The Cars That "Give You More" HEATING $12 S. Cherry Freeport, III. Dial ADam 2-5316 We Feature a Complete Line of Fireplace Fixtures Two Convenient Locations Cor. S. Galena and Main 05 W. Main ADams 2-7127 Sales Service MURPHY & GUSTAFSON, INC. Phone AD 3-1216 Freeport GUSTAFSON &SCHINK, INC. Pho,e 136 Elizabeth IT'S CAPONE'S FOR KENNETH E. MELVIN, PRES. MA 6-0233 16th AV. o.d SCIENCE RIDGE RD. STERLING, ILL. FREE RT Patronize Our Advertisers Your Authorized Plymouth.Valiant Dealer 9 W. Douglas Freeport, Ill, Open Sunday 3 PAl. to Midnight Dial AD 5.$51S Fer 108 East Stephenson Corry-Outs Prescripli0n Specialisls .I t