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July 7, 1961     The Observer
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July 7, 1961

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THE OBSERVER PAGE 12 FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1961 FAMILY CLINIC " Selfl BY FATHER JOHN L. THOMAS, S.J. Assistant Professor of Sociology at St. Louis University Do you think God loves me? I'm 38 and single--though not by choice, for I've always wanted to marry but never seemed able to attract the right man. From my earliest recollection, all I can remember of my life is-disappointments. Now I read in a pamphlet on vocations that not the single life but only conse- crated virginity is praiseworthy. That's ironical. I didn't choose 4L' the single life, though rye tried to be a good Catholic. At times I get so lonesome life doesn't seem worth living. Please tell me what to do. WELL, PEGGY, I CAN ANSWER your first question very definitely--though you know the answer as well as I do. Yes, God does Idve you. One look at your Crucifix will remind you how much He loves you. But that is not really your problem. You are wondering why some lives seem full of frustrations, disappointments and sorrows even from childhood, while oth- ers seem blessed with happiness and success. And a you imply later in your lettdr, it is frequently not the people who pray most or appear to be most faithful that get all the lucky breaks, so that you almost agree with your friends at work t h a t it t: : doesn't pay to try to be a good Christian. SIMILIAR OBJECTIONS HAVE BEEN DEALT with in both -,-the Old and New Testaments. They imply a serious misconcep- tion of the meaning of life and of our relationship to God. Al- though it may be easy to see why "the wicked prosper," we do not know all the reasons why God permits the lot of some of the faithful to be so much more difficult than others. Faith tells us that God made us to His image and offers to each of us all the graces needed to develop this image in His love and service under whatever circumstances it is our lot to live. BY OFFERING US THE SUPERNATURAL AID we need to grow in His love and service, He provides all that is necessary to achieve our essential purpose in life. Why we happened to be born male or female, rich or poor, talented or mediocre, un- :der difficult circumstances or easy, and so on, it is a mystery' of Divine Providence. As the saints tell us, the first step toward sanctity is to really accept ourselves as we are, together with the conditions under which we must lead our lives. This brings up your second problem in regard to vocatlons. It appears that you read the pamphlet you mention too hastily. THE AUTHOR WAS COMPARING various possible life-vo- cations or states of life and making the traditional point that virginity was superior to marriage or the single life not because it implies mere physical integrity or non-participation in sexual life but because it is consecrated to God and one's fellowmen. The author did not state that the single life lived according to the precepts was not praiseworthy--which would be absurd-- but that considered as a state of life, singleness does not imply as complete a dedication to divine service as consecrated vir- ginity and consequently does not rank as highly. YOUR REAL PROBLEM, PEGGY, is learning to accept your- self and to live with your situation. Of course you're not too old to marry, but your past experience suggests that you prob- l ' ab y won t. Under the circumstances, therefore, you may as well be prepared to "go it alone." What does this imply? You've mentioned already the problem of loneliness and the feeling that life doesn't seem worth living. Apparently your present job doesn't give you any sense of fulfillment, your friends at work seem quite cynical, and since your mother died, you have no close bonds with your relatives. I don't know what prepara- tion you have, but you might consider a different type of work, even though this would require taking time out Z o r special training." STAMPS OF ST. PAUL--This series of Vatican stamps com- memorates the 19th centenary of St. Paul's arrival in Rome and were designed by Piero and Andreina Grassellini. The stamps depict: a map of the Mediterranean with St. Paul's itinerary f r o m Caesarea in Palestine to R o m e; his ar- rival in Rome; and a general view of t h e Basilica of St. Paul. Requiescant AMBOY--Dennis J. O'Brien, 78, St. Patrick parish, June 25. Terese k. McGee, 88, St. Patrick par- ish, June 28. APPLE RiVER--John H. Freyhage, 81, St. Joseph church, June 18. AURORA--David George, 73, St. Michael church, June 24. Miss Mae Higgins, 70, St. Joseph parish, June 28. ,HARVARD--George E. Browne,-65, St. YOU NEED TO FORM MORE ADEQUATE frmndshlps. Are toseph parish June 30 there any parish, school, or civic groups or organizations need- McHENRY"James MI Lennon, St. Mary ? parish June 15 ing volunteer workers that you could join. Such associationsl ~ENOMmEE" Mrs Catherine Hath 78 would offer you the opportunity to meet p e o p 1 e, to make [ Natlvity at the B-less~d Virgin Mary 'par: friends, and to become involved in useful activities. You needjish' June 22. to deepen your spiritual life. A closed retreat might be a good start, but you should also try to do some reading and study. YOU NEED TO ENLARGE your intellectual scope and in- terests. Are there any study or discussion groups available? Night school? Perhaps a summer session at some school or a tour ~o refresh your interest and open new horizons. Does all this sound impractical? Not if you really want to do it. You can either retreat from life or make a fresh start and continue to grow. Remember whether married or single, if you want to live, you must stay alive! (Father Thomas wall be unable to answer personal letters.) ommle Dublin Has Jewish Lord Mayor DUBLIN ~ Overwhelming[chosen Lord Mayor in 1956 Catholic Dublin again has a lsaid. Jewish L o r d Mayor, Robert] "I" refuse to see an thin Brisc0e, who was elected byl . Y . ~ the City Council to succeedlvery strange m a Jew being Maurice Dockerell, a Proteso[Lord Mayor of Dublin, but it rant. [does show that there is taler- Mr. Briscoe, who was firstlance in Catholic Ireland." Dial WO 3-5409 330 S Wyman Rockford, III. Purchase rslon BOGOTA, Colombia --(NC)-- the May meeting of the Central follow the Cuban example at Colombia's leading newspaper Slll has published a detailed story on what it says is the Soviet Communist party's final instruc- tions for the conquest of Latin America. Committee of the Communis party of the U.S.S.R. Discredit Church A main goal of the instruc tions, according to E1 Tiempo, is to discredit the Catholic Church and the clergy in par- ticular. It quotes the party di- rective as calling on agitators throughout Latin America to E1 Tiempo, Bogota liberal daily which has the largest cir- culation in the country, said the instructions were passed on at FOR OPPRESSED CUBA IAsks ST. LOUIS--(NC)--The 1,500,- 000 members of t h e National Federation of Sodalities of Our Lady in this country have been urged to observe July 16 as a special day of prayer for Cuba by J o s e p h Cardinal Hitter, Archbishop of St. Louis, their Episcopal Moderator. The Cardinal said July 16 was chosen because it is the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. He pledged spiritual support for "those leaders whose valiant Catholic action, once a role of honor, is now the pretext for their imprisonment. "In this difficult time of trial for the Catholics of Cuba," the Cardinal stated, "sodalists of the United States of America pledge their support to their brethren in Cuba. May it heart- en them to know that their de- fense of the Church and of hu- man jtlstice is not forgotten by the free world. To all who suf- fer for their faith and for jus- tice's sake, we offer our sympa- thy and we pledge our prayers. "We salute especially ~hose leaders whose valiant Catholic CRYSTAL LAKE -- Eugene A. Ovsson- viHe, St. Thomas the Apostle parish, June 27;E KALB--Mrs. Ann TeDe, 82, St. Mary A[r;o t'sdents parish, June 28. . Z-Jl~S =,IL, qL~#~ ~J ELGIN--Mrs. Mary Myers, 92, St. Mary -- "! parish, June 26. Charles M. Fillmore, 67. St. LaurencelI/t U* Se to Attend perish, June 28. J Mrs. Angeline Stevens, 89, St. Laurencel T -e ,~ church, June 22. ,REEPORT--W,am J Oowney Sr Leaders 3emmar 72, St. Mary church, June'19. ' "'[ Mrs. John F. Well, 73, St. Thomas Aqui-[ WASHINL~TUiN-- (iNL;)---bome :i~:C~oJn~ir~ 3( 13n0a ~rdo? le0mA::~cfan t S G~L~,A~Jos,ep~ J. Sasten, SS, st.]African Leadership Training "'~i"sY'An'itJ'~.'~i'h~igeT, 6s, st. Michael " here August 18 to 27. 0arish, June 25. All Catholics, they are attend- ing colleges and universities throughout the United States at the present time. The seminar here Will be held PECATONICA -- Oppegard infant, St. at Xaverian college and will be Mary parish, July 3. ROCKFORD--George Cicero, 85, St. sponsored by the Foreign Visi- 1. tars' Office of the National Anthony parish, July William E. Dorsey, 81, St. Peter parish, July 1 . Catholic Welfare Conference. Mrs. RoCnana L. McCanna, 58, St. James The meeting is designed to parish, June 28. Andrai Sardisco, 71, St. Anthony par- bring together potential African ish, June 25. Mrs. Theresa Dal Santo, 87, St. An-leaders for a study of the prob- fni~ 1 their countries and ~hony parish, June 25. ST. CHARLES-Miss Jeanette Albini, 69, .ems of possible solutions to these St. Patrick parish, June 29. STOCKTON--Miss Sarah Murray, 76, Holy Cross church, June 24. problems. 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As American Sodalists, united with them by the common bond of Sodality life, we pledge our full spiritual support by our pray- ers, our Masses, our sacrifices. To them also we pledge that special loyalty of those w h o share by, choice, as well as by gift, a common Mother. "Whe we have long felt in our hearts we now speak open- ly lest they be tempted to think that no one knows or cares that they bear t h e s e chains for Christ. "attacks against religion, par- ticularly the Catholic religion, as the 'opium of the people.' " The document published by the newspaper states that "the Union of Soviet Socialist Repub- lics will not haggle over means of support, including millions of dollars, for the conquest of Lat- in America." Reds to Fill Country E1 Tiempo on its front page story (June 19) gave no indica- tion as to how it acquired the document in question. It said the instruction promised that a veritable army of communist workers, experts and specialists would come to Latin America from this July to September at the invitation of local trade un- ion and other groups. In addi- tion to their work as communist agents, the document said, the visiting w o r k e r s would be charged with selecting native candidates for visits to Russia and Czechoslovakia. Many Agents Here E1 Tiempo's article quoted the Red document as saying that "in various places in Mexico Honduras, Nicaragua, Colom- bia, Venezuela and the Antilles there exists clandestine organi- zations of agents to be in con- tact with commanders of a flo- tilla transporting agents, propa- ganda, explosives and which in time could transport arms and munitions to feed any subver- sive movement." THE THE REV. JOSEPH W. KAISER, son of Joseph W. Kaiser and Florence Thrasher, was born May 14, 1927 in Rochester, N. Y. He attended St. Boniface elementary school, Monroe high school and St. Andrew Prepar- atory Seminary, Rochester. His philosophical studies were made at the Seminary of Our Lady of the Angels, Niagara university, N. Y from 1949 to 1951. He studied theology there from 1951 to 1955. Father Kaiser was ordained in the Cathedral of the Immacu- late Conception, Syracuse, N. Y by the Most Rev. Walter A. Faery, bishop of Syracuse, on May 28, 1955. He was assigned as assistant pastor of St. Joseph Church, Richmond, where he remained until October, 1957. He was then assigned as assistant pas- tor of St. Patrick Church, St. Charles, where he is currently stationed. Nuns May Go on Strike LONDON -- M a n y English nuns who are members of pro- fessional trade unions will be expected to strike with their secular colleagues if teachers here carry out a proposed na- t i o n a 1 walk-out for higher wages. "It will be a difficult d~cci- sion," the Catholic Times here said in an editorial recently. "Individually they are indiffer- ent to monetary gain, but they will not want to be disloyal to their colleagues in the profes- sion." The teachers, including all those at Catholic schools, have been offered a new salary scale starting at $1,680 a year and rising to $3,360 a year in 16 years. But the teachers, among the poorest p a i d professional workers in Britain, want $1,960 rising to $3,640 in 10 years, starting from next O c t o b e r when the school year begins. New negotiations are p l a n- ned. If they fail, the teachers' u n i o n p 1 a n s one-day token strikes, gradually increasing the number until their demands are achieved. Say You Saw It in " THE OBSERVER II Jn 4526 Cleveland Ave. Look: 3 bedrooms, 1 baths, spacious living room. Family size kitchen ~unique log cabin fam- ily room in basement. Price $18,500. Business; Plus Living Quarters S rooms and bath in rear of 28x24 store bldg. Can be used for TV, Beauty Parlor, Barber Shop, Etc. Only $1,000 down. 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