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July 7, 1961     The Observer
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July 7, 1961

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FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1961 THEOLOGY FOR EVERY MAN In discussions about the sacrament of penance, questions ohten arise as to what constitutes satisfaction for the sins con- .fessed, and whether indulgences gained are relevant to this satisfaction. The ]allowing commentary was prepared at St. John's Seminary, Brighton, Mass. It is reprinted ]ram the Boston Pilot. Q. WHAT IS THE CHURCH'S TEACHING ON THE NEED OF SATISFACTION FOR SIN. ! A. By satisfaction is meant the performance by a person who has committed sin of a work of penance imposed on him by his' confessor, for the remission of the temporal punishment due for his sin. Satisfaction has as its purpose to offer compensation to~ God for the injury to His Divine Majesty which has resulted from~ sin. Of himself, no man can offer to God adequate satisfaction for his sins. Christ our Lord, by becoming man, was able to offerI to God, in His suffering and death, a satisfaction for the sinsI of all men that was not only adequate but superabundant. I SATISFACTION IS AN ELEMENT of the sacrament of pen-I ance, along with contrition and confession. The Council of Trent, defines satisfaction as voluntary acceptance or endurance of the! Apenance imposed by a confessor in order to compensate for the ~i njury offered to God, and for the remission of the tempora! punishment that may still remain even after the guilt of sin has been pardoned, does It is important, therefore, to note that forgiveness of sin not necessarily carry with it complete remission of the temporal punishment due to sin. This point was stressed at the time of I THE OBSERVER r in the future. It is important to emphasize, on the other hand, that indulgences are truly effective for the remission of punish- men which would be otherwise expiated in Purgatory. Indul- gences are not, as some have claimed, effective merely for the removal of canonical penalties established by the authority of the Church FURTHER, THE SIN OR SINS to which indulgences have re- lation must have been already forgiven before the indulgence can take effect. It thus becomes clear that an indulgence is one of several remedies which may be applied to the temporal punishment due to sin. The penance imposed by the confessor, the p e n i- tent's own works of voluntary mortification, his voluntary, en- during of .the trials and sufferings that enter his life--all these remedies are effective in reducing the satisfaction which mus: i be rendered in Purgatory after death. !' THE DOCTRINE OF INDULGENCES supposes the doctrine of the communication of saints, through which all members of Christ's MyUcal Body share in one 'another's spiritual benefits The satisfactory value of Christ's sufferings, together with the superabundant value of the good works and penances of the saints constitute an inexhaustible treasury which can be ap- plied by the authority of the Church to those in need. INDULGENCES are applied to the living by way of absolu- tion and to the dead by way of suffrage. When a person still alive receives an indulgence, he is released, in whole or in part, from his debt of temporal punishment by intevvention of the authority of the Church, Commenting on the use of the word absolution in this connection, St. Thomas states that "one who PAGE 1l Classified Advertising FUNERAL DIRECTORS WILBUR CHRISTENSON FUNERAL HOME 925 3rd Ave. WO. 54312 FRED C. OLSON FUNERAL HOME 1001-03 Second Ave. WO. 3-652! 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Come in and browse around. 1019 West State st Rock* ford In Aurora, Celholic Salvage la lo- cated at 201 North Lake St. : 61N ' Franz- Richards 9r * * * INSURANCE Freeport, III. ! the Protestant' Reformation against Luther and Calvin that for- has received an indulgence is not absolved, strictly speaking, cleaned o, floor" Everything to, the MOTORIST giveness of sin meant merely the imputing of Christ's own jus- from the debt of his punishment, but rather is g iv e n that 1.207 New Yo~k2t~ee~" Dial SHerwood 1-~$77 tire to the sinner, and that accordingly no punishment remained] wherewith he may pay the debt." In other words, the absolution rn.: ~-raro ~w ~-~, ---------- ' " ~ f r ien " ="--'--'--'=--'------= to be submitted to after one s sms had been o g v . I m which an mdulgence ~s granted ~s not, hke that of the sacra- r to he ment of penance dependent principally on the power of the SINCE SATISFACTION ENTERS as an integral pa t in t," " ~T~|~ II~F~u ~u~ sacrament of penance itself, the confessor is not allowed to dis-t one who gives it, bu~ rather On the disposition of the one who ~t~lNl|ll~l |1~ a $ |||UUI~N ~A|~| use from it In every case a penance must be imposed which reeeL~es" ~t.' . ~ v -.~*~v ,~,'~" w~ll be salutary, and appropriate, and to some degree painful or FOR THE DEAD, WHO ARE NO LONGER under the juris- I ~ *=~ nUln~l~ De t '" "" i=hnrlnu~ I diction of the Church on earth indulgences are Offered by the I Can Do ~lpl~ u.ep. rind ua=ry rroaucrs "'*~'The-~Church teaches further that in addition to the penance Church to God, in the hope that they may be applied for the I B=,=~ ". "7,= "" ~. Store elal SH 1-~S36 ELGIN imposed by the priest in confession, the penitent should volun-] lessening of their suffering in Purgatory. In other words, thel] (2~7~ar?:::e =~ilv nTf.r ~ti~f~ction for his sins bv the oerformances of good[ application of the indulgence to a person who is dead depends I ~" ~'. ,~.~.~ ' '%~. ~ ~'~; ;" ": :. ~L,~;- *hat would be l sins that have been directly forgiven Hence the Council of Trent entirely on the mercy of God, Unless the contrary is clearly I Plenty o~K[[ t'orKmg WORKS and oypauenuyenuuzm~ ,any ~u~=~,*~$~ ~ teaches that works of penance are imposed not for the eternal indicated, all indulgences are~applicable to the Souls in Pur~a,BATAVIA =lP.Ikl sent Dy t.~OO. Ipunishment which is remitted with the guilt of sin but for the tory Thus the papal blessing destined specifically for a soul ~ L'II~III~I HTyItEcrCOtUuNeCIwLhiOc[ iTREcNT Phe l~i~'~in~i2vt~t;~a~hP~Tu~ temporal punishment which is not always completely discharged, who is about to die. can be gained only by.him and cannot be ~ COAL and 0It ." tern ral unishment cue to sin. ,~aam ann ~ve t The Council points out further that the practice of offering sat- applied to any one else. . I .Tiernev's Itiwav Food of sin and the po P 'lZSlacuon to Liod ~or sins committed is not just a development I ,v v! -,! ,- 24 Kimball Street h res ored to race after their sin were mace to suner ' : Ope. Nitas---Su.dey . . . thoug t g '. lot human tradition, but is truly an act of d~vme worship with "r~ "! w. w . . II Op~ ~#i~r~d=V EIg,n, Jlhno,s neve~the~ess~n~c~unt~the~rsm ;~nea~:;~:~n~::~2~;a~h'[merit~ri~usva~uederivingfr~mthes~fferinga~ddeath~fChrist. ~'~L~f'l~'~'~ ll~fa~lO'~vti~t~--~ta I| ~trelldBrDnd~&eelos . ~ had been guilty of me mr~oi msugat ng g ,' . " . "l The Council moreover enumerates the good results Of satisfac- i-~/l-~lvi['~lU~llvlvl~|ll~ I~lL, Ilvlvl~lllvtL~l~ivtL; ]l 1119 N. Wa~ington Ave. II er. She was forgiven, nuc was marie m ao penance ZrOr seven lti nl as a work of penance It makes the sinner aware of the evil /I TR 9-~0S0 Batavia, III.TR9-3050 Batavia, III days outrode the camp. Moses hzmself was forgiven fo h!s . . t " . Promised,Of sm as an offense agamst God. It makes h~m more cautmus /'1~ ~ T) -1~ ~ I~ libr~=~MM~=~" sin " " of lack of trust m t=oa ou~ ne was excmoe~t zrom me I. - --= "~v m V t Im me presence of the occasions of sin, and thus less likely to l.~urc~ ]~ I~L)irl I .1if]hill [~ It IV Land fall eta sm It ~s a r me for h r iv -~-~.~-)~ ~.~lAl~qJ~Ltt, " " " e dy t e emains of sin, the evil in- r FUNERAL HOME THESE EXAMPLES show us that God in forgiving our sms . " DURAND u a ]rl " " ' - '' rsonal sufferin andIclinati n that are developed by repeated falls into sin Finally I I II has not relieve~, us of the obngauon oI pal g lit makes us more like Christ by whose death adequate satisfac-[ PIKESVILL.E, Md.--(NC)--A pr}est expelled from Cuba :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: sahsfactmn 5t Pare says ma~ our own SUlzerings are meant co "here it is "onl a matter of time " " " luon ]s ozzereo to uoa ior the sins of men. / y . 'until Fidel Cas, tro sets up a~{.:" :.'~ I I "fill up those things that are wanting of me sunermgs oI ~nnst. I ,~ IS A PER ON B'~UND '~'~ F"'F--" "~'~'A''~'[schismatic national' church. Jr': ~,I'IAI~IN I'.-*} While scripture scholars are not agreed upon the exact inter-I,2; ~ ~ ~u ~,~r,~,~r~ ro~,r~{ And, according to Fatherl ' I:*:~ FUNERAL SERVICE 111 have referencetoour o . " l~Dr~nd:::i:tli;;S~,~4;2Tclli~[S r~[ugh ~m~0re for sin finds c " " ' g - "l. " -, " " " ~ " " "ents who have confessed onlyllessor is bound to impose a penance for mortal sins that havel Father Lence n~:-- h-~- / church he emphasized "ThisI~,~m~l~,~ ]l " ance in coniesslon, ~Vell ~U p~lll~ I . . o m. . .--/ uw ~u~ LLLe ~, . " iLILILLlUll lure II ek~lp4 i no~ yet been alrectly conlessed and iorglven JLne penance snouldl,Ch i~tisn RsHi~,~l A,4v=~, " ~IIs clearly his Intention " IFR ruR! . . o II ~['r~ 11 lr~ I Ibe given to the penitent before he is absolved. /pro-Castro organization appar-I A tipoff to Castro's plans isl. ~I~ ~ I tteglnalo, vrencn BY ACCEPTING IT THE PENITENT gives evidence of his]ently destined to form the nucle-lprovided by recent front ~na~e!l~ mA~, I|1 .~ I rnerBank I Iworthiness to receive pardon for his sins through the sacrament|us of the national church, larticles in the government con. l| rlAKKIINt.IIUIN Ill HAYWAKD I I =~; -, -.:,IIDies in Montreal penance. The amount of the penance is to be determined inI "Don't Join !trolled Havana Dailies E1 Mun- I McKINSTRA I11~filllll I:IglU DIIADMAt I with the t~toct~ I ' " ~ * itVUlll l,l, VllS rllMl~rlalll I ItVIL~tire~,LOCK- Ii - l accordance with the number and gravity of the sins confessed./ "Al,h,~ ,1, +ha h~,~,~ 1, do and Combata he said. The ~| COAL---FUEL OIL Ill " I I "" II MONTREAL, 'CANADA--Reg-[ Formerly the penances imposed by confessors were often se-|comeo'u~ta;a~nst~at~er ~e~ce',slartieles called on "Christian II ",-I AD'ms 2 0517 I11 OPeN 8 E~.~R.yTDILL 10 P.M. I I 1"1-1 I 14 A I~VAR I~ liinald Alfred French, 70, diedlvere and difficult to fulfill. Today the penance is usually com-/.rx ~,^~ ~ ~ ] I Revolutionaries" to stand behind II " !11 I a, ,=,n --,r~ -- "ed f am St ~ uu~, ~,uuzz~.y, u,~y zz~v~ *~ *~ ' " " " Route 31 Ph SH 1-6655 So El in I " ""- " .r : n -- l I June 30 and was bun r "]paratlvely hght in ztself, and serves largely to slgnlfy the wl]l-lbe known that the'" di-a-nr Ithe Chrlstlan Radleal Ad-II Freeport, I lhnols I]I " ' g | I STATE BANK IIAnthony church, Montreal, Julylingness of the penitent to make adequate satisfaction. }and don't w~n* ~o+~l~P~-~,~vance'" ! '/r ~2 ' b his wize ~,~ I I - - 113. He is surv!ved y ] THEOLOGIANS discuss at some length the norms accordmg|join,Father Guezura~a said I, ' ~1 I r ~rk,t( I I! 1. OI II~i~ ?0/~ h, eo~,et Pn~,t |lana ~Wo aaugnters ~ I to which confessors will determine the severity of penances to/,F th r T.~no~ w~ In CRYSTAL LAKE It I " I IIi; L|II%T a o70 s o --= * The late Mr French is rne -,- ~" --, '~-/O ~ = '~"~ II " I be zmposed for grave sms. Some have suggested that a penance[from his --riestl" duties ~-rl~e- II . If ]~r ~ | On aving Accounts I/brqther of the Rev. Ronald '1 may be regarded as suitable for martial sins if in other clrcum-|~i r " I| ~ II,I ki II DIA ~1~ ~= r,]1 | I - I/Fr~nch, pastor of St.] stances in which it would be imposed as obligatory by a law~"'Tbe~=3?rini~ria, ~n.~n ,~.~,!I ~ I/ / '" " n ~ I tl n,;, h I I Member of F.D.I.C.I[lsh, Geneva, and the. trey. of the Church, the obligation of fulfilling it could be made serl-|Father Lenc.* has e *abli-hon II I/I*,* *, * *1 |1 "' I I I|ard French, C.S.V assistant at|ass" Thus the law requiring attendance at Sunday Mass binds|eontact with~ the s c]~is~ =~{I ~P~ II I r o I /I Pasteurized Grade "A"I St Peter,"*"~ ~ I " --~r---, { Itmder pain of serious sin, as does the law requiring fast and] Mexican A~ostolic Catholic:l ~=~~ II i -r I Jl Dairy Products I I~1/abstinence oh a particular day. The prayers that are usual'lY|Church,~ J l ~" ~.-~'~;TAI|~ |1 .-, e~- ~.r I II II imposed as penances must be of sufflclent length or number tel "The Cuban papers are Dlav !I I I I/I |/ constitute an appreciable burden, ling up the national church=idea !1 For A I{ n--'.~--!-. /I-~-I. I wl A Ill R yN(tI.I I! ONCE THE PENITENT HAS ACCEPTED his penance, he island attacking the present Hier il ~uality and Low CostII roll~nll~ /I I I I IIl i01iil llll I|1 ~ ~u~ I/bound to fulfill it. His willingness to do so at the time of his~archy of the Church in Cuba 11 Dioper Service II . /I STERLING HOME I I I VI IMIIIgl ltl I/confession is important in relation to the very substance of the,'unpatriotic'," he added II I/ uur Aavernsers /I IMPROVEMENT CO I ," I~OII KOCKrora ~OlleCl[ , r uneral ttome e l I " I/I I/sacrum nt of penance. The actual fulfilment of the penance] Father Guezuraga and four]] II o ,: I I H, II need not precede the sacramen:al abso!ution, to which it is. re-/other Trinitarians were expolled]l .uoa,ana ~,a,i~ ~:~!i~ii~:~i;[~i!i~i~i;ii1~i{!i,:~!~!i~i::!~!~!~::~ ~i~i~:;~?!~;~;~!~!;~:Ji:~:~` In"~ula'fi:n --~P;in~t~""" " " " I I I i Established 70 ~ears I[lated. It should be fulfilled, however, withe a reasonable Ume,|from Cuba in mid-June. TheyL" ' ' .ll 2704 Locu,t St Sterling, III. I I I I I/though not necessarily befo?e the next confession, if there has/are presently staying at their[I ~r ,[ rlr~/ . l~'r I1" ~ I11 MA 5-0625 I I I! ~ lr I[been some sufficient reason for delay. [community's monastery here. /I ' wan[ lna[ ~ew name I|! ' 2~De l~e]lK eS UWIle I Ill -- II Q" WHAT IS THE RELATION OF INDULGENCES TO THE| Spanish Priests 11 . YOU CAN -- THE MILES WAY II I *1|1 ||SATISFACTION FOR SIN REQUIRED IN THE PENITENT~ I Father Guezura~a is delegate/I m=t~ ~1~,~1TM DTtTTTN rtr %,',vrTD~'i~T'i~ n~ar iJ ~TI,]i~|~iidlldi~ so,t~ ] ~ [ [ Fllone: lvlom~oo Z~;i; I| ~. ~n mcmlgence is the remlsslon before God of the tem-[prowncml of the Trzmtamans II "--'.--~" I I]1 |[poral pu ~shment due to sm. It ~s important to remember that[Spamsh provmce. He and the/| No Money Down Low Monthly Payment, I[ I ~1 II i]an indulgence has no relation to the guilt itself of sins already[other expelled priests are Span-|l YourCredit I, Good l~irst Pave,ant ~"r~m SO gfl |1 I ~]r~a'~l li~icommitted much less to the guilt of sins that may be committed[ish He spoke of their expert-|| --Can I'nelu'de" " "~ "-" I[ i II, . ilt. ~II Material, for Fo.ndation- Plumbing- Heating-- Wiring II I [ ll II [I I I IllM" II I 9 1823 Locust St Sterling J Soderstrom s des Pre-Cut Homes so, +o. s I W '-J I]1 "'HIAVI:KIt.5 IIIITz n . III nuL, r I/IFrank J. 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