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July 7, 1961     The Observer
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July 7, 1961

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"I0' THE OBSERVER ---RIDAY, JULY 7, 1961 i I I Workers In I I The Vineyard Comm.n+ 11 Chest Agency I By Lisa Ferris [scription better suited the child I Catholic Charities Staff land upon this factor Baby Jo- ~,t[[,l" 'f~r.~lr~. " S&H Green " seph was placed with these ap- I Adoption is an important fac-I . S ro pncants. BUENOS DIAS, NINOS--The sense of accomplishment brings a great deal of enjoyment to the DIAL L FOR LEARNING--'Tve got your number!" That's what Maureen, one of the students /t /am~%iCat~i~nC Cehtt:irt~e:r:re-[ As a family of this type grows Spanish class of Sister Antony at St. Mary, McHenry, summer school. Charts classifying vo- in a summer school class at St Mary McHcnry, might be saying. All she has to do, is multiply Jg . ~ g" L, Y --[together many of the ~o,~le + eabulary not only motivate but enable the pupils to build their own Spanish sentences. The Rcv. each number on the dial by the central number, in order to "get her party." Watching the de- ICwe~:ewr~t:eKu~Y er mesapput~n~iS/ehey will meet will excl~aim: Eugene Baumhofer looks on as the class follows its little cartoon friend, Jose, through the world monstration are Sister M. Emelissa, O.S.F and the Rev. Eugene Baumhofer, pastor of St. ~no ~, ~, ~+ ~ ~hn~ ~" l"the resemblance between child oto p Ills THE SECRET V Ilespeclal need for1'!l/l!!tl'~'~volunteers tit " ' " " " " Automatic Transmtsst0ns of Spanish. (KotaXk Studio ph ) Mary. (Kotalik Studio photo) ' I These letters are placed inland parents is unbelievable." It T l j. Ili jii}tl[i!iil,411ii': i lil+, !i! ii i! ,::! '. ! !!! i,lll ! I urr;tUdy l:Sna:dgth Juttet eVeelget eSrtheYdgr'o rWanadb eandtift l, Martst Brothers l~llOl't, IIIiCI'CSL LUUtll ~ i~ i: ~ ,+i, =I~ : i: . ~ ~ [r~annle he~in.~ Would they be~c mplete umt For these many From Cuba Plan/S ] 1 ]i II1': ` +'` +:+ '' L i ':il!I :i 1,:',1.: ' 't!+"~':"~' :'" li:"l']l+'+;' I '+ ' + iiii~' ' ' t~t'lli!~: ': I! I+ t /*'-yCathOlicSaleable faithParents9 What9 ~ / reas ns ad ptl n is an lntrlcaee'Areis thetheYrea- f painstaking" ' process. The happl'- . . i :i] i: ili i : . ~ t:'~ i son for not having children of hess of many revolves around School tn Florida ummer Term Success :::: i~]:i;:;'il!liilLii~r' ]ltheir own9 Could they provide ! the right child in the right home /, " III : :ii! ':ii/'! !']li~!!~l!!titI~t II| /f r a child'? Are they physically]with the right parents. MIAMI, Fla (NC) -- Marist/ That 'work' can be satisfy-Extending Interests,: :~ '"il~~i'll','i''" |fit to be r~arents~ / a,~ T,~tho~ Brothers whose 12 schools in]ing is being experienced by the1 Character traits, elevated to ~}~i;'ii:~ l~. ~lfli~i'!~~l ] '- .' ~. ,'~ ~'+'?.~- . Cuba were seized by Castro/boys and girls in our diocesan]the level of personal ideals, are ~[.'~::Jll~l~~''1 ~~Wlt]IHII]~ ] l~esearcn tsegins ~,l~ecenc~y ,an aaopt~ve+cou~ze forces will staff a new boys |summer schools. Questions and being striven for during this six lt"l~I!' ] These and many other ques-/~'~'=u -~ s ~ high school to be erected in/answers, solutions and proofs, lweeks period. Units of study, r~lll~ [tions must be answered before!!he. progress being made by North Dude County ]premises and conclusions all fit~lwhereby social and religious vir- ]1111TI, " 1~ ,i~ i the applicant is approved. At the !heir cnuo. ~roua an o nappy, After conferring wlth Brother rote the three hour morning pro- tues are emphasized, serve as ]IL,~,~:=; ' ]monthly staff meeting, me~oop-I.~ney~snowea her ca ~ue s ~rl~- Pablo de la Cruz, Havana pro- grams. Each period is filled with I pivotaI points of interest. Unself- ]tive applicant is discussea and l:ng 1actor was um rese mm~nc~ vincial who came to Miami re-|worthwhile guided activities ishness kindness fairness Ia review of the facts is macte, oe~ween morner an% calm. morn ' . . .' ' . ' . ~.~' ~i~ ~' heels be in o move lans had deep twinkling Drown eyes. cently with 82 Marist Brothers and the joy of accomphshment frmndhness, co-operatmn, re- ]The w g t,p + ' . ' ~ " ' are formulated for placing a ~c renewea me worker s carouse- Miami's Bishop Coleman F. is well worth the energy expend- spect and patrlohsm play a part ~l~ll~il~,~l~ ~ . . Carroll said the new school will/ed, in the discussions and evalua- Isuitable child in the home. l asm to reahze the.months of dill; accept students in the freshman J Habits of Study I tions that take place. Since t Nationality is considered, as ]gen~ s~y mr arlgn~ piacemen~ and sophomore classes this year. [ With limited class enrollments ideals are learned they must be ili+lilL!l,@~il~dl~lill~lllilillH~Bfll~Ml~ well as the pnysmat cnaractems:~w~ w~, ~- ~.-~ r.'~ ~.~ ~:,~ The fourth Catholic secondary/and homogeneous grouping ar.]taught. It is hoped that these : I tins oz Dora the appi~can&s,a ny/~;am~: ~n eve';::Uw~av s school for boys in the Greater/rangements teachers can easily]weeks of study will encourage lYu'ru~l~ ~Cll~'|'l~'r~--The ianoramry research perloa a~ ~t. iviary summer SChOOl in lvlc- me paren~so~ ~auca-I z ~ "~. Miami area is the 16th hi~h/~-~l-~,~ +n,Ji,i,~ 1 differences ]the pupils to aspire toward Henry entices each student in his own field of scientific interest where microscopes and test Itionai oacKgrounct ~s smalect,/R~= school in the Miami diocese.~ ./P"+owe~rs of con"~n~rce tation and at'-I worthwhile standards on which tubes yield their hidden secrets. Watching the progress of the young scientists at the school are,and, when it is felt that iwe"have/~| II||ar ,~v--v a American Marists staff one high/tention spans can thus be con- to continue their school work. Sister M. Leanna, O.S.F. and Father Baumhoter. (Kotahk Studio photo) I the right cnud mr me r gnc p -/ school in Miami, the Christopher Itrolled and directed. I ~,I eats, the t~me draws closer for /,I Columbus. ' t Some children need more help] ~ l . n . . F'I'~T T "11 /Ir 1~'~ l 11 . ]the pmcement. ]1 ~MITH MOTOR t:O. I The Marist Brothers, who op-[than others in knowing how toI ~ "111 d~d:~ t4r"15 i~'~4"~,ti'4"kll/I " l " W IWI dr~17"l ]O t~aerect near] I Exampte tn eh been]i i crated more sch+c~els innr Cubalattack and figure out details of[ qJl~[1UIL~ L~LP I .~.JLL~L~| 1.~ J~lq ~ V lq./~ [ ] An example of what as /| ~ | than any other soc'ety a e rep-lproblems Some need more in-I IC~| C~ 1 /discussed can best be shown by I |~ I resented throughout the U S /struction Some need more per-I WBBM, Channel 2, Chicago I WITI, Channel 6, Milwaukee I~0 ~ The B~ed'n'es~la '~t~l 'l'2 -, now unfla /illustrating a case. Baby Jo- I II NIW/ I ~" ~ " : g tv~ovtet-air w~nlng~ P~-i ~ . Canada. Europe the Latlnlsistent review on given ele-] . I I I .] !sephs background read: Irxsh-II I 4:JU /he :~now +Q~an ~n /ne z:du |ne I:::~rly ~now /13e ~al~it~ v~- 10"45 The B] N~ovie 'ZDr ms Aon the t~,~ , American countries and the/~ents. Others need more prac-] ~ a~ ~a,~z~" A- I ,+]o," A-, I " ~o~a~" ^t u g I Christ and Poverty, another German - English parents of II ~ I Philippines. hire. Pupils have various pewers/~ :ls ~e~res SBes' of C~S "The ~o1,~ Sis-|,0:00 T~e Ua~uS~O~ "d~p~a~n" A-, ] " /in the "Portraits of Christ" t child, medium build, educatioull See -- Drive -- Compare I Christian Brothers of LaIof audio and visual discrimina-t -n'~- Jutv 9 1 9:C0 MASS FOR SHUT-INS I WREX, Channel 13, Rockford laertes, will be the topic for the I above average, When consider-II .~ . ,~ I Salle who also operated schools l tion. So it is that many students [~2: s%~[es~;~:~u~a?~ n,er,oon "T~e I''.~0 T~e ~a~0S~o~' jSup~O~0~ G,or~ n,[ ,0"~S C S~ea~" ~'~,%, ,he Go,-]Sacred Heart program July 9. ling who would be the most suit-tl torn ffor l~,o2 [ in Cuba accepted the invitation]can be given a feeling of securi-[ ~:30 Pi~ure for a Sunday Afternoon --I]~ 20 The Ea2y Sh,ow ~[yr~] A~)' ^ I ' de, West," A-I: |seen on WREX-TV at 10:15 a.m. |able parents, two families were ][ .Now -- On -- l)tsplay I ' ct Part II "DragonwycK" A-II'~'"+ ""= '- '= ~ -, 11"35 Paiama Playhouse "Barbary Coast The Rev J O'Donnell will be " Both were of Bishop Carroll to staff an-/ty, throu~,h these small lnstruc-I~o.~s The Late Show "The Philadelphia I Tuesday, Juw 1"~ I ' Gent" B I ]tentatively selected, tl I ' " Seer " B ]2'20 The Early Show "Easy Living" A-II ' ,~uest s aker ionalit How uowntown other boys. hie ghsCh~l~wh~Ch~!~`gr~upS~thatw~l1he`!pthem~2~3~TheyEa~e~La~e$~w~T~x~B~w~]~:]5Th~e~Late~h~w~T~BrideW~re I]0.15 SACRE$1~nHd~JTUIYRgOGRAM /~' ~'" 'P~" ' ! f the-same-:la~'-h-'~ical de IPO|O (Hwy 26) Ill I wm open in ~epcemoer InlVll-|ln their SChOOl WOrK OI the com-i Incident" A-II I We-nes-8 Ju 12 I ' l '~nrlsc ano roverty' CUB-lever, UII~ L:ULI~9 ~ .Y "/I + " I :ami. hag year. I 4 30 The Ea~rl ndsahYo'wJUlYHel05tayed For i12:20 The Ear]~ Sh~owY'"MaYke Way for llt:30 TuesdaTU~datYreJ'U'/Y~h~ On Oeliv- Icusses the virtue of poverty asI 11~ I : Y " ',12:20 The Early Show "Best Foot For- I " I u'uonneu says "zne poverty orI who are motivated by hate,/I o' I I -- /110:~SRi!d~"at~S~ w"Time Out ~t B Jl0:~S~'!!~sLat~iSh w "Meet Me in st. J WKOW,Chra:anelj~,yadison IChris:rhaSem;/~ieng ft~atll'Gh ;JMU~hom:~homUSte bemomi:dte~fbiyt]| ~ J . 1I]2:00 The Late. LDe Show "Caug " I ~, July ,4 I ' "The Wet / I Y II 1 PZ~T~I I 4:30 The EarWednesday'y Show "HonKyJUly .12 10nK"-- ' I~- 12"20. Theparis,EarlYA. Show "! Met Him In ~1:05 M at~neeE^~ ,dabl ,P/a, yhouseA.i Y e goods are for all, and are to beI Christ's love." II I~. K~ lk II I~ I I ' lused to secure the natural andl II t B " A-II Sunday, July 9 supernatural happiness of all t II Thursday, Jay13 i 111'00 Sunday Move "East Side of / lwnnn TOCK II I I ~ 41~ II '!' I [A Ib ~ ~w "~Pi IF . JIB II 4:30 The Early Show "Hotlywood Boule-I WO~ ~'hannel 6 DavennartI ' Heaven" A-I /men. ~ne responslmnty o[ see-llWVv~,w II I ,~ yard" A-II "~ "" ' ~" ]:3Q Fanfare "Tap Roots" A-II lag" that this" comes abort be I I i ' v o. + BI II,0:, The Late Show "Lucky ,ordan"B I ,o, I 1 . -1, d u,r M r u I I ~ ~' ~mJilill!lll~ =p~ 1[]]:hSThe. Late, Late Show, "Body and I10:S0PremierePerfor'mance"mheSearch-il0.30THE (~'~'S'IZ6~R~+ ]longs tothose whohave the]l I/I m u .I I I ~w ,~tr ~P. ' ]l ~ii~J'!i!!~ii:il .i' I ~+u~ii}rF~mi!!i! /iiiiiii~iid~iiai~i"! [~ iii~ ~drdsg!lenn~ea~it[ Hall ckert Ill ] 140::: SS He,a, ,or i +: p2:OE$ end HO$: iR:is I Dubuque la.--608 Main St. .o '" o. ,11 ,0 1 : Or o." / ' i II I/I I I It In Flatbush" A-I I A-II Thursday, July 13 Ithat the goods of the world bell Ill Chnton la 222 6th Ave. S Tuesaay JU,y 1! 1025 The Late Show T me Out of Mind I " -- II wzsc Channel 3, Madison I ~:10 Movie ~atinee'"Behind The alBino/ : B ]sufficient for the needs of "allt| ~t2~"]']~'~ I1 ~ ,Sun" B Frlciay, July 14 men. -- i Sunday, July Wednesd,y, July 12 10"25 The Late Show "Random Harvest" FULTON . . . I Rockford ,0S .o S I! ,0 00 + I,0 Movie Matinee "He Ran All,The I . o oo ooo o, li/U I1 -- 1 D|$pan$iflg Glassa| Pre$ rlhed hy Dr. He Col'an--Opfontefrl$1 II 1].00 EnoCOrewT~,::!rent,~Til:~,G:nf~:rne;iI I Way .rBhursday July 13,/ ~'T'Mv Channel '33, Madison I due to the greet1 o~ so'me" a-ncl/I Itr t 10:30 Theatre T '! Y " " 12:10 ~ovie Matinee "Scandal, Inc.' A-II ) .~ I Rockfotd--Ro,'kford Plaza I Wednesday, July 12 / Friday 14 / I the l ,norance and mdlfference|l I[I - I : . . -- . . .- - -- II10:30 Theater Thre "It's A Small World"] 12:10 Movie Matinee "Alias The Champ" ~=uon aY't=JuYl'ir~ I,P <'h~ di~tMhuHnn ,f/I FEderol 8-0155 + I11 qr I i D,spens,ng Glasses Prescri~ea ~y ur. n. rortoU- -uptometrtst IL A-tl / A-II / I~. ~'. ; [I Ill ~ --C I Thursday, July 13 fordthose goods among, men became I A ~.m A R A 1[lO'30 Theatre Three "Mr Moto'sGamble"[ WISN, Channel12, Milwaukee [ WTVO, Channe139, Rock J /I tU ^A L. III Ill +. I + u o ~.u~uw~,-- -," -, ',I . . lunequal anti consequenuy some qJq.~q.i~Sq.~l l~ lilt 'row / ~"' Frida July 14 Saturday, July 8 Saturday, JU.y ~ I o,p c,h D * --Op,o II,0,0 Theatre Thr~'e "The Hunted" A-II I]0'1,5 SACREO HEART PROGRAM I 0:00 +.+ ~ovie "J ~ Run" A-Illare deprived of the,r ~ust share/I """" '"""' "'" [I ~"~ :: ""'+ I I] " I 10145 The Big Movie "Devil in The I Sunday. July 9 i "" " I D,xon--1 10 East First St. IIWNBQ, Channel,Chicago ] Flesh" C I]2:30 "O"+''"S O' / ------ -- -- I/I I ! D|spendngGlosses Prescribed by Dr. B. Rubin~ptometrisl It saturday, ~u,~ I 1 ~ ~ 1~.1 ~iTT ]l 1 0~' r~/l[ 'l ~ il Personalized ~ ~ ~ Custom UI I 1 11110"15 Movie 5 "Riders to the Stars" A- i 1~' UUU JVllarlnlS Walk 1Ca 111t?~ " I ~terling--21 W 3rd St. li 2;00 Cuhnann~l '15 Playhouse "Run for theI ~ ~[~ ! II DRY CLEANING //LAUNDERING I/I ~o.o 212, - ~o.oo I I Dispensing GIosses Prescribed by Dt. R. Cobb, II . I MEXICO CITY--The annual,silica (June 25) after their~l ' w.G I/I co-~m~cToas I Dr. N. L St. Germoin-~-Optometrists l:O0 Chear~err~b5r,Pl~YlhOUse "A Day TO [Queretaro diocesan pilgrimage] three-mile-long procession hadl| o=.; ,/D s&. %:, I/I --J M I I e Itc the national shrine of Ourlm ,~ hrou h the courier side~ ;o ry ~ ~ = -,~,n--.+;. ,~. ~a.uv~; ,~ =o.o, .~ ~ ov d t g Y,C,$1t & ~;ar ~tores -~ J ~ @[uml~lt I D.spenslng" ,losses Preset, bed" by Dt H Moll --Optometrist" |14:00~ovie,"The'NakedStreet"A-IIl'',uuupers nswat~'ne~aam'u~4: Movie ,Friday"Sheo JulyC mesl,H me" A-I I Lady of Guadalupe saw nearlylfor eight days. Undaunted by al-I. ~::~i::=McHL~f .~47. . + ,am, !11 JL~:~!;;eeF:: I .|to this capital ternating rain and broiling sun ~ " - ,l|| I ' it The pilgrims had their main they sang hymns and recited' ~ ~mw ~ ~il~ ~l~ ' 'i, i Idev ti ns at the Guadalupe ba-[the Rosary much of the way. ~L.IZ, A~g I1"1 Consldme's If . . ,Jl," nc I ]n Africa Insurance gge y ill I/Lay Volunteers Needed I!1 ore. Phono255i Res. Phone 2861 I ~~~ lll~l It SYRACUSE, N. Y.--A newly serve as nurses, doctors, build- { I Ill ~ I |Ill I|consecreated bishop emphasized]era and teachers in his diocese. ~'~,I I o . . I[I ) I ~ll lithe need for more lay volun-[Bishop McCauley said there cares ~ . ./ .I oervtce Ill f-~]J~.- I I ~~~ ~:ll IIteers to work in his East Africa now are 141ay persons assist- ~ 1 Ill / -"5~'"r. I I ~!~;ill I diocese, ling the missionaries in his See. ~ Ill I I I . . '::: ~.:' ~ :~:~::' ~ ~!i! ~ ~::.~]~!~i+~i~. Bishop Vincent J. McCauley, -~ ~il I csc, of Fort Portal Uganda, r . . s GUSTAFSON & SCHINK, INC. II N~;~I I ii iiii iiii,IIduring a visit here said he isI A.M. Graves Phone 136 Eli=,beth II (,-~." ( I F~ :::]~::~];]i:.!~::~%i ~i~ii;~l~ ~ I seeking particularly an editor I !- I I ~ & n I''P U I I %-- f I Pal i/and publisher for a newspaper/ =LI/.AD=/n III Fulton t J" Illinois I ~i~i :::i ::ii!~i~ii!I~::;::~ ii l in his diocese, i I .i ~~; ~ ~:~i~::~::~+~/i II "We have the resses and I GARAGE MURPHY & GUSTAFSON, INC. II i ;iii!i i I[ mechanical help bP~ wen e ed| Phone AD $-1216 Freeport III r. CHARLES ~~ ~i~ il I someone with newsnaner ex-I ~ = '- I ~.~ . : ~,+~:~ . ~ ~,-- ~ ~lii |[permnce to put out the paper, ~1 ~ 1"=-, ili I " + ". :+ ||Bishop McCauley said. The pa-tl I i,III P I llper would be published in anll,11 Jl Ill I ill ~ r 4;4 . --*~~"~ I]African language but the job of]/ |r i Complete .antung ~ervtce Ill { i ^ I I translation from English wouldi| n. :.t. ~ ; aue T -ks HItl' .-. ~,~ III g~sv t.~ I . . . II not be difficult, the Bishop said +/ "" |U eor uver au zears I}1 I J ~~ ~ I1 He said there also is an~,l Phone41 ~6 let III ueneralAUl0Kepalrlng I " : THE ELIZABETH STATE BANK I!1 '12E MAI " I ,do%e ,O, 3,5 115 INDIANA ST PRE-CANA CONFERENCES REAL McCOYS Rockford--August 6, 7, 9 and 11. Plain folk= b.t plenty smartl St Patrick's Church Gramps heads house- ,~ hold of 3 generations -- For reservations, phone: Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Sreenan all .with idehs of their (WO 5-7638) or Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Fox (EX 9-3072). Aurora--August 13, 14, 16 and 18. St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital For reservations, phone: Mr. and Mrs. Robert P i e r c e (TW 7--4457), Mr. and Mrs. William Keck (TW 6-5294) or Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kartheiser (TW 6-3460), Sterling--August 13, 14, 16 and 18. Newman Center For reservations, phone: Mr. and Mrs. J a me s Boesen (MA 5-8262) or Mr. and Mrs. Rcrbert Kennedy (MA 5-9207). Wonder Lake--August 13, 14, 16 and 18. Christ the King Church For reservations, phone: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McCann (Wonder Lake 4233) or Mr. and Mrs. Anthon: Misiak (Wonder Lake 4461). We wish to call yq~tr attention to a~ error in the Pre-Cana notice which ap- peared on poge one of the June 30 issue el THE OBSERVER. The dates Jot t h e Rocklord and Aurora Conferences were incorrect. ELUOTT JEWELRY CO. ---Established 1889- SAVANNA ILLINOIS own. Walter Brennan stars. THURSDA'(, 7:30 P.M. WREX-TV Savanna Cleaners & Dyers "Featurin~ San|tone Service" 228 Chicago Ave. Dial 6625 Fuller Memorial Chapel Phone 5555 309 Chicago Avenue Savanna, Illinois BER The NATIONAL BANK of SAVANNA "Your Bank For Every Financial Service" Member F.D.I.C. 229 Main St. $avanne, Ill. Plumbing Call * and Heating Air{ondilioning Telephone Juno 4-4980 / or Juno 4-4981 100 S. First Ave. St. Charle=