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July 7, 1961     The Observer
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July 7, 1961

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Says CINCINNATI--(NC)--The tendency of women to become "less feminine" drew sharp criticism here from the president of the National Laywomen's Retreat Movement. Miss Clementine M. Stein of Bremen, Ind acknowledged: "I am mortally afraid of the apathy and indifference of our Cath- PAGE 6 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1961 New Interracial Council Headed By Grandmother CANTON, O.--(NC)--A Negro grandmother who became a Catholic 25 years ago has been named first president of t he Catholic Interracial Council of Stark County olie people in regard to the things of God, their appreciation of . The president, M r s: Percay values . . " She spoke to some 250 delegates from Ohio, Indiana Home Sweet Home A. Marcere, says t h e council and Kentucky at a midwest regional rally of NLRM. 't t will use a "positive approach" Nature of Women [ ]Ho W S lOW r? to encourage Negroes to join the Church, and to probe "ques- Miss Stein emphasized that,On, true to our oeepest nature,[ I tionable a r e a s," particularly "the nature of woman is to:have the unique opportunity to ] huusing l By Nellie Hugnes : tie just looked at me ow~-," give, redeem this situation We do I We want to let it be known , . I ~ There used to be a Negro eyed By her nature she is a teach- have it within our wer o h l~ . " that Negroes are welcomed by . ,~ too t ea t ] actor appearing occasionallytt is amazing how youth, ,~ ~. ~,~ ~.~ ~ or, IVI1SS D[eln continued. ;~ae this humanit- I . ' . u~ ~ u~ ~ayS xv,u~. ~v*a*- " " h " ~ ! in Hollywood productions waowhich must be served use~ ar- core "We want to be a" stolic IS compassionate any s e is con- ' If ; " ' " ' ' ~" " tem'qaqve In the married state [ ' we as women are faithful] ]made wintertime molasses seem guments to their best advan- We will tr- throuoh a s~eak thisVgi;ing of life is realized in;t our nature, to our feminine! I fast. The actors name, if I re- rage. Against one x va!l of the ors' bureau, to r~ch on7 and childbirth, In the case of the sin- ibeauty, to wisdom and to majes-t ] call it correctly, was S~epin indoor patio we hay stac~ea a help them, and not let t h e m gle woman, this must be found tty we shall inspire men to great ] Fetchit, m)d I neyer thought to pile of fireplace logs. THRICE HONORED--With- grope and find their own way in the spiritual life. de'eds ] see nis n~=e again, unto, in a Moving Wood in the space of a few days in." "B' * '~;" ~ lif~ sh t orI [ moment of parental weakness, "I suppose " he s a i d "I Mrs. Albert R. Spillman of She said the council is con- ~ . ,:~ n.~ ~ ^~] This we can only hope tot /I hired our oldest son to paint ~hould paint that wall today. Hempstead, N. Y was elect- corned with the plight of Ne- .aw ~u~.a.u ~.~ ~w u~ ' ou house and b the hour " 1;~ +, +l r r,;nalacnieve ii we iive our Iives inl [ r -- y ,That means I will have to ed vice president of the ~,roes, Catholic and non-Catho-, ~ ; ~ ~,~. ,~ ~ ;*~. ~ ~;.~ u ]yet move the wood (He got an World Un~on of Catholic lie alike who have moved from wim one's own seK a sacri- u ~. ,vm, ,~.~ w ,~ .u~ y ~ 2: . . , "" " " " made nossible through a sacra I ! ~omparefl to our son btepm'A" in his university course in Women's organizaqons at a one slum to another mainly be- ricing ' " " "' i ht " ' t :-i ~:, . ~-.~ t I [Fe:ch~t moved hke chain 1 g -logic ~ meeting in Rome; was ehos- cause prejudice has barred is~rnore"thE"as'erie~'o}" nmh)peri dic check-up-- namely, our[ [nlng. I suggested he play it smart en "Outstanding Woman of them from decent neighbor- 5 ~. - l annual closed retreat " I,Inherent Disadvantages and sub-contract the work to the Year" in the field of re- hoods. oesireS, it reqmres 'me remlW ' I ! Fi - of actual service visiting' the[-- I,The disadvantages inherent his younger brother. Smart for llgtous and civic activ t es oy She said discrimination in cer- :-- ~' I- ~ --- [,in this slow motion system are me that is His younger bro- the editors of Who's Who of tain areas in Canton makes it SICK ieeolng tnenungry clom - ~ ' "' .~ : ' :Plan Retreat I SISTERS TO STUDY IN U. S.--Three African S~sters who are ] readi v nn " n thorhas a shghtly different American Women and re- lmposs~ble for some Catholic 1 a alent on the pare - mg me naKeo. . I [ destined to play an important role in the future of the Church,~-~-~,~ ,:,~-~t~r N,+ -~ a,~ar gear ratio counterbalanced of eeived an honorary Doctor Negro families to buy h o m e s Deploring the"loss of the 1~ P~-~oe/e I in Tanganyika accompany Bishop James Holmes-Siedle, W, ~en'~are" the'advan~,~es He is course, by much more engine of Humanities degree from near Catholic schools When feminine" in women, Miss Stein'L'u'e L s s~t~ovo ] F Of Kigoma, Tanganyika, to the United States. The three [ = "~ ,~=hl ~ nnint,~r noise and a tendency to drop Loret~o H e i g h t s college real estate men learn the po- was especially crmcal of how II 1. I Sisters of Our Lady Queen of Africa Congregation will continue,~ ~, . ~ 1 ~ -~. ,~hm, ~ hr,~h whatever he is doing right Denver, Colo. her a 1 m a tential buyer is a Negro they r " a n {3 ,~/'~ r ~, - ' ,little concern m ny wome ]l[l U - VI[)V ~ ] thetr training at Ursuhne academy m Paola, Kas. Pictured ]moves out of a paint can in where he is doing it. mater, usually say the house has been nave mr moaesty In oress. [ NC~TR~ V}AM'~ lnd q~ h ~/ anove auring thei stopover in washington, trom the left, are: / 1~ ,~,- ~ r~ xr ~,+-r~h,~ IJln, Pay --~ sold, she added. Great Challenge ]six'it~a-nnua-l'r'etreat'"for--pri*ests S.tster Bernard, Bis!?p IIolmes:Seldle, $~ster Mary Agnes, /paint has amnle tin;e to drip "I think I'll mov;'the woodll~--lYlY,-,|--. ~: ; Mrs. Marcere, ,a member o! "But if the nicture we see of~housekeeDers will be held at No- aister Lunwma ano me uev. anmony J U0olen, W.~ ~mer- /~-o,-, the hrusi'~ info th,~ can t ULlll~i:ll~Ut Ul~OHk3~ bt. oosepn parisn, teacnes a~ " i " " 1 i F t rs ' [ * myseIf,saia otctest son. '~=1 " ' can prowneta of the Wh te a he the 3unIor h~gh school m neal the world today is a frightening tee Dame retreat house July 25 " ~lso the label on the can ~ ~- ,he) ( ~ . " ~" ) er all J. iil o~2lil~ iJctlu u,y i," V " one," she said, 'it also provides]thr0ugh July 28. The retreat is, I advises waiting 48 hours be ~ IAttlhates Wltll ~b. Massfl]on. in" on or ~ i . ,uw. The new council has 40 char- a great challenge. We, as wom-jbe ~ sp s ed b " the S stets 1 7 ~'-~IFI~ A . ~ 1 ~tr /fore aoptvmg a second ceat. There are man, satisfactions] I. , ]of St. Martha sodality of the vree bun w ena lvlore ]At the'rate our son pah~ts the in being a paren(One of them t ouncll Women ter memoers. ~f~f~l~f~'~ [[~i WaynevSt:~ht?endn d~:e;e.~ CY ) ]pa!nt is prac!ical2y dry when will be when he wants hisI BUFFALO N Y---(NC) -~:.:~i~i~i~i~!~i~;~ii~i~i~i~i~i~;~:~i~i~i~i~i~i~i::~i~it;~i~i~i~i~i~i~i~i~:~i~i~;:~:~i~i:i~i~;~::~i~i~i~i~i~i~i~i~i~/:~i~i~i~:;i:2:~C:i~i~ EI~IIEVIIV . I ~ . - ~.-~! -. #.-. I|/~ -,~.-.-,~ ' ~ # lit ~eaves me oru~n --- an un- house painted and his sonl ' " " I . ~ltrea~ants. mose wm are at pre-ll~l[#l[fllEM~ lbt[# /TI I~,~lbl[fl|l, 1 z{#~lbll[,~i-lb~:5~ ] expected dividend, takes on the ~ob Old granny]TM Buffalo Diocesan Council of[ Ptlh'ttn~71~. sent serving as nouseKeepers in " " " r " omen has been or [ ~ [trectories and those who will bel BOSTON -- (NC) -- BoardlVincent S. Waters of Raleigh;[ FrOg e, Benefits here. wH! prob21YinbUSt he lCaanth:lhc fWmally and affiliated] I~oo. aJ &." ] ~v~ Uhcusekeepers. ~members of the Catholic Daugh-lN. C C.D. of A. Chaplain o51 Like to,~ays workmen who rocking chair, la g g. |~, . I ~JUI MU ~I'II:}UI-~ ters of America were urged at fered Mass for the board mem/are above all else security But being smarter than I ~with the National Council ofl Reservatmns may be sent di . . " ' . ',i omen '::< " ~ ] ] rect to Fatima Retreat house a meeting here to Increase sup- bers. / consemus, he demands mnu- he 11 pr bably pay his s n byIeath l e W " l-- ,| Notre Dame Ind A n ; oilport of their program for send-]-- [merable "fringe benefits." One the jeb. Bishop Joseph A. Burke oflDt g.llr D n oun ri * of his frin es is a cola break Wish I had~ Buffalo announced that Kathryn ,V'~fl~~ |tchar~e of $23 in bein~ made ling books to missio c t es, D|.~]l l-.D [ g ~,I lll~lU-~l~l~ . . I [~] IJ ~' e, " I lli~ll JlllV llL;lllC/everv 60 minutes -- IM Whelan of this city will[ lne program, calico the Pat- ./ ' " . : . " ' . . ' ADVERTIflEMENT Colasto be su ohed by serve as the first president The ] ~ U] --I I]tle of Books, is aservice of the AURORA -- The Ladies of] . : ,Sisters Receive [ibrmal inauouration cere'r on ] : t f ) m, nagcmcnt naturau3 ~, I Ill ~~ I] orld Mission commit ee o the Columbus ,viii have a picni~ a, "' I. -;- - ,:/One hundred years I III *lip~ ,~ ~lll IICDA I lul" 12 at 1 "m i" C'arfi^~'~l 'I dent know too much,g-~.-.-. g'~ol~,~, Ims were nero in nosy ~n~,e~ . .~- . . I teetwwtlt~u r,v*~,I!1 " ('-s.~ I1 -" I" :. v " 'J ~,"~1 about industry "I said ,but~t ~i:lI" lI-Olll A-lraJIJ~U~llt Ichflrch. 1OI now-now . . . at ~nna ix. t~UCKIey O~ ~over, p a el<. /~eservations may oe ' ' he addressed " I ?Y:P.~ II ~ IN H committee chairman re- made with an- Of the officer the accepted coffee break[ LIBREVILLE Oabon-l Amongthose w [yotlr service. I I~MI0 ~ U~UttMRA III ~ ~ |]oorted that in the past year, b-July 9 I stardard among office work- The I ittle Sisters of Sainte-lthe eonvontmn were Mrs. Arth- ers is 10 to 15 minutes in mid ur L Zepf NCCW national Ar I IHUPlIMgHT III .)" 111 ] I]packages of books have beenI New ofqc,r~ ino)~'l~a -* "-,~1 " - Marie here have received an[, e you planning an ad pee- l Ill S ( )~ i Ilsent to missionaries in Arabia,l j,::. ~:;:~ .;~.~'~r~~ ;k2'~'~.[ morning and midafternoon. ]automobile from the govern-[President; Mrs. Michael Malko,] ~ram booklet a membershin di ,~ "r.:.~ m -I,~ "~ ~ I the Canal Zone South India l [ A"my System I ment in a~,reeiation for their lNCCW natmnal d rector Iroml v -- ~, ~, . ' ' metunger, preslaent an~ lvlrs. ,'' ~'~" he rovince" of New York-' and rectory for your organization, I U Z;s to t. yoo, o,oL~ II I " i Korea, Africa, Central Amer- Nicholas Her me s' -ecretar-J "In the a:-my, ' he said sob-tdevotion to teaching. I P ' I ,~ ~ Margaret Mealey NCCW exeeu tan anmversary souvemr ooo~ l ~ instrument before you invest. I I I ~ Iliea the Philippines Vietnam ] ~/r~ ~-~ r~;~ ~.~ ~, ~'l erly "you work 50 minutes President Leon M Ba of Ga- ~ - I~ I~s'r.RUMtNT t O.~NtD ~111 ~ ||MalayaPakistan, Peru ~ndi A"r'tl~urL~"n~ll~on~Y ~,(s. andlrest 10 I b~lieve I like the bon an African state said theltire director. Ilet' an annual report, a finan- OIAL WO ~-8~48 1 ' ~ e unue aS - ~ ,) ', .' . . I) |1,1 ~ IIHong Kong. t,~ ;,~ ]army system better gi~t 'marks the soheltude of mYt Msgr. Francis A. Growney is cial report, a house organ a I III II But she stated that increased[. -- - I 'Coffee breaks I went on I ,overnment" for the devotion[spiritual moderator for the neW[cookbooR a new nublication* lor anomer year ~c~ ~ has,' ' ~ ~, . I r, i"r~a~ UI CUSTO~-T~,LORE* |]requests for books are coming] ~ ;- -" --- ]hintfully "have received the]"with which the Si~ters apply]council I I 13U~Lt4~UU |11 sore. o~ ~elect f - ~s0 Ilin from missionaries in Afrlcal o~'n s~xecteo asme ~av o~ me[ official o'kay of most personnel]themselves to the education orig.[we otter ectmng serwce, ar- I Ill p Ilto help them offset the flood ofI groups annum iau earn party.[ people because they are sup-[our sisters and daughters." The[] ]tUsts service, ideas and exper- ,~,MUUL 0T ~U~|(, |ll WALLER |[c mmuniStooured int t-literatUreenhe contin being~~- r [posed to, improve effieiencyllpresident said he hoped their ]],A' K|l~lt"~lt~ :|fence. Why not check your Let- I ~D STO~E III iip t. . IGoes to l eny a I and speed. I la~d a real heavylautomobile would aid the Siste sil $~PI I/~K Ilterheads, Envelopes, S t a t e - I III CUSTOM TAILORS II neos m2;a ua y arLomeet:l,v ",-, ] accent on the word "speed." lin their work. II ||DD| |1~ ]!ments and Invoice supply? i 8lock No. of W. 5tare at 1900 ,~ ~ u ~ o~ o .~-~,~ ~ -- t~,--~ --- ~ =111kt |/L"I =--==11 We'll gladly quote you what I I11 $130E.$tote--Exg-24~l Ilof Richard Cardinal Cushing,[Mar aretSnyder, dean of wom-] tl II ; - ,LI4-:t$4f U| RocMord |lArchbishop of Boston Bishoplen at LeMoyne college, will: l~A/~k~t~,r~-~r~ [] ][ever your printing require- , . '' ' "[ [spend a year in an advisory~ - -I |!| AI~ I]ments, let us serve you; letter- ,IIY -~ t~ n~ [capacity with the Kenya Afri-/ l~VD~,| The Perle Best |]| ~tt~ |] pressl and offset equipped; ] qt KNABE---tESTER--SONMER Ulnstall OltlCer]::Lc i Z'So; 2 a i n; u,I[ gkh J: uo ,- o $ t [I CHEMICAl CO, ] Call Ber Sundber [ and WURLITZER PIANOS [/MaA~RAO1tRaAr ~n21~b;rSso fc,~t'!r~oiSmee2h:n;t;nr~:r~;r:fug~ee~2Y: 4~2YwR~S,9,N II rusn rrw u II I] Printers & ~:ithograp$ ers I q :l lB WUIU.IREN 0RfiANS Uinst~led the followina;Ynew e~. ~on:l, isocial ,and cultural ~k~'-R-OCk-F'6RO IJ [tl P,o 0 77 U 1819 .gth st Rocklord, Illinois, ,ricers ata recentmeeting m n nterests WO 5 4628 I :"=l. (Musics Richest goice! U",' :) " Screens and Windows I:1 III II '" I " 1 i|presiaent Mrs. EarlRetterer' i I| --- 11:30 to 2 p.m. " |1~ I UseaP,ano. and Organ. ||vice president, Mr s. Theodore| --~ ~ ~ o,II gJ, i;i;, U r=----'.--.-, .-7:2-=- , in our own shop I U I Convenient Term. USharpenter secretary M r s. ,u,h,p. I I =-- U, ummer peclals up i0 50 Y0 011 n | |]Stan Cherwln; a n d treasurer ~ ~ ~ 11 . . ,~I Free Customer Porkin9 ~'| 1 It- "~K II ~ Come" in and hel" us celel,rale ~ 1 ,: I I l/ h UMrs.J lmKr enIng. "i/I/.JJ: II II, our hth year. Large Selec,ion of Spring T )it ! I "Ut Lt IL .Kt~ILJ.~U~ ~ Ul~ mK~lJt ~ ~q.P I1 Mrs Retterer also appointed ~-~*,v~,~,~sncao -~, L**, Ne~ds. I I SUPPER CLUB II: &Summer Dresses--Coats-- Playsuit~ ~'~ ~--~ ;:'.*':.:.;/ | '. . ) " d "~ '~ I ' " ~" ~:2 " I ,0, =, W. MA ST. [[ omm)ttee chairmen as follows:, ~ m~o ~.--~ WO 3 2, III I[, Sunsmts. ~'t /:~t [ I ROCKFORD . FREEPORT U~acristy, Mrs. A. A. Rieser and, ~'Nglgl~'Ng~g#'Ngl~=~w~"~gll,I1 I[ i Lav.a.way--Coats--Snowsuits--]ackets (~ "~ ~. : ! ' Mrs. W. Wolf' hostess Mrs Ly- ~ ' ' a,r * ,' ' " r,I, " .~'~.~ ~ ~7~ I . ' ' " tJ~XtJKA--/WtlSS 3nirley Ualy an~ Ted I . : ,< ~'S ,[man P~kewelfare, Mrs. C. L. S. Buczek ~n Holy Angels church Juyl -- -- I1' MI I UI I f Uhh Miss Cerpl M. Deneau and Oale A. sef :;:; . t e='-~'~ :~::::. j UCoyne,and pubhelty, Mrs. Al',delman, Our LadyOtGeodCounselchurch, ~~ PHOTO ENGRAVIN G i1, IIU IIU 3nuF " fred Schmitz. Ju e ~. ::>::::::::::::::::/ ' ::~:~?~:~:;:;:.: ' - . ~:.A!~~ I/~ Groesch St. Joseph church June 24 ?~ii:!~::i:!!!i?!;i?:i~~ U&/E'I'~kJ~ III IN~ANI~ /U PK~-/~'~N~ //~ -- - -: 1 ~/4~J J11~'~ 1 -- 1~ J Miss Donna Wagner and Glen Vining ::i~!i::i~:/:i:: rl~-F/~/l'q~ II, 'U"B"IE H"SKIES ~!~l IlilP~~ i[l~rl~lflll~llF~ rr~m I Jr St. Rita church, June 74. ]] :.:. > i =,~,= ~=~ p-I-~, m,k,~e II I ~,nv u o -- u ~!~J ~~ I~ ;~~ It i Mss .Susan J: Fillps .and Edward W. i:.: ============================== ~ INI~,* te/lt~l'llN~3 lil Rockford PIozo EX 9-1714 ~~ " ~ * 'O " "O'y ^nge,s cn .rune ~, : ~~i :::::!i:i!iii::i:ii |/, ~~ R~:~~ ~-.'.?C - :~ I1 D 1 "P V "l~ i aATAVIA--MIss Carol Ann Sanderson i I':.~!i!~ :::.::.::i:]: I/ i upen gvenlngs /111 Y [~~ ~]~ II~CnOOl OI A-nav lend edwin R. Metter in H01y Cross ~ ~ Fiii ~ ~P l[Ji.~,rl~, i/ It~~ i;1 II ./ Ichurcl~ June 3. : '~ : .::::::i ~Lar~u~t~ ~u. =,u ~ 3 i) " -~-~---- ~i/~l m~iii II A n,-,n. ~" t . .1 M ss Jscqueline Lee Oempsey and ! ~ : i:::i:~i: ~.~ . ||~ ~:~,i~i~ |I Urtur~z'x -- ,~ . d U S e p n Charles G. Adorns in Holy Cross church i ~ ~l~ ::~:~ t~epreser~tmg I]1 ~~ ~ IiMercy hospital School of X-[JU~N2;EE Miss Patricia Ann Lilly and - . I11 Our many years oJ experience It " " . "~, - tl " )) IJ ceremony dorf in St. Joseph church, June 17. I II I II I, t I .ill ~ I II l / i I I I enaotes us tO serve you It ,-,~ . " . . Miss Alice R Blum and Laurence C. I]1 R I1,~1~ p ~ ~ p ~tuoents sang several selec- Duray In St. Mary church, June 10. e]flctently and w,thm your means II 1 k MiSS Jean[. Guiftre and Willy Abel' DIAMONDS WATCHES I11 Ik" Illll IL L" II t l''mnsmcuumgmenewscn *JrinS'Mar;/cburcbJun'1' ' |]| o)Irlllglr= ORLI: ' song before Sister M Assum @ALENA--Miss Gere[dlne Kreibs and 12 ! U,--, II . .P- o,ks st. M;chae, church, Jun SILVERWARE COSTUME JEWELRY Ill L~UII~,IL~:I.UILiI.I. un' .II~t~:u AIUU-~ I] ttar'at2'S'Me'sehnt::i[h; d~nmlSas ~*huNYL,V--M,ss Judnh Lynn ,*b,er, " |l Ag~ D ~ A rtn~r,r,1 II,P P and Joseph E Gehen in St Mary church ~ . to the two graduates, MISS Ju . . wos-z255 II or McNENRY--M,ssMergeret.Ann spey Dwver & Anderson II .- - - II lvlarge ivlc~ mlCK anct 1 11SS and Theooore J. Loesch, Jr, m St, Mary z 1 I Ill l rill n I1 1 " r] ' C ,jr,~,"J Patti Jo Beery. Both received c~csh' RJoUsnee ~4arie Mercure and Wayne Jewelr]/ Store oj Distinction I I I II111 Ilgli i 1 Iii ! II high ratings in t h e national Wirfs in St. Mary church, June 17. -- I I I .11 II I I ! I I I II I MENOMINEE Miss Janet Tranel end ^--%. 1 D ]]registry examination, and in JosephVosber,~ N.tlvityotthe~less. 111 N. MAIN ST. ROCKFORD il IIV IIVII, %FW~ll I~ ,:.~L, llhthl tlL J. nit ~llt t~ It reco,niti"-- of thi" h"~'or D" Virgin Mery church, June 27. I r| . It li ~ u~ o v~ *" STERLING--MisS Katharine McAndrews ~,~ ~ ,'~.~ III -- II H a r ry Slobodin, radiologist, William McGinn In St, Mary church, WU .zizz " I!l 1,4----'- IM '. Pk.IA.-- u. T U awarded them silvercups. J / =,esZ"Mi|dred L. Dewey and Owsyne L II - vvumt:n =, - = ~,=A .-I -~ ,11 Miss McCormick is the Gi~g~rKinFSt[.~ary church' June ~" ,~gnes It. uwve "i" " -C S--Miss Dorothy Jones and I! D -. .I H .- -- .I ~ ~.IL~ II daughter of the Cecil McCor- S.ylvester Raln0wski in St. Andrew church, ,| I ,~u Wonderful Selection of fresh .I mieks of Harmon. and Miss JU~/iess24~/ictorie S, Stavens and Thomas Berry is the daughter of the ~4. Van Nattl~ in St. Andrew church, June Summer Dresses. Every dress an Outstanding Value. Regularly $10.98 to $14.98 values 2 for s15 or $8 each Smart Cottons eJersey~ for Travel::~!~i:i; Prinls Solids ~ Sheers Sheaths !ii!i~ ,- Cotton-Dacron ~' I/ ~ drip.dry fabrics All the new season colors. Jun- iors, 5 to 15, Misses, 10-20 Half sizes. Owens D a y. time Dresses--Second. Rockford 112 W. State Amos Beerys of Dixon The graduates will work as techni- cians in California. ROCKFORD--Miss t~ary Joan Graham and Roger Stange in St. Jemes church, June 17. ALTON, la.--~iss Helen M[nton and Wilbur Van de Mark of Freeport in St. Mary church, June 17. CNICAGO--Miss Sally Salvaggio and Gregory T. Griffin of Elgin in St. Philip Neri church, June 24. Vacation Preparations Make sure that your smaller valuables and important papers have the safety and privacy of a First National Safe De- posit Box. Stop in at First National for your su- per-safe vacation money . . . Travelers Cheques. Join our 50-week Vacation Club to be financially ready for Vacation 1962. FIRST NATIONAL BANK and TRUST COMPANY 401 EAST STATE ST ROCKFORD MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. "Rockford's Oldest Bank" -FREE PARKING SPACE VACATION NOTICE The Pink Pony Will Be Closed Until July 17th Reopening on the 17th for Lunch and Dinner We hope to always enjoy your fine patronage and we will try to serve the finest for your d i ni n g pleasure. Sincerely, Jo and Fred Man and Stall . 4201 Chorles St. EXport 9-8729 Rockford WOMEN'S SHOES Formerly to $22.95 MEN'S SHOES Formerly to $26.95 s69o s12'o ~14~o Fomous brand finest quality shoes! Women's Selby Arch Preservers, Ground Grippers, Cantilevers, StyI-EEZ, Queen Quality and Men's British-Wolkers, Allen-Ed- monds, Nunn Bush ond Edgertons--seosonol ond dis- continued styles! Big Selection! BOEHLAND'S Main Elm Wyman Sts. Main Elm Wyman Sts. ROCKFORD