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July 7, 1961     The Observer
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July 7, 1961

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THE OBSERVER PAGE 5 FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1961 PRAY FOR JEWS AND PERSECUTORS rmany mplore NEWARK, N.J. -- The CaSh- the political leadership of our opinion should keep alive in the ecumenical spirit, he continued, in our midst because they be- ed and resist the persecutors be- olic bishops of Germany have people presumed to abrogate the consciousness of our people, and must have stirred all those who longed to the people from which come a power among us. shown themselves to be men of eternal laws of God. particularly in that of our youth, said and heard it. It is- a prayer +~,~ M h "~ Ah~,~ t,~ "Comfort the mourners, calm vision and valor Monsl~,nor "Our People must try-every- the memory of those selfless ~ that cannot but enhghten and l the embittered, the lonely, and John M Oesterreicher. director lthino~ humanly possible to makeIwomen and men who in the dark leave to greater love readers ithe nesn. the sick. Heal the wounds that of the Institute of Judaea- Chris- amends for the injustices done'hours of our history at the risk everywhere: I We pray thee: Lead all those have been inflicted on souls. tian Studies, Satan Hall universi- to the Jewish people and to aSh- of their own lives, helped theI Official Prayer among us who became guilty Make us, and all men, under* ty, declared recently, tar peoples Though material res- Ipersecuted and often sufferedl "Lord, God of our fathers! I through deed, omission, or si- stand more and more that we! While many of us are stunnedltitution is necessary, it alonelwith them unto death." God of Abraham, of Isaac, andilence that they may see their must love each other as Shy Son by the daily news reports on the does not suffice. The b~shops also asked, Mon-iof Jacob Father at mercy andiwrong and turn from it. Lead loved us. I Eichmann trial unable to findI Ask For~iv~nes~ I signor Oesterreicher disclosed I God of all consolation! Thou them so that they examine them- "Give to the murdered Shy words with which to exoress our l "The hi.hans thor~foro onlllthat on the Sunday after the dldst send to hlm and all men!selves be converted and atone peace in the land of the hying. repugnance and grief at the hor- on German Catholics to implore Ifea.t of the Sacred Heart thai Jesus Christ thy Son as the Re- for thelr slat. In thy hmltless May their death, unjustly suf- rors unfoldin in the courtroom' I; ~ r ~ ~,: faithful in all Catholic churches deemer Though He was without mercy forgive for the sake of fared be to theirsalvation g ,1~. ,~ ~ ~ u~ ~.L,~ ~=, 'J,~ ~ of rman ff r i r "' : t ~ " ' ' - 'o- , while others discuss the capture forgiveness for the sins commit- . Ge y o e p'aye s ioriguflt, thou didst dehver Him forlthy Son, that hmltless guilt nolthloubh the blood of thy SonI of the defendant thele'~alit-I" - - ",~,the murdered Jews and their!our sake so that through Him Ihuman atonement canwipeout Jesus Christ who withtheeIives ,~ .yI~ea ov memoers ol our people ~ ', ,t. . .' ; t.~.~ ~ L :, ~c persecutors " The official pray-!we might all be delivered I Ask Wounds be Healed land reigns in the unity of the of e case against him orltsIbuL ~u tu u~, iul tim ~p~lt uL . "" " . outcome, the bisho-sp have spok-]~,~,~c ,~,~'~ ~ ~,~u m ,~^" ~,c't'^ ,er' . imbued. .w~th. the Sonar fi .~ We, confess, before, thee-].~ May the example. ~ of those ]Holy, Splrlt,God, forever and ~crlpmre ano sara oI a truly uountmss men were murdered,who strove to help the persecut ever Amen en out with the candor of Chris-lsame time, the bishops appeal ~ " tians, its the initiative of priests and Issue Declaration ]laymen to join as far as possi- SHARING OUR TREASURE On May 29 and 30 the German ble, visible signs of expiation to . episcopate assembled at Buehl, their prayers. ~,| ~ 1 1 m A mmmm -- mB~ --| ~ | Baden, where ~ under the chair-I "Most urgently, the bishops L ~L~r~ ~ LJ~|~m~ ~k~m~m~mm~m~ ~l~m~ ~.~m~ ~ manship of Cardinal Frings the call on all men and women on ~mm,Im Im ,w ~ mm mmw~] m mm~mm ~~mlm unw I n o ~p'vvnxs.'~, n~ A[:dhbi~h fClJ JwC:J ~n:l'a~htY;S- ::t o~ trh:t[tS~anSlbjlictYn~ re U: By Ray. John A. O'Brien, Ph.D. ]"and I in Methodist, Christian example of Mrs. M. D. McAnal-jand universality, which Christ "The stirrin~ testimo-ies atIts resist every n'ew attempt to (CmversRy of Notre Dame) land Presbyterian denomina-1.~, her husband had embracedlsaid were to distinguish His ~" ~ +~ ~ ~ What's your greatest treas- . " . the trial force us to r,~nder anewldo away with God's command- . ~.~. . tens. Neither of us cared theCathollc Faith. They encour- Church from all others. All " "-- " . ure: ~ ~sn r your money, prop- what it was that made that hor-lments, every attempt to jeop- or+- -,r r f~m'h, .r~,o enough about any of these to try aged two of my cousins, Mr. united with the See of Peter are rible desecration of human dig ardize again the dignity and the " ~'~ z " I . -I --,your holy Catholic Faith That's Its convert the other so we were and Mrs. Childers to examinel assured of the protection which airy, that destruction of count- mgnts oI men. ' ' . . ' I lo~s h, ~;~ 1~,~ -.-- ~'1.~ I n ~o ~ worth more than all the gold lmarrmd in the Unitarian church the Faith, and they too became Christ h,~d p r o m i s e d His ~r~hese "thi'n;s" happened bVe~causel "Those ~v'ho" h'el::fo'rm nublic and dim uonds in the world, for I which has no creed. We visited enthusiastic Catholics. Then the Church. Kenneth was attracted ~" it s the key that opens heaven s especmlh by the Real Presence churches of various denomina- McAnallys invited us to attend " ' J ' door. God wants you to share Lions during the first year of an Inquiry Class at St. Francis of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. that key with many others. This our marriage but finally quit go- Xavier church in Tulsa, where How wonderful it is to know that y o u can do by telling others ing altogether, we were then living. Jesus is in the tabernacle wait- I about your wonderful Faith and ing to hear o u r prayers and 0 N E R Y T R E E E X P E R T S bringing them to Mass. Because Have First Sou Indebted for Bibleready to come to us in Holy Mrs. M. D. McAnally of Tulsa "They all taught different doc- "My husband had been taught Communion. LANDSCAPING SINCE 1923 did both, there trines, and all fell back upon to steer clear of Catholics. I "Mrs. McAnally started a 3327 N. Main St Rockford are n o w t e n the principle of private inter- was a little more aware of CaSh- chain reaction which brought more members pretation of Scripture. That is olic practices and more taler- ten members into the Church, DIAL TR 6-1811 of Christ's Mys- the source of endless differ- ant. I recalled that a teacher in including our family of seven. tical Body. ences, and we knew that Christ a public school had told us that Now we are more closely united 'My husband could not sanction contradictory the Bible had been copied by and each ~ay our holy Faith ~m~H~ ;~N was raised in doctrines. We decided simply to monks long before the inven, means more to us. Our long 'P e n t e c ostal be as Christian as we could in Lion of the printing press. This search for the true Church has, IH o 1 i n e s s our personal lives. Then we had was proof t h a t the Catholic thanks to God's grace, paid off churches," re- our first son. Church exisfed before any form a hundredfold.' !lated Mrs. Ken- "Feeling that we must raise of Protestantism, and that we Father O'Brien will be glad BEST neth R. Cranke our child in some Church, we are indebted to her for the of Broken Ar- s t a r t e d the search anew. handing down of the Bible from to have converts send ~ h e i r FUNE~[ DIKOOR$ row. Oklahoma, Through the prayers and good the time the N w Testament names and addresses ~o him at Notre Dame University, Notre was formed. D a m e. Indiana, so he may Missioner Killed in Plane Crash "That course, conducted by write up their conversion film. H. Poorman. Owner Father Francis Wrigley, opened stories. new v~stas to us We saw how----- DUBUQUE, Iowa -- Father]ible m~ssions when the plan~ " 304 North Fifth St. Harry MoGeo ~ V D -~ I the Catholic Church went back E~l~op Rockford tcrasneo near t~orol~a, 1~ was re- to Christ who founded her and killed in a plane crash in the art " ' ~i~- -- :Family t p ed Funeral servmes were jungles at New Guinea. 1 ' " conferred upon her the author- He had served as a Society/ ~eld (June 19) at Alexishafen,lity to teach all nations. He ap- ~~.J-~ THURS. of Divine Word missioner for]the society mission headquar-ipointed Peter the first pope, and E~~ 7 P.M. seven years in New Guinea.lters in New Guinea. [promised to be with His Church !~~ After four years at jungle *mis-I Father McGee received h i slall days, thus protecting it from WR X.W sions on the island, he was t'rans-lelementary training at Dubuque error. As a result, her mere- Channel ~LL ferred t a parish at G r ka inlcathedral sch l and was r" bars in all c untries are no in i~ 13 the eastern highlands. I dafned at St. Mary's Seminary Faith and practice. Father McGee was droppingITechny, Ill in 1951. He left for Started Chain Reaction supplies to otherwise inaccess-~New Guinea in 1954. "These are the marks f unity Im rae~|~ e ~ I~ow Lou Bachrodt personally invites you to v~sit "Chevyville", w complete city of new ,ors, new truck, end used cars . . . S Medical School to Open in India hugo locations serving you with the finest in utomotive, tales and service . . Remember -- 100 new 1961 Cheer lets NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. -- A Archbishop D'Souza, in t h e For immediate delivery --- no waiting -- 11 serviced and 'national Catholic medical school United States on a fund raising ready to go. will open next summer in India, tour for the new medical school an Indian bishop said here. 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STATE ST; ROCKFORD WO 2-7797 Open to the public--22 chairs---no waiting-- Modern Equipment--Air Conditioned--State Accredited--Union affiliated Call or write /or in/ormation 114 N. Madison Street WO 3-5939 Rockford ED REYNOLDS' AMBULANCE Rockford we 8-6101--WO 5-9673 24 Hr. Service Home Oxygen Therapy F.xDerienced, Considerate Attendants ETIE: The annual General Meetings of the Pon- tifical Mission Societies of the Propaga- tion of the Faith, of St. Peter the Apostle for the Native Clergy and of the Mission- ary Union of the Clergy were held last month at the Palace of the Sacred Congre- gation "de Propaganda Fide.' The first meeting 'which was held on the morning of May 22 was attended by His Eminence Gregory Peter Cardinal Agagi- a n-i a n, Prefect of the Congregation of Propaganda, and by His Excellency the Most Reverend Peter Sigismondi, Presi- dent. and by the General Secretaries of the societies, 'His Excellency t h e Most Reverend Leo G. B. Nigris for the Propa- gation of the Faith, Monsignor Anthony Mazza for the Society of St. Peter Apostle and the Reverend Gastone Courtois of the Sons of Charity for the Missionary Union of the Clergy. Twenty National Directors, twelve from European countries, six from the Americas, one from South Africa and one from Australia took part in the meet- ings with counselors who are resident in Rome. Commemoration Made At the first meeting His Eminence Cardi- nal Agagianian made a commemoration of His Eminence Peter Cardinal Fumasoni Biondi who had opened the meetings of the Pontifical Mission Societies e v e r y year of the twenty-seven during which he was Prefect of the Congregation of the Congregation of Propaganda. Cardinal Fumasoni Biondi was called to his eternal reward a short time after he had address- ed the national directors last year. Wisdom Comes From God The meetings of the present year, said Cardinal Agagianian, actually began on Pentecost the previous day, with the con- secration of fourteen missionary bishops by His Holiness Pope J o h n XXIII . . . eleven Ordinaries and three Auxiliaries Bishops . . . for diocese of India, Basuto- lad, Burma, Niger, Liberia. Kenya, Tan- ganyika, and Colombia. Co-consecrators for the ceremony were His Excellency the Most R e v. Fulton J. Sheen, Auxiliary Bishop of New York and National Direc- tor of the Propagation of the Faith in the United States, and His Excellency t h e M o s t Reverend Edward Mason, Vicar Apostolic of E1 Obeid, Sudan. At this con- secration, the Holy Father spoke of the Congregation of Propaganda as a wise and generous mother. Wisdom comes from God, said His Eminence, Propaganda has been a mother from the time of its founda- tion and its generosity comes from the Christian people of whom the National Di- rectors are agents. "You come here in Springtime and you bring Springtime to us," said His Emi- nence, "Because it is thanks to you that we are able to help the Missions. May you be blessed and may you meet with an ever more complete understanding of the needs of the Missions for ever more efficacious aid to them." The Society for the Propagation of the Faith 507 Avenue B, Sterling, Illinois I am enclosing my personal gift of $ for the support of Catholic Missions throughout the world. Name Address / " CitY ==== = = = .