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July 7, 1961     The Observer
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July 7, 1961

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I FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 3 1 [ " I Semma ,: bl ;les iii! i ill i i ", I New P O ~i' ~i~:~ ~ i;::!}(::~ ~i: ! MINNEAPOLIS, (NC) -- To He noted that in the past theltheir parents and relatives, he- I i~:::i~i::==~:~ iiiiii~!i:~::ii:iz~!i~ii~i:::::~i~i~ ~ aid the church in Latin America[Church has often been identified: said. 'This is your rome, and I RaG?mNoEdVAT'- cTosh~elVery ~Cv' By Everyman [frightened was exasperated re- i~iii~ i/ii~:ii:~iii~ii:i~:i]!ii:~:~ i~i I ~ Se C~tth;limC-;r?2n~te2nd~l~tta:a~ lthethperim=d fcltahs:esPe. ple with Y:rUsrt=gya::r,;O2 ~;:=e:: ] Sizzle sizzle It's cently during one of these sum- i:.~;:~i~! ~!i:ilIi::!:ii!!i iiiiiiiiii!i!i!!i!i!iiiiiiii ~ climate there according to a ",i superior of Sacred Heart Mis- summertime mer downpours He was sitting ~ii~i iiii:ii:iiii~:~::::i: :~::i::~:i:.~i~ :~ specialist in Latin affairs. But, he said, "a substantial I tool of God's grace." ] siam seminary Geneva for theToo bad we're not in a Ion the floor at home watching ~!i~i ~i~:~:~:?::::~ii~: !!::~:::::~:~i~:i~i::!:~! ~::~:~:~:~:~:;:::i::i ] Father John J Cons[dine, M element of thinking Catholics Bishop John P. Co dyof Ran: ] ' ' ~iii~ ~i~ :il !!i#iii ~iii!!iiiill i " ' . sas SL ,Joseph ivlo. ]air] n~f ~'~ v~nr~ h~ ~n =nn,~nt winter chine" ]television when the storm began ~::~/?~:~ ~;~ : :':::::~::~:~:~:::::~ : M, director of the Latin Amem- wants to alter this 1made and :.'. ~ --- ~-. ,-~- - . ' " ~:~ ~i~ ~::~:;i~i~:i ~ ~!~:::;~ : " . the S~,~u~ that th~i~ ~u~i~t~ For if we were, we d I He dldn t pay much attention i:!~ can Bureau Natlonat Cathohc accentuate in ,-,sitive fashion i ea supermr o] bacrect =~eart i . . ~::~i~i iiii ;;:::::::ii!iii:ii;ii:] ' ~ has one o] me potentials - feel grand-- I to t at first, but finally turning : ::~i~:::~:;i ~:~:::ii~::~?i::~:4iiii~i~: :[ Welfare Conference told mem-[the concern of the Church for] I monastery, Reading, Pa. An- Dreaming of sunning ira his older sister he asked; :::::::::::::::::::::::: ~:~:~:::: ~:i~Y~ii~:~ ;i~: ::I:~I:::::::Y:~:: ::~ :I hers of Serra International thatl lamong orgamzauons promoung I nouncement of the assignment ourselves on the sand. ["What is that? That's the an- ~ ~:i!!:~!i:~ :~::::~:::, : :::~::~:~:~/::~:i :~i i they must work to "strengthen tthe great masses of the poor. I vocauons- I was made this week by the And so it goes. The seasons/gels in heaven dropping pots and i ~ ~ Christian society in the Latin] Seek Extension il ! [ Amerman MSC headquarters mchange -- winter, spring, sum-lpans while they wash the i ~ ~ American world." I He ~aid the Chur~'h "~n no~| I Aurora. mer, fall -- but the change isldishes," she answered. He paus-I PRINTED IN BROOKLYN--A 464-page Sunday missal in the [ But to be effective, he added, llon~er"be accused ofsidin~ with]l (,A|~UL]~ ] I Came in 1946 never qui!e fast enough, or so it ehd' and then retorted: "Well, tell Urdu language has been printed in Brooklyn for the flock of it is necessary to grasp "the]Latin American dictators ~What-~[ "rna~r/ arx~lar I I Father Costello came to the seems. It s the same old story, t em to hurry up with thoseI Bishop Nicholas Hettinger of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Because ]temper of all Latin American]ever the record for episcopal si-/] /K/4VI:L LI:/4~U [ [ Geneva seminarv~ in 1946. Dur- We're never satisfied, at least]dishes,i they're making so much ofl letters in the. native~:;:.i::::~.~i:~:::iUrduiiiiii':ii::!i:i~!i~ilitongue. ~i~are ceS creamnUmer USsoemlandano politics," " in'which, social reformllence, [. in "the past, Latin Ameri.[]" I| ~',ew ~ujr' ~Jt.tuu~t ~,i| I in~ his first nine ,ears there not completely. [no se I can t hear televtsmn. [ varmble there is no printing type avmlable. So the missal was ]plays the major role ~ca's bishops today cannot be ac-[[ IP ~11,HI A"r|~Jl A,I heserved as teacher and later So as July come ssteaming in) Way Out ] prepm-ed by hand in Pakistan and printed from plates in Ozone J Need Revolution Icused of coddling dictators," hell r~,~ILIL r~|||][|J[,~,I as rector of the students. In 1955 .~m ~ts no~ .oream, s.wlmn ,onI So you see even the angels are[ Park, N. Y,by the Diocese of Brooklyn I T=,in A,~rio=n "ha,e ,~o{said" /I . .- I I he received his first appoint-~n:ky;~rsitC~2tc~ ne~ax~Zan~ lUor~lhaving trouble !his season, .butI lsto~r~ach fo'r'any"te~rm that su'g-/ Auxiliary Bishop Leonard P./| Jl:l I I merit as supermr, a post whmn at the'lighter sicte we re sure that ~t.]sn t.affectmgI ~. ,~ 1 ~.11~ I~1~1~. I1~ gests mild, middle-of-the-road/Cowley of St. Paul stressed tact| I I ' ql'i ~ I~!~ ~,~ ~r,~,~ ~, ~ " mew OUUOOK anc~ mat they coum ~ 1 ~ objectives Father Cons[dine role of the home in the develop- I]]I]][~~' i:!:Ji[iiiil[ .~.De~spi te,:he,heat,~ J~uly,haslseethehghters'de fthesttua-I ~ ~ ~ ~rl~--~|~ [ told 2 000 members of Serra an/ment of religious vocations dur-[] PILGRIMAGE [] "," organization of business and pro- mg a ta k at the conventmn. I ':! hreworks, summer camps and Feasts to be remembered dur- AURORA PROPHETSTOWN - , Ill'!] ,',[' I ::i :, I fesslonal men who work to pro- Prmsts and Rehgmus come ! I~~ I ] vacatmns Itls also the month of ing the month of July. St Eliza-August 19--Bmr Garten Tanz July 9-- Ice cream social at1 ] Feotur ng the October 13 I I I[ i'l!! BIl~ilill ' /~ ,:i;,;! Ithe Precmus Blood, following beth queen of Portugal" St. Bon- at Lakewood playground from 9 St. Catherine parlsh hall from 31 ~z -~:^ Ifirst voice they hear is that ofI| Feast Doy Ceremonies ] I 'I i ,' I ~IIII~IUUUlIIII~II, ,I qmte approprlately the month aventure, St Vincent de Paul Pm. to 12 a.m---Sponsored by to 9 p.m.-- Sponsored by Bands l i r~ ~ ~ ~ I ~.~1'!~][~I~t"~] I oft the Sacred Heart, and it is St Mary Magdalen St Ignatius' units 16 and 17 of St Ann SOCle-seven, eight and nine of the' par-'~,=,=,-,ou~. ~,~,u~ ~. ~=,~d-[ I Under the S p'rtual",] ~1,r ' ' ' " -,er s oeclarauon ma~ in ~a~m II [i]l flll/II[]I]]l 'i ,i' also the month for celebrating Loyola, St James the greater ty, Holy Angels pamsh, mh women s socmty. J i AIIDNOA I Leadersh p of I I i i ,~merma 'omy revomuon Will ~t~l~[~|~V|l~ [,:1 ! ~t!l~lll!~: i the feasts of many well-known Ar.~stle" St Maria Goretti and DeKALB July 18 -- Public benefit des-] ] " " I i I i! !i[ ] i i :i i:l saints the- feast of Our Lady of Mt July l0 -- Annual lawn social sert luncheon and cards at St oo -- peacemz revomuon ~z pos-I ' r, [~ sible violent revolution if neces- REV. JOSEPH T. I, t~I ~111!,Scalped by Indian Name [Carmel at St Mary hosp~talfrom5to/Catherme parish hall at 130/ ', / ,I !1 ' : ~ ' ! ~ " sary [ I1' i ii ' ? In closingwe turn our 9 p m -- Sponsored by the has- p m. -- Sponsored by the parish Typmal of the season ]s thm], This att,tude ~s understand- ART S ,i '" thou hts to he a ors a n pl[az auxiharv women's sac[ely HEALEY ]]"J.~! ~.~ml~l[~ camrr i the man who kiddingly told some I t~r,utl~ [ RICHMOND l, T ;. t.~.;~. ; ~ ,~ i l .MI~RIIAKI/ ~rKIIM~,I . I I I~i~ ',DearDad ]friends: You know, I reed to Juy 3--Co ned beef and cab-] july~throughg Parishfesti.[world,s ma;or areas of massI| ART VOm~N II Harvard [[]ln01$ I I ] Every~dy in camp was givenlget on that first flight intolbage dinner at St.oEdward high]val at St. Joseph parish grounds,|poverty and estitution," FatherII H ' I I s ace Whereu n his wife school serving trom noon un ~otor June up~Mmor ll l an Indian name. I am Chief Bald] P .' too " / -- " " -]highway 12 at junction 173. Jconsidine said [J " iti I I ,tfl 5 m S n ored v,s,r,ng LisDon ~rarima/, Eagle so guess what I did with]looked at him and said: 'Yes, I " p~ .~ pos by St. Ed-I SOUTH BELOIT [ Alter'Ima"e I I I . I I The Very Rev R~vmond w [mv hair9 Jknow! It's too bad that, a monkey]warn ~oosmr cmt). July 23 -- Ice cream sacral s i Rome, uucerne, ear,s, t'o~tell" MS C [ Love [beat you out of it' HAMPSHIRE [ [ The Latms have become con-J Broke Serv,ce---Lube Jobs J l ,--.~ a r~,k : I I I Mart'" I Sizzle sizzle' It;s i July 23 42nd annual festival] Zr, om,e p.m. un~l, p.m. ~Cn[vincedthattheyareunjustly ]| Ill u,u~, ,iu I I ~ church ,awn -- ~ponsore~ oy ~,' (Extension to uouraes gave him charge of the enhre[ And then there was the little[ summertime [and pamsh droner at St. Charles] [unnecessarily poor he added: II ~00, M~,N Sr AURO~ Ii I I refer .~t~ar anti lxosary society ' . community of priests brothers ,~irl but let's for'~'~* h'~r i But everything has a IBorromeo. Dinner served from[ ] They want to do something I Ill Ava ab e) Deportng I i and students. His new appoint:[-~e,re sure Mom and ~ad havei lighter side. [11 a.m. until 6 p.m. in the parish[ ^ ~rERLING .[about it immediately. They are[I PHONE TW 7-2411 Ill k, v- ,-, --.- 1 I merit, which takes effect JulY]enough gray hairs already I So water the grass, cool the Ihal. Games, movies, eveningl -- " /determined to have a change.' ! I,I I I lunc cake walk from 4 p m until 8 via bw,ssotr ut~ 23 gives him similar responsi-] But whil~ on *he ~":"+,1 root beer, I h stand. / ' " t ]l I I i " - LEE p.m. m St. Ma y school yard -- n'n 27 bll ties toward the MSC corn- names have you seen the new-[ And make the most of the J J I II Retur,g October,I munity ~n Reading, Pa. lest television ad of a leadingl heat that's here. [ July 23--- Annual lawn sup r/:n %ter aDYd Ts ;ame: e ? YI ~" - e i II via Irish Airlines 707 I I During his 15 years at Gen-[cereaI manufacturer that warns[~ Ionhr. James parish grounas| J J" I A 4 I II I I UBLETTE ~11 InClUSiVe pr,ce :~O~O eva Father Costeno has worked children not to let the "hun-liT Ifr mht S:30 m'--S onsored] S I ]1 I I regularly in many of the parish- dries" get them~ tL). ~ ~. ~.~x~l~t [by the parish. [ July 23 --- Ice cream social[ -'~~ [J For information ] J es of the diocese. He is espe-[ --~* a ~ ~o,~, J CHICAGO-- Loyola Univer-[~[fr m 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. in St.[ ~ ~ II l I cially well known in Aurora by[ '" "~" " "."~, -]sity has announced that the[~i|~l~ [Mary school -- Benefit of Our[ "1 SO~~/~/VL.I~;;ORA. ILLINOIS ~ il Call your Local Travel I I - i ~ e .~ ~ Anomer newly cornea worn[ l~"~a~vg~#"ll ~ /Lad, of Per,~etual Hel~, chur,-h I -~, vv ,~ ~ v "~ ~- ~-- ~" IZ - -,l ~ ~ o ~, oac~,eu n~ar~ pro:[came to our attention recently]Nat[anal Scie~l~.e F undati nI~ v v [ "SPECIALIZING IN COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY" [i ,",gent or I I zsn where ne warren zor severat ' t has granted ]t~12 500 o help ~ j Jwhen one of our priests was tell-i ' li --Ili |1 ~~~~~~~~i~~~~~~~~i~~i~~~~~~~~i~~~~i~ii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i~~~i~~~~~ "lJ i I fat~Sra~a~l~:~i:rn~ m me ~a~e ing of a visit home. It seems].ren vatethree,r ms as hem-ll L J II - u It-- -II -- -- -- I I Itha~ ne nan given a fire andllS~ry taoura, orms mr grauuami| ; moruu uuru Ill ~|$~}~11 II*~PilVin--|}~--i~.!i! i~-II " d~/i-~ lll/"1 I bet of the advisory board for er mentioned the fact, adding: [Federal agency for the pro[- J =~"T'~'~ ~I1~ I I/= Tg AVI~/ I I the entire MSC organization in " tosaytheleastMrs. So-and-lect, II " I]1 I/---iiii i -E/I i I the United States Father also so didn't appreciate your II ,e ude, os,e. Be.e,o,o I * .r.oee li--= --/I ." i I acted as chaplain of the Colum- and it seems now that she's got[~:~]~ ~ ,o liquor just line load III - and Installation I/ = :; "*-Lk :rW Eli /l'A|ql ! I~' ! I bian Council of the Knights of[ the "hates" for you. " J [J I ~, Ill Air Condltionina J[- ~:~;~:~; ~'~"~ " " =/I i --my v mm I I ' B " " -- -" Columbus. Another of has many r ut theh best one to date came Patr0mze . Ventdotm" " g Skyh'ghts -- CUSTOM DRAPERIES = 1841 Broadway duties was that of instructor of[fomt e mouthofachild, as it[ [] IJ .o o, I/= . o,: 4 II medical ethics in the nurses'loften does The same prmst,[ J ,w II s i.e. Rou,o a0 I!1 I[= - - =[I New York 23, N. Y. I I training program at St. Josephltalking with a group of very] /I East Side of Aurora, Illinois ill 4~9 High St. Aurora I]- P -/I I I n ~ ~ ~ ~' ~ * ~ ~ Droper,es Fobr,cs Bedspreods Shpcovers Hordwore CO 5 7800 Mercy hospital in Aurora. lyou g boys jokingly said to ~ne[~`.~!~!:~::&:~&:~2~::~;.'~:;`*~&~i~i~i ~ig~r~4~*:~!:.~*q~&:~I~ " i/IWEPHON, i/-- " " o " --=! " I i Born in Woodhaven New]of them" "How did you ever get/ "~'[I --,nljj ;l.jj.mjH jj.j.j.j j.j.jjm.nnn.j~[|,J "" " "~ "" "~ " "" '" " -'su ha f nn " ~" "~ T|~i i IIIIIIlil|lill III Illil Illlllil|lililllllll|lll|iilili|lilill|ill ~ ' XOrK, ~amer ~osmno atmnaedt c u y zace. un, MI II 1 #he Genevaschool himself for]couldn't help it, Father," the[|: kll'It' l.lll l I Iff Dl k/l 1M [I : : I z be m d "When I was a ba |llll~l 1L-L-l- ~1~ 15~l~,lIlll"ll~l e . , ~f've years before advancing tol Y q 'ppe -/I m ILL -- . - II v == "' -- [ the major seminary in Shelby.lby my mother hit me with an]l I It'~1 I~D ~'I~#'~DI~ I] I~ ~ ~ *," ~ ~.~'-t-. , He was ordained in 1946. ]'ugly-stick'.' /i,vnc II ,t 3 I [ Take It Easy! ii II IIIll /, ! "r'Y " 11/3 '111/2 tl T" ! i Fort-, Hours I ,But summer is not all sun and|I LIQUEURS- I/ 'li /! I i / ! i ! ! f" ! ! n / ! A I .7 Iheat, it also has its days of rain tl /I Ill Improvement 1 l'f I F' I / II II!/ I/"1 / / i II I St. George, Aurora-- Seventh[usually accompanied by claps][ w"~ ~ .r~,~ J/ llll I I 11 Ii ! i I .J I I,--/! I [i I Sunday after Pentecost. [of rolling thunder that frighten]| ~uxtut~,~. I/ llll 1 $ (],' ' . i ! " " U I St. Joseph h~pital, Belvidere]little ones. [I BEER AND ALE [I [ll I il " " --,I --Seventh Sunday after Pente-[ One small lad in the diocese,[[ ICE CUBES AND SNACKS I/ II 1 Bll ~ r,: I cost. [however,ratherthan being[[ ~ -~ .- |[ II I ,an ,acre oI eree rarumg --|lil~i~A [" 125050 BROADWAY AURORA, ILL. II '~'~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Clock Wr,stWatches ~ I l IJl/ t ,q Atli . . . I '/ ! / I I E E MOVING. e PHOTO EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES j ~1~ I~SHOEI LOCAL ORLO"" I [~ii~i~:~::~::ii::~i~!i~ :;: or Savers v II I PHOTO QU[PMEIqT ond SUPPLI S f :::!iii:; ' In Jul ~ I~ i ~i~ iX ~ a~ !!il5! ili!iii::::!i::i!i::::iii ~ ~ii :: :ii i::i:: - i Alex G. Nagy's J Your Doctor [ -- I t::i!i ::i::i: ~ i ~ An unusual and exciting series of I numerals and a sweep second hand I I SilwrGIoss Photo Shop II Will Prescribe I AMDR[ ~r I ii~;i:::~!~::~:i~i!iii:~ ~:~i~ ~:i~ii ~[i ,'gifts for thriW' will be made avail- ! ~ you would like a stylish new I I i - ,ox ,o0 O,A II I ~TRANSFER [ i)::)ii}iiii iliiiil iilii i! ii!ii abletosavings-mindedAuroransdur- [ shock-resistant Westclox wrist; I I I IUItI1/I:DC[ ing the month of July by Improve- I watch, Improvement Federal Savings II I I~i i li I~)] J i IIIV m"ll, [ ] ment Federal Sav;ngs. J has one waztmg for you. All y lave [I I ' I " ~ ~1 ~v----'--- Persons adding to thmr sawngs to do ~s I Au.! m. I J For Any Occaston I] 12 I Aur r ~/?~TTFoWR2"9733 [ accounts oropeningnewaccountsat; ! (1)open two new accounts of I I Kedi-Mix I I BUS SERVICE I[. ~, ~, ace i REPUBLIC VAN and i 4" L,Improvement Federal will have their [ $150 or more each, or,J I Ill ~nAK/i'K ~UA~ ~ m/ ~urora---,none xw ~-~o1~ t STORAGE CO u ? / u i Concrete for all i I TEL TW 7 8532 I/ Children s Shoe $peeioHs~ I I chozce of Westclox alarm clocks or I (2) add $150 or more to your il I I oncrete ]or art ill " " I1 World Wide Move. / I . ' . . II I 1 " I~l I| 1 wrls~ watches zor men ann tao]es. I,presen~ a coun~ ann open a il I I purposes III Joliet-Aurora I/I ~.~ i/ ad If you open a new savings accountI new account of $150 or more, I! I i ~m . i i - a, I|1 1-'~111~][~ A. IFNIEIEMAN I/ 1 for $50 or morn, or add $50 or more J . or V I I oncrete Itl urans|r Lnnes, Itl Florists Since 1895 I/ ~ ~ to your present account, you will,(3) add $150 or more each to two j I I Co. II Inc. Ill HELEN M FREEMAN Owner I/ ! ~ L receive an attractive Westclox Tide / present accounts, ifyouhave t I 13S Tro,k St " ' ~ ~ ::~,~~ Electric Alarm Clock, featuring a . . them. DIAL TW 6-9714 358 Cedar St. TW 2-7668 A.rora -- ~l ~il i] i/ ii:,: . smart, easy-to-read dml wffh full [ ONE GIFT TO A CUSTOMER ,-Ill ;,I, ./ i," II I AURORA I/I o I/ i How Much Should You Have In A I! I TYPE ill u,4 I/ [] Sawngs Account? I WRITER COMPANY I/I HIGH STREET PHARMACY I/ I 1 Here. t Improvement Federa} [ income should be your GEORGE MESAROS TONY PAUL JOHN BONIE I/I I/ ~ I [] Savings, a customer will often ask usi I ings goal. It should be b [ally II I Ill Complete Prescription Service I/ ~ p "How. much do yott think I should I more, if-- . ~ I STUDENTS.Free~~L:feEt:cyc e :;: Typewr,ter I~[ ~i~i::s~ I havemm savmsaccount weO ii : iii!: !; 1 2i!! I 1 Youarem,ddleaedoro]der, with Adler CANE, S, ETC .~ [[J 666 Hiah Street Phon~ TW ' 9631 Aur^ra |[ cluding (1) age~ (2) type of occupa- I pital care, with loss of income. II / 221 MAIN ST. PHONE TW 7.8904 AURORA III --- - r. -- [] i . tion, (3) family responsibilities, and J 2. You're in the type of job which [i / '[' / d,tr (4) the availability of a retirement or [ where permanent or continuous em- [I / ~~:.~,:-~,:~.:,~:,:::~:~.~. ~ i/,i pension program. [ ployment is not assured. In Amer- ~1 / I[I ~ J] ",Almost every financial expert J ica'sfast-changingindustrialsociety,/ ~l ,-x " ~,| I[I DJ~'r~=l . I[ ~ agrees that, as a general rule, every J rapid job-turnover is an ever-increas- l / .~ ~,~ ~ .~) .e- t a |/! I/I rP" ~ll~J~ ~ J --1 --! L ~ ~ J] ~ married couple should have a mini- J ing problem. ~ / "tU" t"o ,muu 1/i I/i ' I/ ' ~i mum of six months' income in a sav- I 3. You are planning special expert- II / i " ings account. It is believed that such [ ditures onbehalf of your family, for V / :~: Xl ~':~ ~" " a " = I ll I/I ' ' " I/ an mcome g,ves you reasonable pro-]example, to pay for acollegeeduca-! I - ? I/I I/I ,n] !:il tection against any ordinary finan- tion for your children, or to buy or ~!~t~'~ ~ Ill |[| ~.~-~"~,~ I~stdbutors of I/ ~ ciat crisis. / improve a home. ~1 ~J'~t~ttr- .~ ~w~/~ III I|1 ~""""~ w 11 ~ ~1 /;,z~m~ A t ,t,;o o; / a v,An,v,h~,o~,~o~nr~ofver- II I[I I11 ~l~l~ i I/ i . also gives you a "second income / sonal retirement or pension program II ~il ~"Al~ I~1 I/I I.ULUMBIA UI'I'II.I~ ~UI~I'LT I.U. I/ I it since six months' income invested at [ to count on in yourlater years. Social | Ill OFFICE--INDUSTRIAL--INSTITUTIONAL I/ i 4 per cent-the dividend rate paid by [ Security is useful, but any family ! }iii I]1 Phone TW 7-9249 :AURORA 227 Main St. i],Improvement Federal Savings-,counting exclusively on Social ~~FINANCE HAS A I/u = : I means that each year you will receive,r!ty for retirement income will enioy li ~i FORMULA TOO I/~ ~1 the equivalent of a full week.' s salary. .),httle,more than a 'minimum exist- Your systematic saving plus ourgenerous But we emphasize that six months J ence. dividends odd uptosteody financial prod. J I/! n. ~n~tm t ~wI If ~ ress toword your most important goals. I1 Vl I/I TT z dP, Tv s. J J i Prove this formula to yourself -- storting ~ = Your savings insured to $10,000 by r111 ~1 I ~mmu,~,'~~~ (/g~%~ an agency o~ U S Government . m v I/| Fyes Exemined-- Glasses Fitted I[ I ~~i~i~~~i [[~'- 1 I~L~I] Urn'" .~tm~" QP' Ill II ; SAVINGS ,N, LOAN ASSOCIATION XX~~~,~f-// B~' 7 Goleno Bird Phone , ~--. ~ I]~ " }[ i 301 GALENA BOULEVARD TWIN OAKS 7-1161 I1~ Aurora Hotel Bldg. TWinoo~ '-02'' I[ J A,ItORA, ILtlNOI$ "