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July 7, 1961     The Observer
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July 7, 1961

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PAGE 2 THE OBSERVER 'KIDAY, JULY 7, 1961 . I iJ . i II l I I [ I I " [ Bishop Lane Addresses Wives of Serra Club Members o The following is the complete Catholic mother, who will teach[tion, at all On the part. of Cath-ltle differently by saying thatlpeaceful as possible. Night came GUIDANCE AND help these misguided mothers such serious proportions. Thq t~M~.rz~a~/tneo;!ddt[Mo:n[Saln" ~i;~ai~it'hne, h~rt~n~rhisld :;dmv~k; tehaerlSlg;]oltTa~t~;~ ?thDOke:y. itm:O~eSreseo~ s~he::hY:gnogf p;~ple:uf~t ~;;?,e, iandh~lo;~;d 7;:::d atTh~n c~l~- ~uIcFhE?T:ONrs are greatly in ~c" thw;?egh ;~eo :~l;rl;giC~ ~tl;~l~nagt; that awaits, the. a, pos: p ,~, *n a y ~ say me flail Mary Through her,[the Mystical Body of Christ are,With these and similar objec-ldren and smiled lightly. "It is need of guidance and direction " p onc woman m this neia oy nzs zxce~tency, me lvlost a sense of reverence and obedi-[the v~ery ones who would retard tions the attitude seems to be f ~etting late ' she said 'and I'm Their' m~sc nc e~ ms" -, =,-+;, " should be themselves to learn more about is a tremendous, one. I know that lem, all will agree B t the th slat rhood S told e l" 'thelr Rev. Loras. T L a n e, D.D ence will be inculcated. and her]its progress9. I know of many'that the world will sunnlv the tired Children, run alonzo, no r +,~,q with' an explanahon" of what a call from Christ really we can count upon each of you J.C.D Bishop o] the RockIord, example of .ded!cahonand se!f-[mothers who are looked upon as lanswer as to whether or notlto your families They will be the true significance of a call means, and .who w ill equip to accept that challenge in the ~mcese. . . I sacrmce wm ~e renected re]exemplary Catholics in the prac-lone has a vocation, and that iflwaiting for you and they need from Christ and of the great !hemselves wt!h the answers, to reahzahon that o u r Catholic -. w .W ~,~, ]those over. whom. she has]rice of their religion They may lthere is a vocation, it should be ryou.' benefits that will result from me various, ovjecrions to that women have a very special role a~ a convennon SUCh as mis, cnarge. ~uch a mother is truly[be daily communicants help out!tested in the world before any trmTwc, aa,~c~xT x7 r~-e~w accentina that " call If they call. By the 'woman to woman" to play in the promotion encour- of Serra International, one might "the heart of the home." [in parish activities and be of further steps are taken to fol- "=,Fh~,~,'*ro;e ;;,~ ~'~,o;,~ come~ toTou seeking "assistance: approach much can be accom- agement and, in these days, the et th ' + g e idea that it really is a Because of the intimate rela-[great assistance to the pastor Ilow it The world has its own} 1- '---': :- ~,ou can do a ~reat service to plished on the home front where defense of God's call for more ' ' " "J ' her ~ea turn u~weun ~nclv ue- z s man s world after all, so thatl tranship therefore between]Good in so many things yes standards and they are not the - ' the Church and to the cause of the vocatmn crisis has assumed workers in His vineyard ' . . ' : sire to stay anct their ou~y to even the problem of vocatmnsImother and child m the forma-tbut defective in cooperating with lkind that are conducive in them-ltheir families Then the mother Christ if through your advice ~ a~A~, a~ a to the priesthood and the re-[five years, it is no wonder that]God's will when He calls one r, selves to promote and strength-l turned to the'dau~,hter who was and counsel you can contribute A~ ~tW[ ~l~ ligious life, will like so many] the.child in choosing a life's TO-[of their children to His service, l en vocations to the priesthoodl ~ ,~ ~;,~ 'w~l +=-~ toward banishing the doubts ,--m ~ tt~er things, be satls!actortlylcatmn: no matter what it m lght~ DO NOT UNDERSTAND TO-;and the religious life. The opin-lwith me'." '" ~ fears and misinformation that,- t. ~rwr~r,~r,~ .a D ~r~,~a | en care o+ oy me male mem- re, Will oe greauy lniluencefl oy/f, Aq,ttt~ ion seems to be that if the world --. :+~ +v ~ ~+ .q h^ + I ~ we I~LtLtI '~L~-O ~ D24-1~x~UJl?+ J[D I hers of the species Althou h a the mother ' I . . I ~s sue came ~o cite, tins morn- ~-, -,~ u t ~ ~ x~ , ~*"cial *'ro"ra-" ~'- !g =-'[ In trying to remedy such a succeeds m drawing a child tOler knew that between herself and mother whose child has been,w .l '~i'~vA~.~ ~ FAt/ltE~ ] ;~ for tie ~adi;*s 'w"h~ere~Yth~:;I ch~dm~na~pPen~::t;nn wf~;n [~:]situation it is important to hotel'Is ways, regarcuess of its meth-lher other children had come oth- extended the invitation, "Come,rtaat ,ames uecoratea .] GaS ann ~ts entmements, it ~s he da h r h follow me TO do so means that mi ht have some ar r ' . that parental opposition arises er loves. Only t ug te w o g p a tmtpatmn fl st time of a vocatmn to the/mainly out of a misconeeptionla sure sign that the child never was a nun had never brought in you yourself must be well in-I MOLDOVAN S CATERING SERVICE ] !n the convenuon, me.mee~!nglprmsmoo or ~o me rengious[of the meaning of a vocation tolhad a vocation in the first place any human obligation that might formed so that you can readily ] Call TW 2-0725 or 6-7234 AUR(~RA 720 I ehnetz Ave | ~::m~y ;n;e;gtt~iae~sdo: ~not ~e~:ctioWnn:ft,th;SP~mC~t~y; Is me/the priesthood and the religious HAPPINESS IS ABSENT stand between them. This moth-give clear and convincing has'- I g : " | "^-t "- "~ ' } ' [life and of the manner of life] Behind many parental objec-[er had found out how true it was wers to the arguments that are ~ --t aa ~u u~t,a~ m a n y way[sISTERHO0D AND PRIEST-|tha+ -oh ~ o~n; ;.~o tiGriS there is the fear that their +h=+ "+h. t~hilrt ai,m tn G~r~ usually nresented by misinform- n ati~onal-i th~n,'~, ,:,: : : : ~::~:;j ~u t This would seem to be evident]children will not be able to find l is the one you keep for your- ed mothers. In this way, one of ] I l TI)g~'D I K'~I IP A ~T]E2r} ~ ] . ~.~ ~? ~-~f~u*[ here we must make a dmtme-[fror~ the various objections]happiness in the priesthood or]self." the great obstacles to the reali- ] 2qkUlqt~J1]k/qk ~,~.J]U.~/-~k ~Ik;:~ ] ~;ga~ztuton:nth~t titeh:;m~;e~[ttmn between how She will react]brought forth. For instance, a[religious life. But again this oh-[SPECIAL CHALLENGE,zation of a vocation will be lea-] I [ a vocauon m the smterhood[cgmmon objection from parents[jection is due to a misunder-[ OFFERED sened, more young men and,~. ~ ~U[~l'~l]~.~l~[~ I gr:a~lS~w;n~e ~ina: CC;amip~Sane~[as compared, to.a vocation to[is that their son or daughter is]standing of just what that life] If it is true that in the prob- women will be following the call ] . ~ . . [me pnesthooa. First, let us con-[,to young to know " This ap.tmeans. Usually the fear is dis-[lem of parental opposition to TO- of Christ, and more families will I COLD STORAGE VAULT I :UPpert f~on~nth:rf:c~lZt~n w~:~smer .the sisterhood. When. a[plies especially to eighth grade[Pelled by a visit ton seminary]cations it is the mother who oh- become truly and deeply Chris-] I c~,~ugnter expresses mr the first tor a novltla e h re h hun A correct attRude on voca We b ectahze tn Dra er Cleantn have six Serra [-'" I graduates, although at times it~ "" t w e a w ole-[jects more strongly, and if it is " ' - [ P p y g [ ~zuu~ m ~s~-lume m her morner mat snelis also applied to those in high]some a n d joyful atmosphere]true that her objections are bus- tions will help to bring about a I | c:s:f o~ v~OCK~;~ huG.earn t, mo]woum to go to the convent,[school. There is some truth inlprevails. They have that peace]ed chiefly on misinformation as rebirth of solid living faith in ] 129 GALENA BLVD. 800 FIFTH STREET ] n"t -* ~y.: lg~. cal~re. [that.aes~re, accoramg to various[this argument because at four-[and happiness which the world]to the life and work of those the Catholic home PHONE TW 7.8771 PHONE TW 7.8773 | ~u~. ,~ u~ ~u,~ncon ,1 fm[stumes ma.t nave t)een maoe, ~S[teen or fifteen years o.f age one l is always seeking b u t never / called to the priesthood and the' KNOWLEDGE IS IMPORTANT |- AU~n~A | spea~mg, not.~o ~errans our re]met with disfavor on the part Ofldoes not definitely know what! finds. It is safe to say that the!religious life, t h e n a special' That rebirth, however, will not ] ] Yt~:re;::e~r oW~the:.sul~Yeeter~ar~r;,l!he mother in the great maior-lthe priesthood, brotherhood or students there have more laugh-lchallenge'and opportunity is giv-] come as long as so many Catho- ] ~, ' | J. u-lily o~ cases, l sisterhood entails. But why not:ter, more gaiety, more genuine]en to women such as you. Moth-life mothers remain bewildered, ca[ions ano ~ne.ff, am liy will t~[. A few daysago I was talking]put him in the circumstances l enjoyment than anyone else I era very often take their trou-[ confused and misinformed in re- a ,~ ,~, --------[l| | u~t ~u ~i~zn~.~.i~j~ ~o you analOG a ~omer t~nerai .oi a verY[in which he will be capable of~their age. Too few of the laity]hies to other women -- to a]gard to vocations to the priest-[] ~aym0n0 truer Agency Ill Illllr= 1m [ .~u~ ~a~u~t: w vm~: [largecommumty oz.~zster.s w.aO/knowing his own mind? Why is]know much about what goes on]friend, to the next door neigh-lhood and the religious life. Onell ' Ill ~V||~= ~. ] who ItA~ IKi~PLtN~IBILIT ]has nan wine experience tn the]the world chosen to furnish the!in religious houses. If they didlbor to a relative, of the most effective ways to]| m~a, ~evt~t~ "~ ~ ~ |[| " ] That there is a vocation prob-|recruiting and training of girls[answer instead of a ~,~;~=~'~ ,rlknow they would not be so sold] ' ' [I KrAL |)lAir I Ill a ,-~e ~ I for ~ " ' [ . . [a novitiate Where the question, " argument for the] 4~ll~al~ ]] INSURANCE Ill NII:YI:Kb t agreement is not quite so unani-|that more than ninety per cent]can be seen in its true ~,~r ~o ["world " I~,~t,%,~ . . [I [ L~'. - I I|l I mous when we begin to placetcommunitof the girls who had joined their tive so that a mature an~ ~nte]'a. " ] -[ "WE" HAVE LOST THEM" ] " -~J[ @- L] (~tIN~i':"~f J Jill II I"LUIVIIDIINLJr~', ,l ~ n,~,f- II the responsibility for doing some-[ Y. h d met,with.parch-[liKent decision can be reached.] Then there are those parental[ WTn#'~T~ ~V~T~E"~E2~,TTTfhTT~]L~ g'~K'h ][| " ~NATI'ONAL~ Ill . --, -- ] thing about that problem. There]tal opposition, and mat that op-[ cttcaT,r~ e~- u~n~,r, ~,~c~'!who com,qain that ",h ~| .c~Ul'~.q, flJ[Jk2-~k 113r][~.lP-JIP.Jl~lll~-lt U~,-D12J ~.~.1% Ill . UIAI, '~1 m*d~ ~ II| /-M'ICI I '' sition 1 Itl I are those who say that it ,s real-/PO amost always .cameI The same objection is put a lit.lchtldren leave for the seminary][ : - - "RUSSELL ONAK ]2-3226 HEATING . [ly the concern of the bishops,]IrOm me m6mer. Almougn[ [ or convent, we have lost them." [ ] O~ Aurora [ the priests, and the religious. It l!here were objectmns also from Ira, nasa at I An old priest tells of a death It One Downer Flare ~urora ~7 ET is up ~o them, exclusively, tol~ e miner, they were sew mllllVSlll Ibed scene he o n e ,~ o++o h~,~ 11 Phone TW 7-86 Ill 257 N. Union Aurora Ill AURORA I eethaa etnhecShe rto .ge2sdst eniCm ar s tn: ul;h seeLrt mt elNtlAVI1a ' I "This splendid mother had J Ill Ph. TW7.70. ]l] ] e | " It I[blessed with four daughters and| I there are those who will go a/zamer somenow xee~s that all ml|||,Iinm IE ili[~s Iltwo succ sst " ,-~. .ll - Ill II.~! "-~-----~ d nclude or an girl's future pertains to the e m~ sons. ~nree oz step further an i,g "[ l] ~II/IIVAN % ][the daughtershadmarried, andt[ REPUBLIC If[ Everything in Liquid ~l m ~ . [[ FREE PARKING izations SUCh as ~erra wno canlaomam oz me morner ana con-ii Sva=mal/~ll ~ lithe other her favorite had be II Ill g,v, " Ill James g, olemen II DRIVE-IN SERVICE give valuable assistance in re-Jsequently he refrains from giv-[I II : : "11 ~ = m .=,~ =m Ill Kelreshments III II m~=-~. , lieving the problem, ling the last parental word ,nil Iltablished their own families. [I GA HF A I 1[ BERTS J.C. ELECTRIC EVERYBODY'S PROBLEM |the matter" Fr mo a!l accounts[| nooran aii|iio ]' "It was tbe last day of the'] v.d, ,'L.U r] ROBERTS II k zs apparently saze to say that What must be realized more mother's life and she seemed to " A W " t '1:~]]!I-I~,t' gd/@-~a~aH the parental obstacle m the I PE L T RC h~rlpool II lift t N : and more, however, is that thel ' /I um|n.m Comb|.afio. ]]realize that 'the end was near ]] - SPECIALISTS Ii PACKAGE III II vocation problem is everybody's|~ o~e' a~rnis;;g?~i ~o me sister-[[ Windows & Doors |lHer six children were aroundl] I/AIIrV UleA'rlldn III III Washers--Dryers cneIlyIrom me TflSLLi III.I~/IIIV ~, problem, and it should be Of[mot~er 11 r |lher bed, praying with her, liste.-II ill LI UOR III Refrigerators--Stoves I] specim concern to every man,/WHAT "ABO ~ II rv~tg, A I/ing to her last requests, and/I ~ n n Ill ~" Ill Dis~w.ot-,rs II woman an-~ -h:1~ "- ~"- ~ -" "- / UI DU~. IS A |/ |i /lSl~ ~or ~zg ~re2 |/I III a~ a~xx~ S/ ~owncr ~ I~1 r ~[1. u ~ ~u m ~,n~ ~.uurcu. It i ' ~ mamng me ena as quze[ ano as ' AURORA - A R R L s somewhat different, how 1216 NO LAKE ST~ U O A, IL Among the laity, therefore, it[ 11 KITCHEN CABINETS l/ /I 0s. T og0 I/I I NO'LAXEST'AUR0 A III 'ir. II ENOS*, CO kET, ever m regard to the ooys zn w?uld tbe~ angrave~m~istakethto]the family. Here the father will[] 414 First Dixon IIr;lYtlN II A-{JRORA []1 Plenty of FreeParkin, ][] 594 5th AVE TW 2.9613' II SERVICE SINCE 1871 ~urct~"suc~"ast~he"la~i'ies" l as[exert greater influence, usuallyl",',[,] [ L,"1 It " -'|1 AUBORA I/ MomSa, .+ F.0.I.C. -o s--'-i-1 r-1 ' /on the assumption that he knows II t/ [ more about the planning of a . ' II FARMERS H " we invit, your II/ of fact much -f the s mmre. erhaps he may[| I II account-- I wish his son to Succeed him in GET TOP PRICE ~ OPEN CHA G i b ils d wn t the ladies them']~is business or to hel,~ himl~ FOR yn.e e. ~. Jl[[ ~O v~,E~ ]]i P~t?~rl'AL OPPOSITION [choose some calling that he, the|l ' " I II ~ F*UA~R~M'EnR~$ p'L~A'N If! When we speak of the prob-!father' would like to have fol-]] ~{~RC~g O#~ &Lt~ |i[[ ~" Carry Our Accounts [[i lOwed himself Or, he might][ " [[] o i[ Ari!e "S 'i'P !ei [ lem of vocations, perhaps the . " . want his son to perpetuate hzs most frequent hindrance or ob- . I stacle tp the realization of a TO- name through marriage, with Inquiries Cordinfly tnv~td j [ ' h " the hope that he might have the ontnct- cation to t e priesthood or the i JI Stnn Wo.n O;,n - ] H I I-I I~| |q "~ I HI a Mwe, Jr pleasure ann sausIac[lon of be religious life is parentalopposi-[ "11 Pkoae:Aydtl-i"~9|or4-1"~01 ]111 ~' -:' ' ' " f i Ili coming a grana~amer to a new tion. Various surveys conducted] . [I I[[I IPUI~NITURE CO.J [[I . generation during the past few years mdz- PA " UIIUII FllLL~, |~t, " " T" cute that this o,~,-~sition on the RENTAL INFLUENCE [] I[[[ ~IXONJ [[] part of parentsV~s more wide- .To say that the father exer-[[ |[' -'I ,o s. ,V,R ST. PH. Tw ,-,o, AURORA Ill ~~' '. ,:';;:m'. i ~ ,k i 2 k l" c~ses consiaeraole inuuence ~ '[ " - ~ ~ I believed For exam*'le, in a stue ~ne vocation o! his son floes F~us s. s ~.~.~.o ~ ~.~ ; ~ .~ ~ P " not mea rU[IAIL RAIlUD~ ~NlI|U / ~.~~~"~ ':~;. .a ^ ~ ,E r n nt~l ~a" n ~na~ me morner arenas n ,vr . =.~ ~. ~] ~1 "" aside and takes n0 part in such VAILI5 " tors Influencing Religious Voca- - Patromze - . -- --- tions," Father Thomas Bowdern, a cnom.e win usuany go c IL J. PAKKk 7/',",A/a,O'- along with the Iather as long as r~ ~, S.J. tabulated the replies ~of Dixon s Fashion LLO'I"IIIJhI~ fl.r Advarh,~rs ~ ~-&" ~,-,-,-,~ lq~ ~ ~ O4~0 nls ]uagment coinciaes With net ~. r,vmwvt a=,wv, l i = ~ ~ / u~ tz sue nacmnmte t, enter ~ : rlMmDin young women who had answered " " ~ . the call of Christ to the -riest plans for her son which are at u * ~ . r m ',~ be .ose,s aged lander hood or to the religious life. The ;~:i~nce withthoseproposed by 124 Galena Avenue ,**, w uoys we.r ~ B ~.~ thon a.y other beer mer sue WlU Irequently mqmry attempted to fred out ana how manyhad enduredsomede-a~d?P~n i;;in;ert e f:: e:U.Cm Dixon, Illinois a. Lorden Ted Sharpenler gree of pressure or opposition at her favor. Once again the close home once the vocation w a s made known Fifty-nine per cent of the men and seventy-two per cent 9f the women'admi~ted such pressure or opposition, ranging and i n f 1 u e n t i a 1 relation- ship which was forged between mother and child in the earlier years comes to light. FATHER'S DUTY In the American home, the all the way from simple ridicule to physical violence INFLUENCE OF PARENTS typical father is a man with a very generous spirit At the Admitting, then, that there is same time it must be said that such parental opposition and that in the fulfillment of his respon- it constitutes today one of the sibilities as head of the home, most serious obstacles to the he is too often reluctant to as- realization of vocations, the next thing that should be considered is the relative influence of the father and of the mother over a religious vocation in their chil- dren. In other words, do we know whether it is the father or the mother that exercises the greater influence one way or an- other. A few years ago, in a survey conducted by the members of the Christian Family Movement, it was brought out that in the great majority of families it was not the father's but rather sert himself. He believes that[| he has done h~s duty if he pro- [ Tides for a comfortable home[I and for the adequate education I of his children. [I In the book, "Parent's Role in | Vocations," by Father Godfrey~~ Poage, C.P and Dr. John[~ Treacy, the authors point out[| that the ordinary American]] mother has encouraged this. at-]| titude on the part of the father. [] "She has long fostered the eon-]l viction that the children belong ]l to her alone. Often she wants]| to run their lives and asks no more of her spouse than an oc- casional contribution in trouble shooting. The father, long accus- tomed to acceding to the wish- es of his wife. usually' bows out of any matters of discipline or guidance. He is content to write the cheeks and occasionally mete out punishment to a con- victed child. the mother's judgment t h a t seemed to be dominant. That was indicated by an overwhelm- inK reply that the father would agree with the mother and take the same attitude as she did to- ward a vocation FOCUS ON MOTHER If this be true. then in the matter of parental objection to vocations, our attention should NOT ALL MOTHER'S FAULT be focused particularly on theI "However . it is not entire- mother. It has been said thatlly the mother's fault that this "the hand that rocks the cradle I situation exists in many homes. is the hand that rules the Often fathers are too absorbed world." That. same hand that in their work, or they have so can contribute so much toward shaping the worldly de~tiny of her children can likewise mold systematically built up a leg- end of intense pre-occupation with making a living that they have had little time for their personal responsibilities. T h e Y are wonderful" doctors, g o o d farmers, fine businessmen, and excellent members of their la- bor union. But they are not out- standing fathers. Too few of them know much about child psychology, or realize the full extent of their rights and du- ties," ANY OPPOSITION? Why ahould there by opposi- AT 4-8341 RUBY R. NATTRES$, Owner 112 First St Dixon S~v@ Yourself and Savo o~ Fr|endly FINEST IN MEATS We Gibe S&H Green Stamps 8tlneon st Bmdshow Diaen, II1. them so that they may readily respond to the call of Christ should He beckon them to fol- low Him. I HEART OF THE HOME Although she shares with the father the responsibility of see- inK that the children are pro- perly brought up, it is normal- ly the mother, especially in the earlier years, who undertakes the greater part of that task. It e assumiag she is a ,good ,-- ortuar t TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS IN AURORA High nncl Liberl~ Streets So. Lincoln Ave. ond Clark Street ALL PHONES TW 6-7734 81 S. LA SALLE AURORA TEL. TW 2-0625 Distributing Co,Disiribulor Dial WO S-5409 Dial TW 2-6419 ar Rockford, III. TW 7-5744---Auroro, III. LOWER PRICES FASTER SERVIGE AMBULANCE SERVICE LEONARDI FURNITURE TV AND APPUANCE Visit Our Furniture Department We Feature: WADE BROWN G.E. PHILCO BASSETT ROPER HAMILTON SCALY ADMIRAL MAGIC.CHEF 907 S. River St. Aurora TW 6.1761 Service Station -- 24 Hour Service Motel -- 24 Hour Service --- Year Around Heating Oils -- Faster Deliveries Speedy Automatic Car Wash Using Modern Power Washing Equipment 1304 NEW YORK ST. 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