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June 30, 1961     The Observer
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June 30, 1961

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PAGE 10 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 1961 THEOLOGY FOR EVERY MAN [ ~'~ THE REV. JOHN W. JONES, son of Elizabeth Hennessy and [1 ~ ~ 1 "]~ I,the late J. Willard ,/ones, was bern March 4, 1933 in Dixon. He I,'1~ k ] .l.ll ~ ~ graduated from Dixon high school in 1951 . and. attended In an age of growing concern with church-state relationships, ~ : o ~.~ ~. ~ .~!~A. This difficulty does not present itself to anyone who un ~!~!:~:: Notre Dame umver~ty, Notre . !:~ ! ,w. :'~-:::::~:::.:: .: = -: .:" ', : . . uame, incl zrom I~Di to I~D~. wan uestmns arose on the compatabd~ty o] rehgzous commit o~,~-- lderstands the essenhally different purposes of the Church and ~~::!~ Y q " : ' =~,~ $:~l~l~,Jera'~ |~tJ~##'{l'r'l~r ~~-~)i:~ IllS pnnosopnlca~ s~uales were ! ~ents and patriotic citizenship The ]allowing commentary was ~:"~ : .~~ ' ~ ,'~**,"'. e'"""" ' the state and their relations to each other. The purpose of the ~~ -::~~ made at St Mary seminary, ~ " ,'it i' i,' ~' ' ,', ~,T. I ~' ' ~ ::~ ~ ~re~ared at St John's Seminaru. Brighton, Mass. It is reprinted "!= :: ii: .: '!',' ': ~ ~r ,~,15.~ ~ .~.~.~','. : Church is to enable all men to save their souls The purpose of ~~i~ ~ Baltimore Md, from 1953 to t~ s" "~ J~ ,: ~;,u/ ~ -i: ',: ~" ' +~. ~',~o ,n.~n Pilot !::.' .i;~. : = :i i .~ I ]the state is to afford protection to individual human beings who ~~:~ 1955. He studied theology there ~ - '- AL :' : ~::~ ' " ' ~%. ./"~%. ':i; I live together in society and to assure to them all the maximum ~~-~::~ from 1955 to 1959. . Q. DOES LOVE OF COUNTRY ENTI~I~ 1NIU UU~ ~w~J~ .~r~.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a~an ~.TP~ ~a, "~E aR DOES IT CONCERN MERE / /', X~%~ ; {. ~ .~,~' / ' ~ i degree of material prosperity consistent with the transitory char- ~~)~ Father Jones was ordained m '( ~ " / :. %~ : %, %. ~ . :~ ~1] acter of the present life Both the Church and the state are in- ~J~[~[@~Jl~ St Patrick Church Dixon by LY OUR RELATION WITH ONE ANOTHPSK I~N UIVIL ~U- ' : 't '-- ~,r~,~ ~, ~ ,~ : ,~,rv, ~ "I r '/~ ~: ':;: .: !ii:[l]i dependent of each other in ma~ters relating strictly to their re- ~~ the Most Rev. Loras T. Lane, : : [~/'~, :'~ ~. .'./~ " ":: ~l!i ~spective capacities. " on May 10, 1959. : A. Love of country is a natural tendency which may and ~ J~[[//~%% ~*~ ' ~%~:' . : ti! ON THE OTHER HAND both the Church and the state are ~ He was assigned as ass!stant must be inte rated with other property human azzecuons per- :I/A ./ ~'/~1:I! f/'~" "*,% ~ .~ ~ " .11~ g ~e~j'/~] ~'~[ ~ ~,/ .Ira%. r . =" '[l{ subject to God to Whom though in different ways they both ~ pastor, pro tern ,of St. Rata of ~ainln to our moral ana supernatural the it IS not W~L.UU~ ~ ~I~" ~2'.~Ft~.~ %.%,/ J %*, % ' '~ ' ' g ll~d ~ 'i~ ~'~'2~"~r 2r J~]~'~"~:if" ~' ''%" : I[11 owe their existence. The loyalty of individual men is due there- ~ Cascla Church, Aurora, where signizicance mat theologians consluer wna~ is commomy c,~ ~,~,': : ' in i " ~.~j~l . ~!~ --~,~.~' ii ~I ~1[[ fore, not to the Church or to the state but ulhmately to God, ~ he remained until September, a~rlOtlSm ~o oe a art oI the virtue oi piety WhiCh oems pr - ' :, ~t~J".~,~~~ ,~%, ' %,~, ,~ ,P . . P : ~ - -. . ~/~/] ]" /" ~. . "~ ' /1i Who makes known to them His Will in the laws of nature and ~ 1960. He was then assigned to cipally with the oongauons m one anomer oz parents ann cnn- ' = ~M k :,: ~ ~ i dren. Iha ~e:Yt~eala::nde ~P~n's::eun~:y:h~cn~l?:Snaond:l~; :~ }: :~' :}/!!~,/~, =!,: : : J ~ny tt:e ~rhuc:PhS 2 i~slLr:v~at: :re ~ht~th:ricl;;~:ti:r: on~a~t: ~ ~e C~.?mwO~CreU~l;er:ltYur=n~?; i .~en~s c e.e ~PJ . j ~ . :~ ~i: ~t~. ";; ': : ji divinely entrusted commission to safeguard their spiritual in- taking graduate studies. begun in me name oy me parents the term zamer~ana expresse~ ~ ': :: ~; ', . " " ~:~~' %. ~,'11,~1:1"~,~%~.' =~ :: :f~': fill terests, and to protect them from the attacks of state govern- ' the Junctions oz paren~nooa zulzinea oy me ~ana m wmcn we ~ii:. ~~: ~.A Ii l.L.~ ~ ~k =:' :' 'i ]lJ ments with totaliarian aims -I- r -~ --- :-- --- -- have been born and in which we grow to maturity :~: ' "' / ./. 7 ' : " '~ ~I, ~ " Ii /ll II,II/]] ~~ ~'" : : " "~. '~' 'tlThere can be no question therefore of loyalty to the Church . THERE ARE DUTIES OF PIETY towards one's native land ': : ' : ' ~ ~*, '1 ' " o-: ~]~ % ~" = '~ which would be opposed to loyalty to the state The Church is lTlarvKnoll MarKs . therefore which are anamgous ~o those wmcn arise in o~ o~ ~ ~ - " ~'~'/;~i=, ~, i .f ~ . i' ~:. [ ~ . i lit not in competition with the state; the Church functions in a ~v .~ relationships These duties are objective an~ mescapame Tney ~ ' ~':~' "'" ' :' ~ ".~: ~ ::~' ' :' ' % :=' ~:'i t " ~ ~ ~ ~i ~ ~ ;.v.d: J ~ ! =i+, ingner order, n leaves the s~ale iree ~o reanze me temporal~ ~ ~ 1 * correspond to tne senument oz aiieclion wmcn peopte nave xor ~, ,:, ,~ L '.~Fi|'~ ~'l]'JI' ~"~ : i t~ r-- keg i the nailon wnlcrl claims" tnem'~ as l~s" own- a sentiment which is '.: ' :, . : ' ' .~:; oDJec~Ives wmcn are its rlgn~IUl concern. At me same ~ me. ne ~ -~ m,-~ ~ .~ -~,~ I -~-~ f~ 1,~r~ ~ -~,~-r~ t O " :lChurch by brlnglng ItS members closer to God Who is the OULII -L/--~IIIIIV~t~F~U["v the co~nnterpart of thac which people closely rem~ea oy Vl oct " nave" ior" one anomer'~ ~ne~ morro--" meo*o~*a.'~--'--:-- u,~.'~^-^'o-^,~ mu~',~ find r, : i ,' ~ ---- --,- ~ ~ ~ ~ ' ~ source ol all autnorl~y, comrloutes ~o more wloespreact anct ~/ ' n~t ' ' :'= ;'!' effective observance of the laws of civil rulers State govern-I ,a place zor pa~motism In his classlncauon oi ine vlr~ues, a ua nauon ctemano oz l~S own suojec~s a degree oz loyalty which" " '" e ' m nts have nothing to lose and everything to gain by encourag MARY N LL Flf ream ,he must analyze carefully the factors which determine the vir-I 1. ~ -I,K O,N. J.--(NC)-- 'ty years ago it ~'as a,d Ing the ~nurcn an~ assisting IL LO carry on l~S work n t tuvu~ ,uu~:~ ~,v~,~ ~e~ween~ exce~o~ and defect which must be I, " - ~l l aDorning of two ~merican ctiocesan priests, toctay it is a mrivi g t reahzed an' every form of moral activity, foreign lands as enemies and make love of one's own country Q. DOES MEMBERSHIP IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH mission .s ciety. some 2,000 members, strong, v~orking, in the re- - ON THE SIDE OF DEFECT of love of country we must single the supreme norm of morality. No nation may further its own ! " < STAND IN THE WAY OF CONSCIENTIOUS FULFILLMENT mote mIssmn helds of 12 countries on four continents out for condemnation the attitude of the traitor who is pre I cause at the ex-en -~ ~h ~u I OF THE DUTY OF PUBLIC OFFICIALS AS INDICATED BY I That's Maryknoll--more formally, the Catholic Foreign Mission ,- p se oL t e naamentai rign~s Ol ~nose WhO, o t pared to serve the cause of the enemies of his co.untry.when he!are unable to defend themselves against its aggression. Nor maylTII,E LAyS OF THE STATE !Society of A~gr.lca--whlch observed the golden jubllee of its can thereby realfze some personal gain Apart from the aeeek " . . . I ~. ~atnolic puolic olnelals must represent the interests oi,iounamg dune u. and fraud which usually enter into traitorous operations the lwould re-uire them to sacrifice their rior obl '" ]thousands of their fellow citizens who are in personal disagre -I First U S. Mission Society [~ I q p lgauons as crea 1 1 i o act itself of treason is a serious sin against the virtue of piety, l~ r. "Iment with them on the question of re igion. Re ig'on d es not, I A ~roduct of 20th century China 43 years ago, Maryknollers ~u~ ~ ~JOCt or then right to practice me virtue oi religion in v However desirable it may be that the people of the world be] :. ]however, and need not, enter into the conducting of affairs ofla.~.;~o ~ ~ ~h;~ ~i ,~'~ ~ tihave taken the Gospel to vari- l 1 " ,accoruance wire me alctates oi their conscience "n " h " ' e ~ ~.~ .~ .o united in a single society which would transcend a 1 national -. " tstate. Leavi g aside t e much disputed question of wheth rl ,~,~;~. ~ ~ ~,~t~ It ,~n~[ous harts of the world In the { boundaries it remains true that at the present time this social The state has no higher purpose than to safeguard the tern-Jar not the state, in God's plan, should concern itself with the ~e~'~rea~of~'ihe~Revs" J'ames 1920sthey went into Korea Man- idea is far from realization, and that consequently the tern-ooct~p ralancl sou andWelfarel fltsto or anize their reli:ious and members W hen ltattemptstom" "enslaVe'them'lreligi us life of its people, we must recognize the fact that In A. Walsh of Boston and Thomas ehuria and the Hawaiian Is- t poral wellbeing of the human race depends on the preservation Y,g g oral nze ac- ] the circumstances in which the modern state functions, it wouldl~ ~ ~ ~,T,~*h r~,~u.~ ~hllands- in the 1930s to Janan In of harmonious relations among independent nations, lear.cling to its own plans for national greatness, it ceases to be a[be impossible for any public official to inject his personal con-lgr;w~intotl~;'~realTty'of'a~'w'orld:]the 1940s, when World ~Var II oun nauon ann usurps the role of divine omnipotence vmhons on rehgmus matters rata the carrying out of his dutms r rll mterru ted mission IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, THEREFORE, to transform love of c -I ' ' ' I "t-,ide societ- of ,~riests Brothers ltempo a " y ' p ' " J " ' N . . . - ~ v , . try into love of a world-state, so that one m~ght m good con- I SUCH A STATE PATRIOTISM loses its relation w~th theI IT IS NOT INCONSISTENT for public officials who aretand seminarians lactivity in the Orient, Mary- science strive to break down the structure of a smoothly func-tvirtue of piety and becomes a distorted form of religion which Catholics to keep their religious convictions thus isolated from[ ~" the re knollers turned to Latin Ameri- n n nahon in favor of an international order whose alleles gradually extends itself to the ro ortions f idol tr, T* ~*~. ~ *~-: I un ~une zu, v,at -I tio i g " " p p p o a j ~,c ~u.uu~.~ v~ u~r~r oxnce~. ne norms oz morality wnicn tsam-I - " -~ * " ~:-r-r- ca to ~egin WOrK in ~.uatemaJa, are as yet imperfectly formulated and whose contribution to easy to see why despotic governments are so hostile to religious olics must follow are both reasonable and practical Unswerving]quesc~ z me ~.nerICvanj)~ i~ [Mexico, Bolivia, Peru and Chile. the common good cannot as yet be clearly envisioned.[influences over which they are unable to exercise complete con-]devotion to the common good and unfailina loyalty to the na-]Cny' rope ac. flUS A ~ave.~,*~iThe latter .half of that decade ~' two ries~s rmission estao- It is by no means certain that every exlstlng independent trol, and why so many of them have employed violent meas-]tion--these are fundamental principles in the Catholic phil-k p . pe ~ ~ . Isaw them return to their mis- state has prescribed the right to continue to exist indefinitely, ures to undermine the foundations of revealed religion. Their[osophy of society. Nothing that a Catholic owes to God and Hislnsna seminary mr me ~rral~nsgjsions in Asia, even as a vast and it is quite possible that the best interests of human so- aim is to set themselves up in the place of God. They represent[Church could ever demand that he renounce these principles.[ .~ young~.mer~can men z~ O~Inew area was assigned to them ciety might be served by a realignment of national boundaries.[the ideals of nationalism to their people not as means whereby l True Catholic ,~ublic official ~ouna ~ "bserv"~ the na Ismn. WOrK m mrelgn ,anuS. n~in Tanganyika East Africa. their huma " ' ' v '~'~ '~ u ~v v," that flay in ~ome lvlaryKno~ was ' o er th he idea zt elf of the rode n ca acltms ma be develo ed but n This does not mean, h wev,att . s . . -1 P . y P, as the fu da-[tural law; but are not allmen, whatever their religion, boundtO/born l~~-- pendent nation is essenfiany eviL or that love oz country rep- memal prmczpies oz a zmse pnnosopny which will obscure their]this~ At the same time howe-e~ Ca~holi~ ~n ,~ublie office are~ " Iv~W~i{~~;~i~ resents merely an emotional attachment for which no virtuouslvision of the eternal happiness of the world to come. /bound by the divine law of cha'rit- and~mercv in demanding[ Start in China I : [ d J foundation can be found I Q" HOW CAN ONE ARGUE WITH A NON-CATHOLIC WHO l enforcement of the law and in manifesting a considerate and[ The first Maryknoll departureI Patr0mze ON THE OTHER HAND, me virtue oz piety may oe violatedlSAYS THAT LOYALTY TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS IN understanding attitude towards the human weakness of those]group of priests steamed out of] by the excessive nationalism which would regard people oflCONFLICT WITH LOYALTY TO THE COUNTRY~ t San Francisco for the China * who fail to observe the law in all its details. 1 " " I Our Advertisers [mainland in September, 1918.1 ~it~~~ -~ ]I--~,1~41 ~ Tn . I HlrV ,r r~'~r~r~n ~- I --- . ]Each succeeding year, m o r e] ~:~,:t:::: '.:~:~:::,~z==~z~?~.:,z:,::,~r~::~ *:.-'.:~<<~ .L'~4"acsi'~tlV~l l IIL~]L~PII~ /.~/1/J~tl[ {.rt[J[~,~ VI~[~ W~ [~--l*le~lV~'~lll~1o~- [ Maryknollers carried the Gos R . * Ill ii~U;iiU 'qL~IL~IIII/IUIIIaI~ 1 h rz nt ratron,ze 1".:ok [L A [ Ipe t t e O e " 11 J PAUL CARLSON AGENCY . This era m Church history ~ - INSURANCE REALTY Our Advert,sers attn merlca- Tone nne st nes am n r tl "- -- ie ~ I RICHMOND The--arishion I ~P .L L.z~t~l.J~Pt.~ I ~:~ / e c mu ists at ed down|l ' ~ I ~ ~,:~~l -- v "1 I1--. 1 c'~ tthe Bamboo Curtain American~I ~---~a,~ : ~[ers of St. Joseph will have their[ Ill '~nl-~,r~ i ~t,rJ~r [ ii ~,I [ IN WOODSTOCK ]]annual summer festival July 7 I,1 ~ ~ -~-i i ]~t ~J[~llL~:SU kg~ /missioners working in China-- ] . /fl-~ ~ | ~ ' -- 219 Maryknollers among them l ~ , 8 and 9 on the pamsh g ounds. WASHINGTON (NC) -- Su- i ~, A*tWV I ~ |/7 8"30 19 and 11'30 am and[ ' ~./ [ ly one American missioner[ k --I | ]]Masses Sunday, July9areat[ .Areale I:IV oclal 1118 I e Court ju~ticeFelix/--wereeitherjailed rexpelled'] d,-;] ~,/"!.~f ] prem On ~ -- I ' " ' ' ' " Franmurter has grantea a SLay ', ~,~ - f il t 1 " k remains in Chlna--Bishop James, ,u,o, a am y s y e chin en and ham WASHINGTO I ~ I/ / N--(NC)--Cur-, Sen. Fret urged Christian ac-.plans- because it could hapJof effect of a recent high court[E w~l~h ~ ,~ ~, ,~1o,~ iI ~ Fo%,(~ I I ~ I[?mnerwm ve se.rv^ect ma~ any |rent tensions in Latin America] tion through land reform organ-] pen that by the time such plans/ruling that the Communist party[ ~I'd" ~r,',~-"~'"~"20~"~'r'~rm"~',~ il ~t",?:;"'f I [ ~--m~ ~ ~ ][Irom z p.m. unto .~ p.m.[were not created by Commu-]~zin ~,~mo [were ready, the situation in La-[must register with the govern-[ ~ ~"~=~;'~"~ '~n ~ :~.~,~o, -'[] '~"'$ [ I ~' L~r~,~iII Among the attractions at the/nism but by "hunger, unemploy-lstren(hen'in~"tt~e "'fam'~ [tin America would have chang-[ment. [ v [] vw ]-. g g z ypro r [ ~ lithree-day festival will be rides [ment, poverty v~ithout a future,"l "] ed so much that it would be too/ Justice Frankfurter granted[ Serve Variety of Places II zuv~ ~nsu ance ts I~, moung tracte umons,I A Symbol oJ Security" I I~of all kinds for adults and chfl-[a Chilean political leader saidJ " [late' Ithe stay (June 23) pending court[ Since the first denarture to [ ,4 Symbol oJ Security" IV I . Fe~ A I|dren, games and valuable prizes. |here. ] Social Reform ] I action on the party's petition|~- " ~" ] ~uoli~. and LOW. COSTlithe Rev. Frank J. Miller is pus-J Sen. Eduardo Fret Montalva,I But if Latin Americans mountl J~UI[,~ =.!" .~.~. r][nl~ .-. ,-. ~ .- [for reconsideration of the June[ ~ I II II ~ ] u,ape, ~, e [ t r f St J seph whmh is l / ' / 'Jr ~l-lall lllt:;aL~L- cll n whmh he wr te hlmll ] ~[N[ ~~ president of the Chilean Chris a program of social reform 5 declsm Call Rockford Collect' " ' " " ' " - "," '' " " rated on highway 12, junction WOodland 5 2625 tian Democratm party, stressed then aid will be needed to wm,r r n self 173. that Communism in Latin Amer- the battle against time," he "The Black Tulip" starring Ro The court is now in summe. - " Marian Theat e will p ese t " r : ============================ <|ira will be defeated only when]said /Cameron Sunda-- Jul-- 2 over]recess and will not return untnl / Ig "~PI~'-~ ~ ! ~ l- ' ~' ~ " t ~ ~ ~"~ [ K - ~[Catholics begin to put their so-] In mapping programs for La-~the Mutual network. An ol~t[October. Thus the stay w'fllp sf"l- ~moe ~~~"~'~~ ~ ~] cial principles to work to reform' tin America Sen Fretcom-| Dutch legend "The Blnek Tu-[ pone putting the runng "1,~ - "~ ~ "~ ~ qf~l~t ' -- --'~- --' " US- ' / ~ ~ ~[ " y" ,'" y -~lip" tells ofthe heroic peoplel . . 7 ~:[ '~ |Jl~ ~ --~ societ mented it would trul be tra feet at least until then The J ~[ Present Order Unjust gic if immediate action were[who served liberating Hollandllice Department nan opposea[ ~ ~ ~~ / ~| "The present order is essen- postponed pending more perfectlfrom tyranny. /gr~antmg ~rhte' s5t.~Yrulin- on June] "~ . = L ~ :~i;~i~:~.- " tially unjust," Sen. Freisaidin lnecou*s - ~rn- rt-;It l!01::WffU " ,I)an interview, 'because it keeps i~`~i~i!!!~ii~::~i~!~i~i~i~:``.i:~!~;~`i~i~i~i~i~i~:.~i~i~i~`!.' ~5~ii~i~::~::~::~~~!~5mhue~d :h;~s~eh: Cw ~h~mSgopa "~ ~:'~ flhalf the Latin Americans under- ~ii::i ~==i== I ist action,I II ~ ~,|,| :~*:: ~ ment as a comInun " g " iliiii T. MAY THEY REST IN PEACE T,group under the1950 ' Jim nourished million of famlhes ~ Subversive without decent housing. There iiilii ~i~ - ,M 0 D E R N P L A T ] N 6 ![is unemployment most of ~;~i~i~,:~:~i;~`~ ~#~i~`:#:~!~::~i~!~i~?~.~j~::~#~i~i~(~i~`~!i~d Act~vit~st.C ntr l.ACtarin~ thel i ~ the year and there are still ~-,~= s ,O R P O R A T ! O N ',The following clergy of the Diocese of Rockford nassed on to[-arty s lawyers argued that thet [] ~ ~ ~lmfl!ions, of.alliterates their eternal rewards on the dates listed. Your pra~ers are re'lrequirement violates the consti-I [] ~~~JK.L~~ ~ne resuessness anct lnsta art officials quested for the re se of their souls tutional right of p y ! Complete I lectroplatmg 5ervtcerisibility" in Latin America "are po " / ~,~ ~, ~,m f ~nrnnu.~orvl~] " i " ~1 [] ~ Authorized to Do ~ork on Sacred Fessel~ ~[not the result of the preaching of June 25, 1911---The Rev. Henry Mehring, pastor of St. John the[~el~incr~m~na~lonnSBy-'r~gilst-e~[ i ~|some agitators nor of Commu- Baptist Church, Johnsburg. [;-=" *he- claim "~artv officials[ [] GENERAL OFFICE AND PLANT l]nist action. They are the. result June 2S, 1959--Thheu V. MarceJ ts C:k n,rP Stor o StntCa haerrmme ]w'oul b liable ;o lities un:] it u j' a p.pp 121-129 ~n ~AWCne~e VEmaS; ][of hunger, unempioymem, pov- . ' P ,' [ der the Smith Act, whichmakes[I ~rT NflU/ nnn r~p~ivn ~1- { ]lerty without a future," he said. cemetery, ~levelanct, unio. /active membership in the Com-|~ i&l II~ll li lll IUUll$1/l~ /Itlmll ? ICDI:I:IDP'tD'II" I//Ik3~lC ~[ Christian Dut-" July 1, 1943---The Rev. Leon M. Linden administrator St'/munist "-art- a crime iii iS,a-llmlV|,~[ :r Nich 1 h A ro . v . [[] ,o as Churc u ra zs buried m Mt Olivetl Better Homes & Gardens t TELEPHONE" ADAMS 2 6139 ~1 The duty of Christians is not ' ' " i " ~[ h' wick cemetery, ~urora . to defend or preserve t is - " BRANCH PLANT t[ . July 3, I952--The Rev. Walter J. Scollin pastor of St. Peter D cnrat n Idea Bookl ed order nor to conceal it by Chur h "~ v i ~ ri "" "~-- "r THE . no 2500 N MAIN STREET ~lspeechesand words such as , . c ~ene a, s ou ea In uaivary ceme~e y, " ' - 'libert ' . Rock Island R KF RD ILLI 'democracy anct y " / OC O,NO[S 1| the July 4, 195&--The Rev Edward E Rogers, assistant at St Joseph ~ne ~ospel was preacneu to TELEPHONE: WOODLAND 2-6451 hristians Church Harvard is buried in Heckscherville Pa DECORATING Discount the serious ex- Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord, that the souls of thy servants, pressionsl Donna and Dr. 13 CHAPTERS Thy priest whom in this life Thou didst honor with the sacred Stone are a happy couple, ~r office, may rejoice in the glory of heaven forevermore. Amen. especiallyafterofficehours! Donna Reed, Carl Betz star. mild lean tender FULLY COOKED $7.00 WILL MAINTAIN A STUDENT FOR ONE WEEK WILL YOU HELP HIM ALONG? DE LOOK FOR the NEW WHITE OAN! THURSDAY, 7:00 P.M. 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