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June 30, 1961     The Observer
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June 30, 1961

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PAGE 8 Progress For Pa WASHINGTON--(NC)--A proposal for construction loans to private and parochial schools advanced in the Senate with ap- proval from a nine-member education subcommittee It calls for 40-year loans to private, nonprofit schools for con- struction of nonreligious facilities. It would provide $125 million a year for three years. I The loans, whose interest loans to provide schools would P rates are designed to cover the lnot violate constitutional provi-] government's cost of administra- sions on ~roDer Church-State re- tion, could be used to finance the fictions. - - ] building of classrooms and lab- The senate subcommittee set-] oratories for instruction in sci- ence, mathematics, foreign lan- guages and physical fitness. The proposal is included in a $500 million a year bill to extend and broaden the 1958 National Defense Education act, a many faceted program to strengthen basic U.S. education. tled on the annual loan fund of! . [ $125 million because it repre- sented 15% of the bill's total of $500 million a year and because 157o of the nation's school chil- dren are in private and parochi- al schools? When the senate passed its 2.5 billion version of the public THE OBSERVER T'KIDAY, JUNE 30, 1961 Summer School Programs Refreshing and Stimulating ~ Time seems to go into orbit citing and delightful. Under- and the count dgwn is creating standing matters of scientific :new interests Ior more than 600 import in the light of Christian !boys and girls who are attend- principles is the objective of all ing the diocesan s u m m e r, . schools. Of this group 165 arelthe reading, experimenting and (A separate Classification is given to certain films which while not moral- ly offensive requ re some onalyss and explanation as a protection to the FINEST IN MEATS uninformed aganst wrong interpretation and false conclusions.) Gas Heat by Republic FURNITURE and FLOOR COVERINGS Martin Luther Case of Dr. Laurent Suddenly Last summer We Give $&H Green Stamps Storm Center Girl of the Night Crowning Experience 84-86 GALENA DIXON PHONE AT 4-0441 Circle of Deception Anatomy of Murde~ Never Take Candy From E, Wilson St, BATAVIA TR 9-5742 |tlnton et Bead=hew Dixen, IlL Adam and Eve La Dolce Vita A Stranger . . The subcommittee informally ischool aid bill on May 24, Sens. enrolled at St. Patrick, Rock- evaluating that are taking place approved the entire NDEA re-!Morse and Clark indicated to the ] f,~r,~" 152 ~t St Mary Sterling' ,r n=~, pp,I, vision on June 23. In the mean- chamber that the leadership] l~a"~:t ~ ~'~r~ M/I~lenrv I~5 . -~ = . time, a similar loan proposal, preferred that members vote Phi ~' ~ Ni'~h,~"l"~' A,; ~1 ~7 Another group o~ ~ o y s ann i 1' " r - " " "~ -- gins is aiming to Know anct up- but w th no money lmlt e assistanceto privateschools "1 " . I MILWAUKEE BRAVES SCOUTS--These four scouts for the Milwaukee Braves professional at St. Edwad. Elgin. Attention ;~+,~ +he culture and heri- mameo Demre me house eauca when the NDEA bill came m meI ~" READING WINNER Nanc " baseball league team will be in charge of a tryout camp and clinic for the boys of the Mid-West is being focused on enrichment *~o .f th~ I.~. A~-n~riP~n r~n --- Y don committee which worked floor, I area at Blackhawk hark Thursday and Friday, July 6-7. A family sports banquet, sponsored by and remedial projects :~'~-[~:~-~n'iniroclu'c~on~o Morril of Our Lady of Good r . q~, ~.)1 (~ LlliUU~ll ~ L, behind closed doo s The loans The senate then defeated by a Counsel school m Aurora took ' the Holy Name society of St. Patrick parish will be held in connection with the clinic. Repre- ee-r-k F^r TruP- the S'~anish lan-ua-e Buenos had subcommlt~ee approvm, vote of 66 to za an amenomenr to sentin~ the Milwaukee Braves will be" (1 to r.) Joe Montalbano, Guy Curtright, Nick Kamzic ~ a ~n u,n nia~ ~'nr~ Adin~ ~'h:~o" air~adv top honors among the second Pressure was heavy on the ]the public school bill by Sen. and Ernie Rudolnh "" Using science unks as ~ n e 7~ "Y -:=" ,~ graders in the recent dioce- ,Barr. Goldwater of Arizona who r co,re for challenging advanced taken on new meaning, lvmcn o ~ a- ~, "~?sen Un)et:2;l:a2otn~reoNerDsEiA pro~sed construction loans. It JBRAVES' SCOUTS AT ROCKFORD seventh and eighth grade pu-h~Se~ 1 to,ake :l~ce,b:to~e~n, tho~ ;;;di;;~;uto~al o}~8~'bool~. stand by the rules committee. It lapproved the public school bill House- Senate I pils, teachers and students are g - Y, The School Sisters of St. Fran- voted not to clear the adminis- by a 49 to 34 vote. ' Ie~ ~hE/Ell1~ ~ Ib~l" e probing into many of the won- ~rmnas" t~reeungs.t ~l~'alrec~mnS'.h,~ .i th ehnnl Ri.ter M tration's bill for $2.4 billion in The senate subcommittee, m ders of our world. The art of songs and captmns oIter an in- . . . . grants to public schools until it approving its version of the Adopt DtIIerent an Base a mtc "wondering why" and the skill viting Spanish atmosphere that ~l::ce;tlinathe~Sd:h;hteP;mo['~" also can vote on assistance to NDEA bill, caught most observ- lrw ~r~*ii J,of "discovering how" about ha- will necessan.~;v en~*:'~:et.u'~[Seu4' and Mrs Edward Morrill Oi r b and ~ grace s e 3 Y c s private and parochial schools, ers off guard when it added a 12 I10U$11Z~ J[~Ul$ I "l~ 1 ~-~ . I~ . tu e and space are proving ex- . . ~ " Aurora. (White Studio photo) ' " ro ~ LOIII~ U UU-[ II~I~ILUUi~, The construction loans were year veteranseducationp - ]~'~ d~'/~ll'~k/e .'~ ]~']~-~]rli~ ]F'~lld~'/'ld~'/Id~'[ ~-- ' 11 wA~u~--(~u)--nousel~t~ ~W kJ $.11J/E~ U ~L.~I E~E.~ E~E~ Other children are concerned] no~ ro sen in me r~ennea, ram no~ in tne original Ol . - - ' -- -- -- der ne oirec ion o r e p po ~ g ke and Senate comerences are ex- I ~ E 1 ; t ~ o~ ~v~ Y about securing help in the basic I I ~, aaminis~radon's oiu m revise xne program woum ma" . ' " Owens, local s rts announcer " I n pec~ea ~o iron out dmerencesm[ ROCKFORD--A baseball try-,American Junior Legion base-I PO . . subjects of reading and ar,th-tJlg/te l ett tO/t me l~,'~ however me are available ucnc~lt~ ui u~w~ - - -', -- - ' ' who viii ac as master oz c r +~. ~.+ ,~ '~^~, ';,~. ,~^ ~/l,~n o,n ,~an th to nersons tnew separate ores wmcn prO-[out camp and clinic for the boys J ball must have written permis-1 ~ . !t . e e- metic. Whether this is to an-/ ~ s " .'~ .~,-'"-: pose extending the federal col-|of the Mid West area will be lsion from the American LegionIm mes at me evenL i vance further in the field of/~] ~ 1 ministration's belief as express- serving more man six monms on . . . i - " ~ Special guests at the ban uet ' I rage nousing loan program. 'held by the Milwaukee Braves i post commander or Legionl q Iliterature or to be brought up]~j~e~ ][~ ea in a mgm memoranaum mst~acdve au~y in me armeo mrces - t~ I' l'will be the four scouts re re , Extensmn of the ro ram P to an expected grade level calls ] ,t peclal purpose Y, ~ ~[ J ' . J senting the Milwaukee Braves. for enthusiasm and effort onJ TAMPICO -- The children of March tha 's " ' ' I since Januar 1955 " P g,Thursday and Friday, July 6-7 baseball coach to attend the " wmt .z*uwu~ * ~-~=*.~ ~umt.~at ~lacKnawK parK. IWOrKOUL .%It players mus~ con-i ~ ~ tSt Mar-" -arish com-leted two LEGION OF DECENCT LIST tc?ub :gh P:b~;oan%o~r:;::e' amd{ In connection with the camp, l i2dmAtmOer?~la:~eh ischo:Ls:Ules I . . Feature C?lor Film. [hehPnaqtu~ e~:x?iPUpll n~aCn~tglweeks o~v~cation reli;ion class- I ,~; ;,;~ +~ hal- tin,hoe/me ~oiy l~ame society o~ ~'l s i mcmaea in ~ne evening's Jot study that will trigger an in-[us June 17. Sister M. Gamella, ~ 45 minute li e ~1 . im l i . ' [Patrick church here is plan-I Banquet Plans Iprogram will be a ]+ ;, +h r re beina/Sister John Fisher and Sister cons~rucuon oI aormitorles ano . . " " ' h ~'~" "'" ""~ " '~ ~" "* ~" nmg a Family Sports banquet A clal use all n r c mn color film story of the F~g t m can er ~lOr~l ~l~$~JIIf~?lO~ Ot ~O~le~ other revenue-producing facili-[ I spe ' b b i st u t" I "]provided. Teachers are being[M. Antona, Dam" i Sist s ~io~ i~ included in the ~eneral~at Verdi hall Thursday at 6:301clinic for youngsters will be[ing ~raves."lguided by their understanding[from Sinsinawa, Wis and Miss n in The fo ow n ls a moral eshrnate of mot on p ctures s ow g,'-m " g ; ~ r.il1 i p. I conducted Saturday morning| The banquet ~s open to the J and appreciation of individual/Barbara Verdmk conducted the in the Rockford Diocese prepared under the direction at the r~otionol .uu~ s ~ . j ~ ~ ~, . Le-ion of Decenc" 453 Madison Ave New York 22 N Y with i The House version a $4 9 bil / m charge of the ~wo-oay|July 8, at Blackhawk park from|general public, with proceeds ldifferences and the children are|classes. The sessions were at- co-~operation of the' Motion Picture Department of the In,'ernationol ; lion bill, includes a proposal to[ ba:ebza]l cc~p:~ ~::t 1 fb:mN~kJ9 ~'lTnsUp:~lt~:bmn uet are un /eg~ngt~ ~: S~coP:~:lCkroE~Xplm :'Ib~mgrU:g:d ::mtphet ~igh m tlves/tended by 126 children. Federation of Catholic Alumnae. authorize an additional $1.9. bil-J,| q -I y p g . pe,June 18 the following children . A-I~MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR GENERAL lion in college housing loans in]Milwaukee Braves. Assisting|, I d/recelved ~nelr l~lrs~ holyuom- PATRONAGE the next four years. It passed[him will be Ernie Rudolph, Guy/J Jtmumon: Da,~ of Thrilll and ~]sty There Was a Crooked Man [park. 1(16-17) would like to buy somelmember we don t judge others.lyou'll be the belle of the ball. / y - part in other proposals of me n ar s Dear Dons Beth Volcke Laughter ~ode n Times Three Worlds of Gulliver . [ Boys are to bring their owntstocks We were wondering how]And God sets the sta d d. I " J vesert Attack Jle ~ex Tomnoy ano ,he ~.namp nouslngplus. ~onpron~ organ- " Do ou think" it" is" all right" to The Rev Ambrose W e i t e- Dondi O~e.Hundred and One Town Like Alice izations can .~artici.~ate in a[gl ves' baseball shoes and uni-lto go about it without getting[Dear Doris: J Y~ [. " .~ . Fabulous World of Jmes -ua.!matians. Trouble in the Sky t-. ~- I~ ; +~.~ ~,~ ~ no I u oa Peo-le ' or--nd her-el 1 ~ .~ ~ ~ i u o hlom iwear nal! hats, nairDanes orl K a m p is pastor oi ~ . lviary Verne on me uouoie Trapp Family The proposed mortgage insurance l"U`"' "" ~"=: *"~'~ '~ "~" i ~ -,-,-, v " "" I . ~o ~ = ~ = *"""-'"--I / t . FIdelio Operation Camel Voyage to the Bottom of J ^~ 1 * : 1 1 ^1;,~;1~1,~ ~-llust laugh when we mention it [my narents They will not allow] anas at nowers to lvlass or olcnurcn. Five Guns to Tombstone Parent Trap, The the Sea program l,O Ilnance cons~rucuonI ~t uu~ ~ ~ ~.~o~ ~u.l~ "1 " " " -- % I I - I, ~f .~h,=r fi,~,=o / Flaming Star Passport to China Wackiest' Ship in the of housin~ for families in the ~lBut we reany wan ~o mves~ ourJme to go to the uxu on ~rieayl =~' / Flute and the Arrow Pepe Army ~ ar s rious " l%atnleen mone We e e m hts There are supervised Francis of AsslsiPolice Dog Story, The Watch Your Stern lOW to moderate income bracket. J I Y" " I g i /IMVtMd r In uestlon 7 Wm s of Chance I,xne custom oI women cover Frontier Up is" g Q " " g . . A.S. dances and end at 11. My fath- - 1~14%Vll Gambler Wore A Gun Romanoff snd Juliet Wizard at ~aghdod They can continue the,r par- Full l-'ro rraml ,in. their heads while in church[ ~-I Glenn Miller StorySand Castle Would-be Gentlemen ticination in the Federal ,~ro I ~ [ What a wonderful idea Do ev-Jer noesn ~ like me nays anu girls| ~, I~, ~" " ' that o Doris the kids I o with is one o~ respect for ~ne mess- A-11--MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS "ram for direct loans to or I1,-, ,--, Jerything possible to follow] g g I "~[[,vP~lJ AND ADOLE$ ENT$ ;an[actions to help finance con-{]~'Or bcouts at [through on it. I'm sure you'11J!n da,l~li[e ar.e that go]fl?e ?a:~lam?:ua~l;e ;:;:;m~.n:~[]~-~ r~t ~}J Atlantis, lne LOSt LOn- ~rear ;mposrer, lnePrisoner at me votga I I#~ J "~n-' -"illin'~ to he1, ,ou I[O me uxu yIease help me con-/ [1~1 if ~il~. I~111 tment s~ruc 10il OI nOUslng for z n e l ~**u ***a j w8 ~ ; , Hand, The Raisin in the Sun, A "ince m'" father the Frida-, ni"ht/whether a veil band or hat is/IQ)l I~ll Atomic Submarlne Hannibal Rommel s Treasure elderly Both Senate and Housel4~ framer man laugh. Ivlayoe youlv # 3 ~ I ~ . ' lli~ Ik.~ll II r eamer ' " " " ' h I worn. Ln mos~ par~s oz ~ne unl~- W He ~em ,o L ne R to the r~ ht dances aren t trou le stay in Babette Goes to ar High Powered Rifle Scent of Mystery versions set aside $100 minionlloan on ~amDIhaven't mentio d g I " o. - led States hats are more accent J]~[~T A ~'~I--II T~ A ~[] Ballad of a Soldier Ho~ne Is the Hero School for Scoundrels for thi~ I ,/ z I beaDle. I always a~ night while my ,nenasI ".21tD}[ J- z-~.~[~ ~J , I Pr,est ' cole ~anQs vens or nowers, li Bat Hoedurn" Secret of the Purple Reef ] FREEPORT--The first weekl ~1~ vn1T aRl~ MI~ ]are at a show or the CYO. Ive] ",: /l~ ~lJ Battle at Bloody Beach ~4 ums'eCia~'seven Haw~ Secret Partners =. .~ . J of summer camping at Canyon~ ~'~"'~ --'~. "2 '=- "~2".'Jgot a right U, something, have-[warn, snored De aaequate andll~ 1-1 ~ ~ I i~ W ~11 Battle of the hexesH se of Usher ecret Wa s ~ anQ cannoL IIIV~LlIIUIIt:y ou S y " n 4 h d, not look like a east minute sub- nousm fro e t camp whmh ended Ju e 2 a n t I Or must I hve my most Because They're Young Aim at the StarsS ergeant. Rutledge g ] C ] ' M ' J in y ur wn namethe gr up wi]ll = ~ ~ + h o~ [ stitute J[~ 1 II ~.J~' IL ) k.).ll~ ~ll n ar, tceP'a,ace.~evenways~'rom~unaown lanoverilowcrowaoil ucamp-I I " I "" Ja,lbreakers Shadow of 1he Cat The need help from an adult willing " - BB:lwlarB:% Ch dren ~o~nr;~y to the Lest ~;~%er~,t~i~eEnd At Notre Dame J;rsriadn.dw aderstaThejuSeC 2:/t2 act as custodian of your s!ock; v ~ ~ Ba[,b?[a buAynad K:wthhleatn~oY;Uv:yom: D?wntow ixon Black Sunday Last lime I ~aw Arcnie S.O.S. Paclric . |~ ' /J.nere are sta~e ann ~eaerall ~uur uau pzuuau&y l~ll ~ upIJu~-jn~, f~r m e~aoi~l noo~i~n Wh~tll~l I!1:,-,~= !~';~=,~i" I{-~ll 81u.epHnt for Robbery Long fRcOe~ne; T;veen S~aleag ~:w NOTRE DAM~:, lna.--(Nt~)--/nas 162 campers. |laws governing this for your pro-led to CYO dances at all. And|~' "~ ~2~%~,~2:.o1~,"" A2" CtI t~l| ~ramwasneo ,w~u,! ~ = " in 902 7 v . .o ~ ,~ v,~ o Brides of Dracula Man .m .Cocked He Sundowners Contracts total g $,28 ha e[ During the week of July 2-8[tertian so you don't need to wor-J,s opposed to early dating. And[~. v ~ ~ '~[~ Motor Hotel ~1/ Bridge, The ~an m me Moon ~un~,se ar Lempooe.o been awaraea zor me cons~ruc- "'~" ~'" ""J "'" --~=" " ""~" there will be a Webelos day pro some arents feel all teenage Cage of Evil Maar%WohOto~re~ Twice TTartan" ~'hee ~argnifLCennttr tion of housin-~ for married stu ] "I ry about being cheated./ P | I[~ ~1/ Caned ans, The .~ ! - ess o! n. ~,o ~.ou y ~ "/gram mr UuD bcou~s u~/z years/ ,~ ~ o ~ ~ ~/dances lead to too early datinE./ I1|~ TF In All ~e~ Rooml ~ I Counterpot Ma~mg Hme Hme oomo dents at the Universit, of No1 -,~ . ~ t ~.~i ;~lU~ l 1t~I ~ rux%~nno-t ~ ~'/I ~ I~ ; i. ,Pb" # *o,~* IJ/D}l [$~JI/ Crazy for Love N~.en. , pf Time ?~ach~e . ~. ~ "Ioz age ana muer to u~ " ~ ~ UiED through a local broker or| OF COURSE YOU HAVE all w estmgnouse ~ v lot ~yo* I[[~ c~,~. . ,-~ t l/ Deadly Companions ~,antgnr Lace lormenrea, /ne ~re uame. "July 5 ' " Don Quixote ~ ~nta~d~ ad Trapp~'enTToaentg~er$ T" "~ " r e n| T" " ro ra ill start at 2{member firms - - Iright to social activities. Thosell ~ A ~ I1{~ BUFFET LUNCHES ~l/ Enemy General d g o a g ne ~ev. ae am. o. WltSO,ne p g m w ",~-~9 i Fanny Naure Girl and the Two Way Stretch P~ h,~' ,n; ;+,'~ ,;,-,~] A ,-,1 ~et-~- fh,~ ramn.[of The New ~ J you re prepared for and of whmhlJ ~'~-'~f-. ~--.- ~W II/~ DAILY ~]/ Ferry to Hang Kong Slaver. -- Unforgiven ."T ,="% : -? NE .?'T -" ~ ~/York Stock Ex- lyour parents approve. It's some-II =-~uw~,- 1115 1 in r l/ Fiercest HeartN,gnr Pigmers.y a.[my at the eawooas preslaen[ zor OUslness chairs;lure evening. ~w]mmmg,| lt 'es difficult to understand "-h,ll ItIK :2 Ik / F y n Fonta nes uperar,on uottleneck vi.age of me uamnea change loca[ea ~-~ -- J Four'- Man Othello Visit Te a Small Planet stud SiX buildings providing a|fleld sports, actlvmes on the[ /I I[ lll I[ ]HI lllD]l "lrtr "* tS L ttuu,u Gazebo ~.ay o[ Die W2 k?~ Wahe nrla['s.Over total of 108 apartments will be|lake and Scoutcraft skill con-~in every !arge lyye ?o?y2%*2yZ:yu o il ~ ~ IIt (Monday thru Friday) ~H ~enere ue a Kovere t-race in J;,~ ou. vv~m. L a~ * ~um, " cit II " nere a,~ u~ ~ta.~ u~. **,= ~**~t~8. a.~,~** t Gant of Msrathon Please Don't Eat the Walkm.g Target erected on university propertyltests have been planned. Y. ~~i /I ' " ~ Ill~ ~o ~,-u,r,v IM/ Gidget Goes Hawaiian uases wnre warrior - +1~ ~ .1-, / w~, ~ ," ,~ ~-;~, ~,1, 6 lisn'tone inyour ~Iappravin or cusapprovm *s lnll ~'~ WI"W1- 1- ~Ca I[IDJI '-'*~'~'~" ~'''"" ~/ Gold of the Seven Salnta Pleasure of His Company World of APU z,ut~z, O ~ campus. / urs a~ a ~, ~=~ "l ml~m~'-'our best interests /I /11, B-i I I /~: Ill~ ;, Ik~/ Goliath and the Dragon Possee from Hell Young Savages The new project is being fi-|7 there will be a reunion of town ~oca~e ~ne ~l~].r " /I K.a21kIIIhh ~.~ IIID]l T ~// A-111----MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS nanced by a million-dollar loanJScouts who attended the 5th nearest o n e THE MOST IMPORTANTll ll~lA h.: ~.--. I Ill ~ tu~ ttuum ~j| A n A Night's Work Goliath and the Bar- Operation Petticoat from the U S Community Fa-]National Jamboree at Colorado]through the tele- IPART .ff hfe is spent at home;JJ lll ,~o s,o ~, i, e parians " " ' ' - ~ I-J[1-Ui~]~" ~1 ~'UUI un Our Man ,n Havana AI the. Fine Yo ~ . - ell[ties administration [Springs last summer " Jphone direct'pry. |the most important expemencesll Canninals urass Is ~reener Pillow Talk," . y ~1~ WeSl rir$[ DI, Angel Wore Red Green Gage Summer Please Turn Over --,So far t h lS season CanvonlThe e n t, r eDoris R Peters learned there, our parentsl| ~1| "I " Th h t u,Aul~, ,LU. An r Silence The Heller in Pink Tights P underers The ]~ lhtr /camp has been filled to capac- transactlon may [know this. ey also know t aqJ Ul]kUl~l, 1LL. II <~il gY . , Anna's Sin Hell is a City Portra,t Ln Black -or.: Hours |*ty but the U. S. Grant CouncllJbe carried out by marl. For ad-[lt s their responslblhty to pre-J~|~. n Purple (~ang " ' Apartment, The. .Heroes D,e You g,Return to Peyton Place t~ |has announced that no boy wfll/dmonal lnformatmn about Teen-[pare you for the hme (not tool II l Back to the Wall Home Prom Tne ~lli Ring of Fire OL. IVIUIII~, U/c~fp~IIL~[~VIII~ --| /,/I li Best of Everything House of /n!~lgue Rocco and His Brothers Sixth Sunday after Pentecost J be turned away. Room will be] age Investment clubs write to| far distant) when you will bell t~t s ,~, -r,P n III I ~ km e e I Big Bankroll. ~ nna IHY'~PP ric ~-y Rue de Pari |mad~ each period for all troops[The National Association of In-Ion your own. |1 I I L k D Ill a v ,= o I i~i {!ii;i~:: i~i~rt'J:h:;s ~ii:nl::::nlf' dd:i :~:ti!;;ii?tili:tTb::::h :::1~ /::~rnte~inta~d]~ee~tt~ii! t~l:{i=l~tl Phsm1~liP$~" H?n H:afing il Fu~ dr. "! ;"- ?' I Jayhawkers " . ' n " Career Stop Me Before I Kill I in acting as your custodian. J~J~|~UJJ~ . . /I Dixon, Illinois ill A ilv11~.lifl~/lflpiipA J CaSh MCLall ~ 'J~f2,~u reneans ~ "il" / l| ~".~"=~' J|l ~ ~Jll~J~ etln League at ~en, emen bter Chance Me " g - " i e II,Iq'IUINI~: A/ a[-U~l Th,rd Voc DearDor,s ,I 11 o"- I College Conf~ential L~tiNohMan Wrde MyThree " MRS. ELIZABETH JONES C aVeCesGJrle K~yllien% AAagPici~Pnl Three on a Spree MORRIS LARSON,What can I do about my bes Crimson Kimono Make Mine Mink TigerBo~YLarcen Ilfriend? Can I tell him to act hisll tnsurance ~xctustvety llJ Dehunfidifiers ill '~.'L.~'L ":k~';=o 1 Crowded Sky Malaga . T UCens of Glor Y JEWELER II " " b chil ~ l1 . . . III Ill VAIKIt~IF~ aura== I y age anu hoee msn Dark at the Top of Murder. mc Unfaithfuls The 1 in ~ " h -"ewelr Re-airin- I] |11 ~ ~ ~ IlJJ Weter Heaters for UI RIVAk I I HUO~??llr~ Ithe Stairs Music ~ox r o utarnonas t~ J~ $ ate es . J y p g Fred EEnxdOf hnnocence No= to Al~hk~te Car U~;~i~rls~:{d D:s:2t::; 235 W. WILSON ST. BATAVIA II Haven man to man talk e,II D,xo~ III o,: III . , F:~ts ~faL~an (oFr'a)n'sachEleven whWeg Must~ ~v,~enc D,e Pbon. Of' T" ,I~. R. TR ~.~54~ Jlhim what you think isn't accepCll . . . Ill " Di I11 ~"~" "=" I Fast and Sexy On the Be Y .!l~ inst Tomorrow Wind Cannot Read ~lable--or ls childish. First, be]B II~ i!v:e~rG;O2sdtn:uH~i r~'' ~Oi~E~e~rejWci:~ Feeling WOolnfdL~r~%ountry ~ '{ sure he's inn receptive mood I1 I/ M M ~ I ! 400 Blows One Foot in Hell Young Heve No T me II~J~ U ,t I f /3 A I IJThen prove by your manner thatlII 111;;11 IIU~I,L I I mg Show, me Jazz Bo " ,':~"' aO are alsol, pI:IONE$ OFC: ~; 24:~i07741 i,j ~C NTR~]~ JLLo j i~?e f:r!:!:| i~::e::7 :~dr ~c :0- ~!!!: e ~ t oTM ~ ]l IIyT!I t his,:i~stl~ll ! Csrtha e 'in FlamesLove in a Goldfish 0 * " *" * * * **'"*'" *.~[~"[ Cry t:~ .aooy r.n%~Ogco, ~=U%' ve" ~,~ ' Jl-r " ~ ~ I,~, ~ v^~, il['""~lil'--------~l ! r ainGnarnlPr hDUSt M trearg G r:ulSd rrodrOfinthecSO?gnSakl jonnson runera. ~ervmc Jl~ VOGUE }ill ,r~ ~,Avr~ Ill (;0RAI. BROTHERS Ill WAKilES--I)IAM0gD$ I Esther and the King .M[lhgnairess . Two [~cess of Dr. Jey "1 9 $O BATAVIA AVE II : ~ :!el IT $ I|l Ill I rO o$ l 3urtT;epirate vUp~erzr~d, O,A ,~ ,~ I1~eHg']~DD]I~ !i{I II tmtU.up ,oo#n~ Ill C I G; Naked in the War d Most Dangerous Man Alive Warrior Empress; The rane funeral name I1,:: [ill M 111 IM I. I I Ill Flooring & Wall Tile III o, Religieu Good, I Hell to Eternity Parrish Where the i~oys Are [.~ ~*~ , Her Bridel Night (was" Pharaoh's Woman Wdd. in the.Country "'}" ~ w,~n~ ~T II 208 W FIRST ~11 II V 1/I I. I.I. III ' ill - I Bride s Much too " Portrait of a Mobster worta Dy Nignr ~,~ .~. I1 : " :.:11 I11 Atummum Ill I P trait of a S nnerWorld of Suzy Wang " % * Beautiful) Fr. or :" :': FOR i " " " t A ~oooo E es Comb natron Wmdows ~ Is/-- Z Herod, The Great Privales L|ve "o dam ,Y NORMAN E JOHNSON, Owne !]:': DIXON, ILLINOIS ";!11 I11 Combination Windows III I C--CONDEMNED ~ "::" Fall Cotton Dresses': ll Heating ltl and Doors III I Fr Please Mr Be zac (Fr) U]]~ce y oo oaravta ,ave : o . Adorable CreaturesLover, the ( .) . I ~:11 Air Condifionin ,111 J/I F/~.~',2~=t~'//// I (French) Lover's Return (French) Port of Desire ii H Matched Sweater, :'-':ll ' !11 Floor Sander Rentals I/I I And God Created Woman Medemoise Gottette Pot Bouille (Lovers of'/1~ Y-I~YJ. 1J~ Y-l~O~ II :': o ~ i.iil Electrical Contractlng III III "///Y " I (French} (French Paris) Fr ~'* ~ ~Klr[$ "," A L AT 2 9251 DIXON'," IL.L.INOIS Bab Doll ' ere Str, teesa Prlvete Property BATAVI I] :.: ":ill H.A. PETE HOWEL III AT 2-923, III DIXON'." jLLINOll J Y Medemo S P M ,atched Slack Sets AT 4 9201 o, AT 2 9501 121 Gelen, Ave D,xon Bed of Grass()" ~ II}! . ~ill - - Ill 121 Galena Ave. Dixon Ill I Greek (French) A Queshon of Adu tery ~" " ~ '--- Rosanna i= ~ ~. ~:*o.o*.*".'* o* o't.~ ~.o~*~ .~f, oo,o#.**.** ~'.-**~** *-**."?[ .I ql~ ue~, 1he ~Prencn~ ~waguo,=,a --- ~ I *' '"*''" ~:'::':?; : I~rl~ ~ -- Breathless Mad n Paris (Fr.} Saturday Night and BB II --~,m ~ i Come Dance With Me Marie du Port (French) Sunday Morning / De(;ren~;) Women, Tho Mating Urge Savage Eye THE Rexall STORE I L CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMSt . ,swed,s:, s~;~::i:~,z.~?. RACHIELLES PHARMACY I 4 FLOORS OF FURNITURE. BEDDING ~I~URJ ~I~RKI;T Husband for Anna, A Morn and Dad Stella (Greek) 12 E WILSON ST BATAVIA S sl~lIB~ ~J~ ~ Am a Camera Moon is mUd, The Third Sex " " I AINM IbAKI'I / DAK~AIN:> I J Illicit Interlude (Swedish) Naked Night, The Trials of Oscar Wilde PHONE TR 9-1400 " " Karamoia (Swedish Wasted Lives and the " I i i ~ I Serve }'our Fr|en~l~ I Lady Chatter|ey's Lover Nana (Fr.) Births of Twins -" ~ I ~ I t,2 -~,olt lndependen| | Llane, Jungle Goddess Never on ,~unoaX woman ot ~ome otai.; ~ 1 ~ zuttt.~ -- N, ht Heaven Fell (Fr) Passionate ~ummer ~ Grocer Love Game (French) "g " "- "al" / I / I and Savl I Love Is My Profession Oscar Wilde (Pr.-IT r I 1 I SEPARATE CLASSIFICATION J V ,I