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June 30, 1961     The Observer
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June 30, 1961

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FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 1961 OB,q RVER PAGE 3 i ~ii: :' i : O a I I :,;' [ I t Workers ~- l r ]1 Qui Wlrthx s, jL JUt~ At od Danielcl l~e~rea,M.S.C.wlaster"i' i :,lng" ChrlstM S C'tohabit.all menOf the Mar~ :,~' M.S~iC i'iq "i!: :: : : [ ii i : : party leaders who triect unsuccessfully to overthrow the govern- . AURORA tlL ]i,i' ii : ;, :'! ilii~;' ment early in June The Vnne ard Co,m, August 19--Bier Garten Tanz '* :! ~li : ~I ::' : i The call included in instructions for the Red uprlsing secretly Y /'k A ~2u at Lakewood playground from9 ' L' I*1 li]I!1 :i ~ J]]~l issued by party leaders on May 15, has now been published in ~* ~ " "/Pm'1 to 12 an-m--Sponsored by : ,~ ~tllll!~k, : : 1 ~ ~llli~.~ i iPresencia, Catholic daily here By Lisa Ferris case. Home environment and units 16 and 17 of St, Anne so- ~ IL. / Ilh I Cathohes Rally Catholic Charities Staff lgeneral health conditions were ciety, Holy Angels parish. 1 Ji~ 1 ~ ll [ Meanwhile, Catholics in theIpaz would leave the government To the little aged lady Thurs- studied. The little lady was not DE KALB 1 il 1 ~ ll m!ning area of t!mrich Bo!Ivm/in the hands of Vice President +~ ,~=~' thi~o-~ leafing properly. She could never July 10--Annual lawn social / ll 1 ~i ll [rauieo to prevent me oesrruc- . ~?Ms *w'as~:he~Uda~:~'when'"sh e!rememberwhen she had her last ] at St. Mary hospital from 5to ~ ~l 1 ~ ll Ition of a church radio statlonl uan i,ecmn wno [enos me w ln"~.: ~^a ~ ~~ u^r .maq]meal. More investigations by the f 9 p.m,--Sponsored by the has- ~ ~l 1 ~ ll Iby striking Red miner~ Thett~ommunlst-aomlnatealaool: ~ ~ "~,= ~"~ "~ "~ " I ~oi.~l ~r~ ~,~l~rt n~t'i~Pti~l ,i~1 Ym.rv ~ I[ ~ ~~ [miners. backed by the reoera-lmovement apartment for a nursing home. : ~ ~" ~' '~ ~ Univers'it-" Students t " The star'" be oins to unfold vialincidents" I MAYTOWN : inon o~ .~ '1 The President's threat to re. y o ] ! ~ T ~.~ ~, The r~ev. refer r. vavro, rue ~ev. Leon wemenDerger, 1He ~ev. r~ooert IODOlSiCl, ]launched their strike followingl a telephone call to the charity bne nao arawn sums oI money amy ,--~c~ ~,~, ~c~. ~ ]the * ~"'~ ~'~ o~,~ ~ [sign was mlowea ~ya.over[-. office. The caller stated she was from her savings account, but St. Patrick parish from 5 to 9 =aInan~ ~h h~re~t'oi."somSelment order~to oustthe gcharg, a personal friend of the aged could not recall where she had p.m.- Sponsored by the Altar T~71~ APPO NTED Tg~~ ~ ~I?~A ]l:eo~lio,~ ~ e I ,I p I P ,AFI ,~u neo ~eaoers lncmcung me o mzalreS m ~ a lady and was calling on her be- put the money No amount m ano z~osary society o~ ~ at-,' of h Communist ' . "xL~ L~: 'x~ top chiefs "t e - here~eoturing~eot t eOctob 1The Boliviant~e DeOCtoberF reignortmMin" half. Due to her advanced years, d]scussmn could seem to make rick and St. Mary. L-~ ~,lIT,"l~/[o U [ ^ she Ielt someone should be ap- her remember her activities PROPHETSTOWN .~]~i~".~Illl-qPPd~ II-]IO~I1PI I~ll.~,~llrllll~ rlOS [ omlnateo 2,--o2 ll)tr a2 9 sffx 22on ~r 'n *e "o minute The~ Jui-" 9 Ice creamsocial at kjJ-.z~.~ ~,t.~,~ J t.~.~. ~ ~V.L.m ~-- ~.~ ~,~ v n In meIr lnstrucuons lor 13.1e .LnaL vl~rJu ~ ~t.~ ~.ctua wa. polnteo to care mr Her. nere[~ am ml ut ~ "f Ynn --Ronald "a ' " "I " ' o~ 1~I~ n ;ulu' " 'lll/ Coil " were no living relatives, nor apartment was strewn with mid- St. Catherine parish hall h'om 3 ]uprlsmg, the Co, am. unists stat-Ilnvo!ved in the abortive com. friends other than herself who cellaneous articles which jeop- to 9 pro--Sponsored by Bands ]r~ ~'-~| ]~ ~ e 11- |ed that one of melr rams wars./munIst revom .~ cared ; assist this woman, ardized her safety. Wanting to[seven eight and nine of'the eeelve bnanges oi ,clJk881gllIIlt llL /the "liquidation, o%,me o~,scm-/ The Red plo!'stie to the~u, A caseworker was sent to her hang on to her memories of the parish women's society. ~ ~ |anti st power afore unurcn In:lban regime or l~lo.e home and a study made of the past, she refused to part with July 18--Public benefit des- .~.~ . lnrst stage oz mid oo.]ecuve, * "/Castro was also menuonea 1~ ~l:ythia2g ;oedr~ ~Ye:::Sof~a~;,tboti l sert kmcheon .and cards at S. :x m~2~e:: :l: the~l:oP~Sty ~f l19:sa, th;[s ~ ::S tr:[~fame~d It: CFSt~e/HU~[Sr ~;W:en~lylgrdain'l ~ructdi ~; 'S:lxdalti~gO tlde b:tri:t-[lhetrCc~mn~UnlStw~adet~eyM2e3 A g'~ ~2.~ ~.7i . ~ ~. . .-. I~-atherme pans[ nml at ~:outhe Missionaries of the Sacred n Sacred Heart monastery, Read-ted was appointed assistant pas-[ism of Bolivian priests for the[manded the ahgnment of Bolivi~ B::~:,~ ~:~ ::~(lb/~ ~i~gl:!)~i~u~i:~o~t~s~!2g tallOw!irOn / Pw~enSspo~ice~i:Nihe parish H;ar~e~itha;?r'aeC::dhH::r/ecMe:vS-Imgrk Pall ~eh=ahh~ngP~it~};1- [ I ~ ?n[ SHt~YJ ~ihdaa::2tIst par { ~:;ei~g~ ;friP~tttsi?g~e amg:g:in;tf[ ~itbha tuh:deSt~:l~SitrecRtepubhfctt~ - [ [ . . ed changes of assi~,nment this[ish missions, retreats, a d ys[ Y" ' [Francoist fascism.' |Union of Soviet Socialist Repub -- mr her a~rernoon, sessmn m ca~-I July 7 through 9--Parish festI- week. Two of the six have beenlof recollection. Father was sci-] Five newly - ordained priests[ ]lics " During U. Vtstttsup making, wnIcn, oz course,~val at .St. J o s e p h parish chosen Ior foreign mission[ence teacher at Holy Cross Jun-/have been assigned to GenevaI t~eo Lns~rueuons i [never transplrea ]grounds, highway 12 at junction duty. liar high school in Batavia dur-[to complete ~eir fifth year ofI The instructions also declar:Ir~ PHILADELPHIA, (NC)--Lau- In some interviews, ner atti- 173. .'~nnouncement oi me cnanges ing the past year. Itheological studies. They. are'led, t h a t the government o~/I ,- -,-, n^* ,t' rian Cardinal Rugambwa took tude and perceptiveness was TAMPICO,- [ The Center for Intercultural[the Rev Henry Einhaus thelPresident Victor Paz Estenssor,I ~.~1 M~LU~ ,l ~as mafle oy me very i~ev. dO- " ' . . },me out from. a busy s?hedu,elgood and alert, but suddenly[ July 2--Ice cream social at seph W. Gaspar, M.S.C head/Formati n, Cuernavaca, Mexm ,lRev" Harold Ml!!er, the Re ell had de!,vered itself into t hel] TD^VI:I I~^ III~ to oapuze me mlam uaugnter o~iw]mou~ warning a cmuoy mu~[St Mary parish hall from 5 to ~ ~h,~ ~ ~,~, ~^o~,~+,~ h~ +halls the destination o~ Fatherl~ter ~ampbeil, tne r~ev. wafleinanas oi xanKee imperIm,sm I . ~xr~ v u .-.-r'~v,~.- an Afmcan graduate student atlwould cover her face and ,he[9 nm ~ J e [Hayden He will prepare him-iHager, and the Rev. Geraldiand urged tln tamers to ma e the University of Pennsy]vanla.]was lost m yesterday s thou~,htsI i Iself by a sixteen-week program ]Paul Father Campbell is the]a "hunger march on the capl-I| P I I V ~PI, ~ne prlests gwen new appoint The Bishop of Bukob'a, Tan-l and completely lost to us. I~. ! ' ~ "h' ~" v Peter pi:ui[t become Spanish instructor at[son of Mrs. Mary Campbell oflta] city of La Paz. The Red el-I[ r~1L r~,||v|~ ganyika, baptized Grace Kath- The Charities contacted the Make ]rst I vavro ents a e:me ~enevneV.nooert[, xoooI'~ ' " [the Geneva seminary He haslSt Patrick narish St. Charles. lfort was put down by the Presi- leen Rutahakana, daughter of proper authorities and plans[ ' ~,' -[had previous experience among[ These priests will begin work-ldent who then declared a state [ |~T Laurence Rutahakana in St. were formulated to place her in!~q |ski, tl~ ~ev wm~er uowns, me|spanish speaking people while[ing in the parishes of the diocese|of siege. . I[ ~a. | ~ t~ev nomas mayoen me t~ev rike Ignatius church. The ceremony a home. Here she would be t ommumon . ". ; '- - -, [working among the Puerto Ri-]in the near luture. ~ [ The subsequent mIners st ,]| ~mm AI~IRa AP took place (June 21) just be- cared for and attended to prop- [~eon weisen.~ergerand the ~ev.| "lhowever, which has cost Bolivia~l l'ILbKlffIAbl: f,re tho C=rrtlnnl ,fforoa M==~ Forlv This was the only thin,[ ~r~ -- ~wo weeks oI religious tucnaro nuDer. A 1 1 oi mese/ / . ~ ~ :~: ~-.a r m in the church. Mr. Rutahakana that could be done" must betvacati n sch l came t a cl se[priests have assisted in parishes['~" 7"of 12 children mak~ g IS st sg e tV .o C y n a"y ]anslsi~iud:lntssP:hzeeSUma~eu t ;h:re:tmendt:r:~~ u. r I~eremon,esl3During his two-day visit to~[gally and with proper authority is from the Cardinal's diocese, done. Everything was settled le-at St. James church.with.ta cfl;~s o[ the dialed:: during their as- atl an D iI . ' their demands on the gave n-I- eosU;i ;~yh~e remone [es3 Holy Communion oune 25 w Philadelphia; the Carctinal Visit- plans were made to remove the] " " I To South Pacific ] |ment These include release o.i[ " - ed Independence Hall and the aged lady from her home Per-I The school was in charge ofI Father Vavro, a member of['l~ /r1 -I ~"Ik 4"~ ~ 7" |arrested Red leaders, full wages!! Under the Spiritual Liberty Bell. He was accompan-!sonal belongings were packed|two Sisters of the Third Orderlthe seminary faculty since 1951[ [vn i i li I Tt]~l 1~ |for time spent on strike andl[ Leadership of led by Archbishop John J. Krol for her by her only dear friend,[of St. Francis of the Immacu-[and Father"Weisenberger his-'[I 11r-IWL II~jk/:~ JL ILJ ~.~ l~ ~b.L k ~ lfree government provisioning of!] of Philadelphia. land the conservator of her smM]llate Conception of the Blessed[tory instructor nrefect oi dis-I |stores in mining areas whose i~ D[:~! |/'~t~:D~ T f whatev Virgin Mary and they were as ' ~ his v been de leted b~ I~LV. ~V,aL** * ~, The Cardinal received an hun- estate was to dispose o -[,"/cipline and sports director atl ROME--(NC)--A 64 page centennial edition recording the -l supplies ha e P ,/II ]~g V ~,$Ogl I,I orary doctorate (June 20) from!dr else was left behind. [~sted by two lay teachers.[the seminary for the past year,[tory of L'Osservatore Romano, Vatican City daily, was issuedlthe strike t[ ~:~[ ~:V S Jo s s adne cre t over ~nere were 92 children taking President ~ I~'~LL~ t sephL college It wa. con-I A feeling of s ss p [ " " /have been chosen to serve inlhere in seven lan~uaoes I The resignation of ' i| ~ I~'~LL ~ ferred on him at the residence the social worker, nurse attend-[instructi ns during the tw [the foreign mission field |"The s,(ecial edit~oncarried a full page color portrait of Pope/ ![ of Archbishop Krol by the Rev. ant and her personal friend, as/weeks. [ Both *'fiesta will leave in Oc John" on "aoe one and contained articles written in Italian [~'1 ~e~r,r~rel |[[]r~/~] J Joseph Bluett, S. J presi- they led her .care!oily down !!~e/+~The followmghch~dren,made./tober i~: the South Pacific is-/English, l~r~ch, Spanish, German and Portuguese. II u nu~ v~,-~! unu,ul~n,l~ dent of me COllege. stairs on mid ~nursaay. we/~ ~ /land of New Ireland to workI~' Letter by Cardinal Tarnim /~ m'~ r vv a n.I t r . . knew she wa~ leavin~ her lade/James Boehle, Patrick Cox,{ I,I nico Cardi/m [ VlSlhn~ L,SDOn tl-Otlma), = ~Am. = I ~ ~" "n r " "~h rl Har Re ~ among t n e lxanaKa natives! ~ T,r --'. I A ietter oy L~ome -[ [ .~ ~ ,- -- " . ' AINI$111#A Ipendence of yesterday and bow-/~uen t. rag, u a es e, -/ | ~ 'rh,~. ~rrival ,ill brin~[]~'OPO[~l?Ojl lJaO],l; Inal Vatican Secretary of State.! tbll~ b"PUl~l~ I I