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June 23, 1961     The Observer
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June 23, 1961

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FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 1961 and NDABLI Plumbing Healing Air Conditioning Call . . . . Telephone Juno 4-4980 or Juno 4-4981 100 S. First Ave. St. Chorle= BRENNAN CATTLE CO. Stacker & Feeder Cattle available at ell times. We Specialize In Northwestern Cattle YARDS AT LANARK, ILL. THE OBSERVER Install OfficersIr MZLr CUUm At Serra Club IPrincioles t In Freeport i ed officers of the Freeport ~ w~,~ To Teach in British Honduras FOX RIVER GROVE -- Jerry Butler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Butler, venetian Gar- dens, a recent graduate of St. ic PAGE 7 Serra club wereinstalled by District Governor Louis Bach- rodt at a dinner meting held Assistant Professor of Sociology Tuesday eveningin the Free- at St. Louis University port Country club. Is it true that the Church discourages long engagements? The new Serra dub othcers Lorraine and I started keeping company in high school but are: president, An!bony Wmm- can't plan on marriage until we finish college. How long is it er; i~rst vice president, ~ame.s permissible to go steady before getting married, especially J. Rich ards; seconct.vzce pres> in the case of college students who can't get married very soon? dent, l~(dwara.?~epler; secre- THE CHURCH DOES NOT TAKE any absolute, formal stand tary ~.narles ~vJc~.ooi, treasur less we see something better ,' " " on length of courtshin or engagement Jack though there are er, Basil Hartman; trustees: clear-cut moral norms regulating all 'premartial relationships. Anthony Plzz.olata G e o r ge The functions of dating, courtship, and engagement, that is, of *v onroe, ~'atrlcl ~aney, oonn the various steps in the social process normally leading to mar- bumeci~e"~ riage, vary from society to society and are subject to change ~ne r~ev. Leo 1-1. ~more, even within the same social system. cha lain of the Freeport Serra EN E P " ' H C WHEN RELIGIOUS LEADERS STATE their position club, introduced the speaker of n I n ' :on a y cur'e t premarital practice, their stand is based on the the evening the Rev James t o o * ,- :applica i n f ~,eneral moral principles to a specific social situa- E. Shevhn, pastor of Ascension [ion. If a given practice or its social significance undergoes parish, Harvey, who discussed change, the new situation must be reappraised in terms of the the layman s role in the ecu 1 m r 1 1 ' ' - re evant o a princip es that pertain to it. In practice this menlcal movement t o w a r d . . i means that religious leaders may sometimes take a different umty of all Chris[runs 1 n r Is[and on a g've p actice, not because they disagree concerning ------~------ ]moral principles but because they may take a different view of I:~l -,"~t:. the facts in the case r ,tect tttncers i j YOU ARE ALSO WELL AWARE, Jack, that such common 11 terms as keeping company ~oing steady or being engaged may ROCHELLE -- The Roche e ,' . ' ~ ; Council of the Knights of Co mean inherent things to dmerent people. 2or example, Keep- lumbus electedthe followin~ ing company may be a more or less casual affair or may in- in ~ear~" valve a serious commitment Going steady may imply no more omcers mr me corn g ," : " Donald W e i s s h a a r, Grand than a mutual agreement not to date others when participating K n i z h 1" Raymond Lathron in social affairs or an inseparable "togetherness" at school and ~ ~'-~n~ "Knioht P a ui almost every evening An engagement may be regarded a seri- d~puuy v,~a u ~ ; ' i "i Lo,-or Jr recorder" G e n e ous, quasl-eontrac~ wire mart'zage Qellnltely in view or an mp, - Zimmerman w a r d e n' John citly temporary, romantic pledge--if we can trust their state- Scallon Advocate' Joe 'Gavin men[s, most girls who have attended college claim that they treasurer; John Mattison, in-experienced several "e'ngagements" before marrying. Appar- side ~uard' Ran Sehmidt out- ently ~ome girls proceed to select a husband about the way they side ~uard" Joe Caron, trustee' shop They make their first selection with the reservation, "un- and George Pierce,financial secretary. IN ORDER TO GII?E A DEFINITE ANSWER to your ques- These-officers will be install- [ion concerning how long it is permissible to go steady before ed July 13 by Lou Franchine marrying, therefore, I would have to know-what "going steady" district deputy from Rockford. has meant in your case, how long it will be before you finish school or can reasonably plan to marry, and what your past !Benedicts college, Atchison, Workers In BY FATHER JOHN L. THOMAS, S, J. I Kansas, is enroute to Belise, British Honduras where he will tsec~ChlEnglish at a Jesuit high The Vineyard Community Butler is a member of the Chest Agency Papal Volunteers for Latin By Lisa Ferris dication have drawn many pn- America, a group of laymen or- The date of arrival was June soners back into the Church and ganized by the bishops of the 14, 1961. The Rev. John M. into the right pattern of living. United States to provide assis- Whelan, chaplain at Pontiac Leave with Regret state prison for 15 years, met our visiting staff from Catholic It was with regret we had to Charities. The purpose of the leave Father Whelan, for we !visit was twofold; a signature felt we had met a man gather- had to be secured from an in- ing fallen men back into a holy, ~~~ mate, clarifying a legal matter, happier, religious life. ~~ii.~{~~ and a tour of the prison was Father Whelan has learned ~~ scheduled for us. that most crime is unpremeditat- ~~.~ ~ Meeting us with a warm wel- ed. During his interviews he has ~4~.~. come, Father Whelan escorted learned there are no really bad ~i us through the grounds of the men. The Catholic Charities ~il prison. A visit to the chaplain's staff found this visit not only in- ~ii quarters proved most interest-teresting and educational but ~i{ ing, because here a record is learned that workers such as kept of the number of men con- Father Whelan continue to labor ~~ verted through the years, plus daily and unselfishly in God's ~~!i! Mass attendance, baptisms and Vineyard. other valuable data pertaining to the conduct and progress of a a CCD prlS~en::ed in World War II Plans Drive for Jerry Butler Father Whelan is from the Peoria diocese A diocesanNew Volunteers tance tO alreaoy overworKeo missionary priestsin LatinP;oeS~rshe s~r~:d uW'~th th5~hPa~?; CARPENTERSVILLE --- The America.The group is part of . P ' ~ . ;V Confraternity of Christian Dec- afar reaching movement call-~.rn~orUt~nt'~ a:r~ngr:;:nig ~vi?~ :trine at St. Mantra parish is ed the Lay Apostolate. PAVLA " . ~" .P.J- - planning a July drive to get . ms men ne earnea tnelr respect provides trained personnel, dec-, - . ' volunteers to sign up ~or work ~ana love. Jn me ~rmy ~eserve tors, nurses, teachers, trades-, 'in every section of CCD ac- -1 I~I~,~*,- =, ~- +h~ mie ne S~lll Keeps Close ~oucn Wll~n .~=. a,~ .~,v.=.o, - ersonnel tivity. Following t h e recruit- . army p . slons. . . Discharged from the Army in merit, orientation sessions will Butler's assignment xs for one 1945 he was assigned to Pan be held within each grouj. year. tiac Prison because of his ability The coordinators are working experience as a couple has been. Since I do not have this infer- Receive L~ 1.~ternn.~ marion, I can only point out the general principles that apply in such situations. Girl as Novice YOUR PROBLEM IS ONE THAT MANY college students now Installation Of Officers Planned STERLING -- Installation of to deal with men. Father Whe- on a list of duties for super- lan has become an integral part visors and are collecting sam- of Pontiac. His devotion and de- ple materials to use for a train- ing and orientation session for both new and experienced su. Father ~, ,A~M,'~am, pervisors. Teachers will have STERLING--Mary Kay Fore- hand, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Forehand, St. Mary's parish, was received as a Fran- ciscan novice at Mount St. Clare noviatiate chapel, Clinton, Ia. June 14. Her religious name is Sister Joan Marie. g | some professional training ses- face. Ina technically advanced society such as our own, prepa- recently elected officers of ]DI,~,~ ~.~ ,4~t~T sions with one of the expert- ration for life requires long years of formal training. Although Council 662 Knights of Colum- ,t ~s~o ~,~.~ z-I~,~stuv a ,o~,~ ,~ '~, you reach puberty around the age of 13 or 14, and apparent-bus is planned for June 27 at8 T ~ngz,l! te'ac'hers=Chersel?:d:igahr:Cha~:o1 ly started dating shortly after, you will not be ready to marry p m. in the council hall here. Iowa ~orl. snop making plans for training ses- for some time yet. In a sense you and Lorraine are the victims m~.^ ~ ~mu;~ = - &lie U 11~=,~ ale. ,**a*a,*, ~TPT~T ml ^ R~v Oharle~ ~,-~. of a set of premarital customs or practices that ignores both t ,~,~,~. ~=,~rl lrniohf- Arthur ~5~.*P -- *"~ ,= ' ~" . ~ At ~eh Rundav bantism one W lvlcl'~amee assistant supe in the facts of' life and the demands of the social system. Like Johnson de,~ut-, ~rand knigh*" " : of the men of the Parent Edu- primitives in a pre-industrial society, you have fOllowed eus- ~ E=f~. %~-o~llor" John ten~-en~-an~gwee.t r -=~-- ~rou,~ under the direc- to c leulat d 1 r i ~ 1 at the St. Edwara uemral ~at - ms a e to ead to ma r a~,e short y after puberty though e h DeFrmr rc , Lendman recorder; Tom Gor- ^~;~ ~.~, ~ ~ ~.o ~nr-qod tion of los p,p - you must wait several years at least, before you are prepared n, t~n'~,ror' John Pi-natelli ?*~./"~'~'--~ -'~ ~ sents the new narents with a ,~v-, ~, ' for me. ~bl 'h~ewspapers in me .r to assume the respons~bflItms of marriage h will be raduall ,advocate; Ben Franque and Ned " r h ld from folder w ich g Y OBVIOUSLY, THERE S SOMETHING QUITE WRONG with Mr(~,inn ~,zrrt~. Don Gordon- Classroom we kshop .e,filled with namnhlets which as- ,~ ~ ' June 18 to JUly .t at me state "- ~ . . the system, but this doesn, t solve your present problems . What Norris Aldrich and Ed Manion, university" oz iowa in Iowa City. sis[. .parents in. the. religlo~ should you do~ In the hrst place keep clearly m mind that n and Don ralnin of their children ,trustees; Bill Lendma Fa*h~r McNamee was "iven a t g neither "going steady or "being engaged" gives you any sexual C' ~rd,~n ,~,~nvention deleaates" ~ 'Y ~. ~ Every three months a new r'vile ' D n' . . . scnotarsnlp mr me sess ons oy . . P~ ,fes;i ~a?~,t, tryt2,dece~e y urse~es bY arg~:nLthat Y U and John Lendm. an and Norris.the Elgin Daily Courier-News. !earle} is delivered by one of =*,- z-,--, a ~ a"~,* o*~'~,-*", *o ,w~,~o~,~*~-. t~lclricn, alternates. I ~h~ ~, ,oo~ ,~r~ram will me ~ men working in ~nls sea- FURTHER SINCE YOU HAVE BEEN GOING steady for *"% ":""~ ('"~'tures de tion of CCD The information 0 e" o' 1 t incluoe a serms o lee - " s m time n w, you shou d know what steps are necessary to " --" he n-ws in the leaflets is made up of keep your emotions and feelings under adequate control. You l~ock l/lver liver,o o[ mermOers o~e - practical suggestions for reli- must be sincere and honest with yourselves in this regard At i paper lnaustry --- -1 ~ious instruction in the home your age, if you are normal and in love, you will probably have Valley Serrans tra~:iatinnerin +~::2ee ar~Ce~e: " to plan your dates carefully in order to avoid undue stress and J . . ~ - } tension. This may involve some limitation on the number of |.--.~=-.-.I' /-~" it~StlyPa~OS~v~unYdale~nt, l]~ry o~ dates, going on double dates or with a group and avoidin= ~.llSti:lll gllll3t;[8, ', ~" theology at St. Mary's Semin- "parking" or spending prolonged periods alone with each other. Unless you use common sense in regulating the conditions under which you see each other and in controlling your mutual dis- plays of affection, you may indeed find your situation "im- possible." FINALLY, YOU MUST HAVE RECOURSE to spiritual aids. Prayer, frequent reception of the sacraments, making plans for the future, greater application to your studies, and so on, will all prove helpful if you are sincere. Remember, successful Christian marriage calls for a good deal of self-denial and self- icon[Tel. If your love does not lead you to practice these virtues STERLING--The Rock River Valley chapter of Serra Inter- national installed new officers for the coming year at its first meeting in June recently. In- stalling officer was John Duna- hue, secretary to the secretary of Serra International at Chi- cago. Officers elected and installed were: Paul Green, Dixon, pres- ary, Baltimore, Md.; and in edu- cation, supervision and guidance at Loyola university in Chicago, Requiescant where he received his Master's degree in education. His work at St. Edward consists of super- vision, public relations and APPLE RIVER--John Henr student guidance. ~], St. Joseph Church, June i AURORA--Mrs. Mary Sander, 73, Michael Church, June 15. Illl g''s't'n~ste~'-'-rChurch,Mrs" Kathrynjune 12. C" White, 66, St. Mar Bob gre.nano Mgr. now, it is not strong enough to give you happiness in marriage, ident; William J. Considine, Hy. 3-2300 (Father Thomas will be unable to answer persona[ letters.) F u l t o n, secretary; David Patronize Our Adv.rtis*rs,PT:il: Kirkland 2-3317 It V V I ' " ' i --, / ' ton 2nd vice president; James -- - - -: -~ ------- I In BELVIDERE I] IlL. Bradley, Sterling, treasurer; ,ill Ill Workm.hi, land Gale Keyser, Dixon, three- {/I Ill Ilyear trustee. A I/I Ill ~ f,jlS~~ Equipment I[ Following the installation of {/I j Ill /yw" I[ fficers Mr. Dunahue gave lo- 1/I ~ III ~ ~ ~ ~(I/,'- Ilcal members a preview of the j~~t~i~IB )tl ~~-""~r~-~ ~t~ III ~~ "~jl~l- ~"-f~ ,'~ Ilsubjects to be covered at the ~,~'. ::" -:-::i:::" :: ' ":i:!:;:i:i::::.'. ::::i:!:~: tCuanry n ill n717/4 III Ill n t e r n a banal conventlo of II oj I Serra clubs in Minneapolis ~1 II ~='q' IIMinn. June 29 through July 1'. ,For A ANNUAL REPORTS end FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OUR M O D E R N P L A T ! N G ,uo,%~:d, LeOrvWiceCOST .SPEC,A'TY,ours We Print Everything But Dollar Bills .7 '~ i l, C O R P O R A T i u N Call Rockford Cat ect Sacred Heart Maren-o Fifth I 2" 206 N. Main -- Galena, Illinois -- Phone No. 101 ' ;~ -- ~ . r,~ . =. wuoa ann a-~o a Sunday after Pentecost. t omptete r tectroptatmg ervtce Authorized to Do Work on Sacred Vessels GENERAL OFFICE AND PLANT 121-129 SO. HANCOCK AVENUE FREEPORT, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: ADAMS 2-6139 BRANCH PLANT 2500 N. MAIN STREET ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: WOODLAND 2-6451 / Write or Phone Us tar Details and Estimates Hallgren Lumber Company 0 F A L C O. h c. LUMBER PAINT BUILDINC MATERIAL )205 E. Locutt Tel. 6-4824 DeKalb In our D;v;ne Word Sem;nar;es In lnd;a, Ph;lippines and Japan, we have a number of students preparing for the pr;esthood. MANY ARE VERY POOR end need finan- clal help to continua their studies. Dubuque la.---608 Main St. Clinton, la.---222 6th Ave. S. Rockford--105 North Main St: Dispensing Glasses P,escHbed by Dr. H. Coren--'Optometrist Rockford Rockford Plaza Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. H Portoll---Optometri=t Aurora--6 N. BrOadway Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. Win. Lindley---Optometrist Dixon---T10 East First St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. B. Rubin---Optometrist Sterling--21 W. 3rd St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. R. Cobb, Dr, N. L. St. Germein---Optometrists ' Elgin--121 S. Grove Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. H. Moll---Optometrist TIAR FF A Cuisine That Creates Conversation" ~r ~w= IE.doN~! ~ $ Im ~ a stt~J~t W n,d wilt=. 0 l IHI I --- ~m MAIL TO S M0N NIS' Junction 62 and 31, Algonquin Reservations Recommended PHONE OLIVER 8.7111 Featuring $1.7 Luncheon ' CARY--Michael M, Ditella, 42, Peter and Pau/ Church, June 11, pi Mrs. Anne E. Nagle Ronnenberg, Dies in Tam co Sts, Peter and Paul Church, June CRYSTAL LAKE -- Mrs. Emma Ven STERLING -- Sister Mary Geel, 72, St. Thomas Church, June 10. DIXON--Mrs. Marie Bless, 71, St. I'a Cyrill, O.P who had been in rick Church, June 15. FREEPORT--William J. Downey, 71, Tampico assisting with summer St. Mary Church, June 19. religious classes at St. ]VIary Delbert K. Hornbogen, St. Mary Chinch, June 10. Church, died June 13 i Home GALENA--Mrs. Helen M. Eberhardt, 61~ hospital She became ill a week st. Michael Church, June 7. ~rs. Orin Smith, 64, St. Mitt before her death. Church. MENOMINEE -- Eldon Averkamp, Born Oct. 12, 1922, in Chicago, Church of the Nativity, June 18. a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bauer, 63, Church of the tivity, June 18. Michael D. Clifford, Sister Mary MORRISON--Mrs. Laura Haas, 66, Cyril was a member of the Mary Church, June 12. OREGON--Francis Michael, 72, Dominican order and had been Mary Church, June 11. ROCKFORD--Angileri Infant, St. stationed at Geneseo as a teach- thony Church, June 19. er before coming to Tampico Mrs. Mary H. Fitzpatrick, 78, St. I rick Church, June 19. for the summer class work. Mrs. Marie E; Merkhem, 64, St. P, Burial was in the cemetery at Church, June 11. ST. CHARLES--Mrs. Mary E. Hess~ the Dominican Motherhouse, 90, St. Patrick Church, June 9. Mrs. Virginia Triesb 42, St. Pet Sinsinawa, Wis. Church, June 17. SAVANNA--Alvin A. Schnltzler, 31, John's Church, Juno 16. WALTON--WilIIem B. Dolen, 80, MOUNT CARROLL NATIONAL BANK Mary Church, June 12. CHICAGO--The Rev. Laddie 62, St. Wencesleus Church, June 13. "Complete Banking Services" PHONE 4141 Say You Saw It in Member Federal Depasit Insurance Corporation,THE OBSERVER PURE PORK ! HELP HiM TO REACH HIS GOAL to 2:30