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June 20, 1948     The Observer
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June 20, 1948

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Sunday, June 20, 1948 THE OBSERVER EDITION OF OUR SUNDAY VISITOR News Section--Page 9A HIGHEST is (%- • tan p.lains Why Church ,ons,ders Marr,age Between Anne And Michael Null And Void VERY REV. FRANCIS J. CONNELL, C.SS.R. Manv people have been asking what is the attitude of the Catholic "Church toward Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma, since she married ex-King Michael of Rumania on June 10 be- fore the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Athens. The answer is very simple and definite. The Church regards the marriage as null and void. However. the reason is not to be .... sought in any defect of priestly the .Church call make no co.m- power in the officiating archbishop, prom me.wncn a, grav.e moral.prln The nriests and bishons of the clpal ls revolves, at is to De nopeu Greekr Orthodox Church are recog-ithat one day Anne w!ll .find theway nized by the Catholic Church as to return to the batnollc zola zrom possessing the same power of Holy which she has so unfortunately ex- Orders as Catholic priests and cluoe(l nersezr. bishops. For example, a Greek ~ priest can celebrate Mass just as .,o .. truly as a Catholic priest ~ lr]fIt/~T} [PttPr • • Wa_h .............. The reason is found m the fact -' that the Catholic Church demands the presence of an authorized priest at the marriage of a Catholic, in order that the marriage may be valid. By an authorized priest is meant a Catholic priest, approved to officiate at marriage by. the Church. This includes the bishop of the diocese, the pastor of the parish or a priest delegated by either within his respective terri- tory. Now, the Greek Orthodox Archbishop had no such authoriza- tion for the marriage of Anne. It must be emphasized that this ruling holds only when one (at! least) of the contracting parties is i (or was) a Catholic. When twoi persons who were baptized and! brought up in a non-Catholic de- nomination and are not bound by any impediment (as would be the case if one had been divorced from: a person still li,ving) appear for marriage before their own clergy- man, or a civil official, they con- tract a true and valid marriage, a marriage that is just as sacred and binding as that of two Cstholicsl before the priest. Thus, if Mi- chael had married a girl of his own Orthodox Church before the Greek i Orthodox Archbishop, the marriageI would have been a valid contract l and a true Sacrament. Even if tl{eI clergyman before whom the non- Catholics marry is not an ordainedI priest, the marriage is still a Sac-] rament in the eyes of the Catholic Church. For it is not the priest who administers the Sacrament ofI Matrimony; it is the parties them-I selves who give each other the Sacrament by their mutual ex-I change of consent• The Church could not approve the marriage of Anne even before a Catholic priest, because no promise was given that all the children would be baptized and brought up as Catholics• For the Catholic re- gards the Catholic Faith alone as true and, therefore• so precious that it cannot permit a couple to have even one child baptized in another denomination• In the pres- ent instance the Church has given a clear proof that when principle is at stake, all Catholic are treated alike. The Church demanded from Michael and Anne the same require- ments that would be asked of any etuple seeking to contract a mixed marriage. Despite the royal dig- nity of Anne of Bourbon-Parma, the .Catholic Church regards her marital situation just as the Church would'regard that of a woman of the lowliest origin• Anna is said to have protested that she will remain a Catholic• But, as long as she continues in her present state, she will be de- barred from the reception of the Church's Sacraments. The Catholic Church regrets this situation in which Anne has placed, herself, bu~ WAHL SILENT DRYER Operates on I10 Volts A• C. PRICE $9•75 WAHL CLIPPER CORPORATION STEELING, ILLINOIS Calls Christian Awakening Sage And Pertinent Observations Seen In Gilts And Bequest The Diocese of Rockford will gratefully accept gifts and lega- cies from benevolent persons who desire to make an acknowledg- ment af God's goodness to them. Gifts to the Diocese will be used for Saint Vincent's Home for Children and Saint Joseph's Home for the Aged, for the education of worth,/ young men to the P~iest- hood, for works at charity in an ever-broadening field, and for the support of religion in the need,/ areas of the Diocese. Bequests to the Diocese should be made in the legal title: "John J. Baylan, Catholic Bishop of Rockford." Bequests to an indi- vidual parish should be made in the above title, but with a direc- tive stating that the bequest be administered for the benefit of the parish• bridled competition" or through "an unprincipled expenditure of wealth," is really subordinating human welfare to the production of unneeded things, exploiting workers, exhausting natural re- sources, and leading sooner or later to impoverishment and de- cadence. "Only on the principles of Chris- tianity and in accord with its spir- it," the Pontiff declares, "can the social reforms, called for imper- atively ')y the necessities and as- Name-Day Address pirations of our times," be car- ried out. They demand from some J. J. GILBERT the spirit of renunciation and sac- ............ rifice, from others the sense of -w asnmgcon (~I lne re -- -- "lresponsibility and endurance, from cent na~•,e-day address of His Ho. everybody hard and strenuous liness Pope Plus XII to the men- work." hers of the Sacred College of Car-I Thus the Holy Father asks dinals, a discourse there is reas-ICatholics of the whole world "not son to believe men will turn to ,,to be satisfied with good inten- more and more as time goes on. I tions and fine projects" but "to contains many sage and perti- proceed courageously to put them nent observations, into practice" and to join without No-^ i- wiser or mole timel .I .,csitation those who, while re- .. ')? ~ • ' ..... • • .~/naining outside their ranks, "are tnan the warnmg tnat now Is one i: .~ ., ,_ ....... . _.:.x. moment when )~veryone who stilli"°ne tne aess in agreeme,L w~, treasure~ in the denths of his soulithe social teaching of the Catho. a spark of Christian spirit must ihc,,Chur~:,~ +~.. w,,rla ,,¢ +-da- wake up." One can only guess ati •.~,':? ":~e~ ~i's~ea~en~in~_" s-"ec~- ....... eforms mi ht ~exnlm~S L a g p - na~ wortnwmle r g * .... "" " -nd con ~' ~ " "~ n ti hal and in acle oI its mssensmns a - De e~ecceu in tne a o -[ • • ,, • ,, ternational s~heres, if the people i~oadict~?S;el~P:gP?:titff:a~3~y th; wou!d only wake u.p[. if outh~YtCatholics to give a shining ex- wouitl taKe tne mterest tney g • • • ............ '~'-" -1 ample of unity and cohesion, wmth- ~o ~aKe In ma~ers LnaL elIL~t:b It- . ..... mn.~t ~verv nhasp of their lives if out amtmctmn oz zanlzuage, .nat- ......... ~ ,- - ' • " e " tLey would only abandon the pal= mnahty or rac . icy" of "letting George do it." The Holy Father spoke of"the "- -- -r°rmer. " --'-- ,erm n Envoy attitudes, the resolutions and-the lO vatican MaKes acts which are the fruits of this Statement At Trial awakening•" To be really awake, one must assume an attitude, take a stand on the right side of MAX JORDAN a" question after ascertaining Nurenberg--(Radio• NC)--"The what is right• One must also Catholic Church was the only in- adopt certain resolutions, must stitution in Germal.iy durin.g~ the resolve to do something about war mat conzinuea to iunc~lon m- this stand he has taken And one dependently and was the most re- must act, must actually do what liable pillar of resistance against - the nazi regime " he has resolved to do concerning . " " • . . that which he has established to Thm statement made by be ri~,ht Baron Ernst van weizsaecKer, zor- .... .~,'" . ..... ]mer German Ambassador to the wltn regara to aomesz]c proi~ ...... ]Holy See continuing his testimony ~ems, upon the correc~ suasion o~I;., t.;o ~:;,~ ,~o¢o~,o ~o¢~,,~ o. T. whmh depends the reconquest of .... .~ ....... I ternatmnal Military Tribunal here • O many upwara aria emmt~erea I.,+ ,, . ~.;.... ,.t,o..,,,, hearts, His Holiness urged the[ ,,~r.,~ tho nn~vi ,.hi~ftnin~ hp~n ]USt ana necessary social rexorms ~-,a-~ of ~ll w~, ~¢ ftt,~ ~enr~c,n to provide the poorer classes • • • ..... ~ .... ,,I office d~d to help the Chrmtlan Withnousmg, nreaa ano WORK. t~k.~hoo " ~n W~i~b,~. e~i~ Thisis not merely a .question of 7,~.~'~'~.~.'.~'-~.=•'.."~.~-~•'~'~'~'~ ~ust dmtnbutmn but al~o of 'a +~ n .|.~o ~ .nn. ~a i~ l~s-~ .... _ ,__as~n, .......... ~vS__ t _e ___- prudent organlzatlon of produc- I~ the ~ ~alieio~ which th~ fc~s • . , ..~ _ V_..~ e- ....... ,rc~s ............ tmn" to enable the nationsto ~ .... i of the churches were trymg to en- move toward the abohtlon or want. force " This aspect of the problem isI Baron Weizsascker said that be- bound up with peace, and cooper-Isides Himmler, Hitler's personal ation among the natmns, deputy. Martin Bormann among the "Relations between agriculture nazis was the bitterest foe of the and industry within the single nat- Catholic Church and that it was tonal economics," His Holiness largely due to him that efforts to said, "and of those latter with the overcom@ difficulties in relations economics of other nations, the with the Holy See were frustrated. manner and extent that each na- After the German army invaded tion is to share in the world mar- Poland the Apostolic Nuncio to ket--all . these difficult problems Germany, the late Archbishop ~resent themselves today afresh Cesare Orsenigo. informed Hitler ~nd under aspects different from that the Nuncio's Jurisdiction would those of previous times• Upon In°t extend the territories conquered their rational solution depends the by the Germans. since the Vatican ~roductivity of the several nations, ]had refdsed to sanction these-con- and consequently the welfare of quests, Baron Weizsaeqker said• Finally in March 19"43 the late Cardinal Maglione, then Papal Sec- retary of State. addressed a per- sonal letter to Foreign Minister Ribbdntrop presenting all serious grievances regarding persecution of the Church in Poland• Ribbenstrop referred the letter to Hitler, who became so infuriated, individuals as well; for it is clear that there ean never be sufficient distribution where there is not suf- ficient production." While some nations today, His Holiness said, can boast of super- ior productive facilities, their pro- ductivity, attained through "an- i I m Baron Weizsaecker said, that he .....l BARES BROS. SERVICE I was on the point of breaking off i .............. I! formal relations with the Vatican. i~ii* Mobll|lll--Moblloll---llre$---AccessOrlel |i it was only due to his, Baron " ~ ~.-- . ..._ ,~ '. ._ __ I!Weir~meker's, intimate personal t,orner ~mclgo 8na We~. ~l)rtn| ~wreetrs I t eontact with the ~pe~tolie Nuncio, ~:i - • l ~ S • . l he te tifl l, tlmt. the lattw could im ipersuaded to take the letter back !under the pretense that it had not been read. "The Nuncio, who was a close friend of mine and with whom I was in full agreement on all the principles at stake, would be great- ly surprised were he still alive to see me in this docket today," Baron Weizsaeckcr said. 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