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June 20, 1948     The Observer
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June 20, 1948

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im 21 Sectlomo Mewe Se(tlon ~l~2=une 20, 1948 ~ ~ OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER' OF THE IIOCKFORD DIOCESE VOL. XXXVII, NO. 8 F. B. Allegretti Is Speaker For Men's Breakfast Bishop To Pontificate At Father-Son Mass At St. Anthony's Church Rockford--According to advance reservations for the annual Com- munion breakfast to be sponsored Sunday, June 20, by the Catholic Men's club of Rockford at St. An- thony of Padua church, 300 or more persons are expected to at- tend the 8 a.m. Mass which will be celebrated by His Excellency, the Most Rev. John J. Boylan, D.D., Bishop of Rockford, and the breakfast following. Because Sunday is Father's Day, the officers of the Men's club have made this year's Communion breakfast a father and son party, and it is expected that the speak- er, the Hen. Francis B. Allegretti, retired Chicago judge and out- standing Catholic layman, will touch upon this in his talk. Judge THROW AWAY AT YOUR OWN RISK Cardinal Spellman's Visit Opened Brilliant Of Catholicism Japanese Saw And Liked Premier Ashida Personally Welcomes Prelate, Later Received By MacArthur And Emperor REV. PATRICK O'CONNOR, NC)--The visit of His Eminence Fran- cis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York, and his party here has flung open wide another brilliant page of Catholicism for this Japanese capital to see. Tokyo has seen it and liked it. When the silvery plane bringing the group from Tsing- tee, China, came down from thee evening sky there began a mem- been such an experiment in gov- orable series of religious func- ernment... I believe history shows tions, official visits, personal con- no similar accomplishment." versations and social meetings. Archbishop Peter Do[ of Tokyo, By the time the same travelers welcoming the Cardinal at the re- left by plane 55 hours later for ception at the Catholic University the United States, the cumulative said: "I welcome you as the head effect of their stay had encouraged of all the American Catholic chap- Japanese Catholics, gladdened lains and thank you as their in- American and other Allied nation- spired leader for all the consols- als, created new friendships and tion and encouragement they have The Communist idea of the "seeret ballot" Is pictured here. From Czechoslovakia, two ballots, ons with the list of government-spon- sored candidate~, (left and right above); the other a white ballot (center, above) marked with a large crou to register opposition to the government list were given to each Czech voter who went behind a curtain and placed one of the ballots in an envelope, depositing it in the ballot box. The unused ballot he discarded into an open basket. Since the government sponsored ballot was printed" on both sides, increased old ones. Speaking at the reception at the Catholic University of Tokyo after his arrival, Cardinal Spellman re- given our missionaries, but it is especially as a friend and intimate of our common Father, His Holi- ness, that we extend our nlest Allegretti is now a resident of the and the opposition ballot on one side only, it was easy to know how called his first visit to Japan when heartfelt greetings." R ........ the Czech8 voted Of a total vote of 7 199 000 there were 770,000 the United States forces entered ............ OCKZOrU mocese l'eSl(llng on a " .^-..I.. t..u..i. #z,r~'~h~,.,.~ +ha ~.n..t~-v in .q~nt~mhm- 104K Arcnmsnop SOl closes With farm near Elhurn ,,~5 ............. .......... j ./~^=~';'~"~j/;,~.~%~='~"~''~.~ strong "appeal both to you, s .......... . ......... : .... . ~"Zrepresentative of the Church in powers ox my country ana oI The jurist will be introduced by ......... n concentr "i the United States, as well as to #apa at ng on recon the chairman of the Communion ---i--~ .... . ....... ,, ." the Father of the Church Univer- structlon IS most Insplrmg, ne ,, breakfast commlttee, Samuel J. ~mh~=&.~, ,LJA =~ d~A---~=,~ ........ sal to send us more missionaries. 'Guzzardo, who will serve as toast- ~;BHUK~ [ [qJ J~U ~[|]q~e~P sala. A~ nls press comerence ne . , ............. master for the festivities follOWofficers * DpI Fate said: "The two places visited in Japans trims ~]mster nztosm ing the breakfast. Other O Detern~me s 945, Mani!a .and Tokyo, . both A~hldaf tO~kend~he ~l~pre/:cde~oend tof the committee -r- .q~m Paris ..... .-- snow remarKaole ann almost un- t, ~ v ~resident-elect'~of t'l~e ~Ien's club'[ kC ~ ~t ~ If~U~_~ Pi~l_~ BIII believable changes." The Cardinal and personally deliverin.g a .wel- ,, =~ =~w~ ,= = --=.w--. =--.. ===. '" ......... come message z conslaer It a co-chairman" %~,c- x D-~me- I also pals trmute to me states- ~ .......... "J "~_%_\ ~'" ,~_ ~';_./_'l ~ manship of General Douglas Mac- great honor," he said, "to welcome Arthur W Americans are here Your Eminence and the other &s president. " I Washington (NC)--The chances of sizeable admittance . e " ,, " " - A.... t th ..... i. ,o [ of European DP's into this country now rests in conferences ~or:__peaceful, he stated.[ .~ .. ~ .~- --o ~ .................... ~ ....... -, , . .~ , . . .. .,_ __ ~ ,~__ z~sver vexore in mstory nas tnere i uontlnuea on page zzA ties, the regular June meeting ofl between me ena e ann house, as me house approves me the- organization will follow-thel Fellows Bill to admit 202,000 refugees in the next two years. . breakfast, with installat!on.of .newiA measure designed to admit 200,000 persons had already r" _..L L _ _ omcers as one scneauteo mgnngntlbeen ,~oo~,~ t,, +h %not m is .r i-=nTnnlr" of the meeting Retiring Presi-I ~ | Is g ll i s l I ri j i m~- -~ ---- --- .'-- ~-~.--t- L-- ~ VNi~m il ~IbMmg m-.~i .~^_+ v_..~.,.-_ ...-..~_].~ ki- on I zne mscrepancym ~e~amee-~ u=.~~.~.~., ~ ...... ~, ....... April 21, 1947 The Senate limit nualreport and give financial re-]tween the two bills represents an[ .... :: .... r b h Hon is ~ecemver zz, ~v~o suits of the lectu e y t e effort by the House to accommo .... " r~ t',..* ..~..-~ohuschni~' f-rmer/ ] A provision in the House bill I ! II ! rt "WI kl I ~h .... 1,~. ~* A.~+~i. wh .... lc.~dateapproximately 2,000 anti-]would give 15,000 refugees already FIflllOWeCL l~e Iflv iN,lille. un'der~Catho~lic'Men;s'cluVausp~icesl communist Czechoslovakians who l i_n the U. S: the right to remain if they mee~ otner quazincations in Rockford a few weeks ago.late seeking refuge from the pre-[ ................ I -- , [ J./l~ ~/1a~,~ DIll makes no men,ion Serving the breakfast' will be el sent Czecn government,of this S--~a-- j ....... , ..... ~ ,, ...... ..... oo, unu y, une =u, is yarner s ~ay. z~ IS a commerclal in- eommstteeot women, mos~ zl a~,~..,..r~v~.~.^~s -re- t The Houo~ ..- ......... ~ - m r " " m" rs un .............................. ~,=. ..... ven'io f irl " i ............... ,, WhO a e waves oz me oe , -I T TM Wouse measure would a-- charge the enter[n- DP s a~ainst [ n, o ia y recent or gln. wny I~ snoulu come In [ne monm der the direction of Mrs Fribe g, " " v" portion ..... the DP s coming to the the regular Immigration quotas of of June, the month of brides" and capped and begowned graduates who has been m charge of pre 1-i~z v i ...... ~i^-- +.. +~, .... riouslthe nations o "r~'-i" -~.u. +~ ous Catholic Men's club break-[raci~a'l v'er~en~age~'of~hewh'o~e DP[ Senate would perm~t'theen~ry~of is anyone's guess. But, the third Sunday of June has been so fasts, the first one of which fivev .......... ~ears a~o was on'ross~a b~, the[grup' which m estimated at 835,-I the 200,000 m addmon to quota designated, and having such widespread appeal, will continue to be ~...~o~..+ %'~.z.~-.~.~"~'~.~..~ ~r~J 000. The Senate bill proposes that immigrants t, ...... ,,~o+h~.,. n~,, ,, Excellency, the Most ReD. Veraldi~usa;ac?mea;~'mXtl~eBealt~ccunU'J'l] ~~th some J/ "l~ne tiouse votefl, uown.vy c~i .......... ........ q~ R~,~n n D now concluding' aI -I~o o t a nroposa! wmcn woulo nave we mlgnt use me flay/or a Dlg 0I recouectlon. ~ur-o~-"thl" orient in company[ tries and eastern Polish lands an- admitte~ 18,000 former Polish sol- . ................ with His Eminence Francis Card-lnexed by the Soviet Union. idlers to the United States These zx you are a tanner, you neea no iormal earner s ~;ay exo inal Spellman. - t In the House bill a sectlon on] soldiers fought against Germany press[on of filial devotion from your children. The very first .. .................m .... l employment priorities grades farmland' are now in England:. Repre~iglimpse of your first child gave you a fullness of the temporary are Downey who has been ele t laborers, miners, physlcmns, den- ] ~enmuv.e ~onn .~aws ~oage ,st [ trusteeship with which God had entrusted you. It is a trusteeship - ' - . "/~l ~onnectlcut, urging their aamlc-i ...... . . .. ..... .. . . rated to the first vice presiaency;il _ II lance C~II,~A the v,lo. ,,o~,~hololWnlcn permits me tamer m unison wire me morner to Drink up, Golden J "Pat" Ruel, second vice ................. ~ ..... " .. _. .... /J ~?~L~YY ~,~w~R~ Ilof persecution in the most real[by direction, by education, by example, a soul made to the image presment, ~o~er~ welen, secre " like s AI " " , . .[J viw va#rm.~t.~,su ....... IIand cruel sense, land nes of msghty God It IS temporary, because some day tary; Louis R. Gosdick, treasurer, Is -- It I ........... " ..... and Thomas Paul Burns, assistantll Since the house of reoresenta- II ~ I L/oa Calls nome ~o 1-11m znose wnom ne nas mane. treasurer Apostolic Nuncio f h u s l a II ~~,,~.-,~,,.,,,,,,. It i If you are a Father, a priest o God, t en yo are a p'ritu 1 ~ [] ~ed'-P"ersons, i[ To Paris PreRides [parent administering to the soul-saving needs of your flock. As Bishop Presides As l i and the b~.en.t to o conference ]/At (~-vntv F~,~ I Our Heavenly Father heard His Divine Son say "Father, forgive .... II committee ~ yore. n_ou. srs o.r ~.on- I/"'- --.r-~ .... I them for they know not what they do," so do you hear earthly chile rreflCO-Amerlcan [i ~,M~,~.~ li - .... .'-'-7. ..... I dren of God in the Sacrament of Confession say "Father, please Museum Is Reopened II ~. ' ........ ~ ........ II .l~arl~s---(~o.~).--A,rc.n.OmnOp A~'iforgive me for I have sinned." ---- II .on. o. o' 1 The fatherhood of the parent and of the priest is in keeping : Paris~(NC)--A ceremony, re- [[ ~_%~__or..~ [[.he G i .... ; " . i with the pattern set by Almighty God, who sent His Son to us to t yps es wnlcn takes place eacn ~. opening the Francs-American Mu-][ ~~"~v ~t'~ [I ........... ]teach us to pray. The prayer He taught was a prayer to Our i~/ scum in the little town oz J~ieren-]1 ~~..-.,~'-m~-^~ [| year at the ena st ~ay ann is nero| w ..... Iv L'%thn, V~, tr~,~ i+ ~11 .=: ~zzrt near Soissons, which was/I lion the shores of the Mediterranean[ ,,.. .................. ~'~r~t dosed during the German setups-II ~' '.,..'Y'^~"~" I I around +h- *^"~^-~ -~-. --~- ~-* ca [ Our Father, wno art m heaven, nanowea oe Tny name: Tny ~iSJion, was presided ove~ hy BishopII " I#.. \ ~..'~ ................. [kingdom come: Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give ~.'?~' Marys oz me ~ea ~'~/-~ Pierre Drouillard of .So!sson.s inli ~ ............... [I ..... " ...... l us this day our daily bread: and forgive us our trespasses as we -:. ~ .presence st a alstlngulsneu I , I ATaal~lon says that tnree comus . . ;i'~' ntherin~ of French .nd Amsri [~[in the church hold th~ hodtes cfi forgive those who trespass agamst us. And lead us not into temp- i: can citizens, amon~ them M de[ fists, medical nurses, household, iMago Cleo~has relative of the l tat[on" but deliver us from evil Amen.' ./~ ;': Saint Quentin, former French Am- ] eonstructt?n, elothmg and pr; [ Blessed Virgin Mary; of Mary Sa-I When you say the "Our Father," you salute the Fatherhood of ~:!,i iI!!,_.busador to the United States, and lment .worzers. an.a persons wlzn I lome, mother of the Apostles i~_~ .... ~... e~. + ..... i o.~ o~;~I,,,ol ~al~ ......... i.h+ +. Amerlean General Ralph,~,. s entree a t . . [James and John; and of their ser-i ....... " ........... i*~~ "t.. Tim museum was founded in 1918lzog~cat szflss on me same mvet.lvant, Sarah. who were driven outl me ~ountalnneaa xrom whence comes au mlngs gooa. ~:~, ~, :'~",by Anne Morgan and President iT~. Sena~ would.demand .that.h lo Judea by'persecution and landed[ And. so on this "Father's Day" Of 1948, if you believe in the ~ ~ ! i Andre Tardleu of ,Fran~. It con. lOt au en~rms nave agrmmcurmlon this coast with Luartm, Mar-I~.--,~.--~.~-J -,-- ....... I. ...... _.-.,:_, .... ~._,l^,_ ~- : 6Jl.,. -....,..... ...... .a.. -~ .!.-I mlrt]lL irt.,. u----- U..,..J..1..**A --..J 1ur.~..I ,| UZ'UUleJL'UqJ~)Ut OJ. mall UU e~J['Ln, .yUU J[UUD~, Uq~L-I, alUl.y ~XlUeb U~IiCVe 1~ , ~t.~ / . umiull Vull~lvullmvt~v~glum ~& lugI --- -'~ llUlm,liuu-~ ivxllaul~l~l!nm m~ Ivllllll"I i.l.--.l~--LI.----I.----A --~ i'~...I ...... la ~t#.~.. ~...--L t--ll----..~ ....... ,,i~l..-- . ~'~ :~L "n :~ " '!~ ~ War of In~t--~._r~,w,--W i ~nt House b~ e'-~N'lrdl DP'| u II m~, .~lb' ill t~lO l,-litl~l Of till I_ lira. l~lilaeril~tm ui ~ uve~ ,Ira" zuu mual lmullvll ill ux yvur. ~#ur c .!~ ~;~ t ~ * r .... ~ : ' . ' t" ". ..~ ~ ' < . ~* " , ' L q q . , '