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June 16, 1961     The Observer
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June 16, 1961

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PAGE 10 THEOLOGY FOR EVERY MAN Aids GENEVA --(NC)-- Tha Inter- national Catholic Migration com- mission announced that during its 10 years' existence it has pro- vided transportation for 36,000 migrants. It also reported that it has assisted in various ways more than a half million emi- grants who have resettled in new communities. .Y What is the rote of the Holy Ghost i,~ the life 05 the individ- [al Catholic and of the Church? The 5ollowi~g commentary was prepared at St. John's Seminary, Brighton, Mass. It is reprinted ]ro~rt the Boston Pilot Q. HOW DO CATHOLIC THEOLOGIANS EXPLAIN THE TEACHINGS OF DIVINE REVELATION THAT THE HOLY GHOST IS THE THIRD PERSON OF THE BLESSED TRINITY? A. What we know of the Holy Ghost is derived fundamental- ly from divine revelation. Reason can only show that what God has revealed about Himself in the mystery of the Trinity involves no contradictioris and is capable of an explanation and an interpretation consistent with sound philosophical principles. THE HOLY GHOST IS THE THIRD PERSON of the Blessed Trinity. In God, Who is one in nature, there are three distinct Planned 12 Years Ago Persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Some faint In -n a 1suggestion of the foundation in God of the mystery of the Trin- d ltlUl~ markingits , ~ Ilty is found m ArIstotles defmltmn of God as thought of tfCllLIl EIIIIIIVEY5 ~Y.V in tile corn- ~ . [thought. God being mhmtely perfect, can think only of Him- mlSslon S ouuetln, ivngr auoa . ' self; His thought of Himself IS expressed m an infinite Word. ~/~,::,~"~.-~.~.v~='~.~.~"A~." "::~'lThus the Son is generated by the Father; He is like the Father -~,-s ,-,~-~,-,~ ~,~, ,~ ~,~. . ~. '~: -[and equal to Him. Through the Son the Father communicates His lc Delegate to So ~ rite.~ that ~]~n~ far th, ,-~m ]naLureHIS life His perfecuons w - F ' ' " . : ,^.~ ~ uther and Son, the one generating, the other generated, are mlSslon w~rt~ 3L,~I~u ~ yt~z~ . a~o At that time he not^-~ . attracted to each other by a love which each reciprocates. Thin ~equest ~as made'to Po;~Plus mutual love coming Irom both the Father and the Son is the Holy Ghost. The Holy Gost, subsistent love is distinct as a KII to "marshal the world-wide person from both the Father and the Son, but He possesses with [orces of the Church in an or- the Father and the Son one and the same divine nature. By ganization" that would continu- ally help migratory movements reason of the unity of nature among the three divine Persons, and surplus populations, there is uni~y in God of intelligence, will, power and all the three Persons to one another, everything pertaining to the di- The article also reported that vine nature is common to all three divine Persons. from the beginning the commis- COMMON TO ALL THREE PERSONS likewise are the ex- don has taken the lead in the ternal works of God. Certain actions, however, are attributed mmanitarian activity of reunit- to each of the three divine Persons because of the affinity of ing families separated by migra-~ these actions with the proper ties, which, within the Godhead, ~ion, In this respect, it noted, the are peculiar to each one. Thus to God the Father are attributed .'omission has worked closely those works which manifest in a special way the divine power; with Catholic Relief Services - to God the Son are attributed those works which manifest the National Catholic Welfare con- divine Wisdom. [erence. Now it is the personal property of the Holy Ghost to pro- Co-operates With CRS ceed from both the Father and the Son by way of love. For this Commenting on the co-opera- reason all those external operations which manifest in a special lion with CRS-NCWC, its execu- way the love of God are attributed to the Holy Ghost. This does five director, Auxiliary Bishop not mean that the Holy Ghost, rather than the Father or the Edward E. Swanstrom of New Son, is the source of these operations. Nor does it mean that York, said: the Holy Ghost, to the exclusion of the Father or the Son, is "We have every reason to be the source of the sanctifying power of God. It means rather 2onfident that America has be- that works of sanctification are appropriated, to use the theol- 2ome richer in all respects as ogical term, to the Holy Ghost by reason of His relation, with- Lhe result of its acceptance of in the Trinity, to the Father and the Son. hundreds of thousands of mi- Q. HOW IS THE TEACHING OF THEOLOGIANS ON THE rants in the past ten years." HOLY GHOST RELATED TO THEIR TEACHING ON THE NATURE OF THE CHURCH? Irish Workers A The Church is essentially holy; holiness is one of the marks of the Church The holiness of the Church is attributed KNOCK, Ireland--(NC)--Close to the Holy Ghost and to His operations within the Church to 3,000 factory and office work- We may consider these operations as they take place in Christ era from Northern Ireland and our Lord, through whose Incarnation the Church became pos- the Republic came to this sible, as they take place within the visible Church on earth, and shrine of the Blessed Virgin for as they take place in the souls of individual men. the annual Irish industrial pil- IN CHRIST OUR LORD, FIRST OF ALL; through the mystery grimage. Of the Incarnation the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. patronize Our Advertisers IPlan Teacher I I IJ%,dtnAmertca II -'- I11 Im sl g I ORLEANS--(NC)--The Rev W 'Patrick Donnelly, S J / 1 I/ I I i l President ofLoyola University II ~,~ ~ll~ta Ill,I -s~ I s Itof the South, and Mario Bermu- II - Appll n m Ill * It dez, international relations di- ll Ill FARM MACHINERY llrector of International House, Sl . I I .- -- I left here for Latin America to II * New Idea Imtl's. IllTAMPICO M~RDWARt: & IIlay the groundwork for a new II " III IMPi MENi- O.-- Iteacher exchange program. I I I Sponsored by the Cordell Hull L, . ! I PHONE I44 I Foundation the program aims | I1 1 to prowde Spamsh-language ~-=-=:---=--=:--=-- ----- - ~" training for U. S. high school teachers and English-language CORPORATION Complete Electroplating Servwe Authorized to Do IVork on Sacred Vessels GENERAL OFFICE AND PLANT 121-129 SO. HANCOCK AVENUE FREEPORT, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: ADAMS 2-6139 BRANCH PLANT 2500 N. MAIN STREET ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: WOODLAND 2-6451 Write or Phone Us for Details and Estimates training for their Latin Ameri- 'can counterparts. The first group of 25 Latin American teachers will come to this country in the fall under the program. Father Donnelly is chairman of the Cordell Hull Foundation scholarship committee and Mr. Bermudez is executive vice pres- ident. Receives Grant NOTRE DAME, Ind.--(NC)-- The University of Notre Dame has received a $25,000 grant from the Ford Motor Company Fund. The Catholic university is one of 10 schools receiving grants from the fund this year. Cubans to Russia HAVANA, Cuba --(NC)-- The Soviet ship that brought 300 So- viet students to Cuba is schedul- ed to sail back to the U.S.S.R. with 1,000 Cuban farm boys on board for indoctrination in the Soviet Union. THE OBSERVER A .I I not the Father or the Holy Ghost, became man. The work of the Incarnation was nevertheless effected by all three Persons of the Blessed Trinity, but it is appropriated to the Holy Ghost. We express this truth in the Creed when we speak of Christ our Lord as "conceived of the Holy Ghost." The same truth is expressed in the words of the Angel Gabriel to our Blessed Lady: "The Holy Spirit shall come upon Thee and the power of the Most High shall overshadow Thee. Therefore the Holy One to be born of thee shall be called the Son of God." According to this doctrine, it is the Holy Ghost who unites our humarl nature to the Second Person of the Blessed Trin- :ity. It is the Holy Ghost likewise Who fills the human soul of Christ to overflowing with the grace of God and communi- cates to the soul of Christ the plenitude of virtue and of His ~Gifts. In a word it is the Holy Ghost Who makes Christ Holy, 'and makes Him perfectly obedient to the impulses of divine love. BEFORE ASCENDING INTO HEAVEN, ~Chrlst our Lord promised to His disciples that He would send them the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth. This was the mystery of Pentecost. It meant that the Holy Ghost took possession of the Church. As Christ is the Head and Founder of the Church, so it may be said that the Holy Ghost is the soul of the Church. It is He Who guides and inspires the Church and guards it from error. Christ our Lord was consecrated priest by the anointing of the ~ried life the perfect union which exists between Christ and Hi~ I Church. The Holy Ghost is truly the soul of the Church, the vital principle which rules and unifies its members. FINALLY, THE HOLY GHOST SANCTIFIES the individual members of the Church. Holiness is the gradual development of the grace of divine adoption which we receive at Baptism. It is Christ Who is the model of the divine Sonship which becomes ours by grace. The realization within us of His grace is the work of the Blessed Trinity as a whole, but it is especially attributed to the Holy Ghost, since it is a gratuitous gift by which God manifests His love for us. From the moment of our baptism the Holy Ghost dwells with- in us together with the Father and the Son, so that we become FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 1961 Bishops' Relief Conducts Survey Of Latin America NEW YORK--(NC)--An exten- the Holy Ghost is said to dwell within us in a special way. "The charity of God is poured forth in our hearts by the Holy sire survey of 11 Latin American countries covering a two-month period has been undertaken by the Rev. Joseph B. Gremillion, socio-economic director of Cath- olic Relief Services---National Catholic Welfare Conference. Plans for the survey were an- nounced by Bishop Edward E. Swanstrom, executive director of CRS-NCWC, American Cath- olic overseas relief and resettle- i me~t agency. temples of the Blessed Trinity. Because grace thus] Father Gremillion's study will to God, Who is the principle and the measure of our chamtY, lbe concerned with promoting and coordinating Latin Ameri- can Catholic activities in such fields as housing, education and Spirit Who has been given to us." (Romans 5, 5). THE HOLY GHOST DOES NOT REMAIN INACTIVE within our souls. Along with sanctifying grace He brings us the super- natural virtues, which raise the powers of our souls to a super- natural level and make us capable of meriting the beatific vis- ion by our virtuous actions. The Holy Ghost brings us also His Gifts. Our Blessed Lord Himself received these gifts in their greatest possible fullness. We require the constant and direct assistance of the grace of God in every good work we perform. The seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost. each in its own way, render us docile to the in- spirations of divine grace, by which we grow in holiness Be- cause we have the Gifts of the Holy Ghost we can be easily moved in the direction of our supernatural perfection. The Gifts are as it were divinely implanted instincts which dis- pose us to perform readily and promptly those virtuous actions towards which divine grace impels us. THE GIFT OF WISDOM LEADS us io prefer the happiness of the service of God to all earthly joys. The gift of Understand- ing leads us to deeper penetration of the truths of faith. The gift of Counsel safeguards us from imprudence and helps our natural prudence to see supernatural possibilities in the serv- ice of God. The gift of Knowledge enables us to see the world of creation more and more from the point of view of the Creator. The gift of Fortitude sustains us in moments in which our natur- al strength might fail. The gift of Piety helps us to keep proper relations with God, Who is our Father and our Friend as well as our Lord and Master. Finally, the gift of Fear of the Lord has in our souls the same effect as it has in the soul of Christ: to make us reverence and respect the majesty of God. In ourselves, moreover, it inspires not only a dread of the punishments of sin, but dread likewise of ever becoming separated from God, Who sanctifies us by His grace. Thus we revere the Holy Ghost as the principle of sanctity :Holy Ghost So too all who share in the priesthood of Christ in Christ our Lord, in the Church and in ourselves. St. Paul i'eceive their priestly power through the Holy Ghost. lurges us not to extinguish the spirit (1 Thess. 5, 19) and not to Thus the means placed at the disposal of the priest for the grieve the Holy Spirit of God (Ephes. 4, 39). He is the finger santification of souls are always made use of under the invoca-I of the right hand of the Father. He forms Christ in us, as He tion of the Holy Ghost. In Baptism we are saved "through the formed in Christ His sacred humanity. As Christ was con- bath of regeneration and renewal by the Holy Spirit" (Titus 3, ceived by the Holy Ghost in holiness, and thus became the 5-6). In confirmation we receive the Holy Ghost to make us natural Son of God, so we are sanctified by the same Holy strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ. In Ghost and become sons of God by adoption. To understand Penance our sins are remitted by the Holy Ghost; in Extreme lthe mission of the Holy Ghost is to bring our souls into relation Unction the Holy Ghost is implored to cure the si'ck person by lwith the source itself of holiness, and to strengthen within us His grace and to forgive his sins. In Matrimony the Holy Ghost the love by which God has destined us to merit eternal hap- is invoked that husband and wife may exemplify in their mar- piness with Himself. health. The purpose of the priest's work is to expand and initiate measures for the peoples of Lat- in America to employ their own resources in achieving social and economic progress. Father Gremillion will meet with U. S. embassy and local government officials, Latin American Catholic charity or- ganizations, c r e d i t unions, school, labor unions and CRS- NCWC personnel. Father Gre- million made a similar survey in Latin America for the agency in 1957~ Say You Saw It in THE OBSERVER T,' TO pupils in schools in Africa di- rected by the Church was about 3.5 millions. --Africa has two Catholic uni- versities; Lovanium, at Leopold- 1 1 ca ville, the Belgian Congo; and . Roma,' in Basutoland. NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -- ognize the right of the Church to I tions of responsibility in various (NC)-- "Moderate and stable carry out her mandate to teachlspheres." " Mount St. Clare College governments in the various Af- and guide men in the things of] The Cardinal gave these statis- rican states" are a "very impor- the spirit, acknowledging at the ltics on the Church in Africa: ClinIon, Iowa tant requisite" for the growth same time that the things of thet --Baptized Catholics number CATHOLIC COLLEGE FOR WOMEN of the Church in Africa, Laurian spirit very often touch temporal some 20 millions (about 9.5% of Progressive new concepts in two-year Cardinal Rugambwa said here. matters." the total population), college planning The Bishop of ukoba, Tang- Immense Work --Africa has some 13,000 prmsts about 2 000 of them Afn anyika, told alumnae of the Col- Cardinal Rugambwa stressed ' ' . Highly geared foundation program for the degree seeker lege of New Rochelle (June 10)that "the Church has still an im- canSl~eli,ious Brothers African Well.rounded program for the two-year student i that such governments are able mense work to do in the African ~ ~. .~ Liberal Artg Home and Family to maintain law and order while he " "e" . ann non-~trican, numoer o,~uu, Business Secretarial Teacher Preparation continent out point a om also granting individuals the lib-' and there are about 21,000 Sis- Medical Secretarial Health Services its influence "is far greater erty to follow their consciences, one would be led to suppose ers; Respect for Law . --xnere are in me wnom m ~r- men the fact that only one Af-. ,~ : - =- ,~ ~i; rica, mclualng adjacent islanas Without this respect for law r,~? . ,~ ~.v,~. like Madagascar 260 Church by both governments and citi- ne also saia mat me ' . the Cardinal stated, "the Church's influence in Africa to- a~esana *re ec ures t * .~ p,~~-ur-IsaI-C~l n-s-f----t-a-l- -c-es~es'tvlc-ar2 zens," individual African cannot grow day is due in quite a large meas- . . . P ~ " ~ . .~: . . ~lates in charge oI mese, aoour ~u up to civic and political maturi- ure to me interest mat me . . ty. He cannot become a fully Church has always taken in theiwer~b:rnomtinA~:it~as a consid responsible person thinking and education of the Africans. I "? ," ~ . .~ eraole numver o[ semlnarle~ acting for himself according to t~ecause o~ m]s interest, ne ' Afr" an Ihospitms and dispensarms, ann the dictates of his conscience." aaaee many m ~ae m s; ,: . -,ithe education of most of the sem- "It is necessary also," he con- wno nave receives seconaary . !marians is paid for by Catholics tinued, "that the governments of ann university eaucauon are'. m ~urope ann ,~merma. C hohcs and are holding posI the various African states rec- ~t - --In 1959 the total number of We Invite You To Come in See and Drive The 1961 Line Chevrolet Cars & Trucks at Re J. CARON in SAVANNA 800 M~n St.--Phone 6135 Jerry Powers Harvard, Ill. Cleaners & Laundry 65 NORTH AYER STREET WHitney 3-5425 yoIjVE Oe NEVER TAgTED IT SO GOOD PAUL CARLSON AGENCY INSURANCE- REALTY Ph. 105 Eric "YOUR Insurance Policy Is ,4 Symbol ol Security" RED HEART Military Academy BOYS, grades 5-S. Conducted by the Brother~ of Holy Cross.Trains boys to bet~me t r u Christian gentlemen Well balanced program Solidfoundation io the fun- damental skids Individual I attention small 1 a s s t guidance, ereativr skills n eouraged. Sports, football. basketball, baseball, hiking, tobogganing. Dormitories. 40 miles from Milwaukee. Write for illustrated folder Brother Dominic Elder, C.S.C. Headmaster, Box 1095 743 W. Main St. Watertown, Wisconsin OP Dubuque Ia.---608 Main St.' Clinton, Ia.--222 6th Ave. S. Rockford---105 North Main St. Dispensing Glosses Prescribed by Dr. H. Coren--Optometrist Rockford Rockford Plaza Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. N Partoll~Optometrist Aurora---6 N. Broadway Dispensing Glosses Prescribed by Dr. Win. 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RO 6-16 Catholic Knights of St. George, 104 North Oak Park Ave, Oak Park, Illinois At no obligation, please rush me free facts on hospital insurance for Cotholics provided by your non-profit Society. Name Age Address City County State I I Phone . Occupation i