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June 16, 1961     The Observer
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June 16, 1961

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'AGE 8 ~luring the school year. The awards were presented by the Rev. Eugene Baumhofer, pastor, recently. First place in the program was won by Sandra Freund who read 381 books. Second place went to Rosalyn Rees for reading and reporting upon 267 books and third place was awarded to Theresa Justen with a total of 254 books. Other certificate winners were: Robert Rodenkirch, Gary Harrison, Larry Fergen, Jane Frost, Sherry Etten, Thomas Janik, Karen Blake, Bonnie Buss, Howard Wagner, Thomas Gausden, Theresa Doyle, Karen Miller, An- drea Clark, and Roxanne Freund. PHIRD STEP IN READING PROGRAM--This group of boys and girls from St. Bernadette ~chool, Rockford, completed the third step in the Diocesan reading merit program and were THE OBSERVER Gartland. Kathlcen McKeown, land students pack away books Judith Wolff, Eleanor Allanson, and b e g i n to enjoy vacation Elaync Heitzman, Mary Beu- days, 97 Boylan freshmen look ten, Dominic Buttitta, Sharon:with approving smiles at scho- Collett, James Green and Kath- leen Gross and Gwen Watgen. Sophomores -- Elizabeth Mc- Nabb, Ann R e i n e r t, Robert Foster, Mary McKiel, Daniel Marson, Patricia Green, James Lanius, John McGee, Nancy Fehl and Allan Bachewicz. Freshmen--Thomas O'Leary, Dennis O'Boyle, Dennis Seis- set, L i n d a Burnell, William Schmidt, Barbara Bolger, Gor- don Fraser, Catherine Rogowski and Carol Schweitzer. Also to Gertrude Bussman, Donna- DiMatteo, Roger Ka- nies, Susan Much, Carolyn Pa-i I bich, Marianne Stralko, Eugen Wright i Second honors were given to the following: Juniors--Karen Leick, Judith Good, Irene Peirick, Barbara Porter, Monica Whalen, Cletus Zang, John Crosby and Robert Daun. lastic achievements of the fi- nal quarter Three students merited highest honors, eight first honors, seventeen second land ' " "-:--~ slxty-nlne t ~ Rosemarie Bovio Mary Jam Logli, and Stephen Weeg hold the scholastic lead Sin Boylan's 300 membered charter class. Each earned four honor points during the fourth quarter, en- titling them to the highest honors position. Pushing ahead in first honors are Patricia Haverstuhl a n d Michael Mejia with 3.8 points Patricia Dolan has 3.7 honor points to her credit. Second Honors First honors close with five students who tallied 3.6 scholas- tic points: Linda Alms, William Arenson, Sheila Dahm, Janice Garyl, and Marie Paravala. Second honors group is head- FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 1961 DISCUSS REMODELING AT MULDOON--Sister Agnes Charles, O.P principal, and the Very Rev. Raymond J. Wahl, J.C.D director of education, met recently at Muldoon high school in Rockford to discuss remodeling which will be done there this summer. Showing them one of the new fluorescent fixtures which have been ordered for the corridors and classrooms is Boyd ed by the 3.5 students, Kathleen Miller of Main Electric Co. Plans call for renovation of the library, cafeteria, choral room, ]warded a Certificate of Merit recently by the ReD De,el B Geoghegan pastor Present at Sophomores -- Mary Brown . Harezlak, Donna Hogan, a n d business education facdltles and various classrooms. Painters, electmclans and title setters are he ceremony was the ReD. Richard W. Paddock, asst. pastor, and Sister Mary Briant, S.S.N.D Kathleen u o.nnery, lnomas ~a- Charles Powder Just one notch presently preparing the building for the fall term. Approximately 100 girls have registered for he principal of St Bernadette school (Herzog photo) tat JuDy mmmerm, ~aro~ uu- " ",behind are Beverly Perrone,the Freshman class. Anticipated enrollment for this September is 420. (Herzog photo) m a s k 1 Mmhael Sarro and --~ ~ ", " Paul Shales, and Prudence Terry Schultz LEGION OF DECENCY LIST " l-? lk . (~. ~. . ~ L ~. ""ar Warner with a 3.4 quarter aver- Clark, Kathleen Czosnek, Austin[] ~ ~ ] rresnmen ~ary t~aer lvi y oroIlaIIl ~:~t~ "~-- ~ " 'h a r d age. Suzanne Nicholas totaled DesLauriers Kathleen Faron,!l ~ All The Sights And Sounds ~ I UAIpnl l~l ~|.IPi41,:AIm A~ UAItI~Adff T'r m'~" ,~ 1 ~itc~ine~bnr~a~el~ylCCharles 3"3::h~last c~lYts close second'Che,ryl Gando!fi, lisa Gaziano,![ ~ Of The Most Sensatio.a/ Age~!$~ ~ I ll[lVlUl ~k=lIUl~llllkUllVll V1 B|EV II~ i Wiuiamfleck and btepnen i ~::::::: .~":' " Lanius Joanne Martin Kath- rl //as Ever Known ::::::'~ :~~:"~~: UD "1' tudv, honors Jenn,fer Be a Jamos 28 -Dints for fo=thl 11 rh, Wo d I l Rh a ' "=~ ~"~ " ~ " : '~:::~:~: ~? The following is a moral estimate of motion pictures showing Jt J erlne True, Brad ey o des, Bellandi R o b e r t Churchill, I ~ Jl ~ ~ ~~/~:~ I in the Rockford Diocese prepared under the direction of the Nationa ~ ~'~ Linda Fransen Kathleen Boyk James Correnti Gerald Cox ~ . . !1 ~: METRO GO D'~N-MAYgR. ~~~]~:~ I,on of Decency, 453 Madison Ave New York 22, N.Y with for ~ummer and David Alters M a r y Jo Gu'zzardo James Closing Positions [] '~:~.~ ~',':,~: r~n'o ~ :~. I -o-operat on of the Motion Picture Department of the nternat ona Also to Christine Bertrand ,7 n " n "" - ',I Also writing 2.8 f o r murtn~l ~ "~. WILU/I[ 1 WILl~rto ~~~ I -,r~a ey, ,'~n c~tc ~asplsa, James n r John ~ ~,o o, :~ ~:.:~ Feder~t:on of~ho, l~ Alu.mno.e: NEW YORK--(NC)--A six- Madeline Christ, Christinaphelps, and Patricia Tulley. [quarter work are Sa: dra Di n:/I / " "~i~ I A-~--MUa~LLU ur~unJ=~,n,ur~e~.= ru~ ~cr~=~. week survey of educationalHake Robert McCluskey Shir-I [son, uonstance memze, a [I 1 11"~, ~1"~ [] []~ n ~ 1 PATRONAGE television will be offered this ley ~IcGrath and I~athleen] ThlrdHonors Moore, Patricia Moore, John:lJ 1 "& [] ~ ]~[ I I 1 I "$ ~.~'" I I Absent Minded Professor Gorgo Santa Claus ~ummer at Fordham university T~,~ [ Hieh in the third honors di-lNash John l~ewton, meveriYll 1 ,= ! 1 I ! i I t l A^':" ~ I I Alamo Green Helmet, The Serengeti Sha. Not Die ~ " - - ' "- li e'ri Sharon Pierc An All Hands on, Deck Guns of Navarone Seven Wonders of the here for Cathohc school per- ST. THOMAS [v'sI nhoa~et~uden~stwh I~Iaa?:dlO~'tt~ Pozzi Cheryl RichYardson 11 1 i I d i i m I I I,11 I I Amazing Transparent Hand n Hand World sonnel and other interested per- .-. 13 sc s po ; I, I1 [] 1 1B [] 1 /~c/ - ! I Man, The I Was a Parish Priest Silent Ca, sons [ UUU~tU~O .-- xnom.a.s x~eV-lA m a t o Suzanne Armstrong [Lois Rigolo, Colleen Russell, II 1 - --II I IL[] I1 ! h:L"a .I I Ben-Hut Ladles Man Snow Wh te and the Three . ." ins topped the honor roll at St. T ~ ~::*~ u,t,~ r'.~.~.~;~+.~ 'l ~,~h 'Ph,~r~ncnn ~nr]D~ni~ltl - ~1~,~ ~,:.:~r ~, l Bernadette of Lourdes Last Dawn ~ = ~=~-'~=~ ~,~ ~-~'~=~, Thomas nigh senDal here During [ ,~ a ~ ~ ** ~; u I U~h~len II .== Jr-~'~ ~,]~t ~ # o. ~-,~-'- ~ I Beyond the Time Barrier Left Right and Center Swiss Family Robinson w;ll h= ~.onHu.fe,-1 1~, ~'~+h,~- . =[~J~** ,cz~u=u z~usc~,~ =uscua,I,~ II ~.-~1)'/I~1] E~( IE4~,v "~ %~ Big Gamble, The Littl'e Angel Sword and the Dragon John ~1~ ~C'~Tki~" ''~ :J "7 me nnai permo wire a s~ralgm Barbara Hade, Richard Ham- Michael Johnson is the lone :1 ,dG/~ '~:=--~ J~ll~l~"- ~- I ""~' $ I ~.imaron Little Shepherd of King- . ui n ~.J eouca- A avera e Twent -ei ht other CinderfeFla dom Come Sword of Sherwood Forest ~i " TV n "t [ g Y g " " lines, Dennis Hoover, Alhertl possessor of a 2.7 quarter total. [I I Cinerama South Sees Ad- ~aster of the War d Tammy Tell Me True anal co su~ ant ~o ~ne ~ a- [ students won places on the ban- Kie~el and Victoria Krein Honors nositi0ns a r e closed I I~,I,:=--~II ~IMPW~"-~I~/~ ~ ~'~'~L ventura . ~ighty Crusaders Teacher and the Miracle tional Catholic Educational as- ~ ~u 12 ,iO" four A's 7 with ^?,~ ' . " I, . ~ Y l ~I~]~|~VIh~-"h~,~ID~X - ~ l David and Godath V~isty Ten Commandments -~r l UZ .u. '~ "",1 umers in inis oracKe a r e:loy smctents wno earneu a .~.Oli ,r= .~, o=o ltt~qk~kl% ~ li 't ~ ~ ID~.t~?A ~ Days of. Thr IIs and~4odern Times Ten Who Dared Socla~lon, and b~ster vlarylthree A's and 9 with two A's ] T~A<,~.~ l,nn~n ]~nr.~ ]~[{nl [qohnl~tiP nvorage" .In*~'~o &n II 1X%~ hh'" ~ t.~ ~'~B~%' ~| ~ Laugnter 31e Rex There Was a Crooked Man Rosalie director f r di a d . . - o ".:'"le~,~a~aa ~ @ -~v I~ " ---!~=-: Desert Attack One Hundred and One Three Worlds of GuHiver o ao n.l Those studentsrankmgmthe[han Mary Ann Oddo, Thomaslderson, Faith Benson, Jud thJ I i l ll~,lllll I ilnl~l~ ~ ] Dondi Dalmatians Tomboy and the Champ television Ior me ~ittsourgn ' ' Fa ul rl upper category w,th four A s Raid G raid Russo Daniel Casclo, Judith Hememann Pa b Due Wo d of Jules On the Double Town Like Alice dioc h Y' ; ' ' - Y.erne Operation Camel Trouble intheSky esanscoolsystem, were:MichaelBubrick, Michaellshomler SandraSlade Michaelltricia Hooper, Thomas ,o,I P&It&MUUN/ AURUKA I Pioelio i-'arent Trap, The Trap Femil The ~ . . ' ' . mJ~=m~== ~=== == ,~- ,~. -- ----v Five Guns to Tombstone Passport to China WackPest Shy' in the Father Culkms course willIBurns, Thomas Dresser, TireD-[Smith, Kathleen Veronl, Patrick[Jeffrey Krogh, Cheryl Mmne-[I M I ;a~einagntt~e Arrow Pe~iee D-- Star- T"- Army run from July 3 to 22 and will thy Harris, Robert Keating, Whitaker and Carole Zanocco.]gan, and Janice Morlan.1 NOW--2 SHOWS DAIL --I:3U F.M. ena [:ou r. [ . uu y,~,=warcnYour :=tern t r C el " T Uprising - Q uestion . . Wings at Chance S udy e ent dev opments in[James Krem, Larry Lisle, LukeI Heldl Balsch, Beverly Beng-I A 1 ~ c e Moulders, Kathleenl I I I ~,amo er wore A (~unRomanofr and Juliet Wizardof Baghdad " 1 " " " . . " I IP/ti/I I~ .IN'~/4,MII~m I~I| Glenn Miller Story Sand Castle Would-be Gentlemen educatmnal te ewsmn, whHeIMatranga, David M~kleton, Lar-lObsrevre Miller page 8 IMroz, Thomas Nelson, DennIs,l J I I A 1 SisterRosahe'scoursefrom r Moreau Thomas NevIns Hlg school news cl PrawdIca Jerome Pyzynskl t , - 1--MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS " ' [ Y ' ' '[ " ---- " J ' " ' r ii'lI WEEKDAY MAT $1 25 EVE & SUN $1 SBJCHILD 90CJ AND ADOLESCENTS July 24 to August 11 will beJStephen Schoening and Thomas[ston, John Bolger,Stanley[Raymond Ryan, Carl Scand o1",I " " -- i ' -- All the Young Men Great Imposter, The Prisoner of the Volga concerned with product.on and Smigielski. [Brzazgon, M a u re e n Burke,[Carol Ann Segalla, and SheIla[ Angry Red Planet Hand, The Raisin in the Sun, A utilization of educational ,TV. J Those placing on the honor J Samuel Cerniglia, P a t r i c i a/Wondi also merited 2 6. j~r~B~r ~,~~ As the Sea Rages Hannibal Rommel's Treasure ] l~-~ ~q~'~J~ JD=lJnlh~# Atlantis, The Lost Con- Hell Bent for Leather Scent of Mystery ,amer ~ u Kin. ,s a.i a r neI i ! g Schoo, ,or Sooundre,s . , tment Hi h Powered Rifle courses are especm~ly lmenaeo Atom,c Submar,ne I Home IS the Hero Secret of the Purple Reef :for persons who will serve as Ih lk/J is /rE,ill II I I Babette Goes to war Hoodlum Priest Secret Partners consultants on educational te]e-II " "~']~ 1,4~! ~ /-Ii n O"~ ~1~ ][AIe i~" " " / ~ lil,$ ' I,~iIkProdMc,$ | Ba~'t'ad faS 'd'er H m~ido~'Seven Hawks ss: retways vision to diocesan school ad-I J/ ILP O O J[ V J J[J II II I Be!!!eatB eody Beach House of Usher gee Ru,tledge . ministrators i . . III wonaerlng .an Ill ~":'-':~=;~/ I ~aTTle or The ~exes I Aim at the Stars .~even ways tram ~>unaown " " ' . Because They're Young Ice Palace Sbedow of the Cat, The From July 24 to 26 there willDons Revere Peters bar with the gardening, window]derstand I m not a naoy any t] Move You Without III,I ~e!!s ~re ~