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June 16, 1961     The Observer
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June 16, 1961

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FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 1961 New Anglican Primate Seeks Church Unity LONDON b(NC) Archbishop Michael Ramsey of York, to be- come the new Primate of the Church of England later in June, said one of his main aims as Archbishop of Canterbury will be the cause of Christian unity. "We must press on with the work of Christian unity," he de- clared in a nation-wide televi- sion interview. ,Very Big Gulf 'It can be done. I mean to do it both in general and in particu- lar. But if we look on the Church of Rome as a complete system standing against ours, there is a very big gulf. Their system is an THE OBSERVER PAGE 7 Catholics Will NotTeachRed Ideas in Cuba MIAMI, Fla. -- (NC) --- The flood of Catholic teachers reach- Workers In ins Miami from Cuba bespeaks the failure of the Castro re- The"' -Vine,ard Community gime's efforts to have priests, brothers and nuns teach commu- Chest Agency nism to children. ELGIN- Miss Gertrude Mil- adventure and excitement. We About 400 Sisters have arrived er, formerly of Rockford and must remember, of course, these in south Florida since May 1, most recently a child welfare men lead different lives from when Premier Fidel Castro an- consultant for the Ohio State De. ours, in that they have no per- nounced he was nationalizing all ~rivate education in Cuba partment of Welfare, has been manent roots. appointed supervisor in the Let us take the case of Guy In addition, two ,Spanish Aug- Catholic Charities office here. L age 42, occupation ex-mer- lstinian Fathers, one of whom Miss Miller, formerly of St. chant s e a m a n. Destination, had been imprisoned for 46 days, James and St. Bridget parishes Cleveland, Ohio. Reason for tra- now have arrived in Miami by in Rockford, graduated from Tel, to visit aged father, Length airliner Their personal posses- Harlem Consolidated grade and of merchant marine service -- sions were confiscated when Cas- high schools there and earned 25 years. absolutely complete one allowing tro militia seized the now sup- her bachelor's degree in philoso- for the existence of no other )ressed Villanueva university, Guy L. left home at a very| church in the world at all. While where both were faculty mere- young age because of the lack there is that gulf between the bers. of what he termed understand- two complete systems, if you Father Dario Casado, U.S.A ing between father and son. "I look within their Church and CONTRIBUTIONS TO SCHOOLS--Checks, each for $346.12, the Rev. William Boland (right) of St. Patrick is Grand Knight who taught apologetics at the couldn't get along with my lath- within ours, there are a great were presented to St. Anne and St. Patrick parishes of Dixon Joseph P. Murphy. The money represented the proceeds from university, was accompanied by er, but today, after many years many things which are similar by the Dixon eouncil of the Knights of Columbus recently to the recent K. of C. presentation, "A Kampus Kinescope." Father Leonidas Fresno, O.S.A. of wandering, I can see it was and there can be common inter- help with the respective parish school funds. Presenting :the (Dixon Evening Telegraph photo) According to Father Casado, discipline he was trying to exer- est and discussion." who was ordained to the priest- rise and not tyranny. My so- journs have led me into many Meanwhile, Scottish ProSes- hood m 1948 and has been in tants have expressed anger at a Cuba for the past four years, slmauons, countries ann proD- "sec/'et" meeting in an Edin- ;some 1 400 persons were still im- Le,ms[ ' lne war years iouna me burgh convent in April between 1 !prisoned at La Cabana prison smpwrecKea ann zloatmg on 40 ministers and elders of the II 1 He was confined there 21 days ^ rails m tne l"aClllC. 'uur mer- Church of Scotland (Presbyteri- in a very smau area wim ~u om- . cnam stops carrlea men ammu- an) and members of Catholic re- ;er persons.Included m the ' muon ann supplies zor susma- ligious orders. Q r ~ I group which slept on bunk beds - t, ~ rmes ann patrol snips Ivlucn Private Catholic Talks 1 "N I. I laneon me floor were many time has assed and now th" The conference took place at ~ Bll,~,]teacherslawyers and physi- Miss Ger~ude Miller . p a,~ .L J L" I . ' i'm ulcer, i've aeclflefl I can' the Convent of the Sacred Heart clans; Father Casado stud. IHerzo,f Photo~ there I f "lack b s,*,ngnt ann carry on uKe a young I lvleais conslstea o D ean . seaman anymore 1 m going to The meeting actually was a SAN FRANCISCO -- (NC) -- grown old concepts of mission-Hive in people's hearts, not only Need Total Involvement [and rice twice daily with only phy at Loyola university, Chica- "tl -o n sum ' la ,set e a w e p ce may private" one of heads of Cath- "Missionaries already are in- cry endeavor ]those we convert, but those who And the Catholic who claims [bread and coffee for breakfast, go. Her master's degree in so- . d " -- " ohc reh lous orders m Scotland volved m it Catholics enerall A New A e have been om alon satisfied ne m umvelan " "g" ' " " ' g Y g I g " g g '. 'he prays for the rmssions all the [Interrogation of prisoners was cial work was earned at Catholic The non-Catholics were invited are going to be, whether they're "We're on the brink of a new]that Mass on Sunday, a dollar time? Iconducted in the early morning university, Washington, D.C. I 1 aware of it now or not " a in which h hu " " " ~ ' as a gesture of courtesy ge t e C rch willIm the envelope, and supportm~ "That s not total involve- hours. No visitors were permit- Miss Miller was a probatmn,:, I:lt~l=nl~lr I Catholic spokesmen have re- "It" -- a revolution within the speak less of its missions, more]the parish festival are enough." ment," the Columban countered [ted at the prison, officer for the juvenile courts of i| ." | fused to comment on the meet- Church, no less -- was described of its mission--without the final| Revolution Will Take Time "The devotional life and the l~ Winnebago and Cook counties II ~ 1 ins. here by one of the revolutionar- 's'," said Father O'Mahony.I Father O'Mahony said the re- sacraments are a support for ]]k/l'~v,;~ rlla~,Jl-~r,and worked as a caseworker for,~ | ies, Irish-born Father. Donal. O'- "That. mission, of course, is to volu ~ion w~ill chance that kind the avostolate not a substitute. I ~--'~,~,~ the Illinois Public Aid commis- Mahony, S.S.C. He is ed,tor of Christianize all peoples. The re-I of outlook but it will take time Even people flat on their backs ~,~o~,~ Brasolle will star in sion and the American Cancer I ~ I J -- t e magazine Far East, pubhsh- volution consists now of the re-I It will be comMete when all in hospitals have found ways to[,Whe Snectre Bridegroom" society. She has also been execu- II ~,==1~~ ~ I T . ed by the Columban Fathers at thinking and regrouping thatICatholics realize the Church's do more for the Church's mis-IMarian W~heater's presentation tive sec'retary of a branch office [| ~ ~;;;'/~J | I! their U.S. headquarters cheek are already under way with the]mission is their mission that re-: sion than simply pray " fnr ~,n~v .h,n~ 1~ The ~rn- of Catholic Charities of the San,~ I by 3owl with the Strategm Air mm of glwng all Cathohc~ a Emer m nations the corn Francisco archdiocese Die ev Serv=ca a I! |1 I a e P #11 11 41' " " [ligion must be dominant in day-[ g" g ',"]gram will be heard over the! [| " P " | II ~ ql4 M I ~ ~ ~ M II I~ommano s vas~ oram center part in the job. I to-day life that the Christian: munist threat the battle againstIMutual network at 10"30 p m ] ~ ]l For A l -- just outside Omaha, Neb. " 'Total Involvement' is the]~enetration' of ~ocietv denends world novertv and disease --I~q, " " "~ By Lisa Ferris [I ~uelity and LOW COST I II . SAC is committed to preserv- big ~)hrase in the Church today," [ on getting actively involved in such factors have thrust the['~',The Spectre Bridegroom" a Many times the transients who [| Di~l I =" mg the world for peace Its he stud. "Another ;s "Penetra-]saving other souls besides their Church into an age that must]classic tale written bv Washing- come through our agency Iook-ll ~uoms z-4~,4 I AURORA--Mrs. Jessiel Aizner ~, Our neighbors and other, missionary tion in Depth ' It means thatlaw, h,~ =iA dismiss "ehetto Catholicism"It I,""~,ng recounts "the love of'~ mgmrin for assistance,assistance teutell storlesstories otof~| | L~Yse[2~aC~sa~eJU~ ~t Theresa commumtms hke them, are geographic extension alone isn'tl"-'~' l~l~or the Vatican Coun- and clericalexclusiveness, Fath-]Lady Rosamond for Count Hugo, ~~, Church, June g. ' ' " committed to winning the world enough to achieve a universallci1 w'xt "ear to "ut +he mi~oion er O'Mahon- said I ~ I Mrs. Theresa Dohsn, 74, St. Michala f c ,~ ~ = ~o - .' " a aasnmg ano nanasome OpeC- Church June 6 or Christ. But the ~ob has out- Church. We have to make Christi ar" res"-'nsibilities of t h e R n-P'ili'ie- ] I T I.X D A r~rl~l~:~ ~T ~f]i J ' " . I J ~ ttwattcnt,~ to aVu a u a I tre unills journey to me van |. .l.Jl e .L-t. JL & JL~l. ~ ~JJ. *t.~x r. I GeorgeA. Gieser,/6, a~, rHcn0ias ~~l,] ' I ,! hutchune Church rote sharp focusthe,h re t e wed c,J ~ 'The whole Church is awak- Longshort castle, w e h - I June6Edward W Stare 63 St Mary Church DEAN STRESSES NEARNESS I Columbaneditor said. "The U.S. ening to its mission responsi-lding festivities await him for,1886 Telephone ADams 2.7132 I ELB{JRN--Miss Rose E. Ftynn, 82, St. ' livtission aecretariat certainly hilit-is~ " ho added "Missionar-lhis betrothal to the lovely Lady I Lumber ~ng Material 324 East atepnenson at. I ,n,ant, S Mar ! * * "RkT 1,lanticipates it. 'A New Spirit for i'es'-tl~emselves ar, convincedlRosamond, CoUnt Hugo-is at-,fuel, Paint and Hardware FREEPORT, ILLINOIS I .eooo.o mCK t ec]smn eeueu I=e e W/geex't th;etpht:m e f '~ns tthatr:iwthlthgeo naeW:plr~te~r :wd]~a::~ds.a~defa~ylly W UnntdedobwY" I LENA -- aecker Infant, St. Joseph lWashin-ton DC There will be ! I I Church Me" 27 ~. -- I s,tecnniaues " lever, Delng a man el great non- l,~ [ McHENRV---Elizabeth Miller, 95, St.| ~"~ @ ~ ! |considerable talk about new ~'o*~,~- tJ'~,n,- i= 43 a ha-|or vows to somehow deliver his I I H lm ~ ~| ~ t h ~ f t:t- I Mary Church, June 9. methods of mission work gear ~ ~ ' ' Edmund A Hogan, 62, St. ,atr,c~lUn t~ommunlsm in LUDa i -tive of County Cork and a ne-[ token of love to Lady Rosamond I ~!1~ Ull m "~ ] Church June l0 ed to greater partlclpahon Dy MAR~=NGO--~rs. Delia Cleary, ~7, Sa- I phew of the late Bishop J. Gal-[ or he will never rest in his tomb. I l~ [] ~ ~[ ~ /f"J[~~.~-~l'~ J cred Heart Church, June 8. A~.r^u"~T~r r ] au t.amoucs, van who founded the Columbans J The radio adaptation for "The J I~ [] ~[ ~ ~[i~ll ~% -~ "~~J J Ch~uOcCh~FOunR?~.John Hill, 72, St. Srid~et[forme~r~aws,cZo~,~e~nt*a~v~ca~ i~t=ora,te.ll ~t~: tru~" Z~i~ weI Lay Missioners He came to the U.S. from China|Spectre Bridegroom" was writ- I Ill Illt l! It ~. ~ I Mrs Mary Maggie60 St Anthony P ~ More la missioners then9 ' " ' ed h h - " Y ' " in 1949 when the Reds seized ten for Marian Theater and was Church, June 7. t at te U.S. make a speedy had better decide what we are[ ' " [,I I .t:d,ev~. No~,e, ~, St. Anthony Church,]decision on whether it wili per-lgoing to do in Cuba We are] '~ey n ta uouot. :thee we~ his mission. He. has been alpr2duced Hollywood. . I Prepared 'O Perfection a'el'=a:a:k:e=a:rY:::o~: i~- I ' "] " " 1 ~ ' [forPaSt me s age wrier t e nee journmis~ since tnen ann is on]lnspire~Vlarian ~neater's purpose is to Miss Nellie Whalen, 8a, St Patrmck mlt a Communist state to flour- back as far as we can go. The . I I C%r. h, .~y~e. S. l i h ;n t-,t.o : laymen working side by side the board of the newly estabhsh, the rec]tatmn of the OIAL " atrmihsm wlth the era' asls ' ' '," c "=" "^ =""=' "=' "-" --" "l Visit US at the May meeting. They are:]members of the First Friday[P P " n/ And about Catholics who can t[I u I, --=---=- ,I " '=" " I Mrs Coletta Luetkenhaus /Friars of OraA*,e county Mr/reugmn / 9 II I ~*~,~,THOUSANDS OF COLORS II ~l~g"'ll~Vl~D Ill ~ I " ' ~ " " "On r r " neao lot tne tar ileitis . ,i IJ IV- ~ Ill~kr- l~ ~,~[ ~ur president Mrs. Judy Black-|Manian said if the ~d S had rec-[ e of ou g eatest m~stakes] "Th h,~ ,o 1, in.~l n II ~[ N E W B E R R Y |1 J,=~lx,=lx I I w e [ " " " * r " " "'~ "1 ' : burn, vice president; Mrs. Re-lognized in 1958th~,~ ~the purpose]~s to t y to fight Communism]too,Father O'Mahony said II w . A,NT 0. II Ill New Location I gina Casey, secretary; and/of government is to protect]with sophisms like atheism and[,T~ev can be~in b, forming| ~| Pl II~tRIM~. ~. Ill I Mrs. Marie Sturges, treasurer.|men, then Fidel Castro never[pacif.icism," he said: "All Com.-| thems~elves intellectually, sell ~. lil " "H[A"iI~4G " I/I I xtewesnmems were servea OY/wouldhave come to nawer /mumsts are ame~sts ana alllthat the, understand the Con [I ~ I lil "'~""~ I/I "!'~ L.I &OI~IC I the retiring officers, Miss Mar-] He recalled that in1904 a ban-[C mmunists profess to be paci-[cept of mission versus missions /I ll!ll~'~ mmim~ Ill Ill =tx rl~lx~x ,~ I ian Keating, Mrs. Sara Wolf,]ditin Morocco held an American/fists" When you stand on the[ ~,~ ,t,-,~tl /l ni![E l,g 1P' :r I[I ItlCo J:- ~L . I Mrs Ruth Keating and Mrs platform of anticommunism,"" ' $12 $ Che" -'- --- r @[UUIU ~l-~r~ . ]citizen captive He said Presi-/ ,/ 'Keeping informed --through]l ll~l[~l l[~ ill ry |[I ~[UUI~ ~l-~r~ ] Marty O Brmn then, as an ame]st or paclhst, ' ]dent Theodore Roosevelt sent an] . ' [their Catholic newspaper--lend-l| ~l~l~ql ll~ [[| Freeport, Ill. Ill AD 2-6918 I ~you nnd the platform a b~t |ultimatum to the Sultan, thent . "ling suppertthrough prayers and]l II Ill Dial ADams 2-5316 Ill 207 w. Steo n I crowaea with memoers of the T ]l~nPfv ]~anr~ ] dispatched a warship to Morocco l |girts interesting others in mis-[| ~".~.~.Y]~,ll~ ll~q~ ~ II I] " ,7 ]which assured the American s| pl~s~tion |sion work, stimulating apprecia-[| ~~ ~ |]~,m Mr lvlanlon sam tne U b nas St. Mary, Durand -- Fourth|deliverance [ ". " ' [tion of a mission vocation as a]| ~l~------ ~ . |[I~ ' ' v * i u v v v -]~ veerea tar zrom me intent of the Evetyth,n9 Available At Sunday after Pentecost [ "As a young lawyer, Mr.I ]normal part of the Church's life,[I ~ |[]~ ~J]l trainers of the Const~tuhon and "-~=l=~" St. Catherine, Genoa--Fourth]Manion said, "I learned there] -,|not an extraordinary calling --]| MERCK II] t~lll the ueclaratlon of Independence o hsh d Sunday after Pentecost. |are only three wa~,s to meet[ all these can be arc rap" e [I BOOKSTORE IIl I hta A/ I- rr H" ( I ] ~--.~.-----~ [!n .tne place oz re-lby people at home," the priest-l| Relig,ous Arhcles for 214 W Ste-henson |][~ .~ ~. t t~, I ~ ~.Ul/. ~]l , Ingmn in me nauon, leditor continued. "One thing isTI The Catholic Home .:-.:.- IIt~--~ k~LIII I He observed: William Penn [ bound to result, it will mean theI rK==rUKt, I1[ OPTOMETRIST 11" I!o.ld us near!y 300 yearsagothat]end of the kind of parochialisml,H - - ,that limits Cathol' ' j ~ LEO 7 EAS N ST. ,what takes place within the par- LEO S I governed by God will be ruled $ G. L. I11. on May 3, 1927 and attended East Dubuque public high nessing today is an ever-expand- " THE REV ROBERT JACKSON .was born in East Dubuque, by tyrants What we are wit- i h " ~chool from 1941-45. His college and philosophy work were]ins domination of peoples by a]O~Tattla II I /" A 11 V II/ ~-s0~, ~11 made at Loras College, Dubu-[band of godless gangsters." . II I = It/ b ll que, In where he graduated]: --~ !1 ~ [ Paintina ~ |1 with a bachelor of arts degree~I ]1 ~ ] [ r u~ ~. I ill in phitosophy in1950. Theological[| DATAI/IA CU T U TAI CUgtD [* Poper Hanging ~ studies were made at St. Maryl| Ikl#q/M~l#q ~lll.b/ IIIl,/Rb ~IIV[ l RVl ;l I Dry-Wall Taping s e m i n a r y Baltimore, Md ~J from 1950 una 1954 I Ca, .ea, by AT'AS I anti Finishing - [~11 Father Jackson was ordained[[ E Wilson ef BATAVIA TR 9 Tires " Batteries Accessories J RE$1DENTIAL---COMMERCIAL ' t ~ J f~i:~ by the Most Rev. Raymond P.[| ' "" "'" " Ademsond Wi eshi k] Ph.on : .Dams 3-1916, Sales [ ] Service Hfllinger, on May 22, 1954 in St.[. --- Phone AD 2-8010--Freepod I 841 S. Libe~---Freepoct ~JoNx OIIml] James Pro-Cathedr,Rock-tl I f ~dnce his ordination, he was!|" THE Rexall STORE '''' MURPHY & GUSTAFSON, [NC " il RACHIELLES PHARMACY Ph Ao =-, named as assistant pastor of St. Mary church, Sycamore un- | til June of 1956 when he was ll 12 E. WILSON ST. BATAVIA p.l SO= GUSTAFSON &SCHINK, INC. transferred to St. Patrick[I PHONE TR. 9.1400 Phone 136 Ehzabeth church, Amboy where he re-]| mained until January, 1957. :From January, 1957 until November, 1958 he was made assistant MORRIS J LARSON pastor of St. Mary church, DeKalb. In 1958 he was made assistant pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel church, Aurora, where he is JEWELER FLACHTEMEIER stationed at present. Diamonds o,J,e, . ,oe ry 5porting Goods Monument Works 235 W. WILSON ST. BATAVIA E, 14. Brown--W. 14. Bvewn, Owners Phones Off. TR 9.1234 Res. TR. 9.3547 Point and Hordwe~ 1107 s. Adorns ADems 2-2312 128 E. Stephenson~Freeport FREEPORT, ILLINOIS Tires Batteries Hardwore Farm Supplies Rockcote Paint Facts R. J. Tika|sky, Ownar '.' :"'"" "'"" '"'",w,Lso o,'r, The Figures S eaaU "~ ~ ~ ---- " your dodor S Your Prescriptions phone Give You More i CompleteBuildin9 Service [/| 9 SO. BATAVIA AVE. III ' Expert Fitters of Trusses Crane FuneralHome I/I -,rum- E,am, Stockings Surgica, Sup,arts '" 222 E. WILSON ST. "'- TOT and TEEN Shop jo. so,Ow. , I he. "rh, BEST is None Too Good For ~OUR Children" O]]ice 9 So. Batavia Ave. I " INFANTS CHILDREN'S SUB.TEENS Your Autlwri=ed Plymouth.Yaliant Dealer Prtsrri ,eri=lisls Boy's Sizes To 8 Years TR 9-1491 TR 9-1487 Marian Miller, Owner BATAVIA 9 W. Douglas Freeport, Ill. PHONE 44816 MT. MORRIS