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June 16, 1961     The Observer
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June 16, 1961

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i * - lttome Sweet Home IHow About Concrete? e 3- ~,By Nellie Hughes Don't fertilize, and the neigh- NOTRE DAME Ind--Everv Christian has t'he vocation to ~ I Once. when my spouse w a slbors on either side of you will " ' "~ "/ o- "~' "" |blistering his fingers (and mY;tch.tch and leave you standing mow, rove. ann serve ~oa me very trey. ~v~s~,r. Lmrence ~. |ears) untangling a length of'th~ " x tim the ~hite. assistant general secretary o! the National Catholic Wel- ./ ~re droohngne t e y :are Conference. said in his kevnote address at the National PAC: . a q'T4W ('~I2~]7'1:~'IT~1~ ~DTI~AV TTTATI~ 1~ lf~1|,twine irorn our non-mecnanlCm]wheel out the barbecue. Dig 'OUlI'~II 'o1 L. ltllUlll7 ~UHIell S ieauersnlp training lnSlltute al: ~t, --- ~- ~---~----r----------- ~-[ "Peo~'le with anv sense would~ ut your weeds and you have vlarv college June 4-6. Emphasizing the continuing need for / ~ ' ", "~ ]hli:::::::::::::::::::::::>:: ~ rll~"]--" ;" " " ~ r "e over ponderable questmns Why :Ices liana r~entucKy ano lvlissouri Me r. v r~ ,~ " "l ~r a I : ~iil}i~i!i!i iiii:ili?ii?il}i:}i!~ ~gl :i ! ]Oll~ll. ItllLhll2~ 1LPUi:I.~,]tlSl, ll~,I laying cone eL. I " '; . . '. . . ;" . " ~,g oames r. t~onrov,asso. I ~.:<51::~ ~::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :i} iiiiiii!!;:{!i:::!><~.'~.i:i::::$ii ~/ 1%- J, t orass riot in tne nower oeas-- vno attenoe~ tne tnree-dav in- cia e ~ '~ :: "::::: ~" ~N~?? tins yaru i o , ~ t e&tor o[ Our Sunday Y~sR-] [~ ;:~ :::::::~: ::::~:::::::'?:~::~*';::~ : ST LOUIS tNC~ Person /,and ~gnore the lawn s b a r e ,t tute nlcn wm designed or n . .~.:.::~ ::. ::.::::::: :::::::,::: ~. ::::::::::: Now many long oprln~,s ann -",' v a d author of a natmnall atches Wh3 does ~t alwa s )mmarfly to help offmers ands. T ~ ~.!::iii~ ~ :::: : ::::::~:: ]bhsters later I thmk thas was ~ u n~TV ;, 5 ~. :. N : al servme -- the need lor it and P . ommi'tee chailme "" ~ ~ """ "" #"~"'" ~'~ :~ ::::: its increase aosence--is a ma-~ . .~ . u ~.u~ ~,-.==~ ~,~ .~ ~,-- -. : t n on me a o- Dioce an worn ~ . mcv~l~:~ /prooamy me smartes~ mea ne .~ . S ~rl w/lo ai[~Fici- :5~.dll~ :::: : : :~:i-7[:::: 4"~r *"r~'k/'~,~ ;*~ s"~rd'~l " ~rk .~ / ~nose areas Llle IaWlllilOWeY ,ae e y and panshled the conference are' Mrs I ~i:i ~ I~, ~ f do ,~" cnth/ever had. [can't reach" Why is it subject evele / - " ' i . 4 !:: [:?: ~ t,~,j~ r f -/,' , o. laoseph tteitkotter president ~1't ~: ~ ii~; ;!!!~l folio grouo for service to the[ Same Conclusion Ito things like fairy ring, tun- Orientation Meeting Ithe Aurora deanery, DCCW:I ~!i~ill ;} ];:~. ii!!i:! ~ I poor said "here. / Modern landscape architects]gus, lawn moths, toadstools, Mrs. Arthur L. Zepf of Tole-[Mrs" C, A. Lies of Aurora, dio-I ii~ ~ ~ ~.;: ii~]]=N *f!~: : ~ [ Diane Ruth Downev of Los]seem to have come to the samelweeds? 1o O. NCCW president presid-[cesan libraries and literature ~ ~ I ~}~! ii~ Aw, eles added that "(f St Vin~conclusion Notice how they are Wish I'd listened to my hus- ~d at the opening meeting when/chairman: Miss Elaine Schalz ~ ~ I cen~ de Paul were alive iodav|throwing around concrete and oand. Green cc.ncrete--accented rma Piepho NCCW" administra'/ fN [1[ H nAur rav "'and Mmes. Robert [~:il ~ P I Y I ~ii:~i:::iiii~ i ii}~~~[[if'~ ~l]z'l ijl, li, l,~lAb IJbl, lhe'd redn-ble~//[~his effor~ " ~'| rocksiI with a hberal hand~ . leav-' with DIAMONDsPetunias" (TOOwATCHEsbad con- ive assistant, explained the/ o die, Thomas, and Edward[ ~i i:~ I ~ t |ing little islands for growing[crete is so expensive.) vhat and how of the conference Bartel, all of Sterling. ~i!i~:" 'i i}:: ~: "~l~. II .jv# ss^ uowney ^#?s nameatthings? ~ouowmg the ormntatmn ses-/ Chmrman from Dmcese I [~ii ~ ~ [] ~ lL~ai'-s of Ph~rih" a* il~ or--niz/ At least o n e local resident, ~. o. f~l ;ion the institute began a tight-] Mr~ c' ~,~t, Mov,~ ~,~ q~ I ~ ~ [] t .~iI~ ] ?~' ~", "~.? ~,~ ~ " ~'~ '-] smartened u, ,'everal years~1~1 ~. ~[. tL~gar~ v scheduled series of work o"2' [~ ~ I ~II [auonat meenng nere earner tntsl , ~, " lAndrew parish Rock F 11 ~, i ~ /,mar |ago. Scuttlebutt has it that this ~ -, .-, 'hOps mooratorms" and specml :~"~ "homt owner and his wife we e { radU $eS evelt ' ' served as chairman of the per- ~ . *- - ne in it*. ~i~:i~ ~ The original Ladms of Chanty ' I et gs. [son-to-person workshop and [~}~ I .~ [ e-o ~ .qoa ~ ~, xn ~nntspht right down the m~ddle, ~ Three of the four workgroups MrR Ambrose Hermes also o' ~:i{ ~,~ [] ~ I ,~ . horticulturally speaking, l~'rgiltl ]][glpo{g) lad women from "h~ R^-J ,: ,l.~ ": .~,"' . I ~::~i ~};~: [] -- :: ::::: ~::>i~a~. lyears ago ne socmty nas con-I . IL v ~ .~ ~,~ ~ ~ ~ ~CKlurull~OCK l~allS representeothe ~ K~21:il }~i!} I [] ~: .:~: ~! ~: /+~ ~ ;~,~ ,~ ~ :, ,n husband tnought garoenmg hoeese as &scussmn leaders rural life c ~ I CLINTON Iowa Miss Bev - ~. omm~ttee of NCCW ~i~ ~:: [] [] ~~::: - l t f "~ s was for the birds" w~te was a -- - r " ' ::~:.:-'::::: .::::: : me estaonsnmen o me new a~- ' . VI s. Edward G. Shney of St. Mrs. Francis Hickev co-chair- ~ i~ I I . / green - thumbed perfectionist i erly Re,tz, daughter of Mr. and ] - . " ' . . }~[:!,!~ :::~5.;: .~OUIdLIUII tll~/~ W~tb flu II~LIUII~I ! ' ~aurence, dlrec-[man of the Free Artsguild off ~'~ijl ii::~{! I ! ~ / r i I After endless argument o v e r Mrs. Raymond Rmtz. St. John or of th hi " " : " ~ ~ : ' " e C cago province of[the Cathohc Woman's league o1'1 ~iiil i:=::~ I I ] ~;~o n ; ; ~.a ,~,[who d,d what where and how,pansh, Savanna. and M,ss qCCW, family apostolate: M,'s. [Rockford, also attended, asdid[ }i!i I I ~ /,herk ~,y~2"gre2:er"~.~=~2~'."2lso the story goes, the husband Cheryl Jean Naftzger, daughter rim Sullivan of St. Mary parish,]the Rev. William Kriegsmann [ "::" ". 22:".l~gr~d to take over the front of the Irving Naftzgers, St. Pat- ;terling, DCCW president, world]assistant moderator of the 1R.ock'[ PLAN NATIONAL VINCENTIAN WOMEN'S GROUP--Plans have been formulated for a Na-/ Iv a r d leaving his wife full:rick parish, Albany, are two |St Vincent nvea ane noted mat ~postolate' and Mrs Clement ford Diocesan Council of Cmth'[ tional Federation of Ladies of Charity, a national group to coordinate charitable activities of ", ' "urisdi'ction over the back young women from the Rockford ~allagher, St. Peter parish,[olic Women. [ lay women. These leaders met with representatives of other Ladies of Charity local groups in Imuch wenare WOrK toaay is ~m-[~ cliocese who were graduated , personal ~mar[ Hue, Dan{i I ,ockford, person-to-persoe, work- ~ I St. Louis to plan the national group. Bishop Leo C. Byrne, above, Coadjutor of the Wichita, ,' . [ i from Mt St. Clare college June hop. ll} : l L l~O . I (Karts.)diocese has been named episcopal chairman of the organization. Miss Diana Ruth St. Vincent be}~evea m per:I What did this smart husband 1 ][[-e lueS a[ IJlCt / Downey (left) of Los Angeles was named president, and Msgr Raymond Gallagher (right) of sonar servme to me p~or, and!do? He promptly replaced the, Fiv~ dio'~an o irls wer~ "rad I,-~ ] Cleveland, secretary of the Natmnal Conference of Catholic Charities, was made spiritual di- the Ladles of Chanty .beheve mlgrass with asphalt, leawn~, one ~,d lrom M~ St ~lare aoade- ne prms~ consultants at the personal servme to the poor U ee rm and a border for lant ; [ eSslon ot CHA I rector. Sister M. Basil of Washington, D. C American representative at the Daughters of [, ' I - g P -imy the same day They are nsumte ~ncm~e~ ~v~sgr. t~av-I [ Charity world-wide headquarters in France, acted as an advisor to the group. (NC Photos) I sne sam. ~nat ~s acuve, .per-ling. Rumor a!so has it t h a !.Marjorie Dinges daughter of nona a. ~anagner o~ ~levelano, ! ,'~ur~ur~A- ~ister lvlary ouoe, I [sonal service, given in visltingl omy a very strong heart Kept ' ~ ,~ I Ivlr ano lvtrs l eslle ~lnges, ~ur ) secretary of the National O.P dietitian at St. Dominic -~,lhospitals, visiting the poor, thelhis wile from collapsing on thei ~ ~ ' ]onference of Catholic Char-IJ a c k s o n Memorial hosoita] I~N U ~ IN SEPTEMBER I Brian, a teacher at Sacred Heart lsick before any other aid is]snot iLaay oz verpemal help parlsn, ties, the R e v. John P Crad-IJack~on Mis~ and daughter o}i " " ]school in Clinton, Iowa Margie, Igiven to them " I "-V,innv *'nlno" i~ ,h~ ; '~Sub]ette: Mari]yn Kennedy, ' ' } * wh will r ' - " " '~" '~ dau hter of the Jose h Kenne .ick, spiritual moderator for~Mrs. D. C. Judd of Aurora pre-I'~/I ~ ~/I. 1~1 ] ] ll'i| . ]99 [ o g aduate this month[ Miss Downey made her com-lmi,~h,-' iv a ~ g P " ' s ~ .r,~u-- -, Pa ri k ari h Ro he Councils of Catholic Men and sided at'a dietary session of the lll~ TICllt VIIOlU FII I:tl U IfromX-ray Technology school ments during a meeting here of ed in ~'~11 ~" r;n-- "f dys, St. t c p s,- 146th annual convention Of the] " " [at St. Joseph hospital, Aurora; ]the board of the Association of]l *'~, ~;,'~ ~,~'~o:~s " ~,chelle; Judith Schultz, daughter Catholic Hos it . " * * and twins June and Jane who - ~ ~,-,~ of Mr. and Mrs. John Schultz, p al assomatmn - Ladms of Chanty. by the tree-ring and border . . I fl{l:fH l [Jun 13 in Cobo hall Detroit About Wmnln Fellowshln ]win be in eighth grade next [ ",and Shefla Spitz, daughter of v~ *mv,~w Mich ' ',~ 1- year at St. Mary school, Ster- -- ~nere are omer .~rave .soms Mr" and Mrs. Kenneth Spitz, all / ~." ROCKFORD -- ''I m so pel as.-ide t onn Africa for THE OBSER-[iin~ [ ~l~l~II~I~ll~ll~l~tl~I~tl~, notably a certain friend of ours,of' St. Patrick parish, Amboy. [! ~sterjs ~}S.[ed. I don't know what to do!"]VER expressed her delight in] ~'" I ~'.~ "w~'~"~ ~7~l~.lW'~wl~o can declare thmr mdepen-I~ ters o~ ~t uommlc ~prmgneld Th we h dence lrom lawn chores a n d I ' : r "' ese ' re t e sentiments of a letter home last week. The ~ ~ . . . CARLSO ll She graduated trom the Um get away w,th ~t When this .~0CKFORD DrW%l~ll~l~ |ivers~ty o~.lmno~ and tool< grao- finding that she had won a Ford received by her parents June[ - . [ ~ v v ~,~z~.~tt~ ~ gentleman's wife took an ex- nvvr,l~ ~ i uate stumes at ~t Louis univer-IFoundation fellowshi to stud 16 IAI s~M ~.# ! ~' ~}ltended trip home, did he waste I I ~A~, ~.~,v,Ilsity and Loyola university of the[ : ] " .~ I ~J~'~ ] ~t~l~t~[p--ecious hours watering ,I ' I ~,~lI,tl~lr'-~l~lt InC, I ;~. . lat ~oston umversny under reel uant ~eneve It I / - i " " i' ' cmum ~ew ~nean~ ~ne nas Not on our life So the lawn blLVlhli CIilNA Cll~bTAl I. " "" Iloundat,ons rore,gn area tram-[ M~ss McReynolds wrote: 'I/t~f If~ fhor~o [AMBOY MiSS Sue Ann Bl~ke ,ndl, Y. "- :J J oeen crlIei oleuuan at ~t uoml ~ ~, ~ ~t~v ~, turned a Dr1 ht ellow9 Well ' ,n ro-ram Thomas McCorm ck St Palr ck Church g Y Since 1888 li " '['gp ~. [have been given the Ford] [. . -- : .I :1 Established 1896 J ~nlc - daCKsonnospltal Iortile F n " f ' dune ~. tWO weeks ot eaten-up watering I [ Miss McReynolds daughter] ou datmn ellowsh~pI ap-[ PROPHETSTOWN -- M r s./ AURORA--~iSS Martha A. Hess anal ,I I past la years MarwnT Ku lets Holy Angels Church InCluding a iew OUCKetS GI WlIe Roofing I! " lot Mr and Mrs Elwood Mc-lplied for and I can't believe yet]Clyde Chamberlain was installed;~une'a ' Y" / ' 1 UULr.NUr.K I . ~y tears an~ mat town was as ,*,o ~ ]Reynolds of Sts Peter and Paul~that I've been so lucky The]as president of St Catherine ~iss Joann J. Kartheiser and Ross~ ' I i I II v e Iparish and personal correspon-lgrant so far ls for $1.900 but[Womens society at the Junei MissMary Ruth Lee and John W.]II S''t, I Rockford, IllinoisII -, a I Ithe Foundation will consider anJmeeting, succeeding Mrs J Os- Gee rs, ~.oly An.gels C.h.u.rch, .June 10. I More Trouble II ~I3 I 'E SE VE I 0M. . . . o . ,I I ?, Sister Acclanned tlon costs oi $950 ce s are. M s. Raymond E. Jr St R,ta ot Casc,a Church June3 Jobs favored by suburbia are "" " offi r r M ss Patr c a s ouf and Thomas Wh te ] I've just finished si,nin, and Miller vice president' Mrs ~. I~UBUQUE--MisS Donno' J. A I'n-/.-im~.1. ~'"r I 1 l~ :' ,I -'l -- ]ilk~l ,e~lifltll Ib~tm~e,ljll' j Flo d Worhle ecretar " i"1 . dorf and Roberl H. Wahler, S. Ma y iIFor CCD Work ]seahng the acceptance letter,[ y . y: s. 3, ad Ch u.%h: June 3. Jare worth. Scatter ferhhzer, lJ / ~ J fnM TD D DT I[ JandI'msopleasedIdo,n'tknow[lVlrs. oames mamls, treasurer. Io,~%t, TT^~ssm.~nar ~ L/~ ~anr~,ra~a[andyou'rebusiertnanabarberlI ~ '~ I I/1Mr -l~o l 1 1- iwhat to do. I'm leaving Mary-/ReUrmg ofhcers include Mrs. iJu.e ~. . /on Saturday night. [I t /A IIJl~fPll~ll~l~ IPIl~l~l~' I I~'l~l I/I 111::l.[.l['~.~ OIlJd~ll~::;q5 I .L ~, ~ oL /Ra-'mond Maes vice "resident~ FREEPORT--AA}ss Shirley A. Cramer/~ i ~l~ll~.l~.~/.~rll~ll~l ~ii~ll~r. i~.~l I~ imoun~ me ~s~ ot omy lor Lmana/ ~,V iand Keith F. J. Sonders, SL Joseph~i ----% ,~,-. ~, I! ~L~N RIr~r~wr p~ lkTP'~ |where I will be for six weeks]and secretary: and Mrs. Larry I Church, May 13. [I ~ ~-~A~ ,-~P.~ ~-R ~. I aazt I~. Main ~t' KOCKtOI'O I/ --~*'"s--I -" /Doh--,m~ trowel,rOt I GALENA--Miss Jane ~atley and RichQI A rPK3UrqAI.I/.I'IJ 31;KYI~,I" I J ~- i . ~ I/A thircl Order Fr.~n L m~r,'~o= .M -N'e/un[ll me ~um of ~ugust inen 11 u,~ ~, lard A Staver St Mary Church May 30 ~ . . UIAI, /K O-IUI I I/ u, ~, ]will fly to England for five days[ "T h e Index of Forbiddenl HANOVER--Miss Rose ~ary. Sherr~r.aI ~ I II ~ wtau n~ u ~ ~ it ,~t:ta~nn~ut I,-, i and Delbert W. Ertmer, St. Jonn Churcn, I ~. I E ' lJwidely as a "work horse" for] r so, then to New York around/rmc'Ks was tne topm ot the a~-IMav a0. II ~ ! ,' McHENRY--M}ss Joyce D Schafer andI .~*!~:i::~<::~;.:- A New dressgwen b the astor the I i I~[the Confraternity of Christian September 1st. [ Y P' William Frett St. John'the I~aptist' Larg* t~:~iiii~!~iiii;i~ ~: Location rin rk Rev. Thomas W. Neville fol- Church, June 3. Porklng ~:~:!{~;~!~i , I I I/Doct e ma ed a half century[ Parents to Meet Her I i' MENOMINI~E -- Miss hAar LaVonne[ I~V~a~ lowing the program in cnat ge hva BVM Area More rhen /r0xel Knows II v I~. religious life here. [ Mrs McReynolds told THEI . " "'. -[Tranel and Clelus K,*ser Na" "y }1 I r F R FI E ot the fibrary a n d literature:Church. June 10. ~i~:~ 45 Tears I I t FOR FINE FOOD I Sister Mary Presentina co-[OBSERVER that she and herl i OREOON--~iss Mary Ann enge,brechl]| Y* I I su ervmor of CCD work m the husband woulct meet Marian m commmee cnmrmen mrs -~oo and George F. Volmer, SI. Mary Church, *?'" ~:~ii[} r.xperlencea hlAU/IUI t [J ~ J S kane, Wash, diocese came[New York and drive her di ect-lert.W P and Mrs. Jack Mc-A~C~TONIC.A .~iss Barbar~ ';:~;e;ed ~ Serv, e J UIUIVII.IIIUI Irl .~I'~lIII/ll// I . " '. I ,^ ~^, : ^,l. I~'~elu. ~ne new cnurcn norarylfield and Rooer, ross, Jr ~T. marYli ~ " I ill~" ii,'-iii i~1 ~II~I~ Itl Ill~llll~~',~I I across country especially ior tnel~ tu ~us~u. unxvers~ty, wnerelwas iWro,~u ~a ~,A ,~ I~;,A [Church, June 10. [I ~ J ible 1 br i n " i li she will ursue her studies inl " ,~ P .I ROCKFORD--Miss Rae E. Bethel and i I:ITT~IIII~A/I'~ I:IINI:DA/ I.l~'~k4I: I JU e ee e atO A spec a st P ' Gerald A Ambach St James Pro-Ca- --=--~v~ ~.~-~i.~ iVl~IIl~II I IVlVlII I I I ,n mot o . . Mrs Chamberlain announced " ' ' F the field of African affairs. Ithe foilowing affiKate chairrnenl'~eara'' ~av ~7. I h II I'ank R. F|tz,erald Robe" ". o, I I~ - Miss Karen A as ack and Gary L I II "J t I 1 I I[I " k2.~'~./I ill~ I Sister Presentina during h e rl Well known in the Rockford]of the Sterlin De ner "~ I Park St Patrlcl~ Church June l0 /I 16. N. Rockton Ave. -- ROCktOt I g a y L, ouncll 3 BIo I ~Yse~ tpohs:ula~t~henroh:U::s ::dl:r~asfo :t:~2;tr~:le:n~n aA::11:l f.Cath lic. Wcanentf r the en-IEuM~SrS~t:n s~ge~retstAjaL%sgP~o-dcaTh dr~:~1 cks North of Halsted Rd W054645 I suing year home and school ~ n rues ROCKFORD'S OR,G,NAL III Steoks Chicken I nrnr q ~i~*.r~ ~n h t~ an accomntished ni~ni~t ~;~o[ " ,I Miss Mary Louise Spinelo a d Ja I~l SWISS JEWELER h I[I e-, I ~ I -- .'f . ,~" *,':*~ IMrs. Clellan Morris chairmanlR. White, St. Anthony Church, June ;0./~l I I{I ~eoTood I ~;~'~r D +; ;~ + .-lllVlC~eynolas nas been teacningl :;;'~,I STERLING--Miss Lucy Smith and mar-II ~1 II~ LIl~k4I"kA IL~,II I~lII~ I ! " ' o' " Y Y, - vin L. Juerez St. Mary Church, June 3. |]$ N. Church III ,os E.S,o, Ro ,o,a Iwit h 'SisteVMary"Maurina," "lsolat. the. mr.}s colle.~,e in ,Agbpr, la ir arSn: lrib ra vW:nrde ]iterC .[ STOCKTON -- Miss ~ar~eret su,iv,ll ~t~Ui~ nvmcm~UC ril: I ~111 I of the Franciscan community, N,gena since going to Afncalture Mrs Warner chairmanl a c ' u a ~" ~' ~ '~ I ~lin supervising t h e Spokane lin august, 1959 under the Afro-l and'Mrs iVicNeill c'o-chairman'l. WON'.D.ERJTA).I~u2hAis$.I'Isrr!s ~nd M r-ll Are Delicious I Amer ,n ~u,y Lnr,s, ,n, ~,ng ~.nurcn ~ay IIdiocese CCD work She and her ,- man Inst~tute's Teacher organization and development 20. ' ' Jl ~~. . .- -.]--7-- I &:j;: /~% %,h~r + a a r'lacement service ;~ BELO T--M ss E e ne R Thorson *ndl[ ~~.~F~I~ Party Platl'ers fo~ I -J/ I ,~ ==~-,=~a~w~.s~, u~.utac~u " MrS ~Q 1vines chairman anGl " ~/J--/' Sh 1' a ",Bart Frary, Rockford, St. Jude Church Ill o cI$IO~I" | ]i with the Pro Ecclesia et Po -] e s graduate of MuldoonIMrs Larry Dohogne co-chair-fJu,e ,0. '11,all , high school here and Rosar JOLIET Miss Catherine M Duffy and lUhce award by Pope John m Y man rural ]fie Mrs Dalet Y ~~~Ib~~m~,/~/~0~ ~ IIseptember 1960 for their "out-college in River Fbrest, with a]Wilrt'omufh Phnirm~n ~nr] Mr~ !oGfe srtgeREy2 ~de,e~y~n:~kt rd' Cethedral[I ~P~lr~ Fly2~'l'O~7~:mI I I standim, work "' Ibachelor of arts degree in his- ,::;'~" " '~.[' L~ ~"7 I. MAN."rowoC---.~.iSsJud~-~Sur]us~d]I ~~eady To Servl I -- ~-- -- - ~" " ; I ~- ~ u n ~yzmn co-cnmrman" i Kennem ~. ueweerm, K(~Krora, ,~ly II I ,exe . tory. ' ' Innocents Church, June 10. #" Brick - ""-' "- Ii Sister Presentma has been! Isplmtual development, Mrs. An-[ NEW YORK--Miss Mary Ann Flsnaganll ~U~I~,I ~plIIli~ PUl~l~t~l~ uI lip I ~ ~ ru~l ~,~. I named bv Father John B Col-1 ~ I na Bruce chairman and Mrs [ and John Peter VaUulis, Rockford, Sts II TV ~; L~ n o ~ n r. r.=~ r. n u I I " : ' ~ " ' ' J o h n A . " Faith, Hol:~e and Charity Chapel, June 10. oE,No ,v. ,o o,o, ,-L I hns, S.S dtrector of the ccDIHonor Parents I . dams, co-chmrman;t ]l ~URN ST. ROCKFORD WO $-0946 I WOodland 4-4607 I:National Center in Washington,[ I traffic safety, Mrs. James Mor-I I { I I D. C as a consultant in pros- HARMON -- Mr. and Mrs.[ris, chairman and Mrs. Charles[~i~~}i~i~:~:~i~i~i~i~}i~:.~!~i~i~i~:~:~:.~i~2~:~i~.~i~i~i~z~ I~; ~ = ; I pective revision of CCD religion]Cecil J. McCormick, who observ-I Wolf, co-chairman; legislation, I n-=.-.: II II IIIIIIiIIi ' I course manuals. The two "work,ed their 25th wedding anniversa-IMrs. Frank Schehl, chairmanl rUII-UIII~I II II I horse" nuns are the co-authorsiry June 4, were honored at a[and Mrs. Harry Newlon, co-I A l/ II Shoemakers forII 1DI TIleD1212 ~gtgtll~ I of 18 workbooks and courses in;family dinner the same day and[chairman; p u b l i c relations,I uur Aavertlsers II . II I I 1, ~l~ ~- T, u~ i religion which now are "stan-Ilater visited their oldest daugh-[Mrs. Melvin Moore, chairman];~;~;~;~}~;~;~{~:~.~N~< ~:]| rout t enerattons I ' "" dard texts" in the Archdiocese ter Sister Sheila Marie S L and Mrs. S. E. Repnicke co- I~iTNERAL ttOMV, I o~ Portland in Oregon and the,first grade teacher at St. Peterlchmrman: Newman coordma-ti~,i/i,$%i~i~ /I o II L~ ~ J.~ LV.~ LJ-, tor I Diocese of Spokane, Baker, school, Rockford, for the last two/,Mrs. Myron Cox, chairman]KU~l~l.~Kl~ . |I DI=~I~I II - - - &9.fl Nn~h M-in .~tt'~ll" ] Ore Yakima, Wash a nd~years, land Mrs. Larry Barton,co-/ 11 II h ir n I Helena, Mont. They have been] The McCormicks have four/c a ma./I :iHUI~ SERVICE II I~.OCKIOrO I a teaching team for 31 years. [other daughters: Sister Mary] Other parish committee co-figaro /I I] ' "" -" I ~ ' ]chairmen were named by the]l~ " /I Rockford I] Serving Since 1856 I )~It~ffJ~fq~Dr~ ]president, as fallows: sacristy,[I THURS /I I/ - I ,~,O'~llll VI~II~' IMrs. Philip Bauer and Mrs/II~';.{I 7 /I 205 N. Church St. I/ I~IAI~S~ Bo WOOD ! I ~ 'l]Hilaire Castelein: spiritual/I~~;q, ~e~~ /I II I I/benefits, Mrs. Jason Kissel and/II~~ WKI:A-I If, I1 I DIA MOND$ WATCHES i/Mrs. J a c k Heaton; publicity,/l~~ / , ", - Melvin Moore and Mrs.|lIl ]1 --, I SILVERWARE COSTUME JEWELRY Its. E. Repnicke: ways and|I /I oest l'alues Atways I I|means, Mrs. Louis Boone and|I :~* I.~ /I COMPLETE STOCKS 15 DA I lr~ -- i 1 IIMrs. Dean Dorathy: program/I /I I wver naerson IIMrs. Don Dewey and Mrs. Hans/I /I * Liqueurs II II~ I~ I~ I~ A I~l I I I~ I "I IIGehlsen; membership, Mrs.|I /I at I~ ~.~ * Wines r K r r D U U I Jewelr Store o] Distinction I]wesley McMillan -and Mr /I t * Cordiols Charles Emery, Jr. II " e. * Beer ond Ale -, I L YOO I 111 N. MAIN ST. ROCKFORD I1. o~ 40Oi,ferent h'nported I I SAVE BY THE 15TH I WO 3.2122 I/I,' I11 Beers and Wines F- EARNS FROM THE 1ST A n s ,I K. wy Ill L Purchase Program Ill # d I1~ OF THE /VIONTH I III .-, ,-, c~. Itl ~ DRIVE-IN LIQUOR STORE I 1 II~X i I i $~vi,gs Insured to $10,000 I 'll l~'~r l~;~o~no rIll ~ 3523 Auburn Sh--Rock'm'd li i iI IJi,' I Federal $ovings and Lo n ~," = / v o Ill wo $-$4$]--FRE| DELIVERY r " -- Ins. Co p. i:. I I I i l J- Pa-el's Rental Purchase Plon I/- ,~ r All Withdrawals Paid promptly ;ii::i:.!~:.}::~'i~-~i~ ~ 9 III I I I :~I . ~o o Fo~. Yeller Service ~eJ,Pagel's FHA New Home Plan Ill " I I op~ s ^.~. ~oil~ ~ ; "k Pagel's Trode In PIon I! Pa el s 10 ~o Down P an Postage Poid Both Way= Pagel's Work Credit Plon ] --~-- ~1 Almost Anyone Can Buy o Home II ~~el New Homes and Apartments I,I I L vo,ob,o Ir,lm~'a':III ~ ), to Compare! II IIil I I I I I II, ~I ~ = Ill COLLINS Y. SUNDBERC i ~, ~ ~,u~~,i I . 0mtructb. c0 I I County Coroner I L'I.% r &I .~l I ~II ~lI I,w Iil THE SUNDBERG I~ a ~ rl i If= L~I'II~ I tI-PAK RocMor,I, Ill. " li I"I I I I ImI'~iI I I~&, II I ]l I IIlII /I '1 TR 7-7"'4 u rut Ull u I I I '- -', q Ill Conveni.nt,y Lo .ated to.Se.rve Catholic Families '" "' " ' " "'-' - '=-* '""' rl -, .-." "" -'" " .o , It ' i