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June 16, 1961     The Observer
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June 16, 1961

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FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 1961,THE OBSERVER GE 5 APOSTOLIC DELEGATE ADDRESSES MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATES Warns of ecula Among Some Inte pectatlonSLou hehrodtof belngpersonallyac!~ nowtedg;nvltes '"to ~vislt 'Chevyville',a'",r ~o { an;, ! added, !he seemsAir " " MILWAUKEE -- (NC) -- The gate the 'literary meaning of low more closely the words of but he said he does not believe voiced more than once that in monition to the graduates: Apostolic Delegate to the U S I Sacred Scripture, the Archbish-[the Mass. But still the Mass isJthe reason for this lack of en-]high ecclesiastical circles the t"Whether you will be considered sounded a warning here to Cath-]op added: "Whether some ofIthe universal and perennial Sac-lthusiasm stems from the "ob-]intellectual is often underesti-inn intellectual or not; whether olic intellectuals who court secu- the most reeen~ effort~ to give rifice of Christ . . . and t h e stinate opposition to contem- mated and also mistrusted, lyon will be received or not into larism in the hope of being de- us this literary meaning are in use of Latin tor the Latin Ritei porary art as expressed in "The question is," he asserted, intellectual circles: remember cepted in intellectual circles, con,onanc with the teaching gives to it a sense 01 unity and Church architecture decoration, "whether we a r e confronted one thing, namely, that true in- Archbishop Egidio Vagnozzi of the chu ch, it is not for me universality." liturgical painting or sculpture." with true and genu'ine intellec- tellectuality must be combined said June 3) in the baccalau- to say." I He added that it has always "The main reason, I believe,]tuals--who are inspired by a with humility. reate sermoL at Marquette uni- "But I would only remark " been a source of "profound sat- is that contemparary art itself sincere love of truth, humbly "The true intellectual does versity, from which he received he continued. "that as the pro- isfaction" to him "to see the as a whole has rarely produced disposed to submit to God's not flaunt his mental acumen an honorary degree, that he is tagor~sts of the new position Holy Mass celebrated with ex- works in the ecclesiastical field Revelation and the authority of and acquireo cultural power. "concerned wit[ the uneasiness ~ should not summarily be de- actly the same ceremonies andI which have been accepted by His Church-or whether we are He does not, as if blindfolded, and preoccupations of s o m e cused of here~y neither should the same words among various our people as truly inspirational[confronted w i t h intellectuals close out the light of Divine Catholic intellectuals." [ they insist in pr'esenting as defi-I peoples o[ the world." ] and conducive to a feeling of[ who believe first of all, in the Revelation which, after all, is ~ , They "seer, to feel," he seat- nitive iruth . . . theories and Eeelesiastieal Art l umon with God," he stated. "L~-[ absolute supremacy and unlim-]Absolute Certitude. He does not ed "that the Catholic intellec-lopinions which can receive the Archbishop Vagnossi said the turgical art cannot be consid- ited freedom of human reason, . . . set up his intellect whose tual effort of today does not definitive stamp of truthfulnesslthird "area of restlessness"[ered from an aesthetic point of[a reason which has shown it-adequate object is truth, in con- ILO seem to measure up satisfac- only from the 'magisterium' of among Catholic intellectuals is view. It has to be art, and it sel~[ so often fallacious and sub-[tradiction to truth. ] torily with the level of the sec- the Church . . . that of ecclesiastical art.has to be liturgicaL" ject to error." [ "Rather, he recognizes in awe ular effort that an excessive ,Th^ c d B^^k ~f the Bi I ne conceded that contempor-I Alludes to Complaint I Humility Essential It,he limitations of his human in- attachment' to traditionalp'osi. - bl~ ,~.~ -'~ ~oo'%%c't'% ~.~,:,~ '~" ~.~,~ ~.-* -lary art has not been widely ac-lt Archbishop~ Vagnozzi anudedl Archbishop Vagnozzi conclud-ltellect, when face to face with, lions appears to prevent the tal to be left"to the indi cepted by Catholic authorities, also to "the complaint . . .!ed his serman with a direct ad-lthe infinite Wisdom of God.' Church from fl'eely lacing prob-lvidual and private interpretation! lems with adequate answers andI of even a large number of schol- SHARING OUR TREASURE assuring airecuons." ars." Digress fror Traditional[ Discontent with Litur'-' I 1 m m m ~ ~ m m ~,It "" Al ,Posl, tions I Archbishop Vagnozzi said the I nYi~OTIOn TtO MOSS 3tarts ~l~onverslon They seem to 1eel " he con-t " : tinned, 'tha! every effort hasihtt~ir~Ytt~nretheexi:tlC:~od~elsdomm[ Key. John A. O'Brien, Ph.D. INorth Little Rock, Arkansas, ISterling did also. Then our,and soon were learning that to be made m order to bmld a t |[tupelo m on ress to expel the501| . . El ~ . ' ~ s death,l] l~&[iE]~t~[~.l~" [: ~-~[~|~ ~l!~ [ | bridge between modern secular Cathohc scholars a certain (HUm:y;::YbOfe:O:oefiDamd)in ~t~P~idto 2e~d ~?:lr :e'~tr:l~,inceui~hbOk~Sn,dbBfl:nat:d RuUthoA2~" many of the charges made amount of discontent with the ~ .Y ~, ~ " ins t ri C h " - . . ' aga t the Church are u te y thong.he and at ohc thong.he I '~current racticeof the Church"tthe Cathohc Faith. If so you|into Christ's true Church. "Iltend Mass with them at St.I even to t.h~ point o[.digressingI," " lhave received the grace a n dlwas raised in London.' related|Patrick church. We were great-[urn under" lwany misconcep- hom positrons tradltmnally ac ~o many nmrglsts Deneve th n o e tmns were removed and we [~ " ] :' [ e sere gth to be an effectivelEvelyn "where I belonged to]ly impressed by the quiet r-[ cepted in the past, in the ex-lpe~YctnfotrLn:?a naVeo; ~n:rtt;lwitness for Christ and althe Church of England, al-[verence and deep devotion of[were at last learning from an " ' : "[ Ispreader of His holy religion, lthough I was never confirmed.|the worshipers. By "following[authoritative source what the Ill th I orlna me tlturgy nearer to reel ed and act.ep;ec in e intellec-t :: iConfirmation is the sacrament|On New Year's day, 1957. I metlthe English prayers in the mis-lChurch really teaches and why. tual ;i-cles of today, ipeopm and me peopm nearer tOlof spiritual maturity and con-[Sterling Futrell a member oflsal we got a great deal out oflln the middle of the course I In his first Mission Ency al Pope John I God he stated Actualb they a her "In an attempt to obtain this . . ': " fers upon the laity the grace|the AmericanForce, Iromlthe beautiful Sacrifice of the|received word that my f t -- I acknowledgement and accep-isee,m? re; power to share in thelMonroe. IMass. [had died. I hurrmd to London XXIII covered very completely the super- I lance they are inclined to intro- ma.ues ted: x~lanl igna co:~mognYlpriestly apostolate of winningl Disturbed by Attacks ] Start Inquiry Class [to be with mother in our grief. duce int'rpreta'ion' ~ of Catholic[asl-,---~lt 1. Or~,ey lan for reasonaole!'" [souls for Christ~. How can you/, "We fell in love and, as my| "Both Sterling and I were| Overwhelming" GratRmte" natural interests of the Church m Mission I teaching ~hich often appear to v* t do t h i s~ By husband was a Baptist we:eager to learn more about the be contradictory to what has'reforms~. ~" t brin ingz 'no n-tlmBlll~ml~Wl[were marrieci in his churc'h. AslCatholic religion. Then one Sun-I "l ~ ~'~n~a th~ momh~. Lands. His Holiness spoke at length ot me [ I been believed not only in the!. ~ne ~rcno~snop pointed out[ c h urch- going~[I felt we should go to t h e!day to our great joy, the pas-~ter' Ster!m~an~ z w.em,~or two needs on the part of souls everywhere and [ last century but in the preced-] mat,mere )s s t)u to .De. ~oun~ n e i g h b o r s~~~[same church, I went with himltor, Father Edward n. Hinck-[m nms to tamer mncmey mr an an-nose Ianatlcal Insistence o / private lnswuctlons a n a ne ins centuries as well." Ion aavancin" *9~o~osaJ~ wm-n to Mass. giving, "~'t the Baptist services. But I]ley, announced that he waS}seemeo, ~om~ of the challenge the Church faces in reach- ] Archbishop Vagnozzi said the ".~ "," them a prayer- ~~l got nothing spiritually fromlsoon to start an Inqmry Class[ P ,~ me reply ~ee nas openly c o n- o o k w i h ": " " ' ho wer interest oI nls own ~eeo love ior me first area o~ dan~,er relates to ," . Ib t ~~~]them, and was dmturbed by thelto whmh all w e -1 ". ins out to these souls. His Encyclical dealt ] the "dis rote amon,st CatholiclSmerea w~m ms~avor. I which to follow~~iiii:l many a t t a c k s which the!ed Catholics and non-Catholics /ralm. we smmeci l~at~er ~mitn " . ~' . ~ ,~!:~;! :;~ ~ "' . " ' Instructs aac~son anct w e r e scholars concerning the ~dea of Deplores Vernacular ~t, pr oh m d C taol oora al y No on / principally with the complete establish- I history as appl:ed to both the] "Take for instance the ques- them acquaint-~~,~[church. I wanted a religion oflwas asked to commit himself[pr ua o~ me good graces we 'e w~th o u r mace m t h e test~ We saw Old and Ne~ Testaments." Ilion of the use of the 'vernaculari d " y :1~ love not of bitterness and hat-lin advance and he would be] . : ment of the Church according to the de- ] astor : : ' ime clearly that the ~ a t n o ~ i c ]p red free to drop out at any t Notes Dispute in the Mass " he said. "It is : iil I " 1,' "" sires of his immediate predecessor, Plus [ Notin~ that this disnute takeslevident that'if the Mas~ were This is how I "So I discontinued attending "This is an ideal arrange.[~,~,~, ~,~.~ ~,u=~ ~,~ ". ~ its foundation from l~iux XII'slcelebratcd in the modern livin~iMr, and Mrs. William Culp of/the services, and gradually]ment. We attended the class[~nrist,and xs meremre me true XII: I request that exegetes investi-llanguages, the people could fol~-~ [t.nL~rcn. . I - [ 1, I 'we were oaptlze con ltlOn- . ally in November. 1960. and re- "The ultimate goal of missionary [ OCKFORD . Church l 'utut e Hopeful ~u, ]c:~vedheurd:ySt ? wlhiCh r~r~/isni' endeavor, whichshouldneverbelost ] [ [came into our hearts was in- i "lr" ~ ~ 1 [deed a red-letter day in our sight of, is to establish the Church on I " teep lives. Our new Faith ha, LOU BACHRODT S Iln Ltontlnlcan UOllC lbr ught us closer to each other, sound foundations among non-Chris- I ~ I ' |inct'eased the happiness of our tian peoples, and to place it under its I r ~ ~'~'v i,n ~11,CIUDAD, TRUJILLO, Domin- hanced prestige among the Do- members of the ecclesiastical[marriage and made us realize ll tc It I IP 1 I LI~ ]lean Republic -- (NC) -- H!gh l minican people, hierarchy. Proof of this has]~i:n tl)vneSt~anN:V~.llcaann~eRSu~ own native Hierarchy." I I Church authorities here say that With Gen Trujillo's death he ~ .~ - " I . I,t~een me mnerm ceremony at Ann for inviting us, ana ~ather ,the outlook ~s hopeful tor an end r n I you 1, ;t~'"l; ,~ e, Oithe church in San CristoballHinckley for instructing us so Today, while stressing the continuing I complete city of new cars, new trucks and used cars $ [i~," ~'-~."~. ~--~-~.~-,~ ,ireason mr me persecuuon tOlwh; h rec ~d *h" "-trial ,~]thoroughly in our holy Faith." I me .ommman ttepuonc muow-,continue "For the C h u r c h I "- v I and ever increasing need of Foreign Mis- I .uSe locations serving you w m *He nnesr ~utomor,vt " ' m tather " ' ' " lime the death of its dmtator,[there is sound basis Ior ho,-~"l Y [ Fath, er OBrten wall be glad sa,es ann service KememDer -- l uu new I~01 unevroters I.-. t t I. h e corn eft. send their sionaries, His Holiness presses strongly for I I t eneranssn-no ~mae~ lru]mo. Ihe said I Expresses Ontimism leO av,~ ror immediate den very ---. no wa t ng ---- all sllrv clld t]11IIl ' ! " ] --~ [~n~,~o n~,~ n,4,-l~-,eeoe ~,~ h;m nf re*dytog li .ruth.pile !eaders also indicateI Radio-Press Attacks Halted I A report by a parish priestl~'o'~re Da,~e"~fn*iversil;,'~Notr"e the building of a responsible local clergy I ] that the aL~hrUrC.h in }h~s Camb-[ Catholic attthorities also point] P m hop Remy's See echoeS[Da, e' so ne,a wrSte MAIN OFFICE NEW CARS ]o.ean co~:nt, y ~s wmmg to ~-[out that in the period immedi-[ttae optimism expre~eo, oy mgnlup their Conversion stories, with the best possible training in spiritual- [ ~a t, ~,L. Le.- "~"~** e ~,t t *-. li~'lVe and Iorget me catapult, n/ ss ' IChurch authorities rather t~er-i any a. ~,nuren ~ o,a ~.~,nurcn ~r. ' rnmen" - ~ -" .lately mnowmg the msassma-i . . : ity, scholarship and leadership. "It is ourI Our C m 'ere rvicD . . . . ~ me gore t wageG a~amst . . man Louwagle, ,UI:U lVl ~ the o p: 5e e ept. Lorgest D.sploy .n th.s Areo I:++ +"r r ""'q " ~'"' "+ +~,]tlon a halt was put to the radml [l~N~"~fl~rl Body ShOP$olesOnd New Car ol00nd cbleWorvoirs' 1961to chChevroletSoose from |:1"i instigatione Of the dictator, who [ Reillv t ~,~ r,"r~SSana Panal~' and"",thorm ~'"~'~ / ' We arePaSt rdomg mfme~ema There Isam: I .tv ~.ll~/vllll~ paternal hope," declares His Holiness, [ ----- Iwas assassinated May 30 after/,~. " " ~ ~ |ha~b,~enoome,ensivn~,~r la ~/ "that it will be possible everywhere to I rulin~ *h^ naqon * r-- +~" /lares. in aclClltlOn, me congres-/ o ~ ~ ~ ,~ ~'~! n~R r~ ~A~ot::'r ~n ~ SUPER CAR MARKET NO. 2 [ ~, . ~.~ [sional motion to expel the two|lY on account of the murder of[ . ""~'a~"~'~"r"~t'~"~t'2t"'" 1515 KISHWAUKEE ST.I o, z /foreign Bishops and nullify the[the generahssirno. But every-/ /--I'~D~.-'~ I choose from the native clergy of every na- I "-" I!, Campaign Against Church Iconcordat was, withdrawn at a|thing seems to belik quiet r lion those who will be able to direct and I 74 'OK USED CARS N'W "'1 "H'VR~'=Te I; The campaign began in Jan-] special session of the Chamber[now It looks e we a e in[ ~[~~--.~III1~ [ ~ for better times We know from 1960 DEMONSTRATORS,uary, 1960, after the Dominican]of Deputies (June 5) by its| ' / t~ll~tlllll I'-~ I in proper and holy manner, form and edu- [ ~" ]Bishops denounced the Trujillo|sponsors, Deputies Porfirio Val-|officials that Bishop Reilly is/ I~ ~--[~tltll][]lBI1 I~ ~ I ~ITH -R T,regime's violation of human[des Castillo and Manuel Jimen-|coming back to San Juan in the[ [~l[~][~ ]11 I~.[~ [ cate subjects for ~he sanctuary." [ SUPER CAR MARKET NO. 3--2643 ST E I ri-h" I r " 1 ! ez Rodri 'uez /near future " / IInlllllllnn~.~ a I ~'IIF1 I W Y g ~s, n eta muon the gov- ~, ' WO 2-3705 -- NO DO N PA MENT,' I '56 AND OLDER MODELS |iernment expelled more than Catholic leaders state too Following the dictator " |! foreign-born priests from the| that civilian members of the|Bishop Reilly was arrested but| l~[~ll~ [* *~ ] n Ann '~ mm'~A--U ~,unm AUm -ml, country andfomentedmobat-|government, headed by Presi-|releaseds nafterwardwith| [Nlll]NlUlll]l]l]~l''n~[fl| PFRPETUAL MEMBER [ LUU .AttlKUU/ tHtVKULt/ I ca~::ch ~riPrel;::Si~e~hts ~:i~t~t[d:nntoJ ~qa~mbBala:U~guW:h e2dP,[Lp~elr 'g'B:s~:;%aPr:l)dtl~: Bt~:r[ 1~~' |j EL[ ~- ROCKFORD ]shortly before Gem Trujillo's| would be happy to have better[ main target of the anti-Church[ - '-='~ [ E II d' The Soc'etyI |ideath when the regime t o o k|Church-State relations pi-esi.|campaign, has been unmolested[ / Where You Can, ALWAYS Be Sure ,[steps to seize all churches, elim-/dent Balaguer, noting that the/Since the a~sasslnahon. / D,al WO 3-$407 / nr0 e In i |~inate religious instruction from[Dominican Republic is an over-|~ [ [ ~-- = public schools and nullify the/whelmingly o ,|OffieersInstalledI "---""' f0 th P ti 0fI [nation's concordatwiththeHoly|stated after the dictator's death[,[ n [ r e r0paga on [See. |t h a t he would like to settle| FREEPORT--St. Mary ~ Holy] || mm, m I ~0~ ~,~ b l~' 015 'he 'llino~,$ N~tgor~, [ Meanwhile, the regime-con-/Church-State differences. /Name Society elected and in-[ ~'~"--~11'" / " t." ilh 1" ""1" ]' ; ,~, Itrolled press and radio carried[Church Cautious I stalled officers for the comingl / -- .z~. rtw'l~ tot~,)'O SZ~,U,H. o ~. . ~ ion a constant and violent cam-| [year at the Father-Son banquet] ~ Church authormes, however, 1 ~}IU|U U I~,U. I~ " ai n of villification a ainst for [ June 11. The officers are: pres'-[ ~ ~ | P g g - . [eign-born churchmen purlieu-|Say t ney are not sure whether|dent, LaVerne Reynolds; vice-| / ;',Ime dictator's son--~en, natael/ resident Revin Re-ez" secre .I "J"Jft e Family Memberships ] ~l~ [taa:Z~t~Stilly ~ns~'~n Phe~ad n~}/Trujil]o. Jr who was named[tary treasurer' B i 13 ,av a ymun | chief of the nation's a r m e d " and 2nd wee preszdent, Tom ' the independent prelature of - Rockford, Ill. So~e ~10ur ~ [= ,~forces and a cabinet membertGulonich ~[ [ John F. Wahl Family Richard D. Gault Family [ ,; ~an Juan oe m. ~viaguana, and following his father's assassina- " i ,7 :.~/. ~ [Spamsh-born B~shop Franmsco[ ~ ~~'.~:~~:~:~:~;;~:~%;~~:~`~ Leo J. Wahl Family George Guzzard0 Family / --~ ranal ~tamwezu r Ivl t~ap oI . . ~" ~| . . Cathohc campmgn But Gen ~i~,Joseph Suchor Family E.A. Hogan Family ] La Vega The campmgn culmm- a '* ' ~ luted the introduction of Jsor.o : here as the real bossliiiiil It Can Be Done C0me,u, blcD0nald Family Roy F. Lars0n Family [ A ~. " Tru3illo re~.arded by many ob- ~:,~::~i~ :; C~~L~t F]~II~CI-~[G ~/ |'two 'prezates. ! ' [of the government, said at a/~ii?~ ~!~1 Edward McGuire Family James J. Dougherty Family ] I [press conference after taking up]:~i T 911 ~ ~![ Vtm'~*hmitl~thth. h~tmm;ls~hbb t~ ] ltopeful Attitude ]his new posts that he has noth-|ii~? In Ol. / z a ares h hur h *" : individual Memberships / Imta~nan~pl~ Askyourdealet~or ~ I Dominican Church authorities|'ng g " t t e C c . |iii~ ~i[ l;~.~t~m- ^. ~ Ipoint out that nobody can pre-/ Asked if he thought Church-|~ ~][ ~~e~m~'-~aee~]';ur"buclttet. ~" Idict the future of Church-State]State relations would improve |i~i Make thi your get-ahead slogan John Frieders, (d) L0rayne Rice, (d) ] ~U ~ " ' :!:~: % " : ~ ~ [relatmns here with certainty in|he, replied: |!!~ Ior me re,t OI Inls year. ~an ou breaK" ~iil John J. Sullivan, (d) Agnes V. Julius, (d) / Y [view of the country's uncertain[ 'Relations b e t w e e n the[iii~ . Y }~li!l [political outlook. But one Cath-|Church and State have always|}i~i ,all vm r, ,'ords for savin Donald E Hereley, (d) Elizabeth Darrah, (d) / " ,*:',~1~ [ohc leader declared, 'the|been good. The discrepancies[:iii~i "~ " :iil R.M. Galvin EuniceMilt0n ] [Church has emerged from the|that have arisen have been be-|i!Ii! Try it for your future with First ii}:::[ period of persecution with en-/tween the-State a n d several|:!! . . ~iiI May M. Wagner fiatherine Henkel / IROCKFORD . . . DorisReu,and Theodore Bauler, (d) ! [ Natmnal Savings Passbook. Mrs. F. Raymond H.W. Struebing / ,iT /!:Jii! FIRST NATIONAL BANK Mac J. L0hr, (d) Msgr. H. A. Meilin er /Ill Gasparlni I]ll MONDAY THROUGH FSDAY and TRUST COMPANY Jame, Higgins Sr.N.Marguerite, O.S.F. lrv /Ill& IIII 9:30 A.M. |}i} EAST STATE ST ROCKFORDi i] Mrs, Anna Barrett / /111 + IIII h,d.ating New Game. IN! Ola,I] GIVE THOUGHT TO PERPETUAl, '" /111 IIII v,0,0 sociETY /111 ""',2",Y"T-v IIII WREX-ff I:hannel t3 / file ! Catholic Missions Office [ III/NOIS NATIONAL /U tI. IlII . t. ooK t III/ : 507 Avenue B IBANK&TRUSTCO . dill : = III/ i Sterling, Illinois i South Main at Chestnut /I Serving All Parishes IIIII ~ }[ou ;an now buy Marla"~ III/ II DearEnelosedMOnsignOris my Green:offering for the following:-=- ]' 11 ~~~:+] IIIII ~ it.- - . " ~ III/ Driver-Solesmen deliver Doirylond's l;amous Frozen P/zza mp tt .an,in, .rv, n" Sam A,e.unt. Che ,in /I rlnesr~rr~ u~t: in~orooe ,'~ twl,l< 6, ~cnry I"rooueTS ~ I1111 Ik~amous i;rozen P/zza [1[/:1 IndividualFamily PerpetualPerpetuaIMembershipMembership $100.00550.00 I! Accounts * Christmas Club Vacation Club Trust Services /I I-~m ~ t.~alry rroaucrs m ~, ! IIIII l'tlf ~ [II/ ,ate Depo.R Boxn Mome &Property Im,rovement Loan. |1 ~.~] it lll Wt at your e oodgrocer X III/,(One Immediate Family) I PersonalLo.n$,AutoLoamt,lnstallmentkoansf*r urp*$ /I IIIII I J fill ' I Bank by Mail, potltageptltdbothwaylloFroeParkingwhileyou lllll m ' I i ', ' -- III/ I Name " I II KSl HWAUKEE DAIRY Illll DIAL WO 8-678! EEl[ [ Address I II IIIIIMARIA'S ITALIAN CAFE III/ I All Members, living and deceased, share in I GRADE "A' MILK,CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS [[ . . II i 15,000 Cunn,ngham at Corb,n St. Rockford, II! Masses a year. i I I l, .