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June 16, 1961     The Observer
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June 16, 1961

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?AGE 2 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 1961 Ittere's More About -- T R i : ANGE ,BUT, TRUr [Mass o LittIe.K.ow, Fa' ts for cat ol/' s tl X,v-~LF'~-~ I ~ ByM. I. MURRAY o~=.~.w.azems~l~m ,[ (Continued from page I) ~ ~~ Irate homes and a garage were L Tb -. ! -rAL t,I STERLING -- "Loving other work sessions, retiring presi-. Other successful actions were[[ cated m what ,s now the ~ -- ~( "' l~. ~An~A~t~H~ I people and getting involved in dent couple Mr. and Mrs. Fran- the formation of a citizens for~church block, purchasea, and ~,- I Jn.n~oJ~v ~ x.A ' real problemso shouldv~ be . t h e cit so S.maMjceUrlpr hYcie oa f Stn "a~ J a me et,e s decent literature speaking group[f [razed tO'.pgiVe, the. ciildren more [ ~~, . |'. : ~ )x CA'r~E:X~AL~ ~,~O~ ] ~L~ ~ ~ g ~:~ ,main goals of the Christian parish, Rockiord, reported that ~n Rockford, the election of four[olaying area ~~ b,~ SRI L~U~. | Opt b ~PU~Lh8 Oil Ollllq~l'lll~ Family Movement at this time." CFM in the Rockford diocese CFM'ers to public office an d[~" N, t :rthv ~ P~~ ~[ m ,~] This was the theme of t h e had grown to 454 couples with the organizing of a proposed[ "'-~"":'"~ "~-~"". ~ ~'~~)1 vAiibtii~ bilz --- his non- 2~s ~ne rope spoke nls worcts b ~ ,~ ~.~a ~ ~ + ~, ,~ ~a oo i ;, 9~ ~,or~sh,~ i, ~u * of on,~ ,~riest and[ From tr, oays oI r a t n e r ~ ~ " *-~'*~ ~"~!i] ess Pope John XXIII has told}were transia~.e.o oy ~ z p Rev Walter Imbiorski director Among the more successful four couples to Georgia to take]Schnpeckel (1879) to the pres- r~ kJ ~~ ~ ] t" e t e r t~arll$1US van ~mroe,'. ' group of 100 Dutch former |of the Chmago Cana conference and ,mportant actmns under- a parish census and do street/ent there have been 36 as: ~.~,|vT'" "v;l~ U |~ ~~~ ufferings of Christ - He s, azd tha!, to be ~dentzfledI 113 ~ouples Attend the hei~ping of l~Yal Confratern-!Conway of Sterling, convention/ Noteworthy events durmgthe I,~ ~Z~s.~,n,V[~ ~. N~ ~~P~ By uniting individual suzzer- w ~ t n unrzst s sulIermgs re-[ Attendin" the c0nference were it- of Christian Doctrine units $chairman couple tpresen~ pastorate a r e as m~- I ,c~,~.~~~ vm~m.m~ ,ma~-~m~,m, ]g to Christ's the Pope said, lquires dissociation from self-lll3 couples and 25 CFM chap ~ ' " . . }lows: :]n~~~~[ ne shares His glory. [interest, ]lains from the 11 counties in ] In 1929 a new pipe organ was I ~~f~~'l~'~ ]the dioceoe who s,~nt the" da= Here s More About linstalied in the church. With its: I ~V ~'~ ~'),~]~~"~-~'~'~ h fll aft n r n ", e 0 ~~w~th s ctal~fervor me z voca o~ 'o an eies nm~ s uarm " ~t~n.|~.t~l~or.r~Af~.s~ml~HnA]~l=ino']participating in panels, work-! ]3,600 pz es ~t ~s one of the]] ~hL~~~[~] .~ ~]Jca~tx-l* ~u~t J.~ ~t elshops and seminars on s"~3oc'~ U/at n n [' ra. Ilargest in the Midwest. ' [~~~',~I~,~][NI ST LOUIS- From now one The students still may s e i IIthat ranged from "What Is CFM~ V$ ~,j|~k~Ulll~J ~l~'1~ll [ In 1932 Father Schumachert ~'# ~~~~~~~ ~omsand dads and old grads]qot~,~, f^- concerts recitalsland What Does It Expect of] ]was elevated to the rank of [~ *"~~-~ ~,~1[-~~1'~'~]|~[:~ ~ust sell their" own ticke- ts to - " '" ' ' ar~ ir '[Y u~" to "Spiritual Formation] .(Continued from ,nageo 1) Itral commission will have onlv[domestic~ prelate with the title! ~) "~,~e~ ~-~!~, ~ " N~,~ --~]~'1~'~,~!: [][lt~k~vJ 'eneflts and other fund-ralslnglplays and ocher cmtural [a S}Through CFM." i I,;^ ~ ~, io ou thela consultative nature and wil]~Of Right" Reverend Monsignor.' t ~.~~l!i! ~l~~t~'F~'" ctivities the St Louis Arch-I ~ rne~r scncws, ou~ omy w~m| Another highlight of the all-] ~*=,','~ ~)~'~. ":j, :-Inot be emn,~wered to take an,] In 1934 t}e Lourdes grotto' I~}f!~ "~l|~l~li'l~-J--~',!~)llfi]h~lIqi i,' ' e ' s th l cti of more irul[fUl when ns work ~ ~ ~ i ~ocesan Parish High School I the expressed perm,sszon of the[day s ssmn wa, e e e on l ~[,4o~,-',~;,~in~ ~,~ti,n Ds fu,~,~tion ]was constructed on the corner ]~~ . . conouctect wltn order. ~nus 1. ,~,-~,-- -. s ~,~ ,-, - ~ ,~, :::~, [oard has decreed. ]archdiocesan superintendent of/Mr. and Mrs. Glen Kuehn of]; ~,*~ -*n*r-ble brothJsaid Vatican Hadio and a bul-| f Root a n d Liberty streets. I~~,~TaSr~aaeL~s w~t ~rrs~um] ]The board invoked a ban/schools, the board decided. ~Rockford, as new president]:rsaaTd ~b"e;oved~'sons to con-~letin of the Vatican's press of|Th se were the depressi n years, ~~ -~c~un~c~0~s ~-n~.-r~ | ~ainst participation of high( "The decision does not re-(couple of the diocesan CFM.[,; ;~h ~- a:A ~.gnd[fice in an almost identically(when most of the men were out 1~~);{~ 114"~- P~,oa'm | ~hool students in such affairslduce income, but it relieves/TM announcement of tl~ejr omm niq e wi lb "rotOr work By t~ei~ f~ee ]~bo~,'r~~ I~,'~,"mo S,~,~,~4 mothers' and fathers' club/narent~ teachers and .~tudents|P intment was made by them [ ~A~#~ *~#~ ~I~.~ :.i+~" ,o,~f.~lthe grotto was built at a mini- IWASKEI:WtaA t60~IUt"t, [ ~nefits and alumni association! of ,endYess disruptions and an-/ Rev. Francis J Moroney. CFM[garm,r~g ~nt,~f ~V lTfS~l +n~#~l}tf~ ePl'e~m'e'~nts~*~or t*he~ssu'in; oY~acts~ mum cost. I1 ~~' ~r,~,~ ~o~H oF A [>~',] Ieaeration cnaplain ~ - voct~ o4u~a A~ ~r ~r~ ~nd-ra~smg. campaigns. F o r}no~ances .durmfl t he school/ ~ +i. ""~r-ki" ~"tn"~ "~'^]the future council meetings [concerning the convocation, the[ Church Remodeled ]~ " fears ~ne mgn scnom stuoencs lyears " smc ~visgr James i.I . ~'~t"=" ~, ~ . ~c~ s ""=I o -- -, ~ t.i~hlholdin~, and the nrocedure of thel I ' ' " . ~ t:uu.~l. ~ a. ~v .~ w. ,~ ~, ~" in t~'t~ a porticoWits rll R -- I theme tor the conference whmh g ~ve been the chief dispensers Curtin archdiocesansuperin-] I ve an ind*l bl"]council meetings " t '- - ', - -,o'~ned ~t 12 30 '~ m noted thatl ~ u=~tmcu t~ ~va ! ' I pluars was puc on me front oll : ~:~`~~.~.:~`~:~:'`~ `.' :~:::~::~:~::~;~:~:~:~.~:::~:~::~:::::;:;:::~::~ ::::::=:~=: :: .:~= ::~:~,:~,: :~.~,~:;, [[ HCKelS In mese aCtlVltleS, iterioent oz SChOOlS l v~,v. - - "mark 'onthehistor of the" m " I"loving others forces us to get) Y I Purely Consultive /the school. The whole interiorl ~ ' ~ C Church Thin has been the c s f h n h o t e church was a 1 s o re | 4.1 e 1~ ~. u . linvol "ed and ca not but elp to/ ~ :" ~ The bishops ef the world, in=l ~ -I P,tt0mze 0u Advednsers / f l{l ior foreign ~tuoents [~hoa,~g~aUt ftOrgtoheutbetate~, tWsl~o:Jlcil;?OSehicZhU hCa~St:~0?S]~udmitgersmo~stthOef ctehn~ra~res:n!]=od:];~5~t,0~.cost ot approxz L:~:::~:~ ~::~:~,:~:::::~:~:::~:~:~:~:~:~::~,~:~:~:~:~;:~:;:~:~z~:~:~:~:~:;~:~::~:~:~:~:~;~:~:~:~:~:;~:~:;:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:;~;~:~:~:;~:~:~:~;:~::~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~,~:~:~::~:~:~ ]~ALTIMORE--The major re-iCouncil of Churches, the .Catho-/problems, they are tapping atito~ethC:U~erent Th:u:j~jn~' vneimission, will have d ter . Ql z. the upstairs hall was/ " , ~ious faiths of Baltimore have[hc Archdiocese of Balhmore,lour picture windows and knock-I . ]vote in the actual council. Forlturned into a gymnasium- and[ ~niT.ed a enuncil designed t~[the Jewish community of the ing at the door " [t~een, tne irumm seea jrom[the present however the Cen-lthe basement was turned into[ ~ ~ ~j~j~jl~j~ o ' ' / czty and the Greek Orthodox whmn unaertal ~ngs ot al XlaaS [~ [ ] Sueee~sfttl Year ] [tral commission as well as the]a bowling alley and a fountain| ~U~~,~ r~: rmgn,sm~ en ~s,m~,t,ne^y'r~'[c ~m,mun'ty. . t We are facing another wavelgrew m aJlages; Ioth~r preparatory commi, sionslroom was added. The alleys! , 1~ "1 zne councn ~s ozzermg ~.t s of the future he indicated but~ ~v ~,m,? ,uv~ . . land secretariats are purely con-twere opened Oct. 30, 1945. t| | ~rnational Students seeks tolservices to colleges and o~erlwe needn't fear because all'the/. lne rope cite~ 1,mportam .ez-]sultative bodies. ",In 1947 St Nicholas cemetery]] m~m man~nu#l ~t#~ ~n~NtlNpa~ @nnp~u~ ] rther gOod will through per-educational institutions in t~al- ' . tecta oz some or me councus,I: ~ ~ I Iwaves of the future since the[ ,+ [ Out of the meetings o the[was beautified at a cost of $22-,| ut,mn n,v ~, mmn, ~nnnu m nal contacts between mreign fimore anct vicinity, tts frame-,parucutamy tne rourcn . . . .* . . ' ) ~1 . tzme of Christ keep breaking~ n" |Central Comrmsszon ]t ]s ex-]000. Work included the laying] ~u~ut|~nmlnn| u~ V~L u~|v,r ] |uaems anct amerman iammes mate arm is to prowfle n o s-ur~n the rock of Peter t h e/u uncn anome ~.l ;Icf as-halt roads the "lantin"~t ;Baltimore lpitality to foreign students in!caTholic church " ' IHe added: ipt=ea)na~ me ropewm pum Snjof trees and the'installation 'o il l '" ' Th his r'calconditionl~ some oocumem smmar to me Parbc~patmg organzzatmns m Amerman homes before t h e y ' e .to 1 " ' a " I] I l At a banquet following t h el ~ ~ n,o led +~'~se co-r. ]apostolic letter 'MulttpIices In;-I n iron fence to enclose the ~ ~" EAT$ . BEeR I Be councu are: me lviaryianoloegln u.elr stuute~, i |w ~. o~ ,v =" "'It-r" b which Po Piu "X smproperty li " - -- ummm, mn, t, -- n I~ lolls permit Us -- indeed theYl ~ ,Y. pe . s i. e -] . ~l .r w,ttt m ~.-~ Tr ,-I I [~ . 1-1 I .~-.^o+ ~ ~o wi,t, full|tsmisned the generm orcler tot in 1948 the parian cemorated!l t ~l~tlq~lff@ "" i I Id~llN=lll~tf I m t uban Ketu-ees Work in U. it, enter tn home ]confidence in the Lord to o'-,-n|be observed in the Firtt Vatican[the 25th year of Msgr. Schu-;| "~ ~RU~I~KII~} ~ ~U U | m . . ] ,i : "h- e--~c #Council |macher's appointment to St . m uur mlnQ tu nop~ in t e .xp - " w~o minted the h.IAtdmu Prtests [tation of those fruits which will[ U, 8, Members /Nicholas- II 823 Aurora Ave. Aurorn ] s WhO ueo t~uoa when msutu- gious to work here said 12 c~ ' il r ] ' ]= ~ ]come also from th~s counc .I U. S. members of the Central[ New School Built t t~PFNI EVERY flAY 7 A ~ --]0 P.~ ] ns mey operatedmere were ~,[ IChmstlan Brothers have been as-I/re l" Wl$/t WOr/ [Those who continue to work aft-| commission are Francis Cardi-[ In 1953 a new convent w a sl "- m ~en overoy me regime nave signed to the high school er Us will be able to gather its hal S ellman Arch ~ " J ' r ' " p,bishop ~f built and furmshed at a cost of,' ' reed to continue their wo k lnl m, t;++l, ~; ~ +*,~ ~^,- I ROME--(NC)-- A stuyd cen-[frults' more abundantly. /New York James Francis $125.000 '---------- . me Mmm~ cuocese ~1 . I1~ |French Brothers of the Chris-]who aperated 17 homes for theip:o:: t~p Imt:l~:d/ro~StcSa/i~g] "For this reason We urged[CatalinaL Mc.Intyr,e: ,Archbishop[ In 1954 there was a fire in '1 * Tope s-.~Re.rdets I11 I Ln sc ools w" st a ew[aged in Cuba se vi g som 0 } / ' " -/ -I the old school and the building,* Amplifiers Itn m u il i I P mlMIM m r I '7 Imr parlsnes nas been openea|tion of the Holy Spirit Jn the!nal muench of the Holy See s[ was torn down a n d re'~laced)| ~ ~::,~ r| m v=- -- vn m n IPys nlgtlSChOOl Wlllcn Will|people, Will StSII lnStl~U~lons|her.~ / / --;- ~ / v .I ~ NIicrODhone$ I, -,-, -, -, ~en in the fall while Spanish lhere and in Palm Beach ; ~; [recent yentecost novena, we]cemrai a~mlms~rauon m tne]with a new school costing $273,-]m I/m i w /-,oou m mrttle. ~ismrs'~ " of one'" roor~" wiu'" op- I ine mrotners ann nuns" wm"l ~enter mr rastorm/will not cease to invite uur sons, vatican, ,~rcnDisnop, ~ner anc~1000, im ~" i'nvt m uner$ Imm m Ii I Orientahon and Co-ordination [of the whole world to ~ray to|Archbishop O Connor, rector ofl o . . I[ ~. r^l^. Tv m][ Vi[[oqe of I late two new homes zor tne~stuciy t~ngllsn cmrmg the next/it was establis"ed as a result/'- ' $'~ ~ -- ~ince its i0unaing lout i ,-, ~v ' I!1 x, -A I r ' - me ~ora that He may Drillg tnlS [ne ~orm ~merlcan COllege m ' , ~ed. ]few months to prepare fo their[of a s--ech delivered b-- Po-eI H$ ]Rome Ms-r Francis Brennan[parishes have been taken from:] ~r Ampex I I l~orm t~uroro I n rroll f ne ssi ents [~ y p great work to irtutlOn Wltfl 15 ~,- ; Bzshop Colema F. Ca o ] w a gnm . the area once covered by St. i r~lcnolas parish lney lncmcle'. ) m ]priests in 1956 in which he rec-] The plenary assemblies of ,he[is a counselor " "il ~UU~ k'~ i| ~ -- | I l-'ll~rnms Honor ~t. Yatrnck [ommended the founding of such[Central commission are to take[~,Annunciation parish at Mar.viI ram u=~"~ ~ '. ; ~-I n WE:)DIN PARTY? I r wooa m ~875 St Josepn parish m {an institution. It operates unde |place daily until June 22 withIAm r, o IP A ! c I[ elm l'm Ke Ortl :mop III I ~BELFAST, Northern Ireland--[Year celebrations in Down and]the authority of the Sacred Con-|the exception of Wednesdays] ~ ~ .~J~s~o ~~ |m.~vv; uur Lacy O~ ~Jooa~oun-i[ ' TW 6-8021 " I!m : n ~venty thousand pilgrims climb-[Connor diocese. ' Igregation of the Council. |and Sunday. J ]rT~. lqF/.*,l ~,|sel parisn !n 19U9 anct bt.147 Fox St." 7~ora. III. [!I /-~VOllaDle t i the slopes of County Antrim'sl Ane'at~.rateralt, arwas::eL~d0] It, principal aim i.~ toencour-| In these meeting, the t ttn ecutar|T r . par)an [ fox o , fly hill of Slemish traditionall vef a ivlas,s OCK on tn,lade collaboration among prlests|bers and counselors are to did-|ir .% . tt~* t . I 61 ,n ttellglon zoo~ mountaln msss rOCKS are u s s cn rn tters as WhO wtll ' '" 1 " .]in the studv of--astoral "-ractlce[c s u tt |L#~r/g~/g~. J[~g$/gO]~[ In the meantime the parish] | sture oz t'mrmk the slave ~oY]large fiat rocks in woo~s analan t re of~soul- It~will -t ]be invited to attend the "ouncil,:. o r}has contributed a generous!] ~ INkhe~ O err A n/ nn~u mrr I rdsman, to honor the 1500th|remote valleys of Ireland which[ u ae ca ~. . a "]how the council s comm~sstons| 'WINOOCKI P A R K Vt. --]~h~ ~ ~, ,h,~ ,~,~, ,4;,~ ,~f ,~,~i| rl|~|~|=#l= ~ 7~i N=II~ P'n| ]| |.~tr | niversary of the death of St. Jwere uses as altars mr tne ceie-lo~"in~or~m-ati'~n-~nd- ex~.^rience|will be constituted, and the|t~)-': ~ne .rimer!can .people[two Catholic high schools in the'l m ttrick, the Apostle of Ireland. ]bration of Mass when the Mass] ~ -.- |method of voting. |are zea up to the neck with secu-]area and Madonna convent, m r,~EST DINNERS & LUNCHEONS | among already exlstlng ]nstltU ~even bishops and hundreds of~was outlawed by Ireland's Brit-[ "I A tight rule of security wi11|far education," Bishop James[ r~,~;n~ *~s "~-;"n ;* i~ ~'~^'[ l tlon$,NL~ U 11 ~ t 11 H~1 ~ ~b ~ ~I~U N "m mmmmm~mnm~m~mmsm~ iests and nuns were among[zsh rulers. [ ' [cover the Central commission s|J. Navagh of Ogdensburg N Y .In . r'- th ' i ~ I ' " r " ' " " o~ewo my at zl zrom ~ n e I .~ pilgrims at a mountainside[ S]el~IshISabout 25 miles north[ The center has already unde "]I0 days of work as it ha, the[stud at St. Mlchael s college], rish have been ordalned yo~rsel/ /rom our I I ~ss which opened Patrician%f here. itaken to organize an internation-|work of all other preparatory[baccalaureate services ' : m praetors, ~ uavu ueuu[t~u uruLnevs, ~ flu "l'aOie I (am conference on pastorat aC-|eommissions" Therefore no in-I "One of the ~bsurdities ofland 38 women ha v e entered I n;=h to Confirm Troons ]tivity which wiU take place in]dication will be given to the/American life is the divorce be-]varieus sisterhoods. I l" . IF" ]Fribourg, Switzerland, f r o m|public of its proceedings, except[tween education and religion q ,m.~,r n r^ ino~.; ^~ ^. PRIVATE PARTY ROOM AVAILABLE u NORWICH, Conn. -- A decor-IinFrance, Germany and End-[October 10 to 12. The confer-|in the most general terms |the Bishop asserted "This is'a)+,~"=; ~,~.~'~.'~o~,o:"'~'~'~ 1.~1~1 N~.~/~ ~T AITRC~RA | ed f0rmer army chaplain oflland during July and AuguSt ]ence will be limited ton group[ It is in the nature of thi,gs|divorce which I am convincedlch'urc;"v '~ ~NE:TW"7.~832 arld War II will return to the[ In addition the Bishop will par-~ f. exI~rts from dfff.~rent .coun-|however to assume that, beside[is against the will of the aver-[ ~u~r~ oa rnu ~r~,- enes oz nis service at the re- I : . . limes, t'aruc~pams Wlll excnange|questions oz simple proceoure,|age American father and moth-lr~ r~ a ~r nmpate m ceremomes m veroun est of~the army and the airl ]views on pastoral activity, doc-|the members and consultors of]er,/10 lake OWS ~ce to confirm American[ n July 14, Bastille day. The~trine, preaching catechetics,/the Central commission will cer-/ ~. ~ ~-~. ~ ~ ~-~,~ ,T,T '~ ,"~'~'~'~ ~ops. ' jBishop was stationed in VerdunIliturgy, sociology and psycbol-[tainly also be asked to express],lag .sam me A m.erma.n pu.oncI ROCKFORD -- ~mter mary ark 121LI~. UP IHI5 ~HIK.I~I n t ~s smz Ol ~uvenue crlm Peter, the former Therese Gart Bishop Vincent ff Hines of[in 1944 where he was decorated|ogy |their opinio s on the work hus|mMs the iack of th t n bill" "1 " " " o h Fr h" " "far done b the re arstor--V,a o tylman will make profession of it is the talkof thenation Hete. ina )rwich will conduct Confirma-~for his services t t e enc ] '.~ "'~ "I Y P P Y! h" " - ~" ' " i mlnnni mcommisstonsand secretariatsnW ;cn goes to make a man a I her iirst vows in me uraer o~ ----~:~ J----:-- :--~--'----,~t,^, m rites at U.3. mmtary oasesl people, i mmm m / "/ J .I ma~m.~nt prtmu*.uon, ta me tmmo I ~.~,~l~m~w'~ ITn +hi, .~ns~ ~-~tk i" th- "r':s@.n+IHian anu u WUiIl~i1 a wuiilan /,#,111tne rranclscan ~Isters Ol tne be o ed by mnilmns of romance, agelm o ~ e T~ T~ |~|~lenar-, assembl- and in slmilarlthe authentic results of educa-[Sacred Heart at Joliet, June 21. "'" P try N ~lsters l~ot Lxpelleo zrom uom. nep./I I| ;t,r assemblies, the centrai[ flon which ignores the fact ofI She is the daughter of Mr. and conflict ,nd a faith thatdid not die upon the cross." " - /IIITDI HITIli&I/i I I V Ill|Commission will actually be]the Creator and the fact of our]Mrs. John' Gartman, 716 Soper SAN JUAN, P. R--Nine Sis- the country after the govern- ~, ,i m I~rlm|m,m|m|~a~m,| Ul/ mJ . n+ tr-n-*erred the old -.go !91 "=' ==~ = = =u, =, .= = llllarawmg up an agenaa Ior tneJuu~ms ~o n~m. lave. rs o me rlomeless Ageo sala "'= ~ a ~. v " III ill/ rF.~ / ' ' L their'arrival here fromp e,%y ere c arr t ef ref o!lH ,d j , t.amo c dines g ta ll! Ill/ an R di n ws ommentar m ~ ,4tm~ uaaa rumfllo that they nad III III/tZc a o e c Yl newly-t, reated public geriatric r h ~-n ~ ~ =='==~ ,t been expelled from the hospital. The government had " DR. RALPH M. MILLE~ 3minican Republic. asked them to remain in t h e ~ They explained that their country, but did not make an: ~ E ~ 0 R J ~ L S OPTOMETRIST mgregation decided to leave acceptable arrangement. Eyes Exomined --- Lenses Prescribed --- Contort Lenses S;nce 1906 1 Business Des nite Rli. s,o = ,o. unua: r- Tw ST. LOUIS--Three large chain Thomas F. Eagleton told news- )re organizations and other men be may act to revoke lio ms continue to do Sundaylcenses of firms which continue AURORA siness in the St. Louis area illegal Sunday business in the spite the r e c e n t U. S. Su-lstate. He expressed the opinion eme Court ruling upholding that the Supreme Court decision ~OCKMAN TYPEWRITER COMPANY .~ validity Sunday sales laws. applies to the Missouri Sunday DIAMOND . Missouri's Attorney Genera((sales law RINGS mtm A ", /~ "~,~A~t m~m GEORGE MESAROS TONY PAUL JOHN BONIE Church ^ Fomou,o,IH %L" k.ct ] o2" I/I STUDENTS . . . Free ""neus of " -ournlng s,oo. Ill/I --' Ill of Encyclopedias THE ~ERFECT PICTURE fOR Accuse 2UAHTEMOC' Mexico--Cath-!ed it secretly. Afterward, tak- fill[ uror.-Lo m@.n ]1 with r.n Fe.t. e Po t. l Typewriter THEATRE GROUPS! , cs of ~this northern Mexican ing advantage of the confusion, JEWELERS [H Monument Co. Ill o.~Y $99s it is worth a trip to the nearest city where Ben- ~n~ have accused local corn- they cut the hose of the volun- Hur" is ~howlng to enjoy the experience of a life- unist~ of burning St. Anthony teer firemen, making it useless, $3 Illil ,=, s. u III ~21 MAIN ST. PHONE TW 7-8904 AURORA time. Special consideration given to groups. For Fin;~lly, while everyone was try- I] ing W pl,t out the fire, they got ~.~ I~~1I into the rectory, which had no one in it atthe time~ and scrag- Padua church and sacking its Finally, while everyone was try- ctory, ing to put out the fire, they got ] II' further information, write to Paramount Theatre, "The communists sprinkled into the rectory, whicl had no -- --v iii . ACADEMY AWARDS ~,ua,~"llEST PICTURE"I e roof of the churct~ With a one in it atthe time~ atd savag- " - ," 4 " [I .=~ ~ Am= III * a~ ~m n mbustible mixture and ignit, ly destroyed its furniture." 11 KAU:i M Ill A u r o r e t t e b h o p I]1 -- / I,: ,--. -. COAL CO. 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