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June 13, 1948     The Observer
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June 13, 1948

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News Section--Page 10A THE OBSERVER EDITION OF OUR SUNDAY VISITOR Sunday, June 13, 1948 / d g p h l is, Vo , Measure A, ,n oils s Schoo, Honor an ms. I ~~ ~ ~/~/~ I I Sophomores: Mary C our r i e r, ~franr[~r[ In Fnn[and Hrnad Roll Announced Mar[lyE Egger, James Field, Jane 4mW~ml~mnm~ mmm kmm~ul~uulm~ Vl~Itwlbs ..... ~, . . Freeman, Anna Marie Moscato, . NI~ I* / * ~ / \~t-~'~"~ -~'/X~] ] r~lgm--wnen ixnai report earns/Donne McAl,)inJames McGraw Air INW~tllC~ nm,,~rlean lnnnra l ~" _ "~f land credits were issued this weekJJerome Rach'ner JinXes Richert' ~L /VllJm! J-tlmllb, llJUnl ~t.vln~.~lSJJ / ~ (|~ A ]at St. Edward's high school the[ ........ ". ...... ' -- , ' . ivlarle welsher, J.vlargle WOLrL J ~\ ~1 I~ ]i |Rev. E. A. O Brmn made the de-| ..... ......... --'-----'---7- ..... / \\\ ~[ I~ ]}} |tribution of cards and announced| Freshmen: Vlrgmm t~ecKmann, PtYrorn@y eneral ~.larK, Dlsnop I~lOnOWSKI, / ~.~ ,~'1~ ~ ~,.~ [the followin~ students had made|Juan Clark, Carmen Flares, Jean-~t Senator Myers Among Speakers At Sessions; l 'kk,~ ~ [I~ /f~ ]the honor ro"lh ~ne Haverkampf, Delores Kroe, ger, A,~. , ~, . R , . . =1= ,~, . I ~i\\ i~rt II'~ # 71 / Seniors" Laurence Corr Patri ~ ~onald Kleiser, Francis r~tein, ~,narnes KozmareK Keeuecrea uo rresiaency I ~\\ i~]]U'/ ///~ /cia Dohert,, Teresa Dietz FaithlDorothy Miazga Nancy NelIe ] --~,"\\ IY] ~ ///~ |McAlnin Gerald Pease Gloria[Thelander, Robert Thornhdl, Ra~- Philadelphia. -- (NC) -- Legislation aiding European | ~.'-~:)lf,~'~ ~--xlf:~(,/~ |Vicks[rom, Theodore Schnell. [mend Winesburg. ' ..... %: ,P- Juniors" Mary Ann Beckmann, Second honors" Phyllis Reinhart, DP s which would include former Pohsh soldiers now ]n End,- | | : ..... | ," ..... .............. o / t~: !./'~-.Jr 7N~,.~ "J- lEugene ~onmKe, uarDara ~ruck-IAnna Mac Racnner, Snaron WCZ- mno, was aavoca[eo a[ [ne secon quaarenmal convenuon "*z r .... .................. I ~.~.~ ~y~/'~r |er, Maureen Burnell, Vtrgmm|strom, Lo,s Conro, Mary Ann o~ me ~'oL,sn ~merman uongress here. ~ne aetega~es vo~eo l | L/.I ] ~ ~ i /Grollemoad, Lillian Heine, Joseph I Grove, Mary Glenn Smith, Mary to send a delegation to Washington to present the organiza- I /~.'~7) 1~ [Manning, Donna Mciay MaureennTherese Zenk, Nancy Kelly, Bar- I:,OT~,eS ~t~mdt~:n memlb::ShoefdeC:ngress" . | /OoCrrWIei~,~ce~l~ilhv~%~e,/~ara Rineheart and John Schofield. by Charles Rozmarek of Chicago, eral Tom C Clark; Bishop Henry| .~f~'~[ ._ /~/ r . ~ a reelected pre .ident of the Con- T. lo.owsk , A.xil ary of Sora.-I,I I\ ;Pittsb.rgh To Welcome ! East UUDUqUe gress, and will include Ignacy[ton; Mayor Bernard Samuel of l - ,. f# ~t .~v..uj w.v,t .,,. ~.n Nurkiewicz of Brooklyn, head of Philadelphia: Stanislaw Mikolajc-[ k~"J t~_J~l I:.. . ..... .., II I the Congress' displaced persons zvk former vice ,~remier -t P- 1 ~1 ~lf] ]DlSnOp 8 aura jUDilee IJ --~.-.-,,v[ I committee. It will advocate sup-l ~ "'. ..... ~" .. I l II ............... I , tuna, wno nea tne nauon to es , rUINt:KAL rlUMI: port of all measures to aid DPs.[ "l IN OUR COUNTRY S SERVICE | Pittsbur~h--NC~ The Dioces~[| | cape assassination at the hands~ " '. "-- Representative Donald L. Jack-I - - I A ...... F ..... I ,ervice~ for Pfc IOf Pittsburgh will welcome its new II Tu, r I son of California, addressed thelof the Reds, and U. ~. ~enator B,~e D. Juneau. ~9. ~on.o( Mr. a.n/JCoadjutor Bishop, the Most ReD. J| " I . . i mrm. ~. ~. Juneau, were nel(l "llnursuey final sess mnof the,conventmn I Franc~s J. Myers of Pennsylvama. myrn~g. June 3. in. Sacred Heart church. !,Jhn F. Dearden, .and will eel e-J| E. Dubuque IIIinol0 | aavoca~eu me ouuawlng OI ~ne| mh,~ A,~l.~at~..~-;-,~.,4,,A . !,.1^..~.~ n:ev. J. U. ~albtnaier pastor was Iora~e tne oven anniversary o~ ~ne IN _Communist Party in the United] Pon~'i~fical'~I~ass w~i~cl~"was o~ered Beulerbarlanwtasfmthe flocmn ..R,equiem M .... [ordination of its Bishop, the Most I" " " | ~tLti::tenant Governor Arthur W.[ilYarBy'Sh:f H~ghdLpML':?b'BA~X; [~di~:r~~eu ~rm:o:e~nda~:d~r~]n VjuHn:gh,Ct BnYl~e:nt cae~omun~ts-/ ~ , Coolidge of Massachusetts, told|Klonowski, who preached the ser- Pie Zunea: was killed durin th " | A Solemn Pontifical Mass ,will | t ;ll n;I ne .aelega~es ~owecTaom~:.|mon' emphasized the love which vasio~ el F...... n June 13.-19%4. m-[be offered in St. Paul's Cathedral.| ...... w hated government ox,,rmana naanthe Poles have for the Holy See z S~rvt]in~eaumrejhispa~e~; one brother, lBishop Boyle will preside and[, I stoopea ~o ,ow re.corrupt-land their great devotion to the o'tto" Rethwis'ch 'of O,we~oe~'~e~re~'lBishv~Dearden willbe the e.ele-[I UEHREN & FURLON lEg. ~ne youth ox ~ne na~]on. ~e|Blessea morner. ME. Math, w Wdrleh and 'Mrs. victor lOrant. J~onowmg tEe mass tEe tWO ll G poln~eu ou~ ~nac orulnarlly young i m ......... "| Mayor Samuel lauded the Polish w! es ot Aurora, and Mrs. Donald nBiahops will be guests of honor at [| Furniture and Ra|s I seers, receive .~ne~r. ren.gmus eaU-lAmer]canu Congress as an orwani-o "aHam~rva?dner-- [Th~aPRrwne'=ec. L. M ............ ~ ..... [a luncheon in the William Penn]| Cha~l Home J cat|on Iromcnmr roomers, o ...... ' .... 1 /zation which stands neither for pastor of st. Joseph's church, offlcia~ [Hotel, which will be attended by i| Ambulance So.ic, I aaoea znac now more man "/"odlessness nor totalitarianism at the funerel services of .Corp. Robert L. [pctests of the diecese. Bishop [I ~h .... ~A 000,000 motherless waifs in Poland/~ ........... ". Breay test Tuesaay mornmg in St Jo-lB,~la ,,~hn h .......... A #t.~ll .......... I~1 |22, Nlt~ R~h 70J ar2. bLo,?z~ up ]no St toem n tits ./Co n; OernetYha eneroaw ar nZ 'isato rn; ~.h~eseCphl~rCh.emle~.~ment was made in I ts urgh diecese ~or 27 years:[I OA'ENA. ,,uNo,s I ".~" ....;' ~#, %~"~',~'~i~b .ter~n~/will be found a record as brilliant Corp. Brad~ w~ a Iraduate of St, Jo-I Latrobe, Pa, [I I wnose clenc,~lea nsc s al~ gl"e* lad ..... i,h ,ro~.~a., .. ,~.. ^ seph's parochial school. He entered service [: .- down the Christian cross." /~ v, * ~ti ,, .,,;, ,,-,~lS~u# ?a ~ .... v~ June 21, 1943, and after training was l , =" ... . .. .... i~otana ann ]~s ~nousana years ol sent to India with the 967th engineers onI mm utners wno aaaressea me con-lconstant battles for liberty." He the Ledo~Burman road. "On April 3, 1945. l r l ncld Attoine Gen after working on the boats in a tempera vention i u ed " Y -lsaid the U S government is . ! I=r n/ rT . * " . ture of 155 degrees, ne went awimming ,~ |ready, wflhng and able to and the and died of a heart attack. " / mu vvut [suffering in Poland, but "a totali- Besides his parents, survivors are two I u brothers Richard a senior in high school ~.~uss~tw.,mmm~. ~tarxan government decree~ other- . ..: : ....... ]. . ; anu lineman, wno is stUGylng for the - smar lw se and ~ssued another command- priesthood at Loras college, Dubuque, Ia. II H U L B " R T I 1 Iment: Thou shalt not fee the ~-- In hungry nor heal the sick " _ Roekfo.rd -- Mrs..Anna M. Francis 81 MER y c ~ me I E ml Pt" v I 1 ., . , ,[I CHANT TAILORS DR_ _LEA..E_,, I. I . i i I st, Mary s partsn, June I. II I ~ ~ ~ I I ~' ... .. , Amboy -- Frank A. Sehnorr, 79. St. II NEXT TO f'lTY HAll g~gPpf~DT I m~ ~ ~ ~1 I DISnOD MarKS Patrick's parish, May 31. [I ...... ~ ......... Id~"~m~ ~ ~ I ~ ~a m*a Aurora -- Lawrence M. Kartheiser, 80, [" ........... l l~Ual lUDIlee 319 Benton St., St. Mary's parish June 6. / ~~ [ " William Mahony, 73, 143 S. Lake St, Im . ~ Holy Angels parish, May 30. I FOR PROMPT REMOVAL OF : Sagmaw -- (NC) -- The Most Mathew s. w,**, e~, Unio. st,][ Al l~'rnM P_ VI~VI~DV l I ~,,**h ^n ~,ffi,~e, ,unu**e ReD. William Murphy, first Bishop St~ Nich.olas parish, June 3.. ........ II m=tv~||l~ ~e Vl~l~m.-hl n 1 o .~agmaw, cete.~racea me. ~encn 9ts N. Washington Ave.. Holy Cross par-hi Ir~lgTIKIl~"rlVg DMt'~Tfl/'~.DADM I I Phone Us Collect anniversary of hls installatlon and ash, June 2. II -,-..--.,.,w--.v.. ., ,v.vv.r~., ,~. I Crystal Lake LnndeSusan giley |~ 1 the 40th anniversary of his ordina- month~ St -hum ' ... . . Im 20 s Chicago Freeport I * , . "11 as parish, June ~. I " I Samtary Render,ng Co. tlon by offermg a Solemn Pontiff- John Albert Zenk 67 St Thomas par-II " I u.:- .)o~o g.=...., col Mass in St. Mary's Cathedral, ish, May 30. ' ' " - I m~m ~.~. .,~.v~ ' Elgin -- Mies Mary Connor81 92 S I| here. The sermon was preached b .' ' I . . . Y Jackson St., St. Laurence potash, June 8. I Bmhop Allen Babcock, Auxdlary Mi~ Nellie Hayrs, 88 St. Joseph'sII FREEPORT HARDWARE CO. I .......... of Detroit. Following the Mass,parish, June 2. ' Ill LAUlg~ ~tlOa=t Bight,, M .... h ........... ~ .,.e Mrs. Marxaret Snow McCartney, ~8, 443 [| DU PONT PAINTS -- APPLIANCES | Fat Finer Footwear . a~"~l~*~ __JV'~'4t~kl~A~7 --%~'~ ,6 .... v. Ryerson Ave,, St. Laurence parish, June 3.II Main 286 Froopo~ I I:R,~naSAM ~H~:~BY VITAtlTY MftrMt nonor ac a umner wn]cn was ac- Miss Bernice M. O'Flaherty 41 15 Hill 1 T ............ " .......... " - - " Ave t Ma s art h Jun' 4 ' ]1 ART TOPPER teuded by pmests of the diocese..,s. ry" p "s , e . I_ KARL " "PINDL'R " Mrs. Lucile Mary V0gt, 50, 426 South[i N. ~ g ~ St. St Laurence parish May 80. ........ Geneva -- Pedro Her .... 44, Chios,oil BARES BROTHERS MOBIL GAS STATIONS I nellman s rncrure Northwesters Bunk House, St. Peter's par-II Chia & S tin So Goleno a Garden 1 " ash, May 25. I P P ~ Wnns Club Pr,ze Hampshire -- Henry C. PischeIo 73. St. If '*TONS In ~rvJc,." I ~ Charles Borromeo parish, May 30 i l Sl.. ...,.7.. .-.,.%. .--w I e, .... Mrs. Loretto Elizabeth Savage, 45, St. II u i.i. -- = ~nK,= -- KAI i ~ternng ~ Wllham Hellman's Charles Borromeo parish, May 30. I" r picture of a busy Chicago street McHenry -- Mrs. Vera Laure~ 53, St. / Mary's parish, June 8. b~WBERRY'S taken from the twentieth story of Sterlin~ -- Mrs. Kathryn Boesen, 64, FREEPORT FLORAL CO. Wallpapm ond Pofot Heodquorte~ Modom Styles in Wallpape~ ond Point 22 W. Mole F~eport HAVE SOFT WATER In Your Home No Equipment To 8uy No Work To Do $2.S0 Per M~mth Avorelo CO~I Culligon Soft Water Servico Co. 407 S. Van Buren Avo. Moin 411 Freuport, Illinois "It run8 us quiet slneo we had it serviced at Rob Bieferman'-. I Just dozed offt" Bob Sieferman's Standard Service Opposite St. Vincent'o Homo One-, 7 ~ M. te 10 P. M. the Morrison hotel, was declared by the judges as the best snapshot entered in the recent contest of the St. Mary Camera club. The judge's committee consist- ed of Mary Mulford, Jeanne Welch, Pat McGinn, Charles Sprinkel and Allen Keegan. Each member of the Camera club was allowed to invite one guest to the picnic at the White Pines Park last week. Mary Mul- ford was chairman of foods de- partment, Joan Kane and Peggy Quash were in charge of invita- tions, and Allen Keegan planned activities. Norbert Aldrich Wins Bittorf Scholarship Sterling---Mrs. H. V. Bittorf of Sterling has sponsored a scholar- ship for a. Catholic Community high student which henceforth will be an annual award. The 1948 winner of the Bittorf scholarship is Norbert Aldrich, son of Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Aldrich, who plans to enter the College of Pharmacy of Creighton University, Omaha, Neb. When the National Honor So- ciety, a carefully chosen group of students from the upper 15 percent of the class, was reorganized by the 1948 Community seniors, Nor- bert Aldrich was selected as the I president of the local chapter He ~was also chosen on a strict per- centage basis b7 vote of all mem- bers for tho first annual award to be present~l to the outltend- ing ~nomber o~ St. Ma~y's ban& / Sacred Heart varish, June $. Mrs. P. W. Maxfleld, 78, St. Mary's par- ash, June 6. The Rev. Thomas F. Leydon died June 18, 1924 at Freeport, Ill., and la buried in Calvary Cemetery, Chicago, Ill. "Grant, we beseech, Thee." etc. Boy Wins Prize For Recipe File Sterling--James Graft, Catholic Community high student, won the )raze for the neatest recipe file at the annual exhibit of home eco- nomics classes held in May. Win- ners of cake vrizes were: first place, Donna Payee; second, La- vonne McDonnell; and third The- resa Shauff. In the sewing group, Rosemary Enpen and Pat Finnegan won first and second, respectively for ap- rons; Anne Rock and Phyllis Pes- chel in Red Cross projects; Marie Barry and Phyllis Waldschmidt for dresses; Mary Ann Murphy and Rata M inertz for blouses. 57 Initiated By Knights Of Columbus Dixon--Dixon council, Knights of Columbus, initiated a class of 57 candidates from Dixon, Rock Falls and Sterling last Sunday in St. Anne's hall here. Major degree work was in charge of District Deputy John H. McKeown, Chicago, who was assisted by Peter Kelly, former All-Amertean g~mrd ~t Notre ., ~ , GEO. & N. H. DIDIER T,I. 99 13 L St,phensen NOTT MEMORIAL WORKS Phone West 21 17 M, onufocturet of and Dec~tr lit FINi GRANIT! MEMORIALS Sotllfoctl~'l Guaranteed 115-17 So State Ave,Freeport Roofing W. 1". EDWARD ROOFING COMPANY Barret Approved Roofere Built-up Roofs 212 N. Walnut M. 358 I I I . OBSERVER &DVERTISEIt$ merit your ImtronaRe 8E4USE THEY HELP Meke m MASON CONTRACTING "Anything from O Chimney to O I:~romtd" MUNDA O. SON Tel. State 1846, 729 West Onlwe9 Freeport, Illinois VlCKREY'S CLOVER FARM STORE Froxn Foods--~r~edos Vegotebles Tel. State 344---453 S. Adome t4 L CMca~o Ave. Phem Main N0 Da~e, h .: : .... i I I in i I . I I I I I I . :.'~