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June 11, 1936     The Observer
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June 11, 1936

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,. ]the mlraculous hps of Christ Who gave to t 1 , . .... [ .[ f. rp D A AT : L&apos;v D F7 rp r D rr !:i: 7 ' - ..... " he What is so rare as a day in June v /-<  [ rich the mission oI eloer Dromer ot me poor,[[ IJ   , 1"/ ]]in some of the road-side eating[ ."L .............  . *:/-:,  [to the strong that of protector of the weak, tel] A llbtL dlVl qL ]l emporiums. [  a TFiOLIC Fa CTR R lIT L I TTI., KNOWN" A.- , i I .... v ....... -THE "r Who Offlca )the mtelhgent that of guide of the lgnorant./i _.  II -- I ................... R:?::('- OBSERVER )t Newspaper / This is offensive to the doelna which, withbloodll r-flf,,. r] l] News Note: "Mr. Jack Spencer[ ll2, byN. C.W.C. NewsServioL :: : of -  - ! has returned from Hollywoou wnere rL:i " Pub,shed   /and force, the behevers m the sanchty of Marx J r.:  [o has been em-loed makin- noisest BY M. J. MURRAY i : "-Every  the D,oeese * /wish to impose; but nevertheless, it should be I[ ...... ]]like crows and ostriches for the]:  . Thursday TI], '. Rookford ] an eloouent lesson to those politicians who in ][ " ....... I/Walt Disney 'Silly Symphonies.'" [ '  -_ _ ! . /. -, TM , -. - "- .... :- -*rive to ive tl -- _ .... l] Really when one pauses -to give the [ liA -  i truth aBe wire goou IlILt:IILtUU aL ' I America's Most WI0ely II " ......... I m;;--'. "  . r -- - . . -. 1 ' I| ,,--- -' .... : |! matter xflougnt mere ]s no enfl to I I%, w v v ] welfare and relattve Happiness to tne peopm. [I .... ............. I[ +h ways one can make a livin ill |i: --! " " .... " -I eclared that I/ .... i .: . - . omega, an mnuenxlai journa, u one just tries @. 'I:E OBSERVERPubhcatlon offices 45 Bluff St., Du- " " z " s shown the  ": -lmque. Iowa. .ntered as second-cLass matter Nov. 27. 1935: / the funeral of Archbishop Dm h .... Afterglow / / [] at the Pot.. Ofea at Dubuque, towa unner the act oil urenonderant strength of national Cathohcsm, I .... i" b  ^+her -in  hen I| Personal nominations for one of] " . staten  . [and" the futility of the unpopular atheistic pro- "am"gne__ ..... "-" thve monSoSutnatr:rlieguChoanratcterisZca:ns / :-::" Subription--Prepaid: Untte0 State yearly $.00: Can- paganda which, "despite the force of all the Swiftly the same old river will flow[ ._ r ........ p   :,] i: : aO. $g.50; Europe. $3.00 ] ., .;. . .,  __. .,, _ . l on ltnat aWlllt llue girt who mane attl /auk orlt p  , =. .......... ,^ urn- r '--o -^! me mmcmet in ''nest 'rnree. Did] n lee 111 the le UDUC Wlll not ffermlnate , - 1 ....... ,, .... ,, . " [/:'.'(i::- All communications should b 9 adressed to the offlce of| or take root in the hearts or the minds of the l*wel -v ............ | you EVER! . / ::  O]S*RR, 845 Blnff St.. uuouque, towa or ,u| ...... ..... ........ The I ...--. .... 1 -- I [:. So. State St.. Freeport. nL I people, regaroaess oz mew soca tau. l Wits leaI again--anu WHO will ever / I read somewhere the other day "/ ['%':: : ) [ majority of the Nahon, Omegastates, *s not on!y I tell ["All pain is the result of sin." I i!+T:: ( :tford.s'elWcome'.  ...... [not with the Government in this respect out lS iTha t through long years I loved] wonder just what sin one commits] [,_ J  IIB .-. ,& // / ! 5 i/ | far removed from it. [_. them eve. one-- ..... [ to bring on a tooth-ache. / m::',....'- ! ..... , ., . . _. I'rne rising or the moon--the seccmgl  l |%. TM rMl;lr'l-I ICNWg Nf I.ARS ] " es President Uardenas think mat m me] sun, Conversation Fragment" One girl , !, . ........................... I " - ut an - | " [ :'!i" " DISTINCTION , ]space of five years ,his Government can p [To think they will be here long[ indignantly saying to another as[ :*::: : "" ....... e hero h lend to Catholicism? Omega asks. Vain hope)[ years from now /they passed me: "And you can ira- / .,%:.  . iRe rulers st lex]co are ratn r t tg-[ The seminaries in our country have been closed[ AndhOn one ever think to. tell them| :;ayth;hd t bsepp:O OUrrhOsef:; / C': going tyrants DUt m at least one respect yl . . ill be no more riests But our' . . so that there w P " of me--- for two years and a half The big :: are superior to the dictators who rule Russla, t ......... is are -oin to the Unit /They once were so a part /. " / ' ":!  : pr and de-his[ we are excite in Christian soul the - /sm mln aut m try'tenng| , I gentle melancholy of t e twulgnt-- -]is ] "" F-:: Crnanv, and Italy. They aOr= st: :t:lr:[ YUt:t::ttom::u;C;:r theirrdination. They[ Where: t;eetan d down the oldenliUh all thin f-ss about whether [ :. -tre:e::b!)n tthtr!dgStolYAmm:etlae: a:tth: l ::tig;ng:Rbm:t]2y:gtmg;p:::e::hr. ] Isn't!:sntdrSa,Uldeiettso long, *1 pen $1% f:lonUl%rb:n,b:et :; ?aesd:urnals of a religious nat?e, taBu: the[ rAe:d aSs::l:c:ruSnferCthSathnerYs :}llthr::::nte?[ We Leaved s very, very little trace[hlays the young folks to help[ l [ .......... :) . secular press occasionally speaks ut " PP -t " .... e " "  .::: sit!on to the reigning powers. Thus the news- I ...... " ............ [ Now most of the new trains are[..News. Ntes: 'A:tfrrenyacice:.| t gatton and their Doctrm , :::: - rs of Mexico Ci most of which seem to] ] air-cooled and equipped with every l Emnue. oy Joan  -.. .p -] :, pape , ty' " " " ak tray ally tinned $1,000 worm or uress- ::! " - --- g ...... "- are not Catholics were[ CORPUS CHRISTI /posmble Lmprovement to m e "l =o" .nvh. *h* oat was iustl 'i:: :. u u, ,,. .-. ..... . , [ . ent el a pleasure if they could just do  --' ....... %::*: :' loud in thexr raise of the late Archbishop Pas- The feast m honor of the Blessed Sacram / .- ....... ['.:- l ii!i cual Diaz, Primate of Mexico, energetic ought to every on:[ boreeonegrnns acrossOinSpraetica'nyl'Ayoung manho jumped off a) (::: fender of the rights of the Church. foundest sentiments of gratitude and devot "/every smoker everything would be l ........ .1 i ........ ice "N C YV C corres^ndent in ITh' Blessed Sacrament is the masterpiece of|perfect. IEU00i2Yu00700[00&y002g.%?:e21 [, : . ,naries e , . ", ." .," ,.. L, , / :Zod' s love It is an abvss of wonders and acom-] ,. _---... . /peace*--the fishes ' | @:: Mexico City remarks that the emtormis ormgi " . ,a=.. ., . , a .t_! Arent eO,KS mean: t " " ! -: _ __ J .... 2 z ..... _^ +u., +ko ,erse-[ plete epitome el gooo. t s the trmmpn_ ann the] Comes someone now with the an-[ .................... onl {{:: -. out two ,mportam ,at. ,.-=,  ..... icalV-ov |exhaustion of the infinite goodness and the in-|kind crack that WPA stands rlincedoi'$t%is:[ ft _cutory measures at successwe yrann g! -[  .. -. _, r,^n *or o or better He!"We Putter Around" ' 1 s ] i t : ernments have failed not only to wipe out but / nme generosity o .u. Im;etf Who is all ] .... |curagingite Ciei:Jle aPnr?t!] [i: even to impair the Catholicity of the Mexican[ coulanot onan gjvfl Uth e food of virtue the| warning to parents /hapn ??ad r P 'l :" " " f 11 iRe iessea rucnarls is , At Pittsburgh Pa. a lgyearold "  : : _ [ say when the kids bring up the .. ]  .... hia +o Ed C Volkert thel " as Ultimas Noticias de- ject of the use of the car ior me / .......... . ' -': Archbishop Dmz, L | -r= n'rm nr wm ACRED HEART .--, , Bard of Massey, for his very beau-[ ." ..,.. ,, . al. ,,av,.. v ----  evening ' " verse (.* : dares, was admwed for his wisdom and loved l .......... I tlful and comprehensive ,I -" victim of We are the creatures an me Denencmrxes oi  , .... ' ');:::. for his kindness. He had,been the I .......... ....... e-"ere The newspaper writers should be)Transplanted. | ! persecutions; he had to face tragic and difficult)the.eliRe loVe.utinn:tlnge:turesno mo;tal very grateful over the sudden leech-) A complimen' like to have] |.i< ; .:oo F,,, , r the other he always camel that love maoe ing of Mr Zioncheck upon the Wa - . ........ o:) I*: ou;;racefully and exonerated. The purity of] hopes that we are Because God first loved us, ndgteonhOnn:OnpaApeSracC;:entrPo- hrnerl;revmeYe; of rfe:;:;:th.el 1-':i: . his doctrine, his strength of character, "/ _ .......... , ises" to out-long Huey ill Hueys ":g ........ s" [   r equanimity, his profound perSonal virtues, / But the heart that loves us is human as we. palmiest daze. in everything n ,$ :!:' strengthened his authority and won for him the] as divine. It feels slights and indifference like  . i. " helle flock Archbisho Diaz/any other human heart; rewards affection with Dance Exhibition --- " f: affecUon of his Cat . P ......... ..., ** ................................................. I I:- : --*^ ,,rthermore is an examnle of that de-! that divine magnificence that wm not permit l- See the little Jones girl--  [ lHlm I ||m ......... "7,*_ .... L_ '_..:,:_ o_,.li,is m The ) self to be outdone in generosity. The devotion Fat and out of step, g --. .* - .  g( 14111:il'llKll IlllMPIH[ll.l" IH[. 'mocra :IlaL ILtl:: WtLttlll X-,Lau* % . . . .  Y .... ..... ......  q .... a .rf exhibits to us the dwme Regard that eager Hawkins child  -] [,k ]]'t%Y'tflO ]| flk 1 IIlllllllll# Jl'll# IB IIlllll#BlllV ols rm st native iammes st grea nummt .tv u,= y .... ": ".'" ....  "L Lackine Erace and pep. .9 IkPb 1 I IT ll-ff 1 1 IF Jl ll 1 1 1 1 |ll 1 1  I: .P g -- .t. a __.: ...... ,i- ...... t. ^# r uues nowm-  tnerelrom in a SZrlK- o -  V4*  %. 4r,  .*'  *-aw ,n over ms euucauun W. tilt:; wuxr u, love and ou O o ..... -..--. o -- -- = its benevolence and through h,s, own merits he mg and understandable way. Struggling, goodness knows, t Address All Communications to attained its highest investiture.    With all the courage she can own  THE OBSERVER 704 S STATE AVE FREEPORT ILL. ,, ..... CHRISTIAN ENNOBLEMENT OF MAN To twirl upon her toes.  ' " "' :' O O me a er was UlCK to oemounce me ...**.**........'..................-*--*** *- ires sa p p q ............................................. # DO0000000000 Whence come the ideas of Liberty and Equal- ity and human Dignity that the demagogues and Socialists, the historic sophists and seducers like Rousseau prate about endlessly and vociferously and profess thunderously and practice not at all? They derive unquestionably straight from the Revelation of Christ whence they have been stolen. Thus Lilly is historically incontestable, when he affirms, "Lberty and Equality are strictly Christian ideas. Men who, in fact, are l not free, nor equal in rights, by birth, are, ac-i cording to the Catholic conception, invested with the attributes of freedom and equality by the faith of Christ. 'Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty.' 'There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ'. 'Ye are all the childre nor God.' [St. Paul[. Hence results a theory of the sovereignty of the individual Christian and s6mething more indeed for priesthood is attributed to him as well as empire. He is held to be both a priest and a king [Alocalypse I, 5 and 6]." THE MOTHER OF MAJESTIC WORKS The Church is 'the great mother of majestic works.' "It was her task," observes that ripe scholar, William Samuel Lilly," to train the nas- cent nationalities of Europe, .and to inform them with a new spirit. To quote Taine's words, 'In a world founded on conquest, hard and cold as a machine of brass,' she taught the higher vir- tues whereby man erects himself above himself: patience, kindness, humility, self-sacrificing charity. She saved what could be saved of antique civilization, and she transformed it. Of course, the chief agents in this beneficent work were the monks. I need not dwell upon what is unfolded at length in Montalembert's brilliant pages, which merely invest hard facts with poe- tic glamour. It was around the monasteries that villages, towns, and cities grew up new cen- tres of agriculture and industry and population. To the monks we owe most of the institutions whereby we now live as civilized men. That is the debt of the modern world to them. The debt of the men of that far-off age was greater still. In a time when-brute force prevailed, it was their office and ministry 'to furnish man with in- ducements to live, or, at the very least, with the resignation which makes life endurable' ; to point to an existence beyond the present, where jus- refusal of the Ministry of Gobernacion to allow :,:: :i the Archbishop's body to be removed to the Cathedral Mexican officials, the paper stated * - were not oposed to the exhibition of bodies in the public streets--only recently the body of a Communist who had been killed in a brawl had been exhibited as though it were the "body of a hero"and yet it would prohibit the body of the Archbishop being given "posthumous trib- ute in the naves of the Metropolitan Cathedral which is legally open for public worship." Two days later the paper praised President I,azaro Cardenas for giving permission but neg- lected to state that the Diplomatic Corps had urged him to do so. Nevertheless this third editorial did state that "the most exalted Left- ists, who are atheists . . . have seen with their own eyes . . . an objective and indisputable evi- ':- deuce that the masses in Mexico are Catholic; <:" that all the anti-religious propaganda and |cone- :: " elastic furor have not served to extinguish the ancient beliefs beloved by the people, which con- ::i! stitute one of its most intimate forces and the ;:'- one most efficient for giving cohesion and physi- -ognomy to the country." It further stated that the attitude of perfect order and exemplary si- /::_ lence of the people during the funeral proces- sion "justified the sanctity of their request and ':: thesincerity of their faith." An article in Excelsior, written by Dr. Ramon k2:::.  Puente, a member of its staff, and titled "The ..Catholicism of Our Masses," declares that the ,:: death of Archbishop Diaz has convinced the :: : Country of one thing and that is that "the great L  mass of the Mexican people is Catholic, Catholic through tradition, through habit, through ignor- ii ! ance if you wish, but undeniably Catholic." " " La Prensa, nother newspaper, considers that ! - :: _ Archbishop Diaz died prematurely and attributes I !i=!i::: this fact to the anguish he suffered as head of .the Mexican Church, especially the molestations : and outrages inflicted by "the incompetent Senor Bojorquez when, through one of those aberra- tions of despotism, he functioned as Minister of Gobernacion." %;. , The Church is in the world as its befriending corrective opposite.--William Samuel Lilly. "Sixty years for an Indian," La Prensa em- phasizes, "Don Pascual was of pure blood, in the seminary they called him 'El Chamula' does not constitute 01d age." The Archbishop should have lived 20 years longer, the paper believes "had not the griefs, the persecutions, the peculi- arly futile pains and molestations to which he was subjected, destroyed his vitality and his rice should be rendered, where justice should be health." . requited, where Lazarus, after his evil things, i. ' The 200,000 people of every walk in life that should be comforted, and Dives, after his good i made up the crowd attending the funeral of things, tormented. This was the work of the Archbishop Diaz, E1 Hombre Libre, a Mexico clergy for the nascent nationalities." City daily, presents as representative of "the nly perfect and possible socialism, that which, for n;neteen centuries, has received its life from BY OTHER EDITORS with )oy when it embraces filth. Syracuse Catholic  Sun. THE SCOTCH PARADOX The Scotch marriage rate was the highes within ten years in 1933, and its birth rate was the lowest that year. If we may take for grant- ed that the increase in the marriage rate was steady during th few ears previous to 193 and that the birth rate decline wa Likewise gradual, we must conclude that there is something wrong with the canny Scot. The people of Scotland are re- puted to be fundamentally religious though quite everely so. Are they letting, go of the Scriptures and be- coming affected with the virus of birth control poison from their selves with the thought that even large countries could be repeopled by the smaller nations which kept faith with Cd; so it is an occasion for added alarm when these smaller nations begi to decimate them- selves. Must Scotland turn to her Irish cousins to maintaiu the popu- lation of her banks and braes and highland? Apparently this is the case, for the immigration from Ire- land to Scotland has increased so much as to cause resentment on the part of the Scotch.--Catholic Herald- Cltlsen, Milwaukee, Wis. SUBSTITUTE FOR ARMIES "As a substitut for armies, the institution of arbitration, with its high office as peace maker, accord- ing to norms to be agreed upon and sanctions to bo determined against a state which would refus9 either to submit international questions to brethren across the eeas? We have long known of the race-suicid#l ten- dencles of many of the larer na- arbitration or accept its decisions." Peace Popes. See that Parmer child up there Bending over double, To seize a 'kerchief with her teeth What a pack of trouble. Tap, tap, tap, In and out of tune, It's almost '|even-thirty-- It must be soon over. Parents, relatives and friends Sitting like a friezo Until the last tap echoes Upon the midnight breeze. Is Everybody Happy? Anent the growing custom among movie theater managers to give peo- ple all sorts of presents to induce their patronage, George Jessel re- cently appeared upo, u a stage in Is Angeles and, at the opening of his act, addressed the audience some- thing like this: "I really don't know just what to do to please you peo- ple. The management has you spoil- ed--it gives you candy while you're waiting in line to buy your tickets then it gives you groceries, china- ware, a big double show, bank night --I'll bet some of you are mad that you don't strike oil under your ; seats." : Girls, I'd Resent This Ad from an Iowa newspaper: "Wanted: Middle aged woman for Satesments of Recent to express the giving of the Holy (N. C. W. C., Washington, Ghost.  Here in the Mass, the priest Q. When meeting a bishop should cross on the forehead, lips and one bend the knee or stand while breast? kissing the ring? A. On the forehead in order that we may understand the teachings of A. When kissing the ring of a Christ and the Church and will to bishop in his own diocese, it is pro- follow them; on our lips that we per to bend the right knee, (genu- may fearlessly declare and speak fleck). Likewise, it is correct tu bend our faith in these teachings; and on the right knee when kissing the ring our breast that we may love them of one's own bishop even outside his more and more, for we are not eager diocese. In kissing the ring of an :to do the things we do not love. Archbishop outside his diocese but within his province, one bends the right knee. Should one meet a bish- Q. Why do we say the Our Fath- op on the street, it is advisable not er differently from the non-Catholics, to bend the knee. that is, why do we omit the words, "for thine is the kingdom and the The ring signifies the close union, power and the glory, forever. or spiritual marriage of a bishop Amen"? and his diocese. It is also a sign of authority; hence, in kissing a pre- A. Our reading of the Lord's late's ring, we express thereby our Prayer is considered by the best obedience and submission, authorities of the Bible as the cor- rect one. The Protestant reading is found only in the less authoritative Q. Is there an indulgence for translations of the Bible. Some copy- kissing a bishop rnig? ist, in the first centuries, most le- A. Yes, of 50 days. ly wrote the Protestant ending as a note on the side of the page and these explanatory afterwords got in- [.C ....... CONTRASTS , . - - Newspapers advertising 'door - prles, drawing or guessing con- :F-  i tes" aro not deliverable through  the mails. This is a ruling of the ?: " United States Post Office depart- :!- " By the same token, newspapers i./  magazines printing pichres of .:-:o naked men nd women; newspapers ::':' oontaining . descriptions of sordid :  murders aLd abhorrent sex crimes; j-:-= =! :ewspapel-s containing disgusting - - avert|slng pertaining to the most ::=:-:/: Jut|mate human functions; news- m- Impera advertising fake stocks and !:i:-*, imnds, and Wall Street gamblers; != .:" -- -- r "'' carrying deliberate lies, m:;,/ dlrt7 and Hbelons cartoons, these mq-.-(- newspapetm are deliverable through [" "_- What hlrpocry! The Post Office " i See THESE CARS and you'll buy High Value Low Priced Cars at RECHT-FROELICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 1932 Plymouth 4-door .... $283 1932 Ctev. 2-door sedan ..... $293 1931 Dodge 4-door sedan._..$233 1931 Hudson 4-door sedan...$257 1929 Nash sedan ............ -....$147 1929 Pontiac sedan ............ $ 97 1931 Ford Victoria ................ $223 and 150 other bargains now at 636 S. Main St. 330 S. Church 1313 Broadwav Open evenings and all day Sunday Q. Is it wrong wilfully to miss to the Bible text. So these words are Mass on week days? really an addition made by someone A. It is not wrong since there is who copied the Bible. St. Jerome, no obligation to attend Mass outside the greatest of Biblical scholars, of Sunday unless it is a holyday, does not consider the words in ques- tion as belonging to the Lord's housekeeper on farm. Three males. Pray' . Work wanted, not conversation." Q. What is the characteristic of Even the best of the most recent What! not even in the evening af- a Christian? Bibles- of non-Catholics, (The Re- ter the cows are milked and all the A. A Christian is a follower of chores done and everything? Why, ChrisL "'By this shall the world vised Version 1881) does not have these words.) old meanies! know you are my disciples if you have love for another" (John , XIII, 35) If you love me, keep my om u Vignette ' " Q. M st It be mentioned i con- A dreamy Sunday morning mandments . (John XIV, 5) fession that such or such a s,n was In the early June, forgotten in a previous confession? A river steamboat's calliope - """ d Cath li have their A. If the sin is venial, there is wny o o cs Tooting out a tune. Ma" in the mornin - no obligation to confess it, fur ven- sse . . . g _ .... a  ial sins are free matter. If the for- A. tbcause it Is ueemeu oes m Idl 7 down the river The craft will make its way, the celebrating priest of the Mass gotteff" sin is mortal, it was re- With its cargo seeking be fasting. It would be rather hard, mitted in the previous confession Escape for just one day! in fact, almost impossible, to say but must be told in the next con- Mass daily without eating before fession in which it is remembered Ripples On the Stream two or three p.m. for every mortal sin must be con- One of the currently popular songs fessed It is better in such a case s called "Love Is Like a Cigarette." to say that it was forgotten in a --How come? so many different Q. Why at the Gospel during former cqnfession; however, there is brands? Mass do we make the sign of the no obligation to say it had been overlooked and it may be told, as committed since the last coulee- What the Mass Means sion- Q. Should we look at the Host and the Chalice at their elevation Explanation of the Ceremonies and during the Mass? .... A. Yes, by all means. The eleva- Prayers of the Mass tion is made purposely for this ador- ation of the people. An indugence of LAST PRAYERS BEFORE THE transference of sins from ourselves 300 days is granted to all who gaze CONSECRATION to the victim. This gesture also ex- devouty at the Sacred Host when it Shortly before the Consecration presses our identification, our one- i elevated during Mass, or exposed we are notified that the most solemn ness with the victim, on the altar, and say at tho same time with faith and devotion, "My part of the Mass approaches. The The Victim Offered Lord and my God". There is also server sounds the bell to notify the Through our sins we are guilty of an indulgence of seven years and people, as the celebrant extends his death; our lives should be taken seven quarantines for each wee!ta- bards over the offering and says: away for having misused our facul- tieR; and a plenary indulgence is "We, therefore, beseech Thee, ties and gifts in sinning against the granted to all who perform this de- S Lord, graciously to accept this Giver of life, God. We are traitors vet!on daily fur a week. oblation of our servitude, as also and rebels; therefore death is our We may say in addition: all of Thy whole family; and to dis- due. But God does not wish our should regard the small Host which pose our days in Thy peace, pre- death; He gives us a substitute who the priest holds over the ciborium serve us from eternal damnation, will die for us. We transfer our sins while-* he says, "Behold, the Lamb and rank us in the number of to this victim. God would not allow of God". etc. (Ecce, Agnus De!, Thine elect. Through Christ Our Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, Lord. Amen." but sent him a "ram amongst the etc.) at the Communion of the people. Meaning of Extended Hands briars sticking fast by the horns This extending of the celebrant's which he took and offered for a hands over the chalice (and host) holocaust instead of his son." (Gen- We know the Mass is pleasing to has important significance. This was esis xxii, 13). In the Mass this see- God, but we fear and hesitate lest done in the Old Testament by the tier expresses the fact that our sins we, poor, miserable traitors, may priest to express the handing over, aro remitted on account of Christ's make it less pleasing. the transference of the people's sins death. "How much more shall the to the victim. "He offered also the blood of Christ, who by the Holy We ask God to grant us peace; calf for sin: and when h:aron,and Ghost offered Himself unspotted un- preserve us from the everlasting his sons had put their hands upon to God, cleanse our conscience from flames of Hell; that we be numbered the head thereof, He immolated it." dead work, to serve the living God? among the saved in Heaven. We ask (Leviticus viii, 15). At the ordina- He is the mediator of the new testa- God to give us the necessary graces tieR of priests, the Bishop places his menS" (Hebrews ix, 14). to persevere, or, more correctly, to hands on tho candidates to express In this prayer we ask God to help us cosperate with the graces the giving of sacerdotal power. A1- accept these offerings as a sign He necessarily gives; "Wherefore, so at confirmation the Bishop ex- of our interior sacrifice--life, ser- brethren, labor the more, that ily his hands over the ,candidates vice, good-will, etc. It is the sac,- good works you may make sure your rifice of us all, the whole Church, calling and election. For doing these espeoially of those who are shar- . things, you shall not sin at any in9 in and co-offing this Mass/ |time." (2 Peter i. 10). t -- I I [] FINE, DURABLE PAINTS-- m AT THRIFTY PRICES! 1 1 TOBINSON BROTHERS [] 1122 BROADWAY Forest 6083 Rockford, III, NIIqCN'R Dinner Ware =aa.v  Glass Ware CHINAWARE Hotel Ware STORE T re , House Furmshlngs We Furnish Homes" Telephone Main 1735 Rockford, III. 429 SEVENTH STREET m m MARTIN BAND AND I I ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS LUDWIG DRUMS [] I Popular and Standard Music i l AMERICAN BEAUTY MUSIC HOUSE, INC. !i i Phone Main 1669 Rockford, III. 403 SVENTH STREET i - I INVESTMENTS Promissory Notes -- OF -- The Catholic Bishop of Chicago DENOMINATION $500  $t,000 Maturities Ten Years These Notes are signed person- ally by His Eminence, Cardinal Mundelein and are a direct obli- gation of the Archdiocese. ALSO Promissory Notes --OF -- The Catholic Bishop of Rockford These Notes in denominations of $500 and $1,000 are a direct obligation of the Diocese of Rockford. We employ no solicitors. -- McMahon & Hoban INCORPORATED Exclusive Agents ,I 105 8. LaSalle St. Chicago, Ill. 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