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June 9, 1961     The Observer
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June 9, 1961

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PAGE I0 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 1961 THEOLOGY FOR EVERY MAN The success of the U. S. i~ putting a man into space brings to mind the discussions that have gone on i~7 recent years about the possibility of life on other planets and how such creatures would be related to God's law. This timely treatmmTt on the ?m- ture of other planetary creatures and their moral oblfgations was prepared at St. John's Seminary, Brighton, Mass It is reprinted from the Boston Pilot. Q. HOW WOULD CATHOLIC THEOLOGIANS REACT TO THE DISCOVERY OF ANOTHER PLANET INHABITED BY HUMAN BEINGS? A. We do not know anything about worlds other than our own beyond the meager findings of the 'astronomical sciences. We have no knowledge of the existence of rational creatures other than angels, who are pure spirits, and ourselves. We can thus have no knowledge of whether or not such creatures would have committed sins, and whether or not the redeeming merits of Christ would be applicable to them. WHAT WE DO KNOW is that Christ died in this world to save the descendants of Adam from the consequences of original sin. We know that all who live on the earth today are descend- ants of Adam, and that all are destined to be members of the Church, through which Christ dispenses the graces which He gained for us by His suffering and death Beyond thzs we can say nothing whatsoever with certainty. We can, however, suggest certain speculative possibilities re- lating to worlds other than our own and indicate to what ex- tent th~ general principles of the natural law. as we deduce them f~'om our own nature, would apply to them. IF THERE ARE INHABITANTS of other worlds, they are at least material beings like ourselves, since by hypothesis they would exist in a material world capable of coming into physical relation with our own world. In another material world, beings could be living as well as non-living as are the beings of this world. As living beings they could be either ra- tional, as we are, or rational like the lower animals of which we have experience. Let us suppose that in another world there are what philoso- phers call rational animals. They could be such and still be al- together different from the members of the human race as we know them. The physical condition of the human race could be changed within wide limits tend still remain within the area Patronize Our Advertisers Let its attswer your lawn and garden questions "k Lawn & Garden Seeds "k Annual Plants "k Perennial Plants Vegetable Plants "k Potted Begonias "k Potted Tomatoes "k Clematis Vines "k Unusual & ,-" Novelty Plants "k Soil Conditioners Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary CONDON'S PLANT STORE $42 Cedar St. Free ParKing Phone WO 3-1513 Purchase Program For Everyone! 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As a rational being, this hypothetical creature would be endowed ,with intellect and will. He would thus be capable of knowing and loving God, and he would be destined for an eternity of happiness with God. that would be covered by the definition of rational animals, lwould thus be wrong for our hypothetical rational animal to doltion that the Church was founded for the inhabitants of this Man's vital and rational activities are made possible by he[anything that, in their own condition and circumstances, would I world and that its mission will extend until the end of time union of soul with his body. represent rebellion of the body against the soul. A code ofiamong those who are capable of being redeemed and sancti BODY AND SOUL CONSTITUTE a single" being;" the soul morality, would have. to be drawn up for them that would on- Ifled by. the Second Adam, Christ, after inheriting the conse ~: . ~ visage those qualities of their nature which would be parma- quences of the sin of the first Adam NlvcS Lu bile uuuy %nO urn'l ur reality oi the oeuig Wnlcn we eat;. ] nent and stable. I WOULD THE INHABITANTS of another world be related MUCH OF OUR MORAL LAW is concerned with obligationslin any way to those of this world? We do not know. It is pos-. | immediately implied in the sexual relations of man and woman, lsible that discovery of the next world might reveal that its in- Bi-sexuality is not essentially required in a rational animal. Evenlhabitants, at some period of prehistoric time, were separated in this world lower animals propagate themselves in ways other]from us by a disaster of catastrophic proportions of which we than sexual reproduction. Again, of their nature material be-lean form no adequate image. Or again, it is possible that they ings begin to be and tend to lose their identity by corruption were a completely different race with no resemblance to the HE WOULD BE SUBJECT, as we are, to all the laws of na- ture which are rooted immediately in the spirituality of the hu- man soul. To know the Infinite Being in the created beings which reflect His image, to love the Infinite Being Who presents Himself as the ultimate good towards which ai1 created goods are directed--these are prerogatives which would pertai~ to the hypothetical rational animals of other planets no less than i to ourselves. A good,art of the moral law would thus be common to them and to us. They would be created and rational, no less than we are. Moreover, as rational animals their souls would be superior to their bodies. Whatever might be the nature of their bodies, they would be subject to the control of their souls. It EET THE REV. EDWARD ROLAND HUGHES, son of Mrs. Irene Rowland Hughes and the late Edward J. Hughes of Chicago, was born in Chicago Jan. 19,] 1934. He attended Quigley pre- paratory seminary in Chica from 1947 to 1952, and took his philosophy and theology courses at St. Mary seminary, Balti- more, Md. Father Hughes was ordained ,by the Most Rev. Loras T. Lane May 31, 1958, in St. Mary church. McHenry. His firstassignment was at St. Joseph church, Harvard, where he served as assistant for one year. The next year he was an assistant at St. Joseph, Free- port, and in June, 1960 he was appointed to serve as assistant at Holy Angels parish, Aurora. Former Rockford Teacher Dies SINSINAWA, Wisconsin -- Sister M. Dolorosa, O.P a for- mer Rockford teacher, died at Saint D, ominic Villa, Dubuque, In June 1, 1961, in the 58th year.of her religious profession. Sister Dolorosa taught for eight years at Saint James school, Rockford. She also served as superior at Saint Philip Benizi, Chicago, St. Gall, Milwaukee, and Our Lady of Refuge, New York City. Her other assignments i n cl u d e schools in Peoria, Anaconda Montana, and Cuba City. Survivors include a brother William Sammon, Chicago. Cardinal Legate VATICAN CITY ~ His Holi- ness Pope John XXIII has named Richard Cardinal 'Cush- ing, Archbishop of Boston, to be Papal Legate at Bolivia's na- t i o n a l eucharistic congress which meets in Santa Cruz from August 10 to August 13. JOHN P. SREENAN Is Qualified To Take Care of Your Everyday Insurance Needs Office WO 4-5977 Home TR 7-6402 St. Bridget's Parish QUALITY BUILT HOMES 3 bedrooms, 20 x 12 driftwood paneled family room, 2 car garage, built in caloric kitchen. 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Social morality, like individual morality, is .founded on the permanent and stable circumstances of human life which underlie the accidental modifications proper to each locality and epoch. Here too, the natural morality of hypothetical rational ani- mals of other worlds would manifest differences from our own over a wide area. It is not necessary, that rational animals be social, as we are. It is conceivable that they might be completely independent of one another, or that their social relationships, if they did exist, would be of a nature quite different from those which prevail among ourselves. Q. WOULD THE CHURCH'S MISSION EXTEND TO IN- HABITANTS OF WORLDS OTHER THAN OUR OWN? A. To this question we can answer only that we do not know. Everything that we know about the Church implies the assump- human race beyond that of dependence on the same Creator and participation in the Creator's highest perfection o intellect and will. If the h~pothetical inhabitants of other worlds would be mem, bars of the human race, the mission of the Church would ex- tend to them as it does to us. If they are not? Some theologian who are impressed,by the transcendant magnificence of the my.' tory of the Incarnation 'suggest that it is unthinkable that could not have created many other worlds like our own, and destined their inhabitants to enjoy, no less than ourselves, the infinite merits of God made man. These theologians assert further that it is absurd to think of the vast areas of the uni- verse as uninhabited by rational creatures. IF A SMALL PLANET LIKE the world is inhabited, they say, it ts more than hkely that there are ratmnal creatures, possibly of a higher order even than ourselves, in other parts of the universe. It is thus not unreasonable to suppose, they conclude, that Christ, Who was God as well as man, could sanctify them as well as ourselves, and that the mission of His Church could extend to them no less than to us here below. All this is, however, completely beyond the limits of our pres- ent knowledge of revealed truth. If and when new worlds are actually discovered and opportunity afforded for communicating to their inhabitants, the relations of the Church to them must be considered in the light of what will be known at that future moment. Until then we must view the Church in its mission to the children of Adam as they pass from generation to gen- eration in the world which we actually know. il II NOTRE DAME RD. 3-Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths, Large Lot. 2-Car Garage, Built-ins. Low 20's. NORTH PARK S-Rooms and Both with 2- Car Garage. Easy Terms. ON ROCK RIVER Tri-Level. Carpeting, Built- ins Large Lot $15,900 ROCK RIVER Ventura Blvd. 6 Room with 2 - cargarage.$11,000. Terms. 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