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June 9, 1961     The Observer
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June 9, 1961

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PAGE 2 . I I rl IIII IIIIII III II I|1 I I I I I Communism Is Greatest Danger NORTH ANDOVER, Mass --i Western civilization is i n its -most critical period of history .because of the threat of inter- national communism, Richard Cardinal Cushing said here. The Archbishop of Boston told the graduation class of Merri- mack college (May 30) that in- and due to our own apathy and complacency." The Cardinal a 1 so said he "cannot understand why we cannot teach the principles of communism as something in- trinsically evil." "We teach sin as something evil," he added, "and in my fernational communism is "the opinion communism is intrinsi- greatest enemy that has ever cally evil. The basic works of faced Christianity." communist writers teach that "If the'Western world is not there is no God and the objec- aware of the peril." he stated, tive of communism is conquest "it is the fault of its lead.ers of the world.'' Missionary Budget: $20,311,022.00 KC Delegate To Supreme Convention PEORIA~Edward Conroy of Dixon was elected Rockford dio- cesan delegate to the supreme convention of the Knights of Co- lumbus to be held 'In Denver, Colo, in August at the KC state convention May 19-21 in Peoria. Louis Franchini, Loves Park, was named alternate delegate for the convention. Mr. Franchini headed a group representing the Rockford dio- cese which included Henry Bracke, Robert Fagan, Harold Evans, Don Fizzi, A1 Thill, Ed- ward Burke, William Huber, Elmer Murphy, Ed Conroy, Don Spangler and Ampellio Del Pra. Members from the Woods ock council who attended are Henry Comingore, Joseph Fogarty and Messrs. Evans and Fagan. The McHenry council was represent- THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 1961 AURORA--A report on the ac-T were happy to report these af- tivities of the six Serra clubs in 1 fairs were a most stimulating the Rockford diocese was given recently by Lou Bachrodt at the First Annual Diocesan Bishop's N i g h t held in Marmion high school here. The text of that re- port follow, s. Tonight on this occasion of the First Annual Bishop's Night we are establishing the prece- dent of reporting to you the ac- tivities and the progress of the six Serra Clubs of the Rockford Diocese. Each club president has submitted to me a report on their club, and what you are about to hear is a condensation of these reports. In giving this report I will generalize as to sight for all those participating. I might add that the Serra club of Rock River Valley is particu- larly indebted to you for saying the Mass on the occasion of the A 1 t a r Boy and Fathers pro- gram. In addition to these activities the clubs of Freeport and Rock River Valley arranged trips to a seminary for groups of ,their altar boys. Speakers Bureau The next activity that h a s become more prominent in the last year is the formation of the speakers bureau and a training program for them. An example of this activity is depicted in programs conducted along plan- ned series lines that have been presented by the various Serra clubs throughout the year, Understanding a n d Acting with the Mind of the Church. An Explanation of the Con- Fraternity of Christian D o c- Holy Priesthod and Religious Life. Spiritual Activities Now to the spiritual activity of Serrans. Of course, we all know that we have been in- structed by the Great High Priest himself that we are to pray to the Lord of the Harvest so that he might send laborers into his vineyard. It is difficult to report on the part of the in- exists in the Sisterhood today. Lastly, on a most joyful note, it is my pleasure to report that the call from the Great High Priest has come to Sons and daughters of S e r r a families during the past year. Three daughters have joined the re- ligious communities and three boys have entered into training to stud), for the Holy Priest- hood. We of Serra rejAce for dividual Serran in this regard all of them and hopefully pray A series on the separated because I feel I can safely say we will bless many more of our bretheran, their faiths and their that rarely does the day go by families to come and follow beliefs, plus many other topics in the life o[ a Serran that he Him. , about- issues that are existing is not petitioning the heavens Present Burs in the world today, lot more vocations. Following Vocation Month " up their own individual efforts Now in closing, the men of the Serra clubs of Freeport, El- Serra recognize the great fi~,m~ We certainly have been most gin. MeHenry county and Rock- nancial burden that exists ti fortunate that we ilave had the ford attend a monthly Mass, in day in the dost of educating ou'l~~ :.ROME--Papal missionary or-[Apostle, the Missionary Union ed by Mr. Nuber and Vince the things that pertain to all opportunity to listen to our own body. specifically said for vo- young men to become Priests Charles, and Crystal Lake was clubs and where specifics apply Rockford where, in the month of mdlvldual members p r e s e nt cations The Aurora club is of God. Therefore with a deep ganizations reported here thatiof the Clergy. and the Pontifi-represented by Edward Lortir I will mention them on an indi- March, four teams consisting of many of these programs, and now in'their 8th year of noctur~ filial devotion we shall present they collected a total of $20,-]cal Association of the Holy and William Frasier. Harvard 'vidual basis. ~four men each appeared as pan- our beloved pastors and their nal adoration an"d have count- to you, Bishop Lane, the burse 311,022 for this year's mission- Childhood. ary budget. ' ] Nearly $8 million will be de-representatives were Thomas In retrospect it is pleasing to els, speaking to over 1,000 par- assistants have g r a c e d our less other souls ioinin~ She's as from the Serra clubs of t h e This was announced after the ]voted to ordinary maintenance O'Neil and Albert Fulton. report ~that the Diocese of Rock-ients on the program of foster- presence on many occasmns" thev'~ annear in" the" various" " enar- Rockford diocese, a.s a token of annual meeting here of the di-i of the missions. The rest will The northern Illinois staff has ford was represented by all of ing vocations in t h e i r o w n also to present timely subjects ishes in their city for this most our understandmg and deep in- rectors of national branches of[go to particular works such as been invited to the annual out- the clubs at the Serra Interna-ih mes and answering the ques- related to the above topics, worthwhilecause.The Free. !erest in the problem and trust urm th Mon h f ]t will help hghten the burden t!le Society for the Pro]3ag'ation]the education of native clergy going officers' party of the t i o n a 1. convention last June tions of parental objection. D ' g e t o March port club has started a noctur- . ' " of the Faith, the ~ontifical Or-land the construction of new Woodstock council June 10.which was held in Dallas, Tex Next we come to the assocla- activities of .the Serra clubs nal adoration program and will a little bit. ganizati n f St' Peter thelbuildings" I~ A2~ ~'~ t'h and speaking of the internation- tion with our young seminarians reach their highest pitch of any certainly gain many graces The men of Serra are ever al convention, we are all de- now in their studies as it relates given month throughout t h e and offer many prayers toward;ready to obey your call and I, . . a er lighted at y o u r acceptance, to the men of Serra. Without ex- year with the Month of March the main purpose of Serra. !on their behalf, r e n e w the Freedom-Riders Not Red Inspired ROCKFORD---The Y o u n g Your Excellency, to be with us ception, all of the clubs a r e designated as Vocation Month. Also, last year on two different pledge to you that we shall NEW YORK -- Father John|to do with it.' Catholic Adults (YCA) of the at the International convention most interested in the welfare I am happy to inform you, on occasions the Elgin club had a ever strive to do a better job next June In Minneapolis. of the young men studying for behalf of all of our clubs, that Holy Hour specifically for the to foster the aim of Serra and LaFarge, S.J pioneer in the] Father LaFarge agreed that city, under the spiritual direction Altar Boy Program the Holy Priesthood. The activ- on the 1st Sunday of March intention of vocations, pray continually that our be- Catholic interracial c o u n c i llracial tensions had b e e n in- of the Rev. Philip Kennedy, will ,' ity in this regard is deepened by 110,000 Prayer dards were dis- I am most happy to report loved diocese will be blessed movement, said here that the creased by the "Freedom Rid- sponsor a beach party at But- I should now like to discuss the interest in finding employ- tributed in practically every that the men of Serra are most with many vocations. excursions of "Freedom Bid-lers" but deplored to "outra- tons Bay, Lake Geneva, Wis the activities of the various meat in the right environment parish in the Diocese of Rock- active in making r e t r e a t s Humbly we submit this re- " ' V " " ers mto the South ma. havelgeous behavior of the Ku Klux on Sunday, June 11. Those inter- clubs One of the most impor- d u r i n g their vacation days. ford. Furthermore, 'the Novena which certainly is, as we all port to you, we trust you will accomplished "some good forlKlan and similar organizations ested in receiving a ride to the tans activities the Men of Serra Three clubs have taken the re- for Vocations was attended in know, a help to our own per- find it pieasing. the Negroes." lin Alabama and Mississippi. lake can call Sue Smith at WO engage in is the Altar Boy pro- sponsibility of maintaining cor- a body at a different church by sonal lives. ; ~ ~-~'-~,~ ~ The Jesuit expressed sharptMany Negroes are becoming 3-1051 or Joanne Schoening at gram, I am happy to report that respondence with them, with re- the Serra clubs of Freeport, Answerln~ Challenge,~] |i~ [ disagreement that the "Free- this year the Altar B o y pro- membrance cards at Christmas, Rockford and Elgin, the Rock- Your Excellencywe have ,lldJl I $ "~' t m t dos Riders" project was "corn-] gram made further progress as Easter and the like and two of ford Serra club contmued it been challenged bv you on an- munist inspired " He asserted: the number of investitures and the clubs have held picnics forthroughout the rest of t h e;:other occasion~" about" ~ what is "The communists had nothing training programs continued to them during the summer time. month of March by visiting, in II increase, particularly in the and one of the clubs has had a bodv a different church each beoi:g ~d ni~ ta~1. prom~ Vs~Cea- I ~"l~.~oslt, ~,|~ ~ "~r ~m~lr~o~.~ ]1"3 . TT . C i:od and Rock River Val- them at a luncheon accompa- morning for Holy Mas~ and hood This nro~ram has been x ~u ~ ,o, ~ ~ o ,- ~ ,~ vv ~u*u ~l s,u~ I IPOrIxr 1-1our~ ley cmos xne ~erra clubs of ' - . " " o m c~ ",7 o ~ . - . nlea ny melr pastors ourmg tne ~ommunlon. I ziven a ~ooA deal of considera i CHICAGO -- Two new semi- Hedwig's Orphanage, is now un-[ St Mar- Huntlev Third ~reeport, Mcrlenry c.ounty and Christmas holidays. It has al- Activities Durlntt Mar( i [~ion andstu'dy and I am happ; [ naries in t h e Archdiocese of dergoing extensive remodeling. I~ ~. ,~' o Z~,--- ~ocKIoru .ano.~oc~ l~iver vai- ways been a thrill for a Serran ~ b ~ . [to inform -ou that on Saturday Chicago will open their doors to Opening of the new semlnar-i'~'~ ~. '~7~" ~=.~" ~ ley nad the .~vias.s an~ ~inner to see one of the young men ~i)e ~erra ciuo o~ ,~ trora April 29th" a meeting will more than t,000 seminarians in ies will relieve the overcrowd-I ?ur.~aoy o~ r erpe~uai r~e~p, program ~or tne altar toys and they have visited with in the ~ga~iPresente~ an ou~sra t~ingi held at Boylan high school with - ~, - ,1 ~ i~uoiette --- ~nira ~unday af er their ~atners ouring the month co"r-- -f "h- -'- '-- oca on r xmol~ ~ay ant nan ~ ~ t, arpet oeptemo~:r, eo conOltlOns ~ilat nave exist- " o u ~et, t eauuveevent~e - .~. - - ~ I tho ,-,~eriors oI me various or- Pentecost ozlVl a r c a ~t this ro ram a ~errlllC turnout oI ~ uu0 pen- "- --'-- - The new schools are qulgleyled at the or~gmal semmarv for] " ",P g ordained and start his service ' -]ders to discuss this problem Drapery ~ ~r. rarr]cn ,~lnany -- ~nira there were representeo in the to God i h r' . p~e to see theirmagnl scent Seminary South, a minor semi- several year's Built for 800 stu-] ' n t e glo lous Priest- ,~,hi~,i~ ,f*h ; ~.~.~]and I am sure from this meet- Linoleum ~,+ +,In - ~, ~ + ~ ,l~unaav after rentecosr t mr- Iour clung a total oi i lou ooys h,A "'~ *" ~ " " "~ *'~ ~ '~ o~ " , ary now un e cons rue lo en~s t4UlgLey s enro,ment ,as~" ' ,~ ' t r m ill ~ ~ c ~ " ~ ,t ~' ~.~ "~ [~ ' e ]teen Hours of Devotion). and 750 fathers and again we ' and information regardin re I mg some concre e prod a . w MA $-0750 ~,~ ~ ~,~ ~,y ,~, ,~ [~, .~ ~ ~:'~ I~ ." "" [ Attendance Satisfactoryligious life. Also for the first] come tortn, to ennance t n.1 s 11 E. 4th St. Sterlin~ j~nior cortege oepartment xorl~,:m me seminary nag renteoilr~ml~B~J'~ |a, |~ I time the Rock River~ alle lmost important proses wmcn ", t is pleasing to report tnat ~,i ' fifth and s~xth year semmar~- an abandoned public school for - - ---~--"--"--'~ , I I~IEKL, II It a . . . ],he o*,o,a ~ ~ r. club too had a vocation exhibit. ans. St. Mary's, formerly St. l additional classroom space. I ]? "~L"~ '""~ ~.~'" ~. - day and "ot off to a wonderful | I I--~llmgs tnrougnout the past year s I II Lundstrom Greenhouses~ []has b start as they had over 600 in L n een quite satisfactory with u dstrom Greenhouses : ~ttendance and from all report~ I nosoltalltv Promised Lutherans ,i m/a low of 70 per cent ranging to ~ s = "1' II no~n'r A r t~n~'rttnu pnn~ 11 a high of 90 per cent In this re it too was most effective. Two ~ BERLIN --- Julius Cardinallsame hospitality during the July|| ~ "~' ' ~ ~' :,|lgard the membershin of Serra of o u r clubs also took as a,~ ~% ,Dee L/II rot ~1l$ o~ r our ~toral lYeec~s ~ " ' Doepfner assured Germany s m in h Prot special project to have an Es [ eet" g t at estants have I] ~ee ~ eOrphatt ohythrone 108;~orat ~tttts" [lin the Rockford diocese now,"I ~/EED A Lutherhns that the Catholics of r ~"~'~ stands a 187 . say contest and they were the ' jt~erlln will help provloe lo~glng [extended. to Catholics at such]],m 20~erllng, -. ll]ino|s S'v] t members. This Serra clubs ot. El-ino and Rock ] - USED OAR'# ] "for ar 1 ant n th com n gatherings as the lnternatlonal,ear it was necessary to crop a ~" . p t''clp s l' e l! Ig t : " i, ,l 'r ' ;---'----7-~~.1 few members from the Serra River Valley with approximate" -] ~. ~ .Lutheran general assembly in ~.ucnarlsue t2ongress m lv~u-]| Iwr ru-~] ~'r TT e e ~[rolls due to a poor attendance ly 1,000 students participating " ~t ~ " ::' ~ 1 :Berlin. nich last summer, the Bishop~l wan[ lna[ L~ew rtome,; Iirecord on their hart This was Then too the clubs had avail-I ~",~'J Catholics will try to show the I of Berlin said l| YOU CAN -- THE MILES WAY I[done to eliminate d e a d wood able the distribution of religious I ~ T,AL Ii&|L | vocation posters and the show "i i| THE BEST BUILD.IT.Y()URSELF DEAL |[which our late Episcopal Advi- . ' "I ~~'~ |~K~ ][J]~ ~l~n~| e !Mother, Son Graduate Together till ANYWHERE |Ills= Car:dn leStari uhbS t tr nag grgad arde'hg h'Ssc sS inmthmer I :. No Money~ Down - Lo~v Monthly Payments P Y g r i ~N~~ -~ NEW ORLEANS-- A mother summer sessions He will enter [| Your Credit Is Good -- First Payment From* 60.90 De "ga ainst a eas and of cou-se, I men Get The Best Deal " - -1 - mm uoneo earner tne part or tne I k J. I/ ~w~ ' and son were graduated from[the university law schoolin ]i t~an tnciuue I/ Ano*hor {r,3r.~rf~nf n~.t-~t +h ',~,~. ~ /LJ~ ' Loyola Univergitv of the South [Sontemb,~r Materials for Foundation -- Plumbin$ -- Heating -- Wiring 1[ ~ "~ 2:.~"-~-~ X'~;~ ~ ;;;~ ciuos o~ lvicnenry county, rtocx,-~[ |,~-~ - -,~r ~ l 1~ r,-,s =. ,~ =,vu,u lxiver V a l I e v r reenort and S ~ ~ ~ here. I For Mrs. Morris Caldwell it|l llAI'el ~ ~ Tlr Itsay one of the most im'-ortant "' ~ ' ~ I ~lTr ,For 20 year old Bill CaldweU, ]was a goal reached after,ulies rre-tmt, homes Ilis the part of programming. Set'- t CKIa n' sn;r~Ia2~prlu~ YaSrti~ca: I ~1~ major in political science, it[years in evening school. Her de- Jl Frank J McBride Rockford Ill |Ira International has advised pat|on in the speakers bureau | was the end of a four year gree was m elementary educa ' that a Serra club should be a I " tl 1348 6th Aven,e ' " WO 4.0053 " |l activities. Speaking of Vocation ~ourse~maoe in tnree years andltion. [| SEND FOR FREE CATALOGUE |/university of Catholic knowl- Month, we of Serra would like I ~|d4~mmm~ Jk~~ t'mat~ ii ,t |ledge and action and that every to e x t e n d to our Diocesan,II IIq~ll~|ll|qdl|,|'W|IhB|~| ~e "~'~IIPtP~]I'|R tlt|d~ilEI [V|IQfiIIdTIEI~! ~ ~ # ~B~I~n I " ' i J i ' ' J' ~ i 'ri'" --H ' " gram should be truly Catho- Newspaper, The Observer, our | ,~1 - |]hc in content. In looking at the heartiest congratulations for I 310 Second Ave.---Sferling~MAin 5-2290 ALEXISHAFEN. New Guinea l Mrs. Morrison, a r t i r e d it ' |/programs of the Serra clubs of the beautiful coverage and in-~| -- The parents of Father Mi-]s~hool teacher, plans to teach i J " ~ ~ A 7~ TT~ Tlr~ o)~ |]the Rockford diocese I can truly formative articles t h a t have il Pontiac (GOOD WILL USED CARS) Tempest chael Morrison, S.V.D have/; +~ o~ ~. ,;] ,~ i| Jr ~E'4 /| /~/ /~/ ~dt "~" I]say that the above challenge appeared throughout the Monthll 3oined him as lay helpers at his I'",~",= ~" ~ u ~,~ "~:'~*~ !l ,~,/.~L~ .~'li V] V~ ~" Ilhas been met most effectively, of March during the past yearslL, . ~, Bundi mission in the Bismarck|scn l" ~v~r. lworrlson, a reurea i l |lThe following is a sample of the regarding Vocationsto t h el " ~'~" o Umn:: id:nhsefP ::t::li:rel:hial:g:do;th:km::]onW':llc I ' o . o 11 7"t:D, ,ta II OVE$ PARK ;; ; ',', tl oa[s Ul[S ii II l;I IT'S SO EASY TO J WREX to Televise second Port of um,ruA, uv t v v II Dresses Mfllmerv II America's Finest.Made Cars III BANK BY MAIL I |lllbl~l L /"tb IllUdl/LIt/ IL/~/ I I " Ill rain . I I,I1~111 rark ~tate ~anK now otters this new convenience.I 9:30 A.M. SUNDAY, JUNE 11 J,I ] (Plymouth -- Valiant) I |Save ~teps and time. Fill out a special mailing form, | I " " enclose de osit and mail. II Sportswear Aeee orle I:1 "--" " II BanPking Hour," Mon Tue Thurs Friday I King Herod s Court ond Notivity I III r, III 9:30 to 2:30 | I I I! r Ill Fridey Eves. 4:30 (o 7:30 I Marquette University Ployers I I li l l I Directed by the Rev. John Wolsh, S.J. ",| ~rlI( l[ems I] 111 -, I - - - "I Lay. 4way or Conventent It 111 I 1i Charge Accounts I1 111 I ' II I/' 5817 N. Second Street Loves Park ' eee SEISTA An Old Proven Stoker Coal For Commercial ond Dome,tic Use CALL BLOCK BRICK 8, FUEL COMPANY Corner of Presten end Independence, Reokford, Ill. 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SAVE STEPS SAVE MONEY Your Authorized Plymouth.Faliant Dealer Colonial Acres Rest Home One oi Illinois' Finest Rcst Homea For The Chronically Ill The Elderly and The Convalescent Thomas M, Delohonty Friendly -- Persona Services 401 Rivor Lone Loves Pork TR 7-7491 24 Hr. Ambulance Service Oxygen Ecluil~ped---Prom~t, Efficient Servrco HNSON MOTORS MFG--Thompso Aluma Craft Boats. Skin Diving Equipment Everything ~or Above and Below the IFater Colonial Acre's KENNETH E. MELVIN, PRES. MA 6-0233 ltth AV. end SCIENCE RIDGE RD. STERLING, ILL. HARDWARE for Hard Water ED THORNE'S HARDWARE AND MARINE CENTER 7928 N. Second St. Rockford Mort .and Fri. 8 to 8 --, Saturdays 8 tO 6