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June 2, 1961     The Observer
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June 2, 1961

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. FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 11 elZS 14, IWill Televise I - - . . rJ I, qSlassltled Advertising Edited by the Jesuit Clerics ,deep supernatural reality of our lceive her Lord No longer wouldliuemevat I at West Baden College [Faith. When asked why herisk-Jshe have to. F;r now she would] J ~ ~' Th, (' PAi, l ]edsh:Sc] itn a/ h;sthnesC smsmaUd] eW itth'" Jesus m" heaven for all Mystery Vlay] 1 lllV UIMLI LI IIItlLI~ to have re lied" 'To be abl o " . . Pianos and Organs to. Choose From . 925 3rd Ave WO 7312 ,[ p e t I w, ,VHiS[ A TV first, the national tele-I ~'~ 330 N Man st RocKford. WO. S-S2341 ' .S- " " " " IANO STORE Durmg the past two months!:d~o~iisSte:hi~31YonCeOmmTUn~2 tO, ILITTLE GIRL Jn China could[vlsmg of a complete medieval[ ~ JACKSON PIANO STORE J MONUMENTS---VAULTS many Catholic newspapers andJ Y" [hannen right here in America Imystery play will be seen onl ~ NURSING HOME . J~ T H E A .-.-- o ', ~ Excellent nursing home care. Approvea MARKERS -- MONUMENTS magazines carried articlesaboutl S> RE NgT THEIExcept for men like Cardinal]CBSs LOOK UP AND L]VEJ by State Department of Public Health{ RO3ER'r TRtGG & SON Cardinal W--z---k; "h- -'-'-:" IWU~U~ oz a pious om woman.l,xr. ~z;n.k; ;" "~;'*h* well b" tak Iprogram, the four Sundays ofl ,~rmp uonro uomanue uens;er Bellevue Place, Waterman, Ill. Phone &1114 i. First St we. 4.2741 u~lhe~d of~t~e~t~o]~:C~,~r"o~JThey were spoken by a coura-Ji'ng ,;lac; ~n'~So~and today:lJune, at 9:30 a.m. The dan e-I in Poland This nrinee of th,Ige us ngnter oi t~nrlst wnomayjwould you have the ",~uts" to ldramatization of the Coventry l ~ ,= ~ ~ ~Chapel it.ton for sale: 7 ft. Ig. a!tar 11001-03 Second Ave. WO. 3-6521 ' ~- -lat an-" +;'~" ~ '~"" t'~^ -" ~! J ~ i~r . .~ I ~ ~ ~ m~HJlummlmlmlmlm ipews, stations, Lommunlon ~all, ~Tatrled| Church wages a constant battle j =o,v~, =1 ummu,zst risk your life to receive Holylvlys[ery UycleVlVlQly portrays grass windows (5). Reasonably priced, ii~i~.~i~$~:~:;~!~i:?!~;~?~i;;~!~;~;=~.!~!~.~!~!~i~i~!!~i~;~i~i~ against the Communists in Po. ] " t Commumon as tnls Chinese glr ' J~ r ~ ~ pta Bevdere I. ] -- . . bullet 1the story of Christianity from :::+::::: contact Hr. M. Frederice, St. Joseph hun- "ODe, Rete--10 8 worn ~ ts met mc~. ~ creation to thelas " d " ' ~'---'~" "" :. ~:~ ::.~ ~::: -.~ ~w~m~, ' ' it.on*racrs, v~-mcn, t;~ consecutive weeKl~ land who never stop working l There are places m the world[did. You might answer t h i s J t ]u gment. [ ~~:::[:.~ ~i~ Uill~ ~~:i~i:~ [ ~J $1.96 weekly for a total of $25.48. for the comnlete destruction of]t day where a Catholic has to l ouestion bv askin~ yourself an-[All four half-hour programs are J ~~,~ ~7~ ~e~$;~ ~~ii~ J u ,- s; z-.m*-.- r,i.s m.s|Ct~ trags, nch, 13 cgnsecutive w.eeks, the Church ~Vith ,~rea~ c0,r~,o[risk his l i I e to receive Holy[other. "Do I have (he '~,uts' to]Pr duced by CBS Public Affairs J ~ ]~~::~ ~~~ ]e"nd"at'~'hou's~hol'd ~r'f'~cles.'l~'t~e"Rock.| t e~y7 t~e~er'~ea ,o, m r~ ~ ~ ~" ~'~'- . . ' " ~' : '':" ford store, we have e new deoartment ~ < . and prudence he risks imprison-lC mreunion- The story iS told of Jron out of bed once in a whilel'n eo-ope at,on w,th the NaUon-J :d, ated ,o .r:icIv. ,r es . " ' " ' ' al o ncil f ',your ,mmea~ate ouaget. ~oma in ann a httle Chmese g~rl m Commu 1 1 rl r t o C u o Cathohc Men ment and even death m h,s all[ -[a ltte ea ,e than Ihave us I ' / ~~ ~k?~ ~:!:4i~k(/ ~ ~Ji[browse eround 1019 West State st Rock/ but harw'lgs~ f],'ht far fh~ fr,~,~ lnist China. Her village church[that I can attend Mass and re-J The Play of Coventry was in-| ~~ ~H i ~11~:~::~ ~" ~ ford. In Aurora, Catholic Sntva:&' ts ~'/I~! I~--Iil - o I / !lll~llB~a~l~BII / 'B:i.i i ./ /outed at 201 North Lake St. |~11 ~|1 dora of the Church. l was turn up Dy the ~ommumsrs|ceive Holy Communion~''. Per.lSUtu~ea in mngmna s o m e ~uu/ ~ j ~i~li.~ ~[IL~IH J I " I Phone MA S 1 82 o" 'o IS s sf ot c. T afro,n. -------------- Ill " g 0 R. D ~ ELGIN ALGONQU t~rtn,~J~r.'u~ve~rr~Je*:T w~e ~ and the consecrated hosts from[ haps you could e v e n answer 1.5 ears ago where ~ts spare rhym- J ~i,s O/~C'E'~SKED'~a~'7;"h;'~'~3[the tabernacle scattered around["ye s" to this question every[ing text was used as a basis for[ Hartnedy Mack McCormick McLoughlin J~|l~ |~| [I J to gain in his unequal struggle[the sanctuary', Everymorning[day. la dramatic act of faith by the] . lJ MODERN DAIRY I to/ o' own o, / against the all-powerful Com- . . Today you can still recmve |l Ill OMPANY INC J the desemed church reverently ." try. Some years the acting out C mumst government. H,s answer " ' Holy Communion without perse- "' H A Y W A .~ knelt on the floor and received of the religious play was so club- tl ITI F,ne Do Products I I gn~ urpmse you. xou might cuuon, wan xnows wnar rumor- . one of the hosts on her tongue,orate that ~t took up to 30 days J~e expected t~im to sav that[ "~row will bring'.; If you want to[ "] ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~~ }J SOUTH ELfiIH PHARHACY Ill DialSH 1-2s36 . ELGIN J I~e fights the Communists sol ONE DAY AS SHE KNELTJhold on to this freedom, you[ Marquette Players [ ~~iiil ~~N ~~ ~~J [I OPEN $ A,M. "TILL 10 P.M. It| | that his people might be free to!THERE silently thanking God[can best do so by taking advan-[ The television version, artisti-] ~c~j~ ~~~i ~~ii ~~/I tVtRY DAY live and work as they please, for the great gift she had re-[tage of it- by receiving HoI3,[cally distinguished chiefly furl g~ ~ ~~ ~~j ~::i]~ [1 RoUte II Ph. SH 1-66~S Su. El~in |[J,-~ [ Of course he wants this too. Or eeived, a Communist soldier Communion as often as you can.[the brilliance of its choreogra-] ~ ~[i ~.~ ~: J ~iii~ [I,Ijl kl g i you may have thought that he slipped unnoticed into the back[If you do we will never need a[phy and costuming, is perform-[ ~[~iJ ~~ ~~ i[~~[~~J ~ ~"~,~|'~ |'~J ~ ] would respond that he fights so[ f the church. He watched her lman like Cardinal Wyszinski to[ed by the Marquette University[ ~ ~ ~ ili liiJl ~, Ill,~=~, u^, |1 his people can freely practice for awhile. Then a shot ripped J fight "to be able to administerlPlayers under the direction of[ ~---- |l I~lL-~JJr~ Ill rU!~r~8~- ngt~,[ their religions. This is what he]the morning stillness. !Holy Communion to an Ameri-[the Rev. John Walsh, S.J. Some[ MeMullen Nowodzelski Swanson $ehoenmg [1 . Ill $64.DivlsianT-$E!eJ," J really wants. I The little girl pitched forward.[can child one more day.': You [scenes, such as theNativity the [ TO GRADUATE AT LORAS--These 12 members of the 189 jJ %UAL anti UlL J[! u,o,-nerweoa ,-,quu i But he didn't put it quite this Her blood mingled with the body] will be carrying on that fight weaning e eas~ at Cana and thel ,o,h ,~oauotin, ela=- at Loros Colle~,e Dubu-ue Ia are /I I1~ wa His a r :' ~ " - " 'Last Jud m n" "'li t, ~, so . t,-~ t4 r, imen ! ~tteet s~, , y. nswe was m u e nl an, mooo oz ,Jesus on the noor! right now. I g e ~ uu ze as many/ r"m the Rockford diocese Adm Arlei*,h Burke chief of naval |1 III ,~i. mn ~-' I * u ~, " ' ~ ' I=lgln, IllinOiS more simple and ex- before her. Never again wouldlj ~ 25 players True to the m:[ Operations, will flelive~ the address at commencement exer- IJ Itl /nlel S urug : tore I pressect much more fulb the t she shp mto th~s cha 1 to re . genuousness of the memeva/ ' ~ l,omment, . I [ eises, Sunday, June 4. ~l'he 12 from the diocese are: Paul M./W~,/I c~,~o,o ~. ,o~,oo, I il~lgll ~i 4 ~m j [aramaustr me ~v. versmn| Artlip, Jr l~lvidere; Ronald J. Corn-o, Dundee; Brian J./I ~ t-, I/I Expert Prescription Service I ~ ~[JI[[E~ ~,~.%& J Let's carry that Communion[not balk at depmtmg scenes in] Don,hue Freeport" Phillip J. Gensler, Kings" John A. ltart./I ~]Lmi~/~,~)J~ ILl I ,1~,~, ~ /n-~, [you're going to receive a little[the Court of Heaven with. G.od[ nedy, Aurora; Thomas J. Mack, Crystal Lake, maxima eum 11 "dl~14~f'~l~t'~J Ill ,6, OH,ace via,-u,o, I ~ j Jlr~~~'~Tfarther. That Communion will[!he Father, Son, and Holy Splr-J laude; Dennis J. McCormick, Hanover, cure laude; James][ l~[Jr~=iIP, n~l~ JlJ ELGIN J ~raae A ~ 'make ou one w~th Chmst and ~ represented by lummously ~ " n, I ~raae -A |jj ~ A ~ Jl Y ' ',] [W. McLoughlin, Deerfield; Patrick T. MeMullen, Savanna; ]i Jl~------'--~-~ ~' ~' ] fll ke of, one w~ h all costumed actors toweringon r dl son Geneva Everyth,ng to, the MOTORIST J Milk Products Ill f f f II't w ma y 't [ " [Donald Nowodzelki, Aurora; B a ey L. Swan,;/I " Ill I I 14 ,^ 4 ; c, ][the other members of His Mys Jbui!t-up sh,oes.[ and Frederick $. Schoening, Rockford. 11 O o, SH=r.eod -2s77 III ~,n, u, I ,v,u~ ~l ,u ~.u, Ine i'll i'I11 h s of hns 1It |lOll nU,LI, #411UlII~Ull I lil I tic,[ Body. This second as ctl 'g "g C "Can/ /," " I I ",Iii Move You Without J of Holy Communion is one we[history covered by the individ-| A ll FUNERAL SErViCE CO. I :" .":"" :! ~ ~ " 19augn~ers. lne ~cnoo] ~is~er ot ' v, ual programs are a~ follows Teors should make special effort to J ]II "Te-ars'- I . 1 = :lNunPratses [Notre Dame is principalof th;[J~J~ PA~Ir IJ 51.59 Center Street J ".: rememoer. List Scne(m;e . m V/I~IP {rs{}{} . .:,: I h~gh school of Redemptonst par- IN J H Phone MA 5-1282 J H W MANY TIMES did Sis-[ Sunday, June 4---God and the[~ ~l~ ~ Jish here. "1~ - ~lJ J [ Jl[ Or 5-8414 J[ter Catherine (or Pius or Moni-[Angels (The Fall of Satan), Cre-/lgth/[ ./l~F~ J Sister Caroleen illustrated herl~ /t~V C pAR, ,~ :':- ~ "--~| |]|,[[ca or Albert) tell you in grade[ation Cain and Abel.J -~-~ [,mint with a story about a boy!~ "~ ~-'~ ~'~ ~ ~ schoolo r m r . ' ~w ur~L~A~ -- ~t~; -- ~ . I ""~-":,":~.~=-~ II THOMEWAY LINES I t c~ embe that In[. Sunday, June ll--/-The Search[Teenagers generally shun res-[student at her school who frac-[i . JEWELRY . I[$IEKLIN5 . . . I Rt~l~ FAI I q I~AIRY ltl - licommunlon ,Jesus came ~o you/mr a r~ecleemer, ~nnunciation,/ ~.m ~. ~. ~tured his neck in a diving misnapl( Etgln-Hamilton-t~u,ova watches LI { "~'--'" "~---,- "~,~'~,~ j J ~. ha ,~r B~ Se.rvit e) . J personally? And how m a n viKing Herod's Court, Nativity.~ }~'~'Y~'*.*,!~ ,~,u~ .w.~, ,~ .~"~,'~/a few weeks before graduation ~ Rosaries l[ ,eNI j rnone Main 3=uy I,1 III 3os w. 14th Rock Foils ]{times did you right after receiv-J Sunday June 18 -- The l~iar-[ar~es meyKnow !us~ wna[ m cm.[ "The other students in the[~ JExpert Wo~ch& C~ocn~ R ~mairin~ ~] JT~L~|~IHn~ se'~e,~t "~" '{ing Communion i3ow your head /riage Feast at Cana Tempta i ~is~er ~'a. t.aroieen gave this{ rou " she said " ot the bo I[ ~1 ~ "--'---'=--" ------~~ cu 1 r ' " r" ' " evaluation at the annual lunch- g P' ' g Y -- ----~ I I{ all around you, and talk person-|Palm Sunday. leon o~ me ~,omsmna an, mlSS~S-[got a priest 'and stayed right at{I ,',--," II szpp~ c~rcles of St Margaret s ~ I%~KI~II~I I Jlto-person with the sacramental[ Sunday, June 25--The Agony] ' [the hospital with the boy. AslJ F--o ~A~- I1 -~~ I ROCK FALL~ II~es~s: Many times, by the[in the Garden, The Passion,[ [many as had been on thaL picnicl| MEA?.~R""IRIE" |J J JJgrace of God and many more[Resurrection a n d Ascension [Richard J. Walsh and Robert J Jcame to Mass the next morning ]J ,^~""~,~= ~ J[ 1823 Locust St Sterl{ng I C L E A N E R~ II also before you die, please God. JLast Judgment. [Allen. Tim Kiley is the director. Jwhich wa~ a senior-privilege hol-/J Shoa ,n this Most M dem |[~ J ~J ' Complete Celf Service Stere Bu how m n The Cathohc portmns of LOOK UP AND LIVE will be ~da Ior them No one su est { t a y times have you ' y gg - " " ! ~]beent~]dthatCommuni~nuni[L~KUPANDLIvEarepr~-[te~evisedinthisareabywREX~edtothemthatthevd~thi*~ ill S545N. Second Lov*sPork J{J IIIIIUAM I Notme Your Appearance uznt, tto uu I/ted you no less with your tel-|duced Ior CBS by R. F. Sie-[channel 13; WBBM, channel 2; [never saw teens rise to an oc-l~ J [ J,Jllow communicants than to[man wski and for NCCiVI~by[and WISC; channel 5. icasion like teens do today." J ' II Mens ond uoys Wear i P TYNE Owner J{Christ Himself? How many] " IM, gI:MR [j Sterling, III. ] I -- "' " ~ --- J[times have you bowed your[4f"~ el,n roT7 [,-,i,--=,I-- JJ "oJficial Boy Scout Store" [ head after Commumon and been I 323 1st Ave. (MA 5-0571) Rock Falh " " J J J glad and thankful in o lblll(le [O uetter IV lVlOVleS li ,uc, I I presence and m your fraternal| WBBM, Channel 2, Chicago,Tuesday, June, I Tuasd y, June 6 [J P[umblng, Heating Con'ructorl J}lJ.W. SLEEPER I {co-union Wll]n IellOW9 ~aLrlOIlCS! Snturaay, June, a 112'10. YM V{a" Matinee "Toast of New i11:30 Tuesday Theater He Married Hs |U K,tchen Aid Dnshwashere all over the world ~.30 T "FI " " ork A-II Wife B Tax and Account ng Serv ce he Ear{y Show orlen A-I Wedn d 7 To CHARLES . . . J HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU[' v J12n0Movie Matinee "The Ex-Mrs. Brod-[11:00Playhous| "Northwest Rangers" A-I ,I Ill GENERAL INSURANCE' ",ay, June Fr{day, June 9 I thw 12 En t se ~ IKNEL after Communion nd/ I ford" ~i:ursday, June, J WKOW,'Channel 27, Madison {I Ill E. ,hi,d s I u 12'10 Movie Matineo "Return to Treasure t "" I Main 5 2332 I not only spoken rsonall to 12:00 P,cture For A Sunday Afternoon ",Sa urday, June 3 |," P~ Y Island A II II PARKER S BUILDERS SUPPLIES, INC. /t ] "F.aithfulinMyFnshion"A-I I Friday Ju .E,' O. ,L' O, { I" |{deSUS DUt alSO CalleO to l-llm ~tSJ 1:30 Piicture For A Sunday Afternoon I i ' I sunDay June * II ill I / ~ d[m I I n 4~ R i'~ x~r //a member of His Budv ;" f-11! "Marr age Is A Private Affeir" A-II ~oOwV~e ,~a/,mee Kiae ,r~ ~an J11:00 Sundey Movie "Smith Of Minnesota" I I1' / /[ [10:1S The Late Show "eanlo on My Knee" [ " J " iJ McHENRY [J ' A WITI, Channel 6, Milwaukee ~.30 Fanfare "Texas' A ~ ~ ' t,A3n %,AKK| consciousness of that member- - . ~.~ *~::,::~:~ ~::~w:~ :~:~*~ ~,::::~,~1 . . . 12:30 The Late, Late Show "Hazard" B Saturday, June 3 MondaY, June 5 sm,a s e - edeemm of Mo.d. ,S S ow .fer" A-, "W.e T S A - LUMBER COMPANY Iyour"togetherness'" (a beaten 10:1S The Late Show "Dream Gir{" B 10:00 Late Show "Tropic Zone" r.tyer" U , / THE BUILDERS SHOPPING CENTER /i " -| Tuesdey. June. I":'~ Late. Late Show "lnvisilola Riy" B I Tu,day. ~u ti LIIMBER ,O FU,L I/ ~ n I / li/Urrl[ V/~llh tl('u fit DIIV U/tllr /{up worQ) with all those others/4:3eThe Early Show "You Were Maanti Sundly, June 4 jm:z:*]ne L a.Te bnow "Men o~Texas" A-~|| -- I/ ~11~~1~ UK t. ,1 ) D / FIUKI; For Me" A f 9 00 MASS FOR SHUT INS weunesuly .~une,Tele hone Ever teen $ 4600 / ,u a n u /} who are members of Christ and h0:ls The Late Show "O S S" A-I Jn!0o "China" A-/I " I10: The Late Show ':Lone Wolf n {I ': . " I1 .111 II1-'%1. II II1 . I It s Easy Parkine nt Parker's" /}~uh~ ~-~e,=~i~,~= T-TI rw=n+~l J12:30 The Late Show "l'Ma'rried A J ' Munday, June ~ I M,X|CO" A-II . " II e, I Main at Mcnonry, IIh |/ ~J,J~41 ~UNLJ~ lib II~i~V / J c |]--'~ "[ Witch" B il2:20 Early Show '~The Arne{so Affair'* [ unursooy, June,II |- Wodna Jun 7 A II 10 25 The Late Show Renegades A / LUMBER ROOFING iNSULATION HARDWARE lily. " / sd y, e I - I : - ~' " - i~l . 4:30 The Early Show "The Round Up' 10:1S Late Show "Tortilla Flat" A-II Prln y, June ,t I A FULL LINE OF O'BRIEN S PAINT5 /I What = hri -| A I Tuosda. Ju,a,I10: Ths Late Show "Bad Bascomlo" A- I I ILL JL | GOOOYEAR: VINYL T{LE O COUNTER TOPS SANORAN |[ "~ :15The10 Late Show "Presenting Lily ]12:20 Early Show "Dark" Detusion" A.II,WMTV Chanlle| 33 Mad|so-Jaf~flVrf~"n,1~i JJl~r~ J RUGS I tzan oromeriy love nes nere m| Mars" A-II /10:1S Late Show "So Evil My Love" A-{I i ' - - '- " {I%IJ%I I-%/RI/ I n, n your Communion' W I' t h Chrmt' 12:30 The Late, L fe Show "Ambush" A-II Wednesday, June 7 2 FR 15una Y' Juno 4 ~/~L~ ~JU i U / E MAIN ot 11TH AVF PHnN~ m~n It [ Thursday June $ {12:30 Earty Show "The Femin/ne Touch"[1:30 ONT ERS OF FAITH. J .t "" --* "" ' "3 / /} and your co . umon w~th Hiss ~:30 The Early Show "Blonde Fever" BJ A-ll [ .5. 0 SlSHOP SHEEN. ]| . iJ / ~)/.I~rIAKLI =) /I :" f {10:15 The Late Show "Maid ef Salem" i16:15 Late Show "DuBarry Was A LadY"i WTVO Channel 3~ Rockford /I ~ ~s . mm 4=. . I/ drlk , memoers now can me t nrls- A A I I ' ' E[ J i / - / - DUaUsaeiu :)freer ,[han hate his fellow Christ!.ans]~;~OerT,~nAL"a' Lot ?h,w M,stery He 1,:,0 Ear,y Thhursd"=Y[s:u~:~ ~'ssa," A ]10:00 T h~ Bi~nt~v~eY'"~'rU~nee WS|cked Wife"lJ MEAT MARKET I1 U Ihel~n/l~r n " ' nl wnen ne ieeos on the same liie-1 Friaay, June 9 110:15 Late Show "An American Romance"/ a-, ' /I I/ lull nwn n I II-i i r rD ~ .-r,4:30 The Early Show "The Devil Doll",A-I / F Sunday, June T4I /I KENNETH J. KING, Proprietor I/ V ~'~,~ '~.~ B~,~ m I il .i I I I. i i II i I I|g V rig sac a en[al ~,nrlst. rIOW[A-I " [ Friday June 9 112:30 RONTIERS OF. FAI H |1 I! ,II i II II ~11 r~ i i~ r ii Jr- ILII r ~1 |{ P~n t~ut, n r, nmmnniP=nf lb ~,+|10 15 The Late Show "Pursued" A-f1 [12:20 Early Show "/~ction in Arabia" A.I[10:3e Humphrey Feature Theat r "Island {I wno~esme an Ko,o, M,n, I/ i IIIlB Ik P ill B IIB mLa II 112:30 The Late, L:ate Show "The Kid fromi10:15 Late Show "Somewhere VII Find / in the Sky" A-I J 1552 81aisdell St. Rockford I ! L L I I1 U ! J oil. L L 11 L Ilof the Church after Mass and] Texas" A, ! s D,A, WO S-n, n, I I/take up the grudge-relationshipJ WISC, Channel 3, Madison J W]SN, Channel Milwaukee /I 'n .AtVA~ ILl , q;~ ~:~ '~ S turda June Sunday June 4 { I Your Guarantee o~ Satis]action I{ where they left off before MasH.|10.30 The'qeraThreeY"Home 3i, ln,q=n=" { 9:30 LOOK UP AN'D LIVE ,I |1 tll Fo. S ie. C=, 2-3,7, J: I ' I{ It doesn't make sense does it?|' A-II []0:00 KNOW THE TRUTH [[ ~ j[ L,~M!~. L, V:iIOR I][ [ Sund Jun. 4 0: SSACReD .EART ! LAMPS ELEVATOR I Free Moth- lrlra-erms |, HOW CAN A WHITE MAN 9"30 LOOK UP AN~' LIVE I 3:00ChanneZ 12 The LeT "She Loved ', : ~rlBii|l,~lp . "" It" ' r' 0[00 THE CHRISTOPHER, F,reman" A-, Sai = & Se e . I - - . I]come from the Communmn aft ;10;3s Theater Three "Heaven Cen WaW']t0:45 The Big Movie "Mr. 880" A-I,COAL & GRAVEL CO. [ lt'rOOIlng ~ ltllg$1111(I I/ready to curse his Negro broth- A-H I .~o day Ju:e S II !~~ lil w,~mm Lamps ill SAND----GR~VEL--BLDG. I" I 1: e . I/e on the other side of town, 10:30 Thea,eTU ~rUe~eY"1~w~:ys~ in Troub,"]'"" "'g ,e Due Lagoon' [I H 3103 Wallin Rockford !{I 2- "AT=R o "h Aareru I: I ~ ~.~Ltll]['=~(~ arpets It read. to keep him on the other A.i Wednesday Juno7,I i0:. T. A }1 v V--J( J Itl Diol we 5-0626 I{ ""'=" I: ' 1 0 Th '"h Pr day, June 9 ~ | ode of town at the expense of 0 3 Theater ree C arter P ot A-1 . ' L ~ Water roofing Suedes 9 ' Thursd June $ 10.45 The Va,g Movie American Guarilla, ~ . J P J[h,s rights How can rmh man 10"30 T.~, t,r ThreY'"HIgh Tension" A-'[ in the Ph pones" A-II ,J Fer A J [~i ' 0m b a c k i h h r n ' Frieay, June 9 WREX, Channel 13, Rockford * WI:LI. IJKiLLiP4f~ ' D em Formals c e w t a d ess of ~uolity and LOW COST I Y g I{ -- 10:3o Theater Three"Bew re Svooks" A-II S turde" Jun-" [I . II I/ U;.JI ~ {i w=~.~%~ ~ I I l{heart toward poor? How poor |10'15 Crown Theate~""A{/'Baba and thaI| Dioper aervice Ii rlblll blllOll~bleJ II n. ,-. ru,-- I" I " tuirt Laundry pecialty I/man with bitterness' --~--~t~unrda~nejln5, ~.lcagD I1,r t aT"ev :' II II ' " II AutomoticWute, Sy,t, I: " =~ " ' 2 00 ChannelI y' e I : .) P' }ama Pqaynouse "P'ursued" A-II IS ~O|| KO Kroro- i.Olle lf II I~AK/'I;|~) ~ 151P.DI;IIIN~ II " I. I I/ How little Chinese gzr] gasp- : s P ayhouse "circle of I Sunday, June 4 ~1 II -- a. il TR 9-1243 I " . ' Dan~er" A-I 9:30 LOOK UP AND LIVE J WUOoIono .3-diO&D tUKNI/UK~. I I |},ng her last on an abandoned 10:,SMov.e. "MagneticN onster"A-I I10:I, SACREO HEART TME 1WUOoIong II |1 I I a^ r u~ ~Ye'~-~ I/Church floor, do anything at na o ' . I =" II Wo,ehau, -- 3 Ho to. I: i AUKUKA LUIR "~-~ i[ such a dying moment than say l~!g FR6N-T'I-E'kS"O?"FAITH ',i ikli[]~ ,-~ ligjlL-.- { ~ n" nv,~ i~' ',~ I| 1:00 Channel 5 Playhouse "Tht BgP J~Jr~| N~Jt ~PF II1~ o ~~ ,t,~t ~mls~aw, e ~s,n, mw, ue |lln '~ne worQs OI n c 1" ~eaQer: Knife" B - ' ,M. L NAKL[3 urRI:VA IT I, II"Father, forgive him "? 12:15 RELIG~0Nnd/N L~:Ee $,I m m Ever- thin- "or the O"ice tntutccn, nRiW. q0nt s s ss = u uu a ru. ' JLJL~=/1 ~ :0o Mov,e T5 "Little Big Horn" A-II ~ ~ .~ ~ i at'tU' t' L n C Ilft/a ' iJ uesday, June 6 TWO LOCATIONS McFarlanM Off,ce Prescription 5peeiolistl I I~A//llriA I/L h/~Ll~ li ~::::::::::::::~*~e~``:~::: : ~ ~ Wednesday, June 7 ~tl& . -J kAt~klDt%r" %A/IC ,=quupm=nr %~O, R W COPELAND R PH. J II Im . 4:00 Movie 5 "The Steel HeFmet" A-II JHI~'~I 'lll/~ ,vtv| ~r~ ~ vv Ij. FURNITURE " " " Thursday, June g Telephone 4S9---0232 KAMURI: ARY ratronlze I EST. iJ ,:~ Mov,e 5 "Cry Danger" B ~ ~ FILING EQUIPMENT t'.~ ,^ I II . Friday, June t ~ ~ 227 So. Church Dial WO 3-04")7 -'" 1911 [[ Our Adverhsers ,I;O0 Mov,e 5 "The Naked Street" A-H ~O'I~R~ INC. Rockford, Illinola -7 =~ WOC,Channel ~, Davenport J iW ~'"~ Saturday, June $ In our Div;nD Word Sem;nar;es In Ind;e, Ph;I;pp;.es a.d Jap*n, we k,vo, number of dudents I reparing for tho prles h'eod. MANY,RE VERY PQOR end need finan- cial 5elp to c nfinue tholr dmdies. -- TIAR OFF --, --------m=-- - to 0 ~ : :.::,: ,L" . ,7 "% ~ ~ //"" 10:50 Premiere Performance "Trackof the Cat" B Sundey, June 4 12:30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH 1]:15 Premiere Performance "Witness to Murder" A-IS Monday, June S 12:10 ~0vie Matinee "Days of GI6ry" A-II O & MAll. TO PLYHOUTH -- VALIANT- [HRYSLER DODGE -- IHPERIAL -- DODOE TRUCKS SIHCA Our Repulafion Is Your Ouaranlee HELP HIM TO REACH HIS GOAL ROCKFORD PRINTING & SUPPLY CO. 214 E. Stote St. Rockferd RONAN & BURCH MORTUARY 314 Oak St. DeKalb, Illinois MILLWORK HEADQUARTERS For 94 Years P XN 4 MER 1 KIMBALL AT N.GROVE ELGIN Soderstrom's Valley Paint Company 13 North,Spring 1108 Larkin Elgin, Illinois 18 Spring St. Elgin, Illinois Monroe's Finest Dining Room & Lounge Enjoy Dining Heret. Now . . . MARCO'S is twice its former size and completely redecorated Conveniently Iocoted in downtown MonrOe. Ac- commodations for weddings and bancluets, large or smoll. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 11 A.M. to MIDNIGHT SATURDAY 11 A.M. to 1 A.M. SUPPER CLUB Featured Entertainment (Weekends Only), Acre. Frem the Post Office Monree, Wilconsin Bros. Dairy ADams 3-2211 Freeport [LARK'S SERVICE STATION Pure Oil Co. Products Be Sure With Pure Phone CEnter 2-2431 Fifth and State Streets Geneva, III. A. J. ZIMMER i FARM MAGHINERY & HARDWARE Phone EM. 5-3228 Virgil, Illinois HUBERT PHARMACY G. J. Hubert, R. Ph. 11'-'1. Fedel~ S.0434--Woodstook Wo Give "S&H'" Stamps